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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 13 - St. Iris and the Dragon(s)

“All right Axew! Use Headbutt!”

With a loud cry, the little tusked dragon stormed towards his opponent, a nimble looking Charmeleon. “Defend with Slash!” Their opponent cried out, sweat beading on his brow. This battle had gone on for far too long and had evolved from a simple training match to a full blown match of skill and tactics. Neither trainers were backing down; Iris was too determined to see her training with Axew through. Her opponent wasn’t set on losing either, not this close to the Battle of the Champions!

Charmeleon’s sharp claws flashed through the air towards his small draconic opponent, intent on delivering the final blow. Axew was too quick for him though, as Axew jumped away just in time, causing Charmeleon to slide on in the slippery grass before coming to a stunned halt. Axew quickly turned around and delivered his headbutt, slamming Charmeleon back into a tree.

“Well done Axew! Now, finish it with Dragon Rage!” Iris cried out. With a look of fierce determination, Axew threw he head back as he took a deep breath. With a loud roar he unleashed his fierce attack, but with a thundering explosion it failed once again. When the dust settled, Axew was standing in a sizable crater and both Iris and her opponent were covered in sooth and dust. Charmeleon was entirely unaffected and used the confusion to his advantage. With a powerful slash from his claws he catapulted the little dragon Pokemon into the air before he jumped up in pursuit and finished the fight by slamming Axew down towards the ground with another slash of his claws.

As Axew landed face-first into the ground the earth around him cracked. Iris’ poor starter did not get up again and victory was handed to her opponent and his Charmeleon. With a sigh, Iris picked up her little green friend before softly patting him awake.

“You did well, Axew! You almost had it there in the end!” she cooed as Axew opened a drowsy eye. A sad “Xew…” was all his only reply before he clenched his eyes shut and rolled himself up a ball, facing away from Iris as she carried him.

Poor Axew… He’s trying so hard, but he just can’t seem to get the hang of it! I wish there was something I could do…


About half an hour later, both Iris and her opponent were sitting around a campfire, eating dinner and talking about their respective journeys. Her opponent had introduced himself as Ritchie, a Pokemon trainer from Kanto, and he had offered to share his dinner with her. She couldn’t resist the offer of a nice pasta salad instead of the simple sandwiches she had brought herself, so she had happily agreed. Axew hadn’t been so happy with the situation however. He had his back to the campfire and ate his food in silence, giving off a distinct air of shame and annoyance.

“Sorry about him…” Iris mumbled as she saw Ritchie give an uneasy look at her draconic companion. “He doesn’t like losing battles, especially when it comes to using Dragon Rage. That move has been giving us all sorts of trouble for years now…” Ritchie’s eyebrows lifted as a look of understanding crossed his face.

“I see… Getting the hang of complex techniques can be a tough nut to crack” he said. “The move Zippo used to finish the battle took him a whole year to master!”

“Zippo…?” Iris asked confused, causing Ritchie to chuckle. “My Charmeleon,” he indicated, pointing towards the back of their camp, where Charmeleon had long since finished his meal and was now lazing around with his eyes closed.

“Oh! So, you nickname your Pokemon?” the young dragon trainer asked, to which Ritchie replied with a nod. “Yep, every one of them! I find naming my Pokemon really deepens our relationship. I want to treat them as friends, as individuals. Just calling them by the name of their species just feels wrong to me. That’s why I’ve nicknamed every Pokemon I ever caught, starting with Sparky here!” Ritchie explained as he lightly scratched the Pikachu besides him behind the ear. Quite like Ash’s Pikachu, Iris noticed Sparky hasn’t been inside a Pokeball at all since she met Ritchie. The bushy-haired girl giggled audibly.

“Hey? What’s so funny? I’m being serious here!” Ritchie remarked, crossing his arms in a mocking way.

“Oh, no, it’s not like that! I completely agree with your point on the nicknames! It’s just… You remind me of a boy I used to travel with” Iris quickly amended. “I travelled all across Unova with him and he never had his Pikachu in a Pokeball, those two were inseparable!”

“Really?” Ritchie asked. “I don’t suppose, but… does the name Ash Ketchum mean anything to you?”

“That’s him!” Iris gasped. “How did you know?” Ritchie laughed before responding.

“We ran into each other a few times over the past few years… The first time, I was the one with the unfortunate task of kicking him out of the Indigo League!”

“You did? Wow! You must be quite the trainer then!” Iris commented, impressed with Ritchie’s apparent skill.

“Truth be told, Ash is kind of the reason I’m here. A couple of his other friends and I are meeting up with him to support him in the Battle of the Champions!”

“So, Ash is entering the tournament as well? Oh boy, I can’t wait to fight him again!”

Iris smiled as she saw Ritchie’s eyes shine with excitement. He was probably just as excited to compete in the tournament as Ash was. The both of them facing off against each other would no doubt result in a battle for the ages.

With a supple flip, Iris got to her feet, earning her a questioning look from her brown-haired companion.

“I’m going to take a short walk. You know, burn some of the excess fat... Besides, I’d like to explore this forest a bit at night. No need to wait up for me, okay?”

Ritchie didn’t consider Iris to be fat at all. In fact, before him stood a tall, slender young woman with a nice figure and a beautiful chocolate skin. Her light-yellow shirt fitted the curves of her chest (which Ritchie quickly averted his eyes from) quite well and her white skinny jeans showed a respectable set of legs. All in all, not a bad picture, so Ritchie decided to ignore her fat comment, instead wishing her good luck before retreating to his tent.

Walking through the bushes and between the trees, Iris couldn’t help but notice how strangely unfamiliar this forest smelled. Back in Unova, the forest air had been crisp, clear and filled with the smell of pine trees. Here on Vulcan Island, the air was faintly thicker and had a more musky, sweetened smell. It had Iris quite puzzled as she walked on, she couldn’t remember noticing the odd smell during the previous day. The chocolate-skinned girl did not have much time to ponder on her questions, because soon she could hear a strange sound, coming from what looked to be a nearby clearing.


“I…. –old you-… ove it?...”

“He’s-…  -mazing!”


The unidentifiable shreds of speech were accompanied by what sounded like moaning. Curious by nature, Iris jumped up a tree and quietly jumped from branch to branch, closer towards the source of the noise. As she reached her destination, she nearly slipped and fell at what she saw. Down there, in the clearing before her, were Dawn and Zoey, two girls Iris had previously met when they tried to get Ash out of his isolated retreat. Not just that, but both coordinators were stark naked, on their hands and knees and they had a huge Tauros towering over them, pumping TWO penises in and out of their wet slits.

What in Dragonite’s name is going on here?! Wait… Is Zoey-…?

A closer look at the moaning redhead confirmed her suspicions. Zoey was sporting a huge belly, topped up with two breasts that were several times bigger compared to the last time Iris had seen her. She was pregnant!

As silently as she could, Iris lowered herself down to ground level, out of sight of the mating trio. Just 3 meters further, she was halted when she heard Dawn moan louder than ever. Iris couldn’t resist, she couldn’t shake off the mounting curiosity within her so she swiftly shifted behind a nearby tree.  Sitting with her back leaning into the tree, the bushy-haired girl peeked around the edge of her hiding place, taking in the mating scene before her.

Iris had known about the human concept of sex and the Pokemon opposite of mating, but she had never witnessed either act in person. She had never considered Ash or Cilan to be anything more than close friends and travel partners; never considering a closer relationship. In the years after Ash’s Unova journey, Iris had continued her training. Her changing body and finding a boyfriend had been the least of her priorities. Now, as she silently eavesdropped on the lovemaking before her, she wondered just how much she had missed the last few years. Sure, she had heard a thing or two about sex from other trainers, but she had never experimented with it herself.

Almost subconsciously, her soft little hand made its way into her white jeans and into her panties. With her eyes focusing on Tauros’ dual genitals going in and out of Dawn and Zoey, Iris began to slowly rub over her pussy in tiny circles. Her high-pitched moan was drowned in the low grunting sound Zoey suddenly emitted.

Wow! This… This feels amazing!

Quickly, the young dragon trainer started to experiment, using different speeds and different ways to stroke herself between her legs, never taking her eyes off of the mating she was invading upon. Iris had never considered sexual intercourse between humans and Pokemon before. To her, it didn’t seem that weird actually. Pokemon were intelligent creatures, capable of feeling most, if not all, emotions humans could feel. Heck, there were a lot of Pokemon like Alakazam and Gardevoir who were vastly superior to humans when it came to pure brainpower. Besides, if having sex with Pokemon was bad, how come those two girls and their Tauros seemed to enjoy it so much? Plus, they definitely weren’t hurting anyone!

Iris could see Zoey using one of her hands to massage her swollen breasts, lightly pinching her nipples as Tauros continued to gently push himself into her. The young trainer from Unova quickly mimicked the redhead, slowly massaging her own (much smaller) mounds through her shirt.

She quickly decided that her shirt and bra were in the way, so she quickly ditched both garments beside her, ending up with her upper body completely bare.

In fact, her pants were probably a bit too tight for what she was trying to do. Quickly, she discarded her jeans and panties as well, leaving her completely naked, save for her socks and shoes. The musky forest air caressed her body, making her shiver and causing her to become wet between her thighs as well as hardening her nipples. Moaning lowly, Iris experimentally inserted a single finger into her folds, reveling in the new and unusual feelings she was experiencing. Meanwhile, her right hand took care of her breasts, massaging and pinching her rock-hard nipples, causing her to involuntary cry out in ecstasy.

Keeping her eyes locked on Tauros, Iris slowly started to follow his rhythm, pushing her finger in and out of her folds just as Tauros pushed his two dicks in and out of the two coordinators below him.

Iris could feel an unknown tension within her building up quickly and wondered if it was this famous ‘orgasm’ she had heard so much about. Curious and eager to find out, the young girl quickly increased her tempo, pushing a second finger into her folds as well. She was well on her way to reaching her limit when she suddenly heard Zoey cry out much louder than before. Focusing on her, Iris could see the pregnant coordinator shifting away from underneath the massive bull Pokemon, the insides of her thighs coated in translucent liquid.

Iris immediately retreated behind her tree for cover, as Zoey was now in a position where she would easily be able to spot her eavesdropping. She grunted softly as she had to interrupt her masturbation. Just then, she heard Zoey talk in a voice so raw, husky and filled with lust it made Iris even wetter than before.

“Now… show Dawn what you’ve got! Don’t hold anything back!”

What?! What does she mean ‘hold back’?!

A deafening moo from Tauros and a high-pitched scream from Dawn confirmed her suspicions as Tauros went into overdrive. Iris didn’t dare to sneak a peek, scared of being discovered by Zoey, who was now only a short distance away from her. From the sound of it though, she was fairly sure Tauros was giving Dawn a good time indeed. The young girl could clearly hear the dull slapping of skin against fur that signified another thrust, as well as the rustling noise Dawn made as her body slid back and forth on the grass. Finally, the rhythmic, high-pitched squeals the blue-haired coordinator let out nearly every second told Iris the bull Pokemon wasn’t taking it easy on her. Confident that whatever show Dawn and Tauros were putting up would keep Zoey’s attention, Iris quickly returned to her own needs, inserting two fingers into her folds once again.

It wasn’t long after Iris had resumed her treatment that she was interrupted once again by a rustling in the bushes opposite of her. What she heard and saw then was probably the only thing capable of clearing her lust-filled mind immediately.


“Axe… xew…”

From the bushes her very timid looking Axew appeared, a bright red blush glowing in his cheeks as his little paws desperately tried to cover his tiny erection.

“Axew! What the hell are you doing here?!” Iris hissed quietly. The shock of seeing her starter Pokemon shocked Iris awake immediately and she pulled up her legs to her chest and tried to cover up her groin as well as her breasts with her hands and arms.

The tiny green dragon stammered a few parts of his name as he raised his eyes to slowly make eye contact with his trainer. In his eyes, Iris could see her own curiosity mirrored, as well as the strange need she had been experiencing ever since she stumbled upon her two Tauros-fucking friends. The fact that Axew’s member, thin, pencil-like and kind of small for human standards, was standing straight up at attention told Iris her companion must’ve been observing her for quite some time already.

Another loud moo came from behind her, indicating that Tauros was nowhere near his limits. It scared Axew to the bone and he was about to turn around and run away in shame until Iris called him back.

“Axew, wait! It’s okay! You can… c-come closer, if you’d like!” The dragon-type stopped dead in his tracks and looked at her with disbelief in his bright eyes. Shaking with nerves, he got closer to Iris as she relaxed her legs again, spreading them out on the ground.

Finally, Axew stood between her legs, only a few centimeters of air separating him from the dripping jewel between her legs. With a mental giggle, Iris was pleased to see Axew drooling slightly at the sight.

“You want to do what Tauros is doing, right?” she asked her partner, surprising both him and herself with the husky tone of her voice. The heavy musky forest air was having a stronger effect on her than she had realized! In disbelief and still covering his throbbing little member with his paws, Axew nodded. Confirming her question with a distant “Axe…” as he was mesmerized by her wet slit.

“Well… Go ahead…” Iris said as she spread her lower lips with her fingers, granting her completely stunned Pokemon a better look. Axew was baffled by what his trainer said and it took him several seconds just to be able to blink his eyes again.

“Come on Axew, I’m all yours…” Iris urged him on as she felt giddy with excitement.

Shaking himself awake, Axew moved in further between her legs until there was nothing separating them and he stood with his erection pointing towards her slick lower lips. The tip of his horn just reached her belly button as he looked up at her for one final confirmation, already grabbing a hold of her thighs to brace himself. Iris was shaking in anticipation, curious to know what it would feel like to have a penis inside her. With determination in her eyes, she nodded, giving her final approval to her starter Pokemon.

With a squeaky “AX-XEW!” the tusked dragon slowly pushed his pelvis forward. His entire form was shaking as, bit by bit, first the head of his member was pushed in until the rest of his rod followed as well. Axew let out a low hissing sound Iris had never heard him make before and she herself let out a low moan as she slowly felt his length enter her.  Since Axew was so small compared to her, Iris didn’t experience any discomfort when he entered her, despite her own considerable tightness.

Still, while Axew’s member was only about twice as thick as a pencil, he made up for it in length, sporting an impressive 12 centimeters – about a fifth of his total body height! All in all, Iris experienced very little discomfort apart from a sudden sharp pain which she knew to be due to her losing her virginity. The pain was over before she fully realized it though; when Axew started to energetically push his dick in and out of her.

Axew didn’t start up a rhythm immediately, unlike the Tauros Iris had observed only minutes before. Rather, he experimentally tried pulling out slowly at first, hissing loudly as he felt his rod being gripped by his beloved trainer’s wet folds. Despite his comparative small size, she gripped him like a velvet fist as he pushed back in, pushing his whole rod inside of her up to the hilt.

It was then that Iris noticed, if only subconsciously, that Axew didn’t seem to have any visible testicles. On Tauros, they had been clearly visible, slapping back and forth against Dawn’s ass, but Axew seemed to lack them altogether. The young dragon trainer couldn’t ponder on her question for long, because Axew was rapidly growing tired of his experiments. Still shaking violently, he soon got the hang of things and started to set up a decent rhythm, making his chocolate-skinned lover cry out in pleasure and slap her hand in front of her mouth.

Heavenly Dragonite… this feels amazing! Why haven’t we tried this before?

This felt so much better than when she had used her fingers, Iris couldn’t believe it. Feeling Axew’s thin slippery member going in and out of her folds made her moan every time. She could feel his scaly legs rubbing the insides of her thighs every time he pulled out, his soft belly bumping into her own stomach every time he pushed back in. But more than that she felt Axew glow with love and she felt tears brimming in her eyes as she realized just how much her little dragon loved her.

“Oh, Axew! Keep it up, you’re doing great! I love you!” she cried out between thrusts as she brought her hands to her breasts and quickly started to knead them. Her words of love seemed to break a dam within Axew, the moment she had uttered them Axew groaned loudly before thrusting a few more times at an amazing speed.

With one final thrust, the little dragon threw his head towards the sky and, eyes clenched shut, let out a perfect Dragon Rage as his orgasm hit him. Blinded by the dark blue blast and with her hair waving in the violent winds the attack conjured, Iris could feel a few thin strands of Axew’s seed being pumped into her. It felt hot and it made her insides tingle, but it didn’t trigger her own orgasm, even though she had been very close to it.


Just then, Axew shut his mouth as the last strand of his seed found its new home inside Iris. With his head still pointed towards the sky, Axew didn’t open his eyes as his whole body suddenly started to glow. Iris gasped loudly as the bright white light completely enveloped her starter Pokemon and she felt his features distorting. The tiny green lump between her legs rapidly grew in height as well as in width. The young girl could feel his penis inside her changing as well, growing thicker at an alarming rate, stretching her inner folds beyond what she had ever experienced before. With a loud cry, Iris hit her limit and came loudly, spraying a small amount of liquid on to the grass below her and on the hilt of her rapidly evolving Pokemon.

With a loud roar, the white light was dispelled to reveal her Axew’s new form. Now, a Fraxure was standing between her legs, measuring one meter in height and Arceus knew how many centimeters in girth down below. His lower body had taken on a dark grey color with red patches of skin here and there and his upper body was covered in a hard green shell. His arms were no longer the tiny, awkward stubs they had been, and he took his trainer into a loving embrace, careful not to hurt her with his new tusks which were a lot longer now.

With a yelp Iris was pushed out of her orgasmic bliss as Axew’s evolved girth had become too much for her in too short a time. With Axew’s previous, pencil-thin penis, Iris had experienced no discomfort, but Fraxure’s member was too much for her to take in so suddenly!

“Axew, pull out!” she cried, wrestling herself out of his loving embrace as her breathing intensified. A sharp, throbbing pain was coming from her loins and the presence of his member inside her filled her with a pressing fullness that made it difficult to breathe. Axew meanwhile, now in Fraxure form, was oblivious to his trainer’s sudden pain and reacted quite hurt when Iris pushed him back.

“Axew, please! You’re hurting me! Y-you’re t-too big for me now!” Iris pleaded as she took hold of the base of his penis. Fraxure finally caught on and quickly pulled himself out of his trainer. Iris gasped in relief as the cool night air soothed her aching groin, a few globs of a white sticky fluid leaked out from between her legs.

Awestruck, Fraxure couldn’t help but notice how much bigger his new tool was. No longer was he blessed with a pencil-like penis humans would laugh about. Now, he sported a short, thick rod colored the same black as his new legs. Around the edge of his tip were small, barb-like lumps which, even as his penis shrunk back behind the protective scales under his belly, were covered in a faint amount of blood. The newly evolved dragon knew the blood had come from his trainer and instinctively knew what it meant. He hadn’t just taken her virginity, but he had hurt her as well when it was all over. With his face hanging low in shame, he let out a low rumbling steam of different parts of his name, hoping his trainer would understand.

Meanwhile, Iris had only just managed to avoid bursting into tears, her soft hands now guarding over her painful entrance. The moment Fraxure had retreated from her she had felt a lot better. Now, she was able to breathe freely again and no longer felt so full. She was relieved to find it only took about a minute for the stinging sensation within her to die down. At least Axew hadn’t done any permanent damage…

With a sigh of relief, she turned her attention to her Pokemon and only then did it hit her. Axew had finally evolved!

With an excited cry, Iris took Axew – or, Fraxure, as she would now have to call him – in her arms and hugged him tightly.

“You evolved! You finally evolved Ax-… oh, I mean Fraxure! You did it! Congratulations!”

The guilt-ridden dragon was all too happy his trainer was feeling better again and he enthusiastically returned her hug.

“Fraxure Frax, xure xure Frax!” he cried out to her, the look on his face still betraying the playful, slightly naïve little dragon she had known for more than 6 years. She couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying, but somehow she knew Fraxure was thanking her. Finally, after all these years of travelling, training and failed Dragon Rages… Her sweet little Axew had finally taken his first serious step towards becoming a Haxorus!

And to think… he only needed to get laid to finally get it right!

Chuckling, she scratched him beneath his chin, pleased to find that despite his new body, it was still one of his favorite spots for a quick scratch.

“I’m so proud of you, Fraxure… so very, very proud…” Fraxure returned her loving attention with a low, rumbling hiss that almost sounded like a purr. In a subconscious response, he waggled his tail up and down, slamming it into the ground repeatedly. He couldn’t help himself from throwing a single concerned look towards his trainer though. He knew Iris was tough, but that didn’t stop him from fussing over her when she was in pain. The bushy-haired girl quickly picked up on his concern and patted his nose reassuringly.

“Don’t worry about me Fraxure, I’ll be okay in a minute!” she reassured him. “It’s just… you grew quite a bit down there when you evolved… and you were still inside of me! I just… wasn’t properly prepared to take someone so big yet…”

When the word ‘yet’ reached his ears, Fraxure immediately popped his head up, causing Iris to giggle, a look of pleasant surprise on his face. “Trust me, Fraxure, I enjoyed this just as much as you did!

I just need to take a short rest before we try again, ok?” Iris promised him as she slowly stood up and moved towards grabbing her discarded clothing. She wanted to get dressed as soon as possible, before Ritchie would come looking for her. She definitely wasn’t done with Fraxure just yet, but there was a time and place for everything, and right now they needed to get back to their camp and catch up on some sleep!


Just as she was about to pull on her panties again, Iris was disturbed by a rustling of leaves behind her. Turning around, Iris felt her jaw dropping as a Charmeleon revealed itself, a rock-solid 15-centimeter long red penis standing at attention between his legs. His eyes burned with an eager determination that belied his small stature of only about a meter in height.

“Oh, hello there!” she greeted the red-scaled intruder as he slowly walked closer towards her. Immediately, Fraxure was beside her, hissing loudly in defense of his mate and territory. With a single hand, Iris interrupted him. “Hush Fraxure! All he wants to do is have a bit of fun, just like you did before!” Fraxure stopped hissing, instead going for a death glare aimed at the intruding Charmeleon.

“Besides… I’m quite curious to know what he feels like!” Iris continued, blushing slightly as she dropped her panties to the ground.

Getting down on her hands and knees, her behind pointing at Charmeleon, Iris looked Fraxure in the eyes. “I’ll be sure to make it up to you another day, okay Fraxure?” The green dragon Pokemon couldn’t resist her brown puppy eyes for long and with a huff he settled himself in the grass somewhat away from his trainer.

Iris turned to Charmeleon then, making an inviting gesture with her right hand as the fingers of her left hand spread her lips apart, granting him a better look. The dragon-like Pokemon didn’t need any more encouragement and closed the distance between them before grabbing a firm hold of her ass. Lining up his hard-on with her dripping entrance, he slowly prodded around a bit until he finally found his mark. He slowly retreated, gathering his energy to make the first plunge.

Arceus, what am I doing? This voyeuristic Charmeleon shows up, doesn’t say a word and now I just let him take me? I must be losing my mind, but Arceus I just can’t resist!

“Char-me-…” the red dragon-like Pokemon said as he wiggled his pelvis back and forth experimentally, satisfied his aim was sure. “LE-ON!” and with a forceful cry he pushed forward, pushing his entire 15 centimeter cock inside of Iris, causing her to moan in bliss. The pain she had felt with Fraxure’s member was still there and the chocolate-skinned beauty still found it difficult to breathe while feeling stuffed like that, but the amount of pleasure she was getting was making up for all of it. Charmeleon was slightly longer than Fraxure had been and his penis lacked the barb-like bulbs at the base of his tip. Instead, the fire-type’s penis was smooth, completely covered in slick orange juices and slightly thicker at the base where penis and balls met. Unlike Axew, Charmeleon sported a quite visible set of testicles, covered in a rubbery sort of skin that was the same color as the scales on his belly.

The biggest difference between Axew/Fraxure and Charmeleon had to be his attitude though. As fearless and confident as he had stepped out of the bushes, so too did he pound away inside of her.  With confident, powerful thrusts he pulled his member back until only his tip remained locked within her folds, then he would thrust the rest of his length into her again, stretching her vaginal walls beyond their previous limit. He was dominating her and Iris was surprised to admit to herself she actually loved his rough, confident treatment.

A-!... Arceus, what’s happening to me? 15 minutes ago I had never had anything to do with sex, and now here I am, having sex with my second Pokemon already!

“Oh my gosh, Charmeleon! This feels so good!” Iris cried out as she felt his balls slap against her ass again. If the little lizard kept this up, she wouldn’t be able to support herself for much longer. Already sweat was dripping from her whole body as Charmeleon suddenly increased his tempo.

“Char…me…le…on! S-s-slow down!” the young girl cried as she could feel the pleasure Charmeleon was giving her spiking out of control. Eyes rolling in their sockets, Iris cried out loudly as her orgasm hit her, her inner walls clamping down on Charmeleon’s lizard cock. With a final snarl, the fire type pushed in one last time before crying out in orgasm himself. Twitching rapidly, his member fired several big loads of his seed into the young girl. With a gasp, Iris noticed just how hot Charmeleon’s seed was inside of her and she wondered if it was a trait of his species.

Again, her questions were soon blown from her mind as Charmeleon started to glow a brilliant white and his limbs started to distort into weird shapes.


“Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me!” Iris cried out as she felt Charmeleon’s hot dick growing rapidly within her. “What am I? Everyone’s favorite evolutionary shortcut?!” she cried out in an annoyed tone. Fully aware of what was happening this time, Iris quickly slid Charmeleon’s evolving member out of her before it got too big. Sitting on her knees with her left arm covering her breasts and her right hand covering her pussy, which still leaked ample amounts of hot Char-cum, Iris bore witness to the final stages of Charmeleon’s evolution.

Before her stood a Charizard now, in full glory. Towering above her at an impressive 1.80 meters, with new wings that spanned at least 3 meters and a thick tail which blazed with fire as the fire-type looked at her with smugness in his eyes. Flicking his massive head towards the skies, he unleashed a rushing torrent of flame as he proudly cried out his victory.

“Y-… you planned this all along, didn’t you?!” Iris cried out, rising to her feet in front of the newly-evolved behemoth. “You peeped on Axew and I and when you saw him evolve, you thought I would be a quick and easy way for you to evolve too, didn’t you?!

Charizard looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes and lips twisted up in a sly grin. He looked at her with a look that could only mean “So what if I did? Got a problem with that?”

“Actually, I DO…” Iris started, a hint of menace in her voice as she stalked forward to Charizard, seeming completely unimpressed by the dragon-like giant before her.

“I… DO… HAVE… A PROBLEM… WITH THAT!” she shouted, accentuating every cry with a punch of her small fists into Charizard’s cream colored stomach.

Charizard’s smugness fell from his face as he looked at the small girl punching away at his stomach. While he didn’t physically felt her blows, her words did not pass by unnoticed. Hadn’t he made her feel good as well? Why was she so upset now?

The fact that she was now being backed up by a very pissed off Fraxure didn’t make the fire-type feel any better either. Fraxure emitted a low hiss as he walked towards Charizard, every step of his powerful clawed feet causing a small crater in the forest ground below them. He seemed to radiate power as he prepared to exact violent revenge on Charizard for hurting his trainer’s feelings.

Before Fraxure could sink his teeth into Charizard as he had planned, Iris suddenly grabbed a hold of the fire-type’s rapidly shrinking member. Making a sound between a moan and a surprised gruff, Charizard’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You know… You could’ve just asked…” Iris murmured as she gently fondled Charizard’s member.

“I don’t mind helping you, Charizard. How could I resist such a beautiful dragon like you?”

Her face was flushed red and her left hand was now covered in the leftovers of Charizard’s previous orgasm as she rapidly rubbed his length.

“Truth be told, it’s always been a dream of mine to meet a Charizard once… So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get everything I can out of this!”

With Charizard’s rod at full length, an impressive 19 centimeters of hot, red meat, Iris turned her back to Charizard as she lowered herself on to him. Charizard’s girth had increased slightly compared to his Charmeleon form and he was considerably thicker than Fraxure, so it took Iris more than a little effort to take him inside her. Ignoring the distant, nagging pain in her abdomen and the sense of breathlessness that accompanied it, the young dragon trainer finally managed to get most of his length inside her, moaning out in pleasure as his hot member throbbed inside of her.

That’s it… I have to get me one of these! I should ask Ritchie if he’s planning to breed with Zippo anytime soo-…

Suddenly, Iris’ eyes widened in shock as a sudden thought forced its way into her mind.

“Wait… ZIPPO?!” Iris cried, her eyes open wide and her pupils reduced to pinpoints. Twisting her neck, she looked at the Charizard behind her and saw that it was grinning sheepishly.

“Zippo, it is you!” she confirmed as Zippo nodded his head. With a rough grunt, he shoved Iris forward, on to her hands and knees so that they were once again in the doggy style position, like they had been when he was still a Charmeleon. During all the movement, Zippo’s member never once left the confines of Iris’ dripping folds, causing her to moan loudly as her body was filled with pleasure.

I guess I’ve got some things to explain when we get back to the camp….

With a grunt, Zippo pulled his member out of her slightly, making her moan out as she was suddenly struck with a weird sense of emptiness. Zippo sniffed loudly, reveling in the feeling.

Uhng! -  That’s right… right there! Telling Ritchie can wait… I’ve got myself a dragon to make love with now!


Speaking of which, Iris reflected, Fraxure hadn’t exactly had a whole lot of attention lately. He had kept his distance when she and Zippo had been going at it earlier, but she hadn’t missed his longing gazes and jealous energy. Now that Zippo was occupying her behind, Iris soon had an idea so she could include Fraxure in the fun as well.

Tiny breasts swaying from Zippo’s thrusts, her tongue hanging out of her mouth in continues moaning, Iris beckoned her dragon starter closer. Timidly, Fraxure inched closer to the lovemaking when Zippo suddenly opened his eyes, waking slightly from his lust-filled trance. The big dragon-like Pokemon made no attempt to keep Iris to himself; instead he invited Fraxure to join with a sly grin and a curt nod. Smiling wide, Fraxure hobbled on until he stood right before Iris, his short black cock already at attention from watching the scene unfold.

“I see you’ve got the general idea down, Fraxure!” Iris noted with a giggle before she gently took Fraxure’s member in her left hand while supporting herself with her right. Quickly, she began to experimentally stroke his member with quick, strong jabs, causing Fraxure to whip his head up to the sky and hiss loudly, eyes closed in bliss. Feeling emboldened by the pleasure she was providing him, Iris decided to try something else, something she had heard other girls talk about during their journeys and which had always left them in giggles.

The dragon master in training took a deep breath before she gingerly took the tip of Fraxure’s member into her mouth. The dragon-type’s eyes snapped open when he felt his tip being engulfed by her small lips. The tight wetness of her mouth felt amazing and Fraxure quickly placed one of his claws on top of the young girl’s head, nudging her to keep going. Giggling mentally, Iris tried to fit as much of her Pokemon’s member in her mouth and throat until she could no longer ignore her gagging reflex.  

Coughing loudly, she retreated a few centimeters before she set herself into a quick rhythm of bobbing her head up and down his rod. She quickly found out that Fraxure especially loved it when she swirled her tongue around the tip of his rod in a certain way, causing her starter Pokemon to hiss out in pleasure loudly. Using her tongue to swirl around his tip in small circles the chocolate-skinned trainer made Fraxure lose all sense of awareness so that nothing else mattered but him, his trainer and the moment they were in.

Iris was pleased to see Fraxure enjoyed her treatment so much. He had respected her wish to have sex with Zippo, so she figured he had earned a little reward. A reward that wasn’t even that terrible to give either. The young girl had known about the concept of blowjobs but she had never considered eventually giving one to a boy, much less to a Pokemon! But somehow, it just felt right. And to top it off, Fraxure didn’t taste badly either! Sure, it didn’t taste like a Cilan-approved 3-course meal, but the dragon-type’s musky, slightly salty taste was definitely something Iris could get used to.

And it seemed Iris would be getting used to his taste quite soon, because Fraxure was having more and more trouble keeping himself from cumming. Behind her, Zippo wasn’t faring much better as he rapidly increased his speed, balls slapping against her ass as he pushed his entire length inside of her again and again. As she felt a small bump forming at the base of his cock, Iris knew Zippo was close to his limit.

“Come on, Zippo! I’m so close, don’t hold back! Give me everything you’ve got!” she encouraged him, gasping as she realized she was repeating the same orders she had heard Zoey call out to her Tauros. Zippo didn’t need to be told twice. With a rumbling roar deep within him he bent his upper body over her, slamming his member inside her with all the force he could muster.

With a plop, the knot that had been forming at the base of his penis sealed itself within Iris, locking human and dragon together as Zippo cried out in bliss as his orgasm exploded within him. Iris could feel her womb being assaulted by Zippo’s hot seed as he seemed to completely empty his balls inside her. Wave after wave of the thick sticky goop filled her belly as Iris hit her limit as well, causing her inner muscles to spasm in an attempt to milk Zippo of all of his seed.

Soon, her womb was filled to the brim, but as their knot tightly sealed her exit shut, Iris could feel her belly slowly expanding a few sizes as Zippo emptied the last of his reserves inside of her. In the end, Iris left out a gasp as she felt the last of Zippo’s bursts inside her, leaving her on her hands and knees, sweating like mad and with a noticeable bump in her belly.

Fraxure was the last to hit his limit. Proud of the fact that he had lasted longer than his fire-type competitor, Fraxure hissed loudly as he shot his load into his trainer’s mouth. Not prepared for the sudden rush of fluid, Iris gagged and coughed loudly as she got Fraxure’s member out of her mouth. Fraxure’s remaining bursts of seed landed in her face, on her chest and some splashes even landed in her large bushy hair.


Completely exhausted, and breathless to boot, Iris collapsed on her side, pulling Zippo with her through their shared knot. Both Pokemon seemed just as exhausted as their human lover and without a word, the both of them cuddled up to Iris. Fraxure took his trainer in a loving embrace. Given their difference in height, Fraxure only reached up to her breasts though, but the green dragon did not seem to notice, nor did he really care at this point. Zippo meanwhile, wrapped his oddly thin arms around the girl’s shoulders, being careful not to hit Fraxure’s horn which was only a few centimeters lower. He shielded the couple lying next to him with his massive wing as he wrapped himself with his fiery tail. Confident that Iris and Fraxure were comfortable, Zippo too laid his head to rest, closing his eyes and joining his friends in slumber. His knot still effectively plugging Iris shut, not letting a single drop of his seed escape.


Meanwhile, a cum-covered Dawn lay down in the grass only a short distance away from Iris and the two Pokemon. Tauros, finally satisfied, lay beside her, breathing heavily and with fur dampened with sweat and other bodily liquids. Zoey, still naked and with hands dripping with her own fluids, looked at the scene with a content love in her eyes. Turning around, she looked through the bushes and saw Iris sleeping quietly, held in the tight embrace of both a Fraxure and a Charizard. With a knowing smile, she crawled back to her own little scene, where she carefully laid herself down next to Dawn, enveloping her in a hug as well before she gave in to her exhausted body and fell asleep too.

Chapter End Notes:

Funny thing, I hadn't even planned to include Ritchie, of all characters, to be included in this story. Iris had started out battling an unknown un-named trainer with a Hitmonlee. However, I then got into trouble giving the Charizard, who I had planned from the beginning to give Iris some good lovin', a believable backstory. Some research later, I rediscovered Ritchie's character, who convienently already had a Charmeleon, and went off from there.


Special thanks to EspeUmbreX for the first review! Keep an eye out on this story, because the mating season on Vulcan Island has only just begun ;)

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