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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 16 - Ash Joins the Fun!


Today wasn’t turning out to be a good day at all for Max, even though it had started quite amazingly. After making love to a beautiful Gardevoir the previous night, Max had walked into his sister May and their friend Misty, pleasuring each other in 69 on the shores of a small lake. His eavesdropping was eventually discovered, after which May asked him to lend a hand in pleasuring Misty, to his immense surprise. Apparently, both girls had been feeling especially horny since entering the forests of Vulcan Island, the feeling manifesting in a burning heat between their legs that seemed to demand attention. Helpful as always, and not to mention keen to lose his human virginity, Max had agreed to help and one condom later he had been pounding away inside Misty.

It was then that the day turned from absolutely fucking amazing, to absolutely fucking terrible. Ever since he had discovered masturbation, Max had known he had trouble resisting his release. Usually, it ended up with him cumming within two minutes, which wasn’t that much of a problem when he was alone. For Misty, however, it was woefully unsatisfying and it left her nowhere near her own orgasm by the time Max hit his climax. The young girl’s pussy just felt too good for Max to hold on any longer, and coupled with a comment by his sister on how she would’ve loved to ‘fuck his amazing dick’, Max came almost instantly.

And to make matters even worse, a few minutes later the trio was interrupted by Ash Ketchum, their friend and travelling companion who would be competing in the Battle of the Champions, just like Max. After the previous night, he also happened to be May’s brand new boyfriend, which made Max’s current situation, being consoled by a naked May while a filled condom was still stuck on his dick, all the more awkward.


“Urgh… what a mess…” Max groaned.

“Can someone please explain what’s going on here?!” Ash asked in a rather annoyed tone, arms crossed as he frowned at the 3 people before him.

“May… Please tell me you and Max didn’t-…” he said, nodding slightly towards Max, who was still trying to cover his condom wrapped penis.

“What? Oh, no no no ! We didn’t!” May hurriedly rectified. “That wasn’t for me, Max was having sex with Misty! Ever since we entered the forest, she’s been feeling all hot and bothered… Max was just trying to help in the only way we knew how!”

“Hot and bothered? May, what the hell do you mean?” Ash asked, not quite understanding. He had been in the forest just as long as Misty had been and he didn’t feel any different. What was all this ruckus about?!


Suddenly, Misty rushed to her feet and threw Ash to the ground with a full-body tackle, landing on top of the stunned boy.

“Here Ash… I’ll show you what she means!” the redhead breathed huskily before she pressed her lips on his, forcefully pushing her tongue in his mouth. It took Ash a few moments to realize what was happening, but when he did he quickly pushed Misty away with a look of shock.

“Misty, stop it! What the hell are you doing?! I can’t kiss you… I’m May’s boyfriend now!”

“I KNOW!” Misty shouted as she forcefully pushed Ash down as she sat on his lap. “I know… I know May is your girlfriend now, and I know you love her… and- and that I was too late…” The young girl sobbed softly as she looked at the boy that had stolen her heart.

“T-too late…?” Ash repeated, slightly confused. “You mean, you-… love me, too?” Misty didn’t make eye-contact as she nodded her head.

“I just want to experience what I’ll be missing out on… just this once! Please, Ash… For me…?”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise as he heard Misty utter her request. To his side, he could hear an audible gasp from his sister and looking at Ash’s face confirmed that none of them knew what to say.

Is she serious? She’s basically begging him to cheat on his girlfriend! To cheat on my sister!

Unsure of what to do next, Ash looked past Misty, into the blue eyes of his girlfriend. He didn’t say a word, but every fiber of his being seemed to radiate a question – what do you want me to do?

May blinked twice before shifting her eyes from Misty’s naked form, who was sitting with her back facing May now, to Ash’s awkward face lying on the ground. Misty turned her head to face her, a desperate, pleading need etched on her face.


A small, loving smile appeared on May’s lips as she seemingly made up her mind.

“If you want to do it as well, Ash… Go for it…” she confirmed, earning a gasp from Max and a pleasured squeak from Misty.

“Are you absolutely sure May?”

“I’m sure Ash… I know you’ll always be mine, and you did give me permission to fuck Blaziken. It only seems fair I give you permission to fuck Misty now!” Ash looked her in the eyes for one long moment, before switching his attention to Misty, hovering above him, and nodding his head.


Misty let out a long pent-up breath before squeaking a grateful thank you to May. Before she gave Ash much of a chance to recover, she once again smashed her lips on his while at the same time snaking her right hand into Ash’s pajama pants. With a sly grin, she felt her fingers bump into something hard.

“Ooooh, are you hard already Ash? I wonder how that happened…” she teased him as she slowly stroked her hand up and down his dick.

“Well, that’s what happens when a pretty girl sits in my lap… Especially if she is naked!” Ash shot back with a grin. He bit his lip as he held back a moan, Misty’s soft hands felt amazing on his hardened member.

Truth be told, Ash loved the way Misty looked right now. Her body was, for some odd reason, covered in sooth, with grass stains on her hands and knees and what looked like minor burns on her lower stomach. Her tits were small but perky and even though Misty lacked a bit of meat on her bones, she was by no means unattractively thin. Her well-defined muscles, the result of years of swimming in her gym, were quite the turn on for Ash as well. All in all, a true force of nature was sitting on his lap now. A modern-day Amazon with only a single goal on her mind and with every intent to see it finished!

Tired of simply jacking him off, Misty slid off of his lap and hooked her fingers around the band of his pajama pants. With a single pull she took them off, leaving Ash naked from the waist down, his hardened length pointing straight up into the air.

“Oh my… You’re a big one!” Misty crooned as she brought her face close to his member, taking it in her hand again. “It felt big already when it was still in your pants, but now that it’s free it seems even bigger!”

“Heh… Thanks, I suppose…” Ash commented, feeling slightly smug with Misty’s praise.

“Misty… Are you on any birth control?” Ash asked timidly as he saw Misty eying his rock-hard member.

“No… I’m not…” she replied absent-mindedly. “I stopped using the pill after we went our separate ways… But I came prepared!” Misty finished with a sly grin as she showed him a condom between her fingers.

“Misty, you sly minx! You nicked one of my condoms when I was explaining the situation to Ash, didn’t you?” May cried out, stifling a giggle in mock-outrage. Misty turned her head towards the brother-sister pair of spectators, giving a sexy wink. Max let out a gasp as he took in the sight of Misty, breathing heavily and covered in a thin film of sweat, preparing to mount one of his best friends and rival.

Holy shit, she took that condom before May even considered giving her permission… It wouldn’t surprise me if she would’ve ended up fucking Ash whether May agreed or not!

Blushing heavily, Misty ripped open the condom’s package and placed it on Ash’s tip, rolling it out over his length. Misty was awed at the sheer length of Ash’s tool. It was a lot thinner than Max’s, but it definitely made up for it in length, Misty wagered a rough guess at Ash sporting at least 17 centimeters. Quite impressive, she had to admit, and she couldn’t wait to feel every little bit of it inside her.

“Hmmm, my own rubber-wrapped plaything… I think I’m going to enjoy this!” Misty crooned as she gave his dick a playful tug.  Satisfied with her preparations, Misty quickly sat down on her knees, lining up her entrance with Ash’s throbbing member just below her.

“You ready, Ash?” she asked with a grin.

“I think I a-Aaaaaahmmmmmmm!” Ash cried out as Misty didn’t allow him to finish and lowered herself on to him. Colors flashed before his eyes as all the muscles in his body tensed up in response to the amazing feeling the young man got from having his member inside Misty. Ash hissed loudly as he tried to get accustomed to Misty’s tightness, grabbing her hips with both hands in the process.


“Ah….A-… Arceus!” Misty groaned as she felt Ash’s rod force its way inside of her, spreading her lips and pushing against her tight inner muscles as it made its way towards her womb.

“This feels so good… Gods, Ash… I never expected you were so long down there! Is it all the way in yet?”

“N-… Not yet! You’ve s-still got a good… 5 centimeters to go!” Ash groaned in response as he looked down at the point where his length disappeared inside Misty’s warm, wet folds. A good bit of his length still separated her pussy from his balls, but Misty was quick to rectify that, lowering on to him more and more as her dripping pussy took in the last remainder of his rubber-wrapped cock.

The young red head let out a long-held breath as she finally reached the bottom, feeling Ash’s potent testicles touch her ass. In her whole life, she had never before felt this full as she felt every single one of Ash’s 18 centimeters throbbing within her. Sure, Max’s dick had been wider and it had stretched her lower lips more, but Ash’s extra length allowed him to touch places within her she had never knew existed. She loved every second of it.

Placing her hands on Ash’s chest, Misty slowly raised her pelvis, causing the both of them to moan loudly as they felt Ash’s member slowly leave her heated core. Giving about 5 centimeters of leeway, Misty soon dropped down again, taking everything inside her again with a strangely satisfying slippery sound. Convinced she was ready to go full out; Misty began a quick rhythm of riding up and down Ash’s member. Her bodily fluids soon completely covered Ash’s rubber-wrapped member, allowing her to go even faster.

“Oh… ASH!... So… long!” Misty moaned as her inner muscles clenched around his dick. “I… I think I can feel you hitting my womb!”

“M-Misty! This feels… amazing! You’re so fucking tight!” Ash responded, gritting his teeth as he started pushing his pelvis upward, adding to Misty’s rhythm.

“Arceus! Ash! Keep going… I love it when you talk dirty like that! Fuck me, Ash! Fuck me hard!”

“You want harder?! Then TAKE it harder! Fuck me like the horny slut you are Misty!” Ash shouted out, greatly enjoying Misty’s wild side.

Meanwhile, Max was standing close by, not believing the scene unfolding before him. Seeing Misty bouncing up and down Ash’s impressively long dick proved to be a major stimulus for Max’s own libido. His dick was once again completely hard, pointing upwards and throbbing in the morning air. From his position, Max had a clear view of Misty’s round ass as she smacked it into Ash’s balls again and again. He could even see the steady stream of Misty’s fluids leaking out of her cunt, coating Ash’s member and part of her ass in clear, sticky liquid. Wide-eyed and swallowing hard, Max started to subconsciously stroke his own dick, masturbating at the sight of his good friend and rival fucking the living daylight out of the girl Max himself had failed to satisfy.

Just as he was about to set up a steady rhythm of strokes, he felt hands other than his own wrap around his penis. Soft hands with thin fingers stopped him from continuing his subconscious pleasuring. Surprised, Max looked down, only to find May, his own sister, sitting on her knees in front of him. May was still as stark naked as she had been when Max had first met her this morning, her elbows and knees, like Misty’s, covered in grass stains and white stains covering her crotch.

“I think you’d better stop that Max…” she crooned as she gently pried his hand away from his throbbing member. “If you keep this up, it won’t be long before you cum again… and I can’t let that happen, now can I?”

“Y-… you can’t?” Max replied, stunned at what his sister was doing. She was holding his hard, throbbing dick tightly in her right hand as her left hand rummaged through the purple condom container.

“Of course not! I want to feel you inside me first…”


“What! May, are you crazy?! That’s wrong, we’re brother and sister! We can’t have sex, it’s not right! It’s not legal! It’s not-…”

“It’s nothing you have to worry about!” May interrupted him, placing a finger on his lips, silencing his rapid rant. “You love me, don’t you? And we’ll be doing this safe the whole way through…” she assured him, looking deeply into his eyes with a loving smile on her lips. “Unless you want to take care of things by yourself of course… I don’t want to force you into anything, Max. But Misty isn’t the only one with a burning need this morning…”

Holy Arceus! She’s serious about this! She really wants to fuck me!

In a flash, every single one of Max’s nighttime adventures passed before his eyes, peeking at his sister bathing or masturbating while on their journey through Hoenn…

He knew he wasn’t going to resist. He couldn’t… He had lusted over his curvy, soft, amply-breasted sister for far too long to refuse her now.

Max gave May an affirmative nod, earning him a wide smile from his horny sister.

“I’ll do it… But what are we going to do about my little… problem?” Max indicated, nodding down towards his member with a blush.

“Oh, I think we can fix that… A ha! Got it!” May exclaimed as she retrieved a grey colored package from her container. “This is one of the premium condoms I packed along… a Steelix brand! From what I read it makes a man less sensitive so that he can keep going a lot longer before he cums! Shall we try it out?”

“Erhm… Sure, why not?” Max mumbled; eyeing the grey plastic square between his sister’s fingers suspiciously.

“Excellent!” May cried out, her voice cracking with lust. She tore open the condom’s grey package to reveal a steel-colored rubber circle.

Lives up the name of Steelix brand all right… Woah!

Max gasped as he saw what his sister did next. Taking a firm hold of his penis, she put the pointy end of the rolled-up condom into her mouth. Placing her mouth on his tip, she slowly took his member into her mouth, unrolling the condom in the process. Just before reaching his base, Max could see May was trying to fight down her gagging reflex and she quickly retreated, unrolling the final few centimeters by hand. The Steelix condom felt surprisingly cool and the fluid which lined the insides of the rubber gave him an odd sensation of numbness, without making him lose his erection.

“There… That should do it!” May spoke with pride, looking at her handiwork.  “Now where were we…”

Placing one hand on his stomach while hooking the other behind his ankle, May quickly dropped her brother on his back. Standing above him, she eyed his rigid member with lust as it pointed straight up into the sky.

Oh shit, here she comes! This is it!

May dropped to her knees and quickly aligned her entrance with his throbbing rod before lowering herself down upon him. The brother sister pair of lovers cried out in bliss as Max’s rod made its way deep into May’s body, stretching her lower lips to their limits and rubbing her inner muscles. May halted her descent for a few seconds to catch her breath before she lowered herself down the last few centimeters, hilting her brother’s dick inside her. Both siblings let out a long-held breath as they got used to feeling each other.


“It’s in…” Max stated with an air of awe. “We’re actually having sex!”

May moaned in approval, moving her pelvis slightly. She gasped as she felt her brother’s dick moving around slightly within her.

“Wow, Max… I never thought this could feel so good! You’re stretching me so much… it feels amazing! So full…”

“You feel amazing too, sis! So… urgh! So tight!”

“Ready to get this going, little brother?”

“Whenever you’re ready sis!”

And with that, May started to slowly move up and down his dick, squeezing him with her inner muscles at every passing. The siblings reveled in the sinful act and Max groaned and bit his lip as he felt pleasure building up inside him. With a shock though, he discovered the pleasure was building at a much slower rate than usual. The Steelix brand condom lived up to its reputation and Max grinned happily as he bucked his hips in tune with his sister’s rhythm, adding greatly to their shared pleasure.

Max couldn’t believe how lucky he was, sitting here and pounding his hard member into May’s dripping wet pussy. He had dreamed of this moment for years, fantasized on more than a dozen different scenarios, only to find out that real life blew them all straight out of the water. To Max, the real life May sitting on top of his lap was more beautiful than all the Mays from his dreams combined.

He caressed the soft skin of her legs as he gazed at her luscious C-cup breasts dangling rhythmically before his eyes.

In her lovemaking, May was a lot gentler compared to Misty. The Cerulean gym leader had been a veritable force of nature, quick, powerful, demanding, even desperate, it seemed. Making love with her was rough and fast. Too fast for Max. Even now, as he looked to his side to see Misty rapidly bouncing up and down Ash’s cock, he had to wonder just how the Pallet Town trainer was able to hold back his orgasm.

No, Max much preferred his sister’s style of lovemaking, as awkward and wrong as it sounded. Her determined, but gentle movement actually gave him the time and concentration to take the whole situation into him. With May, he could take a hold of her breasts and slowly massage them, earning him her moans of approval. With Misty, he had been having sex, but with May he was making love…

To Max, his sister was the personification of beauty. Soft, brown hair that fell to her shoulders, a slim frame with exactly the right amount of meat on her bones and wide, strong thighs that seemed more than ready for childbirth. He also high approved of May’s completely bald pussy, even though he himself did not shave his pubic hair, leaving him with quite a bush as he pumped into her.

In return, May approved of her little brother as well. Every time he hilted her, she could feel his pubic hair tickling her lower lips slightly, sending more pleasure through her system. As she went up and down her brother’s member she couldn’t help but smile lovingly at how much the young boy beneath her had grown. No longer was he the annoying know-it-all she used to know. Below her lay a kind teenager who was as passionate about his own personal goals as he was passionate about helping his friends. It seemed Max had turned out all right after all, not to mention his amazing member. And by Arceus was it amazing! So far, May had only had the pleasure of feeling both Ash and Blaziken’s dicks inside her and, while Ash’s dick had clearly been the longest and Blaziken’s had been a happy medium, neither of them could compare with Max’s short, thick cock. It spread her lips wide and rubbed her clit with every passing, making the young coordinator wonder just how long she could last.

“I see you decided to join the party!” Misty moaned, drawing their attention to her.  Max saw she was no longer facing Ash, turning her back to him instead as she continued to pump up and down his dick. Sweat dripped from her body and a deep blush was on her face as she grinned widely. She was having the time of her life!

“Well, you didn’t really expect me to just sit by while you fucked my boyfriend’s brains out, did you?” May remarked as she temporarily stopped her rhythmic bouncing, grinding her pussy in small circles instead.

“You are so lucky May… Ash is absolutely amazing!”

“Well, you’re missing out on something too Misty! I never knew Max could feel this good inside me, or I would’ve definitely done this sooner!”  May admitted as she lowered her face down to Max’s, starting a long, tongue-twisting, kiss.

“Who knows… Maybe you and Max can hook up after this?” May said as she raised herself up again, the taste of her brother’s mouth still fresh on her lips.

Misty couldn’t bring herself to answer May’s last question though. Because, just then, Ash decided to up the ante some more and he pushed inside her with even more force than before. Misty’s eyes glazed over as her body was flooded with new waves of pleasure as Ash’s member filled her again and again, touching the entrance to her womb with every thrust.

“Yes! Oh, Ash! I can feel it… I can finally feel it coming!” Misty cried as she redoubled her efforts, bobbing up and down his dick so fast their joined genitals were in a constant state of blur.

With a final high-pitched scream, Misty arched her back as her long-awaited orgasm exploded within her. At the same time, Ash raised himself up behind her, grabbing a hold on her small breasts as he planted a rough kiss in her neck, sucking on the quickly forming bruise. Misty was overwhelmed by pleasure and she cried out loudly as every muscle in her body tensed up and her inner muscles clamped down on Ash’s condom-covered dick. With every spasm, her body tried to coax Ash into an orgasm of his own, but the young Pokemon trainer was determined and he resisted. He wasn’t done with Misty yet!

Thoroughly exhausted by her orgasm, Misty fell face forward into the grass as her pelvis stayed in place, impaled on Ash’s long rod. Ash knew he had lasted through her orgasm and he smiled in victory as he gave Misty’s firm ass a ringing slap.

“Ash… A-Ash…” Misty mumbled as sweat dripped from her body as she took in heaving breaths of air. She shuddered as she felt her own moisture dripping out of her heated slit. The heat between her thighs had lifted, for now…

“Thank… you…”

“No problem Mist… But we’re not done yet!” Ash responded as he took a firm hold of Misty’s thighs. Taking his penis out of her, which caused both of them to shudder and moan; he propped the exhausted redhead up on her knees so that her ass was sticking up in the air. Practically drooling, Ash looked at Misty’s dripping wet vagina; sticking up in the air and inviting him back in. Quickly, Ash inserted the head of his penis into her folds again and started to fuck her doggy style. Before long, Misty was swaying back and forth on her hands and knees as Ash slammed in and out of her from behind, both of them crying out in bliss. If anything, this position felt even better to Misty and Ash certainly enjoyed the great view he had of Misty’s sexy behind as he watched his member disappearing into her hot body.


“Wow… Look at them go! They’re going at it like animals!” May gasped as she bumped up and down Max’s dick in short quick stabs.

Max himself was too busy kneading his sister’s breasts, occasionally coming up to them with his face to gently suck on her nipples, something she greatly enjoyed. As good as riding her brother like this felt, May soon got curious and wanting for a little variety.

The brunette stopped her up and down motion and she pressed another kiss on Max’s lips as she felt him frantically push his pelvis up in an attempt to keep their rhythm going. She raised her pelvis, causing Max’s hardened dick to pull out of her wetness as Max let out a sad, high-pitched cry of loss.

“Don’t worry; we’re not done yet… Not even close!” She reassured him, turning his look of hurt confusion into one of horny curiosity. “Come on, get up! I want to try something different…”

And with that, May got on her hands and knees and crawled her way over to Misty. Standing in line with the Cerulean girl, she looked behind her and waved her ass around sexily as she looked at Max. Whatever firmness Max may have lost in their short time apart came back instantly as he saw his sister’s pussy dripping with fluids. With a speed that belied his lanky body, Max got up on his feet and positioned himself behind his sister, gently lining up the tip of his member with her lower lips.

Grunting loudly, he pushed in again, shuddering as he saw his tip disappearing within his sister’s body as she cried out in bliss. Soon, Max and May had set up a quick rhythm of thrusts as May’s luscious breasts swayed back and forth with each push. Both groups of lovers mirrored each other perfectly as each time Ash would pull out, Max would push in and vice versa. Max looked at the man before him and saw determination in his face. His sister’s boyfriend seemed to be determined not to be the first one of the men to cum. Max nodded in understanding, a determined look on his face as well as he redoubled his efforts, fully intent on giving his sister one of the best orgasms in her life.

Both boys kept up a good pace for the next few minutes, moaning and grunting as they pumped in and out of their respective girls. Both Misty and May were in heaven and they encouraged their lovers to keep going and go faster between every moan. May supported herself on one hand as she used the other to fondle her luscious breasts. She could feel her own orgasm approaching rapidly and she let out a high-pitched moan in relief, her long awaited release wasn’t far off now…

Meanwhile, Max was also quickly starting to feel exhaustion creep up on him. He had almost reached the limit of what the Steelix brand condom could suppress and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer until he would cum. He grinned as a new idea suddenly hit him as he hilted his dick inside of May without pulling back this time.

“Hold on May… I’ve got an idea…” he explained and he gently guided her to lie down on her side in the grass, all the while not letting his dick out of her for even a moment.

“Ash… Come over here and lie Misty down on the opposite side!” the bespectacled boy suggested and Ash realized what he was trying to do. Grabbing a firm hold of Misty’s toned ass, he guided her to lie down next to May, facing her. Immediately, both girls hugged each other as May pulled Misty into a hot kiss.

“Nice idea Max! That is so hot!” Ash commented as he lied down, lifting Misty’s right leg with his arm so that he still had good access to her pussy as he continued pumping into her. From this new position, the already tight tomboy felt even tighter and Ash knew he wouldn’t be able to keep going for much longer. Meanwhile, Max grinned, pleased that everyone liked the new position he suggested. He mirrored Ash and raised his sister’s left leg before pounding away inside her again.

Both girls moaned loudly as they continued hugging and kissing, their tongues wrapped up in an epic battle for dominance. They were both shuddering with lust and shaking with every thrust their respective lovers gave. Hugging tightly, Misty could feel May’s big breasts pushing into her own smaller mounds and she gasped as she felt their nipples rubbing together. This new position definitely made things more intimate and she loved it! With her body wrapped tightly around May’s, Misty could feel a slight bump every time Max pushed his thick member into his sister.

The young Cerulean was the first to reach her limit, giving in to her second orgasm of the round as waves of pleasure once again filled her body. Her muscles tensed up as she hugged May tighter than ever, crushing their breasts together as Misty stifled her moans by pulling May into another kiss, screaming into her mouth. Behind Misty, Ash pulled out completely one last time before he pushed his entire member inside of her again as her spasming inner muscles milked him for his seed.

With a loud groan, Ash gave in to it and he felt his orgasm explode within him. Humping Misty rapidly as he came, he felt his balls clenching repeatedly every time he fired another shot of his seed into Misty, the thin piece of rubber around his penis being the only thing protecting her heated womb.

Misty let out a high-pitched screech as she felt Ash cumming within her. Even through the condom, she felt every shot of his hot sperm and it pushed her into a whole new level of orgasm as her pussy clenched down on his dick and she pressed her legs together, trapping him inside her.

Seeing Misty cumming at long last, and Ash following soon after, pushed Max past his limit as well. He slammed his dick in to the hilt one more time, slapping his balls on his sister’s ass as he moaned loudly. He kept his member firmly pushed into May’s needing pussy as he felt it twitch and pulse inside her, each pulse sending a big load of his seed into the condom’s reservoir. May cried out in bliss as she felt her brother pulsing inside her. She, too, came with a moan and every muscle in her body contracted with pleasure as her inner muscles milked Max for all he had to give.

Completely exhausted, Max let go of his hold on May’s left leg, causing it to fall down as the blissful teenager wrapped his arms around his sister, hugging her back as his hands enveloped her breasts.

Both parties were breathing heavily as sweat poured from their bodies while they descended from their orgasmic highs. Max could feel his body shaking from a mixture of exhaustion and pleasure as he removed himself from inside his sister. Opposite of him, Ash mirrored his movements as he pulled his long dick out of Misty, causing the girl to let out a high-pitched mewl as she felt the now-familiar pressure leave her.


“Wow, Max… That’s an impressive load!” May commented as she saw the reservoir of Max’s condom bulging with white fluid. Ash had filled his own condom quite a bit too, but it paled in comparison to Max’s load.

“Right… Thanks!” Max responded awkwardly as he pulled the Steelix brand off of his rapidly shrinking rod. A few minutes later, both boys were lying side by side, with Misty cuddled up against Ash and May cuddled up against Max.

“That was amazing Max… I wish we would’ve done this sooner!”

“Yeah… You felt great May… Thank you…”

“Anytime, little bro… any time…”

“Well… Any time I give my permission… remember?” Ash noted with a tired grin.

“Of course Ash, you know you’ll always be my number one!” May confirmed, stretching her arm over Max to place her hand on Ash’s chest as she spoke.

“You’re… such a lucky girl… May!” Misty said between breaths as her chest heaved in an attempt to get enough air into her lungs again. “Ash is an amazing guy… and a great lover too! Be sure to… treat him right… okay? I won’t… try to stand-… stand in b-between you two…”

“Maybe you won’t have to… Maybe you could join in every once in a while!” May offered huskily, but Ash did not respond to it.

Just then, the nearby bushes shook violently as a large humanoid creature stepped out of the shadows, revealing itself to be May’s Blaziken.


“Speaking of joining every once in a while!” Max gasped as he saw Blaziken strutting towards them, a determination smoldering in his eyes and sporting a huge erection. He halted a short distance away from where May and Max were lying, just as the brunette girl slid out of her brother’s embrace. Now, lying on her back, propped up on her shoulders with her legs spread wide, May didn’t need to second guess her starter Pokemon’s motives. His throbbing member told her everything she needed to know!

“B-… Blaziken… You want another turn?” May spoke breathlessly. She honestly doubted she could take much more after the exhausting fuck she had had with Max. Her muscles felt drained and the fire between her thighs had been extinguished… But Arceus be damned if she’d miss out on Blaziken’s fiery dick! Smiling, she tilted her head slightly, nodding her approval. Within seconds, Blaziken had jumped on her, spreading her legs widely as his sharply angled rod pushed inside her with a satisfying wet slurp. Obviously, her previous two orgasms had left May’s lower lips drenched, so Blaziken had no trouble whatsoever getting his member inside her completely. To her surprise, Blaziken started out slowly, pushing in and out of her at a leisurely pace, making sure she felt every little piece of his member as it slid within her walls.

“Wow… I guess she loved fucking Blaziken so much, she wanted to do it again!” Max gasped as he watched the big fire bird make love to his sister.

“Yeah… I guess so!” Ash agreed, before a sudden realization hit him. “Hold on… again? You mean you SAW that last night?!” he cried, looking at the lanky teenager besides him with shock in his eyes. Max was sweating bullets as he frantically waved his arms trying to calm Ash down. “Wait, wait, wait! I didn’t mean to! I mean-… You were gone when I woke up, so I looked around to find you!” he explained. “I didn’t even see that much! I was… kind of pre-occupied!” Max heard his own voice crack, shifting a few octaves too high near the end.

“Pre-occupied? What do you mean, pre-occupied?!” Ash pressed the issue, folding his arms and standing up to tower over Max’s cross-legged form. Just then, both boys heard a high-pitched squeak coming from behind Ash. As he turned around and Max looked past him, they were shocked to find Misty, sitting straight up on her knees, with Pikachu standing between her legs. The yellow mouse’s movements left nothing to the imagination as he rapidly humped the Cerulean girl with his thin, hard rod. Misty was moaning loudly as she tried to keep herself from falling over backwards. The feeling of having Pikachu’s electrically-charged member inside of her again blew her mind and somehow it pushed her fatigue down as well. A few seconds after Ash and Max became aware of the Pikachu’s presence; Misty was bumping up and down Pikachu’s dick with great enthusiasm.

“Pikachu?! What the hell, get away from her!” Ash cried out as he moved in and attempted to pry Pikachu’s humping body away from Misty’s crotch. The electric-type Pokemon quickly turned his head around and bit him in his hand.

“Ouch! He bit me, Pikachu fucking bit me!” the young trainer gasped in surprise. In all the years since they had met, Pikachu had never once bitten him… Electrocuted? Sure, plenty of times… But never had Pikachu actually bitten him!

“No, Ash! Please… Leave him!” Misty gasped out as Pikachu resumed his frantic humping. She moaned out in bliss as Pikachu started to spark with electricity from time to time, sending jolts between her thighs and stimulating her clit. Ash couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Are you sure, Misty? You’re just going to let him force himself on you? He’s basically raping you!”

“It’s not like… he asked for permission… the first time!” Misty gasped between thrusts. “Besides, it feels… too good to stop!”

Ash was left staring at his starter Pokemon humping one of their oldest friends, unsure of what to do next. Besides him, he could see Max was at a loss as well as the bespectacled boy was subconsciously stroking his hardening member as he stared at the girls getting fucked before their eyes. With a start, Ash noticed that he himself had hardened again as well, something which did not go unnoticed by Misty.

“Want me to help you with that Ash…?” she asked huskily, already grabbing his member in her right hand before he even had the chance to respond. Ash sucked in a sharp breath as Misty enveloped the tip of his penis within her mouth, her tongue twirling around it in quick circles. Using her hand to stroke his base, Misty took as much of him in her mouth as she could without choking, and began to bob her head up and down his dick. Ash groaned loudly as he felt Misty’s warm, wet mouth all around him. With a gentle hand, he caressed her face and stroked her hair as he subtly urged her on.

Meanwhile, Max felt quite isolated as he stroked his dick, standing between his sister and Blaziken on one side and Misty, Ash and Pikachu on the other. Looking at his sister, it didn’t look like she would be able to help him. Blaziken was lying on top of her as he pumped his massive member into her, and his big body pretty much covered her completely. Misty, on the other hand, was sitting on her knees with Pikachu’s small frame between her legs and Ash’s long member in her one hand and mouth. Which left one hand unattended, but not for long…

Quickly, Max moved in besides Ash as he took Misty’s delicate left hand in his own and guided it towards his penis.  Misty didn’t seem surprised; in fact, it seemed she was quite pleased with herself, smiling lustfully as she looked at his rod, Ash’s member still between her lips.

“Could you…?” Max asked before Misty already interrupted him, stroking his member at a slow pace. With a soft plop, Misty took Ash’s member out of her mouth before she responded, a thin strand of saliva still connecting her mouth with his shining wet tip.

“You don’t even… need to ask!” she said as her clenched hands started to rapidly pump up and down both their lengths, making them gasp out in ecstasy. Alternating between them, Misty sucked on their members a few times, each time making excellent use of her tongue as it swirled all around their tips.

At the same time, a few centimeters below them, Pikachu was well on his way to achieve orgasm. A fact that was reinforced by the increasingly frequent bursts of electricity he let out, sparking not just the girl he was mating with, but the two boys she was servicing as well, adding to the pleasure of all 4 of them. Max let out a surprised yelp as a particularly potent shock coursed through his system.

“A-… Arceus, that feels good!” he exclaimed as he started to buck his hips in tune with Misty’s stroking hand.

“I’ll say! Pikachu’s shock really adds a-… ouch!... a nice edge!” Ash agreed, getting zapped halfway through his sentence. He, too, started to buck his hips, thrusting into Misty’s hand as she gasped for breath while she jacked both boys off. When the furiously stroking girl next took Ash’s member into her mouth, he placed his hand firmly behind her head, keeping her in place as his bucking hips sent his throbbing member in and out of her throat.

“M-Misty…! I’m getting close!”

“You’re not… the only one!” Max gasped as he pushed his member into Misty’s face, not wanting to be denied her hot mouth just because Ash’s rod was currently occupying it. Together, the boys cried out their ecstasy to the sky as they hit their limit, Max cumming only moments before his Pallet Town rival. Coughing, Misty quickly pulled out Ash’s rod as it sent burst after burst of his potent sperm into her mouth and onto her face.  Meanwhile, Max’s member twitched violently in her hand as three big bursts of seed ejaculated from his tip, landing on Misty’s left cheek and further down on her small breasts and hardened nipples.

“Oh… Oh my… god… there’s so much!” Misty exclaimed in ragged breaths as cum dripped from her face and between her breasts. She had never expected the boys could cum like that, especially not after what they had already been through. She didn’t like being covered in their juices though, feeling the salty taste of their seed in her mouth, it disgusted her. She didn’t like it at all, but for Ash she was suppressing her initial reaction of shock and disgust. Just before she lost control, just before she could spit out the horrible salty liquid, she felt a thick hardness enter her, and her eyes flashed open in shocked realization. Pikachu’s knot…

While Misty had been busy dealing with both Ash and Max’s sizable loads, the little yellow rodent had built up his speed to an incredible level as the knot at the base of his member started to grow. Now, it was fully grown, comparable in size to a large walnut. Just big enough to tie Misty down, closing her heated core shut as his thin prick spasmed in orgasm, firing a continues stream of his cum deep inside her womb. His cum was just as potently charged with electricity as it had been the night before, and both Misty and the boys cried out in shock as Pikachu added a brilliant Thunderbolt to the already shocking scene.

“Pi… kaCHU!”

And with a thundering roar, May was blinded by the intense light coming from Pikachu’s discharge. As Misty had been pleasuring her boyfriend and her brother, May had been thoroughly enjoying her Blaziken’s loving care. It seemed Blaziken had lost some of the primal energy that had possessed him the night before, he wasn’t making love to her as forcefully as he was. Instead, he pushed in and out of her with long, slow strokes, making sure he only left his tip inside her every time he retreated. Even though his thrusts weren’t as quick as they had been, they were still filled with a power May knew no human could match. It wasn’t so much about power or muscle though. It was as if her Blaziken pumped some sort of primal energy into her, heating her up from the inside out.

At her request, Blaziken had increased his speed somewhat by the time Ash and Max had joined Misty and Pikachu. With a swirl and an impressive show of physical power, Blaziken had assumed a standing position, lifting May up with him as he went so that his member never left the confines of her body. Now, as he stood, the fire Pokemon had taken a firm hold of May’s buttocks as he was quickly pushing her up and down his member. The added gravity, combined with her already waning stamina and the tiny barb-like lumps at the base of Blaziken’s member quickly pushed May over the edge.  A low moan escaped her lips as her tired body gave in to the explosion of ecstasy that coursed through it.

She buried her face in the crook of Blaziken’s neck as her inner muscles spasmed and her walls clamped down on his dick. With a final “Bla… ziKEN!” her beloved starter finally hilted her shortly after, pushing his knot inside her with a satisfying plop before unloading his seed into her womb. May let out a satisfied sigh and groaned lightly as she felt Blaziken’s hot cum fill. Like before, it took Blaziken several minutes to ride down the waves of his orgasm, and by the time he was finished May’s belly had expanded a few sizes again. Bleary-eyed, Blaziken looked at his handiwork with pride before he sank down to the ground, gently laying himself and May down.


May raised her head and looked at Misty and the boys. They were lying in a circle of black sooth and burned grass, courtesy of Pikachu’s electrifying orgasm. Said yellow rodent was now sleeping peacefully and content, still hugging Misty’s pelvis as his member was still firmly knotted inside her. Misty herself was no longer sitting on her knees, instead she had fallen on her side, completely exhausted as her upper body was covered in a mixture of cum courtesy of the two boys who were now sleeping close by. Exhaustion, coupled with Pikachu’s violent discharge, had caused them to faint and they were now so far gone, not even Blaziken’s loud roar of orgasm could wake them. Just like Misty, they were covered in sooth and their hair had pretty much exploded, standing straight up and pointing all over the place. With a satisfied sigh, May lay her head down on Blaziken’s chest and let sleep take over. Utterly exhausted but completely content, she fell asleep. The burning fire between her thighs had finally been completely exhausted.


The tired group of lovers could not enjoy their rest for long though. Sooner than she would’ve liked, May’s eyes shot open as she felt cold droplets hitting her naked back, sending chills up her spine and making her shiver. Looking up, she noted the sky had turned from a bright blue into a bleary grey as everywhere around her, rain started falling down.

“Arceus… How long was I out?” she mumbled as she slid herself off of Blaziken, finding his knot had shrunk enough for him to pull out of her. May didn’t pay any attention to the steady flow of Blaziken cum that immediately dripped out of body, as the downpour of rain had now truly started.

“Ah shit! It’s raining!” she heard Max mumbling as he raised himself on shaky legs.

“You don’t say! Come on, we need to get back to the camp before we’re completely drenched!” Ash replied with a hint of sarcasm as he got up as well. Finally, Misty too raised herself up, her muscles shaking violently. Pikachu had long since pulled out of her, leaving her leaking a steady stream of his stinging electrified seed. The band of friends and lovers quickly grabbed all the clothes they could find before sprinting back to their camp. Finding their clothes already drenched, they all ran back through the rain naked as the tiny droplets of icy cold water washed over them, giving them the bath the had first set out to take as they made their way back to their camp.


Chapter End Notes:

Nothing like some good partner-switchin' to start your day with, eh?

With Misty no longer vying for Ash's love (or so she says) and Max and May's long repressed love out in the open, things will surely remain interesting on Vulcan Island!


Next up: Zoey and Dawn wake up to a big scaly surprise intruding on their morning intimacy! Gotta love the mating season!

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