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Teaching the Tango by zephyr_paws


Teaching the Tango

Teaching the Tango
A story based on Middle of Nowhere
This story features some of the characters from the story Middle of Nowhere. However, this lemon is not part of the Middle of Nowhere series and is not intended to remain consistent with the series. It is merely a creation of my love of the characters and desire to see other pairings that would have been inappropriate for the main series. You can read this story if you haven't read Middle of Nowhere and still have a good time, although it is recommended that you have read Middle of Nowhere so you know all of the characters better.

Teaching the Tango takes place several weeks before Tango would have met Tommy. A lot of what happens before the sex scene can be considered true to Middle of Nowhere's storyline. Use your imagination. Some blanks from Middle of Nowhere will be filled in if you look well enough. :3

DISCLAIMER: All characters and properties are copyright their respective owners. All writing, original characters, plot, and concept is copyright 2008 Zephyr Paws. The author is in no way associated or affiliated with any third-party. This original fiction was created with no intention of any copyright infringement against any third-party, and is purely for fan enjoyment.

WARNING: This document contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and sex between two sibling Pokemon. Yes, that's right, this story contains incest. In most places around the world, you must be 18 years of age (sometimes 21) or older in order to read this chapter. If you are not of the appropriate age to read this story, it means your brain will become corrupted by reading and you will be sad, lonely, and miserable for the rest of your life, so go away poor child. If you are of the appropriate age (even by just a day), you will be completely immune to any of these negative effects as if it were some kind of magic, so please go ahead and enjoy! I take no responsibility for any consequences (negative or positive) of reading this sexually explicit story.

"Mmmm... mmmnn... ohh..."

"Aw yea' Jazzy, ah! Ah! Yer a- maaazin'!"

A strange moaning and rustling could be heard from along the shore of the island that a young, cheery Buizel named Tango had grown to know as home. It was late; the sun had long since set. In fact, had it not have been for the alarming sounds of her brother and an unknown Pokemon, she would have just as likely been asleep now as well.

Cautiously, the Buizel approached the source of the noise. The sight before her took her by surprise: it was her brother -- a dashing Floatzel -- rocking his body back and forth on top of what appeared to be... an Azumarill? She recognized her as Blues, the Azumarill that her brother had been hanging out with for awhile.

'What are they-?!' thought the young Buizel to herself as she watched her brother continue to slam down on the Azumarill beneath him. Their difference in size made it look a little awkward, but they were definitely conjoined down by their hips and feet. Upon closer inspection -- thanks to the choice view Tango had -- she realized that... no, couldn't be... 'He's pushing himself... inside of her hole...?! How...?!'

Tango just couldn't comprehend the image in her mind now of Jazz's... thing... whatever it was, being pushed in and out of the Azumarill's girlhood. She had learned over the past few weeks that it feels quite good rubbing her paws down across her own girlhood, but never had she dared to actually try stick anything in her vagina -- or 'hole' as she referred to it as, not exactly knowing a better name for it.

There was one thing about this that Tango was sure of, though: it made her want to touch herself. Badly. Her slit quickly became moistened from the arousal of watching mating take place for the very first time. Her eyes were wide open and fully alert, paying attentive detail to each thrust Jazz made into Blues.

She dropped down on her rump and leaned back a little bit, using one of her paws for support while leaving the other free for the task she had for it. With little hesitation, the sea weasel Pokemon drove her paw right down to rub against her sensitive clitoral hood. She timed her rubbing to the beat of the the thrusting; this whole scene made it much more enjoyable for her in comparison to her previous attempts.

Tango let out a muffled moan, quickly silencing herself after realizing that she didn't want to attract any attention to her presence. Not that a mere moan like that could be heard through the near cries of the mating couple, but she didn't want to chance it.

Her paw continued to rub against her clit, although this time it was feeling far better than it ever had in the past. It almost felt like a small flame was starting to ignite in her loins. 'Uhnnn, what is that feeling... ohh... uhnnn, it feels good...' she thought to herself as she continued her stimulations, realizing something was different now. Something in the back of her mind told her to keep going, though, so she eagerly complied and proceeded to vigorously rub the pads of her paw against her pleasure button as she continued to watch the two coital Pokemon before her make love.

Jazz's thrusting picked up as he started getting closer to climax. "Mmmmn, ohhh Blues... this... mmmmnn...! I'm getting closer...!" he moaned, licking the ears of the blue Azumarill as he did so. She giggled in response, followed quickly by further moaning.

Hearing this excited Tango for some reason. It made her want to hasten her rubbing and lean back even further. The burning feeling inside of her intensified; it was beyond anything else she had ever felt. The fur around her pulsing slit was soaked with an unknown fluid. This wetness wasn't new to her -- she had felt it before when she touched herself like this -- but the amount coupled with the intense sensations were.

Although she was eager to continue watching her brother and his Azumarill friend go at it, the overpowering feelings caused by her self-treatment were proving to seize her attention even more. She couldn't quite discern if it were pleasurable or enjoyable just yet, but she knew one and only one thing about it: she had to continue. She had to.

She then lay down on her back, no longer watching the two mating Pokemon and too self-absorbed in her own world, and she curled her legs up towards her chest so she could better reach her clit. She was panting, sweating, and rustling all around in the sand. Images of Jazz inserting himself into the Azumarill's 'hole' raced through the young Buizel's mind. With every swift stroke across her clit came a rise in the burning feeling she had felt.

"J-jaazzzy, imma gonna...! I...!! Ahhhh yea', yeaaaaa'!!!" "Oh Blues... Aahh...!! Ahhhh, yesss!!!" Tango heard the two scream as they both hit their climaxes. That was just enough to give Tango the push she needed to experience the first climax of her own. Her muscles starting tensing up as her breathing became even more shallow and hard-pressed. Her entire body was starting to become enveloped by that powerful feeling, which she had finally realized to indeed be pleasurable. It was building up rapidly and at long last, with a loud cry, she finally felt it hit in full force, sweeping through her body and exploding out from her tender slit. A powerful gush of ejaculatory juices spurted out, drenching the sand and leaving her completely euphoric from the intense rush of extreme pleasure this expulsion of liquid brought to her.

Out of breath and no longer squirting, the young Buizel gleefully panted with a smile drawn across her face. That was the most amazing thing she had ever felt before. Ever. It was beyond what words could describe. But it also took a lot of energy out of her; not more than half-a-minute after this rush, her exhaustion caught up with her and she quickly passed out into a contented slumber.

"That was amazin', mmmmn, Jazzy, yer the best!" said the Azumarill as the Floatzel started to get himself up off of her and sit down on his rump, still enjoying the afterglow from their mating experience.

"The only, right?" he answered with a smile. "But I think we might have company..."

She got up and crawled over to him, grabbing onto his shoulder. "Ah?"

Jazz nodded confidently, pointing over to the passed out Pokemon hiding behind a few bushes.

" 'ya dun think she saw us, do 'ya?" asked Blues.

The Floatzel got up -- causing Blues to fall forward slightly -- and walked over to his sister. Surveying the sand and taking in her powerful scent made it clear that she was indeed watching. There was no way it could have been purely coincidental. "Looks like I'll have to do some explaining..."

The next morning, the sun shone into the Buizel's eyes. Catching this, she regained her consciousness and started waking up. There was an interesting smell in the air as well. She sat up and felt pretty groggy.

'Did that really happen last night?' she asked herself in her head, wondering if it really was real. Knowing of no other way to verify it, she reached down to her girlhood and struck a paw across it. It produced a pleasurable twinge reminiscent of what she felt last night. It caused her to shiver lightly. She also noticed that her fur around the region was rather sticky. 'Ooooh... it really did happen.'

Anxious to feel the feeling again, she quickly started to lose her grogginess -- gaining curiosity instead -- and started stroking that same paw over her clit as she had done the previous night. She could swear that it felt even better this time, although perhaps that was just because she knew how good it would become eventually, causing additional excitement to course through her mind.

It felt so good to touch herself in such a way. Every tender pass her paw made against that sensitive little nub sent a jolt of enjoyment all over. It was incredible.

"Hey, you're up, sis. It sure does look like a nice-" the Floatzel's words were cut off as he realized just how well awake his sister was.

Tango jumped up in surprise, flustered and embarrassed over what she was doing and wondering if her brother saw it all. "B-b-bro! I- uh, I wasn't expecting to see you!" she blurted out while trying to avoid direct eye contact with him.

"Why wouldn't you expect to see me? You're the late sleeper this morning. I was coming over to check to see if you were awake. Looks like you are, soooo..." answered Jazz, trying to avoid embarrassing her any further. He really didn't mean to catch her off-guard like that, but he fully knew what she was doing.

Tango was still blushing. On top of the feeling of embarrassment, she now couldn't help but remember her brother for how she saw him last night: on top of that Azumarill and pushing an unknown part of him inside of her.

"Well, I'll be going now... unless there's anything else you'd like to talk to me about," he said to her, giving a slight hint that he knew more than he was saying. If she wanted to talk to him, he knew that she would, although he didn't want to force or pressure her into talking about anything she didn't want to.

This had Tango nervous. Nervous, yet also very eager to ask him exactly what he was doing last night. Now was her chance... even though it was really none of her business, she realized that she just couldn't help it and decided she had to know. It couldn't be that bad -- it sounded like they were having a pretty good time, after all.

"Bro, wait, I do need to talk to you," said Tango, catching her brother's attention. "Last night... I-"

Her brother interrupted. "So I take it you would like to talk... probably about what you saw last night. Right?"

How could he know that? Oh no, he didn't see her watching, did he? It was looking bad for Tango, although it's not really as if she had anything to lose in talking to him about it. She had the perfect excuse as well: she was sleeping and she heard noises, so she wanted to see what it was. 'Yeah, that sounds good,' she affirmed in her mind, finally answering Jazz's question with a meek "Yes."

"Well... I'd ask how much you saw, but I think I already have a pretty good idea," he stated. Tango blushed to this and held her head down, feeling a little guilty for spying on him.

"I just... I just heard some noises that woke me up, so I wanted to see what the ruckus was," said Tango sheepishly. She was telling the truth. Not quite getting to the whole truth just yet, but...

"Mmm, I figured. I told her to stop being so loud!" laughed Jazz wholeheartedly. "It's okay, sis. I know that mom and dad never talked to you -- or any of us, for that matter -- about mating."

Tango nodded her head, not knowing exactly what to say or how to agree. She decided she'd just see where Jazz was going with this and let him lead.

"Well... do you know what mating is, sis?" he asked her straightforwardly.

"Uh... I think I do... it's when a male and a female, uh... ... ... ...maybe I don't know. It had to do with a male and a female, right?" she answered back with another question to him. She really didn't know much about it, as Jazz's point was correct: while they were around, their parents kept them sheltered from talks about mating and essentially quite a few other important things. Additionally, not having any other friends around except for Jazz, now that her older sister Polka had left, she had no one to hear about mating from.

"Heh, well at least you're on the right track, sis. I understand that you were watching Blues and I last night. It's okay, you don't have to feel guilty or anything; it was my fault for waking you in the first place and you had every right to be curious. But what we were doing is called 'mating.' Mates do that with each other... and you know what a mate is, right?"

"Like mom and dad?"

"Yeah, although they aren't always 'moms' and 'dads.' They can just really love each other a lot without having kids to mate. Well, actually, that's why Pokemon mate: to have children."

"What?!" she gasped. "You were trying to have children with Blues?!" She had met with Blues once before when Jazz introduced her, but she wasn't really that familiar with her or anything.

Jazz blushed. "Well... sort of, yes. We're both ready for it." He smiled. Their parents had, well, were no longer around starting just a few months back, followed almost immediately by his other younger sister, Polka, leaving off for the sheltered land to join a Rescue Team. He had helped raise Tango during this time and felt more responsible than his parents ever were in teaching her things. Jazz was confident that this experience would prove him ready to raise children of his own.

"Oh," Jazz started, "Don't get me wrong: we weren't just doing it because we wanted children. It also is without a doubt the most incredible feeling ever, to join bodies together as mates."

Tango was starting to get confused at all of this. Jazz becoming a dad? He and Blues becoming mates even though they had just met only a few weeks ago? It just seemed to be coming about quite fast for what she was used to. "Wait... but when you're mates, you're in love, right?"

"Well sweetie, not all the time. Sometimes Pokemon will mate just because it feels good; just for fun. We're kind of... well, we're ready for the children and will be definitely be mates if she ends up pregnant, but neither of us are really sure if we're in love with each other or not. We just know that we like each other's company -- and the mating, of course."

Jazz knew that someday he would become Blues' mate. He also knew that he felt very strongly towards her. But having a strong curiosity for mating is what brought them together and that just being together and having fun was more important than any serious commitment they could make for the time being. They both knew this and accepted this. After all, his mom and dad said that they loved each other, but he knew better and knew they were just saying it.

"Okay... so, umm... how do you mate?" she asked, getting quite curious about this; particularly the part about it being 'the most incredible feeling ever.'

"I was getting to that, don't worry. Now, uh... how to explain this... hmm... I guess I'll start with you, since that's obviously what you know most about. I mean, I don't really know as much as a female would, but Blues helped tell me a lot and I think I made most of it out."

The Floatzel pointed down at Tango's furry slit. "I know you know that there's something down there and that's where you pee from... and judging by last night and this morning, I'd say you've also figured out that it feels really good to rub it, right?"

Tango nodded in response. "Well," continued Jazz, "That whole area down there is called your 'vulva.' Blues just calls it her 'slit.' I guess whatever's easiest for you." Jazz had become familiar with these terms from voyages to the mainlands and by reading books written in the Pokemon language. They were hard to come by, particularly around any areas inhabited by humans, but he knew the right spots to find them.

" 'Slit' sounds easier than Vulpix... uhh... vul... vula...?"

"Heh, slit is fine. Now the thing you were probably rubbing is like a little bump down there, kind of, right?"

"Yeah, and it feels really good when I touch it!" exclaimed Tango, getting a bit more accepting with talking out in the open about this. It wasn't so bad after all.

"Mmmhmmmm. That's what Blues tells me," he smiled, knowing he lacked one for himself. "Anyway, that thing is called a 'clitoris,' or just 'clit' for short. Touching and rubbing it should feel really good. It's kind of like... well, I'll get to that in a second, don't worry.

"Now, moving right along, right below that -- sort of -- is where you pee from. It's a little hole called the... uri... urethra... something like that. I know that you just call it your pee hole, heh.

"But beneath that... there should be a hole-like kind of thing there. Have you ever noticed it?"

Still fascinated by what he was saying and mentally piecing the pieces together, it took her half a second to realize that he was asking her a question. "...wha? Oh, me? I... think so? I don't really know." The truth is, she'd never really looked down that far or even gave it a second thought until now. She only used that region to pee from until just a few weeks ago, when she realized that touching that area for a bit felt really nice.

"Ah, hmmm, well there is like a hole down there. It's what you really use for mating. It's called your 'vagina.' Again, I'm sure you can find something else to call it... every Pokemon I've talked to had their own crazy names for their parts."

"Vagina... weird..." Her mind shot back to the scene of seeing Jazz slide something sticking out of him in and out of what must have been her vagina.

"Okay... hopefully you understood everything I told you. And, well, for that matter, hopefully I got it all right! Oh, wait, I didn't finish about the vagina...! It's a hole; a really, really deep hole. Way at the back is where a tiny, tiny egg is waiting, and it's the male's job to... well, I'll get to that more later, but in a nutshell, the male shoots some stuff inside of there and makes the egg grow."

"Shoots some stuff inside?!" Hearing that made Tango feel a bit queasy. She just found out that there was a big hole in here that a male is supposed to stick something into and now she finds out that the male is supposed to shoot something inside? Shoot stuff inside? "What do you mean?!"

"Don't worry. I think the best way to explain it is..." Jazz paused for a moment, remembering that she had definitely orgasmed so she could likely see it from the male's side. "Okay, you know how after you kept rubbing your clit, it got to the point where you couldn't take anymore and spurted out a bunch of liquid from down there?"

She remembered that; vaguely, but still remembered. "Yeah, I think so. I remember I was really wet and then it felt like I, well, kind of like I peed all over the place, except better and it wasn't pee."

"Yeah, that's called 'cum,' and it's the stuff that comes out of you when you reach that point. The point where you feel amazing and shoot out your cum is called 'orgasm' or 'climax.' That's what you felt when you hit that point and came -- errr, and when I say came, I mean, like, you 'cummed,' you know?"

"Okay... orgasm... cum... I think I got it," responded Tango, trying to take in all of these new terms. It was a bit overwhelming to her and she really sort of wished that he'd just show her so she'd know. But for now, she decided to remain patient.

Jazz gave a nod and a smile, glad to see that his sister was understanding this. It made him feel proud knowing that he was doing the duty that her parents should have done. "Well kiddo, I guess I should tell you about males, then... because, you see, one of the big things that makes males different from females is what they've got down there."

This piqued Tango's interests, hoping it would explain what that foreign pinkish object was being pushed into Blues' vagina. "Oh?!" When Tango thought about it, she did remember seeing more of a bulge down by her brother's groin. She didn't really know what it was, but she did know that he peed from there, and using that logic, that bulge probably had to do with the differences between males and females. Well, at least, that's what she was concluding.

"Well," started Jazz, sitting down and reaching his paw down towards his groin, then pointing at that bulge that Tango had taken notice of, "This thing here is called my sheath. Inside, uh, is my 'penis', as it's called. Some Pokemon also call it their 'member', 'cock', 'dick', uh... a lot of names, I guess."

It didn't quite seem like what she saw him with earlier. In fact, she vividly recalled the unknown object penetrating Blues to be a lot more prominent than just the furry sheath thing she saw in front of her. "Hey, wait a sec- last night, it was, uh... well, wasn't there something sticking out from around there?"

"Yeah, heh, you see... well, it only comes out when I'm thinking about mating or when it's touched a lot, otherwise it'll just stay in there." As much as he didn't want to admit it, he was starting to become a bit aroused by this little talk. Going through the anatomy of both genders was really getting to him. He knew just how wonderful it was and how he could hardly wait for more.

To the Floatzel's surprise, however, Tango crept forward and began curiously prodding at his sheath, trying to coax it to come out. "Like this?" she asked innocently, eager to see the sight she saw last night.

"Sis!" shouted Jazz as he pushed her away a bit. "You can't do this..."

"Huh? Why not?" asked Tango, again naive to the taboo of incest.

"Mating... family members aren't supposed to mate with each other. I've heard it's bad."

The thought of mating with Jazz actually hadn't quite crossed her mind until then. "I just wanted to see your penis... and you said that it needed to be touched or else it'd stay in there," she said in a guilty tone.

She had a point. He knew it wouldn't take too much for him to get erect anyway after already getting fairly excited from all of this explanation. Would it really be so wrong to let her touch his sheath? Would it be a crime to let her examine what made him a male? It wasn't her fault that her parents kept her in the dark about things and that she had no other friends to interact with. He also remembered just how curious he became about mating and how clueless he was the first time he mated with Blues and how awkward he felt.

"...fine, fine," said Jazz, not wanting to disappoint his sister. He figured that just letting her touch and play with it a little wouldn't be too bad.

"Yay!" exclaimed Tango. She quickly took the paw she had touched it with earlier and started to lightly prod the furry sheath in front of her. She wanted to see it fully-erect, as it was last night.

The sensations of having his genital area touched enticed the Floatzel's member to emerge from its protective sheath. A tiny pink tip started to poke out from an opening in the skin.

Tango noticed this and wanted to examine it even closer. She moved her paw upward a bit and lightly tapped the tip of the pink member. It twitched in response, coming out a bit farther than it was. She touched it again, this time rubbing the pads of her paw across it, sending another pleasurable twitch through Jazz's body.

This light, teasing treatment was really playing at Jazz's mind. He was feeling both arousal and regret as his younger sister kept touching his penis, which had now become a lot more pronounced. It felt both wrong and right to allow her to do this; he knew that he was helping her out, but he couldn't help feel that he shouldn't be the one to show her this.

"Wow, this is really kinda cool up close, bro," spoke the fascinated Buizel, entranced by Jazz's erect member. It now stood a solid four-and-a-half inches tall, which wasn't too shabby for a Pokemon of his height. Seeing it up close like that was having another subtle effect on her: her lower-region started to moisten out of a sign of her own arousal.

"Heh, that's what it looks like when it's fully erect. When a Pokemon's penis looks like this, it means that they are really aroused, which, uh, means 'ready,' in case you didn't know, like, they are then really ready to mate," he explained, trying to avoid saying anything stupid or misleading.

"Oh, okay. So then, you're ready to mate with me?" asked Tango innocently.

Her question took Jazz off-guard. "Wha! No, sis, I already said that we can't mate. It's wrong." It was hard for him to say that due to the eagerness his erection suggested, but he knew that he couldn't take advantage of her. He already had a mate to help him out with his sexual urges.

"But...!" whined Tango, who was really eager to see just how good it felt to mate. The images of Jazz mating with Blues continued to flow in her head; the moaning, the thrusts, the pleasure... if it was even just a little bit better than masturbating, it would be well worth it and so much fun. "You're ready to mate! You said it yourself!"

"Then... I can go home to Blues," he stated, knowing that Blues would be more than willing to assist his situation.

"But what about me?! I want to mate, too! You can't just show me all of this and not let me try it!" Tango was really starting to get flustered. She didn't care that Jazz was her brother; to her, that didn't even seem relative. He was the only Pokemon that she knew, other than Blues. Any other Pokemon became a meal or wasn't interested in talking with the Buizel.

"I'm sorry," apologized Jazz. "You'll find a mate someday, sis. At least now you'll know what to do when that day comes, right?"

That didn't help. She wanted it now. "Jazz...! Can't we please just try it?! Just so I know how it feels? Pleeeeaaase?!"

Her tactic whining and begging was pretty impressive, but it was ineffective against the stoic Floatzel. "No, sis... You're my sister; my younger sister. We can't do it. It wouldn't be right."

"Why?! Tell me why!" she demanded, having to know exactly what reasoning he had behind that seemingly foolish defense.

"I don't know, okay?! I just know that it's bad."

"Why is it bad?!"

"I don't know!" retorted Jazz, really not knowing exactly why it was that incest was bad, but only because that's what he'd been told.

"If you don't know, then it can't be that bad! It's probably just some stupid thing mom said to stop us from doing something, like she told us about the forty-foot Gyarados that swims around this island to keep us from swimming away."

"Mom didn't tell it to me, sis. I heard it from the mainland."

"Who from?" she asked.

The barrage of questions the Buizel was asking became overwhelming to the Floatzel. He'd had just about enough of them; they already unhardened his member, causing it to retract back to his sheath. His arousal had transformed into irritation, which he figured was for the better anyway.

"Listen, I've already told you a lot more than a needed and waaaaayyy more than mom or dad ever would have. It's just one of those things that you're going to have to do on your own, sis. You'll find a mate, trust me, and then it'll feel great."

She didn't want to give up. In her mind, she'd gone too far for that, so getting desperate and without warning, she tackled Jazz and knocked him down to the ground. Her groin was partially placed on his sheath; she could feel it tickle her folds.

"Sis!!" yelled Jazz, furious that his sister would knock him down so suddenly. He struggled and tried to get her off of him, but was having little luck. She held on tightly to his flotation ring that was on his back and tried to rub herself in a desperate lust across his fur. It was having little effect, though, and only further irritating the Floatzel.

Not able to shake her off of his chest and belly, he rolled over so Tango would be beneath him, hoping to cause her to lose her grip in the process. She held on firmly as she felt the Floatzel take position on top of her and was glad she was able to. It felt a lot more right, being overpowered by the powerful Floatzel like that. It was quite similar to the scene of the previous night that had been rushing through her mind.

"Yeah, Jazz!! Come on, let's mate!" she teased, hoping that he had perhaps given in to his temptation. Unfortunately, he hadn't, and his only interest now was removing the clingy Buizel.

"Get off of me, now!!" yelled Jazz. It intimidated Tango, but didn't quite persuade her to release her sturdy hold on him.

He didn't want to hurt his sister, but he was starting to run out of options to remain harmless. The hold she had on the flotation ring that ran around his back made it impossible to shake her off as long as she held on tightly. The only way he could remove her was if he overpowered her.

To avoid seriously injuring Tango, he decided to roll back onto his back so she was on his chest once again. His maneuver was successful, but it did leave her wondering what he was planning.

Tango was taken off-guard when she felt the Floatzel's paws reach under her chest and try to pull her off him. He wriggled around and curled his feet and legs so he had his feet against Tango's stomach. That was just the leverage he needed. Now that he was right where he wanted to be, he pressed firmly against Tango's stomach with his feet to try and push her off of him, using his frontal paws for additional support.

"Oww! Stop it, that hurts!!" screamed Tango, feeling his feet nearly nudge against some of her bones.

"Then how about you get off of me, dammit!" he responded, irritated and upset.

Tango hated this. She absolutely hated giving up. To give up would be only a last resort in her mind, but she was faced with no other option, as she didn't want to get hurt. She also realized what her brother was going through to resist her; he rarely used such force against her, and when he did, it was when they used to play together, just for fun. What he was doing now, though, was not just for fun; he genuinely did not want her on him.

Without saying a word, Tango released her grip on his flotation ring, causing Jazz's feet to propel her several feet into the air before landing on her back.

"Sis! Are you alright?" asked Jazz as he got up to see if his sister was okay.

"No," she grumbled, a bit shaken by it all. But then, an idea flowed through her mind: if she could just get Jazz to sleep, perhaps she could try examine his member more while he was sleeping, and maybe even... In order to do this, though, he'd have to be asleep. How could she get Jazz to fall asleep?

Fortunately for her, she knew just how. She'd just need to have a bit of the thing she lacked the most: patience. "Ow! That hurt!" exclaimed Tango, exaggerating it perhaps a bit more than necessary. "I don't think I can feel my feet! Waaaah!!"

Now Jazz was getting very concerned. He was hoping he didn't seriously injure her. After all, that was quite a heave on his part; he didn't take any special care to hold back. "Sis, it's going to be okay," he said to comfort her.

Something in the back of his mind told him to use caution, as she would sometimes fake her feelings to trap him into something. He was worried that while he had his defense down, she would jump him again and resume right where she left off.

In order to make her act come off as more believable, Tango clenched her teeth and squeezed her eyes, trying to feign a great deal of pain. It convinced Jazz, and after a few minutes of no action by Tango, he was completely fooled by her act and thought it to be a real injury.

"Sis, you really are hurt, aren't you?" he asked her in a sympathetic tone. She nodded her head in response. "Well, is there anything I can do? Where does it hurt? Your feet?"

"Yeah... I just... I feel really tired... I want it to stop... it just hurts so bad!" she cried out.

"Just stay down and relax, sis. I'll go get some Nimt Leaves. That'll help you get to sleep." Jazz knew that Nimt Leaves, which could be found on some of the shrubbery on the island, were great to take when having problems falling asleep.

"Okay..." answered Tango, letting her brother go off to get some Nimt Leaves.

A few minutes later, Jazz returned with a handful of Nimt Leaves in his paws. "Here, sis, take some of these," he instructed, handing her two of the leaves.

"Thank you, bro..." said Tango as she consumed the leaves -- well, not really consumed, but really just stored in her mouth. "Bro, please don't leave me..." she begged him, knowing that in order for her plan to work, he'd have to take some of the Nimt Leaves and fall asleep.

"I won't, don't worry, I'll stay right here until it feels better."

"Thank you..." Tango let out a forced yawn to try and tire Jazz a bit. Jazz yawned in return. "You sound... tired, bro," she remarked. "Feel free to take one of those and have a quick nap... it'd be nice to be able to rest by you, big bro."

He thought about it for a sec and it didn't sound like such a bad idea. He could never turn down a nap and knew that he would get bored sticking around Tango while she was asleep anyway, so why not take a quick rest. "Sure," said Jazz as he munched on a leaf or two.

Jazz started to lie back onto the sand and closed his eyes; the Nimt Leaves were taking effect already. Not more than a few minutes later, Jazz had drifted off to sleep, as evident by his loud snoring.

It was always easy for Tango to tell when Jazz was asleep as his snoring would give a Snorlax a run for its money. Fortunately for her, that was exactly what she wanted to hear from him. Wanting to make sure that he was asleep, she waited a few more minutes just to be on the safe side, but after hearing his snoring only grow louder, she declared it time to take action.

Tango got up from where she was on the sand, taking extra care as not to disturb Jazz, and proceeded to spit out the Nimt Leaves that she stored in her mouth. Now it was time for her to begin the next part of her plan: restraining Jazz.

Although she considered the possibility of just trying to mate with him while he was asleep, she figured that he would probably wake up when she tried, so she wanted to make sure that he'd be unable to resist or break away. To do this, she would need to tie him down with something. The vines in the forested area were pretty sturdy and would do a good job at keeping him restrained. Fortunately for Tango, Jazz was a very deep sleeper and hardly anything would wake him up.

The scheming Buizel hurried into the forested part of the island in search of suitable vines to restrain Jazz with. After tugging several vines, she found what appeared to be the most sturdy, and gnawed at them to sever them free from where they were bound. Now that she had those in her possession, she dragged the vines back to the beach where Jazz was resting.

'Now, how am I going to tie him up?' she thought, dropping the vines onto the sand and surveying the situation. Fortunately for her, Jazz taught her how to tie things up. That skill was mainly useful for tying up food that liked to scatter, such as Krabby or Corphish. Even the occasional Magikarp could use a little restraint from the generous supply of vines stashed in the garden.

She was debating between tying up his feet and his paws. Figuring that he'd be able to move around and run if she left his feet unattended, she decided to start with those.

Taking a vine in her paws, she waddled over to Jazz's feet. 'Let's just make sure he'll stay asleep,' she thought to herself, lightly touching the underside of one of Jazz's feet. It caused him to twitch slightly, although only in his sleep and not as a reaction. Perfect.

She took the vine and proceeded to wrap it around Jazz's feet, binding them together. She took extra care to ensure it wouldn't restrain his member when it decided to come out from his sheath. That wouldn't be good if she made a clueless mistake like that.

Now that his feet were tied up, all that was left was his paws. Jazz had taught her that tying a Pokemon's paws behind their back was always effective, although she never had a chance to demonstrate that with the poor variety of Pokemon that could be snared in such a way in her area. Pretty much, it was just Jazz, and he mainly told her in case she needed to defend herself.

But in order to tie up his paws behind his back, she needed him to be on his belly. Lightly, Tango rolled Jazz over in his sleep, so he was now on his stomach, snoring as loud as ever. She yanked aside his arms and then put them on his back before wrapping some more vines around them.

He was finally restrained and, if her plan went well, completely unable to move or resist. It did feel a bit wrong tying up her brother like that, but it was pretty funny at the same time. Compared to some of their antics when they were younger, it was nothing. 'Just like old times, right, bro?' she thought to herself.

Tango rolled the sleeping Floatzel back onto his back, who still remained out like a light. Watching her brother sleep was sort of cute. She had always looked up to him and always came to him whenever she had problems with, well, pretty much anything. Ever since the day Jazz told her that their parents had left, she felt she could confide in him. Something changed that day, and although she did sort of miss her parents, she also appreciated her strengthened relationship with Jazz.

She had no doubt that she loved him; both as a sibling and as a friend. He was the only Pokemon that was there for her during these past few months. And here he was, lying on his back, resting soundly... oh, and he was tied up and about to be unwillingly forced into mating.

'Maybe I am getting just a little carried away?' thought Tango, having second thoughts about what she was doing. 'I mean... if I have to tie him up like this... is it really worth it? Do I really want to mate that badly?'

Reluctance started to fill the Buizel's mind. 'What would I think if Jazz did this to me and I didn't want to mate?' She realized that she wasn't quite as gung-ho as she was earlier, when she first concocted this scheme. Her arousal had dissipated quite a bit since then, causing her to think more rationally.

"I can't..." she muttered, hanging her head in self-disappointment. What it was she was doing was wrong. It wasn't the fact that she was just about to mate with her brother that stopped her; it was the fact that she was just about to mate with her brother against his own will that did. He would hate her for that. He picked on her quite a bit when she was younger anyway, although usually all in fun, and being in a relationship with Blues calmed Jazz down and made him treat Tango more like a friend than a sibling. That kind of relationship isn't something that she could simply throw away...

"I might regret this later, but..." She started to undo the vines binding Jazz's feet, allowing him to walk. Now, all she'd have to do was get rid of the ones on his paws and he'd be fully free, but that would require moving him over a bit.

Tango walked over to Jazz's side and paused. "But... it's the 'best feeling in the world.' No... stop, stop! I can't do that to bro! Why is this so hard?!" Out of frustration and without thinking, she knelt down and started shedding a few tears. She wished that he would be fine with it and that he could show her what mating is like.

She was so frustrated that she reactively pounded her paw down onto what she thought was the sand. Turns it out was actually Jazz's chest, and as she slammed her paw against it, the shock woke him up from a deep sleep and caused him to become extremely surprised. "Guhhh!!"

"Oh, Ja- Jazz! I'm sorry!" apologized Tango, realizing what she had accidentally done.

Jazz's first instinct was to rub his chest with his paws to make sure that it was fine, but as he tried moving them over, he felt them reluctant to move. "Huh? How did these vines...?" The Floatzel sat up and noticed a few vines loose near where his feet were. "Wait..."

Uh oh. That was not good news for Tango. "Bro, I can explain!"

"Explain? Did you tie me up?" he asked her, still a bit confused about what she was up to.

Tango was only able to nod her head in shame. Already she knew he'd catch her on her lie, but she was hoping that she could just get that danged vine off of his paws before he woke up.

"Well," said Jazz, breaking free from the vines tangling his paws behind his back with relative ease, "You need to tie them a little tighter. Remember, I'm a Floatzel, so I'm a bit stronger than the run-of-the-mill Magikarps and stuff I taught you to tie."

"What?!" exclaimed Tango out of sheer confusion. It was as if he didn't care about or question why she tied him up in the first place. "You aren't going to yell at me for tying you up? Or for lying to you about injuring myself?"

After standing up, the Floatzel shrugged. "It doesn't really matter. I just wish you would have been honest with me in the first place rather than making me believe you were hurt."

"I'm sorry, bro, I just-" said Tango, getting cut off by her brother.

"You just wanted to mate so bad that you would tie me up and force me to, even though I said no?"

Silence. Words couldn't express the guilt Tango felt. Hearing her brother put it in those words really put it in perspective for her. How he was able to figure it out was still a mystery to her, but he had a natural knack for figuring out Pokemon's motives.

"It's alright, sis, I know. Why else would you tie me up like that? I really only blame myself... I know that you're a curious Pokemon and you just want to try things out, especially if you think it's fun or feels good. If I didn't tell you about mating, none of this would have happened. But, I still think you are better off knowing than not."

Sad and disappointed with herself, Tango ran into her brother's bosom, crying into his furry chest and apologizing profusely. "I'm sorry, Jazz! I'm sorry for everything!"

He held her close and gently rubbed her back with his paws. "It's okay, sis, don't worry... I'm not mad. I forgive you."

"Brother, I love you! You're the only Pokemon I know... I-if I had a friend or s-someone to try and m-m-mate with, I would, but it's just... I- I don't! I just have y-you... and I'd d-do anything with you. I love you!"

"I love you too, sis," said Jazz in a comforting tone.

The two sea weasel Pokemon held each other in close embrace for half an hour or so before Jazz told Tango that he had to go see Blues and he'd be back to check on her later.

It registered clearly in Tango's mind what exactly Jazz was planning for her and it made her envious, although she didn't argue it and kept quiet about her feelings. She still wanted to mate, but she blew her chance and would be forced to spend the rest of the afternoon alone, as she was far too used to.

On another island only a few miles away, Jazz had met up with Blues and told her all about how it went with Tango; everything, from the explanations he had to give, to her chasing him around, to her even tying him up!

"That li'l fireball shure is a spunky 'un, isn't she, 'uh?" said Blues.

"Yeah..." Jazz agreed, reflecting on just how crazed his sister was. He also felt bad, telling her about it and then denying her a chance to try it out. It was like the one time that Polka found a human treasure, bragged all about it, but kept it to herself and didn't show him.

"Well, when 'ya thinkin' of showin' 'er 'ow it works, 'uh?" she asked.

"Show her how it works? I already explained that to her!"

"Nah, I mean show 'er show 'er!" The Azumarill appeared more excited than she was.

"She's my sister!" exclaimed Jazz.

"Yeah, but she also wants ta' try an' mate, an' is gonna be real 'ard on 'er tryin' ta' not thinkin' 'bout matin', y'know? I mean, it ain't gonna be as simple as jus' leavin' 'er an' 'avin' 'er be all sad an' stuff 'bout not bein' able ta' mate."

"Are you serious, Blues? It seems wrong... I heard it was wrong. Besides, will she always want to remember her first time being with me?"

" 'course I'm serious! An' she idolizes 'ya, Jazzy, 'course she'll wanna 'ave 'er first time with 'ya. Yer 'er hero an' best friend, right? That's wha' she said, at least. If is wrong, is wrong, but d'ya really think is that wrong?"

Jazz remained silent, listening to his mate voice her opinion on the matter.

"Really hub, whaddaya think'll 'urt more fer 'er in the long run, 'uh? Matin' with 'er maybe a few times 'til she 'as a mate of 'er own, or lettin' 'er be frushtratered all day 'til then? She'll be a lotta 'appier if you'll mate with 'er. 'Ya know exactly wha' is like an' 'ow good it feels."

"But... you're my mate, Blues. I don't want her getting the wrong ideas."

"Aww come on, Jazzy, 'ya know we both said we'll be fine if we play aroun' an' wha'not with other Pokemon, jus' as long as we both got back ta' each other."

An agreement that Jazz and Blues both made when they first started mating was that they could mate with other Pokemon should they have the urge to. They considered themselves to be more, how to say it, 'friends with benefits' than lifelong mates, per se, although they still found that they only needed each other, at least for right now.

"Just because we're fine with that doesn't mean sis will think it's right! Later down the line, when she finds a real mate, she could end up regretting that she lost her virginity to her brother! To her brother!"

"But duncha think tha' should be 'er decision ta' make, hun? 'Ya told 'er that 'ya wasn't gonna mate with 'er and said it was wrong, so if she continyas ta' wanna mate with 'ya, it wun be cuz she wasn't warned!"

"What about me? How would I live with myself if I did that?"

"Jazzy! I told 'ya already! It'd be a 'ell-of-a-lot more tougher on 'er if she gets all sad 'n stuff over not bein' able ta' find mate when she really wants ta' mate with 'ya, or even jus' mate in general! But also like I said, she looks up ta' 'ya, Jazzy, so 'course she'll be fine with it fer now. Let it be 'er choice, but know that if 'ya do 'elp 'er out an' mate with 'er, yer doin' it to 'elp 'er in the end and it's cuz she wanted it, an' 'ya shouldn't feel guilty 'bout it."

"It's still wrong..." Jazz mumbled. He had to admit that Blues was actually making a pretty good argument.

"An' so is lettin' 'er be all sad an' stuff 'bout not matin' after 'ya told 'er all 'bout it! Wha' if I stopped matin' with 'ya, Jazzy? 'Ya'd feel all sad an' like 'ya wanted ta' mate cuz 'ya know 'ow good it feels. After a day er two, it'd drive 'ya craaaazy!"


"If Pokemon really think is a bad thing ta' do, then maybe they're right. But, wha's really important is wha' yer feelin's are 'bout it. 'Ya love 'er, she loves 'ya. Not in, y'know, the way mates do, but there's still a bond an' stuff, an' by givin' 'er wha' she wants an' showin' 'er 'ow good matin' feels, 'ya'd prolly jus' be an' even better brother. 'course, I never 'ad any bros or sis'es."

Maybe she was right. Tango was the one desperate for it, not Jazz. It wouldn't be like those often-heard cases of an older brother taking advantage of a younger sister just to experiment and have their way. True, he was the older brother, and she was the younger sister, but it was entirely her who was pushing for them to mate. She even went so far as to tie him up to attempt mating with him in his sleep.

"Hun, are you alright with this? If I mated with her, you would be fine about it?" he asked Blues, just to confirm what he guessed was true. Additionally, he felt that if she agreed, it would clear in his mind and feel less wrong and dirty.

" 'course I am! She's kinda like my li'l sis now, too, an' I dun wanna see 'er sad."

"So, you're absolutely sure, then?" He had to hear it just one more time. Jazz wouldn't fight it after that.

"Yes!! Jus' go on an' do it, already! She's prolly rubbin' 'erself out right now!" The Azumarill was bouncing all around and using a lot of paw motions to motivate her Floatzel mate. She was definitely fine with it and Jazz knew it.

"Alright... I'll see you later, hun," said Jazz, walking over to give the Azumarill a kiss, and then heading back off to the island Tango was at. Blues waved at him as he left, glad to see that her convincing worked.

Tango had spent the rest of her afternoon simply lying on the sand, staring up at the passing clouds and trying as hard as she could not to think about everything that happened. She felt really bad about what she did to Jazz and was amazed that he took it as well as he did.

At the same time, she kept wondering what it would have been like if she did go ahead with it and mate with him, leaving him tied up and unable to move. He was right within her grasp, yet she couldn't bring herself to do it. There's no doubt he would have been furious if she did that, though, but he would have forgiven her eventually.

"Damn..." she mumbled, frustrated and disappointed with everything. As hard as she tried, she just couldn't stop thinking about it! She couldn't get the thoughts of mating out of her mind. It made her want to feel it. She wanted to feel the feeling in its entirety.

Since actually mating was currently out of the option for her, she decided she would settle for the next best thing: masturbation. Tango used her two-pronged tail to brush across her girlhood, lightly rubbing her sensitive clitoris and rousing pleasure throughout her loins.

It felt good, letting her pleasure herself like that, but it also felt frustrating knowing that mating probably felt a hundred times as good; even masturbating wasn't quenching her curiosity. However, the more she thought about mating, the more aroused she became, which in turn meant the more pleasure and satisfaction she was receiving from her tail treatment.

Wanting to feel more pleasure than her tail alone would provide, she sat up and reached a paw down by her groin and started rubbing her clit with it. She slid it back and forth across the sensitive nub and let out light moans of satisfaction.

Touching herself like this did have a way of taking her mind off of things, even though it was directly related to the source of her frustration. After sitting up for only a short while, Tango slid back on her back and curled her feet and hips forward so she could still rub her clit while laying down. She reached her second paw down towards her snatch and started rubbing at it as well; half pulling up towards her, and half rubbing across her clit.

She started moaning from the delight of sexual stimulation. Her fur down there started becoming quite moist and saturated with her juices.

Unknown to Tango, there was a visitor on the island. It was Jazz, and he realized he arrived at the wrong time. Seeing his sister pleasure herself similarly to his encounter with her earlier in the day gave him a major feeling of deja vu. He could only hope that this time, things would turn out a little better.

'Hmmm... How should I let her know I'm here?' he thought to himself. 'I could always come back later... I really don't want to make her feel uncomfortable or anything.'

"Mmm... Jazz..." moaned Tango, lost in the pleasure and remembering the scene that she saw last night with her brother and Blues mating. She wanted that feeling so bad.

"Yes?" answered Jazz instinctively, only afterward realizing that she probably wasn't really talking to him in the first place. He covered his mouth with his paw out of worry, afraid that he may have accidentally alerted her to his presence.

Tango heard that, though, and opened her eyes to see her brother standing on the sand in the sky, upside-down. Wait, no, she was the one upside-down, remembering she was on her back. "J-jazz! When'd you get here?!" she asked nervously, temporarily halting her rubbing.

"I'm sorry. I just got here and saw you were busy, so I was just about to leave and come back later," said Jazz in a bit of an embarrassed tone. That was the second time that he interrupted her in one day.

"I don't care," she said. To Jazz's surprise, she resumed her rubbing as if he weren't there. "What did you want?" asked Tango, not bothering to stop her self-treatment, although she wasn't quite rubbing at the same pace or intensity that she was before Jazz arrived.

Jazz wasn't bothered by her continuing, but was still a bit puzzled. "I just wanted to talk to you about earlier. Blues and I did some talking. We don't want to see you sad or anything..."

"Mmmm..." moaned Tango as she rubbed a bit faster. "Does it look like I'm sad to you?"

'What kind of game is she playing?' he asked himself mentally, trying to figure out why she was so open about it now. Their talk must have really reassured her or something. "No, not really."

"Well then, what did... mmm... what did you want to talk about?" she asked, still openly brushing her clit. She didn't care that Jazz was in front of her and she was still pleasuring herself. To her, it made it even more satisfying, as if proving some kind of point. He turned her down and she wanted to prove that she didn't need him anymore, even though she wanted him now more than ever.

"Uh... well, really," he wasn't exactly sure how to say it without it coming across as perverted or suggestive, "I may have found a Pokemon who would mate with you, if that is what you still wanted."

This greatly piqued the Buizel's interests and caused her to completely halt her treatment altogether. "Wha?! Really?! W-who?!" she exclaimed, quickly getting up and looking up at Jazz with intrigue. "Where is he?!"

"You have to understand, sis, that mating isn't solely for fun... you will never, ever forget the first time you mate, so you have to make sure that you won't regret it. Don't rush into it just because you want to see what it's like... Remember, it takes two to tango, and that goes for mating, too; you need to also think about the feelings of the Pokemon you're mating with."

"I know, I know, now where is he?" said Tango eagerly, tugging at her brother's paw.

"Hold on now, sis. I need to make sure that you will consider the feelings of the Pokemon I'm talking about. Once you mate, you'll think a lot differently about things, because you'll know exactly what it's like. You're even a bit young to be mating in the first place, although I know some Pokemon are just plain and simple ready at younger ages... or at the very least, curious." He pet Tango on her head, causing her to close her eyes and smile. "I know that you just want to know what it's like, but think really hard about it..."

"Bro! Come on, I have! It's been driving me crazy all day! I really want to mate rather than just play with myself all day. I get so lonely here now that you spend all your time with Blues, and now that you told me about mating... I really want to try it. I really want a mate like you have!"

"Sis, one thing you need to know about the Pokemon I'm talking about... he... he can't be your mate. He will mate with you, but he can't actually be your mate. He'll always be there to protect you, though," said Jazz. He felt a little uneasy putting it like that, knowing that the Pokemon he was talking about was none other than himself. "Do you still want to mate with him? Even if he won't be your mate but will just mate with you?"

"Yes! Stop teasing me, bro... You're teasing me like you were earlier. Are you even sure that he's going to mate with me?! Or are you just making this up?" Tango was now starting to get a bit suspicious of her brother. He used to make up stories to frighten her a bit when she was younger, although he cut it out after she figured it out.

"I'm not making it up, and he will mate with you... but only if that's what you want him to do."

"Alright! Tell me, bro, where is he?! I want to maaaate!" Tango was starting to get really aroused just thinking about it. She thought she'd have to wait an eternity before she'd finally be able to mate, since Jazz made his stance clear, but now it looked like she'd get her chance.

Jazz gulped. He was still very nervous about this. Although Blues gave her approval, he still couldn't help but feel that it was wrong and he should just stop now before it went any further. Tango was so desperate and eager, though; it would be cruel to back out now, after getting her this excited. "I... uh... Blues and I were talking, sis, and..."

"And...?" she asked out of curiosity, far to eager for him to continue his sentence.

"She said that, if you really, really wanted it... I should... I should mate with you..." he mumbled, mentally kicking himself for actually saying it.

Tango's eyes lit up. She stared right up at her brother's eyes with a look of utmost adoration. She couldn't have hoped for any better Pokemon than Jazz to mate with her. Of course, she didn't know any Pokemon other than Jazz, her sister, Polka, her parents, and Blues. But that made her bond with Jazz even stronger.

"Jazz! You...? You'd mate with me?" she asked him in a much higher, more excited tone than ever. She couldn't believe how happy she was to hear him say that.

"...yeah. I love you, sis, and that's why I'd do it... I wouldn't be doing it because I want us to be mates, or even because I want to mate with you... You know that I have a mate. But... I'd do it for you because it's something that you really must want..."

"You have no idea how much I want it, bro! Oh, bro, I love you! You're the best!" she hugged him tightly, squeezing his soft, orange fur and snuggling into his chest.

"Sis... you have to understand that you won't be my mate... Blues and I made an agreement where we can mate with other Pokemon if we really have the urge, just as long as we would always come back to each other by the end of the day. She did say that it was fine if we mated, saying it'd help you and help prepare you for when you do finally have a real mate; in fact, she was the one who convinced me to actually do this..."

"It's okay, bro, I know that you love Blues and want to have kids with her someday. I love you, too, and I know you love me, but it's probably different like you said... You've always been there for me. You're my hero. Even when you played around with me when we were younger and you were just a Buizel, I still loved you, because you always made sure I was happy in the end, just like you're doing now."

"You will find someone to love someday, sis. More than just a brother, like the way I love Blues."

"You're right, I know," she agreed and nodded into his chest. "Now, uh, when are we gonna mate?" she asked as she broke away from her brother's chest and eagerly looked up at him.

"Whenever you're ready, I suppose..." replied Jazz, nervous about going through with it, but knowing that he had to.

Tango closed her eyes with a big smile on her face. "Now! I'm ready now, bro!"

Jazz figured as much. He knew that she typically lacked patience. "Alright... uh, let's see, before we actually mate, I should probably show you some things that are good to do to help warm up for mating."

"Huh? Warm up?" asked Tango curiously.

"Yes... now, as you probably figured, I'm eventually going to put my penis in your vagina, like I think I told you about earlier, and that'll be mating. But before that, there are some other things we can do that feel pretty amazing as well and they can help get both Pokemon ready for mating."

Jazz put his paws on Tango's flotation ring and looked down at her a little more seriously. "You see," he continued, "It's such a good feeling mating and doing lots of other mating-like things that you want it to last forever. If you cum a little bit before mating, well, it might wear you out for a little bit, but after you recover, you should be able to last a lot longer while mating before cumming, so that way you'll be able to enjoy the feeling of mating for longer."

This interested Tango, although she wasn't quite sure where he was going with it. "What do you mean? I don't quite understand."

"Okay, you know how you were rubbing yourself just a few minutes ago?" he asked her, yielding a nod in response. "Well, you know that if you do that long enough, you'll cum. I told you about that, right? Cum, orgasm-"

"Yeah, you did!" Tango interrupted.

"Well, right after cumming, it makes you kind of light-headed, as I'm sure you know. But, the longer the wait between each time you cum, the more aroused you'll become while mating or even just while playing with yourself and the shorter it will last due to being unable to control yourself from all the pleasure; your body will want to cum so bad because it's been so long.

"Now, if you cum, wait a little bit, and then try mating, doing something mating-like, or even just rub yourself, you'll probably find it'll take a lot more time for you to cum again. That's just because your body hasn't fully recovered. It still will cum, don't worry, but you won't feel quite as sensitive down there and as such will be able to last even longer.

"It's a little trick Blues taught me, and I found it helps us go on for a lot longer than we probably would have."

Tango looked a bit confused. Didn't she want it to feel good? "Wait, don't I want it to feel good?"

"Yeah," answered Jazz, "You do. Don't worry, the actual mating will still feel amazing; it's just it'll take longer for you to reach your climax, which means more time enjoying the fun of mating."

"Oh, okay! So... should I, uh, rub myself some more until I cum?" she asked, still wondering exactly what Jazz was planning.

Jazz shook his head with a smile. "There's another, more enjoyable way," he stated.

"Wha?! I've been doing it wrong?!" she exclaimed, never thinking that there was another way to self-pleasure herself.

"No, no, no... it's something that can only be done with two, or, well, two or more Pokemon. You see, it will sound a bit weird, but if I licked you down there and even stuck my tongue inside of your vagina, it would feel even more amazing than just touching yourself."

"You're going to what?!" she shouted, putting extra emphasis on 'what.'

"It's really not as gross as it sounds. Not only does a female's scent smell extremely good when she's aroused, but when she is really wet down there, it is almost irresistible for the male. Oh, and it tastes really, really good, too. Well, at least Blues does. And she tells me she loves it when I stick my tongue in there and lick up her juices. Heh, I, of course, love it as well."

"If you say so and think it'll feel good, okay. But isn't that like, uh, drinking my pee?" she asked him.

"No, not really. I said before that cum and pee are entirely different. Cum tastes great whereas pee, well, I'd assume it doesn't. Let's just say I wouldn't try and compare the two."

"Wait," started Tango, getting an idea, "What about your cum? You said that you cummed- I mean, came, too, right? Could I eat that?"

Jazz smirked. He was glad to see that she was getting the picture. "Now you've got it, kiddo. You know how you saw my penis when it was erect and out from my sheath? Well, similarly to how males lick at the female's vulva, clit, and inside of their vagina, a female like you can put the male's penis in their mouth and suck on it."

"Suck on it?! On your... your penis?!" exclaimed Tango, yet again a little grossed out by the concept of licking and sucking on body parts used for, well, peeing.

"Well, not just suck... you can use your tongue and lick around it, apply pressure to it like by blowing, and well... just kind of get creative, really. It feels great simply having it in a Pokemon's mouth, or even just having a Pokemon lick it."

"Uh, okay... if you say so... but you think it'll taste good, right?"

The Floatzel nodded. "It should. Blues enjoys the taste and I know I sure love it when she does it for me."

"Okay! So, uh, can we start? Pleeeaase!" she asked, hugging him close to help persuade him.

Jazz was still reluctant to actually go through with this. Sure, he knew that it would feel incredible -- mating always felt great -- but he still couldn't feel as if he were taking advantage of his little sister. 'No, snap out of it, Jazz. She wants this so bad... I've asked her a million times and she hasn't changed her mind. I'm not taking advantage of her...' he thought to himself.

Rather than feel conflicted about mating with her, he decided that he'd just put it all aside for now and enjoy it, just as Tango would. After all, there was no denying that mating was fun, and he knew that he'd be sharing a wonderful experience with his sister.

"Alright, sis, let's do this," he said, ready to start part one of his demonstration. "Now, what I was just telling you... let's start with that, okay?"

"Okay!" chirped Tango in delighted response.

"I know exactly how we should do this, too. It's called sixty-nine, named after the human numbers."

"Sixty-nine?" asked Tango, wondering what he meant by that.

"Yes. I never really understood it, either, but it involves me licking at you while you suck on me, both at the same time."

"Huh? At the same time?"

"Yes. I lay on my back, you lay on your chest on top of me, but your head faces my sheath so mine will be looking right at your pussy."

"My pussy?" she asked, never hearing the word before.

"Err... your vagina. It's just another word for it," answered Jazz with a smile. "But does that sound like a plan? I'll be able to lick you while you suck on me. We'll both be able to taste each other!" Jazz mentioned, starting to sound a little more anxious to go ahead with it.

"Oh, okay! That does sound like fun! Let's try it!" said Tango energetically. She playfully started pushing her brother, catching him off-guard and causing him to lose balance, falling down on his back onto the sand.

He cheerfully chuckled and beckoned her over to join him. "Hop on!" instructed Jazz. Tango jumped up onto his chest, although she was facing him rather than against. "Now, turn around, and lay down, sis."

She complied, spinning around on him until he saw only her back side. She then laid down so she had a first-class view of Jazz's sheath and feet. That got her very excited, knowing what was hiding in that little pouch. "Alright, what now?" she shouted back to him.

"Okay... I'm going to touch you and eventually lick you, is that alright?" he asked her, wanting to confirm that she was fine with it.

"Sure!" she answered with cheer. "What about me? When do I get to suck your penis?"

Jazz giggled at her innocent wording. It sounded so cute and naive, yet so eager. He had forgotten that she didn't know all of the pet names for it. "Start rubbing my sheath and it'll come out. Between that and your scent, it shouldn't take long at all. Just, uhh, please be careful with it... remember, it's really sensitive and hurts if you hit it really hard, bite it, and so on."

"Okay, bro!" shouted Tango as she returned her sight back to the furry sheath. She took a paw and curiously started to rub it, making sure to be very gentle.

As she started, she felt a sensation in her rear. Something touched her back there! She reactively flinched, although remembering it was just Jazz, she calmed down again and let him continue. "Sorry, I'm just not used to, well, other Pokemon touching there..."

Jazz chuckled. "That's what makes it fun," he stated, gliding his paw slowly across her vulva, not entering her folds just yet. She was still a bit moist from earlier, so he already had a pretty fair whiff of her sex. It smelled pretty nice.

Tango twitched as Jazz ran his paw across her girlhood, still not used to the unpredictability of a foreign paw stroking that sensitive region. While he was running it across her sex, she noticed his pink member starting to emerge from its sheath. That caught her attention enough to not be bothered by Jazz's rubbing. She'd seen it earlier, but now she felt she'd actually have a chance to do something with it.

Remembering Jazz told her to lick it and get creative, just as long as it was gentle, she decided to do just that. The Buizel stuck out her tongue and nervously drew it closer to his emerging cock. Right as it went up to it, she retracted it and had to think twice about what she was about to do, but having Jazz say it was okay reassured her, as anything he said she would believe without question right now, so she stuck it out again and finally slid it across the tip of his malehood. It twitched as she did so, although it appeared to grow in size after it had recovered from its twitching.

Curious, she gave it another lick, rousing it further from its home. It didn't taste like anything special just yet, but it did feel kind of interesting to lick it. It had an interesting texture, plus it was fun watching it twitch like that. She gave it a few more licks, hearing Jazz moan a little bit in response.

"Mmmm... sis, that's right, that feels great," he moaned, enjoying the treatment he was receiving from Tango's floppy wet tongue. Wanting to return the favor, he decided that he'd rub her clit to help get her primed and ready for some of his own tongue action.

"Mwhaa!" exclaimed Tango, feeling the stimulation of her clitoris being rubbed by Jazz's soft paws. "Bro, mmm!!" The feeling of having someone else touch that special place felt incredible to Tango; even better than when he was just rubbing across her labia.

Jazz ran his tongue over her sensitive clitoral area more and more, rubbing his moist tongue across it to provide more and more satisfied twitches from Tango. She couldn't refrain from her twitching, although it felt so good. So, so good. It distracted her from what she was doing to Jazz's cock, which made him buck his hips forward a bit to remind her of her duties.

The Buizel snapped back to it and resumed licking his member, running her tongue up and down the long shaft.

"Mmm... sis, I'll give you a hint: it feels... mmm... it feels best near the top..." hinted Jazz while panting.

Tango complied and moved her licking upward, up to the tip of his cock. She heard a moan from her brother to indicate the heightened sensitivity up there. "Alright," she said to him, followed by licking right at the very tip.

Appreciating the surprisingly fine work she was doing, Jazz returned the favor by lightly suckling on the clitoris in front of him, providing an incredible pleasure to Tango's body.

This proverbial game of tug-of-war was almost getting to be too much for either to keep up. While one was more actively pleasuring the other, the other would lighten off from their treatment out of delight from the sensations receiving from their partner. Both knew that they were providing a lot of pleasure, but they also knew that they had to give in order to receive.

Remembering what her brother had said earlier, Tango decided that it was time to try and take the phallus into her mouth. It would have greatly intimidated her had it not been for the fact that not only did Jazz say it was great to do, but also she had gotten to be pretty familiar with his penis by now through all of her licking.

She tantalizingly gave one slow, final lick up the length of Jazz's member, stopping when she reached the end of it and letting her tongue stay extended, flopped out in the air. She then inhaled and nervously lowered her head and mouth down onto Jazz's cock, taking the top two inches of his meat into her mouth.

"That's it, sis..." moaned Jazz, taking a temporary break from his suckling. He decided that just as she got brave and went ahead with more thorough oral pleasure, he, too, would proceed to the next step. He gave her tender clit a final suck, then ran his tongue down her slit and into the pinkish inner labium, running all the way to her vaginal opening.

Ready to return the favor for Tango's oral treatment, which was starting to feel real good, he slid his tongue into her opening and had an even better taste of her fluids than by just licking or sucking her clitoris. Her fluids tasted a lot more sweet and a lot less salty than Blues', but the flavor was entirely different, more so than he could effectively describe. Her vagina was also a lot tighter, from the looks of it, than Blues' was, causing him to worry a bit for when they did go through with the actual mating. He didn't want to hurt her.

As Tango began to slowly bob on the head of Jazz's member, Jazz dug his tongue deeper into Tango's snatch, flicking it around against her walls and savoring the overpowering taste of her juices. The liquid she was leaking was having a powerful, intoxicating effect on her brother, causing him to become a bit light-headed and all the more sex-driven. The scent and taste of female Pokemon tend to do this to males, although usually only when they are in their sexual prime. It wasn't as potent as Blues', but it was also extremely powerful for a Pokemon of her young age.

Jazz's musk was also having an effect on his sister. She'd neither smelled nor tasted the musky scent of a sexually aroused male before, so it was already an interesting sensation. The light amount of pre the male Floatzel was secreting was a bit salty and had a strange twinge to it; she wasn't entirely sure if she liked it or not just yet, but she did know that she'd need to taste more before she could pass judgment.

She started sucking lightly on Jazz's erection, as she had been told to do. Doing so sent a surge of pleasure through the loins of the Floatzel, causing him to tense up and spread his feet apart further. Seeing that he must be enjoying it, she began sucking even harder, bobbing her head up and down and she did so.

Jazz, feeling great pleasure from his sister's magical treatment, instinctively arched forward, drawing his muzzle closer to his sister's rump, his tongue deeper into her pussy, and his cock further into Tango's mouth.

The Buizel was a bit surprised when he suddenly bucked forward, bringing both his tongue and his cock deeper inside of her two orifices, but she regained her composure and kept up her work. Wanting to pleasure him even more, she thought it might be fun to use her tongue to lick at his length while it was trapped inside of her mouth, so she did just that and, in return, heard more muffled moaning from the Floatzel beneath her.

For never having done this before, Jazz thought Tango was doing a spectacular job; her actions were totally unjustified by her inexperience in the subject. Perhaps she was just a natural.

The two sea weasel Pokemon kept this up for several more minutes, each exploring the other's body and taking in their pungent fluids and scent. Knowing that he'd more than likely have the strength to sustain himself after ejaculation, Jazz decided that it'd be best if he allowed himself to cum first. That way, she'd be sure not to become too exhausted to see her task through to fruition.

Both of their thresholds for pleasure were thoroughly tested. Tango enjoyed the amazing feeling of her brother's tongue planted deep inside of her unexplored vaginal walls -- it was a pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt. Her previous experience of simply masturbating her clitoris seemed so stale and boring in comparison to this exciting, arousing sensation she felt building in her sex.

But as Jazz loosened up after deciding that he should go first rather than shoot for the same time, he noticed that Tango drove her head even further down, taking in another inch or so of his length into her muzzle. Her sucking intensified, as if on cue, sending an extreme sensation of burning ecstasy through Jazz's body, most intense in his penis.

"S-siiiisss... s-stop...! It's- ohhhh... it's gonna...!" moaned Jazz, trying to warn his sister of his imminent orgasm. He tried pushing her off of him, although to his surprise, she remained firmly gripping his body and refusing to let go, only increasing her efforts. He tried even harder to remove her, worried that it would be an unpleasant surprise to her, but as the semen jet through his tract, he knew it was too late.

"Aahh...!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!" screamed Jazz as his orgasm hit at full force, shooting a barrage of steamy semen into the maw of the unsuspecting Buizel. Much of his cum flowed down her throat and spread all around the insides of her mouth. What was happening completely surprised the Buizel, who was nearly suffocating on the gooey fluid filling her mouth. She pulled her head back halfway through his orgasm, causing him to shoot the rest onto her face, over the sand, and into his fur; wherever it ended up landing.

The strange taste of his sticky ejaculate was a bit unusual; it was mildly sweet, fairly bitter, and quite salty. It was also, of course, sticky. She was nearly chewing it the cum remaining in her mouth as she proceeded to gulp it down as if it were some new drink.

After tending to the remnants of his orgasm in her mouth, Tango licked her lips across her face, taking whatever else she could. She wasn't sure whether she liked it or not, but she was intrigued enough to take in the rest.

"That tasted really... interesting," remarked Tango, looking back at her brother to see his head resting on the ground, completely relaxed from the afterglow.

"Mmmm..." hummed Jazz. He had to admit, she did a very good job. He could hardly believe that she actually went through with swallowing the bulk of his load. That must have taken some courage. It was fun, being with Tango like this and teaching her how mating worked. His initial hesitation had faded after realizing that she was having a lot of fun as well.

As Jazz's high began to dissipate, he remembered the task at hand. After the fantastic work she did, he knew he'd need to finish her up and resume his tonguework to pleasure her to orgasm. Although he was far from as aroused as he was just a minute ago, he grabbed onto Tango's hips and drew his face back to her muff, continuing his oral pleasuring.

It caught Tango by surprise, who was engrossed by what was going on with Jazz and had forgotten about her own needs. She quickly remembered just how nice it felt having a tongue snake around in her insides and proceeded to snuggle up into Jazz's belly, scooting her rump closer to Jazz's face in hopes of allowing him to enter her even deeper.

Jazz really wanted to speed things along though. Since his orgasm had already passed, he had no reason to restrain from giving her nothing short of absolute bliss. He began taking his left paw and using it to stretch out Tango's labia, spreading it further apart and allowing him to bury his muzzle in her pink snatch. It didn't end there, though; using his other paw, he reached his paw under her groin and reached around until he felt that little bump where her clitoris was. The clever Floatzel rubbed her clit over and over with his paw, which was consequentially sliding Tango's body back and forth onto his tongue. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew that it would be less than a minute before she would eventually succumb to climax.

"Ah! Bro!" screamed Tango pleasurably. The intensified treatment seemed to hit her faster than her mind could register, not expecting Jazz to resume so suddenly. She felt incredible as a result of his masterful mouthwork.

The Floatzel began tasting more of her tangy juices as her entire canal became increasingly more moist. It was sweeter than ever. He was convinced that he actually preferred her taste to Blues', but he'd never tell either of them that.

Tango was teetering on the brink of orgasm, writhing wildly on her brother's chest and moaning loudly into the air. It was so incredibly intense that she could hardly resist the feeling of wanting to scream and flail around. Before, it felt pretty good, but now that her orgasm was rapidly approaching, she felt all the more excited and overwhelmed by the amazing feelings her brother was providing to both her vagina and clit.

The Buizel wriggled around and pressed her rump onto her brother's face, nearly suffocating him as she finally felt her orgasm start to hit. "I'm gonna...!! Ahhhh!! Broth-eerrrrrrr!" screamed Tango as the intense feeling surged through her body. Jazz felt her vaginal muscles tense up and firmly grip his tongue. Her entire body felt like it was on fire, tingling and burning wildly all throughout every muscle she had.

With a final deafening screech, Tango's orgasm struck at full-force, expelling gushes of her sweet ejaculate into the eager mouth of Jazz, who was squeezing and suckling all over her girlhood in an attempt to catch every drop of the delicious ambrosia. She thought that the feeling of climax that she felt last night was the most amazing feeling ever, but compared to what she just felt, it was nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Completely euphoric over the overwhelming pleasure she just experienced, the exhausted Buizel fell forward and lay limp on the furry Floatzel beneath her. Her eyes were closed and her paws were rested right by her face.

Jazz had just finished licking every drop off her girlhood and his lips when he looked up to see her resting soundly on him. "Mmmm... I'm glad you liked that, sis," he said softly, glad that she seemed to have a great time.

'That wasn't so bad...' thought Jazz, trapped under his sister's snoozing body. 'It's not like the world ended or anything. Blues was right after all, I suppose. I just... I have to make sure that she doesn't think of me as a mate... As long as she doesn't go thinking we are, I see no harm in it, at least for now. She is going to have to find a mate of her own one day... hmmm... until then, is she going to want to do this more? I guess that wouldn't be so bad... it does feel good. Wait, stop, Jazz; she's still my sister. I have a mate! I shouldn't be thinking of that... What's most important is what you want, sis.'

"Mmmmm, bro..." mumbled Tango, starting to regain consciousness. "That... mmmm... that was amazing..."

Jazz was a little surprised to see her up already. "Heh, it was," he answered. Knowing that she was awake, he turned her around so he could cuddle her properly. He slid her up his chest until they were face to face, and then he nuzzled softly up against her face, earning a cute lick in return. "You know, you were very good at that."

"Really?" asked Tango, pleased to know that her work was satisfactory.

"Yes, very good." He licked her between her eyes, bringing a smile to her face.

"Thanks! But it couldn't be as good as what you did!" exclaimed Tango, still having the amazing feeling fresh in her thoughts.

"Heh, well, remember sis, it's not a competition. It's just a matter of doing your best and trying to think of your partner just as well as yourself."

"Yeah," Tango agreed. "Hey, now that we've done that, are we going to get to actually mating?" she asked him, eager as ever.

Jazz couldn't believe just how persistent she was; even after all of that, she was still all too ready for more. Of course, he knew how he preferred actual mating over simply what he saw as the prep-work, so he couldn't exactly blame her... it was just that his sex-drive hadn't yet fully returned.

"Already?" he questioned, still finding it hard to believe that she was already set to go.

"Yeah! That's what I wanted to do in the first place! ...I mean, I did like what we just did, that sixty-nine thing, but doesn't mating feel even better?"

"Most Pokemon prefer mating the normal way over what we just did, but some like it more or less than others."

"Let's find out what I prefer!" exclaimed Tango with a smile, playfully licking Jazz's nose and softly kissing his cheek. He blushed a bit and pet her head in response to her antics.

Jazz was still a bit nervous about going through with it as there was something he had neglected to tell Tango about: her hymen. Their recent romp together did help clear his conscience over mating with her, realizing that he was doing it mostly to help her out and because she wanted it, but that didn't change the fact that, to mate properly, he would have to tear that fragile flap of flesh guarding her entrance from more solid objects such as his cock. He felt it while he was using his tongue to navigate her walls, although it was far too soft to tear through it while entering.

"Sis, wait, there's something I need to tell you about mating, first..." said Jazz, looking a little reluctant to tell her.

"What is it, bro?" Tango asked curiously.

"It will probably hurt a lot the first time you mate. There's this flap of skin right at the entrance to your vagina... it'll stretch and eventually tear if enough force is applied to it. My tongue didn't damage it because it's pretty soft, but my penis will almost certainly tear it and I hear it hurts a lot when it's first torn."

That worried Tango. She wasn't too keen on the idea of it hurting. Sure, it looked painful when she first saw it happen, but that completely ruined the idea she was having in her mind about what it felt like.

"Hey, but after that," added Jazz, "I know it gets a lot better. It'll hurt for a little bit, but then you'll be able to enjoy it and should never have to worry about that pain ever again."

It sounded like a fair trade-off; a few minutes of pain for a lifetime of pleasure. "Okay, well... that's fine, but thank you for telling me that," she said, appreciative that he was considerate enough to inform her of the pain to come.

"Better I tell you now so you're ready for it," he said, forming a slight smile on his face.

"Well let's start then, okay?!" she said anxiously, looking forward to getting past that whole pain thing and onto the pleasure.

"Alright," said Jazz, holding her close as he sat up straight, taking her with him to an upright position. "Now, I want you to lay on your back. We're going to do it human-style, like you saw Blues and I do last night."

"Okay!" exclaimed Tango as she hopped off of his lap and took a few steps backwards, followed by laying down on her back atop the sand. "Is this good?" she asked him.

"Yes, but pull your tail so it's sticking out between your feet. It'll be able to rest nice and easy like that, plus it should feel a bit better, too."

She complied and tugged at her tail until it was pulled between her legs, leaving her laying completely on her back, tail included. "Good?"

"Great," he responded. "Although, I kind of forgot to mention I'll need to have my little guy down there convinced to come out, first. Think you could help?"

"Sure thing!" cheered Tango excitedly, starting to get up from the sand.

"Wait!" shouted Jazz, causing Tango to stop while beginning to lift herself with one paw. "Sis, instead, stay down there... Try use your feet," he suggested, taking a few steps closer to her so her feet would be well within range of his hidden member.

"My... feet?" inquired Tango, not knowing what her feet would do to help rouse the sleeping phallus from its slumber.

"Yes. Gently rub them across my sheath, and when my cock comes out, use them to rub it. It feels pretty good, plus you have a bit more extensible feet than Blues' stubs, heh heh."

Tango thought it would be a lot easier just getting up and having her paws or even tongue do the work, but if that was what Jazz wanted, she didn't want to argue it. She positioned her feet right near Jazz's furry sheath and began rubbing at it with them. It felt pretty funny, rubbing across a lump of something underneath the fur, although by the look on Jazz's face, she could tell that he was enjoying it.

Her actions were enticing Jazz's hidden member to once again emerge, growing thicker and longer, inch by inch, rub by rub. The feel of his smooth, fleshy member running across her feet was a particularly interesting one; it was more amusing than arousing to her, as she thought of it as something they might have done had they been playing around.

Before long, the Floatzel's member was fully erect and ready for more action. "Mmmm, that was great, sis," said Jazz as he gave a final thrust into Tango's feet before taking a step back. "Now, rest your feet, and... hmm, well, this is the part where we actually mate."

The anticipation was driving Tango batty; all that was on her mind since seeing Jazz and Blues mate last night was the single thought of experiencing that amazing feeling, and now, all distractions aside, her opportunity to mate was only a minute away.

Tango complied in resting her feet and longingly looked back up at her sibling to see him lightly stroking his member. "What now?" she asked meekly.

Jazz seemed to lose focus for a second as he gazed down at Tango's anxious opening. 'It really is going to happen,' he thought, gathering his final thoughts in preparation for the inevitable. 'I'm sorry, sis, if you someday regret this... I'm doing it for you and you only. Of course I'm going to enjoy it... I have to, and besides, it'll be a lot better for her if I do... but... I just... no, I will only regret it if sis does. I am doing my part to teach her what to do for her future mate. She knows that we won't be mates or anything like that, but I just hope that-'

"Jazz!" shouted Tango, breaking her brother's train of thought. "What now?"

"Sorry," he apologized as he took two steps forward until his feet were right by hers and his rod was only an inch or two away from her body. "Next, I'm going to put it in. Like I said, it will probably hurt a lot, but it'll feel greet after that. I'll start nice and slow, okay? I also want you to speak up and tell me if I'm hurting you badly and want me to stop, because I will."

He was so caring and considerate. Jazz always looked out for the wellbeing of his sisters, ever since they were born. Those were qualities of his that Tango greatly admired, as she knew that she was quite self-centered and it always baffled her how he could be so drastically opposite.

"Alright," answered Tango mildly. It was actually happening; she was actually going to mate! The anticipation up to this moment was exciting and thrilling, although now that it was within her grasp and only a few seconds away from occurring, that anticipation transformed into timidity as she felt Beautiflies flutter around in her stomach.

Without using his paws, Jazz leaned in and began rubbing his malehood around Tango's groin region. It felt great, rubbing his length across her fur. He drew it in closer to her slit and briefly ran it across her slit before driving it south, down to her opening. "Ready?" he asked, wanting a final confirmation from his sister before continuing. "Remember, it will hurt."

"Yes, I'm ready, and just do whatever you think will make it hurt the least!" answered Tango, growing impatient and wanting to just get on with it.

Jazz nodded and decided that the best way to tear her hymen and allow himself passage would be to enter her as quickly and swiftly as possible, as not to prolong it -- not that he'd had much experience in this, but it was just a reasonable estimation. He could only hope that it was the right choice to make.

Not wanting to keep her waiting any longer, the Floatzel pushed himself in closer to Tango, slipping between the folds of her vulva and exposing her girlhood to the fleshy member. He was pleased to feel her wetness, a clear indicator of her arousal and a likely detriment to the amount of pain she'll feel from her deflowering.

Gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes, Jazz positioned himself directly outside of her vaginal opening, poking inside of it slightly with the tip of his member. He gulped and gave a swift thrust into her, ripping the flap of skin guarding her hole.

Tango yelped loudly, clenching her teeth after doing so as well as shutting her eyes. It hurt badly, but at the same time, she was incredibly excited by the foreign feel of having the comparatively thick phallus inside of her.

"That should be it, sis," said Jazz, letting out a sigh of relief afterward. He rested his cock inside of her while allowing her body to adjust to its presence. "After that pain, it should only be pleasure, so go ahead and let it all out, and then... heh, I'll continue."

"Oww...! That really stung! But it feels so weird having you inside me like this, hee hee, wow...!" Tango giggled, feeling rather silly and excited as the pain quickly subsided. She really enjoyed the feeling of his sturdy length shoved an inch or two inside of her. It felt almost nothing like Jazz's tongue, as rather than wet, floppy, and rapidly flicking around, it was erect and stationary.

"Should I continue, then?" prompted Jazz, rather sure of what her answer would be. She took that a lot better than he had expected.

"Mmm, yeah!" chirped Tango in an excited response, more than eager for him to mate her as he mated Blues last night.

Jazz leaned in to give his sister a tender lick across her cheek, then proceeded to remove an inch or so from her before gently sliding it right back inside. With one, two, three more insertions into her, he felt her twitch with each insertion and could see a delighted smile on her face as the pleasure started hitting her.

"I'm going to go in deeper, okay?" asked Jazz, again wanting to make sure that she was having a good time and that he wasn't going too fast for her.

"Yes! Please! Go on, you can do it just like you did with Blues last night; I just want to know what it's like!" answered Tango enthusiastically. If a little sting was the worst of it, according to Jazz, she wanted to make sure that she'd be able to feel the best of it.

Without saying a word, Jazz suddenly leaned in and right on top of Tango, laying right on her, and thrust the entire length of his member inside of her in one mighty push. They both felt very snug, feeling each other's warmth both inside and out.

Jazz resumed and rocked his hips to both pull himself out and slip himself into her, all at a much brisker of a pace than previously. By how Tango was talking, Jazz had figured that she wanted the whole package and that she would be able to put up with his usual rhythm.

A few more thrusts in, Tango felt Jazz's smooth member slide across a very sensitive point in her inner walls. She couldn't quite put her paw on it, but when he slid it across that one spot, it felt incredibly sharp and pleasurable. "Ah! Yes!" moaned Tango.

"Mmmm... you're a natural at this, sis," her brother encouraged, bucking his hips and fucking her at a steady pace. Her walls were gripping him tightly and pulling him deep into her depths with every thrust he made into her. Additionally, every insertion was a deep, powerful one, leaving Jazz fully hilted at the end of each push.

Tango was absolutely loving the intense feeling of mating. It was pleasurable beyond what any words could possibly describe. She was so incredibly relieved to be able to feel that amazing feeling. How could she have lived without mating in the past? Mating felt so good!

Her feet grew to be a delicate mixture of restless and limp; she had the urge to constantly move them in hopes of providing a greater pleasure, although they were weak and exhausted from the intense feeling of having four-and-a-half inches of Floatzel cock driven into her -- that, and the pleasure coursing through her body.

They kept this act up for several more minutes, passionately mating each other without restraint. Both sea weasel Pokemon were encompassed by a powerful sensation as well as a connected feeling -- a bond for each other greater than they had felt before. Sure, both knew that it wouldn't be a permanent thing, but for the moment, they only cared about each other and the intense pleasure they were giving and receiving.

"Uhhhnnn... sis... just as good as you thought?" moaned Jazz, looking down at his sister. The look on her face was probably sufficient enough of an answer, but he thought stirring up a little conversation was always a good thing to do. Communication is important whilst mating.

"Y-yeaaah!" exclaimed Tango in response. She held onto her brother's mighty shoulders, tugging them to assist her partner in entering her, even though he was hilting her with every insertion made effortlessly. She also straddled her feet even more around Jazz's hips, spreading her legs and shifting her entrance more upright to make it further pleasurable for them both.

She never wanted to stop mating; every thrust made into her once-virgin body sent a singe of delight through her. Mating made her feel so complete, as if she was missing a piece of her and it was now connecting. It made her feel happy, passionate, and very... wet. Sweat was moistening her normally water-resistant fur, forming from the pores under her smooth fur before it could repel anything. Additionally, her entire genital region was slick and saturated with the fluids of sex and lust as a result of her mating.

Jazz's orgasm was drawing closer. He could feel the sensation of nearing hit his body. Not wanting to cum before Tango, he slightly lowered the speed and intensity of his thrusting to allow him to regain his composure. His plan, to be on the safe side, was to pull out of Tango after she had hit her orgasm, to avoid any and all possibilities of getting her pregnant. Although he doubted that she was fertile or even old enough to bear children, he didn't want to take any chances.

"Sis, let me know when you think you're about to cum, alright?" he asked her, trying to maintain communication between them.

Fortunately for Jazz, Tango was even closer to her climax than he was. "I-I think I'm... gonna, almost... uhhnnnn, mmmm...!" moaned Tango. That sharp, intense pleasure swept through her body in a more powerful way than it ever had. Every subsequent orgasm she had was far more intense than the last, going from simply masturbating, to oral sex, and finally to actual penetration.

That warmth ran all throughout her groin and traveled up her spine. Her entire body was encompassed in this burning pleasure. The pleasure was strongest by far in her groin, particularly in the depths of her swelling girlhood. It throbbed and squeezed the Floatzel cocked lodged in her vagina, gripping it tightly and milking from it copious amounts of pre.

She pulled and gripped at Jazz, pulling him in closer to her as she became overwhelmed by the sensation of a powerful climax beginning. "Jaaaaazzzzzz!! Ah, ahhh, aaahhhhhh!!!" screamed Tango.

Between that scream and the telltale squeezing and contractions of her innards, Jazz knew that she had reached that magical point of no return. Unfortunately for Jazz, her powerful squeezing was pushing him beyond the edge as well; it wasn't quite as imminent as Tango's, although he could feel it starting and tried to hold it off until Tango's orgasm had subsided. Now wasn't the time to be ruining her first orgasm while mating.

Finally, after all of the effort and curiosity put into finding about mating, she felt the feeling that countless females had felt throughout all time: the almighty pleasure of a true orgasm through mating. The reward to those who helped procreate and populate the planet. The gift to persuade those into the task of raising children.

The incredible feeling surged through her trembling body in a way she never thought to be possible. She let out the mightiest, highest-pitched scream she had ever let out, shrieking out in absolute ecstasy as her throbbing pussy contracted tightly and a powerful rush of sweet female ejaculate gushed out from her girlhood. That magnificent fluid soaked both of their fur as round after round spurted out and made contact.

As Tango's orgasm hit, Jazz found himself unable to restrain his from occurring as well. "Sis, I've gotta p-... pull... ahhhh...!!" His attempts were for naught; that burning sensation flowing all throughout his loins had hit the boiling point. No longer able to remain contained for even a single second, the powerful rush of gooey semen fired through his tract and shot out of his member like a rocket, firing into the pussy milking and squeezing the goo right into its depths.

Surprisingly enough, Tango felt the feeling of his ejaculate shoot into her, coating her walls and splashing deeper and deeper inside of her. The very feeling sent a shiver down her spine.

Just as Tango's orgasm had finally subsided, Jazz's had hit its peak. Completely wrapped up in the feeling of orgasm and completely ignoring his plan, he pulled back a few inches and then gave one final thrust into her to propel the final few shots of his cum far inside of her.

His entire cock was moist and sticky with the mixture of their juices, as was Tango's vaginal walls. As he, too, came off of his orgasm, he collapsed on top of Tango, panting heavily as she was with a contented look on his face. Both were completely engrossed in the delightful afterglow of their mating.

"Ha... ah... Bro, ha... that was... it was-... incredible!" exclaimed Tango through her panting.

Jazz felt slightly worried about not being able to restrain himself from letting his cum enter her. He would really feel guilty if he ended up getting her pregnant, but he knew that realistically, that just wasn't likely due to her young age. "Yeah... it was... I'm glad you enjoyed it, sis," said Jazz, also through heavy panting. He opted not to worry her and kept quiet about his worries.

"Mmmm... yeah... I love you, bro," spoke Tango, hugging her brother tightly and licking him on the cheek.

"I love you too, sis," said Jazz in response, retuning the lick by gently licking her between the eyes, then rubbing his paw across her face.

Completely exhausted and out of energy from their experience together, Jazz and Tango both fell asleep only a minute later, just as they were: Jazz lying on top of Tango, chest to chest. Of course, they remained connected as they were; even though Jazz's erection had subsided, it was still enough out of his sheath to stay cozily nestled in the comfort of her tender pussy.

Night had come and gone by the time either of the two siblings awakened. Tango was the first to regain consciousness, finding her resting snugly on top of her brother. They must have rolled around in the middle of the night, because that definitely wasn't how she remembered falling asleep.

She hopped up and off of Jazz, slowly rubbing a paw across her body while reflecting on the fantastic time she had. Turning her head slightly, she looked over and saw the sun rising over the water, greeting her to the new day and a whole new world of opportunity.

"Wow, I can't believe how great that was," said Tango to herself quietly, not wanting to wake up her brother. "He really did it... What a great brother! He really would do anything for me."

Tango laid down and snuggled at her brother's side, not wanting anything more but to be with him.

"You've got that right, sis," said Jazz with closed eyes, surprising Tango, who thought he was still sleeping.

"You're up! I thought you were still sleeping, bro!" exclaimed Tango, happy to see her brother up, although a little surprised. She stood up and watched as he sat on his rump and looked over at her.

"Well, you were somehow on top of me when I woke up, so I was just waiting until you woke up."

Tango laughed. "Wait, how long were you up, then?" she asked him.

"About an hour, maybe?" he answered honestly.

"An hour?!" exclaimed Tango. "Why didn't you wake me up then if you were up for that long?" asked Tango, laughing a little bit at the situation.

Jazz chuckled as well. "You just looked so cute there, sis."

Hearing that made Tango blush. Not just from the compliment, but from the fact that even after that, even after everything that she put him through, even after all her begging and pleading, he was still the caring and honest brother that she loved so much.

"So... was that the last time we'll ever mate together?" asked Tango, looking at her brother with pleading eyes.

Jazz wasn't entirely sure how he should respond. He'd be lying to himself if he said he would never want to do it again, because it was actually a lot of fun and a really good time mating with Tango, even if, well, even if they were siblings. Somehow the stigma of incest seemed to feel less important, though, after actually going ahead and doing it. The world didn't end, he didn't harm her, and really, he knew that it was a good lesson for her and would serve her well in the future, when she did actually have a mate.

"...bro?" she asked, trying to bring his brother back to earth from his flight of thoughts he looked to be taking.

"Sorry! I was just thinking about it, that's all." He still hadn't settled on a response. A lot of it would have to do with Blues' thoughts on the matter. She was more than supportive of mating with Tango than any Pokemon should really have been, but he cared for Blues a lot and wouldn't want Tango to interfere with their relationship. After all, he knew very well that he and Tango would never become mates, but the more he thought about it, as long as both Tango and Blues were alright with it, perhaps mating with Tango again wouldn't be such a bad thing.

"And what did you decide on?" questioned Tango again, getting tired of Jazz spacing out.

"I'm not sure. It depends on what Blues thinks. If both of you are alright with it and really want it... well, I guess I'd do it, but remember sis, I am not your mate... I'm your brother. You have to remember that. One day, you'll find a real mate, and it'll feel even better than yesterday."

Tango could accept that. She was fine with the fact that she and Jazz wouldn't be mates. She was just glad that he cared for her enough to give her a response and to not say that mating was a mistake or something that would make her feel guilty.

"Well, we should talk to Blues, then! But hey, if she doesn't want us to mate, do you think that I could at least watch you two?" said Tango with a smile.

Jazz blushed. "Somehow, I have a feeling that if I said no, you'd do it anyway... so it should be fine." Jazz smiled as well.

The Buizel jumped forward and lovingly hugged her brother. "Thanks, bro!"

Petting her head in response, Jazz kept silent, smiling and wondering exactly what Blues' thoughts will be about it.

Later that day, both Jazz and Tango went to see Blues and talk to her about what happened. Blues was delighted for Tango that she could finally feel what mating was like, so much so that she volunteered Jazz's service if ever she wanted more.

"You know, maybe you should ask me about this, Blues..." mumbled Jazz.

"Awww c'mon, 'ya know 'ya 'ad a good 'un an'd do it again, so wha' 'arm is it anyway, mmm?" said Blues, shaking her paw at the Floatzel in front of her. She then looked back at Tango and said, " 'cuz 'ya 'ad a good time, 'ya said, right 'uh?"

Tango nodded her head. "Yeah, I did, it really felt great!"

Blues looked back towards Jazz with that persistent look on her face. Sometimes her openness to mating befuddled Jazz. "If you say so, hun..."

" 'ey, an' maybe we should let 'er play with us sometime too, 'uh? It could be a lotta fun!" exclaimed the Azumarill, getting a crazy idea in her mind.

Jazz smacked his paw against his forehead, gulping at where she was going with this. "What have I gotten myself into...?" he muttered, sighing afterwards.

Over the next few weeks, Tango had become a staple part of Jazz and Blues' mating life. Jazz was reluctant at first, but Blues' masterful negotiatory prowess had persuaded Jazz to let her in on the fun. Blues had always taken a liking to the little Buizel, but she also cared for her on even more of a level, as she's always found females to be just as attractive as males. Hearing that was what convinced Jazz that they could all be happy together, because he loved them both, they loved him, and they could love each other.

Between the three, they learned nearly everything involved in mating. Three-ways, anal, double-penetration by means of tail or paw. The list goes on. Tango and Blues would even mate with each other when Jazz got tired, and with females like Tango and Blues, it was a rather common occurance.

They had all become quite the happy trio, throwing caution to the wind and simply enjoying each other's company and mating. Sure, they were an odd couple, but they all loved each other, and out in the middle of nowhere, having ones to love is a very, very important thing.

Eventually, Tango became pregnant, much to Jazz's dismay, and gave birth to a new life. He was one of the most scraggly-looking, cross-eyed, unintelligible Buizels to ever be born, but they could at least take comfort in the fact that he was born out of love... oh, and he had good IVs.

- The End -
(* IVs = Individual Values in the games. Think along the lines of stats. Mainly supposed to be a breeder's joke, as to breed good Pokemon, there's a lot of inbreeding involved.)

Suggested by a fan of Middle of Nowhere who liked the idea that I was too reluctant to write but always wanted to. Ha, I really am a pervert. Incest is one of my fetishes, what can I say, and when writing Middle of Nowhere, I kept thinking how hawt it'd be if Tango and Jazz got together. Non-sensical, yeah, but hawt. Doing a little (well, arguably little) story about those two set before Tommy came along was a good way for me to do that, I think. :3

Poor Tango and Jazz, having a messed up inbred for a child. Duh-yup, oh well, at least it gots good IVs, hur hur. :B

I plan on writing other "spin-offs" in the future, with other characters either shown or mentioned in Middle of Nowhere. Sometimes they'll fit perfectly in with the plot and show another side of it, whereas others they'll be completely different from the plot, breaking logic in an attempt to provide happy fapping to the characters I -- and presumably others -- love.

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    Reviewer: Raw19
    Date:Sep 7 2012 Chapter:Teaching the Tango
    That ending cracked me. I did not see it coming. xDD

    I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable story and believe you did a great job. The sex was tasteful, the characters interesting, and everything was pretty darn sweet.
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    Well, that ending sure was a twist to things... Just as well, I suppose.

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