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Know To Understand by Pod155


Chapter 1: Tell me when?!

"You know I heard you then...” She said unobtrusively.

With all of my attention focused on the small flames that danced on the bonfire I barely made out the inaudible statement. I wasn't really sure that I heard her correctly. "Huh, what you say?”

I was lying down on my stomach facing the fire with my arms tucked in neatly at my side. There was a small girl lying on my back as well. Krystal a small light ebony shade girl with extraordinary abilities that made her much stronger and faster than any ordinary human alive. She was given an experimental drug when she was younger that would allow her to communicate with Pokémon on a different level. She has a lot of parent issues along with the super strength and speed make sure that nobody wants to be around her. But that didn't stop me from loving her.

"Remember the time the three of us had our first Pokémon battle and Sasha got hurt really badly.” She said with a hint of despondency in her voice. It was an understandable reason though. She was most likely recollecting the memory of our fallen comrade.

Sasha was an Absol that I fought awhile back. She was the Pokémon that my psychic sister captured and used against me. Well after hitting me with a lightning bolt, I lost my mind temporarily and almost tore Sasha's head off with my jaws. After the battle Krystal liberated her from my sister and added her to our team. Krystal and Sasha were best of friends and was also a good friend of mine as well. Sasha was killed recently within the battle that my father...Dr. Shine. She died trying to protect me from his attack and was instead reduced to ashes. Krystal received Sasha's horn and used it to take off one of the doctors' arms.

I could feel some scrambling on my back as what I guess must be Krystal crawling towards the upper part of my body. Myself is being trapped within the body of Feraligatr that I once owned when I was human. Thanks to my father's genius plan to get rid of me without killing me. He wanted a younger body to put some sort of evil plan to fruition. My sister was the one who actually switch the minds of father and me around. Fortunately for me my consciousness was the more dominate one in this body thus I was the one who gained control over it. In my mind still resides the consciousness of my Pokémon Hydro who was the original owner to this body. At first he wanted nothing more but to see everything around me burn and crumble. But after the final battle with my father when I was about to give up and die he saved my life by convincing me to continue living and set everything right again.

When I first met Krystal I was once a human, but after receiving a message from my father. I tried to sever the ties and love we had for each other then. For some reason I had the feeling that I would never see her again, in a sense I was sort of right. Though I didn't think she would actually chase after me, but she did in her own misguided way. She eventually caught up to me, but I was in my Feraligatr form with amnesia. Fate must have it good with us because she actually let me join her in her search for me. It's funny how I was always there with her just either of us didn't know it.

With all of the thinking that I was doing I could barely make out anything that she was saying. I didn't want to do it intentionally, but my mind wasn't allowing anything else get through.

"Ferali!” She said loudly in my ear.

"Yeah, what's up?”

"Are you listening to me?” She said, lowering her high pitched squeal.

Shaking my head to add emphasis to my point I added, "Sorry, just have a lot on my mind right now.”

The moon was out right now and I'm more than sure that it's really late right now. Not that it mattered much I wasn't going to sleep anytime soon. I could hear the wind slice its way through the surrounding area. It whipped across my ear and left a pleasant breeze on my face. Nights are supposed to be dark and why is it that it's now that I feel the most relaxed! I felt nothing but disgust for myself, though I didn't want to show it in front of Krystal. I tried to do my best to show little emotion over Sasha's death. To remain strong in front of her so that if she ever needed a strong shoulder to cry on I'll be here from her. But it seems that she is now handling it much better.

It's been almost a month after Sasha's death, and we still have heard no word from Dr. Shine. After he almost killed me, and the final blow was struck by Krystal. She immediately took me to the nearest hospital where she said that I remained unconscious for about week and a half. The nurse told her that I had more mental damage than anything. That and I almost bled to death; Krystal was in a pretty banged up state as well, just not as bad as me. When I had awaken on the first day of me being in the hospital I tried to sneak away, but I only found that Krystal was burying Sasha. My wounds had only begun to heal; still I tried to force Krystal to hurry so we could take our revenge. Neither she nor my body was going to have that, as I quickly blacked out from the lack of energy she recalled me back into my ball. I was returned to the Center to receive a full and proper treatment. Now that I think about it, it was probably for the best.

Turning my thoughts back to her I said, "Mind repeating that?”

She let out a deep sigh and repeated, "Remember the first battle that we had as a know the three of us?”

"Yeah, what about it?”

"I was just saying that after that battle and when we were heading to our camp site,” She paused for a minute before continuing, "When you and Sasha were talking to each other.”

It took me a minute to actually remember what she was talking about. Once it came back to me the thought of how Krystal recovered from the horrific incident was a slow and dreary process. She didn't even speak the whole while I was in the Pokémon center. I had become severely injured because of Dr. Shine final attack. She only spoke to the nurse only when she was asked questions about her and my health. She wouldn't speak when asked what happened to the two of us. I think the subject hurt too much for her to relive so when I finally came to I knew that I shouldn't bring it up. For me as well, the thought of losing a friend like that hurt far too much to think about what happened.


"It's okay Ferali,” She said, placing herself over my large head and staring me dead in the eyes. "I heard the two of you talking.”

She had a small tear flowing down her face and into mine. I didn't know why she was crying as she continued her long penetrating gaze into mine. Her face was one of a serious beast that was ready to defend its young from a predator. The small tear dripped down from her face into mine it ran down from my face and into my mouth. I could taste the bitterness of her heart easing its way into mine.

There was so much I wanted to tell her, but it would all prove to be false.

Slowly I reached up and petted her on the head. It was the only kind of consoling thing I could do for her right now.

"Ferali, I know it's been a long time since we talked and the reason I'm bringing up the past about that...,” She pause to collect herself then added, "I remember you talking to Sasha before you got your memories back that you said that you cared for me.” She rolled over on to her back to gaze upon the sky once more, "I didn't even have the guts to tell you that I even heard you then. I was once again to busy crying...that's why I didn't talk to you even then. I was so scared to fall in love with a Pokémon, that I thought my love for Max would have faltered.”

"Krystal...” I said lugubriously.

She shook her head, "Let me finish what I have to say. It's been a long time coming and since then I had been doing something thinking about the two of us. Even before and also after your memories you loved me, and despite everything I've done.”

Once again I could feel her roll over on to her stomach, but then she felt lighter. I tried looking backwards but she immediately held my head down with her super strength. It didn't bother me none I knew that she must have been doing something silly.

"Hey I'm getting pretty sleepy how about we turn...” was all I could say as I saw a shirt land to the left of my face. "Krystal, what's going on?” I quickly asked.

"Ferali, please shut up.” She said wrapping her arms around my neck. "You're such a stupid asshole, you know that?”

I didn't respond to the comment I could tell that there was something weird going on here that I couldn't understand yet. All I would have to do was wait and see what was going to happen.

"You didn't need to tell me anything nor should I have to tell you anything.” She said as she pulled down tighter on my neck.

The next thing I knew my entire body temperature spiked as I soon realized that she was topless.


"Shut up, and let me say that, I love you.”

The next morning I awaken with a hint of anxiety for some reason. I knew why, Krystal wanted to go all the way last night...I mean I would have, but...

Looking down at my paws I realized that I could never have Krystal the way I wanted her. She was fast asleep in her tent, after I turned her down she didn't say anything just went to her tent and never came out. I know that I love her with all my heart, but I can't love her with this body...

'Of course you can't love her like this master.' The voice of my old Feraligatr came into my head. His name was Hydro and he is helping me understand the ways of this body. He wants to get me back into my body so we can continue our relationship as master and Pokémon.

"Yeah...I know.” I responded whitewashed.

'Master...lets work on something you might find useful.' He said.

I could tell that he was trying to change the subject, but it didn't really help. My mind was always going to be focused on Krystal. I rather focus on her than think about the bastard who made my life a living hell. She meant everything to me, even before I received the rest of my memories from Rebecca. I would always be by her side no matter if she never returned the feeling back to me. But now it would seem that the shoe is on the other foot and I can't show her how I feel.

"I say we have about an hour before Krystal wakes up. What do you want to work on?” I asked Hydro.

It took him a full minute before he had responded with, 'I want to perfect our ice abilities.'

Sensing that there is something wrong with my other half I thought it would be best to just ask what was wrong. There would be no point in trying to keep secrets from each other anymore. In order for things to go back to the way that they once were, this would have to be a join effort on both parts.

"What's wrong with you?” I asked diligently in wanting to understand him more.

'Master, I...'

"Good morning Ferali!” The familiar voice of Krystal rang in my ears.

Quickly perking my head up I turned around to see her taking a stretch outside of her tent. She was wearing a blue short sleeve shirt and some black jean pants. She still had the obligatory curly hair that never seems to lose its bounce. With a very small frame from first glance Krystal don't seem like much, but her attitude and ability is what set her apart from other people.

"One second Hydro.” I said cutting him off to greet Krystal. "Good morning Krystal,” I said offering a small warm smile to her.

Krystal then took a deep sigh and looked at me with a half eye look and said, "What are you up to this early in the morning, fat ass.”

I stood shocked in amazement by the sudden insult. It had been an entire month since I heard an insult come from her mouth. The shocked expression slowly changed into a slight grin. I thought she was going to be pissed for my refusal last night, but to see that she is going back to her old ways...I think that could be either a good thing or a bad thing. Good, because she will no longer mope around and return to her energetic self. That also could be a bad thing as well, simply because she may possibly have an exceedingly bad attitude towards everything as when I first met her.

"I was about to go workout for a while. I know you must still be tired...”

"I'll go with you,” she said cutting me off. "I have a lot of energy pinned inside of me.”

I gave her a confused looked as to what she was talking about.

She reached behind her back and retrieved a small ebony blade. "Recognize it?” She asked.

Squinting my eyes, I gazed upon what it actually was...that when I actually saw that it was the blade that used to be Sasha's horn. It was polished with a glistening sleekness to it. It was everything that held the wonderful memories of Sasha and the happiness that she brought to us all.

"Yeah, I do,” I said closing my eyes looking away from it, "you want to practice with it?”

She gave a simply nod and added, "I want to master the ability that my best friend gave me. So if you don't mind fat ass let's move!”

"Yes mam,” I mused, "Oh yeah, Hydro...”

"You talking to that thing again?” Krystal asked hesitantly.

"Umm...yeah.” I said while looking into the sky getting a better thought process going.

'Yes, master?'

"You had something you wanted to tell me earlier?” I asked him actually just now remembering what he said.

'Nothing...don't worry about it,' He said sounding kind of defeated, 'let's just go train with that witch.'

I took a deep breath when he said that silently thanking the heavens Krystal couldn't hear that. I could almost feel the pain that she would unleash upon me. I turned back to see where she was, but she was nowhere to be found. I could only see her walking off into the distant woods. We have been staying within the forest area south of Mohogany Town. There was a small lake not too far from where we were staying, plus nobody ever came through here so we were all clear to stay here as long as we wanted.

I followed right behind her with a slight grin on my face. Looking at some of the fauna and flora that filled the area as we continued walking it had brought serene calm over me. The thought of what happened between the two of us last night started leaving my mind finally.

I could see that she was holding the blade in her right hand. It was billowing slightly with a darkening aura surrounding specifically the tip edge of the blade. The way she held it was like a trench blade that extended up her arms almost reaching her elbow. There was something ominous about that blade, but it was for the right reason...

Continuing to follow right behind her I felt that she was becoming more and more distant from me or just my feelings. I could only think of one way that will bring her closer to me before she completely lost to me. After what we've been through I refuse to allow something like that to happen.

Ten minutes went by quickly before she stopped abruptly in the middle of the path way. I almost bumped into her but manage to stop myself in time. She just reached her free hand up and placed it on her hip. She had a wicked grin on her face that would frighten a lesser being, but I knew her, she had an idea and whenever Krystal has an idea nothing will be okay.

"Let's hear it.” I said promptly.

She turned her head to the side and stared at the ground and said, "What could possibly make you think that I have something to say?”

"Krystal, I almost know you better than you know yourself. I can easily tell that you have something in that mind of yours,” I said pointing out the obvious.

She turned back to me and then raised her blade up and pointed it towards me. Her grin soon faded into a scornful scowl that made me uneasy.

I didn't know what she was going to do or what she could possibly capable of doing. Though I hate to admit it after busting her, when she gets like this I couldn't guess what she will do. Without thinking I took a step backwards, I could see that she notice my sudden movement.

"What happened to your sense of trust, Ferali?” She said sounding more and more menacing by the second.

Luckily my sense of trust didn't leave me and my reasoning took care of the rest for me. Her voice and the way she said that... she sounds like she was going to start attacking at any time. For now all I could do was remain on guard, but do it subtly. I am not one who's above reproach, but that still doesn't mean I can't be cautions. Never before have had my thoughts led me astray I pray that they don't fail me now...

"No, but I still know you and pointing that blade towards me is all I really need to tell what you're going to do,” I said provoking her just to prove my theory to be correct.

Suddenly she dashed towards me, but I was ready for least I thought I was. I could see for one second then the next she was gone! Looking around wildly for the small ebony girl I couldn't find her that caused me great concern. Now my life could possibly be endanger if I didn't spot her in time.

'Master, to your right!' my inner voice commanded.

Now knowing where she was I decided to go with my better judgment and not to worry about her trying to kill me. Quickly raising my right arm up with my palm extended to meet with hers, I wedged my left foot into the ground to better absorb her blow. Then the connection finally happened...I could feel myself being pushed backwards due to the almost overwhelming strength she possesses.

But there was an abnormal amount of pain surging through my hand and up my arm. Looking down at my hand I could see what had happened. My eyes involuntarily widen in shock and horror. She had completely sunk Sasha horn into the palm of my hand through the back side of it.

'That bitch! Kill her now!' Hydro's voice rose in great anger.

I wasn't going to listen to it not now, even though the anger within me was starting to build. I wasn't going to surrender to my emotions. That was never my style back when I was a human, and I damn sure am not going to surrender to it now.

Concentrating on the task at hand I focused my water energies in my palm. Within an instance I could feel the ice freezing the blood that pour from my gaping hand, with it along the horn of Sasha's.

"You're not getting it back,” I said coldly, "If you're going to play like that...” I reached out with my left hand to grab her. She was so busy trying to yank the blade out of my hand she didn't see the blinding movement of my other hand. I manage to grab her by the wrist and twist it very roughly until she let go of the blade. Unfortunately for her all the training she's been giving me in this body I grown used to her strength, somewhat. I turned my head to the left and shot out a quick Ice Beam. Once her hand was free I immediately lifted her into the air and tried to slam her into the forest ground, but was stopped by her catching her balance in midair thus she landed on her feet.

Luck wasn't on her side or it was mostly due to my thinking ahead. She slipped on the ice that now littered the ground. As she fell I made sure to fall with her...on top of her. When she finally hit the ground I landed on top of her with my left arm in her neck, and the rest of me covering the rest of her.

"Go ahead and do don't care for me...nobody does,” she said remorseful as a gurgling noise due to the pressure I was putting on her neck; "the only person that did is buried within your hand.”

I could hear the loud echoes of despair entrenching itself in her voice. She thinks I don't care for her. She thinks just because of last night I don't care for her. She actually thinks I'll truly kill her...

Easing myself off of her with just enough room to backhand slap her across the face. Her head quickly snapped to the side of her body, the left side of her face immediately begun to start swelling.

"You're a fucking idiot, you know that?” I said not caring what came out of my mouth. "You crazy bitch! You know I love you!” I remained on top of her with the blade still within my hand; I then pointed it towards her throat. "Tell me when this will be enough for you!” I yelled pressing the blade deeper to when I could actually see blood slowly leak down her neck. "TELL ME WHEN!”
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