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Know To Understand by Pod155


Author's Chapter Notes:

As things between Ferali and Krystal heat up a unwelcome'd interruption spring forth.

Moar Plot otw!

Chapter 2: Let's meet again.

Know To Understand.

Chapter 2: Let's meet again.

A day had gone by since Krystal and I had that quarrel. In the end I decided to let her go and think about what I said. We've been traveling nonstop to Blackthorn City since. I don't know what I'm going to do with her, she act like she doesn't want help, but I know her and for her that signals the complete opposite. She needed my help just need to know how to approach the subject, thing was that I didn't really feel like talking to her at the moment.

We never actually went back to the main roads and just continued through the forest. Fortunately for us we found a sign that pointed us in the right direction. Once we were out of the forest I notice that there was a small clearing and then a cave that follows. Krystal was closing in fast on it.

Don't get me wrong now; I was still very upset with her. Looking down at my hand could tell the story of why I was so enraged. I had some bandages wrapped around my hand the last of the medicine that we had was finally used up to patch a wound inflicted by the master. Taking a deep sigh I continued to follow behind her without a second thought on the subject. I think this feeling is going to be like my hand and is going to take time to heal up.

We didn't speak to each other all day yesterday either. I seriously doubt we can continue to ignore each other like this. The gentle breeze that was carried by the wind was somewhat relaxing, but it didn't take away the burdened that weighed heavily on my heart.

Ugh I hate contradicting myself like this dammit! I mean to be honest here; I'm going to go crazy if I don't talk to her. Last time I was second guessing someone, that was Sasha but I really shouldn't have because in the end she sacrificed herself for me. Krystal is too stubborn to die anytime soon, but still I need to talk to her.

"Krystal...” I murmured. She didn't seem to hear me so I repeated loudly, "Krystal!”

She turned around to me with a half gaze. Now sporting a small bandage on her neck from where I held the blade to her throat. Her outfit was one of her previous ones that she bought awhile back and that was a pink no sleeve shirt with red frilly lace running up the right arm to the neck, her obligatory biker shorts and boots.

Her face was so lifeless as if something had taken her very soul from her. "What is it Ferali?” She lazily inquired.

Taking a deep sigh, I noticed that her beautiful emerald shade eyes were now dull and inert. "Look I'm sorry about the other night...” I paused for a second to think about whether I should just apologize about the fight as well, "and I'm sorry about the fight.”

She simply shook her head at me and said, "No, it's my fault for thinking that you loved me in that way.” With a slow a turn and the dreadful look still plastered on her face she started walking again.

I wasn't going to let the subject just die like that. I needed to get my feeling across to this stupid girl. Looking at where she was heading I could see that she was heading directly into the cave. "Krystal, wait I have something I need to tell you...” I started but then stopped when I could hear Krystal mumbling something to herself.

"Did you know that before Sasha sacrificed herself for you she wanted to go exploring through some caves,” She said in a melancholy tone. "Why it is everyone I love leaves me...”

I was taken aback by the sudden revelation. I slightly remember her saying something about Sasha and her wanting to go on an adventure, before our second run in with Dr. Shine. Taking a deep breath I started thinking about how depressed she might be right now. But as she said once before that she was a big girl and taking the bad with the good should come with the territory of being a "big girl”.

"Krystal,” I yelp out suddenly as started making my way towards her quickly. "Krystal, stop, I have something to tell you,” as I approached her from behind I reached out and quickly grabbed her on the shoulder and spun her around to face me. "Krystal...” I muttered as I pulled her into a deep hug. She had tears pouring down her face. I couldn't stand it to see her like this... "Krystal, I love you so much. I wish I could love you the way you want me to, but I can't with this body.”

"You can!” She retorted loudly. "I don't mind if you're a Pokémon, I just want to be...closer to you.”

Once she said that my mind went blank as if I couldn't process what she just said. The only thing I could do was comfort her in some way, so I leaned in closer to her and licked both sides of her cheeks to rid them of tears. Then once I was finished cleaning her face I continued to lick...starting with her neck. I was doing my best with my mind to tell my body to stop, but it didn't. She didn't move an inch just allowed me to lick her. I didn't want to do this just the lust in me didn't want to let up.

Krystal was letting out soft moans of pleasure, as my licking continued. I could taste the sweetness of the body wash that she used earlier to bathe with. Slowly but surely I was easing her down to the ground. She gently cupped both sides of my face with her small hands, and for once they aren't being used to hurt something (by something I mean me).

As I struggled to stop this madness my body wasn't going to allow me, and to be honest I didn't want to stop. I've been in love with her for so long and due to tragic fate we're in this position. My father was the one with my real body doing God knows what to it.

I lowered my face down to her small slender stomach I used a claw to slowly lift up her shirt. I think she really did want this, because she was doing no complaining or in the least trying to stop me. I didn't raise the shirt to far up, because we were sitting in the middle of the clearing that separated the forest from the cave. And if someone were to walk by they'd see her naked. So I just rose it up enough to expose her naval. I began to lick her stomach very gently, but she was doing so much squirming that it was becoming harder to please her. Her passionate moans her undoubtedly was my fuel for continuing, right now she looked so tiny and so cute I couldn't help myself. Never in my wildest dreams could I see myself making love to a Pokémon, let alone Krystal. I really hope Hydro don't mind...

"Ello, Ello, Ello,” I could hear someone say from distant, "What do we have here?”

I immediately stopped and looked towards where the noise was coming from. Back towards the forest I could hear some leaves rustling in the background.

"Damn, I was really hoping that the Ninetales in that cave and the Politoed would have left by now,” Krystal said with her half glance to the side looking towards the cave. "I've been listening to the both of their footsteps and their breathing for too long now and I'm not going to give them a free peep show.”

Looking back towards her in astonishment I quickly ask, "Wait you knew that we were being watched and still allowed me to continue with what I was doing?”

She had a large blush spread across her face and said, "I didn't want to spoil the moment that we were having, but I couldn't ignore the noise these two were making.”

"How do you know that they are a Ninetales and Politoed?” I asked.

Standing up slowly Krystal started lowering her shirt down its proper position, "Ferali we'll have to finish that little dance later,” then she added, "but for now let's make sure these two are in the ground when we leave.”

She didn't answer my question...

Standing up next to her I could continue to looking towards the forest waiting for one of the two Pokémons to appear. Sure enough a few seconds later a Politoed hopped from out of the bushes and from behind us I could soft padding coming from out of the cave. I didn't have to look I could just assume that it was the Ninetales.

"From what I looky'n at dis Feraligatr was bout to give dis human some good ole fashion lovin.” The Politoed spoke with a very distinguish accent. "What you figure, Phoenix?”

"I "figure” that you should learn to shut up that loud breathing so they could keep going. They would have be much easier prey to deal with,” This feminine voice emanated from the cave, "Oh well guess we have to do this the old fashion way.”

Krystal then slightly nudged me in the side with her elbow. I looked down to her to see what she was doing. She shook her head expectantly, "Umm...translation.”

"Oh yeah I forgot you can't understand us. Well they were waiting on us to have sex then ambush us,” I said, then added even loudly, "but their biggest mistake is that they don't know us very well!”

Krystal shook her and then slightly nodded forward towards the Politoed. I gave a slight nod in confirmation that I knew what to do.

Taking a deep breath I gather water at the back of my throat. Soon Krystal shot off the ground like a speeding bullet towards the Politoed. While I on the other hand, shot a massive hydro pump towards the Ninetales.

I could hear a loud crash behind me due to Krystal, I'm more than sure that the Politoed won't be able to match Krystal. The Ninetales nimbly jumped out of the way of the massive water blast. I could hear the blast smash up the cave's wall.

The Ninetales started making its way towards me slowly. For some reason I wasn't buying this tactic and decided to start mirroring it's movements. As I started walking towards it slowly I could see that it was starting to glow bright green. I didn't know what it was trying to do, but it wasn't going to work on me.

Then suddenly within a flash I could see a shadow zip pass me right into the face of the Ninetales. This was followed by a loud explosion. I couldn't understand what was happening.

"Ferali,” Krystal called out, "That Ninetales was charging up for a Solar Beam, so I decided to toss the Politoed on top of it.”

I simply gave a nod of thanks, but then turned back to face the two now fallen Pokémon. The Politoed was completely unconscious, but the Ninetales didn't have a scratch on it. It just stood on top of its fallen water type partner.

"Ugh, just like last time not even so much as a hindrance...” The Ninetales spoke softly.

"I don't understand what's going on?” I said in great confusion, hoping that someone would answer my question.

Krystal calmly walked up next to me and said, "I thought I recognized these two.”

I then looked closely at the Ninetales and there was something about them that seemed really familiar. I could see a small yellow ribbon on its head. I then turned back to Krystal and asked, "How do you know them?”

"Remember when this mess first started a month back. When you had first left from Blackthorn City to meet your father and I had given chase? Well the first place I ran through was this cave and these two Pokémon that stood out of the rest in this cave were trying to stop me,” She looked up to me and continued, "Well it seems that I need to finish what I started before.”

"Krystal stop!” I said loudly.

"Let me guess Ferali, you used to own them. And you were the one who had left them behind to stop me from following you.”

Shaking my head to Krystal's statement, "I know you...Phoenix!” I yelled loudly so that the Ninetales could hear.

"Hmmm...I don't know who you are Feraligatr,” The Ninetales retorted.

"I'm sure you know my mother, Tonya Shine!”

There was a moment in pause before Krystal finally broke the silence, "How would these Pokémon know your mother?”

"Because I at first I didn't understand who they were, but it only makes sense this way...,” I said mostly as a mutter to myself, then turn to Krystal to answer her question, "Krystal the only Pokémon that have I ever owned was Hydro, my Feraligatr. My mother was a Pokémon Master; she always had such exotic Pokémon such as these. Mom was trying to stop you from being harmed by my father, by using them,” I once again continued by saying even louder, "Then you might know an Absol by the Name Sasha.”

"Wait your mother was the one who owned Sasha?” Krystal asked.

"Yeah, but I'm not certain how of all people Rebecca wound up with her.”

Phoenix the Ninetales didn't say anything just remained sitting there. Then suddenly there was a very loud voice echoing not from around me, but inside me. Inside my head to be more specific, the voice sounded of that of a bellowing female.

The Ninetales stepped off of her partner and slowly walked towards us. She then lowered her head in a submissive position. ", Young Master Max,” she then looked up towards my face. "Is that really you?”

I slowly approached her and knelt down and cupped her face. "Yeah, and it's a very long story. I want to know what you two are still doing here after so long.”

Suddenly from behind Phoenix the Politoed jumped in front of her landing in a defensive stance, "Careful dayah Phoenix, dat be da monsta masta warned us bout. I thank she come back fo nother round.”

I chuckled wholeheartedly at the accent that Politoed carried. "Squirt it looks like you'll never change from that 'never gives up' attitude,” I extended a paw towards him.

He slapped it and remained on the defensive. I could hear Krystal in the background laughing, but I decided to tune her out and focus on this idiot in front of me.

"I don know ya Feraligatr...” then Phoenix jumped on top of him effectively silencing him.

"You idiot watch your tongue, you're talking to Master Tonya eldest, Master Max.”

"Phoenix, I thank you den had one to many bonks to da dome,” Squirts said looking me up and down before continuing, "dis heeya be a Feraligatr if I ever seen one.”

The Ninetales slowly inched up to the Politoed and gently rested a paw on him. He gazed backwards towards the urbane vixen as she shook her head at him. I guess this must be her way of getting things across to him without having to harm him. She gave a slight nod and a quick tilt of the head in my direction. It was a good thing she could read minds or else we could have a pretty tough battle on our hands. Phoenix was one of my mother hand personally trained Pokémons' advance in the ways of reading her opponent's mind. She was very experienced when it came to fire and psychic base abilities. If I remember correctly that was her specialty being able to manipulate her flames mid attack. Not only that but being able to read her opponents next moves almost always gives her the advantage while battling. From what I remember my mother telling me that she was more than two hundred years old. I think Krystal just may have had been too much for her, when they met in the cave the first time though.

Squirts then turned his gaze back towards me and squinted his eyes, "Boi-o Max?” He inquired, "Does dat really be you?”

I gave him a simple nod to cover up the giggle that I held within my breath. I could have never imagined that this is what he'd sound like. I thought Politoed's were supposed to have some of the more refine and more beautiful voices. From what I remember reading up about them they mainly fight with their voices. So it is supposed to be something of a very nice quality to listen to but... Looking at Squirts now I can see that he has a few lacerations on his body, though I can't remember whether or not he receive those before or after he ended up over here. Either way I can't leave him here or Phoenix for that matter.

"Well we're traveling to Blackthorn city right now,” I then turned to look at the cave while adding, "How about the two of you accompany us?”

Krystal then gave me a quick jab to the stomach that caused me to bend over in a desperate attempt to catch my breath. She then grabbed me by the head forcefully and whispered, "What the hell are you doing? I wanted some alone time tonight!”

After sucking up some much needed air I stammered out, "I know, but I can't just leave them here. They are my mother's Pokémon...”

"I know, but...” she whispered with a spreading blush going across her face.

I shook my head, and then regained my composer before turning to face the Ninetales and Politoed. They were both looking at each other with concerned looks on their faces. Squirts looked away from the Phoenix in shame; Phoenix on the other hand just closed her eyes then turned her head towards me.

"What's wrong?” I inquired.

"Master Max...” Phoenix started.

"Ferali,” I said interrupting.

"Was dat?” Squirts asked perking his head upwards then towards us.

"That's his new name while he's in this body,” Krystal answered before me, I think she must have guessed what we were talking about through me saying my name. "And I'm Krystal by the way.” Krystal then let out a slight sigh while closing her eyes when she opened them again she said, "I'm sorry about what happened a month back, I didn't mean to hurt you.”

Only Krystal could get away with hurting someone and give some sort of half-assed apology as that and still be sincere. Shaking my head I turned back to Phoenix to close and motioned her to continue. I could see some worry in her eyes, but I couldn't guess what meaning they had in them

"Master Ferali, please understand that we would both love to continue with you,” she was beginning to fidget with her small paws within the ground for a while before adding, "but we can't we have a prior engagement.”

For a moment I couldn't understand why she didn't want to leave, there were a few reasons I could think of, but none of it made any sense. Then I remembered that if I still had any power with my name I could just force her to answer my question.

She then sighed dejectedly with her eyes closed, "We need to wait on Master Tonya to retrieve us.”

I then paw-palmed myself in the face and dragged it down my snout slowly while sternly adding, "You do know I'm not going to allow you two to stay here any longer right. Phoenix, if anything I'm the successor to my mother. Now I don't see her around anywhere so as an order, you're coming with us.”

Squirt then let out a light chuckle, "It looky like dis heeya ole boi ain't da young'n he use't to be.”

That was it I finally had it with Squirt's accent it was too much for me to hold in. I did my best to contain the sudden explosion of laughter and maintain a serious face. It was too much for me to contain...I know it was an asshole thing to do, but come on!

"Sorry about that Squirt...just never in my life would I ever have imagined that you sounded like that,” I said apologetically while extending my paw out to him.

This time he took my paw with his sticky paw and shook it excitedly. When I pulled it back there was a thick slime that was left behind.

This caused him to start laughing elatedly, "No worry yer self-none, but Ferali it was? I to thank whee should stay riaght heeya and wait fo masta.”

Shaking my head once again at the responds, "I really want you two to join us.”

"Master Ferali, it does my heart good to see that you still care about us, but I would rather remain optimistic about her returning to us. So, no we won't follow that order master.” She then dipped her head respectfully.

I figured that it would be a waste of time for us to sit here trying to get them to come with us. In the end I guess it's just better if we went our separate ways for now at least. When Krystal and I make sure that her folks are still safe, we will return to get the both of them, whether if they want to come or not.

"Okay Phoenix, I'll let you do what you please, but when we get back from Blackthorn City and my mother haven't retrieved you guys,” I let a slight smile work its way on to my face as I finished my statement, "you'll be coming with us.”

I held my front paw out towards her in a jester of kindness. Even though she's been living in this cave/forest for the last month I could still say that the Ninetales named Phoenix was truly beautiful. Not just for her physical appearance, but her loyalty towards my mother was something to be commended as well.

"Oh Master, you'll make me blush with such kind thoughts,” she said reading my thoughts aloud. She placed her paw in mine.

A very large blush spread across my face as I quickly let go of her and turned around and started walking away. I could hear Squirts inquire about what I was thinking about, but before she could answer I was already inside the cave.

"Hey Ferali wait up!” Krystal voice squeaked from a distant. "What's with that blush on your face...?” She furrowed her brows at me and puffed her cheeks, "That Ninetales said something didn't she! She's going to have under her hex for your heart now isn't she?”

I stopped abruptly turned to face her. Reaching out I grabbed her on both of her shoulders and pulled her in close while leaning down to her small level, I gave her one more lick on the neck.

"You always had me under your spell,” I then looked up past her to the other end of the tunnel where we left Phoenix and Squirts.

The only things that ran through my mind as I stared down the corridor were, "Let's meet again my friends.”
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