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Author's Chapter Notes:

Okay! Everyone I'm so sorry about last week. Thanksgiving was a pain as I had to actually cook some food and was up all night doing such. The day came to quickly and I assumed that everyone was to busy stuffing their faces to read anyway so I took the week off...sorry.

Anywho lets get this story train moving!

Chapter 11: The way its done.

Know to Understand

Chapter 11: The way it's done.

The next day I awaken to see the bright sun radiating through the window. My face had a sharp pain run through it. I soon remember that I had slept on the hard wood floor. My bones creaked with soreness...damn science and cold air falling, making my body tingling in a painful way.

Slowly sitting up I took a quick look around the room. There was nothing out of the ordinary, a closet, mirror, window, and a bed. Sleepily looking at the bed, I instinctively reached up to pet Krystal on the head. When my hand rested on her head I quickly retracted it when I felt that it wasn't Krystal.

Rubbing my eyes roughly to clear my vision faster, I saw that it was actually Rebecca. She shuffled a bit underneath her sheets and then final slowly sat up. Her long beautiful golden blonde hair shone exquisitely in the sun light.

"Mmm...hmm, Max?" She said letting out an adorable yawn.

"Sorry about that Rebecca," I said standing up, "I thought you were someone else."

She to rub her eyes, "I don't need to read your mind to know that you were thinking about Krystal. Max everyone knows you love her. Why don't you just be with her?"

"It's not that simple Rebecca. If you haven't notice this Pokémon's Body seem to be in my way from have any form of physical relationship. I know that she will probably want to still be intimate, but I just can't."

"Max, I know that it's my fault that you no longer possess your human body. Just know that like you and not hating me, I want to see you happy no matter what." She said standing up out of the bed. I quickly looked away from her with a hard blush. I could hear her taking another yawn and is most likely stretch. "What's wrong Max?" She asked innocently.

"Rebecca you could have warned me that you're not wearing any pants!" I figured that I must be strange in deed...becoming slightly aroused by the thought of my sister. But she's my sister, but still...

"Oh come on Max is isn't like you haven't seen me naked before."

"Well I guess if you count the time that we were babies and mom made us takes baths together." I said standing to my feet.

"Oh well, guess someone's shy. Max it's only natural that you'd be turned on by me," She said smugly, "After all I am a woman now."

I started making my way towards the door but suddenly stopped. I turned around to see Rebecca using her sheets covers to cover up her lower half. She then let a creepy smile take over her mouth as she pointed towards the door with one hand and a "hush" motion with the other.

"Dear Max, if you wanted to see me naked all you had to do was just ask. A little incest never hurt anyone in the past; don't see how it could now. But do be gentle it's my first time." Rebecca said loudly as she quickly and surreptitiously made her way towards the closed door.

I didn't understand what was going on, but was sure to find out in a second. She still had a finger to her lips as she reached for the door handle. Suddenly she yanked it open and someone fell through on to the ground in the room.

It was one of the brothers, Brandon if I'm not mistaken. He's the one who wears the black suit, but he wasn't wearing it now. I can only assume that he must've heard that Rebecca was naked or something and was trying to listen in.

"...Oh my God." I muttered to myself. I just remembered what Rebecca was doing before she answered the door. I didn't understand it quite so myself at first. Now that I'm putting thought to it, she's actually quite clever. She knew that he was listening and lured him in closer to the door so she could catch him red handed.

"Caught you with your pants around your ankles, you pervert." She said.

When he turned around I notice something was on his face. It was a pair of blue goggles.

" you tricked me." He said lifting the goggles from his eyes. "So what are you gonna do to me?"

"Oh you'll find out. Max, you can leave," she said using her psychic powers to raise the window. "Trust me you don't wanna be here when I get finish with him."


"Don't worry I won't kill him, much." She added playfully.

Taking a deep sigh I simply took my leave out of the room. Waving them both off as I left I could hear the door behind me slam. I sincerely felt sorry for the guy, but it was short lived when I remember what he did to her a few days ago. When he first met us he shot her with a large amount of lighting.

Yesterday we all demonstrated our abilities to my mother. She made a list of what we knew like: abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. She was actually pretty organized and thorough about the way she set our training regimen. It would seem that everybody will be grouping up. Not only the humans but the Pokémon as well. She was quite serious about using all of our assets and I can't blame her either.

This made me feel wonderful, it made me feel like we can do this. No matter how much stronger Dr. Shine has gotten there is no way he can beat all of us...right?

Making my way into the living room I could see straight out of the window. It was there I could see Brian standing with what I can assume to be two of his Pokémon. One was a Glaceon while the other was an...

"Samurott." Said a feminine voice from behind me.

Turning around to see that it was my mother, she was cladded in a tight blue and white suit. I can only think that it was a suit similar to the twins or Rebecca's. Again she was doing the whole mind reading thing that was starting to get annoying.

"I know what it was...if you'd let my mind process the information, I would have thought about it." I said sounding annoyed. She, Rebecca, and Phoenix all have that shit bad. Finishing your sentences by reading your mind or obtaining personal information in this manner.

"Sorry Max...I thought that."

"You thought nothing." I said cutting her off. "Let's just train and do some good with our time."

Just as I was about to walk outside when I heard my mother call me. Looking back to see what she wanted she had a very depressed look on her face. Her beautiful hair was being carried by the gentle wind that circulated with in the room. This sight somehow eased the anger that was trying to build within me.

"You hate me, don't you?" She asked.

"You're a psychic, can't you just read my mind." I said not wanting to talk to her.

"Max you're my son. I would never want you to stop expressing yourself to me." She then approached me, "But your training won't start with everyone else..."

Then there was a loud crash coming from the hallway. Without thinking to hard I could already guess that must have been Rebecca most likely trying to kill that boy. Oh well no love lost I guess.

"What do you mean I won't train with everyone else? You said yesterday that I'd be working with that Glaceon and Samurott."

"Yeah," She answered reaching behind her back. She retrieved a small blue glass like orb. "I'm sorry I have to do this..." With those words she charged towards me.

I didn't understand what was happening so I put up my hands to guard myself. Little good did that do, as she held out her free hand and expanded her digits.

I was lifted off the ground and slammed in to the wall. Before I knew it she was already in my face. She had a concern look in her eye, but from where I was plastered I should be the one with that look. I was just plain ole confused.

"Please forgive me for this." She said as she reached up with the orb.

"Forgive you for what?" I asked out of confusion.

As her hand neared my stomach I could feel a sharp pain shooting from there. Looking down to see that the skin on my stomach started peeling back and splitting.

'I know what that is. I know what that is!' I could hear Hydro shout within my mind. 'Master bear with it for a moment. The pain will stop soon.'

I really didn't quite understand what he was talking about. I literally had no choice but to sit here and take it. I mean she had me suspended on the door off of my feet. I could probably attack her with a water attack but I'm not going to. She's my mother and if she wanted me dead there were plenty of other chances that she could have took. The orb she retrieved from her back pocket levitated towards me.

That's when I notice that my stomach tore open exposing the pink meaty insides of my stomach. The pain for some reason wasn't there. I didn't feel anything except from the initial tearing. It looked horrible, but I for some reason I didn't feel the need to do anything. I felt relax as strange as it sounds. The orb slowly entered my stomach.

Once the orb was completely engulfed within my stomach the skin and tissue, the freshly made wound promptly sealed itself up. It was as if though it was never there to begin with.

I was released from the hold and slowly let upon the ground. My feet couldn't support my large body so I quickly fell to my knees. Catching myself with my hands I just stared at the ground.

Looking up I could see my mother holding her head. She had a pained look on her face, she looked up towards me and said, "Max, I'm going to make you stronger. With that orb embedded inside your body, you'll be able to rival the strength of Krystal, the speed of Rebecca, or the elemental abilities of Brian and Brandon."

"That sounds too good...what's the catch?" I said wheezing for air.

"Well pretty much every time you attack or run, it'll be times ten."

I stared up at her confused, shaking my head in wonderment, hoping that she would elaborate more.

"Basically Max every time you try to hurt something it'll do more much damage." she said kneeling down towards me. "You'll see in a little bit Max, just try not to overdo it, okay we have time." She then looked towards the ground and added softly, "We have time..."

Standing to my feet I only nodded before I had to rest my arm against the wall. "Are you okay? You seem in pain."

"Yeah, I'm fine," She responded. "I just need to lie down for a second. It's not every day I perform psychic surgery."

Somewhat shocked I looked at her questionably and asked, "I thought my stomach opening was a side effect of you placing the ball there. You actually opened me up, placed an orb within me, and then sealed me with no scars or pain?"

"Of course, I am a master psychic after all." She said rubbing her head even more deeply.

I think it was her overflowing ego that was really starting to hurt her. But I have to give it to her she's a damn good psychic.

She slowly started approaching me; she took her index finger and poked me hard on my stomach. "Language." She said as started walking away from me. "And Max I was serious about over doing it. That orb packs a punch so be careful."

Having some of my faith restored in her I nodded, "Yes, mam."

"Now, where is your sister? I need to talk with her and get some training in, but nap first." She said stretching.

I giggle a bit and turned back towards the front door. The thought of my mother acting this silly somewhat eluded me...but damn I was happy have her. I wish things could go back to the way that they were before any of this craziness happened. Back when it was just us including our father who just lived our lives peacefully.

"I hope things get better from here on out." I said to myself.

Walking out side I could feel someone standing behind me. I had a pretty good feeling who it was, "what would you have done if she tried to kill me?"

"I'd brought the entire house down on top of her." Krystal said calmly approaching me.

Turning around I saw that she had her hair wrapped up into two pig tails, the curliness was still there though. She was wearing black tank top with a yellow scarf, she had a black jean shorts on, and a pair of yellow shoes. To be honest she looked very even.

Shaking the perverted thoughts from my mind, I just looked away from her. I'm pretty sure that I was blushing.

Krystal then sighed and said, "Anyway what was that noise from earlier?"

"The lightening brother wanted to peek on my sister. I'm sure that was her throwing him out of a window." I said with a slight chuckle.

"This is the reason why I envy you!" She said throwing both her hands into the air, while making her way towards me. She simply draped her arms around my stomach and looked me square in the eye.

"Here we go with that again. Why is it you envy me Ms. Silver?"

"I don't know, it's weird how you can just forgive and forget like that. A part of me wants to be able to do that, but the other part is saying that it's childish. I don't know..." She looked away from me while releasing her wide hug-like grip on me.

"Well Krystal I think that we all have that ability within us." Taking a moment to think about something to support my claim, "Okay, remember the time when we fought Dr. Shine for the first time."

Krystal nodded and said, "Yeah when you smashed his arm."

"Exactly, now remember when you said you'd break me when you found me."

"'re right, but thing is Ferali I still haven't made up my mind about that yet." She said completely burying her face in my chest.

'I think I'd welcome that from you.' I thought to myself, placing a hand on top of her head. Combing it down with the flow of her hair Krystal looked up towards me in my gaze. She carried a smile on her face that I haven't seen a very long time. I kept trying to tell myself to back myself way from her so it will be easier for me to leave. Krystal on the other hand didn't leave me with any choice, I didn't want to say but she had me emotionally cornered.

"Krystal," I murmured as I leaned in closer to her beautiful face. I'm not going to lie to myself and say that I didn't feel awkward doing this, but...dammit I love this girl. I closed my eyes waiting for her embrace.

I only waited for a moment before I was soon met with the pressing of her wet lips against mine. I could only hold it for a second before I let go...I don't know it just didn't feel right.

Opening my eyes to see Krystal had a large smile on her face. "Well that's a start," she said as she immediately started light jogging away towards the woods where Brian was, his Pokémon was standing out in the open by themselves.

I think I just brighten her day up. Not sure why though I mean that wasn't even a kiss, just both of our lips being pressed together.

"Oh please Max that girl loves you." I could hear the familiar voice of Rebecca coming from behind me.

Turning to her I smile chuckled wholeheartedly, "And you almost killed a guy for spying on you?" pretty ironic seeing how she is snooping around in my mind.

"Well...yeah, but since I'm a girl I can do it. But he was doing it for some sort of sick kick." She added coldly. She was standing in the center of the door with her arms folded, she was wearing a bright orange tee shirt with a blue skirt, and just like Krystal her hair was tied back into pigtails. "Anyway I'm not going to bore you. Go ahead and train with those other Pokémon so you can get stronger."

"Yeah," I said walking away from her, but stopped and turned to her and added, "And Rebecca, I love you." It felt kind of weird to say that. Just that if it were the last time I were to speak to her for any reason I would want her to know that I will always love her. She's my sister and I can't blame her for something that our father done to her.

She dropped her arms to her side turned away from me. I was about to walk after her but she stopped and added, "Thank you and Max I will always love you."

That's all I needed to here from her. I decided that it was best that I needed to go meet the partners that I will be training with. From the look of the two of them I get the feeling we should get along.

Samurott was big, but I'm big as well hopefully it won't have that dominating personality like everyone else here. Hopefully it will be calm, cool, and collected.

The Glaceon I could remember from earlier. Brian was trying to talk with her and she didn't seem to want to give him the time of day, even though she's his Pokémon. I can tell that she's going to be a lot of fun. Then again she seemed to be indifferent to everything that's been happening.

Making my way towards them I could hear the Samurott talking, "Diamond you need to respond when our master talks to you."

It was kind of disturbing to find that the Samurott had such a feminine voice. Whatever I shouldn't judge...hell look at me. I think they might be arguing with each other, but if I interject we can get started with the training.

"Diamond," the Samurott repeated. "Diamond say something!" The Samurott was starting to become upset.

Suddenly the Glaceon known as Diamond started trotting away from the Samurott.

The Samurott let out a vicious snarl in anger. I thought that he was going to charge over to the Glaceon and tear its head off.

I thought that now would be the best time to intervene, especially since I worked so hard to have all of the masters of the Pokémon not kill each other. They seemed to be a little more unstable than the masters, but I can see where they get it from.

I approached the Samurott cautiously. I didn't want to do anything to upset the giant water Pokémon. "Hey, what's going on?"

The Samurott remained silent as it's gaze fell upon me. I have a pretty good judge of character by first sight of someone, but this Pokémon somewhat eluded me. I didn't respond to my question. Ignoring me it looked away from me and slowly started making my way towards the middle of the town.

I knew that it was pointless to follow the Glaceon, but I thought at least I could reason with the Samurott. It seemed to be the most reasonable of the two.

For an instant I abandoned my own caution about this creature. I was going to have it see reason and start training with me one way or another.

"Hey!" I yelled once I got within ear shot.

The Samurott stopped but never looked my way. "So you're the miss fit freak," It said bluntly while adding, "Everyone around here thinks the sun shines out of your ass."

'Master, something isn't right. Activate your ice gauntlets now.' Hydro said.

I didn't want to challenge his command right now. I'm pretty sure this advice is for my safety.

Without thinking I activated my ice gauntlets. The ice formed over my hand, as the Samurott continued with its insults.

"And if I'm not mistaken you're in legion with that wench that insulted my master..." It said as it paused to think about what to do next. It slowly rose onto its hind legs, and folded it's forearms across it's chest.

I wasn't going to allow what this thing said get into my mind. I could tell that it was trying to bait me and provoke a reaction out of me. I just remained on guard.

With a sudden burst of speed the Samurott turned around with a mighty slash. My arms moved without me having to think about where she was going to land the attack. I caught her blade that seemed to be coated with a water edge. It only make sense seeing as how the blade itself is a sea shell.

The Samurott press down harder while only gripping the sword with one hand. I notice that the water pressure on the blade was beginning to build and like a buzz-saw started to cut into the ice. Using the all the strength within my hand I pushed off it. The force behind the push was far greater than I had expected.

The Samurott was sent reeling backwards and landed on its ass. It had embedded the sword within the ground to absorb the momentum. It eyes shot wide open as it slowly stood to its feet. What looked to be a shocked expression suddenly turned into an angry one. Leaving the one sword in the ground it reached for its left forearm. Then with a sudden jerk it whipped out another sea shell sword. It too was coated in a water energy buzz-saw. It picked up the other blade that was within the ground and waved it skillfully through the air.

I was so distracted by the blades I almost didn't feel my arms jerk to deflect the water energy blade that was flung at me. I felt as if though something was controlling my reactions. It was diverted into a tree that was immediately split in two when the beam connected.

"You're pretty good!" It yelled while It fiddled with its swords. "I see that I can't take it easy on you, now can I?"

Biting back a flurry of insults that were building up ever since I met this damn thing I simply asked, "Can I at least have the name of my opponent?"

"Why's that?"

"Call it an honor amongst men." I said regaining my composure for the next round. For some reason I feeling really tired. I can only assume that it has something to do with that orb within me. I wonder if my body movements have anything to do with it either?

"I'm not a man..."

" are." I said confused.

"I'm a female and my name is Osha! And what's yours freak?!" She retorted while hooking her swords together and giving them a light twirl where small water whips lashed me on the face.

"I'm not a freak! And the names Ferali, I'll be kicking your ass today, female or not!"
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