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Know To Understand by Pod155


Author's Chapter Notes:

Oh boy all of the rivals are training with each other: Ferali vs Osha, Krystal vs Brandon and Brian. As the battles start to heat up someone have been doing some training on their own.

Chapter 12: Crossing Territories Uncharted.

Know to Understand

Chapter 12: Crossing Territories Uncharted.

Both the Samurott and I let out mighty roars to intimidate the other. We weren't budging, for some reason even the human side of me didn't want to back down. I get the feeling that we were going to give it our all. I was happy with that and just wanted to do my best.

"Don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're a female!" I yelled.

"Your attacks are so light I thought I was fighting another female!" Osha Retorted.

Osha took a deep breath while she tipped her head upwards. My gaze followed her as she released a light spray of water in the air.

Something didn't feel right about this water so I instinctively side stepped to avoid the oncoming spray. Then my body suddenly reacted on its own and took my right ice gauntlet and slammed it down hard onto the ground. This caused a large ice pillar at least eight feet tall to shoot straight up from the ground in front of me. It was soon knocked down though...but when I was finally able to see what cause it, there laid Osha.

She was making a loud grunt noises as she tried lifting herself off the ground and from understand the large boulders of ice.

I felt kind of bad because I think I may have hurt her. She then looked up at me with rage felt eyes that started glowing blue. The glow in her eyes completely covered up her pupils.

Her mouth started to gape and with quick fire she launched a small stream of water towards my face. I didn't look powerful nor was it traveling very fast. I didn't think much of it, just that she was trying to buy some time by using this level of attack to distract me. The water soon splashed in my face and making my previous notions about the distraction completely inaccurate.

I fell to the ground writhing in pain, because she shot boil hot water into my eyes. After a moment of this I was able to get the pain somewhat under control. But my eyes didn't open, they were far to burned. I know I'm going to have to go to a Pokémon Center after this, but first I need to put this bitch down.

Without my sight I could only rely on my other senses. This will make for excellent training just wish I didn't have to go through the painful handicap.

'Master I have your back. We'll get this giant bitch, trust me I'll be your eyes!' Hydro said enthusiastically.

I noticed that he doesn't like anything drastic happening to our body. I wonder if he feels the pain as well as I do. But I can wonder about that later because I can hear the ice being thrown to the ground. She must be getting to her feet. I can hear the heavy heated pants and grunts radiating from her direction.

"Is that all you got Feral...Freak?!" She yelled.

I could hear that she was trying to call me by my name, but her pride wasn't going to allow her to. I knew her type very well, in a lot of ways she reminds me of Sasha.

Just to piss her off even more I countered with, "I might not be able to see you, but I can smell you like a fresh pile of shit!"

"Well I never...!" She shouted, but wasn't able to think of a good comeback.

This was okay though, from her making all of these noises I'm able to pinpoint her location. Making her angry will be key to winning the battle. The angrier she gets the more noise she will make.

I heard the slow steps of her making her way towards me. She was hurting but not slowing down, I'd better be careful.

'Master she's six feet in front of us.' Hydro whispered.

"You'd better finish me off quickly. I don't think I have any strength left in me." I said pretending to sound defeated.

I could hear the steady approach of Osha as she buried the sword within the dirt every time she took a step. She must've been using it for a crutch to move towards me.

'Four feet.' Hydro said like a count down.

I would only need her to get a few feet closer in order to finish this. I as she made her way towards me I slid my right hand behind my back. I slowly started growing ice over my claws to make them hard enough to stab right through her if I have to.

'Two feet...'

I could actually feel her hard breath rubbing itself against my skin as if it were a steam from a shower. I was just about to reach up and poke a hole inside of her chest, but I was soon toppled over by an unbearable weight.

It was then when I could hear the feint snores of the Samurott. She went unconscious before she made to me. I almost didn't know what to do. I mean here I was blind, getting ready to anticipate her killing blow with one of my own, and then suddenly I'm now using that strength to hold her up. When the weight became too much for me to bear I just fell backwards. I could only sigh as I realized how ridiculous I look right now.

"Well...well...well," said an unfamiliar suave voice. "Look what we have here,"

"Hey I'm not sure who you are and I can explain why a Feraligatr is talking later, but could you help me get this Pokémon off of me."

Then there was ominous silence that flooded the backgrounds the peaceful town. This in turn made me wearier at the voice. I wouldn't be nervous if the person would freak out by me, but I'm nervous at the fact that they are being silent after hearing me talk. I better be careful.

'Well master I didn't see that one coming...why she fell on us like that? For that matter for her to be a water Pokémon things sure are feeling hot.'

Suddenly the burden for Samurott was lifted off my body. When I tried moving my body for some reason it wouldn't budge. Hell it felt heavier now than it did when the Samurott was on top of me.

It was then I started remembering my mother's words about taking it easy. This orb enhances all of my strengths but takes away all of my energy and leaves me in an extremely vulnerable state.

With my eyes still in the condition that they are in I couldn't even see the person or thing standing over me. I could only hope that whoever it was were friendly, don't think I could take another beating.

I started hear explosions' in the background. With all of the most dangerous people in the world fighting each other, explosions are bound to happen. I wondered who was fighting who and if they could remember that this was a training exercise.

"So, are you going to get up or lie there all day?" The mystery voice spoke.

"Yeah I think I am for a while, I'm feeling pretty tired. So if you want to try anything now would be the best time to do it." I said being half serious. If they wanted to kill me now while I can't defend myself and nobody is around would be the best time. I was pretty sure that it wasn't the case because they'd been and had me dead before I could even retort that previous statement to them.

I could hear the disappointed sighs of the mystery voice. "Sweetheart what should we do with him?"

The next voice to speak up was very cold and bitter, but it had a sweet sound to it. "We have to do some of training, suppose we could use him as a punching bag."

'Master you're not really planning on letting them abuse us, are you?' Hydro asked.

'Nah just trying to get a good sense of direction of where they are, before I pounce on them.' I said as a sort of reassurance, but I was mostly lying. I simply didn't have the strength to move. I'm sure Hydro could feel that.

I could feel my heart beat steady itself into a slow and calm rate. I didn't quite understand why now of all the time for my heart to be calm, but it didn't feel wrong. It was like I was being put back into a Pokéball and able to rest.

'Master I'll take it from here. Just sit back and watch me.'

I don't understand...what does he mean "take it from here?" Hydro shouldn't be able to do anything physically outside my body.

Everything for me then went dark as if I were slowly dying, but I wasn''s hard to describe it was like I was being put into a Pokéball while slowly bleeding out at the same time. The only thing that kept me from assuming that I was going to die was that I could actually eyes were open!

Nothing was making any sense. I should be blinded right now. How is it I'm able to see anything, for that matter what the hell's going on with my body? I could feel nothing it was like my soul wasn't attached to my body anymore.

I needed to relax myself there has to be a logical explanation for what's happening right now. Calmness soon swept through my mind as I took long slow deep breaths (or what felt like breathing). After I ran seven or eight different scenario most, but one involved my mother, sister, or phoenix controlling me somehow. But that wasn't the case now I feel who was controlling my movements and holding me prisoner within my own body.

'Master I figured out how to reestablish connection to my body some time ago.' Hydro said. 'It started when we fought your father back in Black throne City. When you made the suicide run to kill him quickly, it was I who intervened and took control of our reflexes. Whenever you felt some sort of unnatural movement, whenever something didn't feel right, it was because of me.'

"Hydro...I don't understand."

'You should! If anyone else here should understand it should be you!' He yelled. It was hard to tell where his voice was coming from while I was in here or if it was his voice at all. It was as if though I could feel his words within my soul, and not my ears.

I thought about what he just said and it made sense. In a way he was scared for what I might say to him for taking control over his body. He was expressing himself thinking that I would scold him...I wouldn't do him like that, I'd rather yell or have a fight with Krystal, but I would never in this lifetime do anything to him.

"Hydro it'll be okay," I said. "If you know how to take it from here I'll support you."


"Don't master me!" I yelled as everything started to go black as I said my parting words to Hydro, "Kick both their asses."

'Yes, master...'

(Krystal's POV)

"Too slow bitches!" I yelled as I kicked Brian in the face with my left heel. The blow sent him flying far away into the nearby house.

Tonya had paired me up with the brothers for this training session. The both of them should be faster than this. Especially the one that uses lightening, it's like someone broke his ankles or something, and he's been limping the entire match. Both of their attacks have been lacking and the solid white brother, Brian I think, he clearly was far to provoked by me to focus on any of his attacks.

"Brian!" Brandon yelled.

Brian burst throughout the ceiling and landed on top of the roof. He held both of his hands up into the air. Even with naked eyes I could see that he had compact a large amount of air into a small dense ball. If I didn't know any better I could swear that he was trying to kill me. Basically he was trying to make a fire bomb that once thrown will detonate and blow me to hell. I wasn't going to let that happen.

"Like what they say sometimes you have to fight fire with fire!" I yelled as I unsheathed Sasha's horn from a small pouch I had on my back.

"Brian!" Brandon yelled trying to gain the attention of his brother. "Have you lost your mind?! You'll kill everyone in town with that!"

"Shut the fuck up Brandon and get out of here," He was genuinely pissed off. "I'm going to roast this bitch!"

It's kind of flattering to see how I can get underneath his skin like this. I assumed he was more of the leveled headed types, keeping his cool under pressure, but no he's just an impatient brat who in the first sign of trouble will lose his temper and attack with overwhelming force when the situation doesn't call for it. Nothing personal against him or his brother but I hope that suit can withstand attacks better than his pride can because if not I will kill him.

Tucking the blade in I applied a huge charge to Sasha's Horn. I could feel the darkness that was inside of me suddenly being drawn into the blade. For some reason I felt happy, just whenever I use Sasha's Horn I always felt like there's something watching over me and feeling me with the power to defeat my opponents. This feeling was like that of Sasha whenever she was around me.

It was a feeling that will always be with me. I know that she was watching over me to see me through whatever rough patches I go through.

"Oh no you don't!" I could hear Brandon yell.

I looked to my right to see him pointing his right hand towards me. I could hear the lightning within his suit with a loud static crackling throughout the area.

Suddenly he crossed his left arm over his right one and pointed it at his brother on the roof. "Brian you have to stop right now!" He yelled. "You're going to level the town if you keep going with this."

Brian brought his arms down but the compressed oxygen didn't leave, but instead it just split into two and wrapped itself around both of his arms. "Fine Brandon we'll play it your way, but she still gets roasted." He said.

Brian snapped his fingers and his helmet quickly wrapped around his head and arms spontaneously combusted. The blazing flames around his grew as he jumped from the roof to the ground where Brandon and I were.

Suddenly Brandon fired the lightning towards me. Using Sasha's Horn I brought it up and deflected it. It ricocheted into the forest that was nearby.

With that I charged toward Brian and continued the buildup of darkness within Sasha's Horn. I brought her up and at him with a downward jab.

He brought up his arms to try and block it, but was it was no good and my blow connected with his arms and sent him flying back into the house from earlier. I could feel a tingling sensation on my face and my arm. I could feel the burning pain of Brian's flames building up around him. I should be careful when approaching him for now on, probably melt my face off.

"Shit, Brian!" Brandon yelled.

This time he released the large amount of lightning being stored within his both of his hands towards me.

Bringing Sasha's Horn up to try and prayed that it would be deflected as much as possible. Suddenly when the lightning connected with blade it pushed me backwards, but I was able to maintain my footing.

The lightning had stopped abruptly when I looked up to see what had happened I was greeted with a fist to the stomach. The force behind the blow was so great that it lifted me off of the ground and into the air. There was nothing underneath me to cushion the landing but hard dirt. Once I landed I couldn't tell which hurt more my stomach or my back.

I took some much needed breaths of air before I stood to my feet. Wincing in pain I could see the lightning brother still the attacking pose from his previous attack. I assume it was to irritate me and cause me to lash out at them wildly. Normally I would, but I'm not. I figure that I could cause more pain to them if I keep my cool.

"Is that all you got?" I said a shook the dizziness out of my eyes.

"Hell no, I'm just getting warmed up." Brandon retorted.

He raised his right palm up towards me and started charging the lighting within his hand. His mask soon appeared and wrapped around his head giving him a demonic look...It's the same look that Dr. Shine would give if he had someone in his sights.

This cause my body to involuntarily react and draw on more energy than what was needed I pointed Sasha's Horn at him. There was so much dark energy on the blade itself that it started to leak and scorched the earth.

I guess he must have noticed this and became much more serious than before. The lightning in his hands double as the static started to bounce around us.

I wanted to use something else that would throw him off. I didn't know how to tap into any other elemental abilities except for darkness. I guess I was going to have to try a different kind of darkness move.

The only thing that came to was Ferali for some reason. I remember the time that he and Sasha fought in the park that day. I remember that Sasha only used one dark move and that was Night Slash, but I don't want to get that close to him plus if I try firing it off from a distant I'm more than sure he will over power it. I don't think I'm capable of forming Shadow Balls.

My mind was running a mile a minute as I quickly began to formulate on how I fire the Night Slash but focus it into a beam. That way it'll be more concentrated to counter the amount of power he's using.

With that thought in my mind I quickly thought of the move I could use.

I focused my mind onto a single point on his body I converted the typically raging energy on the blade into a focal point.

"You ready to die!" I yelled trying to scare him into backing down.

"Bring it on old lady!" He retorted.

"Eat this!" I pointed my blade straight at him and fired the dark beam. It had large ovals within the laser so I could safely assume that it was a Dark pulse. If my life weren't on the line right now I'd be excited that I've learn a move all by myself.

Then I could hear the loud noise of the lightning being discharged from his suit. And the inevitable explosion of the clash soon erupted after.

"Focus! Focus! Focus!" I yelled repeatedly to myself as I concentrated on the beam.

The beam started to condense and focus itself into a thin laser. I started to become mentally exhausted as if I were trying to solve a puzzle on the hottest summer day. The Dark Pulse and lightning attacks spewed forth so many different colors that I couldn't see who was winning the clash.

"This is ridiculous!" I heard Brandon yell. "You can't not have this much power!"

'You better believe I do.' I thought because I simply didn't have the strength to form words anymore.

With that final thought out of my mind I could no longer hold myself up anymore and my legs were starting to give out from underneath me. My vision was suddenly blurred and arms felt heavy. All of the energy within me was being drained out of me and I couldn't let up because I would get roasted by the lightning.

This point it wouldn't matter because the darkness soon overtook my eyes. The last thing I felt was my body jerk and a loud explosion soon followed.

"U..ugh...huh?" I grumbled inaudibly.

My eyes slowly fluttered there was a bright light that seeped its way into them. As they slowly opened I saw the underlining of Ferali's chin. I could feel my head being propped up by him.

This reminds me of the time when I tested him for the first time, how I cradled him afterwards. I had nearly broken his arm that time, but I have never been more proud of him. The first person or Pokémon that I could truly come to care about.

Now look at me he's treating me as if I'm some baby. The last thing I need is treatment like that especially since I was fighting with the brothers...oh shit.

Using my remaining strength I rolled over and pushed myself up on my elbows. My vision was still kind of blurry so I couldn't see the person I was being held by.

"Told you she'd freak." I could hear the all too familiar voice of Brandon.

"I know bro, but Ms. Tonya would freak as well if we don't take care of her." This time Brian was the one to speak up.

I still couldn't talk, but I could hear what was happening very clearly. Looking at them I could see that both of their helmets were off.

"Yeah I wish you'd thought about that earlier dumb ass," Brandon scolded. "You damn near leveled this entire town. Father would have our heads on stakes if that were to happen."

"I know I'm sorry. Just this damn suit man I don't know it's like being injected with truth serum for my emotions. Anything I feel just comes out like tenfold." I didn't understand what he was talking about.

"Brian I'm used to you being the calm, cool, n collected one, not me. You should be the one bailing me out of situation like that, not me. And it should be me cradling the females, not you!" He said with a hint of laugher.

"Oh shut up Brandon. Now you will have her looking at me as if I'm crazy."

I did think he was crazy. From the moment we met each other we've been trying to kill one another. He's acting completely different from earlier. What the hell is wrong with him? Why is he acting so calm?

"W-what the..." Suddenly everything that I'd eaten for lunch came up out of my mouth.

"Ugh! Dude that takes away from sex appeal." I could hear Brandon say.

When I was finished with vomiting I rolled over on my back and looked up to the sunny sky. I took some much needed breaths of air as some of my energy came back to me.

"What the hell happened?" I was finally able to get out.

There was a moment of silence before Brandon spoke up. "Well you see since you decided to go all out with that last attack. I had no choice but to match the power, which damn near fried my suit by the way. Anyway I think you couldn't hold it up for too long and released it." I could hear some tapping. "Luckily the Dragon of Truth saved you in the nick of time."

Another moment of silence passed by awkwardly as I tried to digest what happened. He actually saved my life. I think I may have to thank him...Nah!
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