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Know To Understand by Pod155


Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello everyone first off happy new years, secondly MOAR PLOT!, and last getting down to business.

Something weird finding gold inside oxygen...weird right?

Chapter 16: To no end.

Know To Understand.

Chapter 16: To no end.

"Well looks like you two had fun," Brandon said.

I was helping Brian to the house that the two of them were staying in. Ignoring Brandon him I helped carry Brian inside the house and tossed him down on the nearest couch. As I was about to leave so I could go change shirts, I could feel something grab me on the hand. When I looked down to see what it was there was Brian with both of his eyes closed. He seemed to be sleep...and crying.

I guess all of the Silver children are destined for pain.

"Did you hurt him?" Brandon said, standing in the doorway with his arms folded.

I shook my head, "No, I'm not the monster you want me to be." I walked past him without a second thought. Quickly making my way back into the house where Ferali was I too laid down on the couch. I guess the training between us must have drained me more than I thought

I slowly started falling asleep at the thought of what had transpired. It's funny how when you get to know somebody you don't like they suddenly remind you of yourself.

It's starting to creep me out more I think about it. It probably be better if I were to just leave it be for now. I'll have to talk to him tomorrow or whenever I wake up.

(Ferali's POV)

My eyes slowly fluttered open to a dark room. Quickly reaching over I pinched myself to make sure that I'm not dreaming like last time. I don't think I could handle jumping out of a window again. When I could feel the pain of my stomach when I squeezed down on it, I nodded and jumped to my feet.

Stretching while letting out a loud yawn I lazily looked around the room. It was the same one from before except there was a towel covering the widow I had jumped through. Making my way out of the room and into the living room I saw Krystal spread out on the couch snoring loudly.

She looked to have some dirt on her face and her shirt was torn. If Krystal wasn't who she was I would have sworn that she had been raped. (God have mercy on the man who would attempt such a crazy act)

Walking back to my room I grabbed the sheets off my bed and returned to her. Laying the sheets over her gently I smiled at her small form. This small girl was the world to me and I would be willing to do anything for her. And before I leave this world I want to make sure that she is happy.

Turning away from her I made my way out of the front door. I was greeted by a special shine from the full moon moonlight. I know all the Umbreons out there got to love this.

All of the wounds on my body were now healed and scabbing. The potion that Krystal used was a powerful one I can still the sting of the medicine working its magic. I guess I was more hurt than I thought.

Looking across the street at the house where Rebecca and mom were staying I saw the lights to one of the rooms shut off. It's funny how this is as close to a family we've been in so long. I often wonder what things may have turned out to be like if we were just a regular family. If I had met Krystal in a normal setting and bring her home to the family do a meet and greet. Go off to have adventures with her, Rebecca, and Hydro. Settle down with Krystal have lots of kids, raise them, and then at the end of my life look back with no regrets.

I sighed dejectedly as I realized that wasn't going to happen. Krystal was never going to be my wife, I was never going to be able to have kids, and the only adventure that I'm allowed to get was me killing my father. According to Rebecca at the end of the road the only thing that awaits me is death.

I sighed dejectedly once again and started making my way into the woods where I could have some alone time with calmer thoughts. Something about the woods has always been a place of refuge for me. Even when I was younger whenever I was scolded by my father or mother I used to retreat into the dense wilderness and relax myself.

Arriving in the wood I found a suitable tree to prop myself up against. My mind began to wonder about my life especially when I was younger. The thoughts of my time I spent with my father. Contrary to recent events with him my life before was actually a pretty great one.

I didn't get as much attention from father as Rebecca did, but I loved my father none the less. When it came to exploring dangerous areas or going on a wild adventure father would never hesitate to call on me to join him.

"That is of course was every time I called for you..." A hoarse voice called from behind me.

Detecting which direction it came from I immediately rolled to the other side of the tree. Baring my fangs I was ready for anything that was going to be thrown at me. But when I saw who it was...there was nothing I could say or do to bring any comfort to my mind as it drew a blank from the horror and hopelessness I was now feeling.

"Hello Max, long time, no see."

The best thing for me to do is to play along with him. The worst thing would to be try and alert everyone he's here. He'd more than likely kill them all the way he did Squirts.

"I'm not here looking for a fight." Dr. Shine rasped.

"Wait, then why are you here?" I asked frankly. "I'm not sure if you know this but everyone in this camp wants to kill you. That goes double for me."

He shook his head and sighed dejectedly. "Max I never wanted things to turn out this way. The moment I trapped you inside that Feraligatr's body was the moment I lost my life."

"You know if you stay here mom will find out you're here." I didn't want to hear anything he had to say. He was my enemy and there wasn't really anything he could say that would make me forgive him for what he's done to not only me but everyone else I care for.

"Max do you want to put an end to this madness?"

"What are you playing at?" I asked curiously. "The only way this madness ends if your life does the same."

"You can lower your guard. I've mastered the wings Rebecca gave me." He looked off to the side and into the forest, "though it might have been a little too late. Look I'm not here to apologize nor am I here to fight, I'm here for redemption."

"Stop with the mind games! Just tell me what you want?" I said growing ice over my claws.

He slowly walked closer to me. Instinctively I backed away from him, ever weary of what he might do next. This would be the third time I've seen my father in the last two months and two of those times he tried to kill me. He reached out for with his wings.

Shooting off a quick water gun, his wing was knocked away from me. That didn't make any sense. Normally whenever I tried harming him there was an unseen force that would deflect all of my attacks. But for some reason it actually went through. I mean I didn't have to setup any diversions do special attacks or anything. Looking at him with a now growing concern about why was he really here.

"See I'm not here to harm you only to talk. But I would much rather do it in a more private setting. I have full control over my Lugia abilities. It's the only thing stopping the rest of the psychics here from detecting me."

Though I didn't trust him by a long shot my curiosity got the better of me as I found myself walking behind him as he led the way into a deeper part of the forest.

It felt like an hour had gone by the time we stopped. The surrounding forest was a pitch dark as the close cream colored moon hung above the trees. We must have been at least a mile away from everyone else.

"What did you need to tell me?"

He stopped and then turned to face me and said, "Max I want you to join me."

The air in my throat almost choked me to death when I heard that absurd request. He must have really lost his have I for that matter. What the hell did I think was going to happen if I were to follow him out here? What the fuck's really wrong with me? This is the bastard I'm training my ass off to kill. Why the hell am I following him into some secluded location when I should be trying to alert mom so we can deal with him once and for all. This bastard is the one who killed Squirts and Sasha.

"I never wanted you to be a part of any of this!" He shouted.

"What are you talking about? You're the one who did everything to me!"

"Max yes I did but there was a reason behind all of my actions."

For the moment I will at least humor him with listening for his explanation. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything that'll change my mind about killing him. Hell, just by listening to this son of a bitch was starting to drive me insane.

"The suit that I designed and allowed you to use did not have the full power of one of the later models but you seemed to be able to handle it well." He sighed dejectedly. "That was "my" or I should say "your" first mistake. Since you didn't do like I asked and meet other Pokémon and your Pokésuit only adjusted to Hydro, when I took your body and wore one of the newer model suits my behavior changed with all of the Pokémon that I met. And apparently this affects a person on more than just a physical scale but a mental one as well."

The longer he went on the more irritated I became. He is actually sitting there trying to cast blame on someone else other than himself because he failed to realize what kind of power he was dealing with.

" know this story can be told for another time."

I guess he must have mind reading abilities as well. That or he could see that I was becoming angrier by the second.

"What makes you think I'll join you for any reason?"

"Because I have something you need to see in order to believe. After that little incident in Blackthorn City, I had come to my senses and witness some incredible things there. Max if you come with me we can change the world for the better, it's just..."

I looked at him curiously. Suddenly he grabbed me around my head and looked into my eyes...I saw images and...feeling that I couldn't understand. It was horrifying yet beautiful at the same time. It was as if looking at both light and darkness occupying the same space. Not on the opposite spectrums, but literally in the same space, as if though they shouldn't have been separated in the first place. Something inside my gut burned with a newfound curiosity to want and understand what was happening.

"You just better come with me to find out."

I thought about it for a moment and in the end I thought that it would be better to question him some more. I really hate to do this, and I mean really hate to do this...but I have to end this and find out some answers for why the hell is he doing all of this. At the end of the day everything will fall back to him. I'm going to die anyway hopefully I could do some good before then and end all of this once and for all.

(Krystal's POV)

There was a loud slam at the door. Someone then yelled, "Krystal come quick!" it was Rebecca with a panic-stricken face.

I jumped off the couch and landed on my feet. With a light head I stumbled and landed back on the couch. "Ugh, what's going on?"

Rebecca turned away from and blushed, "Max has gone missing..."

Still half asleep I didn't fully understand what she had said. I stood up and stretched there was a pleasant draft that floated passed my chest. Looking down I saw that my shirt had completely fell off. My eyes widen in shock as I quickly made my way towards the bedroom where Ferali was. My clothes were in there as well.

Walking over to the drawer I pulled out a black shirt and threw it on before Ferali was able to see me...

Thinking back to what Rebecca just said "Ferali's gone missing" I simply closed my eyes and prayed that she was delusional or I was simply dreaming that she said that. Turning around slowly to the bed where Ferali was supposed to be only to find an empty bed.

I stepped back out into the room where Rebecca was standing, "Rebecca could you do me a favor and just stand outside for a moment please."

"Umm...sure Krystal." She quickly took her leave. I could hear her outside yelling "Everybody get down!"

Right now I was pissed retrieving Sasha's Horn, and just from the slight touch sent it into an overwhelmingly powerful state. The darkness aura on the blade damn near ate a hole inside the roof. I took the blade and swung it backwards with all of my might.

There was nothing not a sound, not an explosion, not even a piece of debris that fell backward and landed near me. There was nothing...the back of the house had been completely blown out along with half of the forest that rested behind it. I was truly at my boiling point now, I didn't want to play the blame game, I didn't want talk to anyone, hell I didn't even want to think about 'why'. The only thing I wanted to do was find Ferali and bring him back.

After a minute I calmed down and took several very long very slow deep breaths. I thought about it rationally as to why he could have left, but nothing made sense. There could have another possible explanation, but in order for me to truly know I will have to speak with the rest of the group. Maybe one of the psychics could have figured it out by now.

Angrily making my way out of the front door the first person I saw was Rebecca. She was talking to her mother Tonya with both Tristan and Phoenix at their sides. I noticed that they were both wearing a suit of some kind. I didn't know what Tonya's could do, but if its anything like the others she must have a very powerful suit. Suddenly Rebecca's mask came onto her face as did the energy butterfly wings quickly form as she flew off into the sky.

"Krystal good you're here. I assume you've calm down?" She asked.

I nodded curtly.

"Dammit I've messed up big time..." She said as a low mutter to herself, but it was enough for the three of us to here. "He said he wouldn't leave."

"Master it's not your fault. I was out of my ball as well, and yet I could detect nothing." Phoenix said resting a reassuring paw on Tonya's leg. "Now that I think about that should have not been possible. I mean only thing that can go unnoticed by a master psychic, is a master of darkness."

I assume that it was similar to the rock paper scissor method, and the way Pokémon generally work.

"Regine, we can talk about hindsight later, but now we need to focus." Tristan said as he lowered his head to the ground and gave it a sniff. "From what I can tell he was here, but then went into the forest after that there was another scent."

I was looking around at everyone for anyone to say anything about what happened. Since nobody said anything for a while I quickly opened my mouth, "Tonya what do you mean "he said he would leave" why would Ferali want to leave?"

She looked at me and sighed. "Krystal, Max told me that he wanted to leave and live out the rest of his life in peace."

"I know he said that..." I was going to tell her where I had heard it from, because I'm pretty sure that Phoenix wasn't supposed to tell me, but I decided that it wasn't important right now. "Thing is I thought he said that he was going to leave after everything was said and done. And from where I'm looking right now Dr. Shine is still alive."

We all stared at the ground in deep thought about it.

"Wait, Tonya can't you look into the future or find him psychically or something?"

"If only it were that, my psychic visions only happen randomly and I've been trying for the last hour to call out to his mind within a ten mile radius, but no responds. It's either he doesn't want to be found or he can't be found through these methods. *Sigh* I feel so useless."

I really didn't want to hear her of all people say that. If the person we look to for guidance is lost, how the hell is the rest of us are supposed to get along?

Suddenly out of the sky all three: Rebecca, Brandon, and Brian. They all dropped in behind Tonya as she had to turn to face them. Their mask all came off at the same time, their faces all carried a sadden look to it.

"What the hell happened? Half the forest behind us disappeared!" Brandon yelled.

"That...was me...sorry, but what did you guys find?"

"Nothing on my end." Brian said.

"Same here...literally there was nothing over there." Brandon said cheekily.

We all turn our attention to Rebecca who of everyone had the most worried look on her face. Her eyes then widen as she looked to the ground for a moment. When she looked back up to everyone her pupils had gotten smaller. "I think I saw him leave..."
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