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Know To Understand by Pod155


Author's Chapter Notes:

Trying to understand someone that you hate can be difficult at times. But give it enough time even the most bitter of rivalries can become the best of friends.

Chapter 15: Down the right path!

Know To Understand.

Chapter 15: Down the right path!

"Just a bit longer and you'll be fit enough to start training again." Krystal said. "I won't be like those Pokémon I'll be sure to kick your ass extra hard for that."

My eyes could barely stay open as my body started shutting down. Rebecca had notified Krystal to where I was and helped carried me into the house via Pokéball. She guided me towards the bed where I crashed out of the widow at. She was pissed to see me in the condition that I was in, so I decided that I should just be quiet while she tended to me. She was wearing her obligatory curly style hair and another short skirt with her biker shorts underneath. Her shirt was a lime green short sleeve with a flower design in the center of it.

After a moment of helping me back into my bed Krystal went over to a counter that was on the opposite side of the room and go through one of its drawers. When she was finished she turned around to only to show me a first aid kit.

I had almost completely forgotten that I was still bleeding from the stomach. I didn't really want to talk to her still, but knowing her she's going to want to talk to me. Who knows she might even brighten up my shitty attitude.

"So what the hell happened to make jump out of a window?"

"Would you believe me if I said I had a nightmare?"

She looked at me confused and then reached into the first aid kit and retrieved a spray bottle. Something told me that it was going to sting like hell. I simply gripped the sides of the beds while looking her intently in the eye to take my mind off of the pain.

I took a deep breath and nodded. She sprayed the cold liquid on my stomach; I instinctively gripped the side of the bed as hard as I could. If the cold on the liquid didn't cause enough pain me distinct burning sensation of eight Beedrills digging into me.

When the intense pain started to reach its peak, I made a few grunt and swore furiously. My stomach tightened up hard as the medicine did its work and started to heal me immediately. The pain wouldn't disappear and just remained there like a lingering ghost that wouldn't leave.

I then took a deep breath and when I exhaled my body went numb, my hearing left me, and my eyesight was trying its best to fade as well. I wasn't going to allow myself to do any such thing.

I could see that Krystal was rubbing the side of my face. I didn't quite black out, but the only thing that was keeping me awake was the sight of my beloved.

After what felt like an eternity the pain finally subsided and relented. The first thing to come back to me was my hearing.

"That was intense." I murmured.

Krystal let out a bit of laughter before lowering her head on my nuzzling me lovingly. I don't think I could tell her about my imminent death. The best I could possibly do before that happens is kill my father, and leave that way she won't have to see me fade.

She pulled back away from me and walked away towards the entrance of the room. "I'll see you after you recover. Once you do, we'll begin our one-on-one training together."

"Yeah." I said as I turned over to look out of the sunny hole that was once a window.

(Krystal's POV)

When I left out of the room and made my way down the hallway. I could hear the complaining that Brian was doing. When he heard that his precious Glaceon was hurt he almost turned into a star. It took a while for his flames to go down and for him actually enter a house.

Brandon on the other hand didn't seem all that concerned about what had happened. I mean it was his Typhlosion as well, but he didn't seem the least bit worried. I'm not sure if that should concern me more.

Walking into the room everyone's eyes soon fell on me. Brian was still furious was actually wearing his mask. It was funny because every time he made a breath a small flame would shoot out.

"I want to kill him!" Brian yelled in an outburst.

"Chill bro, you're looking at this the wrong way." Brandon had the attention of everyone in the room. Rebecca and Tonya sat quietly on the couch next to each other with Tristan underneath Rebecca with her feet propped up on top of him.

Phoenix was on the other side of the room sitting near an open window. The sun was beaming down on her cream colored coat. Looking at her for some reason drowned out the noise of the two blundering idiots that seemed to somehow capture the attention of everyone.

"Then tell me how exactly and I looking at this Brandon?"

"Instead of trying to kill or beat him into a bloody pulp why not use him?"

When he said that it immediately caught my attention. I could only wonder where exactly was he going with this. I know that I would never allow anyone lie a finger on Ferali for a selfish reason such as revenge.

"Brian when have you ever seen anyone or thing "ever" beat not only Ruption, but Diamond as well? I may not know him all that well, but the guy have a power that nobody here can deny. I don't like tooting my own horn when I say this, but our Pokémon, to those who don't know are some of the strongest to walk any region. Yet he managed to beat them both by himself, oh yeah not only that but didn't he also take out your Samurott as well?"

The fire hot lines that ran from Brian's back to his mouth that fed him a constant supply of molten hot flames; had then glow had begun to sharpen with intensity. He was reaching a boiling point that made him seem that he was getting ready to blow. The

The four of us: Rebecca, Tristan, Phoenix, and I, all stood up to intercept him if we had to. Tonya raised her right hand up to held it up for everyone to stop.

"He needs to learn how to control his emotions on his own." She then looked at Brian with a serious intent, "How are you going to fight anyone when you're battling yourself all the time?"

Brandon spoke up next, "Bro, she's right; you have to get that suit under control. Every time I look up you're snapping at someone or something." He then cautiously approached his brother. "Bro, take off the mask. Make the suit become you not the other way around."

"You know Brandon, you're right, come to think about it, your suit is based on the dragon of ideals, correct?"

Brandon nodded.

"Haven't you become your suit?" Brian said matter-of-factly.

Brandon simply shook his head and retorted, "Nope me and this suit have grown to become one with each other. Everything I do now is most likely something I would have done in the past. The only thing this does for me emotionally and logically, not rule out anything as a possibility." He then shot Brian a looked that said "Am I lying?"

Brian mask soon came off his face. His hair still hung low to his neck but sporting a stupid frown on his face. Only thing was about his eyes were that...they were molten orange. It seemed like the rage within his heart still lingered, but his mind was able to rationally calm him down. He took a deep breath and upon the exhale a small and almost invisible flame came out.

"You're right, Brandon, Ms. Tonya. I think I need to walk it off for a moment. And I'll think about what you said about using him, Brandon."

Brandon nodded and stepped in closer grabbing his twin brother by the head and pulling him in closer for a hug. And then roughly pushing him towards the door leading outside.

Brian smiled and took his leave. I didn't believe for a moment that he was going to do anything to check that temper of his. More than likely he was just go somewhere and let loose like an active volcano. Having a firsthand experience with his wrath already signaled a few red flags that he still had a long way to go before conquering that suit.

I decided once and for all that we needed to start acting like a team. That includes me as well, as much as it pains me to say, having Brian at his best will probably save someone's life. I already knew that I was going to have to be the one to have to talk to him.

Standing up from my seat I began to follow suit behind him.

"Krystal, where are you going?" Brandon asked.

I decided to ignore him and just follow his brother. I'm pretty one of the "Shine" girls will explain why. I really needed to focus on the task at hand, because I could probably be roasted if I'm not careful.

I made way out the room and outside to see that Brian had put his mask back on and was crouching down. His arms were trembling as he extended his digits. Suddenly there light that shined from his fingertips and grotesque growth started to occur. After a moment of watching I could see that they were forming into...feathers. At the end of his transformation and the end result being two very large beautiful wings. They radiant warmth that made me only wanted to get closer to them.

Shaking my head furiously snapped back to the task at hand. I quickly took off running in to a sprint and leapt up. My timing was just right as I then landed on his back as he was just taking off.

Before either of us realized what happened we were already fifty feet in the air.

"What the hell?! Krystal are you crazy?" Brian yelled.

"Nope just keep flying and land somewhere secluded. I want to talk to you alone where nobody can hear." I was mainly referring to the psychics eavesdropping on us.

He kept his mouth closed and continued to fly. At the most I say we flew about two maybe three miles away. We ended touching down in a heavy forested area. The trees in this spot were so high and thick that we could no longer see the sun.

"What did you want to talk about?" Brian asked.

I had released him from his neck and allowed him to turn and face me. Immediately I jumped backwards and unsheathed Sasha's horn. I pointed the blade towards him and channeled a small amount of dark energy through it.

"We still haven't had our match yet, have we?" I said in a way so that he would be 'fired up' for this. I know his type and he's just like every other stupid guy in this group, a small poke will get a big reaction. "I want a fair fight, so..." I then sheathe Sasha's Horn. "Hands and feet only, I want to see if they can match that temper of yours."

He then let a smile work its way onto his face. Brian dropped into a fighting stance without saying a word. His mask came off and he revealed the smile he was holding underneath.

"Don't hold back!" He yelled.

I stepped off hard with my right foot. I cocked my right fist back and slid into a right rising stomach punch right into his solar plexus. When my punch connected I could feel a ripple run blow through the area. I pushed as hard I could to take him off of his feet and into the air. It felt like I was trying to push a bolder into the air.

Looking down at my hand my eyes widen as I saw that he had actually caught it and held it off with minimal effort. He was looking down at me with a scornful frown and with a single motion threw my hand away as if it were a piece of paper.

"My turn." And before he finished that breath he was already in front of me. He was sliding towards me at high speeds with his elbow pointed straight for my face. Whether of now that was intentional or because he's much taller than me, but that was going to be his down fall.

As neared my face I quickly spun over to the right and underneath his elbow. He flew past me like a massive bullet and into a large tree that wasn't too far away. When he collided the tree bent and nearly fell over. I could tell that he was holding back to just test me out and see what I could do. I hope to not disappoint him because this fight is only getting started.

"My turn!" I yelled out as I took three long strides and leaped into the air with all of my strength. In a single bound closed the distances that separated us. Pushed everything I had into my legs and came down on top of him with enough force to once again rock the entire area.

There was a distinct popping noise coming from below me. Looking down I could see that he was blocking my kick with his forearm. It was now bent at an awkward angle. I could tell that it had completely snapped in half. I would feel sorry for him but I think it's time he started taking me seriously.

"Ouch that kind of hurt." He said rather flatly for someone who just had their arm snapped in half.

He held out his broken arm and examined it. Taking a deep breath he used his right hand to grab the broken area of his arm and with a sickening pop forced it back into place.

Brian let out a loud grunt as he squeezed down tightly on his arm. "Ahhh good as new." He looked back towards me with a smile on his face, "Alrighty I think it's my turn then?"

This went on for an hour or so, trading blows back and forward. He tried throwing in some devastating blows himself but his strength was no match for mine. The entire time we fought I noticed that there were no flames being spewed about. His eyes returned to their normal blue color and he seemed to be having a good time while we fought.

I could tell he was reaching his limit as I too was reaching my own. A normal person would have been and collapsed from utter exhaustion, but we managed to keep going for much longer. His suit seemed to mend and healed his arm quite well as he would not let up on it.

Right now we were about thirty paces away from each other. He was bent on one knee propping himself up with his left arm, he looked to drop dead at any moment.

While he was on his last breath I might as well put him out of his misery. Gathering up what little strength I had left, I leaped high into the air. As I closed the distances between the two of us the smile was still on his face as he lifted himself off the ground to stand.

Raising one hand into the air he calmly said, "I surrender."

When he said that I instinctively tried to halt myself from crashing into him. I wound up crashing face first into the ground. Sliding for about five feet before I came to a halt. Raising my head up, I spat out the building grass and dirt out of my mouth. If I wasn't pissed from before I'm definitely pissed now!

Turning I looked him in the eye as I saw a hint of laughter in his voice. "Come on Krystal let's stop. I know what you're trying to do and I can say that it worked." He rubbed his hair backwards and looked to the setting sun, "I think I know why Max fell in love with you."

"What are you talking about?"

"In your own off way, you bring out the best in people. Ms. Tonya was right when she said that you have love for everyone...even if you don't realize it."

Rolling my eyes at him I didn't pay what he just said any mind. Everyone wants to be philosophical when it comes to me and my personality. I stood to my feet and shook my head at him, "Whatever lover boy."

I could see a small blush slowly spread across his face as he looked away from me. When I looked down to see what he was looking at I saw that there was a tear in my shirt and half of my boobs were about to fall out.

Quickly I covered myself up and turned away from him. I was the one to soon have a blush spread across my face and new found energy. Fixing the problem I turned to look at him who had both of his hands up in a surrendering position.

I made my way to him and grabbed him around his neck and lowered him down to my level, "If you ever-"

"I promise I won't say a peep...though you have nothing to be embarrassed about." He said cutting me off.

Ten minutes of silence passed before we landed back inside the town. When we landed Brian told me that he was thankful for what I had done for him.

Basically what happened while we were fighting that whole time was to teach him about controlling his emotions while under pressure. He didn't once get angry nor did he become overly excited. He maintained his cool and thought about his next move and acted even when it came to the pain he felt when his arm snapped.

As he walked away from me his mask came off revealing his blacken eye and completely swollen face. He had pissed me off to no end with that final comment.

But I am happy that I was able to make sure that that idiot is finally going down the right path.
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