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Know To Understand by Pod155


Author's Chapter Notes:

And just when things were going well...

Chapter 3: Not like this.

Know To Understand.

Chapter 3: Not like this.

Krystal and I made small idle chat as we continued down the long dark hall that seemed to stretch endlessly. The cave walls were protruding with all sort of shining waters and glistening rocks. The cave was so beautiful I didn't mind that we walked for more than an hour. If I wasn't mistaken it should be just afternoon.

For a moment I completely zoned out from what Krystal was saying. I was far too busy admiring the rock formations. They were a very pleasing sight to look at after all what's transpired thus far.

"You remember that Ferali?” Krystal asked.

I stopped suddenly trying my best to remember what she had just said. Nothing was coming to mind, I can't believe that I would just become so absent minded like that so I just did my best to say the next best thing, "I remember and I love you so much for it!”

Krystal took a few paces in front of me and stopped as well; turning back to me she puffed out her cheeks and said, "See I knew you weren't listening to me!” She then raised both of her arms high up in the air while adding, "Why do I even bother? I only said 'you remember that Ferali' to see if you were listening...”

I could see her anger rising quickly. I figured that there must be something I could do to quickly silence the beast before she became too enraged. My mind wasn't putting any effort into find out what I could do to relax her. "I'm sorry Krystal, you mind repeating what you said?”

"Yeah, fine...all I was saying that you are handling everything so well that I envy you.” She said suddenly.

I didn't really expect her to say that to the point where I almost didn't know how to respond to her. "What do you mean by that?” I asked. All I could do was inquire what the meaning behind her words was. Because if you ask me I feel as if though I'm doing a horrible job at containing the situation, I may not show it by face but the pain is still there. The pain from all the failures I now carry on my shoulders...the failures that I've always carried not just my shoulders but my heart as well. Right now I needed to be Krystal's emotional rock and be there for when she needs me. That even if that meant holding my true feeling within me. "Right, next thing you'll be saying is that you envy me being a Pokémon.” I said in an attempt to lighten the mood and hopefully switch the subject.

She was staring at me in the face. Her obligatory half eyed expression was present and I could see that she was trying to see if I was joking with her or not.

"Krystal, it wouldn't do me or you any good to sit here and constantly dwell on the past. You should know me by now, I only look towards the future,” I cleared my throat for the small speech. "Okay I look at it like this: if someone is always looking at the past they will most certainly miss what's right in front of them. On the flip side of that if someone constantly frets over what happening now won't really know what's going to happen in their future. Finally if someone goes into the future without knowing their past mistakes they will most certainly repeat them.” I walked closer to her and place my left hand on her head and added, "You see where I'm coming from.”

She just gave a simple nod, "but no matter what Ferali, whether if I curse you out or hit you in the past, present or future. I will always love you.”

There was a moment of warm growth between the two of us. I honestly don't know how she does it; tell me that she could (or will in her case) harm me and still love me and expect the same love back.

We continued the walk in silence and it wasn't long before we ended up the other side of the cave there was a bright light that greeted us. It was so bright that I had to cover my eyes from the intense sunlight that flooded through. I notice that Krystal was doing the same as we both continued to walk. When my eyes were finally able to adjust to the sunlight it was only to shock and horror. It seemed like the entire town was on fire, and the streets were littered with rubble and corpses of people and Pokémon. I almost threw up what little food I had eaten from earlier. The streets were stained red with not only blood, but the entrails of the victims. What could have happened here?

Thinking quickly I stepped in front of Krystal to block her view of the city. She hadn't yet removed her arm from shielding her face. The screams of the people from the city running away in terror should still reach her though. At that same moment she dropped her arm and looked straight ahead.

"Ferali, what's going on?” She asked.

"Krystal, I think you should head back to Phoenix and Squirts,” Trying to maintain what little composure I had left to not freak out. "I'll catch up to you in a minute.”

With one strong arm push, Krystal shoved me to the side of her. I could only see her eyes widen in horror as she witness the catastrophe before her. I noticed that she didn't shed a single tear, but an angry scowl covered face.

"What could have caused something like this...father and mother?!” She yelled as she darted into the now devastated city of Blackthorn.

I remained silent as I followed behind her. Slowly I took in everything that was unfolding around me. This was truly hell at its finest as I could see: small children running around crying, fallen debris on top of Pokémon and humans. There was a group of people and Pokémon trying to lift Rubble off of a woman. I could no longer see Krystal anymore the further I went inside the city so my speed started to pick up.

As I continued in somewhat of a panicked/hasten state the horrors of what was happening didn't seem to let up. I was walking down the main street of the city if I recall correctly Krystal folk's house should be straight ahead. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't stop to help anyone in fear of something happening to Krystal while I wasn't with her.

But something had caught my eye that I couldn't ignore. There was a trapped Eevee stuck underneath large broken debris that probably fell from the building that it was under. Half of its body was being crushed from the heavy concrete that covered its body. The building that it was next to was set ablaze with a raging inferno.

Watching my surroundings carefully I quickly, but cautiously made my way over to it. Gathering some water at the back of my throat I shot a Hydro Pump at the building to cool the fire down as I traversed the fallen rubble. Once I saw that the flames had died back a little I quickly made my way over to the small wasn't moving.

I reached down to check and see if it was alive, but then I was suddenly hit in the head with a small rock. When I looked around to see where it had come from, mainly the building to see if it had dropped from there. But then another one hit me this time it was on the shoulder and it felt like it was thrown because it had a lot more force behind it than the previous one. Looking to where it had come from I saw that there was a small boy standing at the corner of the intersection where I had first came from.

He was covered in ashes and his clothes were ripped. I could tell that this kid has been a lot for from looking at him alone, but what I don't understand is why is he throwing rocks at me? He couldn't have been no more than ten...that's when I soon realize that this must be his Eevee.

I decided to ignore him and tend to the Eevee and make sure that it was even alive before I attempt a rescue for it. Turning back around to face it I got down on my stomach and gave it a lick on the face, to see if it were going to give me some sort of responds. The Eevee tasted cold and lifeless; it was then I could see that it had a small trail of blood oozing from its tiny nose.

I could feel something tugging on my tail. Quickly snapping my head around to see that it was in fact the little boy pulling at my tail. The boy started kicking my legs while screaming to the top of his lungs, 'Stop it, and leave him alone!' I promptly stood up to stop him, but was cut off. A decent size rock had fell and land on the boy's head. It knocked him completely unconscious.

Nimbly I reached up and caught him before he was able to fall on to the pavement. Lifting him up, I brought him into a cradle within my arms. He was so small he weighed almost nothing, hell Krystal weight was heavier.

Regretfully I had no choice, but to leave that poor Eevee behind and take his master.

Walking down the street I could see people yelling and screaming as they tried to get away from the calamity that was happening around them. Building falling to the ground the screams of not only people, but distinct voices of Pokémon as well, getting louder as the calamity continued.

I saw a firefighter towards me at full speed, right now I needed to go find Krystal and couldn't carry this boy into more certain danger. At this point I didn't care whether or not someone knew if I talked. "Sir!” I yelled loudly to gain his attention.

The firefighter stopped and looked around confused and panic-stricken. "Who said that?” He called out somewhat muffled by the mask that he wore.

"It was me the Feraligatr,” I said approaching him. "I need you to take this boy here.” I said holding my arms up with the small boy within them.

The firefighter met me half way with his arms out as well. He didn't ask any questions just took the boy and continued walking. That was good because I really don't think this would the appropriate time to explain why I could talk.

I then continued north of the city to find the powerful beast I fell in love with. There was nothing else I could do for this place. And to be honest even if there was I would not be able to focus on any task that would be given to me. Krystal was the only thing going through my mind right now. I subconsciously decided that it would probably be better if I hasten my pace so I could see her sooner.

As I made my way down the street I could see two men leaning up against one of the buildings. They were clad in an all-black tactical wear outfits and what appears to be guns as well. One of the men was sitting down propped up against the building there was a pool of blood where he sat. Looking closely at the man I could see that he was missing half of his abdomen. The way the injury looked it was as if though something just took it away. There were neither tears nor he trying to hold his entrails inside just...a large hole in his stomach.

The other man, who was leaning over him, had removed his partner's hand and replaced it his own while shouting 'hold on, helps coming!' his partner gave no response.

I was about to just walk away more quickly to hurry and find Krystal until I heard something that almost made my heart stop.

It came from the man with the now dead partner, "Why are you doing this Max?! Why cause all of this, my best friend is now dead because of you!” The man continued sobbing and wailing. I decided that I didn't need to hear anymore and just get on with finding Krystal...because my father was here and if he can cause all of this I'd better get a move on before he hurt her.

As I neared the mansion of the Silvers' I stopped and looked confused as I saw that it was the only building still intact. There wasn't so much as a broken window there was nothing physically with the building that should warrant suspicion, but that was more than enough reason to do so.

Glancing around at everything that moved, I cautiously approached the mansion. Suddenly one of the windows' burst from the second floor of the building and within seconds there was a blurring flash in front of me that swept me up and took me completely off my feet. Next thing all I could hear was the sound of a massive explosion.

There was no telling how much time went by before I was finally able to sit up. I eyes were slowly to open, but when they finally did it was one to horror. The entire three story...massive mansion was now completely gone. Just like that, in a flash...

Looking around I was disoriented for a minute, but I could still see the damage that was done. Closing my eyes didn't help me to forget what I just saw.

There were more men dressed in the tactical armor bodies now splayed out all over the ground. They were in disfiguring conditions a lot of their limbs were like the man against the building. It looked as if they were 'erased' away, is the best way I can put it.

Before I was able to stand to my feet, I could feel something on my lower stomach held me down firmly. Looking down I could see that it was actually eyes widen in shock. The first thought that went to my head was that she was now dead. Shaking her readily I tried to wake her up. I couldn't believe that she was dead, not after finally confessing our love for each other.

"Ugh...,” she murmured as she started coming around. "What happened?”

For a moment I couldn't speak all I could do was breathe a deep collective sigh of relief from the sound of her voice. All I could do was pull her in for a closer hug so that I never lose the feeling of her embrace.

"Lemme go fat ass!” she yelled pushing me away from her. "That bastard has my mother!”

Quickly letting her go I looked up to see what she was talking about. Underneath the layer of all the dirt and dust floating around in the area around us, I could barely make out two figures. The dust finally started to clear almost exactly when Krystal stepped in front of me. That's when I saw something that just didn't make since.

There stood my father with Krystal's mother, but she was suspended in mid-air.

Her name was Sapphire Silver; she was a tall a woman, with all black hair wearing a red short dress with a camouflage tactical vest over it. The first thing that came to my mind was that Rebecca was holding her up...but I didn't see her anywhere.

Rebecca, my psychically endowed sister was great with her abilities, but she required being at a close range in order to use them. Not only that also the mess that was made, my sister was a bitch but even she isn't capable of something like this.

Krystal's mother was kicking about as she tried to gain her footing on to something solid.

My father wasn't going to put her down, unless Krystal or I intervened. I'm sure the only reason why he hadn't killed her yet was because he needed her. I couldn't understand why though. Something wasn't right about him...his eyes had a dull look to them, as if he was a dead man walking. For some reason he was wearing a bright silver cape that wrapped around his body. There was something just not right about this.

Krystal jumped to her feet and quickly shot out towards the both of them like a Zubat out of hell. She seemed to be crying as she made her dash through the debris that separated the four of us from each other. Making quick work of the ground she jumped into the air and launched straight for my father. Everything was happening so fast I could only sit here in awe. Krystal was very good when it came to catching her opponents off of guard.

Then what looked to be a sure knock out and save, quickly turned to one of hostage in need of rescue. As Krystal began to make her descend towards him to take him off his feet, she was then halted in mid-air just like her mother. She was then blasted backwards towards me, once again having to catch her.

That's when I noticed something that didn't fit. He didn't even look in Krystal's direction when he sent her flying. He kept his lifeless gaze upon her mother. He just stared at her without as much as moving a muscle.

"You'” Sapphire said taking small breaths in between each word.

Suddenly his mask stretched over his face. The shape of it was something out of a horror movie, as it was in the shape of a demon's head. There were bright green lines running through his helmet connecting to his eyes. Two large horns protruding from the top of his head and curving downwards, also he had what looked like six small tentacles waving about in arbitrary directions from the back of his head.

"I'm the one who makes everyone understand...” he said with a tired decree.

He leaned his entire body backwards, and then with an outwards reached out two very large very cybernetic looking wings that looked to be twelve feet each side. The wings was billowing a very radiant silvery light. My the now monster who was formally known as Dr. Shine was no more. The being that stood before me was a creature was no longer a human.

Then his wings started to grow and even larger they changed into the shape of digits. Sapphire was suddenly being pulled in closer to him. She began to scream loudly because she was quickly drawn within his reach.

"Mother!” Krystal yelled.

"Krystal, stay back!” I countered. "He's trying to bait us!” I took a quick look around to see the entire area, corpse that was splayed out all around us. The corpse wasn't what bothered me it was how they ended up in that condition of having missing limbs, but no body parts lying anywhere. Getting in close didn't seem like a good idea; something about those wings didn't seem right.

"We need to help her!” Krystal insisted.

"I know,” I said looking around for anything that could help. "That's it...,” I murmur to myself. "Krystal we need to attack from a distance, I hope you ready to use that blade.”

She turned back to me and simply nodded while retrieving the horn that was strapped to her back. She held on fast to the large weapon in her hands gasped on it tightly. Turning back Krystal had some aura surrounding the horn. It was just like that time when we first fought him and my sister, also when we had that quarrelling with each other in the forest a few days back. It pulsed as if a heart was beating within it...the faster the pulsing noise the brighter the aura became.

For once I welcome the hellish sight of her wrath as I started charging up for an Ice Beam myself.

His demonic claws were almost around Krystal mother entire body. Her body went stiff as she could soon realize moving wasn't going to be a good idea so close to him like that.

Krystal immediately swung the horn, and just like that a large purple energy blade left the tip and made quick work of the ground separating us.

Doing the same I followed up with an Ice Beam; though in comparison to Krystal's attack my ice beam was miniscule in comparison.

Within an instant that monster swung his claw around and held it out fast. Just thinking about what happened last time I know that the attack should just rip right through him. Surely even with that form he should have some brains to try and avoid it, not catch it!

But then with a slight flick of his wrist he veered the deadly beam off into a harmless unknown location. He then turned his gaze towards my inbound Ice Beam. As it made its way closer to him, he simply flicked his claw downwards. The Ice beam was reduced into a puddle of water that splashed about the ground harmlessly as well.

Whatever those new arms of his were they had a hell of a power in them. To do what he just did while still maintaining his grip on Sapphire.

Within that same motion he turned up his claw and flicked his arm towards himself. Krystal began to levitate and was yanked towards him at an incredible speed. It took a moment for me to realize what had even happened. But by then it was too late she was already nearing his hand.

Shrieking at the top of my lungs in fear of what was going to happen to her. I stepped off with my right foot as hard as I could to meet them as quickly as possible.

I couldn't get to my third step before he made a sudden thrust with his claw. I could see a shockwave being sent through Krystal's body that caused her to jerk, and then compressed.

She was then sent back flying towards me at an even faster speed than she was being pulled. Krystal collided with me with enough force to completely carry me off of my feet.

Upon landing on the debris that was behind me very roughly, I immediately sat up. Without any concern for my own wellbeing I started examining Krystal up and down. She was unconscious, with a bloody nose, and with a closer look she had a large bruise running down her neck to her torso. Quickly and carefully I rose up her shirt to see that the bruise extended to the left half of her chest...her ribs must be broken.

Looking back up to that monster to see Sapphire with a horrified look on her face. She then looked away from Krystal and me, with tears rolling down her face.

Setting Krystal to the side of me I stood up and formed the ice gauntlets over my hands. I knew that this was going to be a suicide run, but I can't just sit by as she become like the men scattered all around us. I was going to go at him with everything that I have, if not I was going to be killed in vain.

Taking a deep breath I quickly started charging towards him on all fours' I left ice marks in the ground as ran. As I approached him time seemed to have slowed down to a snail's pace.

He swung overhanded downwards, I seamlessly side stepped his attack. Rearing up on my hind legs once I was within arms range I made a "cross-sword” slash towards his head with the ice coating my claws. I was hoping to take his head off in one attack to end this.

Before my claws were able to make contact with him they were stopped by an unseen force. No, matter how I tried struggling to inch my claws towards his head they wouldn't move. I then tried jerking backwards, but then it seemed like my body wouldn't move.

"Stupid Feraligatr...I will make the world a better place for you! Stay out of my way...” He said as he hurled me back down the pile of rubble.

He seemed like he didn't even recognized me. That just confirmed whatever was left of my father that was in that body is no longer there. Those wings must have something to do with it, because even with his suit something like this shouldn't be possible.

I damn near blacked out myself after colliding with the ground once more. He was far too strong for Krystal or me to defeat. Actually getting near him seemed like an impossible task.

I started sitting up on my arms to regain the senses that left me after that attack, only to witness the end of Krystal mother's life...

With a single wipe (you heard me 'wipe') across her stomach, the lower half of her body detached itself from the rest of her. She began letting out some blood curling screams.

"You don't know where he is, so you're no use to me!” He yelled tossing her body on the other side of the debris hill he stood on away from Krystal and me.

He turned his gaze over to us once more. I knew that he was going to finish us off...dammit there nothing I couldn't do about it either. I didn't want to have Krystal die like Sapphire...nobody should die...not like this.
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