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Know To Understand by Pod155


Author's Chapter Notes:

Don't sacrifice yourself "just" for the sake of love. Sacrifice yourself because you made a call and it was the right thing to do.

Chapter 5: Greatness in us all

Know to Understand.

Chapter 5: Greatness in us all

I wanted to get the first attack on him so I immediately charged in to greet him. The mode I was in was one taught to me by Master Tonya. It was a final form of sorts and kind of a last ditch effort, "if all else fails” deal. I'm no master tactician but I can see that I'm on the losing end and a lot more people will be killed if I don't do something to stop him or at least slow him down.

Chuckling slightly at the thought of my voice and how ridiculous it sounds now. Master Tonya has always told me that I have a beautiful voice, no matter how much the other Pokémon laugh at me. Master Tonya found me when I was just a Poliwag, being isolated from the rest of the Poli School. She told me that she was sensed a beautiful power deep within me and that she would help me realize my true potential.

Now that I think about it, when I first joined Master Tonya battle training regiment, Phoenix was the worst bully of all of her Pokémon. She was the main one always teasing me about the way I spoke. Phoenix has always been a Ninetales; if I'm not mistaken I think master found her that way. Phoenix was a beautiful kitsune even then, but she was a "bitch” in more than one way.

She truly never stopped bullying me, but I started to notice that she bullied me the most out of master's other Pokémon. Funny thing was that even master knew about the bullying, but she didn't do anything about it. I think she wanted to make me stronger by allowing Phoenix to physically and mentally torture me. That's how I even earn my name Squirts...

One day just like any other day, but for some reason when she came to me to do her usual bullying I snapped. At that point I just unleashed all of my hatred and rage from within me. Firing Ice Beams, Bubble Beams, water guns all over the place, I wound up hurting a lot of Pokémon...except for Phoenix. With her nimble grace and agility, she had managed to evade all of my attacks.

That's when I realized that she was completely out of my league. Just when all despair swept over me, just when I was about to give up, Phoenix actually came up to me and placed a paw on my head. She just smiled to me and placed a small lick to my forehead. At the time since I was still a pretty young Poliwag all I could do was cry in shear happiness. I think that's when I evolved to my Poliwhirl form; I don't think there was another time in my life that I had ever been so happy.

Master Tonya, soon after she decided that I would not become a Poliwrath but a Politoed instead. Master Tonya told me that I may have the will to wield such physical force of a Poliwrath, but I have the integrity of a leader. I had the makings of a Politoed.

Upon becoming a Politoed, Phoenix actually started treating me with a little more respect...well there was just less teasing than normal. Master told me that the only reason why Phoenix was treating me this way was because she actually liked me.

After about ten or so solid battles won with no other Pokémon just me. Master Tonya selected me to because apart of her elite team. Phoenix was on it as well, it was no surprise though. Once I became one of the members my true training soon began.

Master taught me how to control the special energies that flowed within the movements of the universe within and around me. She helped me achieved perfect equilibrium within myself. Upon obtaining that enlightenment it helped me learn this all-or-nothing mode. She told me that I'm only allowed to use this mode when someone is in danger or protecting someone I love. Well...right now my family is in danger and the one I love is to. No harm shall come to anyone I care about if I can help it.

As I continued to face him I needed him to get up so I could hit him with everything I had. When I'm in this form all of my abilities, senses, and power grows exponentially. From what I hear it should be enough to rival that of a legendary creature. And how the fights been going so far I think I'm going to need it all in order to put of a decent fight.

Dr. Shine soon stood up with his face still pointed towards the dirt. He then flung his left claw towards me, it actually stretched out to grab me at incredible speeds. I almost didn't see it, but in the nick of time managed to jump out of the way. As I saw the ground underneath me disappear into nothingness I took a deep breath and fired an Ice Beam, then I added my psychic control to give it more power. Controlling the beam with my psychic ability I was able to make quick work of the distance that separated us.

Dr. Shine raised his other claw up as he retracted his other one to intercept it. I was actually planning on him doing this and was just going to beat him to the punch. I immediately diverted the beam around his psychic grip and converge it around him and struck him in the back.

This caused him to fly forwards towards me, into the follow up attack I was now charging. Once he was down from the debris he had been occupying for so long and was now nearing me.

Taking a deep breath I started charging for a Bubble Beam. While I'm in this form the bubbles begin turning into extremely dense bombs. They carried enough power to completely blow out a medium size shed and reduce it to rubble.

Once the charge was complete I opened my mouth I fired. He was flying towards him head first when the bubbles connected. Then an explosion came with enough force to actually carry me off my feet and send me flying backwards towards the intersection of the street. I landed on my feet softly, never taking my eyes off my opponent. I seriously doubt an attack like that would finish him off.

Using my psychic ability I cleared the smoke from the area and pushed it into the buildings. I confirmed my theory when I saw Dr. Shine standing in the center of the smoke holding his right claw out in front of him.

The tentacles that wave on the back of his head suddenly grew out, and then fired towards me in all sorts of directions. He is planning to trap me if I try to dodge them, unfortunately for him I have a counter for such things.

Taking a deep breath I shot an Ice Beam at the ground while quickly raising my head to form an ice wall. I then used my psychic ability and Protect to reinforce the wall. All of that took only two seconds to pull off, but it was right in time. The tentacles hit the wall hard and heavy, what felt like a barrage of Hydro Cannons hitting all at once.

Suddenly something zipped pass my face. Turning my gaze over to it to see that there was nothing to my left. Looking over to my right I saw that one of the tentacles manage to get through...but that should be impossible. When I erect a barrier such as this absolutely nothing should be able to get through it. Not even Phoenix have ever been able to breach my barrier...this man was truly a monster and a-whole-nother-level than I was. Then my head jerked back soon as I heard the second zip ring in my ears. Looking down blood slowly started pouring from my mouth, there was a tentacle protruding from the center of my stomach.

The power that I flowing through me started to fade and the barrier shattered as if it were glass. I could see now that this was the end for me. When the last piece of glass fell he stood over me, as if he was the embodiment of death.

"Why,” he said in a somber tone. "You would give your life for such filth. The very people that would try their best to enslave you, to make you fight against your will!” he sounded dejected.

"Yoo, will never undastand.” I murmured, my voice slipping back to what it was, including my power.

"Well then I'll force you to make me understand!” he yelled as a lightning current ran down the tentacle and through my body.

I started screaming in agony, as the life started to fade from my body. Another one of his tentacles came out and wrapped itself around my throat. It too started emitting an electric current. At this point I knew that this was my final moments...but I'm not down yet!

I started focusing my mind and spirit, ignoring the pain and channeled all of my energies into my throat. He wanted to make him understand...then he should listen to this.

"Hyper Voice!” The horribly loud shout burst from my throat and hit Dr. Shine point blank in the face. I could see his mask blow backwards as his head started being twisted in an odd angle. The tentacle that was jutting inside my stomach was pushed out. He actually let me go from around my throat with the other tentacle and started being forced back away from me.

My voice managed to hold up as I continued my assault on him. I noticed that he wasn't carried far away from me before he fell to the ground. This was actually perfect for me, especially since I had this wound. I didn't have to travel far in order to do what needed to be done.

When I fell I landed on my feet and stumbled slightly. I noticed that I couldn't feel anything below my waist. I was basically holding myself up with sheer will and instinct, I think my body knows that this will be the last thing I do. Hopefully it shouldn't be in vain. I won't allow him to kill me, but instead I'll take the both of us out together.

Phoenix will probably not care whether I die here...that's what I want to believe. For some reason me believing that will help me cope with the fact that I will never see her again in this lifetime. Plus I'm sure that she has the same feelings for me as well. I can't bear the thought of her crying because of the loss of me.

When we were first assigned to the cave that led into Blackthorn City to stop that girl Krystal, Phoenix and I could have done it. Judging by our current battle levels we could have completely outmatched her in every way possible. But Phoenix was the one to tell me that we should let her by in pursuit of Master Max. She said for us to pretend that we get hurt so that Krystal could see the one that she loved.

After Phoenix said that, that's when I first started not liking her but loving her. She was far more compassionate than I had originally anticipated. So much so that when Krystal actually came to confront us she formed mini Protect barriers around the two of us. Krystal attacks were superficial and did absolutely no damage to us.

This also led to realize that my Kitsune was far more cunning than I had originally anticipated. She actually disobey an order from our master in order to get some alone time with me. It was then inside the cave that she confessed her love for me. I of course did the same and told her how much I loved her.

She told me within the last two hundred years of her living on this world she had seen many things, horrible things. She also said that she had never found a male that was worth mating herself with until she saw me in my Poliwag form. She said that it was mainly due to Master Tonya believing in me that drew her closer to me.

A smile made its way onto my face as I soon realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. Mainly for the love that Phoenix showed me and the great times that I had with my Master. Also for my new friends that I wish I could have gotten to know better. Ferali and Krystal...I really hope things work out for them and their relationship in the end, they deserve a happy ending.

I hope that Phoenix doesn't blame Master Ferali for me not being with her anymore. She's a smart girl hopefully she would have figured it out.

I turned my attention back to the Doctor who was now trying to rise to his feet. I prepared myself for my final attack that will end all of this.

"Perish Song.” I whispered lightly.

Using what was left of my final modes power I accelerated the ability to take immediate effect. Not only that whatever's unfortunate enough to hear this song would go into a permanent comatose state. He will never be able to awaken from this...this power could take out a legendary Pokémon.

Within an instant a burst horribly sounding noise shot from my throat. With it came a hellish red mist that pour out as well. This was all followed by the final instrument that soon rack through the area. The musical notes that came from my mouth tumbled out and soon began dancing around the area that the red mist occupied.

I tried doing my best to stay awake and fight through the hypnotic noise, but soon I will be under its spell. I know since I'm conscious and am not able to fight it back, plus it's my move. The monstrous doctor will not be able to stand no chance against resisting it especially since he doesn't seem to know what's going on.

As the musical notes continued to pour from my mouth, the ones there out dancing about began emitting their own kind of noise. It was a slow harmonic tone that bellowed from each one.

Even though I'm the user of the technique I never really heard the noise that they make especially when I'm in my final form. Master told me that I was forbidden from using this technique casually. I am only to use it for when it was absolutely necessary when the lives of other people are on the line.

When the last note came from my mouth I soon realize that I was becoming sleepy. My mind wasn't even processing it properly as it was trying to still move, but my body on the other hand...

I fell to my knees first as I tried propping myself up, but it was no use. My body slump over face first into the hard pavement. I just know that since I'm going down that Dr. Shine was coming with me. At least the last thing I did on this planet was the right thing.

This technique was truly unforgiving as I could no longer think about anything. My mind started fading as well into a deep slumber...The last thing to run in my mind was the image of my Kitsune, Phoenix as completely darkness soon enveloped me.

..."You haven't made me understand anything. But you will don't worry, I'll make sure of that...”

(Ferali's POV)

Finally I limped my way back to the end of the cave. I quickly caught a glimpse of where Phoenix and Krystal were. Phoenix was sitting over the top of Krystal with a green aura billowing around her tails. They were neatly draped over Krystal's small form.

I watched carefully to see what she was doing with my love.

Krystal began to spasm and twitch violently. She started letting out light gasp and coughs.

I burst from the cave and rushed over to the two of them to assist Krystal in anyway. To be honest I thought that Phoenix was trying to her hurt her.

"Master Ferali, stop this instant!” She yelled.

I then slid to a halt when I heard her say that...I didn't want to say anything stupid nor do anything stupid. She without question read my mind and intent, before I was to even make my way towards her...oh no.

"Hydro!” I said aloud.

'Working on it now master.' He retort sharply.

"Hmmm...what's that?” Phoenix asked looking in my direction.

I almost forgot her mind reading ability. If she continues to read my mind she will no doubt discover what happened to Squirts before I tell her.

"Something is blocking my sensing ability from you master, what is that?” She asked.

"Don't worry about that. Let's just say a lot more happened than I originally told you,” I then cleared my throat as sweat started raining down from my face. "Phoenix there is something I have to tell you...”

"Where's Squirts? What happened to you two?” She trailed her gaze over to my left arm and saw how it dangled limply. "You're hurt!” She exclaimed. "Where is Squirts!?” She repeated once again this time slowly sitting up. Her tails rose off of Krystal and flowed back and forward defiantly.

"Phoenix, it was his wish that...”

"Arceus no!” Her eyes widen as she soon realizes that I was going to say even before I said it. She then buried her head on the ground and started letting out soft wails.

I slowly approached her on the verge of tears myself. Damn I only knew him for a short time but Squirts left a big impression on my heart. This would be the second time that Dr. Shine has taken someone precious from me.

Reaching where Phoenix laid, I slowly lowered a hand towards her to console her. Her pitiful wails only made my stomach churn much harder than it was doing before. I was thinking if I could make her feel better I could make myself feel better as well.

Deep down I knew that Squirts didn't stand a chance in surviving a fight with Dr. Shine. My thing was that I could only pray that he make Shine work for his victory.

Reaching down to touch Phoenix my hand suddenly jerked backwards. 'Master watch out!' I could hear Hydro shout within my mind.

I didn't even have enough time to pull back properly before Phoenix lunged towards me. She took me by surprise and tackled me to the ground. For some reason she was extremely heavy and the air around her was starting to heat up.

The pain in my arm flared up in sharpness. I could only let out a light gasp in complete and utter confusion and agony.

Suddenly vivid and horrible images flood my mind with feeling of no end to it. Phoenix's eyes were shining bright purple as she gazed into my eyes. Followed by the sudden yelping from Hydro I couldn't understand what she was doing...then it clicked. She was tearing down the mental walls in my mind and destroying the barrier that Hydro had erected to protect it.

Now doing my best to try and get her off of me with my good arm, she proved to be far too heavy for me to lift. Slowly a glint of silver sparkled into my eyes. As I squinted them to get a better look at what it was, Phoenix opened her maw and placed it around my throat.

At this time I was in a complete panic I didn't think she would go so far as to kill me. Squirts told me to flee the battle there was nothing I could about him dying. But I'm more than sure that she doesn't want to hear excuses.

"For your sake another thought better not enter your mind. I want to see what kind of state you left him in...” She spoke as her mouth was still clasp around my throat.

My mind went completely blank. I wasn't sure if it was from the death threat, the fact that she's pulverizing my mind, or the fact that there was nothing else I could think about in this situation.

The weight on my arms started to increase dramatically the longer she stood on top of me. That's when I saw what was causing my discomfort. The silver shine was coming from behind her...she had activated Iron Tail, and with nine tails made of iron caused her weight to almost quadruple.

"Phoenix, you...” I barely manage to stammer out from the increasing weight that was being put on me.

Slowly and unsteadily she eased her maw from around my throat and said, "Shut up you coward...I know what he told you.” She just stared down at me with the eyes of a killer. "Because of your need to save that wench my mate was killed.”

I didn't mind her calling me a coward, but when she insults Krystal that's taking it too far. I slowed my breathing down to maintain a firm and steady voice, "Phoenix, you are not the only one who lost someone close to you today.” Looking over to where Krystal lay I added, "That girl just lost her mother and was completely helpless to stop it from happening. That thing that I call a father killed Sasha! He just wrecked a city and the only thing that is stopping him from causing any more casualties is sacrificing himself, not for us to fight each other; but to put an end to all of this bullshit! Phoenix if we don't find my mother and come up with a plan to stop him he could very well and easily conquer the world!”

She could say nothing at the time only hold her breath and pause for a moment while just gazing at me blankly. I figured that she needed a moment to let what I just said sink in. Suddenly her tails returned back to normal.

"Master Ferali, when we find Master Tonya and when we return to fight that monster I want to be the one who deals the killing blow.” She remains having her gaze locked with mine. "You will promise me this, Master. I will sink my fangs into that bastard's throat and tear it out.”

Quickly thanking God she isn't talking about me, I nodded and agreed with her promise. I started thinking about what just happened and then the town of Mohogany came to mind for some reason...

"Phoenix, before we go look for my mother we need to go to Mohogany and pay someone a visit.” I said slyly as I started sitting up and Phoenix jumping down from me.

She cocked her head to one side curiously.
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