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Its funny how some family reunions there are people you want to see, but then there are those who you would like gone. Ferali's is having one right now that would make anyone choose their selected family or their natural.

Chapter 6: Family Reunion.

Know to Understand.

Chapter 6: Family Reunion.

Three days pass since we last left Blackthorn City. Krystal had awakened a day ago, and actually managed to eat something. This for the most part has been a very quiet and tiresome travel.

Krystal has yet to say a word to any of us. I didn't need to tell her that her mother was dead; I assume that she must have realized it by now. Hell I'm more afraid of what she'll do more than ever since she isn't displaying her emotions on her sleeves.

She couldn't walk by herself, so most of the time I had to carry her if we weren't resting. Krystal's usually sparkling emerald eyes had a dull glare in them, just to show how defeated she was. The thing that sucks about all of this was that I couldn't do anything to comfort her. I get the feeling if I were to try anything it'll probably make things much worst. She'd have to talk to me when she feels up to it, but until then I will just have to wait.

Phoenix wasn't in any better she mostly kept quiet and to herself. She used her abilities to help heal Krystal quicker, but most of the time she couldn't even be found. When we were about to start traveling again or if Krystal started having pains, then would she appear to us. I think she, just like Krystal needed some alone time to recollect on what happened. I guess people and Pokémon have their own ways of bereavement.

I on the other hand bore through it all. I may not show it from the facial aspect but in my heart I was hurting more than anyone. There had been a few times where Hydro had to stop me and force me to go rest. He said that all the stress in my body was going to eat away at me from the inside out. He also said that grieving like that wasn't going to solve my problems I needed to take charge a face it head on.

If only life were that simply, right...

Within the last three days we have been traveling nonstop. We only took breaks to catch our breaths and eat. Krystal was mostly unconscious at the time, so I ended up carrying her most of the trip. Phoenix managed to fix my arm almost immediately after I came back from Black thorn city. She had also been the one to catch most of the food that we ate. It was mostly just berry though, but I'm not the one to complain.

Right now we were resting with Phoenix once again nowhere in sight. We decided to stop near a sign post that was marked 'Now enter Route 43.' Krystal was lying down on some comforts from her tent, she was once again asleep. To think my father could have done so much damage to her body with that simple shockwave is crazy now that I think about it. She was just probably mentally tired from everything that has happened to her and needed a lot of rest.

Looking around I started to remember this place back when Rebecca captured me. Being locked away in that cage thinking that those were going to be the last days of my life; I would have never thought things would have ended up like this. Ugh...sometimes I wonder if it were just better for her to end my life right then and there. Maybe I wouldn't have to put up with so much shit and maybe just maybe Sasha and Squirts wouldn't be dead right now. I can't help but wonder if I'm the cause of all our problems. Thinking about Dr. Shine and what he's after I soon remembered that I was not.

Shaking my head to clear it of the unwanted thoughts, I looked around the camp for anything to keep my attention while we wait. Other than the gentle wind that held the area around me in its comforting embrace, there was nothing interesting happening so I turned my attention to Krystal who was sleeping peaceful. The bruise that was on her chest was almost gone except for a dark spot right above her naval. Though I don't think that was because of my father.

"Master Ferali..." I could hear the voice of an exhausted woman.

I turned to face where it was coming from. There stood Phoenix on top of a tree branch looking almost as dull and lifeless as my father. Her usual radiant coat was now smudged and smeared with dirt and dust. I could see the tension for losing Squirts was starting to affect her not only emotionally, but physically as well.

"You don't have to tell me...I know what I look like. Anyway I didn't come to talk to you about that, I would like to know why we are going to Mohogany Town. I'm pretty sure Master Tonya isn't there." She then tilted her head towards the city. "Not only that I've scouted ahead a little and keep getting these weird feelings."

I jerked my head backwards in confusion. Phoenix was a very talented psychic and when she says something is wrong. I think it's better to for us to heed her warning and proceed carefully.

"You've been doing a great job keeping me out of your mind about what to expect here." She took a deep exhausted sigh. "Why won't you tell me?"

I knew that Phoenix knew my sister and she didn't need to know about that we were going to meet her. She'd probably dash off and start attacking her at first glance.

"This time Phoenix I think it's better to just trust me with this and leave it alone. You'll see once we get there." I said not really in mood to argue.

She then leaped down from the tree and nimbly made her way over to Krystal, who was still sleeping peacefully. Phoenix then began healing Krystal with her tails draped over her once again. They were dingy and ragged, even the color that the healing technique that she used billowed an off colored green.

"Anyways I'm pretty tired myself," Looking into the sky I could see that the sun was starting to set. "I want to get some more rest before we arrive tomorrow. And I'm pretty sure that Krystal will able to travel herself."

She just huff another tired sigh and said, "Well I think I know why you fell in love with this girl."

My eyes flared wide open when she said that. It took me by complete surprise to the point that I almost didn't know what to say. I see now that it was very obvious that I did, I mean she saw me actually about to have sex with Krystal for cryin out loud. I know that logically I'm a Pokémon and Krystal is a human and we aren't supposed to be doing those kinds of things. But I see that she loves me too much to care about that, same that I love her as well.

Phoenix doesn't seem to mind either, that or she could be just doing something to keep her mind occupied of unwanted thoughts. Just to humor her I decided to just ask her about why she thought keep the conversation going of course.

"Hehe," She giggled lightly. "What may seem like brute force and pure stubbornness is actually a girl who just wants to be loved. And I think you are the only person for her to fill that void of loneliness. She wouldn't care whether you're a Pokémon or not just as long as you're next to her is all that matter."

I blushed slightly at the compliment. She was absolutely right about all that and Krystal knew it all, I mean it wasn't a secret or anything. I calmly got up and slowly walked over towards Phoenix, she looked up at me as I made my way over. She ever so slightly shied away from me as I neared her. I decided to ignore it for now and just watch this small beast that I came to love over the years. I know in my heart that I have to be strong for her. Because now Krystal will need me more than ever, things are going to get much more worst before they get any better. I have to learn to harden myself against the loss of friends and loved ones if I'm to survive my father's wrath.

When we find my sister everything will be set right once again, even if it's by force my sister is coming with us and we will find our mother and put an end to this bullshit!

I slowly started stroking Krystal's soft curly hair. She looked so tiny and frail right now. It's hard to believe that she can be so powerful.

"When do you want to head into the city Master?" Phoenix asked.

"That's the thing Phoenix only I will be going into the city..."

"What!? I will not allow you to do such a reckless thing. I just told you that I felt something disturbing within the city a very dark force." She said interrupting me sounding very anxious.

"I'm pretty sure I know what that is and I'm more than sure I can handle it." I then flicked my gaze into her eyes adding, "I'm going to need you to protect Krystal while I'm gone. You're the only other person I can rely on Phoenix." I said giving somber sounding order.

"Yes, master...but if you detect the slightest amount of danger, I'll feel it and I'll tear anything that touches you to sheds. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, Phoenix." I replied warmly. I knew that she didn't want anything to happen to me. I was basically the only family she had left as she was to me as well. In times like these you can really only count on your bad I have to fight and/or kill half of mine.

"Yes master I do consider you as family." She said reading my mind. "That's why I want you to get those vulgar thoughts from your mind..."

It's funny how Hydro is managing to protect my mind from her reading the vital information, but not against free and embarrassing ones.

Without even realizing it I was thinking about what it would be like to have Phoenix as a mate. Don't get me wrong now I'm still into humans, but being inside this Pokémon's body I soon see that some Pokémon are pretty attractive as well. But she's right I need to get those thoughts from my mind. I remember back when Sasha kept reminding me that she didn't want a mate. I won't lie to myself and say that I didn't have a certain feelings for Sasha...and out of the respect for Squirts I will not try anything towards Phoenix.

A smirk made its way onto my face as I replied, "Yes, mam."

Night time was quickly upon us as I stared into the sky. Krystal was resting right beside me sleeping peacefully. I could see that she was probably up and about tomorrow evening, so I had to finish what was business in that city well before then. I may be able to stop Phoenix by pulling rank, but Krystal can't be swayed so easily. Phoenix was gone once again, disappearing once she had finished healing the bruise on Krystal's stomach. It was fine though, I needed to relax myself with some alone time.

Listening to the light snores of Krystal was kind of soothing. The thought of how I could persuade Rebecca to join me was very troubling. Not only that even if I were to somehow get her on board with us, how will I tell Krystal and Phoenix that she's joining us without all of them trying to kill each other. Damn...these women are going to be the death of me. I guess that'll just have to come to me later, right now I need to focus on getting Rebecca to my side.

After a moment of pondering I soon figured out what I'm going to have to do. This may be very painful, but I don't see any other way around it. Basically my sister will be unstable I don't know what happened between her and father. I don't care really...but she will probably want to kill me as soon as she sees me. I will probably just have to take the brunt of her attacks and fend off the fatal ones. I will need her to completely trust me when I convince her. I really do hope I can survive long enough, because if not she will kill me.

My sister Rebecca uses a horrifically strong bio-suit that my father invented. It was basically the same type as my fathers except it didn't have the same amount of power; also Rebecca's suit allowed her to fly with beautiful butterfly wing that protrudes from her head. The suit actually allows her to keep up with Krystal, and at times outperform her. I know that's really scary to even think about, someone other than my father able to hit harder than Krystal. But I would know from firsthand experience though, because we fought once before. At the time I didn't know it was her, but when we started fighting I was completely outclassed. Within two or maybe three punches she completely shattered my ribs and rendered me unconscious. She even had the ability to harm Hydro who was more aggressive then, that lingered in my mind.

An unsettling breeze rushed through the area. It even caused me to shiver a bit, either that or the thought of me meeting Rebecca tomorrow. I know it would be much easier if I was to bring Phoenix along with me, but for Krystal's safety I have to leave Phoenix to protect her.

I then started feeling something nicking at my side. It felt like it was trying to claw its way up my body. I could already guess who it was so I wasn't in any panic to rid myself of the small nuisance. Slowly looking over towards my side I could see that Krystal was doing her best to haul herself onto my back. I was just about to do something to try and help her up, but my brain was telling me no. This was something that she was going to have to do by herself.

This kept going for the next what seemed like hour. I had to force restrain myself from intervening with her, even when I started hearing the whimpers and mewls of her voice. I seriously doubt she was crying from the lack of being able to climb onto my back. I'm pretty sure it was because of her mother dying and her not being able to do anything about it. Back when I first met her, she kept trying to reinforce the fact that she didn't care for her parents after what they did to her. But deep down she know that she loves them just as much as any child would. No matter how poorly they treated her.

Finally I could feel something latch onto the large fin on my back. Suddenly it was yanked and I was rolled over onto my stomach. Then I was suddenly straddled by Krystal who then lay on my stomach. I could feel her small arms wrapping themselves around me with a tight embrace. Looking down I saw that she had her face buried deep within my chest. I reached down with my right paw to pet her on her curly hair. I could feel the tears pouring from her face onto my stomach.

It's only natural that she would be crying right now. I mean there really isn't any other way a person can deal with the death of a loved one. I guess the same can go for Phoenix as well.

The next morning came upon us quickly, Phoenix had returned and Krystal was up sitting underneath a tall tree where there was lots of shade. Phoenix once again tried persuading me to allow her to accompany me within the town, but again I denied her. She told me that even though she couldn't read my objectives in my mind she could still sense the tense air around me. The moment I feel like I'm in trouble she will be there within an instant. She went on to say that she didn't want to lose anyone else, but will obey my orders and remain with Krystal.

Krystal had remained silent the entire night. She had fallen asleep on my stomach and so was so quiet she didn't even as much as let out the faintest sound a snore. I think she was just too spent for anything else. And I know it's still going to be awhile for her to recover fully, but at least today she should be moving about without any aid.

I was already heading towards the town when I started getting the same eerie feeling about it the first time I been here. It was like a ghost town, which made the feeling of looking for Rebecca here all the more disheartening. I mean I know she liked being alone, but that doesn't mean that she'd want to be in an abandon place like this. That would mean that I came all this way for no reason.

Standing at the foot of the town I could see a few rattata skittering across the open field as I soon approached. My stomach actually gave a pained churn, as if it wanted me to just pick one up and eat it. Although I'm a Feraligatr I don't think I could bring myself to eating another Pokémon, out from the wild just like that. Now that I think about it, Hydro used to eat them a lot back when I was in my human form. Hell he'd eat just about anything just short of humans. There were a couple of times where he tried to actually eat me, now that I'm putting some real thought into it. I think that one of the first times he and I fought as if we were going to kill each other. It was when he first turned into a Feraligatr and thought he didn't have to listen to me anymore. He'd probably gotten the upper hand on me, but I was wearing the first suit my father made. Not only that I was training with Hydro the entire time so it naturally adapted to all of his abilities. For the most part I had outclassed him in every aspect, but he was clever just the way I had trained him. He managed to get a few trick water shots in on me and damn near bit my head off, but he got his cleverness from I easily reversed anything that was fatal back onto him. We fought like that for a while until he was in complete and utter submission.

Snapping my mind back to the task at hand, I promptly made my way into the center of the town. A very horrid breeze was suddenly carried throughout the wind. I didn't know what to make from it, just that I needed to proceed with caution. Something didn't seem right everything was just too quiet...

'Master your thoughts were dead on...I can feel Rebecca. And she's really close.' Hydro spoke in a caveat manner.

"Do you know where she is? Or if she's even spotted us yet?" I asked curiously, because in all honesty I wanted to be seen as small of a threat as possible. That is the only reason why I'm even walking out into the center of the hostile riddled zone.

'No, I can't tell where she is. I think she may have placed something up to keep psychics or Pokémon's from detecting her.' He pause for a moment before shouting, 'Master, there's something else here!'

Before I was even able to ask what it was, something possessed my left hand and made a slapping motion. The next thing I know my hand had a slight burning sensation on it. There was the noise a small explosion that flashed past my ears.

Looking in the direction where the shot came from I looked up to see to shadowy figures standing on top of a roof. It was an old dilapidated building that stood about two stories tall. Some odd shaped tree hung down from the sky and further obscuring the figures.

There was a sudden and violent ripple in the air that caused me to turn completely around. It was then I saw my sister was standing behind me, with her butterfly like wings expanded and her mask covering her face. I assume she must have used a Pokémon move to get down here so quickly. Stealing a quick peep behind me I saw only one of the shadow's remaining on the roof top. Quickly looking back to Rebecca, I started getting a bit nervous. But who would blame me after my last solo encounter with her; she nearly tore me to sheds and killed me.

"Ah princesse, do this Feraligatr be the eldest you speak of?" A refine masculine voice spoke from behind me...wait it just say princess. Who was a princess?

"Yes, this would be Max." Rebecca retorted. She started stepping forward towards me. I instinctively backed away from her.

"Look Rebecca I'm not looking to fight you." I said hoping to calm this tense atmosphere. Rebecca continued walking towards me. "See, I didn't bring Krystal with me, I just want to talk to you." But she remained silent and continued walking towards me.

"Max is it?" The voice spoke again. "Don't...move."

I think I better just do what he says. Right now I'm in their hands, and I don't want to do anything that'll alert Phoenix.

Once Rebecca was about a yard in front of me, she stopped, and remained silent.

I fear something bad and painful is about to happen. Thinking quickly, 'Hydro suppress everything that's about to happen. Sorry buddy, but I think she'd going to hurt us and I don't want Phoenix to know.'

'I understand master...'

Taking a deep sigh, I could only make out Rebecca leaping towards me with her left fist cocked backwards, readying to strike me in the face.

This is some Family Reunion huh...

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