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Tension and emotions flare.

And the Plot thickens!

Chapter 8: Do not hate.

Know To Understand.

Chapter 8: Do not hate.

An hour seem to have flashed before us as it seemed like nothing, but explanations of what had been going on within the last two months. Things got really emotional between all of us. Especially my mom she not for one moment had a dry eye. I hadn't seen her in so long it seems like several lifetimes ago.

She was wearing a suit similar to that of the twins that I come to know as Brandon and Brian. But hers was purple and very plain looking. Which lead me to believe that it must to have not done much for her? But she was on another level of power herself, just looking at her Pokémon: Squirts, Sasha, and Phoenix should give an idea of how powerful she is. Suit or no suit, my mother was one of the most powerful psychics to ever walk this planet. The only person in the world that just may be able to match her power is Rebecca who is still unconscious at the moment. Brandon says that he might have zapped her with too much energy.

Both Rebecca and Tristan were still both knocked out from that very brief battle two hours earlier. I doubt Krystal would want to see either of them right now anyway. It would most probably cause a huge disturbance between us all.

Krystal for the most part hasn't said anything for a while now. Even during the explanations' between us all she did was nod her head in agreement to the things that were said. I was beginning to grow increasingly more concerned about her the longer she acted this way. I'm going to have to have a talk with her after this...I don't think either of us will enjoy it. She constantly kept glaring at me with a wary frown.

The two brothers had called out a Pokémon each. One of the Pokémon was a Glaceon and the other was the Typhlosion from earlier. They were having very meaningless conversations; it would seem to be just the sake of talking. The Glaceon don't seem to be responding to Brian, but the Typhlosion and Brandon were having the best conversation ever. I think they weren't used to talking to their Pokémon.

Brian's Glaceon seemed to be ignoring him every time he asked it something it would give him nothing, but silence. After a while a trying he gave up and returned it back into its ball. He then came over to where Krystal, Mom, Phoenix, and I were standing.

We had actually gone inside of an abandon house to rest and catch up with each other. Rebecca and Tristan were lying in a bed in the next room; we were sitting inside of the living room. We all sat silently as Brian approached. Mom was trying to take every of what I just said in.

I was done explaining things to her by the time Brian had reached us. He seemed very annoyed and frustrated from the fact that he couldn't talk to his Glaceon. Brandon and his Typhlosion wouldn't shut up. We just did our best to ignore them just as Brian's Glaceon to him.

"I see...we've all been through so much lately." My mom started as she flashed a look towards me. "I notice that you're looking at Brian and Brandon." She let an awkward moment past between all of us. "You're curious as to why I have them with me, yes?"

I just looked away from everyone and towards the corner of the room. To be honest I'm getting really sick of everyone psychic just up and reading people's minds. That includes my mother I feel my thoughts should be my own and not someone's book that they can read any time they want.

Taking a sigh I just nodded for her to continue I didn't look at them though. The more I thought about how psychics are becoming the bane of my existence the angrier I was becoming. I didn't want my mother to see or read those thoughts. I had Hydro still blocking my emotions and emotionally thoughts so not only Phoenix, but my mother and Rebecca couldn't read them. All of my other thoughts though are open game. Then something else came to mind that I didn't understand, why couldn't she have prevented this, why did she leave when all of this mess started. She's a master psychic why couldn't she have read my father's psychological state and stopped him before any of this shit started.

She simply shook her head...I'm guessing she must have read my mind again. I decided that it was probably best that I stop thinking about hindsight and focus on the now.

"Well the main reason why the boys are with me is because..." My mother started, but then suddenly Krystal stood up from her seat.

Krystal started walking across the floor towards me and stopped. She leaned towards me and draped her arms around me. Kissing me on the forehead I blush bright red from the sudden form of affection.

"Krystal not that I mind, but why are you doing that?" I asked confused.

She pulled back and smiled warmly at me. "It's okay Ferali just go to sleep."

"Wha..." was all I was able to mutter before I cough up a massive amount of blood.

'Sorry master...' Hydro whispered before he was silenced.

The next thing I saw before I racked with a large amount of pain and passed out was Krystal placing her small hands over my eyes. Soon the darkness overtook me and I was forced to sleep.

(Krystal's POV)

I cupped him from the back of the head and lowered him down on the sofa. I already knew this was going to happen. And it was the main reason why I was being so quiet just now. I didn't want to upset him into passing out anytime sooner than he had to. I assume that he and that thing inside him must have been doing something to suppress his feelings. When I first saw him he was covered in blood and he wasn't making any noise about what had happened. He was just more concerned about what had happen to Phoenix and me, and why his mother had come through the forest with us.

"How did you know he was going to pass out?" I could hear Ferali's mother, Tonya asked.

"Well when you've been with him like this for so long, you'll notice when he's about to pass out." I rubbed my sweet prince on his long snout. I turned around to have a better look at the woman who he claims has all of the answers. I didn't buy it, not for one second.

Back when we were in the forest she didn't so much as make a move when Phoenix started attack that kid in white. He barely managed to ward off the vixen's attack without being seriously injured or killed. For right now I'm in some serious doubt of her strength, or why we should have complete and total faith in her.

From what I can remember that Ferali told me about her was that she was one the best Pokémon trainer in the world. I guess that would explain why her Ninetales was so strong; I think Ferali may know something about these Pokémon. Something's not right about them...

I don't trust her or the two boys. I need to know more about them, unfortunately for them I'm not so easy going as Ferali.

"So you're the legendary Tonya Shine." I said now starting a whole new conversation. "You're the mother of Max and Rebecca; you're the wife of Dr. Shine."

"Yes, I am. I know what you're going to say Krystal." She said obviously reading my mind.

"I know you do. I've been dealing with you damn psychics for a while now." That's when both Phoenix and that boy in the white suit both looked at me with a certain level of disgust. "I don't care how you two look at me. I'm going to speak my mind." I said closing my eyes. "To be honest I've been waiting for Ferali to pass out before speaking." I shot them a haunting glare. "I don't want you getting Ferali mix up with what you have to do with your husband." Then letting my eyes sweep across the room then rest on top of Ferali. "He's been through so much; I want him to be at peace...I want to be at peace."

"Krystal, I know you love him, but that's impossible." Tonya said calmly.

"You're his mother. You're the miracle woman who's supposed to fix all of this. Why can't we live in peace?" I protested.

"Come now, you know him better than anyone else Krystal. Do you honestly believe that he's going to allow his father to run amuck killing people, while he sitting back living a peaceful life." She shook her head while adding, "I don't think so. Krystal he's my son I think I would know him by now. He will kill himself before he allows his father to kill one more person." She then leaned back while wrapping her legs around each other. She was a woman of power and wouldn't be so easily intimidated. "Tell me that I'm wrong Krystal."

I then pulled out a Pokéball and started becoming very annoyed by her smugness. I could see that talking to her wasn't going to get me anywhere. She was one of those kinds of people who have an answer for everything. I raised it towards Ferali and recalled him back into it.

The boy clad in the white suit suddenly stood up from his seat. "You actually have him placed in a Pokéball! He's a human being, not a Pokémon!"

"Brian, please calm down." Tonya asked of him.

"Yes, but Ms. Tonya he's your son Christ sake." Brian retorted.

"It's fine I'm more than sure he's been in the ball more than once by now. Either way, if she leaves with him, she runs the risk of being hated by him. He will return to me sooner or later." She said boldly.

"I'd force him to stay with me. I rather be hated by him while he's alive rather than be loved by him while he's dead." I said clipping his ball on to my belt.

Brian took a slight step forward. I could sense his deadly intent and all of the meaning behind his stance. If he really believes he stands a chance against me while I have nothing holding me back, he has another thing coming.

Acting quickly I pulled out Sasha's horn and pointed towards the both of them. Brian's mask immediately came on showing his true form of that disgusting suit. I swear these guys were making me sick to my stomach with all of the Poké-suits. There wouldn't be any problems if these damn things didn't exist.

"Put your blade away now!" Brian yelled.

Suddenly the other brother burst from the back room and looked around wildly. He dropped into a fighting stance as his mask form over his head. His Typhlosion was right on his heels when the brother stopped. The Typhlosion began bearing its fangs towards me and the flames on its back started rising as well.

These kids actually believe that they actually stand a chance in stopping me. I knew who these two were and where they came from. I'm pretty sure they know about me as well, probably not well though. Father made sure to keep us separate from each other. Through the great vine within the housekeeping service that ran through my house was I able to find out about them. Our home was big enough to keep several families within its walls without ever seeing each other. Keeping kids from each other while they went about their day to day lives would be no problem.

"What so now father's side project think he can tell me what to do?" I said threatening Brian. My eyes then rested on both Brandon and Tonya. "I've dealt with your daughter and husband...and hell I've dealt with your son as well. Adding you to the menu won't hurt anything."

Suddenly Phoenix stepped forward and fluffed out her all nine of her tails. "Everyone calm down!" She seemed tired, but remained calm and cool as she spoke. It was slightly creepy that I could actually understand her, but not surprising. I assumed this must be one of my latent abilities that activate after I spend so much time with a Pokémon. "Krystal, think about what you're doing. If you take Master Ferali with you, you'll not only bring unhappiness to him but to yourself as well." She let her tails lay flat as she stepped closer to me. "Krystal I don't need to read your mind in order for me to tell that you know I'm right. I may not have had a long relationship with him, but for what I do know of him is that he's not going to sit by and watch the people he loves get hurt."

Tonya stood up and waved her hand back towards the two boys who were still in their fighting stances. "Krystal, from what I hear is that you found Sasha, is that correct?"

"Yes, I did and she was one of my best friends. Your daughter was the one who I took her from and she was the one who helped kill her." I wanted to point that fact out to her again. "I don't understand why is it that those two are the way they are, but I don't want Ferali being taken away from me like Sasha my mother was." I said somberly. I then lowered the blade while looking at it and the memories that were carried with it.

"Krystal I understand where you are coming from, but trust me holding Max back from facing this fight won't help anyone." Tonya said, then adding. "Especially him, Krystal."

I could only sit back on the couch and let her words soak in my mind. She was absolutely right and deep within me I already knew that she was speaking the truth. I just don't want anything to happen to anyone I care about. I love him far too much to just let him go off and kill himself due to some sort of vengeance complex.

"I'm his mother and don't want to see him get hurt more than anyone, it's just we need him. He has the potential of being one of the strongest people/Pokémon in the world." Tonya said standing to her feet. She walked over to me calmly as she then rested a hand on my shoulder. "Krystal, he's going to stop his father just you watch." She took her hand off of me and then around towards the two boys who just staring at us. "Brandon and Brian are both here to help us put an end to this madness as well. As you should know they are your adopted brothers."

I looked up towards the both of them and nodded slowly. As the usual I wasn't even thinking, but just jumping at everything that seems right. Most of the time isn't the right thing to do. I need to learn to think about how my actions will affect the future.

"Ms. Tonya you don't have to tell her about us. We came here because of father and that's all she needs to know." Brian was the one to speak.

I could assume that he must be the serious brother. Something told me that as because even his Pokémon seemed uptight. He was the only one that immediately answered Tonya's statement before she was even able to finish talking. That's fine though I'm not here to be his friend, but he will treat me with respect.

"Whatever man, Tonya what are you going to do about Rebecca?" I asked trying my best to change to subject. However the tension remained in the air.

Brian just shrugged and added, "Miss Tonya I'm going outside for a bit. Brandon care to join me?"

"Nah bro I'ma stay here and talk to Ruption some more. I'll catch up with you later, alright." Brian started making his way towards the door, but didn't get far before Brandon quickly said, "And Brian calm down. Everything's going to be alright."

Brian nodded and left the house. I could see that he was upset about something other than me for a moment there. I actually wondered what it could have been, in the end it doesn't really matter. As long as he gets himself under control when the time is right he can play the lonely wolf all he wants.

Brandon then returned to the other room with his Typhlosion. Tonya shook her head slowly as she then reached into her back pocket to retrieve a small rubber band. Using it she tied her long golden blonde hair up in a large ponytail.

"Krystal don't mind this next part..." She said with a sigh.

I could only look at her quizzically. The next thing I saw was Brandon with his Typhlosion flying out of a large window that was positioned across the living room that we were in. There was a loud crash as he and his Pokémon hit the ground roughly.

"Brian, Brandon don't come back into the house until I tell you so." Tonya said sternly while she placed a hand to her ear. I could only assume that she was talking over an earpiece that she had.

Swiftly I turned my head to see what had caused this to happen. To only see that it was Rebecca stumbling out of her room. Her Absol wasn't with her which only led me to believe that it wasn't awake yet.

Rebecca held up her palm towards me. I notice that her mask was on and her butterfly like wings was extended largely. "You little witch you're the one who has my brother!" She yelled hoarsely.

I looked away from her in disgust. I rather talk to that to that bitch's father before I break words with her. Just the sight of that blood thirsty monster, is making me sick to my stomach. I didn't want to have to say anything to her.

"Give him back now!" She yelled in a stupor protest.

"Rebecca...what happened to you?" Tonya said intervening.

Rebecca quickly whipped her arm around and pointed towards Tonya. I began to fear for her safety so I readied myself to spring in and help her if need. But something inside me was reassuring me that she had everything under control. Tonya even held a palm up towards me and lowered it down, signaling me to calm down.

"Who are you?! Are you with that boy who attacked me?" She said in a panic.

"Oh Rebecca...I can sense everything that's happened to you. Your father did this to you didn't he? With his technology he managed to possess you and have you believed that everything that he does was for the greater good." She sounded like she was on the verge of bursting into tears. "God, I was too late again..."

Surprisingly it was Rebecca who had a stream of tears following down her face. I couldn't understand what was happening, why she was crying she seemed to be hell bent on killing everyone just a second ago?

"Why is it I feel that I know you?" Rebecca asked.

I could only furrow my brows in curiosity, as she asked the bizarre question. She should know who this is. It's her mother. Rebecca should be able to tell that just by looking at her face, or if anything she should be able to sense her with her psychic ability of hers.

Tonya held out her arms for her daughter. She seemed to be fighting back the tears as they started amassing themselves in her eyes.

"No!" Rebecca shouted as a blast of psychic energy burst from her palm. I could feel a ripple across the air as it was sent barreling towards Tonya.

Flicking both of her palms forward Tonya actually manage to catch the enormous blast. She seemed to be getting pushed back a bit. Then within an instant she flexed her muscles and took a deep breath and closed her arms shut as if she was hugging something. There was a small burst of air from the blast being compacted into nothing, throughout the room.

"Rebecca it's going to be okay." She said sobbing slightly. "You're my daughter, I'm going to make things right again."

"You're my mother?" She asked.

Then she started screaming at the top of her lungs before she pass out on to the ground.

"What happened to her?" I looked at Tonya.

"Nothing I just put her to sleep. I'm going to undo the damage that was done to her by her father in her mind." She then looked over to me and somberly added. "Krystal, I know what she's done to you, Max, and a lot of other people. But please know that she wasn't in control of herself." She took a deep breath. "Please do not hate her."

I hope she do realize that it's far too late to be asking me that especially after everything that monster have done to me. What she's done to my family. There was no way I could forgive her of that...could I?
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