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Know To Understand by Pod155


Author's Chapter Notes:

Krystal finds out some new information. How does she cope with it?

Chapter 9: The unconscious truth.

Know to Understand.

Chapter 9: The unconscious truth

A day came and went by the time I actually realize it. We managed to get Ferali healed within his Pokéball and soon will be letting him out. Once he was out we'd start coming up with a plan for taking out his father.

Brandon and Brian have been training with their suits for the last ten hours straight. Luckily this town was abandon or people could have been hurt. It's funny how they are displaying their strength like that was honestly unimpressive. If this what my father adopted to take his place at his company he was in for a very rude awakening. These two are push overs with magical powers that all I can say. All that leaping around hurling small fire balls and burst of lightening couldn't take down a Metapod, let alone Dr. Shine.

I've been doing light exercises to help regain my strength from the last encounter with Dr. Shine. My body was a little sore and stiff since Phoenix treated me. With the free time I've had here I've not only been working out physically, but mentally as well. I've been practicing with Sasha's horn as well. I've been learning to channel the energies that I've gained from her into it, to tap into the darkness within it. It's funny how Sasha's horn is a darkness base weapon, because every time I touch it I can only feel the light flowing through it.

"Brian, grow some balls and do it!" I could hear the less mature brother yell.

"Dude, you might as well tell me to grow a vagina and learn to take a pounding!" The err...more mature brother retorted.

They were outside in front of a abandoned house that we were all staying in, doing God knows what. With that last outburst actually peak my curiosity to go check out what they were doing?

Gazing out of the window I could see that Brandon had call out his Typhlosion. It was standing front of Brian who was wearing the all-white suit. It took a moment for it to sink in, but I finally realized what these idiots were trying to do...

"You won't know until you try it." Brandon pleaded.

"I don't think I want to know if I'm immune to fire or not." Brian said with a trembling voice, and then added. "Why don't you figure out if you're immune to lightening?"

"Hello, we don't have any electric Pokémon...duh. Come on Brian let's see...Big brother."

I could only shake my head at the idiocy of it all. I mean even with the suits it doesn't make them immune to anything, just increase their fighting performance. But I just may get a cheap laugh or two by watching them kill themselves. Brandon could easily drop a toaster in the microwave in the bathtub and find, but I think he'd rather test it out on his brother first.

"You know if I get burned, you'll feel it just as bad as I will." Brian said as his mask wrapped itself over his head.

Brandon only smile and added, "I have complete faith in you and your suit."

Brian nodded slightly and crouched down into a defensive stance with his arms up covering his face. I really didn't see the point in him doing that he's just going to get his arms burned along with his body.

"Alright Ruption, let's do it!" Brian yelled out. Assuming he was trying to get himself psych for the hell that's going to be unleashed upon him.

The Typhlosion reared up on its haunches and took a massive breath. The flames on its back shot straight up into the sky. The air surrounding the Typhlosion began to intensify with heat. Even though I was in the house I could feel my body starting to heat up.

From looking at this display of power I could see that this Typhlosion was far from being an average Pokémon. I could possibly go as far as to say he could be on Ferali's level of strength, but now that I think about it Ferali has a lot more finesse than almost anyone that I know.

Within the second it took Ruption to build up the flames he had unleashed his attack. There was a flame the size of a jet engine going off and engulfing Brian completely. The flames seem to have just lain on top of Brian and spiral skywards.

I could barely see Brandon, but from what I could see he too had his mask on while using his arms to cover his face. I think that his Pokémon may have push out way more power than that was needed to test the suits ability. I think there just may be something going on between the Typhlosion and Brian, which may have brought on some sort of animosity between the two.

Finally when the Typhlosion let up with its Flame attack, it stood back and slowly took in what it had done. I'm pretty sure that it didn't feel the slightest bit of remorse about it; in fact I'm sure it felt proud of what it's just done.

"Ruption!" Brandon yelled. "Oh shit! Brian!"

Brandon ran up to his Pokémon and started yelling at it. "Go in there and get him out!"

Suddenly there are violent shakes in the ground followed by light moan and grunts that echoed from around the surrounding area. Then there was nothing, but silence.

The Typhlosion slowly approach as if scared of something. If anything it should be scared whether or not it killed its master's brother. The Typhlosion took a few more steps closer towards before completely stopping, even backing up a few paces.

There was then a large explosion that shook the house that I was in. A bright light flashed throughout the area. I had to cover my eyes from the sudden burst of radiance. When I felt that it was over, I then lowered my arm to see what had happened.

There stood Brian in the center of the "still" spiraling fire. But something about it didn't seem right. It was as if he had control over the fire. Extending both of his arms out, he raised them in the air while letting out a blood curling scream. With an impressive display the flames that were surrounding his body were being sucked into his body and fired out through his palms. There was a beautiful arch of solid white flames that shot across the sky.

The flames were so beautiful I started getting lost within their radiance. The flames were as if they carried the weight of my soul with them. All of the passion I had for this world seemed to lie within those flames. They felt as if though they'd turn to me and fly into my body and communicate with my soul and we'd understand each other.

Brian's suit shone as brightly as flames did as he continued pushing the flames from his body. The suit's bright radiance however started fading the longer he pushed the flames out. When his suit finally returned back to normal, Brian fell over onto his knees.

Panting loudly he seemed far more out of breath than I thought he would have been. Thinking about what just happened I could quickly confirm that his suit was built to handle fire. And from what I've seen of the other brother I could manipulate lightening, but I'm not sure how much of it though. Hell he probably get hit by it and get killed...if only I were so lucky.

"You know you shouldn't think like that." A feminine voice came from behind me.

Turning around to see that it was Phoenix sitting on her haunches just staring at me. Her fur had did a complete one eighty in appearance. She looked beautiful. Her fur matched the flames that Brian just released through his palms...again I found myself getting lost within the beauty of it all.

I think my mind just wanted to take a few minutes to escape its problems. Since Ferali isn't around I think I can only take solace within the relaxing things around me.

"Think like what?" I asked wondering what she was talking about. I had gotten used to the fact that she could now communicate with me. For this I am actually glad because I need to have a serious talk with her.

"The whole if 'they'd die we'd be better off' thing." She nodded towards the window. "Those boys are young Krystal, they need time to grow. And trust me when I say they've been through a lot in their short lives. Everyone has a story, Krystal." She said adding a hint of wisdom at the end.

"Yeah, you're right about that." I said leading myself into my next series of questions about the situation we're in, and about her personally. "And what about you?"

She chuckled lightly, "I didn't need to read your mind to guess that you were going to ask that." She just simply smiled at me.

She made her way over to the couch that we used when we came here. Jumping on it she tapped her paw down and nodded to her right.

Sighing dejectedly I just walked over to it and sat down. She turned to face me and kept the smile from earlier on her face. For someone who just lost one of their best friends she didn't look all that depress. In fact I would say that she seem to be in better spirits than when she was with her partner. I think it may have something to do with Ferali's mother, Tonya.

"We were more than partners Krystal. We were mates...just like you to Master Ferali." She said. I'm assuming she must have been reading my mind once again. "He gave his life fighting for the lives of others..." She paused for a moment. "Krystal, I'm telling you now, I've been alive for a very long time...I didn't think there were any other pain that could be inflicted on me. I've been through them all, but losing the one you love...there is nothing that could replace that. No time to heal it, just as if something reached into my chest and pulled my heart out. There is nothing but pain."

Her words, they marinated in my mind for a moment before I was able to fully allow it to settle in. At first I couldn't understand why she would have brought it up. I started thinking it was because of the thought I had earlier, but no. It something more than that her words sounded like more of a counsel than anything.

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked, becoming fed up with the riddles.

"Krystal, I'm not going to sugar coat it. Master Ferali looks like he's getting desperate to put an end at this madness. He's seen his father kill more than one of his loved ones. At this point as long as his father dies he would not care whether or not he lives."

I then stood up and held my mouth out of pure fear. I couldn't comprehend what she just said, or my mind just didn't want to. There is no way Ferali will want to kill his father that badly. He cares for me to much, doesn't he? He would never leave me behind out of pure revenge.

"He wouldn't do that." I said after somewhat pulling myself together. "He's not that desperate. Here I was thinking that you were the psychic one."

She only remained quiet. To be honest it's better that she did because right now I didn't want to hear anything else she had to say. Now is the first time I think I'm starting to regret having the ability to talk to Pokémon.

Since she wasn't saying anything I decided that it would be better if I were to just leave. Probably go vent my frustration out on one of my father's pets. I can probably see what all they could do with those suits they have. Hell, if anything I can probably kill one of that's not right.

They have a right to live just as much as anyone does. I just can't stand the thought of how much father wasn't there the only time my mother would have needed him.

"He's waking up!" I could hear someone shouting throughout the house.

The only person that they could be referring to is Ferali. Something to take my mind off of things with that damn fox probing at my ear with her poisons felt words. Just a small conversation with her has placed me in a foul mood. The only thing that can calm me down is a conversation with my beloved.

I turned around and walked pass that fox that was on the couch. She just carried the same grin from earlier and had no shame in keeping on display. Bitch...and I hope she read my mind.

Making my way down the hall I started to breathe a welcome sigh of relief. I needed someone familiar to be around or to talk to...

Thinking about Ferali, I knew that he think that all of this was crazy. There's no way he'd ever die just for the sake of revenge. He should know just too many people will miss him if he does. I was going to have to talk to him about it; for once I really hope that I'm just being paranoid.

Rounding the corner in the hall where Ferali slept, I was suddenly halted. Tonya was standing right in the doorway facing me. Looking at her from this close...her body, her eyes, how beautiful her hair is, just everything about this woman seemed perfect. While I on the other hand get made fun of...I can't help the way I look, geez I guess all guys want the big everything women...

Snapping my mind back to the task at hand, I quickly darted my eyes to the lower left while backing away from her. I was trying to hold my embarrassment back from her alluring gaze. Damn I really hope she didn't read that thought. Fucking psychics I swear my thoughts aren't even personal anymore. I can only imagine how Ferali must've grown up. People always reading your mind nothing being kept private, I bet he wasn't even able to tend to himself as a teen.

A slight giggle worked its way onto my face.

"Is something wrong Krystal?" Tonya asked. I was surprise she didn't already know.

I'm not going to say what I was thinking. "Oh, um...its nothing. You just startled me when I walked around the corner is all. Hehe..." I added a very unconvincing smile in the end.

"Okay...well he's right in there. I need to talk with him later, but I'm sure you'll want to talk with him first."

I nodded and let her by in the hall. My eyes followed her as she walk down the hall. Her hair flowed as if it were a ribbon caught in a gentle wind. She was just to perfect...

Walking into the bedroom where Ferali was, I could see him. He was lying on his back looking out the window where the sun greeted him with its warm rays. I know I was making loud footsteps as I entered his room, but didn't turn his head towards me to acknowledge my presence. I just wanted to go over there and smack him on the back of his head. But he seemed really out of it. Instead I just slowly made my way towards him.

Before I was even able to get towards him properly I quickly started to understand what he might have been pouting about. It was my mother; he must have thought I would have blamed him for not being able to save her. Well I know in my heart that couldn't be more wrong. There was nothing anyone could have done about my mother. Hell, if anything I can only blame myself for that failure, if only I hadn't acted so rashly maybe...just maybe something could have been different.

I approached him cautiously, I didn't want startle him. He slowly turned his head to me. In fact he startled me...Ferali looks as if though he'd been crying. I didn't understand what was going on with him. He shouldn't be crying he found his mother...if anything I should be that I think about it Ferali never let his emotions out like this before.

"Hey Krystal...what's up?" He asked trying to sound as off putting as possible.

When he said that I almost didn't know what to say...for some reason I started feeling nervous. But why...why am I being scared now. I've known Ferali for far too long to act as if he's some strange Pokémon that I've never met. Or could it be that I've never seen this side of him before.

"Nothing fat ass, just checking up on you." I said doing my best not to show my fear. "So, how are you?"

He simply shook his head while closing his eyes, "I'm fine, later all of us should get to together and talk." Ferali seemed sort of out of it. "But since we're alone I wanted to talk to you about my sister."

"Oh boy here we go. Your mother asked me to not hate her, but how can I not?" I said oddly more calmly than I should have. Just thinking about Rebecca starting to make my skin crawl. "She was the one who started all of this 'BS' and I'm finding it hard to just forgive and forget."

"Krystal, I'm not asking that you forgive her for what she's done." Slowly he stood from out of his bed and towered over me, while giving me the most hateful look, "I'm telling you to set your differences and personal feelings to the side, and work least until everything is finish."

He's "telling" me to do something. Now normally I'd slap him out of that window for talking to me that way, but he seems very adamant about this.

...Oh no. What Phoenix said must be true. Shit I can't have this; he doesn't need to kill himself for this stupid cause! I can't understand why is it he feels so obligated toward killing his father. I thought I would mean more to him.

"Fine, but if she steps out of line Ferali, I won't be liable for what I do to her." I said as sternly as I could.

"Alright, it's better than nothing I guess." He then got down on all fours and stretched while like a wide yawn with his massive jaw. "Anyway, Krystal..." He stood up and suddenly grabbed me while pulling me into a deep hug. "No matter what happens just know that I love you."

His words sounded like something I would want to hear, but they were empty. I got the feeling that his heart was no longer with me, but with father instead. I don't want to lose him like this, the road he's trying to embrace is a dark, cold, and very lonely one. I know that from personal experience and in the end either I'm going to have to save him or he will be consumed by the hatred in his heart.
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