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Luca - 2nd Edition by Felix


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me,Felix9. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Finally home after their trying ordeal, our intrepid couple has a bit of explaining to do to Felix's family. How will they react to the news that Luca is pregnant? And will they be allowed to stay after they find out who the father is...? Also, something her father told her has been bothering Luca. What could this mean for the couple's bond?

Chapter 8 - A Father Exposed

Of course Talia was happy to see us. Lady had rushed in and surprised the little dragon, but since she had doubled in size from when we'd last seen her, the terrifying armada of tails wasn't so threatening. Still Luca and I were nearly knocked off our feet as the nearly 3 foot long Latias darted through the house and quickly hugged each of us. Luca and I both relaxed a little, unable to resist smiling at the playful dragon. Ky on the other hand, was terrified. He whined and cowered as he tried to keep an eye on the red and white blur that was attacking us.

Talia tugged at Luca's paw, wanting her to play so I followed as we all wound up in the living room. Seeing Ky was hesitant to move in the same direction as Talia I bent over and picked him up. "It's okay. She won't hurt you," I said, getting a scared look in return but he at least relaxed in my arms until we made it to where everyone else was.

"'Bout time you got here!" my mother scolded as she got up from the couch. "Awww. Hi there Ky. Aren't you pretty," she said in a softer tone as she came closer, inspecting the Umbreon in my arms as she did. Ever shy and timid though he shrunk in my arms and whined at the attention. I knew my family would never hurt him though and as my sister came over I passed him to her. His eyes went wide and he squirmed in her arms until my sister gave him a smile.

"You are absolutely gorgeous!" she praised, tracing the ring on his forehead as it started to glow softly. As if he were hers now she returned to the couch with him, smiling at me as a hint that I might not get him back.

Meanwhile, my mother wrapped me in a tight hug. "I'm so glad you're okay," she whispered with genuine concern.

"We're fine mom, don't worry," I replied, hugging her back to show her I was real. She quickly returned to her old self and smiled wide. With that out of the way we went back to the couch to start the long process of catching up. Unfortunately I had made it home on a week day so dad would be out late at work. At least it gave me plenty of time to fill mom and Ashley in without having to bore my father with all the details the girls cared about but he didn't.

As soon as I was on the couch next to my sister Ky made his move. He quickly squirmed out of Ashley's arms and curled up in my lap. It was the best he could think of at the time since Talia was still flying around the room with Luca and Lady playing tag the dragon. Mom chuckled softly and reached down to him, giving him a soft stroke over his face and ear even as he shied from the touch. My sister seemed a little hurt when Ky left but she was over it quickly as we started to talk.

Through the whole story my sister maintained that I was just stupid for getting into such a mess. My mother was constantly mortified hearing the situations we got ourselves into and scolded me for not just escaping. When I told her how many pokemon we'd saved though she changed her tune. She at least admitted that she raised me right to have done such a thing. I couldn't help wondering if she'd still say that when I managed to tell her about Luca and I...

"So what was this surprise you told me about?" I asked as my tales were finished. Ashley grinned and mom gave a smile. They both got up, beckoning me to follow. After setting Ky down I followed them to Ashley's room.

On my sister's bed was Whiskers, sleeping soundly with an orange Shinx and a surprisingly fluffy gray Glameow curled up with her. (I wasn't quite sure how she had managed to produce two completely different species of offspring, but wasn't about to ask.)

I was awe struck. Her kittens were so cute I almost couldn't believe Whiskers was their mother! "Do they have names yet?" I asked as Ky uncertainly padded into the room. His paw touched carpet for the first time and he sniffed at it curiously before he managed to work up the courage to follow me in.

"The Shinx is named Tarzan and Glameow is named Miss Fuzztoes," my sister answered. I snickered a bit at the second name and got a playful smack on the back of my head from mother. I could see she had earned the name though. Her feet were quite fuzzy, but I couldn't stop myself from asking why the Shinx was named Tarzan. Mother replied a little indignantly, "Because I found him swinging from my lamp shade! And when I caught him he popped the light bulb with a shock!"

Once again I couldn't stop myself and laughed. "I wouldn't be laughing. He's going with you!" mom replied curtly and smirked as I quickly froze to stare at her with disbelief.

"Mom doesn't want him tearing up the house so he's your problem now!" my sister laughed, but I failed to see how a cute little Shinx could be such a terror. Never the less I would be happy to take the little guy with us.

It wasn't long before Ky actually got curious as to what we were looking at. His nose twitched with the scent of the cats and he peaked over the edge of the bed. Whiskers flattened her ears and let out a low growl seeing him making him yelp and hurry behind my legs. I chuckled softly, but bent over to comfort him and tell him it was okay. Whiskers was always like that. He still wasn't about to go over there again but he had calmed down now that he knew he was safe with me between them.

The little Shinx on the bed heard the commotion and was now awake and eager to see what was going on. He came over to the side of the bed with his tail as straight as a toothpick. He was so cute I couldn't help reaching down to give him a soft pet. Right away he started purring like a motor boat and arched into my fingers, pricking them softly with static. Apparently he wasn't one to be occupied very long with something because even as he rubbed against my hand he was headed to the edge of the bed and wiggling as he prepared to jump. I had to give him credit, he only stumbled a little before he was up and heading towards Ky.

Ky wasn't scared of the tiny cat but he still wasn't sure what to do. Tarzan on the other hand, came right up, rubbed against the Umbreon's leg, and started purring again. Needless to say Ky was confused. How was it this cat would just walk up to a "dog" pokemon and purr? Despite his confusion Ky was nice to the kitten. He bent over and licked Tarzan on the cheek. Tarzan happily rubbed against Ky's muzzle and kept purring.

It was nice to see Ky's tail wag for a change. He seemed very happy to have a little friend. Fuzztoes had also heard the commotion and wanted to see what was going on. She jumped down to the floor and came over but she was still groggy. Encouraged by Tarzan's attitude Ky saw Fuzztoes and expected her to be just like her brother. So he started towards the gray kitten, figuring she wanted to see him too.

As she became fully aware Fuzztoes looked up to see the much larger canine coming towards her. Instinct took over and she literally exploded from her feet. Having transformed into a massive dust Bunneary she spat, hissed and leapt a foot straight backwards all simultaneously.

Shocked, Ky quickly backed away from the insane fluff ball. He didn't want anything to do with that thing anymore. He looked around confused as the three of us humans laughed hysterically. My mother was the first to recover and she quickly scooped Fuzztoes up to console the terrified cat. She was soon purring in mom's arms having forgotten all about Ky. Whiskers was still lying on the bed, she could have cared less about the commotion and had fallen back to sleep. I suppose being a mother had taken the last of the energy she usually showed around the house.

When Ky went over to Fuzz, Tarzan had turned his attention back to me. I picked him up and he was now purring in my arms. After his ordeal Ky whined at my feet. I laughed again but knelt to give him a pet and encourage him to come back to the living room with us.

Luca, Lady and Talia had tired each other out and were sprawled out over the furniture in the living room. Luca and Lady were on the couch and Talia was on her back in the middle of the floor. I went over to the couch to join my girls where Luca sat up to make room. Lady moved her tails to give Luca a little more room, and Ky quickly took his chance to get up and settle down with Lady. Finally back amongst the protection of Lady's tails he seemed to relax.

Ashley sat next to Talia, who cooed happily when Ashley began rubbing the dragon's belly. It seemed she preferred her wings being massaged though because it wasn't long before she was on her belly offering the stiff appendages to my sister. Of course Ashley obliged, earning more funny noises of enjoyment from the young dragon.

"Awwwww!" Luca said as she saw the orange Shinx in my arms. His ears drawn to the sound Tarzan saw yet another friend and hopped out of my arms into Luca's lap. She giggled and started to pet the purring kitten. "He's so cute!" she commented to me even as the fur on her hand started to prickle with static.

"They want us to take him along," I said with a smile, loving the happy sparkle in Luca's eyes as she smiled back.

Lady was curious too and craned her head to sniff at Tarzan. She too was surprised when the friendly kitten rubbed against her nose, but she gave him a big wet lick, surprising Tarzan for once. Luca giggled and rubbed his wet cheek fur, earning more purrs as he settled into the crease of her legs.

Again the stories started to flow as everyone relaxed. Mom and Ashley explained about Whiskers, though they didn't know who the fathers were of the kittens. A couple times I noticed Luca's ears were back. I knew hearing about Whisker's escapades had brought to mind our own situation.

Mom and I continued on for quite a while. Eventually, Ashley and Talia went to bed, leaving the rest of us alone. Lady and Ky had already fallen asleep together on the couch, but Ky had a new friend in Tarzan, who had curled up against the Umbreon's belly. Luca had faded slower but in the end wound up falling asleep with her head on my shoulder.

Now that we were alone mom asked quietly how Luca was doing. Perhaps I was just paranoid but I was rather surprised by the sudden change of topic. "She's been fine," I answered, looking down at the sleeping Lucario and smiling before I started telling her what I could about the visit with Kyrios and Lekan. By now I had thoroughly explained our whole trip and kidnapping but no matter what there was always something to talk about with my mother. It wasn't long though before she interrupted. "How far along is she?" she asked in a caring voice. I blinked, and had to consciously think about breathing normal. Of course mom was perceptive, but it didn't sound like she suspected that I was the father yet.

I gave a soft smile and asked as innocently as I could manage, "How'd you know?"

"Oh come on. Give me some credit. I bred and showed Rapidash as a little girl, I went to school for pokemon Agricultural Science and I worked at a hospital for several years. Even if I was in personnel I know how to spot a pregnancy," she laughed. "Is she okay? Did she want a pup?" my mother continued. I knew since I could talk to Luca she understood Luca was more than just an animal, but would she really understand us being together?

"Yeah, she says she did," I answered back, not knowing what else to say.

"It would have happened on your cruise right? Did she tell you?" she persisted after a moment, seeming genuinely interested.

"Well... She told me she was in heat but she didn't say she wanted a pup until after we found out," I answered. My heart raced as I tried to work up the nerve to tell her I was the dad, but I couldn't. I was too terrified of what my mother would think.

"Oh. Is Ky the dad?" she asked, thinking she'd put two and two together. A shy male coming across a willing female; he didn't want to leave so we let him come with us. It was a reasonable assumption but I couldn't bring myself to just agree.

"It wasn't him. Though I think he might end up with Lady... Mom? You know Luca's not just a pokemon right?" I managed to say. I knew my voice wavered. I could actually feel the weight of the words as I forced them out of my throat. My mom didn't reply right away. She was smart, she knew right then what I was trying to say. My chest tightened as I watched and waited, fearing the worst.

"Felix... You?" she whispered as if she couldn't put enough air into the words. Against my will I blushed, and I swallowed hard as I nodded. Her eyes were still wide as she stared at me a moment more then looked at Luca leaning on me. "I-I thought she was like a daughter to you. Felix you didn't, I-I mean... I know she can talk but did she know what she was doing? Y-You wouldn't have taken advantage of her. Would you?" she stammered, scaring even herself as her gaze shifted to me. She also seemed hesitant to be sitting nextto me at the moment.

I couldn't stand it, I looked away. The look in her eyes was like she didn't even know me anymore. It was the same look I'd expect if I just up and said, 'Yeah mom. By the way, I'm a serial killer. Lady roasts people alive so I can eat them.' Hell... maybe that would have been easier to admit to. "No mom I wouldn't, and thanks," I finally said, my voice utterly disappointed and hurt.

"What did you expect Felix?" she started back, raising her voice a little in defense, but I cut her off before she could continue and shatter my resolve entirely.

"I don't know mom. Maybe, "Is she really that special to you?" or "Do you love her?" I certainly thought you knew me better than to immediately assume I took advantage of her," I snapped back but kept my voice to a whisper. Despite my anger I couldn't hide the sadness in my tone, and the part I did manage to hide was now trying to leak from my eyes.

My mother was shocked at my reply. I'd left her speechless, which was quite a feat. Usually she continued to argue until I finally gave up but this time she was simply silent. She got up quickly and left, retiring to her room and shutting the door behind her, another sign she was upset. I wanted to apologize. I wanted to say something, anything to get her to come back and talk, but for the first time in my life my pride stopped me. I wouldn't give up Luca... and I wasn't sorry for what I'd said or for standing up for us.

I sat there on the couch for several minutes after mom left. I stared at Luca, my heart aching as my mind raced and tears slowly dripped down my cheeks. I couldn't help it. My family meant everything to me. They were really the only thing I always had in this world no matter what happened, but Luca was my family too. I had her, I knew that for sure, but that didn't mean I wanted to turn my back on my mom, dad, and sister. In the end though, it was late. I figured some sleep would be good for all of us. Maybe mom would want to talk more tomorrow. Then again if she talked to dad tonight I might find myself thrown out at midnight... But for now, I figured Luca would appreciate a nice bed.

Tarzan was still in my Lucario's lap so gently I picked up the sleeping cat and set him next to Ky. The Umbreon didn't wake even as Tarzan groaned in tired disapproval and snuggled up to the new body to quickly return to his rest. Not wanting to bother Luca with the night's troubles I carefully leaned and scooped her into my arms. Maybe she was feeling a little heavier but it really was hard to tell. I managed to carry her up the stairs though and lay her on the futon that was my bed. After putting a blanket over her and making sure she was still asleep I went to the closet. I grabbed another blanket and pillow for me before settling down next to the bed. Of course, sleep avoided me for nearly half an hour as I lay there watching the short hallway to the stairs. Part of me wished my mother would come to talk again but I knew she wouldn't.


The next morning I was the first to wake. The light was dim but I could still see the room wasn't the same one I fell asleep in. It was Felix's room upstairs. With a soft groan I sat up and flexed my ears. They always got stiff after I slept. I saw the mound of covers next to the bed move shortly after and couldn't help wondering why Felix hadn't slept with me. Was it because of his family? They usually never bothered us up here unless it was breakfast or dinner time. I was about to wake Felix when the creak of a floor board caught my attention. My ears swiveled as I looked up, finding Felix's mother standing at the end of the hall just at the bend before the stairs.

"Luca. Come with me please," she whispered. I looked down at Felix just a foot away and wondered if I should wake him. After all, I needed him for a translator. "Let him sleep, come on," she urged, but I couldn't help flicking my ear at her tone. Somehow she seemed upset.

I ignored the fear and desire to wake Felix as I carefully stepped over him. I was lighter on my feat than any human and yet I still managed to make some of the boards creak as I snuck quickly to follow Mrs. Ikida down the stairs. I began to think maybe this was a surprise for Felix. Maybe she just needed my help to finish something, but as she in a chair at the dinning room table and told me to join her... those hopes faded.

"Luca. I know you're pregnant and I know it's Felix's," she began after I had taken a seat in the hard backed chair. I might as well have been in a battle with a Machamp at that moment. Just that first sentence felt like a one hit knock out.

"Wh-what? H-how?" I stammered with a surprised whine. I could even feel a blush burning in my ears despite them being pinned to my head once again. When I spoke though Mrs. Ikida's previously commanding tone was lost to shock.

"You... can talk?" she said, forcing the words out as she stared at me. I didn't know what she was talking about. Of course I could talk, she knew that. Felix and I talked all the time in front of her.

"Yes?" was all I could think to reply, but her eyes just grew wider.

"Ashley didn't tell me you could talk to everyone," she replied, her previous topic forgotten for a moment.

"But, I can't," I managed softly, as the realization hit me. "You can understand me?" I exclaimed, but didn't get a real reply. Mrs. Ikida sighed softly as a burden seemed to lift from her mind.

"Well this makes things much easier," she began again. "Luca, are you okay?" she asked, eager to hear my reply. Under the scrutiny of her gaze though I didn't know how to answer. Plus, why did everyone keep asking me if I was okay? Did I really look so bad?

"I-I don't understand..." I answered, wringing my paws in my lap and rubbing my wrist spike nervously. There was an itch in that metal I just couldn't reach.

"Honey I'm just worried about you. I love my son but I never knew he did... that, with you. He's not hurting you is he? He's not making you do those things?" she persisted. Her expression was genuine concern but that didn't make it any easier to answer.

"He'd never hurt me and... no. I-I," I stammered shyly, barely able to put sound to the words as I looked down at my nervous paws held against my tummy.

"Luca, I promise I'm not mad at you. If Felix is doing something inappropriate with you, if you don't want to do those things, please tell me," she urged, making it sound like Felix did something wrong. I never wanted him to get in trouble, but how could I tell this woman, who had essentially been my grandmother that I loved her son? I could feel the tears welling in my eyes as my thoughts raced. Felix had to have told her. She couldn't have figured it out all on her own. There was just no way! If Felix had said something though why did she think he was hurting me?

"H-he's not. I-I am!" I whined quickly. It was all I could think to say, but she still thought I was lying to protect Felix.

"Luca it's okay. You're not in trouble. It's not your fault," she tried to comfort and put a hand on my thigh. I flinched at the touch, which seemed to snap the tension building inside me.

"No! I-I asked him. I wanted him to. I love him! I just couldn't tell him," I found myself blurting before I thought better of it. A split second later I yelped and clamped my paws on my muzzle. I stared back at the woman next to me, my eyes wet, wide and wavering. I'd be lucky if Felix didn't wake up to my words with how loud I'd said it.

"Y-you, love him?" she repeated softly, seeming to have trouble understanding even her own words. My tail curled tightly against my side and my ears flattened. I couldn't help nodding softly though I kept my paws on my lips if only to stop me from crying. What had I done? At least she wouldn't blame Felix, but now... What would I do? "L-Luca you're only a year old," she continued after a long pause to collect her thoughts.

My heart stopped racing as she spoke. At least she hadn't thrown me out. "So?" I said softly, and slowly let my paws come away from my nose.

"Do you... I mean. You haven't really met anyone else," she answered. I didn't understand what she meant and I didn't know what to say. Why would I need to meet anyone else? I knew I loved Felix, and why was my age a problem? "So you... asked him? Did he tell you what that means to, humans?" she questioned. I nodded shyly again and fidgeted with my paws once more. "I just... I don't," she babbled, her words and resolve lost to the truth.

"I told you she was more than a pokemon to me," I finally said as I leaned against the wall at the bottom of the stairs. Luca nearly jumped out of her fur and even my mother gave a start at my voice. From Luca's body language I could tell she was torn between the desire to run to my side and the fear of what my mother would do if she did. What I didn't know was how my mother was actually talking to Luca without me, though that wasn't very important at the moment. "I'm sorry about last night mom," I continued.

"I... I just don't know what to say," my mother answered in a defeated breath. Since she didn't seem to care I was there I went over behind Luca's chair and put my hands on her shoulders.

"I know it's not what you expected and to tell the truth I wasn't sure at first either," I began calmly. I didn't want to upset Luca but I had to be honest. I smiled down at my mate though as she looked up. "But I am now. I knew you'd find out. I just wanted you to hear it from me," I continued, looking up at my mother.

"I guess, as long as you're both happy," she answered, staring a little dumbfounded as I rubbed Luca's shoulders like she was my human wife. "Just let me tell your dad okay?" she added.

"Thanks mom," I replied, happy to know she at least wouldn't throw me out and if that was the case she wouldn't let dad do it either.

"I told you to be careful you idiot," my sister chimed in from her bedroom door just behind me.

"You knew about this?" my mother exclaimed sharply at my sister.

"No mom," she sighed as she rolled her eyes. "I just saw how Luca was looking at him. He didn't tell me he felt the same," she continued as she looked at me with an expression I couldn't quite read.

"You heard me too?" Luca whined softly, blushing deeply upon hearing that Ashley had figured her out on the cruise.

"You're by far the best he's had Luca. Don't worry," Ashley said with a grin. Luca smiled but she was still embarrassed.

There was still an awkward air about the house as we set about starting the day. Mom went to start breakfast and dad soon joined her in the kitchen. I had never been confident discussing things of a sensitive nature with my dad so I was glad mom would break the news to him. Never the less it was still unnerving for me, not to mention Luca. My Lucario still wasn't comfortable with my father. She hadn't interacted much with him due to his odd work schedule and our periodic visits. This time though, I intended to stay a while. I didn't want to make Luca travel too much and we really needed a break from the twists and turns of a trainer's life. So I hoped she could warm up to the man even if he came across as a little gruff.

After our conversation with mom Luca, Ashley and I went out to the living room. Talia had awoken with my sister but was more interested in the canines sleeping in the living room, specifically Ky. Maybe it was my mother's influence but I couldn't help grinning as we watched her hover around the trio of Lady, Ky, and Tarzan. Lady was awake and Tarzan soon gave a wide yawn but Ky continued to sleep. His rings were glowing softly, dimming and brightening in time with his breaths. Talia was absolutely fascinated by the Umbreon. She apparently had been so engrossed with Luca last night she hadn't even noticed him.

The dragon cooed softly as she sniffed at him and hovered just a few inches away, staring at the ring on Ky's forehead as he slept. It wasn't long though before the canine started to rouse under the attention. Lady was probably the only reason Talia hadn't touched him yet, but as Ky opened his eyes and blinked his vision into focus he was greeted with the sharp friendly chirp of a Latias. His reply was a sharp yelp as he leapt to his feet and backed away, only to find his back against the couch. Oblivious to his fear, Talia giggled and hovered closer, trying to get her new friend to play with her. Wanting nothing to do with the dragon he quickly tried to hide behind Lady, and while it worked to a degree my fox wasn't exactly cooperating. She would swish her tails this way and that, preventing Ky from hiding entirely and at the same time making Talia squeak and zip around to avoid them and find her new friend. It was an amusing game for at least two of the players but poor Ky still wanted nothing to do with the dragon.

My sister smirked at the scene but after a while she firmly told Talia to leave him alone. Disappointed she drifted away, letting Ky lay down next to Lady again with his head down and ears back as he watched her carefully. "Oh come here. I'll play with you," I said happily, seeing Talia's drooping wings and sad face. An instant later she was happy again and barreled into my chest where I quickly wrapped my arms around her, determined not to let her escape. She giggled and squealed as I nuzzled her soft down.

Meanwhile, Luca had gone to the other end of the couch. As she sat down Tarzan got up to hurry over to her. With his adorably high pitched kitten voice he mewed at her and climbed the relative mountain that was her leg to get in her lap. Luca smiled and helped him before happily giving him the pets he wanted.

After the drama of the morning the rest of the day went but like nothing had happened. We had come home to relax and since there wasn't much going on in our small town we all ended up doing something around the house. The grass needed mowed so I was out doing yard work with my dad, though thankfully he never brought up my relationship with Luca.

My pregnant mate helped my mother and sister clean, but if it weren't for Ashley being there I'm sure it would have been a little awkward between her and mom. Ky was wary of Talia but Lady happily entertained her, keeping her out of trouble and out of the way.

Later that night I managed to find some time to design a pokeball for Tarzan. There wasn't a ball shop in town but there was in the next town over. We weren't ready to leave but when we did I wanted to have a ball for him.

My mother liked to feed the birds in our back yard, and since it was a nice day she had put plenty of food out for them. Whiskers was outside stalking random Pidgey and Tailow while her kittens watched and tried to imitate. Fuzztoes wasn't having any luck, but her attempts were hilarious. She would flatten out and belly crawl along the ground as quick as she could. Of course with all that fluff she was a large gray blob contrasting against the ground so the birds would see her and casually fly up to the top of the near by bushes. Defeated, Fuzz would retreat and wait for the birds to return. After a few attempts Whiskers lost interest in her hunt as well and settled in the sun on the garden bench. With the chirps of the birds though she still chattered at them as her tail lashed.

Tarzan wasn't fairing much better than his sister. He was sitting upright under the feeder waiting for the birds to come down so he could catch one. Needless to say the birds weren't falling for it. Some of them would fly down on the other side of the fence and grab a stray seed but they would always fly away before Tarzan could even figure out how to get past the fence.

After dad and I had the large, unfenced yard mowed my sister brought Talia and Lady out to do some practicing. Ky still didn't want to be around Talia but with the roar of the vacuum inside and the mowers outside he settled under a tree to watch and wait for Lady.

The next few days were more of the same. I was certain after that first day though that mom had talked to him. Even then I got the feeling he hadn't needed mom to tell him. My sister said Luca had pronounced herself fairly loud just before I came down. I wondered what the outburst had been but I was still half asleep at the time. He never said anything though, so I couldn't gauge how he felt. The only thing I had to go by was that my grandmother from his side would most definitely not approve. She was old fashioned and even marrying outside one's religion was something one should never do.

My mother quickly lightened up though. Luca and I didn't push ourselves on the family and even the bit of affection we did show my mother seemed to accept. She started to tease us like she had my sister with her first boyfriend. Luca was embarrassed at first but she quickly remembered it was my mother's way of showing affection and things were back to normal soon enough.

After nearly a week I figured it was time to take a short trip to get Tarzan's ball made. After finding a nearby shop online I submitted a design. The next day I had an email giving me a date I could pick up the ball. My mother offered the family car but I wanted to spend some time with Luca. She was happy to go but once we were on our way she admitted it felt strange not having Lady with us. I agreed but it was nice to have some time alone with my mate.

After a half mile our conversation had shifted to Lekan and Kyrios' visit. Luca was embarrassed yet happy when I told her about my outburst with Kyrios but eagerly took over the conversation when she remembered something her father had said. Apparently he asked if I was able to share her abilities yet. Luca was ecstatic, wanting to teach me what we'd managed to figure out of her abilities. All of the sudden though it made sense. The strange questions Kyrios had asked were meant to see how much Luca and I had discovered. He knew this would happen, he was just better at keeping a secret than Luca's father apparently.

Needless to say, the prospect of using Luca's talents was intriguing. So for the rest of the hike Luca tried to instruct me on how to use aura sight. The only bad thing was she required me to close my eyes, which usually caused more problems than it fixed while walking... After the third time I tripped and fell Luca felt bad enough to post pone my lessons. I didn't care though. It was nice to see her so excited and happy. The whole time she was talking quickly as her tail wagged just as fast. I didn't know why this was so important to her but I couldn't bring myself to protest. It wasn't long after my lessons were over that we caught sight of the town up ahead. Another mile and we'd be relaxing at a pokemon center for the night.

By the time we were checked in at the center it was twilight, so the shops were certainly closed. We didn't mind at all since it gave us plenty of time to share a nice hot bath and cuddle on the bed. I was still embarrassed about being naked in front of my Lucario, but somehow it was a bit of a thrill as well. I'd always been raised to be modest and leaving those restrictions behind felt both wonderful and naughty at the same time. Luca seemed to like it as well, and though her smiles and giggles made me blush; her ears betrayed her. They never stood straight up when she saw me in the nude.

With a private room all to ourselves Luca talked me out of wearing my underwear as we dried off and lay down on the bed. My heart raced as I felt her silken fur brush against my bare skin. I thought I'd failed her lessons during our trip but maybe I had gained something from them after all. As Luca murred and buried her nose in my neck I swear I could feel how happy she was. It was probably wishful thinking though, because looking at her it was rather obvious she couldn't be happier.

My hands roamed over her back as we lay there. Luca shifted and gave a soft moan as I rubbed at the muscles buried beneath fur and skin. Her noises of approval and the clenching paw on my chest soon gave me an idea of how I could make her night perfect.

"Sit up for me?" I asked gently as my hands stopped. She looked up at me, wondering why I would want to spoil the moment but she giggled and obliged a moment later. Sitting upright in front of me she crossed her legs and waited. I did the same but put my hands on her shoulders to encourage her to give me her back. Ignoring the fact I was sitting naked with her and half aroused just from our cuddling, I kept my hands on her shoulders and started to rub. Right away Luca's tail started to wag over the bed, brushing over my legs and waist as she figured out what I was doing. I smiled, happy I could get such a reaction out of her.

With her lithe form I always seemed to forget how strong she really was. I was quickly reminded though as I started to rub down from her shoulders across her back. As slowly as I had started I pressed and rolled her muscles under my fingers. They were tight and tense as I started but with just a few seconds of coaxing I could feel each bundle relax under my fingers.

Needless to say Luca wasn't protesting. Her eyes shut, she murred and moaned as she pressed into my touch. She loved when I was so thorough in my massages. As I worked my way down her back, pressing and rubbing my thumbs down her spine, I could feel her tensing slightly as my fingers teased at the ticklish edges of her sides. Emboldened by the intimate atmosphere she decided to create by forcing me to stay nude I playfully dug my fingers in as I finished massaging every spot I could.

With a genuinely dramatic yelp she squirmed and looked over her shoulder, shocked that I was the one being so playful. Seeing me chuckle and grin at her she growled back, daring me to continue as she lay down on her belly in front of me. Her tail flicked back and forth as she rested her head in her arms, staring at me with a sly smile. Of course I couldn't help blushing with her attention, but I continued my pampering none the less.

Despite my heart starting to race I returned my hands to her rump, teasingly squeezing the lobes of her petite buttocks. I got another growling warning though and chuckled as I ran my hands across her now fully dry fur to her left thigh. Once more I could feel the bundles of muscle shift under my fingers as I rubbed and stroked them into relaxation. Aside from the occasional distraction of Luca's twitching tail and an uncomfortable shift, I squeezed and rubbed my way to her foot. For some reason I was breathing quicker as I looked her body to meet her smiling gaze. The air of the room seemed to feel different somehow. I smiled back and started to diligently press and massage each of her firm warm pads.

"Mmm... That feels so nice," she moaned as she rolled over to her back and flexed her toes against my fingers, spreading them so I could wriggle a finger between them. I smiled as she giggled and flinched, tugging her foot in my hand as I found a ticklish spot. I didn't pursue it though. Her pleasant noises were music to my ears so after stroking the fur of her leg smooth I picked up with her other foot.

Sprawled lazily on the bed Luca shut her eyes and let me do as I pleased. I would have thought she had fallen asleep as I reached her knee except for the soft pant coming from her parted lips. I smiled, but the twitching of her tail tip between her legs brought my attention lower on her body. I couldn't help blushing as I noticed she was actually quite aroused...

My hands faltered as I continued to massage her thigh, coming closer to her quite swollen and needy sex. Her clit had already engorged enough to peak from its home at the top of her folds and a glistening bit of liquid hung on the soft fur beneath her treasure. Lost in her pleasure Luca didn't seem to notice or care, but I on the other hand... couldn't force the sight from my mind. Unsure of what to do though I continued to her belly, making sure I didn't draw attention to her arousal until I figured out what I could do. However, my realization didn't help my own now very noticeable problem as I sat naked next to my mate.

My thoughts drifted as I stroked her fur and gingerly massaged her abdomen, once more getting groans and murrs of approval. I smiled as I felt the bump of her pregnancy starting to grow. She was hardly showing but it was there, a reminder of what we'd done, and of course, what she meant to me. She took a deep breath and let it out with a long sigh as I started to move up her belly to her chest. I wondered if it would be safe for us to mate... I didn't want to hurt our pup though. I would never forgive myself if something happened but it seemed more than cruel to get my dear Luca all worked up and leave her squirming with an unfulfilled desire. Maybe there was something else I could do for her though.

Once again I felt my Lucario tense as I came to her ribs. I knew her sides were ticklish so I lightened my touch. Counting up her rib cage I smiled as each rib I counted made her tense and giggle softly. Soon enough though I came to two rather prominent obstacles... I blushed again as I stared while running my hands down and up her sides. Yes she had always had breasts since she evolved, but her fur made them blend seamlessly into her figure. In my opinion they were the perfect size, modest but still quite feminine. I noticed now though they shifted and jiggled a little more. No doubt they were preparing for our pup as well. And yet that wasn't the reason I was blushing as I felt my neathers twitch. With her arousal from my massage I could see her nipples peaking through the fur. I'd never played much with her breasts and I wondered just how it would make her feel. I swallowed as I once again started to think of some options for "treating" my poor aroused mate. I could feel my face burn as an idea came to mind. Yes I'd done it with Lady before but with Luca everything was different. I didn't want her to think I was a pervert, nor did I want her to think I just wanted her body.

Even as my mind wandered I continued my massage. Coming back to her shoulders I started working down her left arm. I squeezed and rubbed at her biceps; giggling at how flabby they were when relaxed. Luca grinned with a growl and flexed, turning the muscles into a lump of steel I couldn't hope to deform. With a chuckle of my own I smoothed her fur and she relaxed eager to let me continue. The spike on her wrist was next. Exploring her body in more detail got me curious. I couldn't help wondering how this spike grew and what it was attached to. Her skin and fur seemed to meld right into it as I rubbed and stroked around every inch of the base on my way to her paw. As with her feet I gave each of her "fingers" a thorough squeeze and rub. She grasped a couple times, giddily giggling at making my job difficult as she wiggled happily on the bed. A little nervously I chuckled back, having thought of what I would try to leave her entirely relaxed...

"Other paw," I said, deliberately making it sound like I was commanding her to do a trick. She blinked and growled once more, only forgiving me because I smiled with the joke. She rolled to her side and offered her paw like royalty commanding a kiss from a peasant. Yes... she definitely had some of Lady's attitude. Not wanting to upset my queen, I graciously took her paw and kissed the tip of her spike, making her giggle once more.

It didn't take me long to finish her massage as I worked my way up her right arm. I finished with a gentle rub of her neck, getting her to lie on her back and shut her eyes pleasantly. Her tail flicked happily, thinking I was done. I smiled though, deciding to surprise her with a continuation. I leaned close to her muzzle, intending to give her a kiss to start, but I was the one caught off guard!

At the last moment Luca came to life! She grabbed me, pulling me against her as she rolled me to my back and pressed our lips together. Shocked, I blushed deeply, wondering if she knew what I was doing and if she felt my... Well, I was sure she knew about that part now as I felt her soft fur caress my body. We were back where we started on the bed as I returned her affection, letting her eager tongue mingle with mine as I pulled her close, moaning happily as we shared our love. Our kiss was broken though as she gasped softly with my hug. Her ears flattened as she met my gaze with her ruby beauties.

"What's wrong?" I asked, afraid I'd offended her with my obvious desire.

"N-noth... M-my breasts hurt," she said in a near whisper, at first afraid to mention something so private. I blinked, my blush still evident in my cheeks but I smiled softly seeing a window for my previous thoughts and leaping through it. I chuckled softly and leaned close, nuzzling against her before whispering softly in her ear, "I can fix that." Before she could even think to object I stroked a hand up her side and lightly cupped a hand on one of her soft mounds. "Ahh!" she yelped at the touch. I felt her body shiver and squirm against me as the sensation raced through her. Her ears laid back and she blushed deeply, staring back at me with a shy but happy look. I could tell she didn't quite understand why such a simple action had felt so good but she clearly didn't mind as I gently massaged her furred breast in my hand.

I felt my own body react to her pleasured yelp and the soft moans that soon followed. I would have loved to take her right then, to sate us both in a passionate bout of love, but the thought of me tending exclusively to her needs was just as alluring. Her words were lost as I groped and massaged her tender breast. Those perfect, furred mounds were just slightly bigger than my hand, making it a fun challenge to ensure I rubbed every inch of the soft flesh. Luca let another sharp gasp when my thumb brushed over her nipple and I smiled as she stiffened on the bed. Her eyes slipped shut as she melted in my arms, letting me roll her once more to lie on the bed. Her attention lost in her pleasure, I slid myself down her form, giving her a kiss on her nose, then another lingering kiss to her lips as she moaned and returned the affection. As I pulled my lips from hers, letting her whine in bliss as my thumb brushed over her nipple again I kissed her collar bone before burying my face in the soft ruff of fur at the peak of her cleavage. I inhaled deeply her wonderful scent. The shampoo was strong but had started to yield to the natural scent of her fur, sending a nudge of pleasure from my nose to my neathers.

The tickle of her fur against my skin made me shiver as I finally came to her unattended second breast. "Nnn! Ahhh..," I heard my mate sigh pleasantly as she arched her bosom into my affections. My own curiosity and desire were starting to get the better of me by now. I loved my sweet Lucario but I had never... truly explored her body like this. It was a wonderful sensation that felt foreign and even a little naughty in nature. Pulling my face from her chest I looked at her breasts to find I could see my mate's pert, aroused nipples peeking through the soft yellow fur. With my hand still rubbing her right bosom I slid my thumb over that nub once more, brushing the fur out of the way and only now noticing the feeling of moisture wetting my skin. A soft blush came to my cheeks as I realized what it was and I had to wonder just how ready she was for our pup. Feeling my dear mate squirm under me, whining softly for more I decided to find out. As I extended my tongue I brought my free hand to her side to hold her still. Another soft yip escaped her lips as I kissed that sensitive feature on her breast. Her skin was soft against my lips but I didn't stop there. I pressed my tongue firmly against that little nub to give her a long lick.

Still a little new to what I was doing, I gave her a few more experimental licks, each time loving how she gasped and stiffened under me. As a different taste hit my tongue though I sealed my lips around her teat and gave a soft suck. "O-oh Felix! P-please... don't stop," my dear Luca moaned, her breath quickly turning to sharp pants as she squirmed under my attention. My heart beat faster hearing just how wonderful it seemed to feel for her. I was pleasantly surprised though when my mouth was suddenly filled with a thick, sweet gulp of milk!

Warm and fresh, it tasted a bit strange but not unpleasant. Luca's paws soon flew to hold me against her; her gasps only encouraging me further. I graciously continued to suckle, drawing a few more mouthfuls of milk from her body and swallowing it eagerly. When her supply finally ran dry I licked over her spent nipple once more and kissed it as I lifted my head. "Feel better?" I asked kindly, getting a shy panting whimper with a nod. She couldn't help quivering again though as my other hand never stopping its massage of her still full breast.

I could see the blush burning in her cheeks and smiled as she whimpered shyly to beg me to continue. Her paws rustled softly through my brown hair and I smiled seeing the love in her eyes as I shifted to reach her other breast. Just as I had with the other, I sealed my lips around her nipple and pressed my tongue across the sensitive nub. Her fur was already wet with milk coaxed out by my rubbing thumb but there was still a lot waiting as I began once more. Again the thick, nourishing white liquid flooded my maw only to be swallowed a moment later. Luca gave a long moan as the last of her milk was drained from her breast, but I didn't stop just yet. Cupping each of her wonderful pillows in my hands I rubbed and massaged every inch of them just as I had the rest of her beautiful body.

When I finally finished, I trailed my hands up to her neck. Rubbing gently at the base of her jaw I leaned over and gave her another kiss. With a happy murr her paws slid to my shoulders and gently around my neck. Her ears were still laid back as she kissed me passionately, her tongue once more enjoying dominating mine entirely. When we finally did part our lips we were both left breathless.

"F-Felix? C-can we...?" My mate asked shyly as she caught her breath through short quick pants.

Of course I knew I'd left her with a desire that couldn't be ignored. "Just let me take care of your every desire my queen," I chuckled, playing up her teasing from before. I saw her smile and her tail rustled on the bed beside her. She started to move but stopped as I put a hand on her belly, softly rubbing across her slight bulge.

She looked at me curiously but I only smiled back as I lay down beside her. Slowly, I stroked my hand lower across her waist as I leaned close to kiss my mate once again. My hand continued to caress her toned thigh as I moaned into our kiss. Blushing herself I felt her roll softly towards me and place a paw on my neck, holding me close as she shivered softly under my touch. Finally my fingers brushed her swollen but still soft canine button of nerves and flesh. My Lucario stiffened and whined into our kiss as her hips flexed, pressing eagerly against my fingers as they slid down her wet vulva. I smiled as we took a breath before mingling our tongues once more. I loved that I could give my dear Luca such a feeling with just one touch.

With my own inhibitions forgotten with the pleasant moans of my mate I continued to stroke my fingers across those warm wet labia. I could feel my fingers growing slick with her arousal, and I couldn't help noticing she hadn't been this wet when she was in heat. Whether it was the baby or just my massage, I didn't know but I could definitely tell my mate was very worked up right now...

Luca was the one to break our kiss as I pressed and slipped my middle finger into her hot sex. Her arms tightened around my neck and her tail went stiff as she moaned and gasped. Her eyes fluttered shyly as she gazed back at my amused and loving expression. I could feel her quivering against me as I wriggled that digit against her soft walls. "Nnnn.... F-Felix I-I wa-want you," she moaned through a long whine, her hot breath washing over my collar bone. I chuckled softly and wiggled a bit closer to her, letting my length throb against her soft furred thigh as I slipped a second finger into her depths.

The brain between my legs was screaming at me to give her what she wanted but I didn't want to risk hurting our child. I smiled though as I stroked my love's inner walls, dragging my fingers across the roof of her tunnel and making her squirm with an uncomfortable pleasure. As her embrace weakened I gently pushed away, watching in amusement as her expression turned to sad yet hopeful confusion through her pants.

Slowly shifting down her form I continued my fingers slow strokes in her sex. My other hand admiringly slid down her chest, across her hip and gently came to rest on her strong thigh as I settled between my mate's legs. With a needy whine she tensed, shutting her eyes as her body went stiff, her sex clenching around my fingers as I turned them with my new position and sunk them in up to my knuckle. The wet embrace was an odd but intriguing feeling that kept my arousal at an amazing peak. Every bump or touch of her fur against my skin sent a shiver of desire through my body, ending each time with a hard twitch of my stiffness.

I couldn't help blushing as I finally looked to where my hand still pleasured my mate. My skin glistened with her fluids and there was already quite a spot on the sheets under her. I could tell our mess was about to get worse too... Luca tensed, yelped, whined, and moaned as she was pushed closer to a climax just from my exploring fingers. I smiled, knowing I could throw her off that cliff with just a little of what I had intended from the start.

Leaning over I breathed deeply the hint of her scent I could catch. With a soft moan I brought my other hand to play with her clit as I watched her pleasure peak. I pinched the spongy engorged flesh and pressed my thumb up the shallow crease on the underside, sending her careening into a spasming climax.

"NnnYAHH!" Luca yelped sharply, her breaths turned to desperate gasps as her body gave in. Her feet clenched at the covers, bunching the fabric between her toes while her hands did the same. The rest of her body went rigid except for her tight sex. Those silken walls squeezed and milked my fingers as I continued to move and wiggle them against the monster trying to eat them.

My own breath escaped me for a moment as I watched, fascinated as her fluids flooded my hand and dripped to the bedding below. I continued to rub and pinch her clit, earning cute little squeaks and whines from my breathless mate as she twitched and shivered, the sensations almost too much to endure. I couldn't help myself as my own cock jumped and leaked a bit of pre. If I'd have stroked myself just once; I was sure the feel of Luca's cum and sight of her climax would have been more than enough to get me off. Right now though, I was more concerned about her.

"Sweet heart! We still have to be quiet," I cautioned in a whisper. Still writhing in her afterglow she whined and blushed shyly as she met my gaze. I smiled as she looked to the side and grabbed a pillow, giving me a cute smile as she hoped we weren't done yet. I chuckled as my fingers slowly slid from her hot wet sex. Once again my length throbbed as I listened to the long moan she gave as my reward. Her tunnel hung open for a moment as I left her, giving me a soft wink as I watched, fascinated by the female's body. Still slick with her fluids and heavy with her scent I brought my hand to my face and drew a long breath. Despite how corny it must have looked I couldn't get enough of the heated musk that filled my nose. Still indulging my own curiosity in this venture I slipped the two used fingers in my mouth. Luca blushed as she watched me moan at the slick sensation and soft irony, salty, and sweet taste coating my tongue. It was a strange flavor and perhaps a little bland overall but not at all unpleasant. Opening my eyes again I looked back up and chuckled at my mate. Her perked ears flattened, having been caught enjoying the odd, naughty act. Just for show I pulled my fingers from my lips with a soft, subtle smack before I returned to her needs.

Replacing my soaked hand on her sex she shuttered with a soft gasp, her breath beginning to escape her after just barely being recaptured. Smearing what remained of the sticky mess of fluids across my fingers I smiled and made a show for her, trying to keep her arousal at a high. I shifted and lay to the side at the foot of the bed, letting one of her legs drape over my side so I could still pleasure her but she could watch my stiff and throbbing shaft beg for attention.

Propped up on her elbows Luca's eyes were shyly fixed on watching me as her tail twitched in eager anticipation. Her breaths soft she still blushed as I paused, keeping my hand over her hot treasure to give her a wide smile, daring her to guess what I would do next. I knew what I had planned would be a surprise and I really hoped she wouldn't mind. Though if her latest peak was any indication she definitely wouldn't...

As I leaned my head down towards her neathers I felt her leg tighten softly in anticipation. I gave a loving murr, a sound I loved imitating from her and one I think she liked to hear, as I brought my tongue to pass over her prominent clit. Once more I caught her heavy scent on the air as my nose came within inches of her folds. Placing a hand on her thigh to hold her in place I smiled wider before quickly pressing my second lick against her swollen sex.

My Lucario gasped and shivered. Clearly it had felt good but from her unsure gaze I could tell she wasn't sure why I would lick her down there. She failed to pretest though as I continued, dipping my tongue between her outer folds and shutting my eyes in a dreamy bliss as I pleasured my love. She too lay back, blushing hard and trying to keep her whimpers and moans to a soft cry as I slid my short, fat tongue into her canal. Her walls were still soaked with the fluids from her previous climax and I happily licked them away; swallowing the sweet and slightly irony fluids to make way for the fresh wave that was already beginning to seep from her warm inner flesh. I moaned against her sex as I exploring every inch I could with my wet muscle. All the while I kept drinking the gift of her fluids as her body willingly continued to fill my maw.

I could hear her stifled eeps and whines growing sharper and louder despite her best attempts to stay quiet. Opening my eyes I saw her writhing as her chest heaved with her breaths. Weakly she reached a shaking hand to the pillow that was next to her so she could muffle her cries, but before she could I pushed her into another spasming climax. She gasped deeply a few times as she swiped at the pillow but missing her mark she gritted her teeth and gave a shrill whine. Her body tensed as she tried to focus all of the energy she had into staying silent. Her legs tightened around my head, her feet pressing against my back as she desperately hugged my face to her groin! Loosing myself in the moment I continued to lap at her tugging walls, loving the odd feeling of her silken flesh clenching at my invading tongue as the evidence of her climax dripped from my chin and nose.

Thankfully I could still breathe through my nose but with my own breath lost in my efforts I could feel my lungs burning as I tried in vain to fill them with deep breaths. Even then, all I could smell was her wonderfully heavy scent in her fur, leaving me more than a little dazed by the time I heard her gasp and the grip of her legs loosen. Even though I had given her a second climax of the night I didn't stop. Her tunnel started to relax but still twitched as I moaned and delved my tongue as deep as I could. Luca shook as she whined, her body giving shaking jerks as I found her hyper sensitive pleasure spots. Still breathless she squirmed, clenching her teeth and gasping as I quickly built her to a third climax! My efforts were only assisted as Luca's legs started to tighten once more, her strong muscles pressing me deeper into her tunnel and pressing her twitching clit against my lips. Luca was doing her best to stay quiet but she couldn't hold her cries back as her hips started to jerk against my face. With an extremely unsteady hand she grabbed at the pillow beside her again. This time she succeeded and quickly flumped the fluffy thing in her face just as she started to wail in pleasure!

From what I heard she was drowned in such a wonderful climax that it sounded almost painful. Her shuttering walls leaked and clenched at my tongue but I could feel there was still another inch further I could push her. I curled and straightened my tongue against her tunnel's protests and as I pressed my tiring muscle against the roof of her canal I unwittingly found the one spot that would completely expend her. My tongue only brushed against it when I heard her scream into the pillow! Her legs tightened further, triggering a defensive reflex to resist. I pulled my tongue from my love's sex and tried to pull away from the near suffocating grip of her strong legs. Still held tight I could breathe but I couldn't help flinching as her fluids squirted across my face! Her body quivering as she held me in place through her climax, I blushed deeply feeling her paint my face in her hot, slick feminine juices. My leaking cock throbbed; still aching for attention but it was all I could do to hold my mate's legs where they were lest I risk a broken neck.

Luca's cries soon quieted but her gasping whimpers and squeaks told of her slowly fading pleasure. The grip of her legs loosened, letting me watch my mate's body come down from its high. I couldn't help myself from watching her clenching sex. She had quite the intense experience and even after her last orgasm her sex still clenched and leaked. Her neather fur was matted with her pleasure and the wet spot on the bed had grown quite a bit thanks to her secretions. Through her gasps for air she managed to weakly open her eyes. Our gazes met for a moment as I looked over her heaving chest. Though her ears were back shyly, she gave a soft giggle before she collapsed on the bed with a long moan. I figured I probably looked like a drowned Rattata right now and I couldn't help smiling too as I crawled to lay next to my mate.

It gave me unbelievable pride seeing Luca still squirming from her fading sensations. She rolled tiredly to her side, her paws weakly grabbing at me as her half lidded eyes gazed into mine. Both of us smiled as I wiggled closer, once more pressing my body against her soft fur. In unison we moaned as our lips met for a deeply passionate kiss. While I enjoyed the different flavor of her tongue sliding over mine, I couldn't help wondering if she could taste herself on my lips. The thought made me blush as I hugged her close, taking a gulp of air between bouts in our loving kiss. However, even if she couldn't pick out the flavor of her juices from our kiss, I was sure her taste crossed her tongue when she gave me a sweet lick on the cheek.

I blushed as she smiled at me, her eyes fluttering softly as sleep threatened to overtake her. I rested my hand on the side of her face, brushing a thumb across her ear as she tried to speak. Even her voice was too tired to come out it seemed as she mouthed a loving "Thank you..." before she moaned softly and fell against my chest.

Worry crossed my mind as she passed out but feeling her weakly nuzzle against my chest I couldn't help smiling. I gave her one last kiss on her forehead as I cuddled against her. Holding her there was all I needed as I dozed and fell asleep soon after. I couldn't help smiling though as I thought of the mess we'd made of the bed. I could only hope Nurse Joy wouldn't figure us out or simply wouldn't care...

I awoke the next day to Luca's paw on my chest and a sweet lick to my cheek. With a chuckling groan I turned to face her, opening my eyes to meet her beautiful bright eyes as she gazed lovingly back at me. I had a feeling I knew why but my sweet Lucario seemed entirely carefree today. Still smiling I leaned closer and kissed my mate on the nose. With a giggle Luca quickly put a paw to my head and pressed her lips to mine. Once more my mouth was stuffed with Lucario tongue. I chuckled as I returned her affection, managing to battle that long muscle at least out of my throat. The two of us enjoyed our wake up kiss as we shifted into a hug on the bed. Luca was the one to pull away though as her ears laid back shyly.

"W-why are you... naked?" she asked softly, seeming a little confused.

"What? You're the one who didn't want me to wear anything last night," I answered, blushing softly as my modesty started to creep back with her comment. Luca blinked as she looked back to me. Her thoughts returned to the previous night and I watched her eyes widen. With a quick jerk she sat up and looked over herself over. The fur in her cheeks actually tinged a soft purple as she blushed deeper than before.

Following her gaze I couldn't help blushing as well. The sheets were a lightly stained by last night's dried climaxes and the fur on her legs and neathers was a veritable mess. "Wh-what happened?" she asked timidly, looking back at me in an embarrassed shock.

"What do you mean? You enjoyed yourself, that's what happened," I teased with a soft chuckle. Staring back at me she started to put two and two together.

"I-I remember you giving me a massage but... O-oh Mew! Th-that really happened?" she yelped and put her paws between her legs. Her tail curled around her hips as her ears flattened.

"Are you okay?" I asked, worried maybe I'd gone too far last night.

"I-I thought most of that was a dream!" she whined. "Felix what if someone heard us? Wh-what's Nurse Joy going to think of the bed? And what came over YOU last night!" she blurted, blushing deeply and staring at me as she finished.

"Honey, relax. If anyone heard us they would have yelled through the walls or knocked on the door. Everything's fine," I answered calmly, sitting up n the bed with her and putting a hand on her head to rub between her ears. She shrunk a little from the touch, shyly keeping my gaze for a moment until she looked at her fidgeting paws again.

"I-I do feel better..." she admitted, her tail thumping softly on the bed. "But you didn't get to, you know," she continued in a shy tone, her eyes drifting down to the flaccid member between my legs.

"So? I had fun watching you squirm," I chuckled and put my arm around her to tug her into a hug. My mate yelped dramatically as her eyes flashed with shock. For a moment she was stiff in my arms before she growled and put her arms around me and leaned all of her weight into the hug. "Ahh!" I gasped as I was tackled by my Lucario!

Once she had me on the bed she slid her paws to my chest and smiled down at me. "Maybe I should return the favor..." she murred playfully, earning a soft blush from me and an eager twitch from my member at the suggestion.

"Y-you don't have to honey," I stammered softly, my hands drifting to her hips.

"Okay! Then I better get cleaned up before we leave!" she yipped happily as she hopped off the bed and pranced towards the bathroom, her teasing eyes watching my now half stiff manhood as I sat up in shock.

"Oh! I can help!" I answered and scrambled towards the foot of the bed! Luca yelped and giggled, darting into the bathroom and slamming the door just as I got to it. There was a soft click from the lock as I wrapped a hand around the handle just a second too late. "Hey! No fair! I still need to clean my face thanks to you!" I grumbled in a mock protest as I jiggled the door.

"No! If you help we'll both end up more of a mess! Plus that was your fault last night anyway wasn't it?" she giggled back from the other side of the door.

"Ugh, Fine. I guess... you're all grown up now... You don't need me anymore," I whined, giving a fake sniffle to my best crying voice.

"Not going to work!" Luca laughed as she turned on the shower. I smiled to myself as I left her to her shower. It was a wonderful feeling to see her so happy and care free.

We left the center a short time later after I had a chance to clean up as well. Making our stop at the ball shop we picked up the beautiful orange and black Luxray ball. Luca agreed it was perfect for our Shinx kitten and we were soon back on the road to home.

What ever it actually was I had done to get Luca acting like her old self again I was happy it had worked out. She was much happier as we walked and would smile or tease me now and again. Her good mood was infectious too. I couldn't resist smiling back at her as I held her paw down the path, talking idly with her about our family and travel plans for our next trip.

It wasn't till we were a mile away from town that I remembered Luca was trying to show me how to use aura before we got to town in the first place. "Hey. Why don't you give me another aura lesson?" I asked as I squeezed her paw softly. Her ears twitched and she looked at me with a bit of confusion until she remembered our trip out.

"Oh! Okay!" she yipped happily and once again excitedly started trying to explain things to me.

"Hang on! Slow down. Can we start with aura sight? Like you did on the boat," I interrupted as Luca seemed to forget I hadn't even tried things yet. With a cute smile she nodded and focused her excitement into a more coherent description. First she tried to explain how it felt as best she could before going into how she actually did it. I was trying to remember what advice I had given her that day and managed to piece together the basics between the two of us.

"Think you can do that?" she asked as she finished, and waited for me to halt the last swirls of thoughts in my head. Finally I gave her a nod, earning a giggle as my reward. "Okay! Close your eyes and try to feel me next to you," She encouraged.

Unlike her, I wasn't a natural at this... I closed my eyes as we continued walking and did as she told. I concentrated on trying to "feel" Luca beside me. I could feel a warmth in her direction through the blackened vision of my eyelid covered eyes but nothing like what she had described. No ghosts, or flames, or blue objects all around. Luca was watching me intently, wondering if I was going to be able to get the hang of it as quick as she did. With my eyes closed and her focused on me, neither of us noticed the low hanging branch over the path... Just as I was about to open my eyes and ask for help, the thick branch whacked me in the head! A moment later I was flat on my back, groaning in pain as I clutched my head.

Being a foot and a half shorter than me, the branch completely missed Luca. With a concerned yelp she was quickly kneeling at my side asking if I was alright. It figures that was the moment when I would actually succeed in my efforts. I could actually "see" Luca over me despite my hands completely blocking my sight. It was a vague image, and with it her explanation from the ship finally made sense. It was as if she were a ghost... on fire. The fire was a bright whitish blue and seemed to be all around her almost featureless form. Fascinated, I slowly pulled my hands from my eyes and "stared" through my closed eyes.

Of course my stillness only made Luca panic further. "Felix! Say something. Please, get up!" she whined frantically as she shook my arm and reached for my head. I could feel her aura growing fearful with my lack of responses but despite my intrigue at the sensations I reached up to gently take her paw as I opened my eyes.

"I did it!" I said as I looked at her, studying the features I couldn't see just moments before.

"Wh-what? Are you okay? I'm sorry. I didn't see the branch!" she answered, clearly thinking I was delirious from the hit to the head.

"I'm fine. Luca, I did it. I could see your aura just now," I continued as I shifted and sat up. There was still a throbbing in my head but it was nothing more than a light headache.

"You did... Really?" she exclaimed happily, her tail starting to wag once more as she helped me up.

Since I had actually succeeded in using Luca's aura sight ability once I had an easier time doing it again as we continued down the road to home. Luca gave me a few more pointers and I tried again. This time I saw more than just Luca. A sphere of sight centered on me suddenly exploded into my head.

I could see in every direction at once! Up, down, left, right, forward, backward, it was absolutely amazing but overwhelming at the same time. My face wrinkled in effort as my headache more than tripled in strength. I looked over at Luca to study her aura again, but I just couldn't get used to the featureless body I was seeing. I much preferred seeing every detail of her beautiful fur, eyes, and body. At that moment I couldn't even tell if she was smiling at me, all I knew was that she was looking at me.

Despite trying to focus on Luca I couldn't take the sensory overload any longer. With a sharp gasp the sphere collapsed back into my head. With my trance broken I stopped for a moment to hold my head "What's wrong?" she asked as I shook off the worst of the pain in just a few seconds.

"It's... overwhelming, seeing every little thing," I answered, as I stood with a smile, trying not to let her worry about me.

"Oh! I forgot! You can narrow it as much as you want if you focus," she replied quickly.

"Maybe include that in the first lesson next time," I groaned teasingly, making her giggle as her ears twitched in embarrassment. "Alright, let me try again," I continued after Luca tried to give me some more helpful instructions. For the second time my aura sense exploded into a sphere around me. I winced again as my brain tried to make sense of it all but with Luca's encouragement I could see the orb shrinking as I focused specifically on Luca. Sure enough, as I turned my head to look at her with my eyes closed the aura sight narrowed down to what I would normally see with my eyes open.

"Are you okay?" she asked softly, seeing my pained expression lessen and pulling my hand to get me to pause on the path.

"Yeah. It worked, I can only see your direction now," I answered with some effort. It took all my concentration to use this trick, even talking seemed to waver my new vision.

"Great!" she yipped happily. "Okay, now wait here!" she instructed and started running down the path. She paused once or twice, as if trying to figure something out until I spoke up.

"Hey, where are you going? I can't see much farther than that," I said as she neared the black edge of my sight.

"Stay there! Okay, now I want you to focus on me after I'm out of sight, but don't move," she instructed and turned to run a few more paces. Her warming aura completely left my sight, and without it the whole scene seemed... cold. "Okay! Can you see me yet?" she called, reminding me of my task. With a deep breath I tried what she asked, I tried to feel her, to see her again. I could remember that warm feeling she gave standing next to me so I searched for that, focusing until in a blinding instant my view shifted! Suddenly I was looking at Luca, and about ten feet around her. She was waving at me and I smiled as I waved back. I heard her give a sharp, proud giggle as she stopped and quickly ran back to me, her tail wagging a mile a minute.

"That's amazing! You did it just as fast as I did!" she said ecstatically as she leapt into my arms to wrap me in a hug. My vision followed her as she moved until it was back to a normal perspective the instant she touched me. I smiled as I opened my eyes, leaving my aura sight behind in favor of looking back at her pretty face.

"Why'd you stop?" she asked as she saw me open my eyes. Her tail slowed as she seemed to wonder if I didn't like my new ability.

"Because I can't see your pretty face like that. You're just a big blob of fire," I answered happily with a kind smile. My mate's ears lowered shyly as she smiled back. I chuckled and squeezed her in our hug earning a loving murr out of her before we continued down the road, hand in paw.

We made it home just before sunset that same day. Everyone welcomed us back but Ky was especially happy to see us. It seemed even sticking by Lady's side he was still overwhelmed with the amount of activity and people. He and my Ninetales friend followed us inside where Luca and I went to the living room to rest our legs and join my mother. Lady happily climbed into Luca's lap, refusing to be ignored while Ky whined worriedly as he sat beside me.

"Oh you're fine," I chuckled as I reached out and pet the Umbreon. His rings glowed a bit brighter and I could see the smile on his muzzle.

"Well? Lets see it," mom said as she put down her crossword puzzle and smiled at the four of us on the couch.

"Wow mom. So glad you missed us," I answered sarcastically, making Luca snicker as she looked to my mother for her reaction.

"Please... Where else would you go? You know you can't live without me," she teased in return, waving off my fake insult.

"Oh alright. Here," I said, deciding to show off my new talent to my mother. I shut my eyes as I stood and focused my sight. Soon enough I could see the whole living room and everyone in it. I casually strolled through the obstacles of legs, tails and furniture without fail, using aura sight to guide me. I had set my backpack at the foot of the stairs and after retrieving Tarzan's ball from the outer pouch I went back to mom in the recliner opposite the couch. As I went though, I heard the back door open... At the outer edge of my vision I could see a bright floating aura. I smiled knowing who it was and seeing her coming as I held out the ball for mom to take.

My mother watched with a disbelieving intrigue as I moved around each person or thing to finally hold out the ball for her right where someone would as if they could see perfectly. Just as she took it, marveling at the artist's skill, Talia shot around the corner into the living room. A delighted squeal echoed through the room as she saw me and made a B-line to tackle me from behind. I couldn't help grinning as I sprung my trap...

Halfway across the room before I moved, Talia had no chance of avoiding me as I whirled around and spread my arms! The little dragon shrieked in terror as she tried to psychically reverse her direction, only to thump against my chest with a little less force than she would have before. I stumbled backwards a step but wrapped my arms tightly around her and nuzzled against the soft down of her long neck. "AHHA! I gotcha!" I growled playfully to the squirming dragon as she flailed, trying desperately to wiggle free despite her uncontrollable laughter. After teasing the dragon for a moment more I released my embrace. Talia squealed and darted over to Luca for a hug and protection from me. That plan backfired though when Lady twitched her tails on the couch. The energetic dragon gave a swift "Eep!" and flew back to my sister as she entered the room.

"You big scardy Meowth!" she teased as she smiled and pet the Latias hiding behind her. She took a seat and promptly asked how I'd managed to see the dragon coming. My mother was impressed too so after rejoining Luca on the couch the two of us proceeded to explain. I could barely get a word in edgewise though. Luca was really enjoying being able to talk to people other than me so I let her explain her ability and how she taught me.

All the while I stroked Ky's head as he lay in my lap, nose to nose with Lady in Luca's. I had to admit, the two of them were really cute together. He was still shy and timid around most everyone, but with Lady he seemed to have gotten over much of his inferiority complex.

As the conversations continued, Talia became bored sitting with Ashley and hovered around to get attention from Luca and I. Though Ky went a bit stiff as the dragon came over he stayed put and relaxed as Talia sought out my mother next.

When the topic finally turned to Luca's pregnancy I could tell Luca was blushing as she fell quiet. The girls seemed accepting, even my mother. It seemed she just needed a day or two to recover from the shock. Of course being able to understand Luca probably helped to humanize the Lucario quite a bit. Regardless, I still felt strange about the whole situation in front of my family...

It turned out that while Luca and I were away, mother had broken the news to my dad. I could feel every muscle in my body tighten as she told us. My father was from a very traditional family. None of his eight brothers and sisters ever trained pokemon or even had them as pets. My dad was no different. He usually just didn't understand what they meant to my mother, sister and I. Of course that made it quite a shock when mom said he had already suspected I had those feelings for Luca.

By now Luca was fidgeting with Lady's ear as the Ninetales moaned approvingly. My Lucario's ears were laid back though as she tried to avoid drawing any attention with the tense family discussion. I was glad dad hadn't been upset but that didn't exactly mean he was happy about it. "So... what else did he say?" I found myself asking.

"He said just don't get yourself into trouble," My mom answered, obviously a caution she had wanted to say as well.

"Thanks mom. We won't," I replied with a forced smile. I knew dad cared and if he said that much I knew he accepted Luca and I in some way. It was just the feeling that I never truly pleased him with anything that made me happy that left me feeling downcast.

By that point the conversation had gone cold. More than likely because of mine and Luca's discomfort. It was late though, which gave us an excuse to escape and start again fresh the next day. After saying our good nights, my mate and I headed upstairs with Lady and Ky in tow. I stripped off my shirt but left my pants on for the moment as I turned to Luca. "Are you okay?" I asked softly, hoping she wasn't bothered too much by all the discussion.

"Mhmm," She murmured softly and gave me a small smile.

"It's okay. Mom hasn't kicked us out and she would have told us to avoid dad if he was really offended by us," I said in an effort to comfort her as well as myself. She looked up to meet my gaze with her beautiful red eyes but stayed quiet. "I know..," I said after a long moment. There really were no words to ask what she wanted. My heart ached in fear and discomfort as I slipped my arms around her. It was the world we lived in. Human and pokemon just weren't common partners and being one of those rare pairs we would never be free of this taboo attitude people saw us with. Never the less, I wasn't about to just give up. I loved my dear Lucario and though it was a bit of a surprise, I was truly happy to be having a child with her. Ever since the day she came into our lives everything around me had just felt right...

We fell asleep that night in each other's arms on my bed. Lady and Ky curled up at our feet and at some point in the night Tarzan had found his way upstairs and snuggled up against Ky's belly. It was quite the adorable sight to wake up to though Ky was rather confused when he finally awoke.

Since I had the little Shinx there I thought it would be a good time to give him his ball. Lady, Ky and Luca all tried to help the kitten understand what a ball was but I don't think anything really stuck in his head. The orange Shinx was quite easily distracted and when I actually did offer him the ball he just rubbed against the button, wanting more pets from me rather than lectures. He disappeared in the customary red flash and the ball quickly fell silent. I let him back out, but instead of being confused or curious about what had just happened he stretched and went to rub against Ky, wanting to play.

It was a nice day and we really had no plans for our stay at home so Luca and I went to help mom with the garden. My mother always enjoyed Luca's help; it made things much easier because Luca had very innovative ways to get things done. Such as burying a tiny aura sphere to blast a hole for a flower. Although that had actually backfired the first time she tried it... Other times she would push her wrist spike into the ground for seed holes while mom followed behind with the seeds.

I couldn't help stealing glances at my mate as she knelt with mom at the side garden. I was helping dad fix the end of the driveway since the gravel had washed out after the last storm. Lady and a reluctant Ky were in the park helping my sister train Talia for contest performances while our family of cats lounged in the fenced in back yard. Tarzan was curiously exploring the entire yard while Fuzztoes just lay in the sun, enjoying the warm sunny day.

When dad and I finished the driveway there was little left to do, so I went over to Luca to see if she would want to help me practice with aura again. As I came up behind her she was brushing the dirt from her fur, but before I could catch her off guard her ears perked and she turned to give me a smile and an affectionate hug as her tail wagged. Mom looked up and smiled, waiting a moment our embrace to loosen before she told Luca to go ahead with me.

The two of us went out back under the trees and sat with our legs folded. Luca's father had given her some tips on how to focus and meditating was a big help. As we both went into aura sight trances I couldn't help focusing on Luca. Despite being seated about a foot and a half apart my heart fluttered happily as if she were hugging my arm and nuzzling my shoulder. Maybe I couldn't see her pretty face but I could feel how happy she was and how much I meant to her. It was the best feeling in the world sitting there with her simply sharing a latent ability I never knew I had...

Chapter End Notes:

Another chapter edited! Hope you enjoy. ^^; And yes... the naughty scene is still in here. Let me know what you think of the changes. ^^; Also, I thought the title needed tweaking. Does this not represent the conflict a little more? XP

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