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Empathic Adventure 2: Unovan Destiny by eclipse2025


Chapter 65: Unova champ and a Battle of the Legends

Empathic Adventures II: Unovan Destiny

Original Author: SSJ04Mewtwo

Maintaining Author: Eclipse2025

Alright everyone here is the long awaited new chapter for empathic adventures. as most (if not all) of you know ssj passed away on 3/15/2012 around 4pm in the town of Byron, Georgia. I won't go into any further detail at this time, but if u really wanna know pm me and I'll tell you.

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Now with the major stuff behind us please enjoy this next chapter of EA

Chapter 65: Unova champ and a Battle of the Legends

Ash and company are currently on route to the Driftviel Draw Bridge so Ash could battle for his next badge, or so we think...

"Hey guys, look!"

"What is it Dawn?"

"It's a fair!"

"That it is, how about we stop and have some fun?"!

"That sounds like an excellent idea Ash..."

The group split up in separate directions, and soaks up the scenery of the fair.

After about an hour...

"Yes, can I get some taiyaki please?" May asked approaching a food vendor.

"Sure, you want veggie, cheese or beef?"

"Three of each please!"

"Alrighty then little missy, here you go!"


May continues walking until she smells some fine noodles.

"Yes, can I have some soba noodles, and udon noodles please?"

"Sure, just for you or you picking up lunch for some friends?"

"Friends, trust me, when I mean we are going to need a lot."

"Alright then, since you're doing me a favor how about iI give 'em to you for half price?"

"Really? Thanks mister!"

"Sure, just come by my shop in Driftviel next time you're in town!"

"Sure. That's actually where we are headed to, for my boyfriend's gym battle!"

"Oho! even better, make sure he brings his appetite as my store is famous for sending folks home happy and full!"

"Thanks mister!"

"Sure missy, here you go. Just be careful, the food's still hot."

"Right! Thanks again!"

"Sure, anytime!"

May now heads back to the lunch table with bags in hand, ready to feed the bottom less pit, that is Ash Ketchum, and their group of sisters.

"Hey guys, I brought the food!" May said happily approaching her aura sisters, Ash and Cilan

"Good job May, I'm starving!" Zoey commented

"Sweet Arceus, May, how much did you get?" Anabel shrieked as May started placing the food she bought on the table

"Well I got some taiyaki, udon, and soba noodles."

"You got taiyaki? What kind?" Iris asked.

"Well, veggie, cheese and beef."

"Well it looks like he gave you more than that... look!" Dawn commented

"Wow... I guess I'll have to thank him later then..."

"Just how much did all this cost?" Cilan asked.

"Well I got the noodles for half price and I only paid for nine of the taiyaki so... not too much..."

"Half price May?" Angie shouted rising up out of her seat

"Yeah and he even has a shop in Driftviel, the next town over. So if we like it we can stop by on the way..."

"Ash! Slow down and save some for the rest of us!" Anabel criticized when she saw ash wolfing down all the food.

"Sorry, but this is really good!"

"Well let's dig in before he eats it all." Anabel sighed in defeat.


An hour later...

"Ah... that was good..." Ash said suppressing a belch.

"That it was Ash, that it was..." Cilan commented

"Hey is that who I think it is?" Angie asked looking ahead.

"Who, where?" May queried.

"Right there, is that Trip?" she pointed

"You're right... Hey Trip!" Ash replied

"Oh... it's you... what do you want?" trip asked with bit of sarcasm..

"I just wanted to say hi and checkup to see how your journey is coming along."

"It's alright, I would ask likewise but I have a feeling about what you're about to say..."

"What do you mean..."

"Ah forget it..."

"So how many badges do you have? I've got four already..."

"Oh... Is that all? I've gotten five while you slack off in your half ass training style."


"So you've already been to Driftviel already then?" Iris asked.

"Yep, but that gym was almost worth the effort I put in..."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Zoey commented

"That means there is only one person I want to challenge and that man is the best in Unova. No let me rephrase that, best in the world."

"Ah... you mean Alder, don't you?"

"That I do Cilan, that I do. I've even heard a few rumors that..."

"That what?" Angie snapped.

The intended target took his interest, almost immediately and threw all his reason out the window.

He was riding on a motor cycle with one of the Jenny's and her Herdier.

Jenny kicks him out and drives off, after his persistent attempts at flirting with her.

"Is that..."

"That it is Ash, the champion of the Unova region, Alder."

"Wow, I wanna battle him."

"Ash! He's the champ of the Unova region! He’ll mop the floor with you!" Iris commented

"So! I can at least try!"

"Alright Ash, but don't come crying to me when he beats you with one attack." Anabel replied

"I won't, trust me."

Ash runs over to the conversing Trip and Alder and demands a battle

"Alright young trainer, you and me. One on one."

"But Alder, I challenged you first!"

"Don't worry Tristan, you will get your chance..."

"My name is Trip!"

"Pardon me if I may interject, I believe Ash owes me a rematch..."


"Yes, and at least this battle will be worth everyone's time. I challenged Alder and he fell asleep right after we started!"

"Hehe... well you got me there..." Alder said rubbing the back of his head.

Everyone falls anime style.

"At any rate, you and me, Ash. Two Pokémon each in a double battle to determine who takes home our little wager."

"A double match? You can't mean that..."

"Yes, my Latios is also begging for a rematch, and it wants the pleasure of bringing down Pikachu on his own!"

"Wait, he has a Latios? No way!" Iris asked in pure shock.

"That he does, and if memory serves, I'm the only person ever to face them and beat them both. Even though I still lost the overall match…" Ash replied with a straight face.

"Both of them?" Trip asked shocked.

"Yep, in a single battle at that."

Trip and Alder both go wide eyed.

"So the rumors of some boy from Kanto defeating you are true... at least two of your legendry's… well I must say I'm impressed, young Ash..." Alder commented crossing his arms

"Thank you Alder..."

"Well with those formalities out of the way, it's time for your defeat young Ketchum. And my rise to power!"

"Bring it on!"

"Darkrai, Latios it's time! Take your revenge on him who took away your pride!"

"Akane, Pikachu! Let’s go!"

"Darkrai, use Dark Void, and Latios, use Psychic!"

"Oh please. You think that will work again? Akane, you know what to do! Pikachu, you use Electro Ball!"

Both balls of energy flew towards their intended targets, until they cross each other’s path and start sending off energy between them and around them. Both attacks begin to merge as they get closer to Darkrai and Latios.

"Wow they almost look like a pair of black holes trying to eat each other..."

As Darkrai lets loose his attack, Latios uses Psychic in an attempt to control the two attacks, but fails due to the merging.

"No! Latios why didn't it work?"

The two combined attacks absorb the passing Dark Void and continue to head straight for Darkrai and Latios. The two quickly move up to dodge but get nicked by the combined attacks and get a combination of all three sent surging through their bodies.

"Our attacks, began to merge so they are sharing their power and cannot be stopped by one simple attack alone. And by the looks of things the lower half of Latios and Darkrai's right arm are asleep for the time being."

Latios falls back to the ground due to his wings falling asleep, so he loses 50% of his flight and speed capabilities.

"Alright! Pikachu, Akane; Iron Tail and Force Palm!"

"Hyper Beam and Luster Purge."

Both Pokémon charge their attacks, as Pikachu and Akane charge in the two attacks are fired.

"Akane! Pikachu!"

Akane swaps tactics, slips right in front of Pikachu and throws up a protect field just as the attacks nearly hit them.

A large cloud of smoke is created in the explosion, and as the dust settles. Pikachu is seen knocked out and Akane on the ground panting.

"No... Pikachu! "

"Damn it!"

"Hah, one down one little thing to go!"

"You will pay for that, you wretched trainer..."

Akane begins to glow a dark blue, as she kneels still exhausted from her attack.

"Ash, get everyone back! Akane is about to hit the two of them with one of the most powerful team attacks you can use!"


"Girls, Cilan, Trip! Everyone, get down!" Ash shouts.

As everyone runs for cover, Akane approaches the two worn out legendary Pokémon.

"How did she... Darkrai, Latios finish her!"

The two Pokémon still exhausted from their previous attacks, Akane stands in between the two with her head down.

"This is for hurting my friends", Akane shouts while throwing a Force Palm into Darkrai's face.

"This is for using us for target practice!" she says again hitting Latios with Close Combat.

"And this... Is for forcing my hand...Retaliate!"

Akane fires off a massive burst of energy, taking both Pokémon into its sphere of light.

'No Akane!' Saria shouts running up to the field, with Light right behind her, that Ash and Tobias were battling on.

Inside the sphere, Saria could feel the integrity of the attack. The speed at which Akane was moving. The power behind each punch and kick she was throwing out.

Then the area returned to normal, all parties got up from their hiding spots and stare at the field.

All four Pokémon were on the ground, all unconscious.

"Akane! Pikachu!" Ash and the aura sisters shout.

'Damn it! That damn Mienfoo is on my last nerve... I must find a way to remove her from the equation...' Tobias thinks before almost storming off without his Pokémon.

Tobias returns his Pokémon and walks off. Meanwhile Ash and the others run to his Pokemon's side. Ash picks up Pikachu, and the girls check on Akane.

"Hey girls, how's Akane?" Ash asked holding Pikachu in his arms.

"She's fine, she just fell asleep..." Dawn commented.

"Asleep?" Ash asked.

"Yeah..." Iris agreed.

"How can she be asleep after that?" May asked

"Honestly May, I don't even think Saria even has an answer for that..." Anabel replied.

"But..." Ash tried to retort

'Enough Ash...' Saria interjected.


'Anabel is right. The first time Riolu kept her from dying, but this time nothing is influencing her. I fear that we may never...'

'Mistress I can answer you predicament...' Riolu spoke from where he was in Sinnoh.

'Riolu but...'

'When Akane almost died the first time, I gave her a portion of my aura to keep her from disappearing.'

'Right, we know that, what's your point?' Zoey snapped.

'My point is Ms. Zoey, that I placed a limiter on her power to prevent her from overusing her power again. This way no matter how much energy she tries to use there will always be a small portion locked within her so that she may live to fight another day.'

'But Riolu how did...?' Anabel asked.

'It was something that has been passed down in my families' kingdom for generations... we were never certain why we were given this but it has kept us alive for many years. Akane is proof of that.'

'At any rate, we must get her to the Pokémon Center.' Saria said calmly.

Ash places Pikachu on his shoulder, while Cilan picks up Akane, albeit a bit of struggling.

"Here young Cilan allow me to help." Alder says.

"Thank you Alder she has grown quite a bit since Ash first got her."

'Stop!' Saria injects.

"What is it mistress?"

'Light will take her, as he can begin to restore her aura a bit until we get back to the center.'

"Sure..." Cilan agrees.

Light takes Akane out of Cilan's hands and Ash and company start heading for the Pokémon Center.

Several minutes later they arrive and Nurse Joy takes both Pikachu and Akane into the back for treatment.

As they wait for Joy to return May releases her Skitty.

"Hey May, what's up?" Angie asks looking at May.

"I've been thinking. Ever since Iris won that tournament a while back, she gave me the Moon Stone that was a part of the winnings." May replied as Skitty began to occupy herself while they continued to talk.


"I've been trying to figure out if I should evolve Skitty or not..."

"Wait you're serious?" Dawn asks.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be..."

"Then if it's so important then why don't you let Skitty decide if she wants to evolve. I mean, that's what I did with Pikachu and he was very straight forward with his answer." Ash comments.

May looks at Ash as if he grew a second head.

'He is right young May, it really should be her choice as she will be the one to live with it.' Saria comments.

"Yeah...thanks you guys... alright Skitty come here please."

Skitty stops chasing her tail and approaches May curiously.

"Alright Skitty this is a Moon Stone, it will help you evolve into a Delcatty. Otherwise you'll stay just as you are until you decide to use it. I want you to choose whether or not you want to evolve."

Skitty stares at May, perplexed for a moment, and then stands on her back legs. She approaches May slowly and stares at the stone in her hand with intensity.

"She's pondering the flavor of the stone really hard..." Cilan comments

Skitty drops back to all fours, and moves to almost touch the stone.

"Now remember, there is no going back to this form should you decide to evolve Skitty." May restates.

Skitty nods and looks back at the stone, she moves forward and touches it.


Her body glows a solid white and her body begins to change.


"Delcatty!" May squeals.

"Delcatty, the Prim Pokémon; It is highly popular among female Trainers for its sublime fur. It does not keep a nest." Ash, Dawn's, and May Pokédex all say

Delcatty leaps into May's awaiting arms and the two began to cuddle.

"It appears Skitty really did want to evolve..." Angie comments.

'Young May...' Saria says approaching her.


'She is giving you many thanks for helping her attain her dream...'

"Her dream? You mean you really wanted to be a Delcatty?"


'She's saying that, ever since that you and her met that Coordinator all those years ago, after she had learned blizzard, it was her desire to become a Delcatty.'



"Oh Delcatty I'm so happy for you!"

'She loves you to May... and hopes to one day make your dream come true too...'

"Oh Delcatty..."



"What is it Trip?" Ash asks

"Oh I just set my xtransciever on to high it shocked the crap out of me..."

"Ah Trip, I've been trying to call you... how is your journey coming along?"

"It's just fine professor, I was just watching Ash and a trainer named Tobias battle and now we are waiting in the center for Ash's Pokémon to finish their recovery."

"Wait you mean the Ketchum boy?"

"Hi professor!"

"Ah Ash! I have a message for you after I'm done talking to Trip I need you to call me at the lab as I have a solution to a problem you might be having here pretty soon."

"Alright professor. I'll talk to you later then..."

Trip continues to talk to Juniper, as Ash and company began to chat while waiting for Pikachu and Akane to finish up.


"Nurse Joy do you... Alder, kids, where is Nurse Joy?"

"She's taking care of my Pokémon. What’s wrong Jenny?"

"I know what's wrong; she wants to have a date with me!"

Zoey, Anabel, and May knock Alder upside the head and onto the floor.

"So what's the problem officer?" Ash asks trying to get back to the subject at hand.

"A wild Gigalith has gone on a rampage in the middle of town, and no-one knows why!"

Every one present save for Trip (who is still knee deep in a conversation with Juniper in another room) slap a state of pure shock on their face.

"Don't worry Jenny, we'll help stop Gigalith." Anabel says and everyone nods in agreement.

The troupe heads for the center of town, to find Gigalith tearing up as much around it as possible.

"Gigalith! Stop this madness!" Anabel tries to say.

"He won't listen! He's in rage!" Jenny shouts.

Alder steps forward, and attempts to quell the angry Pokémon.

He releases Bouffalant, and Gigalith moves up.

"Hold on, Gigalith! You're just hungry aren't you? Here take some fruit, it's good and healthy for you."

Gigalith charges and knocks Alder back into a nearby tower, putting a dent in it.

All parties present, shake in fear at what had just transpired.


"Aahaha haha! Well now I know what's wrong guys, just leave everything to me... come on Gigalith show me whatcha got!"

Gigalith charges again, and instead of throwing Alder back into the same tower as it did last time, Alder lifts it up and throws it on its back. (please keep in mind that Gigalith is around 572lbs.) He approaches the disabled Pokémon, and pulls a bent nail out of its foot, and sprays the wound with a super potion.

The party gasps in recognition, and Gigalith flips itself out on the hole it had made.

"Alder feeds it a Clear Stone, and Jenny attempts to 'arrest' Gigalith for causing all the damage it had done."

Suddenly during their argument, the tower Alder had been thrown into collapses on top of Jenny, but Gigalith jumps over her and catches it before it crushes her.

The group helps Jenny and Gigalith out of their confinement and they take Gigalith to the edge of town and release him back into the nearby forest.

"Alright guys, how about we head back to the Pokémon Center and check on Pikachu and the others?" ash asks.

The others nod, then head back to the center just as the sun begins its descent in the sky.

"Congratulations Ash, both Pikachu and Akane had made a perfect recovery. Now both Pokémon are to not battle under any circumstances for the next few days. Is that understood?"

Ash nods and takes the room key for his two Pokémon from Joy.

"Ash don't forget to call Professor Juniper back!" May states.

"Oh right, thanks for reminding me May, I'll call her now."

Ash moves over to the video phone booths nearby and dials up Junipers laboratory.


"Hello professor. It’s me Ash."

"Ah Ash! I was wondering when you'd call back."

"Yeah, kinda got tied up taking care of a Pokémon, so what's the news that you were talking about earlier?"

"Oh right. Professor Oak called me the other day informing me of an old friend of his that retired recently and he obtained a plot of land in the Orange Islands. I trust you know where that's at, right?"

"Of course. I won the league out there just after I lost in the Kanto league."

"Good, well his friend moved to Maikan Island, and goes by the name of Celest. I think I'll let him explain the details further... here is his number."

Ash writes down the number and bids farewell to Juniper.

Ash dials the number to the new mysterious friend of Oaks, and soon after an elderly face appears on screen.


"Who may I ask is calling?"

The person on screen is a medium build middle aged man, white hair black specs, palm beach dress shirt, and a brown cowboy hat

"Umm, Mr. Celest? I'm Ash Ketchum, I come from the town of Pallet..."

"Oh, so you're the Ketchum boy!"

"Umm... Mr. Celest... why are you wearing sunglasses in your house?"

"Oh that... well, sonny boy, I'm blind."

Everyone throws a look of shock on their faces

"It's alright, I was born blind, so wipe those looks off your faces so we can get down to business."

Everyone takes a deep breath and gives him their full-undivided attention.

"Alright here is what I have proposed. How about instead of sending all your Pokémon over to Oaks or Junipers you send them over to me, and I'll make sure they get proper care while they are livin' here, and that includes your girlfriends as well."

"Are you sure, Mr. Celest?"

"Sonny boy, if I don't keep movin' this old body of mine, it will not last. So I need somethin' to keep me movin' besides... you may be in Unova, but I can still feel your aura as if I'm sitting five feet away from ya."


'Easy young Ash, he speaks the truth...'


'Mr. Celest, I take it you have been doing well?'

"Ah, do my old ears deceive me? Ms. Saria, how are you?"

'Very well, how about you?'

"Just dandy. Sol contacted me the other day and told me about you, Light, and your lovely daughter Akane."

*sigh... 'Well I'll leave that conversation for another time...'

"Oh, right, well Ash, I'll give you some time to think on it. So give me a call tomorrow and lemme know your answer."

"Sure Mr. Celest..."

"Ash no need to be formal with me, just call me Mr. C"

"Alright... then I'll talk to you around lunch time Mr. C."

"Good lad."

"Alright girls I think I'm gonna go for a walk for a bit..."

"Ash wait!"

"What is it Ana?"

"I'm coming with you..."

"Sure, anyone else wanna join?"

The girls all shake their heads and the two walk out the front door

Several hours later Brandon bursts into the center looking for Anabel

"Nurse Joy?"


"I'm looking for Salon Maiden Anabel have you seen her?"

"Who's asking?"

Joy takes her cue and returns to her duties.

"I'm the Pyramid King Brandon, and you would do well to tell me where she is!"

"Zoey? What's going...Brandon what are you doing here?"

"You, your ...May, you traveled with Ash when he was taking on the Battle Frontier. Where is he?"

"He and Anabel went for a walk around..."

Just then, the two people in question walked through the front door

"Ash, Anabel. We need to talk. Now!" Brandon interjects as the two approach him.

"I told you there is nothing for us to discuss, you would do well to just let it go!" Anabel snaps.

"No I will not just let it go, not when your so called boyfriend is mated with not two but six girls!"

"So what, who are you to be butting into our personal lives?"

"That's enough!" Joy interjects.

Both Brandon and Anabel stop on the dot.

"I will not have fighting of any kind inside my Pokémon Center. If you two wanna fight, take it out onto the battlefield out back!"

All parties walk outside and stop just before they reach the battlefield.

"Battle me Anabel." Brandon says calmly.

"What? No I'm not battling you. Not just because I don't want to, but also because I hate people who judge others like that. It's so stereotypical..."

"Alright then Anabel, then how about you show me how much stronger you've gotten since we last battled. You win I'll walk away and we shall never discuss this again."

"Alright, I'm listening..."

"But if I win... then you leave Ash, leave Unova, return to your duties as a Frontier Brain and never see Ash again..."

All the girls plaster another look of pure shock on their faces.

"Anabel no, you can't..." Dawn tries to say before Anabel cuts her off.

"Yes, I can. Brandon you have yourself a battle, first thing tomorrow morning right after breakfast."

"Alright Salon Maiden Anabel, you have yourself a battle. Now I suggest you bring your a-game or there will be no mercy."

The two walk away from each other and Anabel grabs Ash by the arm.

"Come on Ash, I need to make a call."


The sisters follow after them until they arrive back at the phones.

"Battle Tower, how may I... Salon Maiden!"

"Hey, it’s been a while..."

"That it has. What can I do for you?"

"I'm sending one back, and I would like the other taken off my active roster. In return I would like the other two."

"You mean?"

"Yes, now before you send them, tell them to be prepared for a battle unlike any other they have faced."

"Of course I'll send them to you momentarily."

One of Anabels' Pokémon disappear and she hands the other to Iris.

"Hold onto him for me please Iris, I would hate for my little Ralts to get scared while being away from his mama..." Anabel says as Iris places the ball on her belt.

"Sure, I'd be glad too..." Iris replies

Two Pokéball’s reappear, one friend ball and one timer ball. Anabel picks them up and places each of them on her belt.

"Alright, come tomorrow, Brandon will never want to battle me again."


"Oh Ash... I think..."

Ash silences her with a kiss.

"Now enough of that, I want no more of this angry attitude. When you go into that match tomorrow, I want you to act like it's just another challenger."

"But Ash he wants..."

"But nothing!"

"I don't care if he wanted to take over the world! If you go in with a hot head like that, I don't care if you had Arceus himself on your belt, he will win."

Anabel looks back at Ash for a moment, until she finally sighs and takes a deep breath.

"Your right... thanks Ash..."

"Good. Now we have an early run tomorrow, so everyone let's get to bed."


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