AGNPH Stories


Season 2 of Empathic Adventures: Ability/advance/pearl/Morpheus/Negai/Firered shipping. Now that Ash has found out about his aura powers and the fact that he's got four instead of one girlfriend, he now heads to the Unova region and a new challenge. Morsome,M/F,Whip

  1. Chapter 65: Unova champ and a Battle of the Legends (4481 words)

  2. Chapter 66: Battles and Love (7627 words)

  3. Chapter 67: Deerling, Sawsbuck, and a whole lotta trouble (5304 words)

  4. Chapter 68: Aftermath, a selfish Gothita, and the Daycare Life (part 1) (6115 words)

  5. Chapter 68: Aftermath, a selfish Gothita, and a daycare (part 2) (9718 words)

  6. Chapter 69: Accelguard and some brotherly love (9718 words)

  7. Chapter 70: Legendary Problems (6574 words)

  8. Chapter 71: Live from the Driftviel gym! (8212 words)

  9. Chapter 72; Chargestone Cave and A Source of Unexpected Help (7278 words)

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