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Empathic Adventure 2: Unovan Destiny by eclipse2025


Chapter 66: Battles and Love

Chapter 66: Battles and Love

Original Author: SSJ04Mewtwo
Maintaining Author: Eclipse2025

Current beta reader: Naito Writer

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Ash is tossing and turning in his sleep...

"No Ana..."Ash mumbles in his sleep

"I'm sorry Ash, I lost..."

"That's right Salon Maiden Anabel, now since I know you are a woman of your word, I'll give you a few minutes to say good bye."

Anabel pulls herself off the ground, give her former sisters a sorrow filled hug, and before following Brandon, she gives Ash one last kiss.

Ralts stands next to Iris still trying to figure out why momma and daddy are so sad, but when he sees Anabel leaving he follows after her.

Time fast forwards for several years later, Ash was back in pallet he still has a family with the other five girls, but Anabel isn't there. He goes by day after day; wearing a smile that doesn't exist anymore, at least not since she left. Even after he came back from Unova, even though he made it to the semi-finals. Brandon had even forbid them from even calling each other...

Another 5 years later...

Akane and Lucario visit every so often to check up on him, but still nothing feels the same, even though he had taken up Scott on becoming a Frontier Brain, outside of meetings they can't even talk...

Even his training feels almost meaningless...

He takes up drinking to try and fill the void, but that only seems to fuel his depression...

Then suddenly Ash wakes up with a start.


Ash looks around the dark room; he looks down to a head of lavender and lets out a sigh of relief.

"Ash... What's wrong?" Anabel asks drowsily as she rubs her eyes

*pant... "It's nothing Ana... Just another bad..." Ash replies trying to avoid the conversation

"Don't lie to yourself Ash, If something is bothering you, I need you to tell me..."

"Well it's just that I saw another vision..."


"And you weren't in it..."

"What about the others?"

"They were there but, I was a depressed wreck..."

"Oh Ash..." Anabel soothes as she hugs him

"I just..."

"I know, I don't want it to happen either... But if it gets him off my back once and for all, then I'm willing to take that chance..." Anabel replies


She silences him with a kiss.

"Trust me Ash, I won't lose tomorrow, you can bet your career on it." Anabel replies with a look that Ash knew all too well.

"Alright…" Ash says in defeat

"Now back to bed mister." Anabel says with authority, yet a hint of playfulness in her voice.

"You too, we have a big day tomorrow."


As the two lay down, Anabel cuddles next to Ash, the two finding it hard to fall asleep.

And due to the stakes tomorrow, the sisters allowed the two of them some alone time and are currently sleeping in another room, with Pikachu and all their Pokémon.



"How about just in case..." Anabel asks with a hint of seduction in her voice

"You mean?" Ash replied quizzically.

Anabel nods and sits up to move to his lower region taking his pants off in the process.

She strokes him a bit and his member comes to life. She removes her pajamas to reveal a purple pair of lingerie bra and panties; she slides his member inside her mouth and begins to bob her head.

"ooohhhh... My cunning Espeon, Ana... You still... Give one... Mean... Blowjob..."

"I'm glad you like it my loveable Lucario..." Anabel replies still stroking Ash off

Anabel returns to her task at hand, until Ash begins to pulse.

"Oh Ana I'm...almost..."*grunt.

As Ash reaches his limit, his hands fly forward, and hold Ana to him as his seed fills her mouth.

"Mmmm...someone's been waiting for this..." Anabel says seductively after swallowing Ash's load.

"Maybe..." Ash replies as Anabel moves on top of him.

"Care to return the favor?"

Ash nods and quickly moves her panties to the side and licks Anabel at her most sensitive area.


After a few minutes of toying with her, he shoves his tongue deep inside her causing her to finish all over his face.

He licks up all her juices as she removes herself from his face and gets down on all fours in front of him, with her ass swaying in the air.

Ash gets up and positions himself at her entrance.

Ash looks up at Anabel, and she nods.

Ash thrusts deep inside of her causing her to briefly shout in ecstasy.



Ash slowly builds up speed as Anabels' cries began to rise in volume.

Ash gives one more powerful thrust before pausing to lie down pulling Anabel with him.

Anabel begins to ride him, he removes her bra allowing it to fall helplessly to the bed and pulls her down, her back to his chest as he continues to thrust while caressing her slim delicate body as if it were silk.

"Oh Anabel... I could get lost in your body for a good while..." Ash says as he continues to caress Anabels' heavenly body.


He moves his hands and begins to massage Anabels' breasts, causing her to moan a bit more.

"Oh Ash, stop teasing me and just cum already..." Anabel says childishly

"Oh my sweet Anabel... I'm gonna fill you up good!" Ash coo's before increasing his pace.

"Yes! Fill me up with your seed! I must have it!"

*grunt... "Anabel I'm..."*grunt.

"Yes Ash fill me!"

Ash releases inside Anabel, and the two briefly relax in each other's pleasure.

"Oh Ash..."

"Yes Ana, that did feel great..."

The two kiss each other lovingly, and Anabel turns over not allowing her lover to pull out of her.

"Oh Ana..."


Before she can finish Ash starts thrusting again.

"You're really horny tonight aren't you, my sweet and powerful Lucario?" Anabel comments as the two continue to fuck.

"Nah... Just protective..."

"What does that have to...? Ahh... Not so hard!" Anabel replies as Ash pushed a little too hard.

"Heh... Sorry, but I don't want Brandon to break us up just because he doesn't like aura and what it does to people..."

"Well we will just have to make sure we show him up tomorrow then, won't we?" Anabel replies with lust in her voice.


Ash and Anabel continue their little sex filled escapade late into the night before falling asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning...

The two love birds wake up to a group of eyes, staring intensely at them.

"Um girls... Do you have to stare?" Ash replies calmly as the sisters stare at him and Anabel just as they awake from their little sex filled escapade.

"Well it's just the two of you look so cute together... I can see why she fell for you Ash..." May comments

"And why's that May?" Anabel asks

"Well... I can think of two reasons, but only one fits the current situation..."

"And that would be..." Ash asks

May leans down onto the bed and starts to stroke Ash's limp member to life before placing it in her mouth.

"I don't think May even needs to answer that..." Iris responds

"Can we...?" the other girls ask looking at Anabel for confirmation.

Anabel nods and she gets up heading for the shower, while her other sister's glomp Ash and get in on their love time that they missed out on from the previous night.

As Anabel exits the shower twenty minutes later, she walks in to find all five girls, lazing about with content looks plastered on their faces, having given Ash the blowjob session of his aura career.

"Alright, girls. I need to prepare for my match, so I want everyone in the breakfast hall while Ash gets ready." Anabel says as she gets dressed.

The girls nod, and get up from where they were as Ash still lies on the bed, with a zombie look stuck on his face from having been given a sexual encounter he would never forget.

An hour later...

The entire gang had eaten and were waiting down at the battlefield for Brandon to arrive. Each of the sisters are sporting a cheerleader outfit, matching their respective hair color, while Ash meditates with Akane, Saria and Light nearby. Cilan stands on the opposite side to judge the match.

Brandon arrives a few minutes later, and everyone looks up.

"Alright, this will be a full six on six match, with a single double battle and a three on three single match, with no time limit. There will be no substitutions for the single matches and when all of either parties Pokémon are unable to battle I will declare the winner. Also after the double battle we will have a five minute intermission." Cilan explains

(Basically first part will be a double battle with one substitution, the second half is a three on three single battle, with no substitution.)

Both trainers nod in compliance.

"Alright Pyramid King Brandon and Salon Maiden Anabel please release your Pokémon!" Cilan shouts

Iris takes the opportunity to let Ralts out to watch the match.


"Just take a good look Ralts, momma Anabel is gonna beat this guy, so let's cheer for her with all we got ok?" Iris explains


"Solrock, Lunatone! I need your assistance!"

"Go! My oldest most powerful friends!"

Everyone pails, save for Brandon who doesn't even flinch when they appear.

"Is that?" Zoey asks

"Yes, the legendary Entei and Raikou... Considering this is a match to take her from Ash, I would expect nothing less." Angie comments

"Anabel, I expected you to use those two, and if memory serves she should be with you as well..."

"She?" The girls ask looking at each other

"I think he means Suicune..." Ash replies

"So you figured it out... So what that doesn't mean you've beaten me yet!"

"But you forget young maiden these are the same Pokémon that took them out the last time we battled." Brandon states bluntly

The sisters plaster a look of shock on their faces.

Anabel grunts in remembrance and tries to hide her fear.

"Anabel! Remember we're behind you one hundred percent, don't let him get to you! Take him down like any other challenger of the Battle Tower!" Ash encourages.

Anabel looks back at Ash and winks at him.

Ash nods, then returns to his meditation.

"Grr..." Anabel growls under her breath.

"And begin!"

"Entei use Flamethrower! Raikou use Thunderbolt!"

"Lunatone, Light Screen! Solrock, Sunny Day!"

The sun intensifies, and a special attack barrier covers both Pokémon. Both attacks hit, but don't do as much damage as they would normally due to Light Screen.

"Now, Solrock Solar Beam! Lunatone Psychic!"

The attacks combine and head straight for Entei.

"Raikou counter with Thunder, and Entei use Fire Blast!"

The two attacks collide with a ferocious explosion that cancelled each other out.

"Entei, return! Suicune take his place!"

"Raikou you know what to do!"


"Girls get over here! Otherwise you may end up soaked!"

The girls gather around Ash, as Suicune comes out.

Raikou summons a huge thunderstorm, causing rain to fall with a vengeance.

"No!" Brandon protests.

"Yes! No more strong Solar Beams!"

"Yeah! That's my Anabel!" Ash cheers

"Now Suicune, Hydro Pump! Raikou Thunder!"

"Lunatone and Solrock Protect!"

The attacks hit the protective shields and dealt no damage.

"I thought you'd do that..." Anabel comments

"Huh? Why is Anabel glad Brandon did that?" May asks looking at the other girls for an answer

Ash simply places a finger on his lips quieting May in the process and they continued to watch the match unfurl.

"Guys fire it again!"

The two legendary dogs fire off again at the two Pokémon and as they try to repeat the protective shields fail and they were struck head on by both attacks, knocking them down for the count.

"Both Solrock and Lunatone are unable to battle." Cilan shouts

Brandon brings both his Pokémon back, then pulls out his third Pokéball.

"Unown I need your assistance!"


"No it can't be...". Ash states in horror

"Ash?" Dawn asks

Ash continues to stare with shock on his face.

"Ash?" Zoey asks with a bit more edge in her tone.

Saria breaks him out of his trance and he tries to meditate some more.

May leans down and placed two loving arms around his neck, also allowing her assets to comfort him.

"Thanks, my sweet Beautifly..." Ash comments

May places a kiss on his cheek and they continue to watch the match.

"Unown, Hidden Power!"

It disappeared then reappeared behind Raikou and unleashed its attack.

Raikou was floored by it and knocked out.

"Raikou is unable to battle."

"Entei, come back out my friend!"

The storm ends, and the two resumed the battle.

"Unown, Hidden Power!"

"Oh no you don't; Suicune, Entei use Gust and Fire spin!"

The attacks combine and threaten to end it but Unown cancels the attack out.

"So it must be a ground type then, that's how he took out Raikou with little effort, Entei can't take it either..."

Unown attacks again, and before Anabel could retaliate, Entei was taken out.

"Entei is unable to continue."

Anabel returns her friend and placed it back on her belt.

"So we are down to the last. Let's see who pulls through..."

"Unown use Hidden Power!"

"Suicune use Tail Wind!"

"Why is she dodging?"

"May, just watch..."

The two continue to use attack after attack until something happens.

"Unown use Hidden Power!"

"Unown looks back at Brandon quizzically."

"Well what are you waiting for... Oh no... "

"Heh, just what I was waiting for! Suicune jump into the air and take him down with his own attack! Hidden power!"

Suicune leaps with a grin on its face, at the peak of her jump orbs appear around her body and are fired at Unown. She lands within a few feet of it still ready for more..

As she steps aside, a swirl was seen on its eye, and Anabel was declared the winner.

*sigh..." That was fun..."

"Well I have to admit, you have gotten stronger..."

"Hey guys hold on a sec… how come Unown stopped being able to use Hidden Power?"



"Most if not all legendries have the same ability, Pressure, every time a move is used by the opposing side it drains its usability twice as much. So after Brandon had used Hidden Power over and over again, he was no longer able to use it thus Unown was stalled for that one turn. And during one point of the match there where two legendary Pokémon that had the ability so it was drained twice as fast for several turns. Which Anabel took advantage of."

"Oh… that's so awesome!"

"Alright since Brandon has lost the double battle we shall take a five minute intermission."

Both nod, and Anabel walks over to Ash.

As she looks at him nervously, holding one arm with the other, he gets up and opens his eyes.

"Great job, Anabel..."

"Thanks, Ash..."

The two embrace with a kiss and the girls' glomp them, bringing them all to the ground laughing.

"Alright everyone, time for the second half..."

Anabel returns to her side as does Brandon and Cilan prepares himself.

"Alright the second half of this two part battle shall begin. It will be a three on three match with no substitutions, should Anabel win this she shall retain her standing with Ash, should Brandon win Anabel will be removed and not allowed to interact with Ash ever again."

Both sides nod, and they prepared themselves.

"Galvantula, I need your help my friend!"

"Sigilyph, I need your assistance!"

"Oh, nice match up, Anabel should have this in the bag!"

"Don't be so sure..."

"Galvantula electro ball!"


The attack hits but when the smoke clears Sigilyph was left unharmed.


"Ha! That's its special ability magic guard, only direct attacks will work on him. This round is mine! Psychic!"

Sigilyph hits Galvantula hard by tossing it across the battlefield into a tree on the edge of a small forest nearby.

"Then maybe we can try something else, Gastro Acid!"


Galvantula fires something that looked like a large purple loogie, and it hits Sigilyph drenching it in stomach acid.

"Eww!" the girls shout in disgust

"Well that should take care of that, Discharge!"

"Didn't you hear me? His special ability..."

Sigilyph was stricken hard by the Discharge, leaving it drastically weakened.

"No! But... that acid! Sigilyph shake it off!"

"It's too late his ability is useless, Discharge again!"

The attack hits almost knocking it out.

"Sigilyph, use psychic and finish it!"

"Discharge one more time!"

The two attacks hit on both sides and both Pokémon were knocked out by them.

"Both Pokémon are unable to battle."

"Darmanitan, I need your help my friend!"

"Dusknoir, I need your assistance!"

"Darmanitan, Flamethrower!"

"Dusknoir, Shadow Ball!"

The two attacks collide and cancel out one another.

"So we're even huh... Darmanitan, enter Zen mode and use Psychic!"

"Dusknoir, Dark Pulse!"

The Dark Pulse blows passed, the Psychic and nearly wiped out Darmanitan.

"Alright, you wanna play with fire well you're gonna get burned! Exit Zen mode and use Fire blast! And enhance it with Flamethrower!"

"Dusknoir use Sucker Punch followed by Shadow Punch! "

As Darmanitan fires Dusknoir hits him hard before he could launch Flamethrower then hits him again with Shadow Punch.

"Alright Darmanitan, grab him!"

Darmanitan grabs Dusknoir with all four paws and opens his mouth real wide.

"Now, Flamethrower and go into Fire Spin!"

The attack hits point blank and then the fire spin engulfs them both in flames.

"Now Darmanitan finish it with fire punch!"

Gathering the flames around them and combining them with the fire already on his fist. He brings the hammer down with both hands together and launches Dusknoir into the ground below.

"Dusknoir emerges with swirls for eyes."

"Dusknoir is unable to battle. Darmanitan is the winner."

Brandon returns his fallen Pokémon, and preps his final choice.

"Cofagrigus I need your assistance!"


A coffin like Pokémon with many arms resembling shadows appears.

'Darmanitan is tired and won't last long, especially with another ghost Pokémon out on the field.'

"Alright Darmanitan lets wrap this up use Flamethrower!"

"Ominous wind!"

The two attacks collide and in the process, Cofagrigus begins flexing its shadow like arms, as its attack got stronger.

"Oh no, my friend, get out of the way!"

But the wind overpowered the Flamethrower and knocks Darmanitan out.

"So it's down to the final Pokémon..."

"Come on, Anabel you can do it!"


"Gallade, my friend, please... lend me your aid!"

Gallade appears, and just before Cilan calls to start Gallade throws a hand up to request a brief moment.

Cilan nods, and Gallade walks over to Anabel who still has a few tears dripping down her face.

"Gal… lade… Gallade."

"What's he saying?"

'He's saying, mistress please don't cry. For I will not lose on my honor as a gentleman and a fighting Pokémon.'

Anabel gives him a hug, and the two part.

"Alright Gallade lets win this!"

"If I didn't know any better Ash, I'd say Anabel was cheating on you with Gallade."

Ash broke out of his meditation and glared at Iris, with a look that could kill.

"Heh... I'm sorry it was just..."

Ash just grunts and returns to meditating.

"Gallade use Leaf Blade and follow it up with Psycho Cut!"

"Cofagrigus use Giga Impact!"

The two meet up at the center of the field in a great explosion.

"Now push him back with Psycho Cut!"

"Use Curse!"


"Heh! Now we wait!"


"But wait doesn't that mean that Cofagrigus loses half its health in doing that?"

"Yes, but it also means that Brandon probably has a trick up his sleeve as well."

"Oh no..."

"We have to end this now or it's all over..."

"Psycho cut!"



Cofagrigus falls asleep just as Gallade attacks.

"No... Now he will just come back at full health until Gallade weakens down to nothing..."

"Ana will come up with something I just know it..."

"Gallade! Use Dream Eater!"



Gallade charges and fires an ethereal version of itself and hits Cofagrigus.

"Do it again!"

Gallade follows orders and does so again, thus waking up Cofagrigus with it only retaining half of its energy while Gallade was looking strong. Then the curse hits hard bringing Gallade to his knees in pain.

As it subsides, Cofagrigus attacks again.

"Use Ominous Wind!"

"Night Slash! Cut through it!"

Gallade scores a direct hit on Cofagrigus and the two stagger. Both exhausted and down to their last bit of health.

"This match is mine! Use Rest!"

"Oh no you don't. Gallade, this is it, use Night Slash and give it all you got!"

Gallade disappears in a flash, and before Cofagrigus could fall asleep he strikes it dead center causing it to fall to the ground.

Gallade falls as well due to the Curse, but catches himself on one knee.

"Cofagrigus is unable to battle, Gallade is the winner. The victor is Anabel. And as per agreement she is able to remain by Ash's side." Cilan shouts

Everyone present sits dumbfounded before it sinks in. Then they leap for joy at the news, giving hugs to the still shocked Anabel.

About 30 seconds later it finally sinks in and she pulls herself up, to say goodbye to Brandon.

"Well it seems that you have grown into quite the woman young Anabel, I wish you the best." Brandon replies.

"Oh, cut it out Brandon, you make it sound like I'm never gonna see you again..." Anabel remarks.

"Probably not for many years..."


"That's right I had already gone over everything with Scott. If I lost, then I would start running the regions through until I found something I could get into."

"But what if you won?" Anabel asks

"Then I'd stay until you could beat me..."

"So the whole point was to get me to retake your place at the top of the frontier brains?" Anabel retorts.

"That about sums it up... And, heh heh heh, you even did it without using your powers, that makes the win even more joyous!"

Suddenly it dawns on her, no pun intended, and she runs to give him a hug.

"What are you doing, Anabel?" Brandon asks.

He looks down and sees tears in her eyes.

"No, don't get all mushy on me now; I expect to see either you or Ash still in control when I come back, if you don't..."

"Yeah, yeah we know, now go chase down your legends old man..." Anabel comments

Brandon grins before he walks off.

"Anabel we better get your Pokémon inside to Nurse Joy, before they take on anymore injury!" Dawn exclaims as Anabel rejoins them at the sidelines

"Yeah... Come I'm sure Nurse Joy is gonna have a ball when she gets started." May comments

Ash and company return inside the Pokémon center, and Anabel hands her Pokéball's to Joy.

"Don't worry I'll take good care of them."

"Just be ready for anything Ms. Joy." Zoey comments

Joy smiles and nods before walking into the back

She releases Anabels' Pokémon and gets to work.

"Um Ms. Joy, is everything alright back there?" Ash asks.

"Yes, everything's fine, just a little shocked." Joy replies

"Told you..." Zoey comments

May and Dawn giggle a bit behind Ash.

"Alright girls, enough fooling around. Now go get changed, I would like to have lunch before someone eats it all." Anabel orders.

Each of the girls scratch the back of their heads in defeat and return to their room before Anabel could scold them again.

About an hour later, everyone has changed and eaten. As they depart from the center and pass up a park nearby they see a young man and his Maractus, practicing what looks like moves for a contest.

And since three coordinators are in his midst they decide to give him a hand. After many hours of practice, he still can't get it to work the way he wants. And the musical takes place in less than an hour.

The group decides to go ahead and wing it. Only to have it work out well in the end.

Toby and his three Maractus win 1st place in the musical and head home very happy.

After their little trek down memory lane, the group decides it was getting late and head for the route just before the bridge to camp out, to get an early start on the next day.


The previous night, the gang had decided to let all their Pokémon sleep outside their Pokéball's.


"Huh... What are you yelling about Ash...?" Angie asks.

Ash hesitantly points to a pair of Luxray, having some frisky time.

"Gah!" the sisters all shout at once.

The two startled Luxray look at their half asleep audience, and continue with their sexual activity.

"And yet we have already seen them and they continue… are they sane or are they doing it on purpose?" Angie asks.

Anabel looks at the two Pokémon and concentrates.

Just as they two Luxray reach their limits and climax, Anabel closes her eyes.

"It's on purpose girls…" Anabels states

"Wait are you serious Ana?" Ash asks.

"Well, I think it has something to do with being 'in' season."

"In season? You mean they're in heat and despite the nine of us sitting here watching them have sex, they don't care?" Iris comments.


"That's disturbing…" May replies

"Um…Dawn… what are you…." Anabel asks looking at her seeing something odd in her direction.

Before anyone could react, Dawn had been caught trying to pleasure herself while still watching the two Luxray.

"Dawn, stop that!"

"But… I can't help it… my body really…." *yelp! Dawn tries to explain as she continues in front of everyone despite her will to stop, before she yelps in ecstasy.

Then Zoey, following Dawn's lead and starts pleasuring herself as well.

"Um, girls…" Ash tries to say almost enjoying the scene before him.

Before Anabel can finish, her hands were already moving down to pleasure herself as well, despite her will to stop it.

"Is it that time already?"

"No…. Ash… "

"Um… girls, what are you…"

'Ash, you need to get out of there! All of your girls are in heat, as is every aura users female. Today is the day that any mate or mates to a user anywhere on the planet that haven't been claimed yet, tend to act in the most aggressive way. ' Saria orders

'But then why are the Pokémon…' Ash asks

'It's our mating season, this year it just happens to be on the same day that the aura mating day falls on! If you don't get out of there this instant then your journey may end quicker than you want, and you will give those who are after you a reason to pursue you even more!'

'What about all our Pokémon?'

'Leave them, you must hide yourself until sunset, otherwise I fear what may happen to you. Now get moving!'

'But how will I avoid them?'

'Mask your aura and your scent, I know I taught that to you when we first started!'

'Oh, right, thanks.'

'And from here on out you are on your own, as I cannot help you…'


'No buts the girls will use me as a reference point to find you. Now I will not contact you until sunset. Not a moment earlier, now get moving!'

Just as he finishes his talk with Saria, the six girls have Ash surrounded, he leaps out of the center and into the trees.

"Sorry girls but no love time today, unless you all want to go back to pallet, right here right now!"

Just as Ash was about to turn around and run…

"Suicune, Hydro Pump and knock him out of that tree!" Anabel shouts

"Oh no…"

Ash leaps down, narrowly avoiding the water type move. He hastily returns all his Pokémon and grabs his backpack.

"Pikachu, hit him with Thunder Bolt!" Dawn commands

"No… not him too…. Shit!"

"Well one is better than twenty…"

Ash moves with speed that would make the three legendary dogs present green with envy, and snags every Pokéball from all his girls and Cilan.


"Yes! It's for your own good."

Ash quickly returns all their Pokémon, and places every Pokéball inside his backpack.

Now you will have only Pikachu to look for me… and in these circumstances I don't think even he will be able to.

"We shall see Ash!"

And just like that Ash flees, making a break back for Nimbasa City.

"Damn. Well, let us get after him girls, he can't elude us for long…"


Meanwhile Cilan continues to sleep, despite all that was happening around him.

Ash arrives in Nimbasa a few minutes later and heads for the Pokémon center.

"Nurse Joy!"


"I need you to hold onto all these Pokémon for me, and under no circumstances are they to be brought out, until after nightfall."


"My female traveling companions are in heat at the moment and will do anything to well… you know… So please lock these up inside the vault until tonight! And no one but me can come back and get them, alright?"

"But… "

"Please Nurse Joy…If they find me right now, they will ruin not only my career as a trainer but their own as well, please!"

"Alright… hand 'em over, and if there is any funny business I will tell Jenny is that understood?"

"Yes mam! Thank you!"

Joy takes Ash's bag, and it was handed to Audino, whom had taken it to the vault in the back of the center.


"There he is, let's get him girls!"

"Awww… shit!"

Ash makes a mad dash for the opposite side of town.



"Yes, hello this Nurse Joy of Nimbasa City, how can I help you?"

"Yes Nurse Joy, this is Professor Oak of Pallet Town. Is there an Ash Ketchum there?"

"Actually he just left his Pokémon here and walked out."

"Good, when he gets back please make sure to have him call me, I have something for him."

"Sure, although it might not be until later on tonight though…."

"Oh… and why is that?"

"He didn't say, he just gave me his bag of Pokéball's including those of his female companions and said not to let anyone out."

"Oh no it's that time again…."

"What do you mean professor?"

"Well I trust you heard the news about Ash right?"

"Well I've heard a few rumors going around about a certain trainer traveling in Unova, but I never got his name."

"Well what it is, is that Ash is an aura user, and he has a 'harem' goin' on all because of his aura. So from what I understand about aura several days throughout the year, if the companion or companions in his case, haven't been claimed yet, they enter a state of desire, much like a Pokémon mating season is. So if he is even caught by one of them, he will be in a bad predicament."

"Oh… that's not good…"

"Yes, it is… but at any rate, have him call me after sunset and I'll talk to him then."

"Sure professor…"


"Oh man it's only noon and they are this persistent? I'll never last 'til sunset…especially with Pikachu… oh I know, there is another route that leads out of town and we haven't been that way yet. That should be a good place to hide!"


'Hmm… I wonder if everyone is alright… it's already lunch and no one has even come back… I'd ask or Pansage to help, but all my Pokéball's are gone… maybe I should go talk to Nurse Joy…' Cilan thinks as he tries to ascertain his current situation.

"Well I may as well check to see if they at least crossed the bridge yet…"

Cilan packs up all that's left behind and walks up to the booth at the entrance to the bridge.

"Excuse me have you seen a young man and six girls pass over today?" Cilan asks as he shows the attendant a picture of Ash and company.

"Why is that young man?"

"Well we are traveling together, and when I woke up this morning they were gone… we were even supposed to be headed to Driftviel for his next gym battle…"

"Oh… well I've been here since five a.m. and I haven't seen anyone cross that looks like the one in your picture sonny."


"They may have gone back into town…"

"Thanks …"

"No problem…"


Meanwhile on route 16…



"Finally lost them…"

'So this is the other side of Nimbasa city… Well, may as well use this time to explore for a bit.' Ash thinks as he explores the route.

Ash enters the forest checking out all the Pokémon having fun nearby. But little does Ash know, that he had a stalker wandering nearby…

"Hey is that… a trailer? I wonder why it's all the way out here alone…" Ash says to himself

Ash walks up to it and knocks on the door.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" Ash asks knocking on the door again.

The door opens to reveal a middle aged woman, with a young child hiding behind her.

Briefly startled Ash steps back due to the displeasure plastered on the woman's face.

Then the child without warning glomps Ash in a hug and buries his face in Ash's shirt after knocking him down to the ground.

"Huh? I'm sorry little guy but do I know you?" Ash asks quizzically.

The young man nods his head, then he gets off Ash and suddenly transforms into Ash himself.

"Huh? Oh my… Zorua! So this must be…"

'Uh-huh! Its Nana!'

"Zorua, how have you been?""

'Great! Nana's been taking care of me here since we came back, and since no one ever comes this far back, well, this is where we live!'


"Ash!" May calls as she and the other sisters are searching the forest.

"Oh shit!" Ash said as he grabs Zorua and plows the two of them back into the trailer.

*gasp! 'Hey what gives!' Zorua barks


"Ash!" Anabel calls again.

'They must be looking for you, Over... mmph!' Zorua tries to say before Ash cuts him off.

"Shh! I'm hiding from them right now, and I cannot be found. "

'Oh… like hide and seek?'

"Yeah, but it has to last until sunset."

'Why then?'

Ash gives a look at the disguised Zoroark, she takes the hint and picks up little Zorua, trying to change the subject.

"So do you mind if I stay here until then?"

'Nana' nods, and heads into the nearby bedroom to put little Zorua down for a nap.

Several hours go by, and Ash 'attempts' to talk to Zoroark, with little success, that is until Zorua woke up and tries to play with Ash.

'So…. Are you still playing hide and seek?'

"Yes Zorua. Remember, they can't find me until sunset."

'Ooohhh, why until sunset?'

"Well let's just say it's to keep them safe…"

'How will you hiding from them keep them safe?'

*sigh… "Alright Zorua, since you are still just a young Pokémon, I'll put it this way. If they find me, they will do something to me that they won't be able to take back, and will regret for the rest of their lives. So it's absolutely essential that they do not find me."

'What will they do? It sounds mean…'

"It's not mean, it's just something they don't want to have done right now as it will drastically change their lives."


"Good. Now are you hungry?"


"Well lemme see if I have any Pokémon food in my bag…"

Ash reaches to remove his bag, only to feel that he doesn't have it.

"Oh, damn…. "


"I forgot I left it in the center back in town. Tell you what how about you and I go find some berries outside!"


Zoroark looks at Ash darkly.

"Alright, I'll be careful… trust me."

Zoroark calms and returns to her task at hand.

Ash picks up Zorua and walks out the front door, to some nearby trees.

"Oh, my…"


"Take it easy Zorua don't eat to fast…"

'But it's so yummy!'

"Slow down… and chew your food please…"


Zorua eats his share while Ash grabs a few as well and munches them down.

'Ash, how come you don't smell like normal?'

"Well that's because I'm hiding remember?"

'Oohh, how you do that?'

Zoroark steps out of the trailer and looks in Ash's direction.

"I'll leave that for another time Zorua, 'Nana' wants us to come inside."


"Come on, I'll let you ride on my shoulder…"


The two walk back in just as the sun begins to set.

*sigh… "Perfect, just a bit more time to go, before the sun sets. This is perfect.

“Zoroark?" Ash says to himself.

She looks back at him with Zorua asleep in her arms.

"Oh… go ahead, I'll wait 'til you get back…"

She nods and puts Zorua back down in the other room, then walks back into the dining area.

"How is it that you are able to maintain this?"

'It's because my illusion powers are stronger than normal Zoroark.'

"Wow you can speak through aura?"

'Only a bit… it helps because you are nearby.'

"But I'm also suppressing it greatly just to keep the girls from finding me…"

'True but it's enough to allow me to speak.'

"Wow…. But how come you were so quiet this entire time?"

'I…. was … unsure…'

"Unsure? Of what?"

'What I'm supposed to do…'

"You mean…"

'Yes, I grow tired of this lifestyle always hiding, always just sitting here and doing nothing day in and day out…'

"Well, why not come with me?"


"Yeah… I'm traveling around Unova, and we can actually have fun together."

'But, what about…'

"He can come too."

'Yeah, but…'

"Stop doubting yourself and making excuses… look all you really need to do is make a disguise to take of a young woman. Just keep your hair long and Zorua can stay in it. "


"I've seen Iris do something similar with Axew and it doesn't ever cause too many problems… Or he could travel alongside you…"


"I mean in his own form, walking around alongside of you"


Zoroark gets up out of the chair and returns to the bedroom to retrieve Zorua, only to return in a different form.

She stands at about 5'4", looks to be about 146lbs, has long dark red hair, a small portion of it tied in a pigtail, eyes colored hazel. She was dressed in dress with a maroon top and a pure white bottom with a solid strip of red lacing the ends, black stockings, and a pair of knee high boots.

She turns young Zorua into a young lad, about 4'2" his long hair still retaining its same color of black with strands of red in his bangs, a pair of hazel eyes. He was dressed in a light red t-shirt with a dark red coat with gold pins in the sleeves, a pair of black jeans, and an orange bandana around his neck. Unfortunately his ears and tail still remain.

"You can't do anything about that?"

Zoroark shakes her head in defeat.

"Well I guess around the others, since we have to tell them when they return to normal, your true identities, and around others we can just say he likes to wear imitations'."

She nods and the two step outside.

"Well what's gonna happen to this when we leave?"

Zoroark closes her eyes, making the illusion disappear, revealing a very plain forest, with a few trees here and there.

Ash stands astounded.

"You mean you have been making that illusion this whole time?" Ash asks with pure shock in his voice

She nods again.

*sigh… "Well I have a new thing to admire you for, because that was most impressive…"

The two head for the exit to the forest, until an idea pops into Ash's head.

"Oh I forgot! We have to name you two!" Ash says snapping his fingers.

'Just call me Grace, and him Z.'

"Well alright… Grace how about we head back to the Pokémon center so I can retrieve my friends."

She nods, and the two make haste back into the city.

Just as the sun sets, Ash walks back into the center.


"Ah… Ash!"

"Cilan! Nurse Joy! How are you guys?" Ash greets as he runs into the center with Grace and Z behind him.

"Well thanks a lot Ash! I just love being left behind all day, trying to find you!"

"Sorry Cilan, I'll explain shortly, Nurse Joy can I have my bag back please?"

"Sure… also make sure you call Professor Oak, he needed to speak to you."

"Oh? I wonder what for…" Ash queries

"He didn't say although he did explain to me about your little issue though…"

"Oh good, I hope he didn't creep you out…" Ash says with relief.

"Oh no…"

"Oh Cilan have you seen the girls?"

"No, why?"

"Shit… well I need to turn this mask off hang on…"

"What for…" Cilan asks as he is cut off by the sisters walking in the front door.

"No need, Ash… we're here…"


"Oh my head… what happened today?" Anabel comments as she nearly trips over her own feet approaching Ash.

"I'll explain everything tomorrow, right now you guys need to sleep."

Ash looks back at Nurse Joy. Only to find she had disappeared, but several room keys were laid out on the counter.

Nurse Joy return a moment later with Ash's bag, complete with everyone's Pokéball's.

Ash redistributes out everyone's Pokémon, and heads for the phones while the girls head for bed. Pikachu was already asleep in Cilan's arms.

"Hi professor!" Ash greets as the Professor appears on screen.

"Hello Ash! I trust everything went along okay?"

"Yeah, I managed to find a quiet spot in the forest to relax. So what was it you needed to talk to me about?"

"Well Ash, Liza called me from the Charicific Valley, and told me some interesting info about your Charizard."


"Yes, apparently he has a son now and wants him to train outside the valley to gain strength."

"But wont he become stronger if he stays their?"

"According to Liza he's the strongest Charmander out of all the Charmander's there, and he's even beaten a few Charmeleons' too."

"Wow…. So he wants his son out and about."

"Right, so Liza told me to call you and call her back."

"Right I'll do that. Thanks Professor!"

The screen goes blank, and Ash ponders for a moment.

'I wonder, this would be a perfect chance for Iris to train a Pokémon from a different region… plus I saw that look on her face when she saw Charizard that first time…'

'Ash?' Grace asks as she sits down next to Ash at the booths.

"Oh, it's nothing Grace, I'm just thinking, if you like you can grab something from the cafeteria as you're probably hungry."

She looks down a bit and blushes.

"What's wrong?" Ash asks the dejected looking dark type

Zorua takes that moment to awaken, only to realize where he is and what he looks like.

His movement pops Grace out of her silence and she runs over to him to keep him from getting into trouble.

While she explains to him what they will be doing now, Ash calls up Liza to get Charmander's Pokéball sent to the center.

"Alright Charmander come on out!"

The young fire type emerges and takes in his new surroundings.

"Hi ya Charmander!" Ash greets as he waves at the young fire type


"It's alright; I'm Ash, a friend of your dad." He explains


"You're gonna get to train out here in Unova with me for a while ok?"

Charmander nods and walks up to Ash and hugs his leg.

Ash bends down to pet the young fire type, and explains what will happen come tomorrow.

Charmander nods, before Ash returns him to his Pokéball.

"Alright Grace, Z are you two hungry?" Ash asks

They nod and Grace pulls Zorua along with her as the three head to the cafeteria to eat.

Cilan pops in a few minutes later and Ash introduces him to Grace and Z.

"Oh, what an interesting flavor. I can't wait to see how you two act around the other girls."

After dinner Ash, Cilan, Grace, and Z head for bed.

"We have a long day tomorrow so go get some rest you two." Ash soothes as Grace and Z lie down on the top bunk right above Ash.

Grace nods and places a comforting arm around Z, to quell his shivering as to all his new surroundings and experiences.


The next day…

The girls awaken and were introduced to Grace and Z, also as to all that had happened yesterday.

Now the gang is at breakfast.

"So Ana, are you okay?" Ash asks, looking towards Anabel every few moments.

"Yeah, but it's a bit surprising Grace and Z aren't affecting me as much as I thought they would be…hmm…. "

After breakfast the group heads out of the center and just as they exit the city, a thought pops back into Ash's brain.

"Oh Iris, I almost forgot… a present came in for you the other day." Ash says snapping his fingers.

"A present?" Iris asks confused

"Yeah, now it may not be a dragon, yet, but he will be later on."



She takes the Pokéball from Ash, and releases the Pokémon from it.

"Char, Charmander."

"Ash? Just where did you find him?" May asks.

"Well, he's actually Charizard's son."

"What?" the sisters remark all at once

"Yep. Liza and Charizard saw that he was very strong for being so young so the two of them thought it would be good for him to travel for a bit." Ash explains

"And you're giving him to me?"

"Yeah, I mean isn't it your dream to become a dragon trainer?" Ash replies

"Well, yeah, but Charmander is a fire type, not a dragon type…" Iris comments

"True… but when he evolves into Charizard he can learn some dragon type moves, and if memory serves he might even know some right now."

"But still…"

"Plus he can also take care of that one thing you hate the most…" Ash says

"You mean…"

"Yeah, he's a fire type remember? Ice types hate fire types."

"That's right…thanks Ash!" Iris replies

"You seriously forgot that! And here you were calling Ash a kid, I mean seriously that was basic!" Zoey retorts.

Iris bends down to the young fire type.

"Alright little Charmander, let's have fun okay?" Iris says with a big smile.

Charmander nods and hugs her leg.


Then he gets an evil look in his eye, and Ash was too late to say anything.

Suddenly Charmander opens his mouth right up at Iris and unleashes a flamethrower, charring her face and hair.

"Wow… it's like another Charizard episode all over again…" Ash sighs

"A very spicy flavor indeed…" Cilan comments

Iris blinks herself out of shock after a second, then blows out a small puff of smoke before fainting onto the cement.

"Oh no…"

Looking at his new trainer's misfortune, he was shocked since he was only trying to play a prank on Iris.

"It's alright Charmander, she'll be fine. Just take a rest and be a bit more careful next time…" Ash soothes as he pets Charmander.

Charmander nods dejectedly as he disappears into the Pokéball.

"Don't worry, I'll carry her…" Ash comments as he and Cilan hoist her unconscious body onto his back.

Ash picks her up piggyback style and he carries her until everyone arrives at the bridge.

"Alright Driftviel here we come!"

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