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Empathic Adventure 2: Unovan Destiny by eclipse2025


Chapter 68: Aftermath, a selfish Gothita, and the Daycare Life (part 1)

Empathic Adventures II: Unovan Destiny

Original Author: SSJ04Mewtwo (R.I.P)

Maintaining Author: Eclipse2025

Current beta reader: Naito Writer

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With all the formalities out of the way, this chapter will be a long one, think of it as a special due to all the content, and its covering two episodes from the anime with more than half of it in original content so enjoy!

Chapter 68: Aftermath, a selfish Gothita, and the Daycare Life (part 1)

From where we left off…

"Grr... Well at least I can accomplish one of my two tasks." J comments

"And that is... " Ash asks in anger

"Keep the offspring of an Aura Guardian and an Empath out of Team Rockets hands!"

"What are you going to do?" Anabel asks in pure fear.

"The only thing I can do, to keep it out of anyone's hands... Including yours..."

J presses the button in her hand, and a chained explosion goes off.

"Goodbye, young Anabel... Forgive me..." J says as the explosion engulfs the three of them.

"No!" the sisters shout looking at the ship as it suddenly erupts mid air.

The entire ship goes up as it explodes with J, Ash, and Anabel still in it.

"Master!" Akane shouts

"Ash!" The sisters shout

"No!" Saria cries.

"Mistress!" Ash and Anabel shout from within the exploding ship.


Now the continuation...

"Gallade, follow me in!" Akane shouts

"Right behind you!"

Akane and Gallade both charge at the fallen tree at speeds they didn't know they had.

"No…. we have to go faster or we won't make it!" Akane says as they near the fallen tree

"I can't… this is a fast as I…." Gallade says as he struggles to keep up with Akane

"No… we are both almost out of power… no! I refuse to give up!" Akane says with renewed invigoration

Akane takes the lead, and she suddenly begins to glow…

"Akane you're…" Gallade says before he is left speechless

"I got this, wait on the edge for my signal." Akane replies back

Gallade nods, and Akane leaps off the tree with in pure white, her body in spectacular fashion picks up both Ash and Anabels unconscious passing bodies.

Just as she reaches the peak of her jump, her body forces the white cloak from her to reveal her new form.

'Akane you…' Saria says as she views the battle from the use of her aura

"She evolved!" The sisters shout.

"That she did, but now that she has them how is she gonna get back down without hurting them or herself?" Cilan comments

"Gallade!" Akane shouts back down to where he is still poised on the edge of the trunk


"Jump up from your position!" Akane orders shifting her weight so she can balance the two trainers in her arms.


Gallade channels all he has left and jumped straight up. Just as he hits Akane's falling height Anabel is released into his ascending form. He falls back down and lands on the tree at the exact same point from where he jumped. He slides down the engraved bark that Sawsbuck made earlier.

Meanwhile Akane is placing Ash on her back.

"What's Akane doing? There is no way she can take that entire fall! She could die!" May shouts in distress

Akane secures Ash to her and pulls her hands back in spectacular fashion.

'Everyone clear the area I don't know if this will work and I don't want to hurt anyone!' Akane informs everyone below her as she continues to fall

"Huh? What are you gonna do?" Angie asks.

'Just do as she says or you may not live to see tomorrow!' Saria shouts through her aura to get everyone out of the area

"Alright everyone move!" Iris and Zoey's Sawsbuck both shout

The entire heard charges out the area with reckless abandon.

"Good… now…" Akane says to herself

Akane channels the new extent of her energy, into her palms.

'No… she knows that which I have yet to even understand! Akane don't use it!' Saria shouts trying to prevent Akane from doing what she planned to do.

'I must mother, or we won't survive this!' Akane retorts

'No! Light we need to move faster or we won't make it!' Saria says to her lover as they continue to fly through the trees with reckless abandon towards Ash and the others

'Already on it my love.' Light replies with renewed invigoration.

'Aura is with me...' Akane chants

A blue sphere can be seen in her hand, only it appears to be growing at an exponential rate.

"What's she doing?" Dawn says looking up towards Akane as the two continue to fall

"I don't know it looks like she's gonna…" Zoey comments


'Akane don't! Grace you have to stop her!' Saria shouts one last time


A massive beam of pure aura is thrown from her presence.

'Light!' Saria shouts just as the two arrive along the border of the forest overlooking the area to which the heard in running from.

'I know!'

The beam encloses the entire area in pure white light.

Several minutes later the light disappears only to reveal Akane in a crotched stance, with Ash still attached to her back. The ground beneath them charred, and still burning a bit around the edges, from the attack.

"Akane! Ash!" Iris shouts running back up to the two

The girls rush up to Akane just as she falls unconscious. Gallade catches her before she hits the ground

"It's alright she just fell asleep… she should wake up in a bit, but we should really get Ash, Akane and Anabel to the center as quickly as possible" Cilan says after giving her a brief look over.

Everyone present nods, Gallade hands Anabel to Zoey while he picks up Akane, Cilan helps with Ash until Alex suddenly teleports with Delia, a few hundred yards away. The girls relax a bit and Alex picks up Ash from Cilan and they all teleport to the center. Nurse Joy gives them a room, and all three are placed down for a rest. Sol, Luna, Saria and Light arrive around sunset, and they begin looking over them.

Everyone has dinner, but still no response from any of them.

"Alright everyone we've finished looking over Ash, but for now based on what we have observed, we need to wait for consensus from Saria, Light, Sol, and Luna to ensure my readings are right." Alex explains to the sisters

"How long will that take?" Dawn asks

"I'd give it until morning, that way we all have a chance to review and provide our own input but until then. If any of them wake up if none of us are present keep them in bed and come get us." Alex replies

The girls nod, and Alex and Delia step out of them room.


"So is he gonna be alright Alex?" Delia asks still in worry

"As I told the girls Delia, wait until morning." Alex replies placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.


"I know, it pains me too, but it will be safer on you to wait because if I tell you anything now and it changes then… you might not be able to take the emotional distress…"



"Alright girls, we need the rest of their Pokémon, they have to see this…" May says suddenly trying to take a bit of charge in Anabel's absence.

The others nod.

"Alright, May you take Anabel, I'll take Akane…" Dawn suggests

"Wait what about Ash?" Angie comments

"He gave his Pokéball's to Akane remember?" Iris replies

"Oh right," Angie says tapping her head with her hand

"Pikachu can you come with me please?" May asks


"Come here…" May asks again but this this with her arms open towards Pikachu.

Pikachu hesitantly looks away from Ash as if it would be the last time he would ever see his trainer again…

Dawn walks up to Akane just as Saria and Light step in.

'Dawn, don't touch Akane right now!' Saria Shouts angrily

"But, why?" Dawn asks with a hint of fear in her voice.

"Due to her evolution and use of that attack she used earlier, her aura is unstable, if you were to even touch her right now, then…" Light explains

"Alright… but what about Ash's Pokémon?" Angie asks

"Lade, Gallade."

"Gallade says Akane put them on Anabel before she 'tossed' her to him, so his Pokéball's are on her." Saria says translating for Gallade.

"Oh, here they are…" May says in relief while looking over Anabel's person for their Pokéball's.

"Well that takes care of that…" Zoey comments

"Alright girls I know its early but how about we have dinner and then head of to bed, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow…" Dawn suggests

Everyone heads down to the dining hall and has a silent dinner, then quietly heads for bed. May hands everyone's Pokémon over to Joy, only for Espeon and Ralts to come out, looking for Anabel.

"She's asleep guys, she won't wake 'til tomorrow…" May says with a bit of shock


Espeon's eyes light up as if reading May's mind, and quickly darts off to Anabels room with Ralts running as best it can behind her.

They arrive at their room to find Gallade sitting in the corner fast asleep. Espeon looks at Ralts and the two enter, and jump on Anabels bed. Espeon lies down at her feet with Ralts lying down in his 'mamas' arms.

Midway through the night, Anabel feeling a bit of discomfort opens her eyes a bit and realizes where she is. She sees Ralts fast asleep on top of her, Espeon at her feet, and Gallade in the corner of the room.

She picks up Ralts, and places him under the covers with her, and still half asleep snuggles up to her.

She falls back into slumber semi-peacefully.


The next morning...

Anabel wakes up, and May who was present, called everyone in.

"Welcome back Anabel, how do you feel?" Cilan asks

Anabel attempts to respond but a sudden thought pops into her mind, and she looks down looking glum.

"What's wrong Anabel?" Iris asks in confusion

Again she almost looks up to speak, but yet another memory hits her and she refuses to speak about it.

"Well at least Ash is still here, did you want to move over with him?" Dawn requests while moving in between the two beds.

Dawn pulls back the curtain to reveal Ash unconscious in the bed next to her, she freaks out and in an attempt to leap out of bed, she collapses to the ground and crawls up to Gallade trying to get away from Ash.

The sisters look at her as if she grew a second head.

" I the only one who is confused here?" Zoey comments

The group nods, and they redraw the curtain around Ash, Alex attempts to help her up only to find out she is completely petrified of him as well, Saria steps in and picks up Anabel, and takes her to a room on the far side of the center. Gallade, Espeon, and Ralts follow along behind her.

'Well then I guess we are gonna have to read her mind to see what went on, as if we do it on Ash while he is still unconscious, we may hurt him... And Alex?' Saria says

"Yeah, I get it... I'll remain here, and stay away from her..." Alex responds not removing his head from his hands.

Sol, Light and Luna exit the room, and head to Anabels new room.

"Umm... Mr. Ketchum..." May asks as she approaches him to try and understand what just happened.

"It's called Aura Shock... This is the second case that I have encountered, but only now can I confirm something on it." Alex explains

"What's the problem?" Zoey asks

"Well allow me to explain some things, first of which Saria and the others will find out in a moment, the thing is that their mind cannot be read while in this state." Alex begins

Saria, who is listening in on the conversation with her enhanced hearing tries anyway, but fails just as Alex said. Determined to prove him wrong she, Light, Sol and Luna continue to try and read her mind.

"Second, the user to which his mate or mates in this case, that has the shock, has a surge shooting through them trying in every way shape and form to get away from their mate."

"So..." Angie tries to say before Alex continues

"In other words Anabel can't stay in the same room as Ash or even be near him for some time, and even other users of the opposite sex that are related to that user can't even get near them..."

(So in other words Anabel can be around everyone else except Ash and Alex, without freaking out)

"So that's why she freaked only when we pulled back the curtains, you were already in front of Ash's bed so she didn't see you right away, but when you tried to help her out, and we showed her Ash, her mind saw you as him. Am I saying that right?" Dawn confirms

"To the letter my dear, see parent and child share similar patterns in their aura, much like their genes. Moreover, when a person is under that level of shock, they can literally feel the aura around anyone at any given time."

"And the reason she can't walk?" Cilan asks

"Well since, by what you guys saw, the explosion that happened probably bruised a few nerves in her body, so they're not working properly and won't be able to recover as they're supposed to until we rid her of the shock."

"And how do we do that?" Zoey asks

"First and foremost we have to find out what happened on the ship, and since the other people that where there are either missing or unconscious. She is our only way in."

"Master!" Akane shouts nearly jumping out of her bed.


"Akane, lie back down you haven't recovered yet, your body still needs rest..." Alex shouts

'No I'm fine, where is Ash?' Akane asks still in distress

The girls draw the curtain back to reveal Ash again, and Akane sighs in relief.

"What of Anabel?" Akane asks again

"She is in another room on the other side of the center." Iris replies

"Why, wouldn't she want to be by his side?"

"Unfortunately, no, she is in a state of Aura Shock and until we can bring her out of it, we're stuck." Alex explains


"But I do have a method that may work, but Saria and the others may not agree with it..." Alex continues

'Go ahead Alex... We are already here, and you were right. Her mind is in so much turmoil we can't even get into it without either being thrown out or losing our way inside.' Saria says still in Anabel's room, having given up in trying to read her mind

"Thrown out?" Angie asked in confusion

'Well I'll just say this. Either we are denied altogether, we get in and are walking through fog and fall into a trap door that forces us out of her mind, or we get so far lost inside we have to pull ourselves out.' Saria explains

"Oh... Well what is your idea Alex?" Sol asks as he walks back into Ash's room

"I will need everyone's help for this to work, Saria, Light, Sol, Luna, and I will act as a medium and Dawn, May, Angie, Zoey, and Iris will actually do the walk." Alex explains

"What?" Luna says walking in.

"They know Anabels' mindset, they know her, and she will feel more comfortable if she is around those that she has traveled with." Alex explains

"Right but how will we maintain the connection? It will require a lot of aura to maintain the connection for all of us." Sol asks

"That's not an issue. The girls already have Ash's aura within them, so the mind walk will not require almost any to let them in. As for us, it will require just a bit at a time, and as long as we are in a circle around them we shouldn't have any problems." Alex continues

"Then what's the issue?" Zoey asks

"The issue is that once we get in and find the memory no matter what happens, we cannot stop until the memory ends. Also any emotions she feels at that time we will all feel."

"What will happen if it ends too soon?" Dawn asks

"Do you really want to know?" Alex asks with caution in his voice

"Is it that bad?" Cilan asks

"Based on what we know from attempts in the past, the user and the recipient were both nearly emotionally traumatized by the experience..."

"If this is the only way to break Anabel out of her shock, then I say we should do it." May says standing up from her seat

The sisters nod at one another and then look at Alex.

"All right, Mr. Ketchum we shall follow your lead." Angie comments looking at Alex

"Alright, girls. But once we start there will be no stopping until the end."

"Yes we know…" Zoey replies

"Nurse joy?" Alex shouts looking out the doorway towards the front of the Pokémon center


"I have a favor to ask…"Alex asks motioning her to come to the room

"Alright…" she replies and walks to the back of the center

"I know this is outside your usual list of duties, but while we are in this meld I need you to monitor Anabel's life signs."

"Alright, anything else?"

"Yes just one. During the procedure once every fifteen minutes I need you to fill me in on her vitals , if nothing changes, if there is an increase or decrease in any of her vitals, I need to know."

"And how will I give them to you once you are all linked in?"

"Just simply speak it to me like you would any patient, I will acknowledge you in some form or fashion telling you I got it. Plus before her Espeon left I managed to speak with him a bit, so he will be feeding me the info as well just in case."


"And one last thing, my strongest Pokémon are guarding this center inside and out, under no circumstances is anyone to be allowed in this room for any reason!"

"I understand."

"Good, I'm glad you understand. We'll give Anabel a few days to get settled and recover a bit. The more calm she is the better off we will be."

"A few days?"

"Yes, also Ash might awaken as well, but don't count on it…"

"And Grace?"

She looks up at Alex, acknowledging him.

"I know who you are..."

She plasters a look of shock on her face.

"Even despite our past, we want you to watch over the room while we work."

Grace gruffs in displeasure.

"I know you are displeased with me, for allowing that to happen, but I was out of options and had to make a choice."

She sighs and nods her head.

"Thank you, Grace."

The next few days go by relatively smoothly, and still no response from Ash. Akane had shown signs of almost a complete recovery, while Anabel has shown signs, but only up to a point. She was walking around, but needed help most of the time.


'Gallade how goes the search?' Akane asks

'Not good. I've been around this forest maybe thirty-five times, and still no sign of anyone, or anything from the ship for that matter. It's as if it vanished from the face of existence… How about your end?' Gallade replies

'Not good, either. I haven't detected any aura signatures, or any other signatures for the next hundred miles around the center.'

'Not good, I would have at least thought it would have left something, a fragment or a fuel tank, something left over, but no, not one piece…'

'Akane?' Saria asks as she and Light approach Akane.

'Ah, mother, father how go things with Miss Anabel?'

'She is fine for the time being, the question is how are you doing?' Saria asks

'I'm fine, mother…'

'Akane, don't lie, let it out.'

'But mom, I'm not…'

'Akane, you are bottling up emotions that shouldn't be, come here child…'

Akane turns around in defiance, but looks down towards the ground and began to sob,

'I thought I lost them… I thought I failed in doing my job…'

'Akane you have not failed my daughter, you have done a superb job in protecting your master. You even managed to utilize a technique that hasn't been used in a century.'


'That technique, Aura Storm, not one adept of aura as of yet has been able to use it successfully without either using up all their aura or exploding, due to the pressure of the attack.'

Akane continues to sob before Light steps forward and pulls her in for a hug.

'You have done well, sweetie, I couldn't ask for anything more.'

'But, dad…'

'No buts, now let it all out, sweetie, allow yourself remorse.'

Needing no further push, Akane and her father fall to the ground and Akane cries her heart out for her unconscious master. Saria comes up behind her and envelops her in a hug, and the three sit there in there hug until Akane calms down.

'Thank you, mother, father… I feel better now…'

'Good. now remember this, no matter what happens, you will always be our daughter and if you ever feel lonely, don't hesitate.'

'Thank you…'

'Akane! You alright?' Gallade shouts as he approaches the trio of mienshao

'I am now thanks, let's get back to searching.'

'I think I'm done for the time being, and I'm sure you are tired as well, how about we retire and call it a day.'

'Sure that sounds nice.'


After lunch time, four days after the accident…

"Alright girls please go on into Anabels room and we will be in momentarily. Also close her curtains after everyone is situated. Just have some private girls talk' with her, I'm almost positive that will relax her a bit more." Alex explains

"Sure, that sounds nice…"

"One last thing."


"Have your backs against something, when you sit down, I'd hate for you to wake up with your body in pain or an awkward position."


The girls talk for a bit before Saria walks in, and places a paw on Anabels shoulder.

"Alright, young Anabel, now be still and it will all be over shortly."

Anabel nods, then closes her eyes.

Saria nods at the sisters and everyone enters a trance like state.

The other four users, sitting in a box formation around the room, begin to meditate.

Suddenly everyone finds themselves together in a pitch black room.

'Alright girls, this is Anabels mind, at least how yours perceives it. And due to different perspectives it may appear different to all of you. Now we should be within a few feet of one another. Feel around until you find someone, but don't move your feet.'

'Can we speak?'

'Yes, just keep your voice as low as possible.'


"Right here May."

"Ah, Angie. Have you found anyone else?"

"Yeah, I have Dawn on my other hand, and she has Iris, along with everyone else except Anabel."


'Miss Saria, we've found everyone, what next?'

'Due to various circumstances we cannot join you until you reach her subconscious, so now that you five have found one another. I want you to first take the rope that I am placing around your waist, and tie it to a pole in the center of the room. one at a time slowly feel around for the pole, when you are tied it should start to glow before your eyes.'


'I'll explain later, just remember this no matter what do not let go of one another.'

'Hey, I've found the pole!'

'Wow, that was fast…'

'Good, go ahead and secure yourself to it, and lead the other's to it. After that look for a door.'

The girls get tied down and the pole emits enough light for them to see a nearby door.

'Alright, now proceed through that doorway.'

One at a time the girls do so, and the doorway vanishes.

'Um… mistress, was that?'

'Yes, child, now that you're all in her mindscape. Begin searching through until you come to the end of your rope.'

The girls do so, and one by one they are forced to stop.

'Alright, mistress, it's my guess we reached it all at the same time.'

'Yes child, and no one has found anything yet. That's alright, I wanted to make sure you can follow directions as we give them.'

'Alright, mistress, I think we understand now. How do we lengthen our rope?'

'Simply pull it one time, and allow it to do the rest.'

Each of them tugs and all five were pulled back to their point of entry.


"Yeah, that felt very uncomfortable..."

'Alright girls, keep trying until you find something,'

After several hours of walking, tugging, and flying someone finally comes across something.

'Hey, mistress, is Espeon supposed to be in here?'

'No, why do you… oh… that is it. How much rope do you have?'

'Based on my steps, I have enough to touch him.'

'That's if he stays still, and knowing him he probably won't. In Anabels mind, Espeon is one of her 'keys', so if you catch him, the location of the second key should reveal itself.'

'How many keys are there in Anabels mind?'

'Taking a guess, three, maybe more…'

'Alright… '

'Hey I'm gonna try something.'

Iris squats down and starts to get Espeon's attention.

"Here Espeon… come to Iris…."

Like a curious cat he does so and slowly approaches Iris, but very cautiously.

A moment later Iris was petting Espeon, rather softly, and he began to glow.

"She's glowing!"

'Yes, once you catch a key they glow and point the way to the second key, but the objective it to catch them calmly, cause if you appear hostile, they will vanish and you will have to start all over.'

'Oh, well that's easy….'

'Don't jinx us Zoey!'

A few moments later, May sees Gallade near her.

'Hey its Gallade.'

May slowly approaches the sword Pokémon and soon one of his eyes opened and locked onto her.

'May whatever you do don't flinch, scream, or react, he is going to test your fear, but I don't know how he will do it, so whatever you do don't freak out!'

Before may could blink, Gallade disappeared and had her pinned to the ground. His right arm at her neck.

He looks at her with pure seriousness, while she looks back with the straightest face she can muster.

His other arm moves down to her breasts and he starts to grope them.

'May, he is testing you, don't lash out!'


'No buts! If you want to save Anabel, deal with it!'

He continues to grope her breasts, until he begins to remove her shirt.

'Bear with it, May, none of this is real, remember that!'

'But… It feels real to me…'

'That's because your mind feels it, but in actuality, it's not even happening.'

Just as Saria finishes talking, may's shirt was on the floor and Gallade was still pleasuring her, while still keeping her pinned.

'How do we trust him, if he is raping me!'

'The trust is gained by the others staying exactly where they are, even though they can help you at any time.'

'From what we understand about the mind guardians, the second key of trust is gained by…'




"Is that?"


"Break his nose!"


"A gentlemen would never take advantage of a girl like that, especially a Gallade. That one is a fake, so break his nose!"

May, head-butts the assailant off and pulls herself up just as the others arrive by her side.

"What was that?"

"An illusion, we could hear you moaning , but when you said it was a Gallade I figured he was testing your mind. And by experience even my Gallade wouldn't do that. I knew it was a trick."

'Well said, young Zoey.' Saria telepaths

'But what about all those things you were saying earlier?'

"What things? Saria has been quiet this whole time, all we could hear was your pleasured moaning…"

"So…" May looks down to see that her shirt was still on her person.

"So he never tried to rape me?"

"No. Anabel's mind must have put you in an illusion to think you were." Zoey continues

'In any case, good work girls. Now for what we hope is the final key.'

Gallade bows, and the rooms fog lifts, to reveal Anabel on her knees in the center of the room

'So Gallade was the last key?' Iris asks

'Apparently so. Let's go see if Anabel is alright.'

The girls make a dash for Anabel, and as they get closer they start to hear crying.

'Is she crying?' Dawn asks

'Sounds like it, let's hurry!' Zoey replies

The girls pick up the pace and arrive next to Anabel within moments.

'Anabel, what's wrong why are you crying?' Iris asks as she kneels down to her level to try and connect with her


'Anabel, if you don't tell us what's wrong we can't help you…' Dawn encourages

Anabel looks up at the girls and Dawn approaches her.

'It's alright Anabel we're here for you…' May says placing a comforting hand on her shoulder

Anabel wipes a tear from one of her eyes, and the girls take a seat around her.

'Alright girls, here we come…' Saria telepaths

Saria, Light, Sol, and Luna all appear around them in the same box, as if they had never left the hospital room.

They all look at Anabel with empathy, and she smiles

"Can we do it in the bedroom and not here? It feels a bit uncomfortable…." Anabel asks

"Why is that, Anabel?" Angie asks

"Ash isn't here with us…" Anabel replies

"But aren't you scared of him?" Zoey queries

'She has coped with the shock so she isn't affected by it any longer, she should be fine. Alright Alex, take us back…' Saria explains

Moments later everyone awakens then yawns.

"Thanks, you guys…." Anabel says as everyone wakes up from their trance

"Alright Anabel let's hear it." Alex says rather quickly


"Oops…." Anabel says blushing

"Alright lets have dinner first, then we can head to Ash's room and talk about it there." Sol recommends.

Everyone gets up and heads for the dining room to have a bite. Afterwards they return to Ash's room and everyone takes a seat. Anabel sits on the bed she was on previously before Saria took her to the new room. Anabel gets comfortable and begins her story just as Espeon sits at her feet, Ralts sits in her lap, and Gallade beside her.

"Alright, it begins just as we enter J's ship we had given ourselves up to her to let Sawsbuck go…" Anabel begins


"Well you sure took your sweet time." J comments

"Where is he?" Anabel asks with venom in her voice.

"He's safe for now. But if I press this button his fate is sealed."

"Where is he?" Ash asks.

"Suspended five hundred feet in a capture pod with only his head free. Not only will he be unable to do anything but, neither will his herd should they try to save him."

"But if you do as I ask, I will lower the pod and release him."

"Now step into the cage." J orders.

The two nodded and a field was thrown up around them and they were moved inside the ship.

'Akane, can you hear me?' Ash asks reaching out

'Loud and clear.'

'Sawsbuck is suspended five hundred feet in the air right above the herd. Take my Pokéball's and get back, should they drop him you know what to do.'

'Of course...'

'And one last thing Akane...'


'If this doesn't work out, tell Petilil I'm sorry. But when the package arrives, give it to her anyway and tell her to do her best.'


'And tell the others that if we don't make it back, that I love them…'


"What's wrong Ash?"

"Can't reach Akane, somethin' must be blocking my aura…"

"Well I'm glad we came up with a…"

"Shut it you two!"

"Alright J, we've done as you asked, now let Sawsbuck go."

"Oh, I will, but before I do I thought I'd tell you a bit of interesting information while I still have the free ability to."

"And just what might that be?"

"It's a very interesting piece, and it was obtained from the center you two were just in, only a few hours ago..."

Anabel suddenly goes into a slight state of shock.

"And by the look on Anabel's face she knows exactly what I'm talking about."

"Just what are you getting at, J!" Ash retorts

"Oh, she hasn't told you yet? That's unfortunate, as my boss has just told me that once he found out this piece of information that the two of you have just become priceless artifacts."

"Just get to the point, J!" Ash shouts in anger.

"So feisty young man. Well, your young Anabel is..."

"Stop it! Don't say it!" Anabel shouts trying to stop J.

"Heh... this makes it all the more fun. Anabel is pregnant with your child, young Ketchum!"

"No!" Anabel shouts in fear.

"Anabel, is this true?" Ash asks looking back at her.

Anabel nods with a sorrow-filled look on her face, tears beginning there decent down her cheeks as she drops to the cage floor.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I only found out this morning... And I didn't want to upset you..."

"Why would I be upset? This is a joyful event!"

"But Ash... "

"Shh... Everything will be fine" Ash comments trying to sooth the distressed girl.

"Alright J, now that we've done our side of the bargain, it's time for you to fulfill yours." Ash orders

"That's just it, Ketchum. I've no control over that equipment, it will soon run out of power and Sawsbuck will fall helplessly to the ground." J replies evilly

"You lied!"

"And I'd do it again!" she laughs


Now we can watch exactly how things turn out. Oh look, it's starting to struggle.


"Now to watch him fall…."

"Oh no!"


Tranquil was spotted as she darts after him and grabs him by the antlers, then starts using whirlwind as much as possible.

"Yes! Its working just like it did back in Kanto!"

"Not so fast aura boy, Sawsbuck weighs a little over two hundred pounds, no way your little tranquil can hold that much weight, even with it using whirlwind."

The three stare back at the monitor, and suddenly they see a bright white light and the camera attempts to focus on the scene

The white image moves even faster, almost disappearing in a flash of white..

"Oh, my goodness, Deerling just evolved!"

The Deerling gone Sawsbuck hits the tree with a power never before seen.

The tree trunk was smashed through and thrown down on top of the nearby forest, almost like a landing pad.



With her last bit of energy Tranquil throws off one more powerful whirlwind, giving the two just enough room to ride down the trunk of the fallen tree.

Sawsbuck crouches itself as they slide downstream on the tree with a lot of speed. Just before he gets to the end, he puts some energy into his legs and jumps and lands nearby, crashing into the ground.


'Alex? Sol? Luna?' Saria shouts to the other users

'Yes Saria, I felt it to. We're already on our way.' Alex relies

'Akane, just what is going on over there!' Light comments


"Grr... Well at least I can accomplish one of my two tasks." J comments

"And that is... " Ash asks in anger

"Keep the offspring of an Aura Guardian and an Empath out of Team Rockets hands!"

"What are you going to do?" Anabel asks in pure fear.

"The only thing I can do, to keep it out of anyone's hands... Including yours..."

J presses the button in her hand, and a chained explosion goes off.

"Goodbye, young Anabel... Forgive me..." J says before being cut off


Just before the explosion goes off, Ash and Anabel release each other only to find time around them at a standstill.

"Um…. Anabel, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"I don't know Ash, just what are you seeing?"

"You can relax now guys…"

"Um… I'm sorry have we met?"

"We have, only not yet at least…"

"What are you saying? Just who are you?"

"Oh forgive me for my rudeness… I'm Orion. Orion Ketchum at your service."

"Um… Ash I thought your parents were the only other Ketchum's around, did you forget some?"

"They are, unless I missed a family reunion…"

"Please allow me to explain…. Celebi, you can come out now…."


"Wait, if Celebi is here then that means…."

"Yes, I come from the future… the dark and horrible future…"

"So then…"

"Not quite, you're along the right track though…"

"How did you know what I was thinking, unless…"

'Not at all, I am an adept of aura…'


"And also one of empathic abilities…"

"No way!"

"Yes, Anabel, Ash… or should I say Mother…. Father…. I have come to save you from my grandmother who threatens the very existence of the world."

"Wait, if you're our son, then that means…"

"Yes, from the time line that was supposed to happen… Dad you gave your life to save Mom and my unborn self from the explosion, and I would turn out to be one of the only children you ever have…."

Anabel breaks out into a sob.

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