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Empathic Adventure 2: Unovan Destiny by eclipse2025


Chapter 67: Deerling, Sawsbuck, and a whole lotta trouble

Empathic Adventures II: Unovan Destiny

Original Author: SSJ04Mewtwo (R.I.P)

Maintaining Author: Eclipse2025

Current beta reader: Naito Writer

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Chapter 67: Deerling, Sawsbuck, and a whole lotta trouble

Ash and company are relaxing in a local Pokémon center, waiting for Iris to recover from her 'Charmander' experience.


"It's alright Charmander, she'll be fine." Ash cooed

*Sigh... "Iris!" May shouts as the young dragon trainer walks up to the group still a bit drowsy

*Yawn... "Well that was a bit unexpected..." Iris replies

"Don't worry Iris. Charmander is sorry..." Ash comments


"Come here, Charmander... Give Iris a hug..."

Charmander leaps into her arms and the two makeup.

"That's a perfect shot!" a young boy nearby says holding up a camera

"Huh?" Iris queried

"Can I take a picture?" he asks again


The photographer snaps several shots of Iris and Charmander.

"Wow... A live Charmander and a Pikachu in Unova, that would be a great find. Where did you get them at?"

"Well we have a lot more than just those two, and second the six of us are not from Unova. So we've come from various regions, and have numerous Pokémon from those regions." May explains


"Yeah, that's jest of things" Dawn comments

"Lemme ask this, have you seen any of these Pokémon?" the boy asks politely

He takes out a photo album and hands it to Ash, who starts flipping through the pages.

"Wow, are all these pictures you've taken?" Angie comments

"They are, sometimes I've spent days waiting for these shots."

"Really? Days, why so long?" Ash asks

"For that perfect shot, they won't wait on you; you have to wait on them."

"True." Cilan comments

"So what brings you guys to this neck of the woods?"

Everyone makes their respective introductions, as they all step outside

"So why are you three coordinators out here if there are no contests?"

"Well, let's just say that a certain trainer has us in his hands and we are just coming along for the ride." Zoey replies

"You mean?"

The girls nod.

"I think I'll go take some pictures, do you mind if I do them of everyone's Pokémon?" the photographer replies trying to avoid the topic

Everyone nods and then released their respective Pokémon.

"Um, sorry to interrupt but we didn't get your name..." May asks

"Oh.. Hehehe, The names Robert. Pokémon photographer, at your service."

"Um, what's this Pokémon it's really pretty..." Anabel says

"Hmm... Oh, that's a Lilligant a grass type Pokémon. Native only to the Unova region"

"I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for one." Anabel comments

"Hey girls, can everyone come here for a second?" Ash shouts from the front of the Pokémon Center

"Sure Ash..."

After a few moments of talking...

"Alright I'll call Mr. C, and let him know then I'll call everyone's Professors and let them know to send your Pokémon over to him." Ash says before attempting to head back into the center

"Yay!" Anabel squeals

"What is it Ana?" May asks

"See Robert took this picture of a Pokémon I liked, and he said he would give me a copy later." Anabel comments

"Really? What Pokémon?"


Ash pulls out his Pokédex and looks up the entry.

"Lilligant, the flowering Pokémon. Even veteran Trainers have a challenge in getting its beautiful flower to bloom. The fragrance of the Garland on its head has a relaxing effect. It withers if a Trainer does not take good care of it."

"Wow... It's so pretty..." Dawn comments

"I know right!" Anabel Squeals again

"Hmmm... I'll go make the call be back in a bit guys." Ash replies

"Sure thing Ash…" the sisters reply

Ash walks up to the video phones and calls up Mr. C to let him know that he could keep an eye on everyone's Pokémon on his ranch and each professor would be contacted shortly.

"Alright Ash, thanks again. And when they ask just tell them to call me up, and I'll set up the link." Mr. C Comments after ash explains the situation to him and apologizing for not getting back with him as planned


Ash in turn calls up everyone's respective Professors, and the battle tower, to set up the transfers.

'Alright, now to call Professor Juniper.'

"Hello?" Juniper asks.

"Hey! Professor Juniper, it's me Ash!"

"Hey Ash, what can I do for you?"

"Well actually two things."

"Alright what's first?"

"Well there's this Pokémon Anabel is trying to find but I wanted to see if I could find it for her."

"Alright, which one is it?"


"Oh, Lilligant, that name rings a bell. We just had quite a few of our trainers come in and lend us theirs for a brief study."

"Cool, so where did they find them at?"

"Well they didn't find them they evolved them."

"Oh, that's good, what's its pre-evolved form?"

"It's a Pokémon called Petilil."

Ash looks up the entry.

"Petilil, the bulb Pokémon. The leaves on its head are very bitter. Eating one of these leaves is known to refresh a tired body. Since they also prefer moist, nutrient-rich soil, the areas where Petilil live are known to be good for growing plants."

"That's the one Ash, and if my GPS is working right the area you're in is the perfect spot to find them."

"Really? That's great!"

"Just remember these few things. One, they don't evolve without a sunstone, so that will be your hard part."

"Oh, I have one of those back home, I got it in a bug catching contest a few years back when I was in Johto."

"Well your hard part is solved then."

"And the other thing?"

"Oh right, only females have been found for that breed."


"So what's your other question Ash?"

"Oh, right..."

Ash explains to her about Mr. C and his ranch.

"Alright, it's no problem."

"Thanks, Professor."

"No problem Ash."

The two hang up and return to their tasks at hand.


Meanwhile with Anabel...

"Girls, I need to talk to Nurse Joy for a bit in private, can you keep this between us?" Anabel whispers to the other sisters after ash leaves the scene.

They nod, and Anabel disappears back into the center.

Ash walks out a moment later.

"Nurse Joy!" Anabel asks running up to the front counter


"I have a favor to ask."


"Um… is your center equipped to examine humans?"

"Yes, why?"

"Ummm, I need your help with confirming something..."

"Sure, follow me..."

Anabel follows Nurse Joy back and Anabel does what she's told.

Several minutes later Nurse Joy leads Anabel into her office.

"Well Miss Anabel, the test confirms it."

"Are you positive?"

"Yes, these tests have yet to fail me."


"Does he know yet?"


"Well you better tell him soon, otherwise..."

"I know, I just need to find the right moment..."

"Don't wait too long, because if it starts to show then your friends will notice."

"How long before it shows?"

"Every person is different, but on average it starts to show around 3-4 months along..."

"So I still have time..."

"Yes, but not much. I would suggest telling him no later than the end of the week."

"Alright... Thanks, Nurse Joy..."

"My pleasure."

Anabel walks out deep in thought.

Just as she walks out, Ash runs back in.

"What's he rushing for?"

"Oh he needed to make one more call, I think he wanted to ask his mom something." Zoey replies

"His mom?"

"Yeah... Is there something wrong Anabel?" Dawn asks

"Yes. Dawn go get Iris, we need to have a serious girl talk."

Dawn nods and dashes to fetch Iris.

Several minutes later the two return.

"Alright girls, what is said here is to stay between us."

"Alright... What's up Anabel?" Zoey replies

"Do you remember when Ash made his promise to me?"

"Yeah, it was that you would have the... Oh,'re…" May comments

Anabel nods.

"You have to tell him!" Dawn comments louder than she wanted

"I can't! Not yet... It will ruin him if he finds out!" Anabel retorts

"It will ruin him if you wait 'til it starts to show, you need to tell him!" Iris snaps back.

"I will, I just need to find the right time..."

"Right time for what Ana?" Ash asks walking out of the center.

"Oh Ash! It's nothing, just thinking out loud... Did you manage to get to your mother?"

"Yeah, she's gonna send it via air Pidgeot tonight and we should have it by the time we reach Driftviel city." Ash replies going back to his previous thoughts

"That's good." Angie comments

"Hey guys, I wanted to thank you for letting me take photos of your Pokémon..." Robert thanks walking up to the group after having snapped photos of everyone's Pokémon

"Sure Robert, it was no trouble..." Ash replies

"Thanks again, but I did want to show everyone something cool though." Robert says taking his bag of his back and pulling out another album

"What?" Cilan asks

Everyone gathers around Ash as Robert hands him the second album.

"Did you take these?" Iris queries

"No, my grandpa did, but the one I'm most proud of is this one." Robert replies

Robert flips it to the page, making Cilan and Iris flip out.

"Impossible!" the two Unova trainers shout

"What? What's impossible?" Ash and the sisters ask.

"This picture! It's just not possible!" Cilan explains

"Why's that?" ash asks

"Let me show you, Sawsbuck has four forms it can take. One for each season, one for fall, one for winter, one for spring, and one for summer. Never in all my days has anyone even seen all four of the four respective seasons in the same place at the same time." Cilan explains

"Really?" Angie asks with a bit of excitement

"Yes really. That means this picture has to be fake." Cilan comments

"It's not fake, its right here." Ash replies pointing out the obvious

"Right-o Ash that is what my grandpa said." Robert agrees

"But..." Cilan tries to comment

"Just let it go Cilan, and let's hear what he has to say." Anabel interrupts.

"I started doing some research, and I found a way to find these four unique Pokémon." Robert explains

"Really? How?" Ash asks his emotions building with excitement.

"This!" Robert replies

He holds up another picture of a Deerling standing next to a flower.

"What, that isn't a clue it's just a Deerling..." Angie replies.

"On the contraire, it is. What is similar about these two photos?" Robert replies

The gang looked hard at both

"The flower?" Dawn says

"Right, it's called the Antliage, and they are native to these mountains and are supposed to be in full bloom at this time of year."

"Well what are we waiting for lets go find them!" Ash shouts throwing his fist into the air.

"I was just thinking the same thing." Robert replies

The gang packed up their things and returned all their Pokémon.

They use Zoey's Deerling to try to find another.

After a few hours of searching, they sneak up on another one and Ash chases after it.

It leads the group to a foggy area and they are separated.

Pikachu nearly is poisoned by an Amoongus, but they continued on.

The Deerling runs by the very same tree in the photo, and Robert stops to check things out only to lose Deerling in the process.

"Ahh! I got caught up with the tree that I forgot to keep chasing Deerling!" Robert shouts in frustration

"It's alright at least we know we're going in the right direction." Ash comments

"We should stop for the night, Ash..." Robert says looking up at the sky through the trees

"Yeah. It is getting pretty dark..." Ash agrees

The two set up camp, and fall asleep. The next morning they continued until they found a small group of Deerling having breakfast.

Only one got too close and almost fed on a cloud of poison, Robert pushes it out of the way, and takes the attack. The startled Deerling runs off, leaving Ash to check Roberts condition.

"Damn, he's got a fever. I'm sorry Robert but this trek isn't worth your health, we're gonna go back to the center and see if we can get you an antidote."

"Peti?" a Pokémon said looking out from some nearby bushes

"Huh?" Ash asks looking at the Pokémon that had decided to reveal itself



"Oh wow, it's a Petilil. Hey there can you take us back down the mountain? I need to get him some help." Ash asks the Pokémon while trying to get Robert on his back

"Peti. Petilil!" she replies floating up into the air with excitement.

Ash picks him up then starts to trek down the mountain behind Petilil. The fog picks up again, and he comes across the same Deerling and a Sawsbuck.

It led the two of them to a lake, which is recognized as the same one from the picture.

Robert was healed, almost forgetting to snap a picture of the four Sawsbuck.

"Peti. Petilil..."

"Huh? Oh right. Thanks Petilil, you were a big help… Hey, what's that?" Ash says thanking Petilil by rubbing her head then spotting something shiny out of the corner of his eye.

Pikachu looks up at Ash and spots a Pokéball just sitting there in the nearby bushes. Pikachu picks it up and brings it to Ash.

"Thanks, Pikachu. Alright guys, come on, I'm sure the others are worried sick by now." Ash thanks as he takes the object from Pikachu and places it into his back pack.

"Yeah…" Robert agrees


Suddenly Akane pops out of her Pokéball.


"Oh, Akane. What's wrong?"

"I felt distress in your aura, but something kept me locked in there. I've been trying to come out until just now..." she explains still showing distress in her voice and body language

"Well, everything's fine now."

"Good... Hey thanks for helping my master, Petilil." Akane thanks as she gives the small Pokémon a hug.

"Peti, petilil."

"What's she saying, Akane?" Ash asks looking at the two Pokémon with curiosity

"She is saying you're welcome, and..."

Akane nods a couple of times before finishing her previous statement.

"She's also saying that it's always been her dream to be able to help those in need... But it would have been easier for her to do so if she became like her mother." Akane explains

"Her mom?"

"Yes, Petilil evolve into Lilligant with a..." Akane continues before Ash finishes her statement

"Sun Stone."

"Right, but she has been having a hard time finding one." Akane continues

"Petilil, come here please." Ash asks pulling a photo out of his bag


"What is it, master?" Akane asks as well

"I want you to look at this for me."

Petilil nods and looks at the photo presented for her.

"Is this what you're looking for?" ash asks after allowing Petilil to look at the picture for a moment

Petilil was almost in tears, until she started to cry.

"Master, what did you do? She's crying!" Akane asks in a bit of rage for her new friend

"Yes, but they aren't tears of sorrow, but of joy!"

"May I?" Akane asks, putting her hand out for the photograph


Akane looks at the picture that was in Ash's hand, looking real hard at it.

"It's of me a few years back. I won something called a Bug Catching contest back when I was in Johto, the first place prize was a Sun Stone." Ash explains

"A Sun Stone?" Akane exclaims nearly jumping out of her skin.

"Yeah, I have what she needs to evolve."

"So is master gonna give it to her?" Akane ask handing the photo back to Ash.

"Of course I am, but there's a request tied to it."

Both Pokémon look up at Ash.

"First and foremost is, that it isn't here at the moment. But it's being shipped here as we speak."

"And the second?" Akane asks for Petilil before she can speak

"It's just that Anabel liked Lilligant, so I figured I'd get her one."

"But won't that interfere with Petili's dream?" Akane queries

"Yes, and no. She'll still be able to help Pokémon and even people in most cases, but she won't be here in this forest doing so."

Petilil was still floating alongside Akane listening to the entire conversation, still with tears in her eyes.

She speaks one more time, and Akane translates.

"She will do it. That way she will be able to help more Pokémon and people that way."

"Thanks, Petilil. Oh, and I even have a special Pokéball for you to." Ash replies putting the photo back into his bag and pulling the Pokéball back out.

Ash pulls out a green Pokéball with red spots on the front.

"Ash, isn't that...?" Robert asks looking down at ash with his camera poised.

"Yeah, it's a Pokéball I found at the lake a few minutes ago... I don't know why, but I feel it was meant for her. One last thing, Petilil."


"You might be inside for a while because you're a surprise for Ana, so try not to get too angry if you're in there for a long time. But I'll try to let you out when I can." Ash explains

Petilil nods, then hovers upwards and gives Ash a kiss on his cheek.

Ash pets her on the head in thanks as she hovers in his hands, and he places a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Petilil leaps for joy before Ash tosses the ball. She disappears inside and it clicks without a struggle. Ash places the locked Pokéball in his bag and then continues on.

The two trek back down the mountain and come across the sisters and Cilan.

"Ash, Robert we finally caught up!" Anabel shouts

"Yeah, did you girls sleep well last night without me?" Ash asks

"Sleep Ash? Are you ok, we only got separated 10 minutes ago..." Zoey asks scratching her head in confusion

"Huh? We camped out on the mountain last night!" Ash replies

"Ash, the important thing is we got what we came here for." Robert interrupts before the argument got any worse.

"Yeah, I guess..."

"Really you saw the Sawsbuck?" Dawn asks

"Yeah we even got the photo." Ash replies

"Lemme see!" the girls squeal

Robert hands his camera to the girls and they stare at the foggy photograph.

"Umm guys, I hate to break it to you but I can't see anything..." Cilan comments looking at the picture on the camera.

"Yeah the fog is making everything all blurry..." Iris agrees

"Oh well I guess the good thing is that, we got to experience it..." Robert comments

"Right..." Angie replies crossing her arms.


Zoey's Deerling hears the twig snap and followed after their stalker.

Anabel releases Gallade, and everyone pursues.

The group comes up to an entire heard of Deerling and Sawsbuck.

"Is that...?" May asks in a bit of shock

"Yes, May I believe it is..." Ash replies in relief.

"Deerling is this?" Zoey asks dropping to her Deerling's height

Before anyone can think, Akane is already replying for Deerling.

"Yes, Miss Zoey, yes it is...I had hoped they would be here, but I didn't expect them to." Akane replies for Deerling all the while Deerling had yet to remove his eyes from the heard.

"Well now we can get everything straightened out, let's go find your dad." Zoey comments

Deerling nods and the group treks back down the mountain and gets almost within visual range of the Sawsbuck.

Then Deerling spots his father...

Before Akane can stop him, he is already charging his way.

"Akane stop him before hurts himself!" Ash orders

"Already on it master!" Akane replies

Akane enters a one legged assassination pose, with her eyes shut.

"Why is she just standing there?" Iris asks.

"Just wait girls.." Ash replies

And without warning Akane vanishes, and reappears in front on Deerling flipping him by his head to the ground, just before hitting his father by a mere few feet.

A/N: the following section will be translated from Pokéspeech, but Akane is auto translating for Ash and company.

"Thank you young Mienfoo, but you need not waste your energy on that one... He's not worth the time." The eldest Sawsbuck comments as he sees his attacker pinned to the ground.

"I wasn't preventing him from hurting you, I was preventing you from hurting him." Akane retorts

"Explain!" He shouts in anger

"This is the one you call your son, is it not?" Akane asks in a bit of anger.

"Was my son. But I guess he already told you the story behind it."

"He has."

"Good, because I won't waste my breath trying to explain."

"How can you call yourself a father?" Ash shouts as the group approaches Akane and Deerling.

"And just who are you, human!"

"I am Ash, Aura Guardian in training and trainer to the Mienfoo who you're speaking to."

"Hmph... Which one of you humans is his trainer then?"

"I am! And I'd appreciate it if you gave him the respect he deserves!" Zoey retorts

"Respect! Ha! Respect in this heard is not gained, but it is earned. And due to past events, he has forever lost that ability. I only let him stay out of pure pity..."

Suddenly Sawsbuck was on the ground, having been given a High Jump Kick to the neck that brought him down.

"Are you some kind of idiot! You can't just hit me like that and expect to walk away without consequences." He shouts at Akane who was now walking back towards Ash with Deerling in her paws.

"You wanna try us? As I believe, even though you may have us outnumbered, we have an advantage." Ash shots back

"Oh really? And what is that?"

"May, Ana, Iris, if you please?"

The three girls nod and they all let out their respective Pokémon.

The strongest Sawsbuck step forward. Then it will be a fight you get!

Each of the released Pokémon took on three Sawsbuck each, defeating them all with ease. Even Charmander had almost no problem.

"Grr..." Another Sawsbuck grunts in frustration

"What is it that you want?" the one known as Deerling's father asks

"Only to get you to see your son for what he really is." Zoey shouts back

"He really is? He is the offspring of my mate that died trying to protect his weak and defenseless ass. I have no need to see any more than that!"

"Oh really? So if his mom was guarding him, where were you that night!"

The Sawsbuck stops and stutters.

"Your silence is all the answers I need, you were not doing your job as a parent, you were supposed to be protecting them, and yet you weren't. For shame Sawsbuck..." Zoey comments

"Dad?" Deerling asks looking up at his father having now recovered some from Akane's attack

"Well Sawsbuck? We are still waiting for an answer!" Anabel shouts

"I was..."

Suddenly out of nowhere, a capture beam encloses Sawsbuck, and a Salamence appears with someone everyone knows.

"J! Just what are you doing here!" Angie shouts

"Earning my paycheck. Salamence, Hyperbeam!" She orders

Salamence fires, distracting the group while Sawsbuck was captured and brought up to the airship above them.

"If you want him back then you will have to give up Ash and Anabel. No exceptions, you have one hour." J shouts before moving out of range.


The ship takes off before anyone could get off an attack.

"Damn her!" Zoey shouts in frustration

The entire heard quivers in fear.

"All the Pokémon are scared." Anabel comments feeling the fear amongst the heard of Pokémon.

"It's because their leader was taken so easily... Anyone would be scared after that." Dawn replies

"Everyone, now is not the time to be scared. We have to man up and take him back if we are going to save him." Deerling shouts in an attempt to rally them up.

Without warning a small device drops out of the sky and hits Akane on the head.

"Hey, who did that? If I find you..!" Akane shouts looking up to find whoever through the device at her.

"Akane, stop, look at your feet and bring that to me." Ash orders

"Of course, Master."

"It's a Pokétch." May comments


"Gah!" Ash shouts nearly dropping the device.

"Alright, Ash. If that herd tries anything funny, I will kill Sawsbuck. If you don't show, I will kill him. Any funny business, and I will kill him. You should see a red smoke signal in about five minutes, come to that point by the allotted time with Anabel and I will release the Sawsbuck." J explains through the device.

"Guys, she means business if she's going that far... We don't have much of a choice in the matter." Iris comments

Deerling attempts to charge off again towards the directions of an open field

"Deerling, stop!" Zoey orders.

"But..." he replies trying to go take back his father.

"If you guys do anything to get him back they will kill him. We have to do this alone." Ash explains

"But we can't just sit here and do nothing!" Deerling responds with anger in his voice.

"No, that's exactly what we are going to do. I want the entire herd to stay here and wait for my signal. She can't keep me contained, and I'd like to see her try." Ash explains

"But Ash..." Anabel says

"Come on Anabel, we need to go. If we don't leave now we won't make it in time."

"Alright... "

"Girls, if we don't come back, I want you all to take care of yourselves..."

The girls all nod and they all gave a big group hug to Ash and Anabel.

The two depart and head towards the signal J had placed.

Several minutes later they arrive and J was already there waiting.

"Well you sure took your sweet time." J comments

"Where is he?" Anabel asks with venom in her voice.

"He's safe for now. But if I press this button his fate is sealed."

"Where is he?" Ash asks.

"Suspended five hundred feet in a capture pod with only his head free. Not only will he be unable to do anything but, neither will his herd should they try to save him."

"But if you do as I ask, I will lower the pod and release him."

"Now step into the cage." J orders.

The two nodded and a field was thrown up around them and they were moved inside the ship.

'Akane, can you hear me?' Ash asks reaching out

'Loud and clear.'

'Sawsbuck is suspended five hundred feet in the air right above the herd. Take my Pokéball's and get back, should they drop him you know what to do.'

'Of course...'

'And one last thing Akane...'


'If this doesn't work out, tell Petilil I'm sorry. But when the package arrives, give it to her anyway and tell her to do her best.'


'And tell the others that...'


'They are blocking his aura, Akane, I can't even feel him anymore...'



"Alright J, we've done as you asked, now let Sawsbuck go."

"Oh, I will, but before I do I thought I'd tell you a bit of interesting information while I still have the free ability to."

"And just what might that be?"

"It's a very interesting piece, and it was obtained from the center you two were just in, only a few hours ago..."

Anabel suddenly goes into a slight state of shock.

"And by the look on Anabel's face she knows exactly what I'm talking about."

"Just what are you getting at, J!" Ash retorts

"Oh, she hasn't told you yet? That's unfortunate, as my boss has just told me that once he found out this piece of information that the two of you have just become priceless artifacts."

"Just get to the point, J!" Ash shouts in anger.

"So feisty young man. Well, your young Anabel is..."

"Stop it! Don't say it!" Anabel shouts trying to stop J.

"Heh... this makes it all the more fun. Anabel is pregnant with your child, young Ketchum!"

"No!" Anabel shouts in fear.

"Anabel, is this true?" Ash asks looking back at her.

Anabel nods with a sorrow-filled look on her face, tears beginning there decent down her cheeks as she drops to the cage floor.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I only found out this morning... And I didn't want to upset you..."

"Why would I be upset? This is a joyful event!"

"But Ash... "

"Shh... Everything will be fine" Ash comments trying to sooth the distressed girl.

"Alright J, now that we've done our side of the bargain, it's time for you to fulfill yours." Ash orders

"That's just it, Ketchum. I've no control over that equipment, it will soon run out of power and Sawsbuck will fall helplessly to the ground." J replies evilly

"You lied!"

"And I'd do it again!" she laughs


"Now we can watch exactly how things turn out. Oh look, it's starting to struggle." J comments

"No..." Anabel cries.


Meanwhile back with Akane.

She finds a note inside Ash's bag, while searching through it for any other Pokéball's he may have been carrying.

"A note?"

'Akane, relax and I shall read it to you.'

'Oh, of course, mother.'

'Should I not be able to contact you after we find out where Sawsbuck is, release everyone and prepare to take him back by force.'

'Everyone, come on out!' Akane shouts releasing all ash's Pokémon from their respective Pokéball's.

All of Ash's Pokémon burst from their balls, then stared at Akane with puzzled looks.

"J has double-crossed us, Sawsbuck is high up in the air, and I need everyone to get back to the other girls. Tranquil, start searching the sky for him." Akane orders

Tranquil nods and takes off.

Just as Ash's Pokémon get back to the girls, they spot Sawsbuck's platform still in the air.

Just as Tranquil gets close enough, it loses power and Sawsbuck begins to fall.

"Oh no!" The sisters shouts looking in the direction of Tranquil and Sawsbuck

"No!" Deerling shouts

Tranquil darts after him and grabs him by the antlers, then starts using whirlwind as much as possible.

"It's not enough! He's too heavy..." Tranquil says struggling to hold Sawsbuck in the air.

Deerling spots a nearby tree that was tall enough to reach them.

"Akane, tell Tranquil to aim for that tall tree nearest to her, I'm gonna try and knock it down!" Deerling orders to Akane while preparing himself.


"Do it!" He shouts back.

Deerling takes off and Akane relays the info to Tranquil.

"Grr... So heavy..." Tranquil comments again before almost losing her grip on Sawsbuck's Antlers.

Deerling charges the tree with tons of speed that would make the dogs envious again, and just as he passes the last of his herd he was filled with a strength he couldn't even believe. Suddenly he glows white and moves even faster, almost disappearing in a flash of white..

"Oh, my goodness, Deerling just evolved!" Iris shouts in shock.

"Did it just get really sunny all of a sudden?" Dawn asks.

"I think Deer...oops, Sawsbuck learned Sunny Day as he evolved, and his chlorophyll just kicked in. That's why he's moving so fast." Angie comments

"Megahorn!" Sswsbuck shouts in rage.

The Deerling gone Sawsbuck hits the tree with a power never before seen.

The tree trunk was smashed through and thrown down on top of the nearby forest, almost like a landing pad.

"Dad! Bring in your legs!" Zoeys' Sawsbuck shouts at the pair of Pokémon.

"Oh, my..." J says watching over the scenario

With her last bit of energy Tranquil throws off one more powerful whirlwind, giving the two just enough room to ride down the trunk of the fallen tree.

Sawsbuck crouches itself as they slide downstream on the tree with a lot of speed. Just before he gets to the end, he puts some energy into his legs and jumps and lands nearby, crashing into the ground.

"Dad!" Sawsbuck shouts in relief running to his side

"Pant...pant... Thank you... My son..." he replies before passing out.


'Alex? Sol? Luna?' Saria shouts to the other users

'Yes Saria, I felt it to. We're already on our way.' Alex relies

'Akane, just what is going on over there!' Light comments


"Grr... Well at least I can accomplish one of my two tasks." J comments

"And that is... " Ash asks in anger

"Keep the offspring of an Aura Guardian and an Empath out of Team Rockets hands!"

"What are you going to do?" Anabel asks in pure fear.

"The only thing I can do, to keep it out of anyone's hands... Including yours..."

J presses the button in her hand, and a chained explosion goes off.

"Goodbye, young Anabel... Forgive me..." J says as the explosion engulfs the three of them.

"No!" the sisters shout looking at the ship as it suddenly erupts mid air.

The entire ship goes up as it explodes with J, Ash, and Anabel still in it.

"Master!" Akane shouts

"Ash!" The sisters shout

"No!" Saria cries.

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