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Empathic Adventure 2: Unovan Destiny by eclipse2025


Chapter 69: Accelguard and some brotherly love

Empathic Adventures II: Unovan Destiny

Original Author: SSJ04Mewtwo

Maintaining Author: Eclipse2025

Current beta reader: Naito Writer

Alright my pretties, here is the third chapter of my posting, and please note than when I begin to write the 14th movies, this 'book' will finish and a new 'book' will begin, as writing both inside Unovan Destiny will become a chore, (with the two different versions.) also the 15th movie and any preceding movies that follow will be done in the same fashion. As I will makes things easier on everyone in keeping things organized. And just to note both movies will be posted after chapter 73, so look forward to them.

Chapter 68: Aftermath, a selfish Gothita, and a daycare (part 2)

"You can relax now, guys…" The young voice said

"Um… I'm sorry, have we met?" Ash asked still holding Anabel in his arms a bit protectively.

"We have, only not yet at least…"

"What are you saying? Just who are you?" Ash shouted a bit forcefully

"Oh, forgive me for my rudeness… I'm Orion. Orion Ketchum, at your service." The gentleman said as he bowed courteously.

"Um… Ash, I thought your parents were the only other Ketchum's around, did you forget some?" Anabel asked loosening up a bit.

"They are, unless I missed a family reunion…"

"Please allow me to explain…. Celebi, you can come out now…."


"Wait, if Celebi is here then that means…."

"Yes, I come from the future… the dark and horrible future…"

"So then…"

"Not quite, you're along the right track though."

"How did you know what I was thinking, unless…"

'Not at all, I am an adept of aura…'


"And also one of empathic abilities…"

"No way!"

"Yes, Anabel, Ash… or should I say Mother…. Father…. I have come to save you from my grandmother who threatens the very existence of the world."

"Wait, if you're our son, then that means…" Anabel says before both her and Ash both look at her stomach, before Anabel starts to unconsciously rub it.

"Yes, from the time line that was supposed to happen… Dad, you gave your life to save Mom and my unborn self from the explosion, and I would turn out to be one of the only children you ever have…."

Anabel breaks out into a sob.

As Ash tries to quiet Anabel, another voice was heard from around the corner.

"Big-Brother!" a cute voice says from down the hall.


"Huh?" Ash says looking at his future son with query.

"Sis, I thought I told you to patrol the ship and look for stuff that's not supposed to be here."

"But I did, and the only thing I found was the bomb Grandma J used to blow up the ship!"

"Wait…if she's calling him brother… that means they're twins!" Anabel says.


"Wait is that?" Orion's sister asks looking towards the cage that encased both their parents

"Yes, Ai." He continues as he pinches his temple is frustration

"So this is mom and dad all those years ago?" she asks looking inside the cage.

"Ai, they can still see you ya know…"

*gasp"I thought they were frozen in Celebi's time stop!"

"Apparently the cage prevented it from happening."

"The cage?"

Ai gets a look at the cage, before stopping to think. While Ash and Anabel both look at her with curiosity

The two trainers look at their future son in utmost curiosity.

"Yes, we are twins. But she and I couldn't be more different… I'm more or less calm, cool and collected, while she tends to be a bit irrational…"

"I am not irrational and you know it!" she replies not taking her eyes off the cage.

"Yeah? Our parents are sitting right in front of you, one of whom you have never even met, and you are completely engrossed in the cage that contains them."

"Because, brother, I'm trying to figure out how to…Ah, there it is!" Ai retorts before finding what she was looking for on the cage.

She attempts to pull a rod out of the cage, but fails...

Not wanting to give up, she whacks and pulls at it with everything she's got.

"Sis, that is obviously not working. Perhaps you should try something else." Orion states pinches his temples again.

"I know big brother, stop rushing me!"

After her little rant, she calm's herself and literally stops moving.

"Um... Is she..." Ash asks trying to make sure she is alright.

"Yeah, she's just concentrating, just watch..."

'Aura is with me...'

Her eyes jolt open but they are covered in a solid blue light, and her arms move so fast Ash couldn't even make out what she was doing.

"Come on sis, stop showing off and just break it open." Orion says rather bitterly.

She ignores him and within seconds, a staff of pure aura forms in her hands instantly.

She charges at the bolt and hits it with everything she has, shattering it in the process

The side panel falls down with a loud crash that could have woken a Snorlax on the opposite side of the ship.

"See? Not only did I help them out of said cage, but now I can also hug them too!" Ai says looking at her brother.

Orion lets out another sigh and approaches the two as Ai charges at them, glomping Ash into a hug that knocks him to the floor.

"Well mother, father, I'm sorry that we had to meet this way. But... unfortunately it was the only way to ensure that both of you survived this time." Orion explains as Ai continues to squeeze her father beneath her death grip hug.


"Honestly I don't know how Grandma J even got this, but it's decades, even centuries before even the time we come from twenty years in the future…"

"Twenty years?" Ash and Anabel shout in utter disbelief.


"What of the sisters?" Ash asks still in a bit of disbelief.

"Well, mom went back to manage the Battle Tower. But… after a few years she just fell apart after seeing how I looked just like dad and sister looked just like her…"

"Daddy, can I sit in your lap?" Ai asked while Orion continued to talk to his the two of them.

"Sure…" Ash replied hesitantly

"As I was saying, momma Dawn, May and Zoey went back to doing contests for a few years, won a few and even a few awards. But after a while they gave up… and came to stay with mom."

"Angie took over her parents breeding center, until trainers and the like, just stopped showing up, and soon after that she came to stay with mom, and lastly Iris went on to fulfill her dream of Dragon Master, but never could finish because Ash wasn't there with her."

"So how did you two come back to save us?" Ash asked trying to follow all that was said.

"Well, when we turned ten we both set out on our own journey, much to moms disapproval. But after a while we came back only to find little Celebi here talking with everyone."

"What was it about?"

"A dark and terrible future, where some heir of a 'brilliant' mastermind, that grew in power about the same time father died. Now normally it was against everything Lord Arceus had put into place, but despite all that was going on, he allowed Celebi to alter the timeline for the sake of keeping the world and his Chosen One alive."

"So why did you two come in at this very moment?" Anabel asked.

"Well, Arceus knew that if we went back in time, his past self would interfere, so he had given us a letter."

Ash and Anabel look at him perplexed.

"Yes I know, don't ask… Anyway he writes a letter in a way that his past self would know it came from him, and he allowed us passage. Now the hard part was tracking the two of you down. What mom told us before we left was that you would be in Unova, but she didn't remember exactly where except that it was just after dad just got his fourth badge."


"Oh, mom…" Orion coo's embracing his mother in a hug.

The four hug deeply, until Celebi decided to intervene.

"Oh right, Celebi, thanks for holding up this long. Mom, before we go, I have one more thing I want you to take." Orion says as he snaps his fingers.


"Yes it will influence the timeline, but Lord Arceus has deemed it alright as long as only one person reads it. And the only person he has deemed worthy enough is Grandpa Alex."

"Dad? But why him?" Ash asks as Ai helps him get up.

"Because more than likely, based on what Lord Arceus believes will happen, is that after this whole scene plays out, dad may or may not enter a coma like state, and Anabel may but more than likely will be in shock."

"Shock?" the two ask.

"Yes, shock, shock to the point where she won't be able to reveal what has happened here to the others. And if Ash is unconscious then neither will he."

"So since Lord Arceus is certain that Alex will come up with something like he has done in the past, he will be the one to read this. It comes from a researcher in the far future that has done a lot of studying on aura. Up to the point where some of the things that are relatively new to this time are ancient history in his, so he will leave it to Alex what to do with this information."

Anabel takes it and attempts to open it.

"Mother, no! Under no circumstances is anyone else to even so much as look at the information. If it does, their minds will be thrown into chaos." Ai shouts jumping to close the letter back that is in Anabel's hands.

"Honestly mom, based on what your future self has told us, that would be something we should expect from dad!" Orion says while pinching his temple in frustration.

Anabel nods with a blush and quickly places it in her back pocket, as everyone gets up.

"Alright, now when Celebi drops the time stop, both of you will be thrown from this ship right about where the others can get you. So hopefully if everything goes as planned as I think it should, then hopefully you will see the two of us shortly."

The four hug one last time, and Ai pulls out a small device from her pocket.

She cuts one large hole in the floor, allowing Ash and Anabel to step on it. Ai then steps on in front with Celebi in her arms, now waiting for her brother to join them while they still had time.

"Come on bro, Celebi doesn't have much power left." Ai says while putting the laser cutter back into her pocket and allowing Celebi to rest in her arms.

"Just need to do something, before we leave."

He walks up and slaps J across her face.

"That is for trying to kill your own daughter!"

He kneels down and places a small device in front of her.

"But this will be for allowing her to live, despite what you have done over the many years."

He jogs over and stands next to his sister

"Alright Celebi, you can stop now." Ai says while petting the legendary Pokémon


Time resumes and the hole drops just as J presses the button, the five of them fall, and just as the explosion goes off, Ai, Celebi and Orion disappear.

"Goodbye you two…"

But without warning a second explosion goes off inside the first, forcing the two into the falling piece of metal until it was incinerated by the explosion after it rotates when the two hit the bottom.

With Anabels last bit of consciousness, she moves her aching arm forward to try to caress Ash's unconscious face.

"I love you, Ash…"

And Anabel loses consciousness as the two continue to fall.

End Flashback

"And that's what I can remember." Anabel finished.

Everyone just sits silently, star stricken at the events that passed.

"So your future son and daughter appeared and saved your life and you just accept that?" Zoey asks bluntly

"Why would I doubt it? I mean I can see no other possibility in the matter…" Anabel replies

"Oh, Anabel, where is the note that Orion gave you?" Saria asks

"It should be in my back pocket, um... where are my pants?" Anabel asks looking around from her bed.

Alex gets up and opens a nearby closet. He pulls out the only pair of pants inside and pulls out the note.

He opens it and scans its contents.

"Wow… Most of my theories were right…This explains almost everything in explicit detail about aura shock, and many other things. Including aura storm, and Saria before you ask, no, you can't even begin to think of what it requires to use." Alex says stroking his chin

"Oh... Thanks..." Saria thanks blushing a bit.

"What else is there?" Sol asks.

"Well there's that and something I can't mention right now, and some sort of seal here on the bottom…" he continues while moving his hand over the seal and releases a small pulse of aura

Alex touches it and a blinding light engulfs the room.

Seconds later it ends and a photograph is seen on the floor.

"Hey, is that a photo?" Iris says

"Oh, lemme see!" Dawn chimes in.

Alex picks up the photo and stares at it before laughing.

"What is it, Alex?" Delia asks.

"Apparently your future son has quite the sense of humor! He thought it funny to include a picture of all of us twenty years from now!"

"Oh, lemme see, lemme see!" May chimes in as well.

"Hold on, but who are these two? And where is Ash?" Alex asks confused.

Alex hands the photo to Anabel and she looks at it with intensity.

"You have to remember in their timeline Ash gave his life to protect me, so Ash doesn't exist in their timeline. Therefore, them seeing him there was a miracle. And as for these two, they are Orion and Ai." Anabel explains

Anabel shows the picture to the others, and they all laugh aloud at the new revelations.

Everyone was in formal attire and looked like it was taken during a reunion of sorts;

Anabel in a long lavender dress with Orion and Ai in each arm, and Pikachu on her shoulder.

Orion and Ai both stood in their mothers loving arms, each wearing an outfit similar to what Ash and Anabel where currently wearing. Except Orion had Purple Hair with a few jet-black streaks, while Ai had long black hair. The two of them each had an Eevee either on their shoulder or in their arms.

May in the same pink dress she wore at Orudoran Castle, with her Blaziken standing behind her. She had gotten a bit taller, now standing at 5'4" and her body looked like that of a very successful model.

Dawn, and Zoey each in their Grand festival outfits with Piplup and Glameow at their sides. They also had shown a bit more development

Angie, is wearing a black and navy blue dress that stretches down to her ankles. Her Luxray seated beside her.

Iris, is wearing a one piece dress that bears the same color scheme she currently has. In addition, her hair instead of being tied up, like a palm tree, is loose and free except for the two pigtails on the sides of her head.

Alex and Delia standing hand in hand in a black tuxedo and a black dress. With slightly aged faces and their hair starting to show a multitude of gray.

Saria, Light, Akane, and Lucario sitting hand in hand with their respective mates, also barring a few battle scars in various places on their bodies.

Sol and Luna in a different style of ranger uniform, probably as general field agents (top rank)

"Hey guys can you keep it down, I'm trying to sleep…Ouch!" ash says getting up out of his bed

"Ash!" the sisters shout a bit louder than they wanted too.


"Nurse Joy, he's awake!" Dawn calls from the room door into the hallway

"Oh, that's a relief. Alright, everyone out, I need to examine him for any broken bones and/or bruised muscles." Nurse Joy says as she walks in the door.

"I shall help you, Nurse Joy." Delia says approaching the bed

"Thank you, Mrs. Ketchum. As you probably know where they all are just by looking at him."

"Most of them at least…"

Everyone leaves the room as Nurse Joy and Delia take care of Ash.


"Misty, my love, time to wake up."

"What is it, Hayate?"

"We've arrived in Undella town, and it doesn't look like those pesky rangers have gotten here yet, so we have a bit of time to relax."

"That's nice…"

"What's wrong? You make it sound like you don't want to have fun on the beach."


"Yes, this small town is most famous for having a wide-open beach."

"Well then what are we waiting for?"

"Just sit tight once we arrive at our pre-arranged hotel, we can change and hit the beach for the rest of the day."

Hayate, Sakura and Misty arrived at the hotel; checked in, then head to their rooms to change.

"Oh… no… I forgot…"

"Is there something wrong, love?"

"Due to your little 'miracle', I can't fit into any of my bathing suits."

"Not to worry, love. Sakura, bring them in."

Sakura opens the door with a rack full of different bathing suits

"But Hayate, why?"


"Because I love you, Misty, and to ensure your happiness, I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it happen."

"Oh Hayate…"


"Out, I need to get dressed!" she shouts pointing towards the door

"Yes, ma'am!"

After the two leave, Misty suddenly finds the floor most interesting as she sits on the bed.

'Miss Saria, are you there?'

'Of course, child.'

'Was he always bad?'

'No, he wasn't. But I can't go into detail at the moment, but just know this. When all is said and done, you can either choose to stay with him or leave him, despite what lives within you.'

'Okay. By the way, I've been meaning to ask, where are the guys following us?'

'That child I cannot tell you, because it may compromise the mission and your life. But know this, they are nearby, and closer than you might think.'


"Misty, what's wrong!"

"It's nothing, now let me finish getting ready!"

Misty begins to caress the slightly swollen bump that had begun to appear on her person before looking through the rack that Sakura had brought in.

Misty finishes getting ready fifteen minutes later, and steps out in a two piece bathing suit, that is pure white with black outlines around the edge on the bra and panties.

"Oh, my love, you look so delectable…"

"Stop right there, Hayate. You so much as touch me right now, I will knock you into the next century."

"Ah... but I just wanna caress that beautiful body of yours…"

"Yeah? Well you can't. Now are you gonna join me or not?"

Hayate pulls his pants off and throws them at Sakura, following Misty out right behind her.

"Misty, wait!"

"I'm sorry Hayate, but I'm going to relax on the beach, and you can't do a thing about it!"

"That's not what I wanted to say, I wanted us to take a stroll on the other half of the beach."

"Other half?"

"Yes, the other half, the adult side of the beach."

"No, Hayate, and no you can't do what I think you want to do."


"No buts!"

Misty finds a spot and lays down her towel, having forced Hayate to set up the umbrella.

"Please, Misty?"

"No, now let me rest."

Hayate lowers his head in defeat, and Misty starts to nap.

About an hour later…

Misty slowly wakes up to find herself alone on the beach at sunset, and still in her bathing suit.

"Wow, I must have really been tired if I slept this long. Well, better head… wait, where's Hayate?"

"Good afternoon, love!"


"What's wrong?"

"You scared the living daylights outta me!"

"Sorry, but I brought you a snow cone. Are you hungry?"

"No... thanks... but why is the beach so quiet?"

"Oh, that's easy, I reserved the entire beach just for us."

"You what!"

"Yeah, that way we can have some quiet time to ourselves."

"I can't believe you!"

"What did I do wrong?"

"Hayate, you can't just go spending money every time you turn around!"


"No buts. You also can't just go around buying peoples happiness every time you want to attempt to woo me."


"No buts. Put yourself in their shoes, they probably work a nine to five job every day, just to get by. Then they get one day off with their families' and you, some rich dude, shows up and pays everyone off to have the beach to himself!"

Hayate continues to look down in despair.

"You can't buy someone happiness in a store, its earned by spending time with them..."

"Master, I got what you"

Hayate tries to tell Sakura off, but Misty turns around to see a big bouquet of flowers.

"That's it, Hayate!"

"Misty, please calm yourself."

"How do you expect me to be calm when you keep doing what I hate!"


"No more Hayate, no more spending money. No gifts, no hotels, no expensive restaurants, no more!"

"But then what will we do for food and shelter?"

"Easy, we see a tree, we pick some food off, and we can always pitch a tent on the route nearby."

"Berries? Living in a tent, are you mad?"

"No, I am not."

"And what are you gonna do if I don't follow these new guidelines?"

"What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do! I'll tell you what I'm gonna do, your body will be here and my mallet will put your head on the moon!"

"Please, do you honestly think that will even happen?"

"You want me to try!"

Hayate cringes a bit at Misty's tone.

"Oh, and one more thing. If I even see you, any of your Pokémon, or Sakura doing something even related to money without my approval, So help me, Arceus."

"What about..."

"Oh don't even get me started. If you even so much as try to do anything sexually related, so help me that when this child is born you will not see him or her ever!"

"And do you honestly think you can do that either?"

"Yes, I can, and I will if it comes to it."

"You're bluffing."

"Just try me, Hayate, push that button of mine and so help me I will make sure of it. Even if that means taking him or her to a place where not even I can see him or her."

"You wouldn't..."

"If it means keeping it away from you, then yes..."

Some of the spectators look at the quarreling couple with envy.


"I've said what I needed to say, and if you even so much as try and go against anything I have said here..."

"Alright Misty, we'll have things your way..."

"Prove it."

"Sakura, run to our hotel room and grab our things, apologize to the manager and check us out. Tell them they may keep any money we have already put into holding the rooms we reserved. Also bring our belongings to the carriage and remove only what we will need for the next week, including my father's old tent. After that lock up the carriage and park it on route thirteen, where should we need to doing anything we can leave immediately. "

"Yes master..."

"Now, love, if you will excuse me, I need to go and request everyone that I just paid off to come back and enjoy themselves."

"Good, now I'm going to lay down in the sun for a bit. Do not bother me!"

"Yes, love. . ."

Several hours later...

"That felt so good..."

"Hey there, pretty lady."

"Excuse me?"

"How about you dump that asswipe of a boyfriend and come and be my girl."

"Please, you really think I wanna hook up with a stud like you? You must take me for an idiot."

"All I wanna do is show you a good time."

"Well give it to someone who cares, I'm leaving."

"I don't think you heard me right, pretty lady. I said you will leave him and come with me."

"Well I said no, now if you will excuse me, I'm...gah!"

"Well I guess I have to do things the hard way..."

The brute tosses her down into the sand and spreads her legs.


"Now I think it's time I took that which he will never have!"

"You wouldn't..."

"I would!"


"What… oh, it's the boyfriend, coming to save his little bitch."


"Shut it, you little…" he shouts back, before punching the ground right in front of her, scaring the shit out of her.

"Hey, leave her out of this!"

"And what's the little wimp gonna do if I don't?"

"Grr…Lucario, Lend me your aid!"

"Alright you little wimp, I'm game, winner gets the girl. Machamp, show them your strength!"

"Lucario, use Force Palm!"

Lucario disappears and reappears next to Machamp, forcing an aura infused palm into the Pokémon's side, sending it to the ground.

As the sand settles, the Machamp was revealed to be unconscious.

"One attack… that's impossible!"

"Not impossible, it's just you're to weak."

"Me? Weak! I'll show you weak!"

The brute charges at Hayate. But with little effort, Hayate flips him to the ground and restricts him there by holding one arm behind his back.

"Who am I calling weak! Apparently you are, as I'm not even half your size and you're on the ground immobilized."

"You little twit! Lemme go! So I can pound you into next week!"

"I don't think you're one to make any threats at this moment. So how about we start with the hand…" Hayate says evilly, as he breaks the brute's hand like a toothpick in one swift motion, causing him to scream bloody murder.


Hayate snaps out of his evil trance and steps back.

"Come on misty, I've had enough of this place. Sakura, pack up what's left, we are leaving."

"Yes, master!"

The two were gone in minutes.

"Hayate, just what is wrong with you?"

"Me? He was about to rape you!"

"Is that any different than what you have already done to me already!"

Hayate was left speechless after that.

"I thought so. Now let's set up for the night, I'll even cook."

Hayate doesn't respond and the two reach the already half set campsite.

Sakura was just about to set up the tents when misty speaks up.

"Sakura, Hayate should be doing that, why don't you come help me with dinner."

Sakura looks at her master and he nods silently.

Misty and Sakura prepared dinner while Hayate preps the three king sized tents.

Several days later...

"Misty, I believe the worst has blown over... How about we head off to Lacinosa Town, and prepare to move onto Ocepilud City?"

"Alright Hayate, but you're walking, Sakura and I will be riding on the carriage."



"Um... Anabel, how come you aren't in bed with Ash?" Dawn asks

"I think the shock still hasn't completely worn off. I don't know why, but this is about as close as I can get for the time being..."

Over the next couple of days, Ash was still recovering in bed. He had suffered some mild trauma to the head, some bruised body parts, and a bit of amnesia of past events.

Meanwhile, Zoey's Sawsbuck had chosen his mate to be the young female Deerling he had a crush on. A short time after his fathers capture, the childhood friend of his approached him and nervously complemented him on his bravery.

"Thanks, but it was nothing really..." he replies nervously

"Hey, do you remember when we..." she asks

"We were kids, and I made you that promise just before my mom died... Yep, I remember and I have never forgotten. That's the reason I came back. Not just to make up with my father, but to show you that I haven't forgotten you."

She cries and the two share a moment, just before she begins to glow. The young female Deerling becomes her adult female form.

"Congratulations Sawsbuck, you not only proved yourself to your father and made up with him, but you also found a girlfriend. I'm proud of you..." Zoey says approaching the two

"Thank you, Ms. Zoey, but unfortunately..." Sawsbuck begins

"It's alright. I kinda had a feeling this would be short lived..." Zoey replies reassuring

"No, I will make it up to you. But darling, I'm going to need your help with this..."

His new mate nods and she starts to head for the nearby group of female Sawsbuck.

"Ms. Zoey, please come see us before you depart, as I will give to you a parting gift when you leave.


(A/N: No Akane isn't there to translate, but based on body labguage she self interprits)


Over the next several days, Ash recovers from his injuries, meanwhile the remaining five sisters take utmost pleasure in taking care of him in every way they could. From feeding him to bathing him.

Anabel, being still influenced by the aura shock, continues to try and avoid anything to do with Ash, other than being in his presence.

"We have to do something about this, girls." Zoey says during lunch one day.

"Yeah, I know, I hate seeing the two of them like this. Especially because Anabel was Ash's first." Dawn agrees

"I'll talk to Ash about it next time we are alone." May says


One day while May was alone with Ash, while she was helping him dress in the bathroom...

"So Ash, how do you feel about Anabel, with her still in shock?"

"It pains me, May... Every time I try to speak to her, well let's just say she doesn't even try to look me in the eye..."

"Well, Ash, you need to be the one to break the ice then."

"I plan to May, its just..."

"Just what, Ash?"

Ash motions her to move closer and he whispers something into her ear.

"You plan to do what!"


"Ash, then what are you waiting for?"

"I'm waiting for the package to arrive, mom says she sent it shortly after I called her. So hopefully it should be here by the time my match is over in Driftviel city."

"But how are you so sure Anabel will still want to come with us, despite her shock? She may head straight back home to the Battle Tower."

"Now if there's one thing that I know about my Ana, is that she won't abandon her friends just because of some little shock. I know she can over come this, and if that means she ignores me, then I'm willing to wait for her."

"Come on Ash, lets get you dressed so we can have lunch."

"Thanks May..."


After a few more days, Alex and Delia head back to Kanto, leaving Saria, Light, Sol, and Luna to watch over everyone.

"So mom and dad went back home?" Ash asks

"Yeah, something about further study into the material that Orion and Ai left for him." Dawn replies from where she sits.

'Alright, Ash, outta bed! Now!' Saria shouts as she enters the room.

"Gah! Mistress!"

'It's time for your retraining!'


'No buts, the more you lie around the weaker you get. Now, get up and get dressed. You have some light training to do. And I want it done before dinner!'

"Alright, Dawn, help me up..."

'Dawn, sit down!'



'Your first task will be to get out of bed and get dressed. Second it will be to reach the front of the Pokémon Center. Lastly you will simply need to touch the very edge of my tail in a tree across the courtyard.'

Ash's mouth is seen wide open, until his head slumps seeing that there was no way out of the situation.

'And if you can't finish the task by dinner tonight, then tomorrow it will only get worse...'

Ash quickly throws his bed spread off of him, and slowly heads for the closet before collapsing onto the floor.

'Do not help him, young Dawn, or you might find yourself in a bed along side Ash. But with injuries far worse than his.' Saria says darkly shooting a glare at her.

A look of pure shock plasters itself on Dawn's face, as Ash continues to pull himself up to the rooms closet to grab his pants.

Twenty minutes later, Ash has his black shirt and his blue jeans on, and is using the walls for support as he struggles to walk down the hall.


'Ms. Anabel?'

'What is it, little Z?'

'I was walking around in the forest and I found you some fresh berries...'

'Thanks, come on and sit over here with me.'


'Yeah, come here, little Z.'


Z sits down on the bed next to Anabel, and Espeon and Gallade nod at his presence.

'So... how come you and Ash aren't talking to each other?'

'It's complicated, little Z. It's just something I can't explain... I still love him, but my mind is just scared of him... So even if I wanted to I can't so much as even give him a big hug...'


'But don't worry, little Z. I'm sure it will just take some time, and we will be back together again just as we have been.'

'Cool... well thanks for talking with me, Ms. Anabel!'

'Anytime, little Z... if you ever need someone to talk to, you always can come see me...'

Z leans over and gives Anabel a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.


"Alright young Ash, you have done well these past few weeks with your reshaping regiment. Your body has grown stronger because of this and I now even fear for my own body because of this."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well young Ash, when that explosion injured you, every muscle in your body was bruised, and you broke several bones including a few ribs. You were lucky to even be alive..."

"What! Was it really that bad?"

"If not for me, your father and Light, then you probably wouldn't have survived the afternoon."

"Thank you."

"For what, young Ash?"

"For always being there for me..."

"You are most welcome, young Ash. Just remember, if you ever need a shoulder to lean on or just want to talk, me or Light are always just a short distance away..."

"Thanks, mistress... for everything..."

"Now enough of this, young Ketchum, back to your meditation."

"Yes, ma'am..."


"Ash?" Iris asks, walking into the room while Ash is still meditating

"What is it, Iris? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, I was just wondering if you were feeling any better."

"Of course. Also I'm going to talk to mistress tonight after dinner and see if it's alright to resume our little 'activities'."

Iris' face lights up and she glomps him over and kisses him.

"Gah! Easy!"

"Sorry... but I've been waiting to do that for a while!"

"Come here..." Ash replies pulling her in for a more intense kiss.

'Easy there, young Ash...'


'Yes, Ash, I know you want to become active again, but now is not yet time...'


'You may still, kiss, and become emotionally active. But until Anabel gets over her shock, under no circumstances are any of you to become sexually active.'

'I understand, Mistress...'

'No Ash, I don't think you do...' Saria replies raising her tone.


'If you so much as become active with even one girl, then Anabel will become scarred and may never come back to you... ever...'

Ash breaks the kiss with Iris, causing her to jump back in confusion

"What's wrong, Ash?"

"Well, tell the other girls we can get back to loving, just no sex."


"Not at least until Anabel gets over her shock."


"Don't worry, Iris, if every thing goes according to plan then she will be fine by the end of the week."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, remember when I had mom send that package before we started dealing with the whole J incident? I feel my bond with Anabel will become stronger as a result."

"Alright Ash, if you say so..."


"Alright Ash. It's been a few weeks since the incident, and you have regained a nice portion of your understanding of aura, due to losing pieces of your memory from the 'J incident'."

"Thank you, mistress. It was a pleasure to be under your regimen again, even though it almost killed me again..."


"Yeah, I still have pains in places I didn't know I had from the first time she put me through training..."

'and one more thing, young Ash'


"Remember when I had you influence Iris before she joined?"


"You might want to try to do that for Anabel as well, to stimulate her to come back, up until your little surprise arrives."

"Wait, you know?"

"Yes, Ash, I know all about what you have planned. Even your little mystery friend in that Pokéball you have in your backpack."

"Okay, thanks for the vote of confidence, mistress."

"Ash?" Dawn asks looking back at him

"Oh sorry, girls, let's get moving. We have a lot of ground to make up for what we lost."

Anabel walks out the front doors rather slowly and quietly.

"Hi guys..."

"Anabel!" Ash shouts.

"Are you ready to go?" May asks

"Yeah, although I don't think Grace and Z are..."

"Yeah, where are they?" Zoey asks.

"I haven't seen them since breakfast..." Iris comments

"We're right here, everyone." Grace chimes as she comes around the side of the Pokémon center.

"You two ready to go?" Cilan asks.

"Not quite..."

"Is there something that you need to finish?"


"Well maybe we can help you." Ash says

"That is not possible."


"Allow me to finish, master Ash.."

Ash nods.

"And miss Anabel, this is for you as well."

She nods as well.

"Zorua and I have been talking and training for the past few days, and due to past events..."

"What? Are you gonna leave us?"

"No, young Ash, we are going to join you, not just as friends, but also as your Pokémon."

Both Ash and Anabel's eyes widen.

"No need to say anything, Ash, Anabel... However, we do have one requirement though..."


"You must defeat us in battle, and you must prove to us that we made the right choice in joining you."

"So since there are two of you did you decide who joins who if we win, or would you like us to decide?"

"At first we would have allowed you to decide, but because of the events still lingering, I will battle you Ash, and Anabel will battle Z."

"That is, if Miss Anabel is up to battle..."

Anabel gets a glint in her eye that Ash recognizes all to well.

"I think she is ready, but I think it might be best if she went first, as the ladies should always be allowed the first battle."

May approaches Anabel and hands her an empty Pokéball.

"Alright, but there is one more thing. Both you and Anabel must battle the two of us at the same time whether it be together or separately."


Both Ash and Anabel stand on opposite sides of the field with Z and Grace standing back to back.

"Alright Ash, Anabel, only one Pokémon. Ash you versus me and Anabel versus Z."

Both trainers nod and Anabel releases Espeon, while Ash uses Akane.

"Akane use aura sphere!"

"Night slash!"

Akane attacks from a distance while Z and Grace both counter attack. Anabel has yet to react.

"Espeon dodge and use iron tail!" Ash shouts from across the field.

Espeon looks back as it follows Ash's orders, only to see Anabel standing frozen in place.

"The shock is still getting to her…"


She looks up at Ash.

"Snap out of it! Everyone is fine, no one is hurt anymore, nor will any of you. I will make sure of that. Even if it means…"

"Don't say it!"


"Please Ash …. Don't die for me…" Anabel drops to the ground and the sisters along with Espeon and Ash, run to her side."

Ash embraces her in a hug, and rocks her until her sobbing disappears.

"Anabel it's alright, we are all here for you, there is no need to be scared anymore."

"But Ash…"

"Anabel! Just let it out, just let it all out…" Ash says soothingly Ash he kisses her on the forehead.

Anabel begins to sob. Harder than she had ever done in her life. Ash simply holds her frail form close, and runs his fingers through her hair.

After several minutes she begins to calm, and looks at Ash.

"Feel better?" ash says as he strokes her back

"Much, thanks Ash, but…."

"But what?"

"You're crushing me… and I cant breath…"

"Oh…. Sorry…" he replies releasing her.

"It's alright Ash … I feel a lot better though…"

"That's great Anabel."



"Not enough…"

"Your mind still freaking out?"


"Alright… but remember when you feel your ready, my ears and arms are always open."

"Thanks Ash…"

"Now are you ready to finish our little match?"

"You bet!"

Ash helps Anabel up and the two resume there matches with Grace and Z.

"Restart the match!" Cilan calls.

"Espeon use quick attack!"

"Akane, force palm!"

The two Pokémon close in on the dark types.

"Z you know how we handle this?"


"Alright lets do it!"

The two Pokémon charge a shadow ball and fire at the exact same time.

"Shit! Dodge, and move in for a pound!"

"You too Espeon, but use iron tail!"



"Night slash!"

The two dark Pokémon disappear and reappear behind their respective attackers ready to hit them hard.



"Close combat!"

"Zap cannon!"

The two Pokémon about face, and launch their respective strikes.

The two dark types are knocked to the ground, and both trainers throw a respective Pokéball.

Anabel's Pokéball clicks, while Ash's is rejected.

"You're gonna have to do a lot better than that Ash."


"Night Daze!"

Grace slams her foot down, causing a pitch black shockwave to appear on the field, heading straight for Akane.

Akane dodge and move in for combo strike three!


As Akane flies into range Grace pulls her triumph card.

She goes down onto all four and holds back a breath, and release a monstrous roar. Causing Akane to flee back into her Pokéball forcing Pikachu out onto the field.

"Well young Ash, it looks like I've won here."

"The battles not over yet, Grace!"

"Oh really? Well, then lets have a ball."

"Shadow Ball!"

"Pikachu use electro ball!"

The two attacks collide but Pikachu emerges from the smoke surrounded in yellow light.

"Pikachu, lets wrap this up!"

"Heh, you just don't learn do you Ash… oh well… Night Daze!"

"Pikachu you know what to do!"


Pikachu begins circling around Grace still lit up by volt tackle. And soon the he is just a blur running around Grace faster than she can keep up.

"Pikachu, Give it all you got! Thunder!"

An electric attack comes from all sides an flies straight up into the sky. Filling the clouds with electricity. Seconds later the bent up electricity stored in the sky comes down in a pillar of yellow light, filling Grace with pure unaltered electricity.

As the attack ceases, she is on the ground once again. But surging with electricity, Ash lobs another Pokéball and after a moment it clicks.


"Great job Ash!"

"You too Ana."

Anabel blushes as the two pick up there respective Pokéball and head back inside to gete everyone healed.


Several hours later…

"Well we've been walking for a bit and I think it's time we break for lunch. Everyone here agree to that?"

Everyone nods, but Ash gets a puzzled look when he realizes Anabel isn't with them.

"Um… girls. Where's Anabel?" Iris says looking around.

Ash pulses his aura a bit for her presence and sighs in relief when he stops and see's Grace walking up the road with Ana on her back.

"Thanks Grace, sorry to burden you like that."

"It's alright, Ash… Besides I think it was a good thing you stopped, as I met up with a young lady on the path who looked like she was searching for something."

"I wonder what… oh well. All right everyone, come on out and let's have some lunch."


"What is it, May?"

"What about you know who?"

"Oh right, can you take her Pokéball and go get her cleaned up? I'm sure there's a lake or pond nearby… Tranquil, Pikachu, can you two go with May and give her a hand please?"

The two Pokémon nod and they set off.

"Why are you sending Pikachu as well?" Dawn asks hugging ash around his neck.

"Because he was with us when I found her, so he can explain some things to her that I can't do at the moment."

"Oh… right…"


The group had a semi pleasant lunch, May came back with a few scrapes from Petilil getting angry. But Ash promised to make it up to her after everything was said and done.

The young lady that Grace had seen finally appears and spots what she was looking for among the bushes nearby. It was her Gothita, and it had taken a liking to Ash's Scraggy, so she begged Ash for a trade.

When he wouldn't trade for it, she decided they would battle for him.

During the battle, it looked like Gothita was giving the orders instead of her trainer. And when they lost Gothita went into a bit of rage before her trainer decided to try to stop her.

The Gothita calmed down, and Akane decided to make her presence known.

"Alright, little Miss Gothita, cool your jets for a minute and listen to what I have to say. If master Ash doesn't want to do as you ask, there is no reason for you to get angry when things don't go your way. Get over it and move on."

Nevertheless, the little Gothita just wouldn't take the harsh words from Akane and attacked her in rage.

Akane sighed before stopping her attack by simply extending her arm. Akane jumped back a bit when Gothita attacked, still remaining calm and simply sidesteps each and every single move Gothita would throw at her.

After a while, Gothita eventually tired herself out and dropped to the ground.

After getting beaten, Gothita then ran off back into the forest, with her trainer following after her. And soon it began to rain.

"Master, we should seek shelter!" Akane shouts

"Yes, but…"


"What? Did you catch Gothita already?"

"Yeah, she's resting inside her Pokéball. There's a small cottage nearby that we stayed in last night, come on I'll show you where it is."

The group spends the night in the cottage, and departs the next day.


"Well sleeping in that cottage last night was a whole lot better than sleeping in the rain."

"Yeah, but dealing with that selfish Gothita didn't make matters any better…"

"So Ash, how come that Akane was still able to come out of her Pokéball?" May asks

"Oh right… Sol and I agreed that despite what happened, the Ranger Union would allow for me, the second of three trainer unlocks. So now I can carry and use up to ten Pokémon, but still only use six in battle."

"So that means…you have Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy, Tranquil, Akane, Scraggy, Roggenrola, and Grace?" Dawn says counting on her fingers.

"Right, so I just have one slot open, which I may leave open just in case I find any other Pokémon I think would be a nice addition to our family."

"So.. I've been thinking… If they are allowing Ash to carry more Pokémon, wouldn't it be logical to allow us as well?" May asks

"Ya know, I asked him the very same question when he was waiting for the union to get back with us."


"And the thing is the union has a system in place where only trainers at a certain age, can even get the first unlock. Plus there's no way to over ride it until said trainer turns of age. So for the final unlock I have to be at least twenty three years old. The first unlock you have to be at least eighteen… so until that time they have their hands tied…"

"But Anabel's eighteen though…"

"Yeah, but I have to be present, and until we can get her out of her shock there is nothing that can be done."

"Hey, is that a daycare?" Iris asks looking up the road

The gang looks ahead to see just what Iris had laid her eyes on.

As they stop and take a long look at the open property, soaking in the sheer beauty of the sight.

Several minutes later the owner appears and greets them with open arms. But also asks for their help in finding two lost Pokémon left in his care, a pair of Deino. Ash and company comply and begin their search for the missing Pokémon.

Ash and Akane search using their aura, while the many flying types at their disposal search from the sky.

Several hours later the two Pokémon were found and returned to the daycare. Everyone decides to stay and help take care of the Pokémon for a change of pace.

Later that day Ash was helping Bobby feed some of the Pokémon, when he asks for a favor.

"Hey, Bobby, can I ask you for a favor?"

"Sure Ash. What's up?"

"The young lady over there, the one with her Zorua helping with the water Pokémon? She's suffering from a bit of mental shock and I was wondering if you might help me with something."

"Sure, Ash. What did you have in mind?"

Ash explains in a bit of detail about some of the past events and how he came to know of something he might think that Anabel would like.

"So the Petilil you have is for her, but she wanted a Lilligant, is that right?"

Ash nods.

"So you want me to 'take care' of little Petilil until you guys leave, but try and get Miss Anabel to bond with her first?"


"That's brilliant, Ash!"

"Thanks, so do you think you can help me?"

"Sure, and since I think Miss Iris will be a while with her little project, I think I can make a few arrangement for the two to get to know each other."


"Akane! Come here please!"

Akane relieves herself of her meditation and comes over to Ash. He explains what he wants her to do to make it seem real enough.

Akane runs back inside the center and retrieves said Pokéball, and darts out the gate.

Ash contacts Saria to fill her in and enlist her help.

'Looks like your abilities have improved, young Ash. I'll relay the message to the girls.'

Several minutes later Akane returns with Petilil in her arms, slightly beaten up.

Akane 'explains' just what had happened, as everyone gathers around her. Anabel see's everyone gathering around Akane, and tries to see what was going on. Meanwhile, Ash was inside the daycare center looking over the back yard, watching Anabel as she approaches the group.

"Is everything alright?"

"Oh Anabel! Akane found this little Petilil left on the road, beaten up a bit, and we were trying to get her to talk to see what's wrong."

"Well, how about you guys lemme see if…"

Before Anabel could finish, Petilil hovers out of Akane's arms and right into Anabel's.

The young Pokémon shivers, trying to get out of the group.

"Oh, now I see what you guys have done. She's scared… Come on little one, you can talk to me…"

Petilil looks up at Anabel and into her eyes and just curls back into her arms.

"Well come on, I guess I'll get you something to eat…"

The girls smile at her, as does Ash.

Over the next few days Iris continues to try to bond with the Deino, while Anabel does the same with Petilil.

By the end of the week, all three trainers have come to pick up there Pokémon and return to there own journeys.

But little does everyone know that another pair of eyes have been watching over them.

"Anabel, it's time to go."

"Alright guys…"

"Goodbye, Petilil... I hope you enjoy your time here at the daycare…"

"But, Anabel…"

"It's alright, I'm sure Bobby here will find a perfectly good trainer for her…"

"But Miss Anabel, I already have."

"Then I'm sure Petilil will be happy as well…"

"The thing is, you've taken such good care of her, that I felt it would be better if you took her."

Anabel looks up at him with tears streaming down her face.

"Here you go, Miss Anabel, her Pokéball. I took the liberty of giving her one last night." He replies handing her the pokeball Ash had given him.

Petilil leaps into Anabels arms and the two share a deep emotional moment.

Many thanks to you guys for continuing to read, and review. Also thanks goes to chaos sonic for the request of 'aura weapons' and since I had already some knowledge of tht area, and also the fact it will make for a great pun later on, (you'll see what I mean next chapter). But it will be on one item (staves), no other will be brought in. also the idea of Pokémon turning into weapons. Honestly. That kinda creeps me out. So no, I wont be adding that type of stuff… nor humans being able to use Pokémon based attacks. (maybe aura users though) but anyway remember due to the fact that the movies are separated they will be as their only stories. So after chapter 73, this little mini saga will finish and the movies will begin. Followed by the next set chapters in a new saga, until the next movie airs.

So if you are having trouble keeping track of everything. Starting from EA1 to now, I have set up a community containing all original stories and side stories that relate to EA, just simply head over to my profile and click on the link for C2's, the EA C2 will be there waiting for you.

Also for those of you that may or may not know some generation 6 info has been leaked. (its actually posted here, albeit its unofficial.) but since I'm feeling a bit generous ill throw it down here for viewing. It also may spark some ideas.

Generation Six Update(Please note that some of this may be changed, since Generation Six isn't being released until 2014)

There may be a Normal-type Eeveelution that evolves at level 24. The new Dragon type trios they are doing three sets. One will be Dragon/Water, one will be Dragon/Grass and one will be Dragon/Fire. The catch with the Dragon trios is that if you pick the Fire starter, the Dragon you will be able to catch is the Dragon/Grass one, like with Panpour/Pansage/Pansear. You can catch a second one depending on whether your Trainer ID ends in and odd or even number once you've done the Pokédex.

There will be fifteen legendary Pokémon, each one will be a different type.

The new Flying type (ex. Pidove, Pidgey) has gender differences like Unfezant but they look very different. The first evolution is Flying/Normal, the second is Flying/Rock and the third is Flying/Poison.

You can choose Overworld Sprites for yourself and the rival. You get to pick whether your rival is male or female.

Mount Battle from Pokémon Coliseum is back, replacing Victory Road. You have to have a certain amount of Pokémon in your Pokédex before you can challenge each of the Elite Four, followed by the rival and then the Champion. The real story starts after battling the Champion when you get kidnapped and taken to an island by the evil organization and you can't leave until you defeat the boss. After the story is finished, you get a visit from Professor Oak to tell you about a new Pokémon (legendary one) that can only be caught after 8PM and before 5AM according to your game time at level 60-80, and it is gendered but majorly female it's the roaming Pokémon that moves through the three forests in the region.

There is also a new form for Kyurem slightly darker, like a sort of navy color, and they've made him look a little like Giratina's Origin form.

There are two Professors (one who gives you your Pokémon and the other helps you around, like the two Junipers in Black/White) and when you link with a friend, their Sprite can follow you around. There will be 211 Pokémon in the new region, whose name has not yet been disclosed. Back from HGSS, your Pokémon can follow you but you choose whether or not they do. Contests are back, too, and the accessories can stay on your Pokémon in battle, like a blue bow on Pikachu's ear. You can upgrade your character's appearance once the game is finished.

Two new fossils that are both Rock types (duh) but one is Rock/Ghost and one is Rock/Dark.

They also have the smallest and the largest Pokémon in the world one that beats the smallness of Igglybuff (Height 5-8 inches, Flying type, be able to use a move called Big, brown and green color) and one that biggest the largeness of Wailord (Weight 25,000 Tons, possibly more, three times Wailord's size and cannot be used in contests or the Elite Four, it evolves from a Pokémon about the same size as Wailord which is burgundy-red in color, final evolution is reddish-orange).

Every Pokémon throughout all the regions (barring Black and White) that did not evolve into or from something (barring legendries) will either have a pre-evolution or something to evolve into.

There are four forests (no longer three) and each forest has a magical field around it that makes it a set season. Just after each forest, the gym leader will have the Pokémon you find in the seasoned forests. First Gym Leader will be Flying type, Second will be Fire, Third will be Poison, Forth will be Grass, Fifth will be Rock, Sixth will be Water, Seventh will be Steel and the Eighth will be Normal. Elite Fours types are First will be Dark, Second will be Electric, Third will be Bug, Forth will be Fighting and the Champion has two typed Pokémon (and the Champion is a girl called Tgochiken for the JP version).

One Pokémon will be called Gandyflare (Japanese name) and its type is Grass and Fire.

There are nine new moves. 1) Ash Spray, Fire type, whips up a storm of Ash. 2) Thunder stream, Water type, rushes out an electric wave that has an 80% chance of paralyzing the foe. 3) Magnetic Pulse, Electric type, sends out a magnetic pulse that has a 60% chance of paralyzing the foe. 4) Ground Slam, Ground type, user crushes out a powerful attack that reduces the Attack STAT. 5) Hyper Slash, Normal type, 100% critical hit. 6) Solar Storm, Fire type, like Solar Beam that gathers strength on the first turn. 7) Root Slash, Grass type, one-hit KO. 8) Volcanic Crush, Fire type, one-hit KO. 9) Tidal Wave, Water type, one-hit KO.

There are six new abilities. 1) Heat Absorb: Increases HP when hit by a Fire type move. 2) Worry Much: Decreases opponents accuracy by 30%. 3) Cloud Shield: Immobilises Flying type moves from the opponent. 4) Mirror Seal: Swaps opponent's stats with its own. 5) Power Rush: Increases speed by 5% for each Pokémon in your party. 6) Hitchhiker: Increases the rate of finding and capturing wild Pokémon.

The frontier brains are back. There will be seven of them. They all have different types and five Pokémon and the seventh has six. The first six frontier brains have their Pokémon from levels 70-90. The sixth has 90-100.

They are bringing back the three lakes from Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

The mountain at the center of the region is Mt Battle and the other mountain is where you find the frontier brains.

There are three new evolution stones: Draco Stone, Psy Stone and Ice Stone.

Three Pokémon in the new region have FOUR evolutionary stages. Names and types are as yet unknown.

The villainous team depends on what version you buy. The first one is evil and the other helps you through the game on both versions. The teams are called Team Atmos and Team Seismic. (Japanese translations so they might change.)

Japan will receive it 2013 June, UK will receive it 2013 December, USA will receive it 2014 January.

Please remember all of this in unofficial as of now, so some may be true some may not. Heck maybe even none of this may happen. But hey if it sparks ideas. Then by all means send em! Just no non-official Pokémon as it will be a pain to try and describe them yet or even at all.


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

original story is by author Ssj04Mewtwo, story is being continued with permission. if you see any areas that need correcting, feel free to message me
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