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Empathic Adventure 2: Unovan Destiny by eclipse2025


Chapter 70: Legendary Problems

Empathic Adventures II: Unovan Destiny

Original Author: SSJ04Mewtwo

Maintaining Author: Eclipse2025

Current beta reader: Naito Writer

Chapter 70: Legendary Problems

“Dawn!!” Zoey called

“Sorry I took so long, guys…”

“That’s alright…”

“So did Ash get his gym battle?”

“Well, not exactly…”

“What's the problem now?”

“Clay needs some Revival herbs, since he hasn’t gotten his supply in yet, so if Ash gets them for him then he will accept Ash’s request for a battle.”

“Alright, so what are we gonna do?”

“According to this guide book some of the local merchants should be selling them.”

“But then why hasn’t Clay gone to them first?”

“At any rate they would know exactly where the herbs are grown, we could find out from the merchants and just go directly to the source.”

“Sounds like a plan!”


The group investigates the local merchants and found out that the shipments haven’t come in yet, so they direct them to the local island if they want to go get them directly.


The group board the ferry and bides time until they arrive on the island.

‘Mistress!’ Dawn telepaths while looking over the back of the ship.

‘Yes Dawn, I'm here, there is no need to shout…’Saria replies

‘I'm in a bit of a predicament…’


‘Considering you’ve trained plenty of aura guardians in the past I trust you have come to know some of the royal families of the different regions, right?’ Dawn asks

‘Yes, what's the issue?’

‘Well I've come across someone that may have or want ties with Ash…’


‘Well I don’t know the region she comes from, but… the only thing I do know is that she is of royal blood, looks like me, and…’

‘What is her name, child!’ Saria shouts, not liking the fact dawn is avoiding her question.

‘Princess Salvia…’



‘Ahh, Princess Salvia, it has been too long since I last saw her… What is it that she wants?’

‘Well the first time we met she traded places with me so she could participate in a contest since we looked alike.’


‘Now she wants to switch places with me so she could talk to Ash.’


‘Won’t Ash and the others catch on or put us in some sort of predicament?’

‘It’s Ash’s mess, he should have learned to control his aura when he first learned of it.’


‘Dawn, if it will make you feel any better, I will go to Driftveil and talk to her myself. Besides I need to catch up with her anyway.’

‘Thank you…’

‘Who else knows?’

‘No one…’

‘Let’s keep it that way for now. I appreciate you coming to me, and I can understand why you came to me first instead of Anabel.’

‘Thanks, ever since the incident, she has been a little on edge. I fear she may have a break down if I told her…’

‘You need not worry about anything, Dawn. Did she say anything else?’

‘Other than get back to her by this coming Saturday.’

‘Have you decided?’

‘I wanted to consult with someone else first before doing so…’


‘I shall discuss things with her and figure things out, I will contact you either tonight or tomorrow.’

‘Thank you…’

‘Now what center did you meet her in?’

‘I'm sorry?’

‘What Pokémon Center did she meet with you in?’

‘Oh, the one in Driftveil, just down the street from the gym.’

‘Thank you.’

‘You’re welcome…’

‘Now you may want to act normal, one of your sisters is headed your way…’

“Dawn!!” Zoey calls

“Gah!! Oh, my goodness, Zoey, you scared me!”

“We’ve been calling for you for over ten minutes now.”

“Sorry, I was watching the sunset…”

“Well stop watching and get inside, it's dinner time.”

“Right behind you.”


‘Luna, Sol, do you have a minute?’ Saria asks.

“Of course, what’s up? “

‘Do either of you know Princess Salvia?’

“Who? Why?”

‘I fear we may have a bit of a problem…’

“Why do you say that?”

‘Dawn just contacted me, and told me about a secret meeting between her and the princess.’

“Did she say why?” Sol asks

‘Other than that she needs to get in touch with Ash as soon as possible… no’

“Where is she now?” Luna queries

‘In Driftveil city.’

“Really?! Are you…” Sol asks with a bit of fear in his tone

‘Yes, but I need one of you to come with me, as she doesn’t have an interpreter.’

“Alright, I have some civilian clothes, I think I can take a bit of a side trip…” Sol replies

“This is HQ to Ranger Sol. Come in Ranger Sol!” His radio chimes in.

(Sigh…) “This is Sol, go ahead.” He replies, cursing headquarters for interrupting,

“Your presence is required for a meeting with the head, please contact the nearest Pokémon Centers Nurse Joy and make use of a private room to establish a link.”

“Consider it already done, I'm at the center on Route Five. How much time for the meeting?”

“Approximately three hours, meeting is mandatory. No exceptions.”

“Understood, give me ten minutes to prep.”

“Understood. HQ out…”

(Sigh…) “Always at the worst time…” Sol says, placing the radio back on his belt.

“Don’t worry Sol, I’ll take her.”

‘Have you even met her, Luna?’ Saria asks

“In person no, but I have been to the palace several times for Intel.”

“Alright, but this mission is completely off record, do you understand?” Sol explains


“Alright, now please go in business casual, but not to dressy” Sol requests, not wanting her in ranger attire for an off the record investigation.



The two separate and Luna and Saria head for Driftveil.

Within a few hours the two arrived at the Center and were now waiting to talk to the Princess.

“The mistress will see you now.” Freesia says, greeting them in the foyer.

“Thank you.”

The two enter the private office and Salvia turns in her chair.

“Mistress?” Salvia asks, looking at Saria with query.

Saria nods, causing Salvia to leap out of the chair and go over to hug Saria around her neck.

“Saria, it really is you! I almost didn’t recognize you!” Salvia says.

Saria nods, and Salvia backs off a little bit.

“She is just as surprised, Princess…” Luna replies for her.

“Oh, and you are?” Salvia asks looking at Luna.

“I am Pokémon Ranger Luna of Team Eclipse. I'm not really here just as you are so, well, let's just say that let's not be here together and get down to business, shall we?”

“Sure, but I'm surprised you found out where I was so quickly. The only people I know that know I'm here are my maid, my butler and …”


“A good friend of mine…”

“Princess, to be brutally honest with you, we didn’t just come her for a friendly chat.” Luna explains.


“Your friend is concerned about you.”

“She told you where I was?"

“That and the fact that you want something to do with an aura user…”

“A what?”

“I believe she meant one of the famed guardian’s, ma'am.” Horus, her butler, concludes.

“You mean Ash is a… an Aura guardian?”

Luna nods.

“I knew it… I didn’t have any proof but I just had a feeling he was…” Salvia replies with a hint of excitement in her voice.

’Princess?’ Saria calls through her aura.


‘Yes child, please do not be afraid, we mean you no harm in bringing you this information, but simply want to know why you wish to get so close to one such as Ash.’

“It’s really complicated…” Salvia replies, suddenly feeling nervous about the entire situation.

‘Well I'm afraid to burst your bubble, but Ash is in a similar predicament…’

“What do you mean? Is he in trouble?”

‘Not exactly…’

“What do you mean?” Salvia asks with fear beginning to take hold in her tone.

“Ash finds himself in a bit of a…”

‘Luna, stop beating around the bush and just tell her!’ Saria shouts.

“Tell me what?” Salvia shouts, jumping out of her chair with a few tears coming down her face.

‘Princess, calm down and I will tell you.’

“Is this wise, mistress?” Luna asks.

‘Maybe, maybe not, but it will save us some problems later.’

“As you wish…”

“Ash is wanted by a criminal organization known as Team Rocket that originates from…” Luna begins before Salvia cuts her off.

“The Kanto region, run by Giovanni, the previous gym leader of the Viridian city gym of the Kanto region. I know all that, what's your point?” She finishes, placing an Intel file on Team Rocket before the two of them.

“And he has a notorious hunter pursuing him…” Luna continues.

“And the Salon Maiden Anabel, born of the Johto region, niece to Sabrina of the Saffron gym. But her mother is unknown, father is Sabrina’s late brother who died due to irregularities in his brain.” Salvia finishes, placing another file in front of the two.

“And will be kept that way for now. How do you know all this?” Luna bluntly states then asks.

“Let’s just say I have friends on the inside and leave it at that” Salvia replies.

“Sure… anyway Ash is also in a relationship with not just Anabel but five other girls as well…” Luna continues.

“Because of him being an aura guardian?” Salvia asks.

“That is correct, he did not under go training until only recently, so all of them became tied to him during his travels.”

“And if my sources are right, you were the one to train him, Mistress?” Salvia asks looking at Saria.


“So if you were the one to train him then I should have no problem then…”

“But your life would be in grave danger at all times, and you just being there would put you, them, and your fathers heritage at great risk…” Luna replies with a raised voice.

“I am aware…” Salvia replies.

“Then why?”

“Well, let’s just say….” Salvia says, before a device cuts her off.


“Princess!” Freesia says.

“Is he awake?” Salvia asks, now looking at her maid.


“Talk about perfect timing…”

“I’m sorry, princess…he?” Luna asks

“Oh… it must have slipped my mind… when I say he, I’m talking about my first and only son.”

If Saria and Luna were drinking anything, said liquids would be all over the floor right now.

“I’m sorry, princess, but did you just say you had a son?!” Luna nearly shouts.

“Yes I did, why don’t you see him for yourselves. Freesia, can you go and fetch young Master Kyoya if you please.” Salvia requests, looking at her maid.

“Of course, Princess.”

Freesia steps out of the room and returns a few moments later with for what appeared to be a year old child.


“Yes mistress?”

‘I’m sensing a very faint, but semi familiar aura nearby…’

“Is it Hayate?”

‘No, not that familiar. I think we may have a problem…’ Saria says, looking at Luna with a touch of fear on her face.

“Mistress?” Salvia asks.

‘Oh it’s nothing, just thinking…’

Freesia steps back into the room, carrying the young master in her arms. He has midnight black hair with a few blue hairs sprouting here and there, a small petite little nose, dark blue eyes, and a smile that made even Luna want to kiss him.

‘No way…’


‘I need to hold him, that will confirm all my theories.’

“Miss Freesia, if I may, may Saria hold the child?” Luna asks the maid for Saria.

Freesia looks at Salvia as if looking for confirmation to which she nods.

Freesia hands the young master to Saria, and she gives him a good look over. Looking for anyway that he could be Ash’s son.

“What is she looking for?”

“Saria is not only looking for facial similarities, but she is also checking his aura resonance”

“Oh, you mean the relation between Ash’s and Kyoya’s Aura?”

“Exactly. You are very well informed.”

“Well I have a tendency to learn about as much of certain topics as I can.”


“What is it, mistress?”

‘I can see where he gets his looks from…’ Saria finally says.

“So it is true?” Salvia asks

‘I can vouch for it. See… (Sigh…)’ Saria continued before the little one began to have a foul stench emit from him.

“Miss Freesia, here, I believe he needs a bathroom break.” Luna says, knowing the look on Saria’s face.

“Oh, of course. Please allow me to take him off your hands.” Freesia jumps preparing to take the child out of her paws and into another room to be changed.

The baby grins as he looks at Saria before Freesia takes the young master from her.

‘I think the child did that on purpose…’ Saria telepathed to Luna

‘Really, mistress?’

‘No doubt in my mind’

“I’m sorry, mistress, you were saying?”

‘Ahem… See, all aura guardians emit their aura at a particular frequency, and considering the time frame I was with Ash. Your sons frequency is almost that of Ash’s… now the main question I have is…’ Saria explains

“How?” Luna finishes

‘Yes… you two only met one time and were in a public place the entire time… nothing fits on how you came to be with child…’

“Well, to explain how it happened you need to know the reason.”

‘Dawn has given us the shortened version, but since she was taking your place, many things were left out.’

“Ahem…” Horus says, clearing his throat in displeasure about the incident.

“Alright, we were in Arrowroot town for some official business, and since Lady Dawn just so happened to be there when I was I enlisted their help.”

“And you and Miss Dawn traded places so you could participate in the contest.” Luna says

“Right… well it was just before the appeal portion had begun, and I guess I was feeling a lot of pressure on me at the time…”

“Ash saw my distress and offered to give me some confidence to help me through it all.” Salvia explained, still nervous about talking about the situation.

Both Saria and Luna’s jaws hit the floor.

“And you just went along with it?” Luna shouts.

“I knew he would do me no harm, and something stirred within me to go ahead and see what he would do. And well…”

“What did he do?”

“Since I was one of the last participants, he took me to one of the restrooms on the far side of the building…”


“He changed me…”

“He changed you?”

“He was very gentle and saw to it that I was never in any pain. “

“He… did… what?!”

“He changed me from a young lady into a beautiful woman.”

‘I’m gonna... NEUTER HIM!!!!’ Saria shouts, getting up from her chair and emitting a potent rage.

“Mistress, please calm down….” Luna says, trying to calm the angered Mienshao down.

‘If he so much as ties to one more girl, my plans are going to be in ruins!!!’ She angrily shouts, but only Luna was hearing all that she was saying.

“Mistress? Is something wrong?” Salvia asks, looking on in a bit of fear at the angered Mienshao.

‘Yes, and he’s become more of a problem by the day….’ Saria replies with a sigh as she calms down, pinches her temple, and returns to her seat.

“Why is that?”

‘The council that governs aura guardians has a strict policy about who guardians remain in contact with, and now that Ash has not only broken the councils first law of interaction, but their second law of child bearing… I fear for not only his safety but also the safety of every girl he has influence on but that of their children as well.’ Saria explains

“Children, you mean?”

‘Yes, before we found out about you and your son, Ash had touched that of the Salon maiden and she is bearing twins at the moment…’

“Oh, my….”

‘Yes, and to be completely honest with you, now that we know about it… I desperately fear as to what will happen in the coming weeks.’

“Princess, lunch has arrived…” Freesia says, opening the door and allowing the handmaidens inside to deliver the food.

“Oh, thank you… please bring it in. Ladies, would you like to join me for lunch?”

“Of course, we would be happy to…” Luna says, giving Saria a look that said, ‘sit down and eat, we will deal with him later.’


The five eat lunch in silence.

“Well, princess, that was great…” Luna says, rubbing her stomach.

“Yes, yes it was. Now getting back on topic, since Lady Dawn has told you of my being here, I trust she has also told you that I wanted to switch places with her again.”

‘Yes she did, but before that happens something needs to be made known…’


‘Please rise and allow me to look over you.’

Salvia nods and steps out of her chair to meet Saria at the side of the desk.

Saria looks Salvia over several times before nodding.

‘Alright, I have indeed confirmed that you do have Ash’s bond of aura on your body, but it is incomplete…’

“Incomplete?” Salvia and Luna both ask in astonishment as Salvia returns to her seat

‘Yes. Since you have been away from one another for a long period of time and not had any loving touch with one another, the bond between you two has all yet to stabilize.’

“What are you saying, mistress?”

‘I’m saying that since you and Ash have not kissed or had any interaction whatsoever since the child was conceived, if you were to be taken by another male, then I fear for the child Ash has sired to you.’


‘If another male were to take you to be wed to them, then the aura already within your son would diminish.’

A look of shock appears on Luna’s face.

‘Judging by the look on Luna’s face she understands what I mean.’

“What?! Are you saying that?”

‘Yes, the child will not live, to see the beginning of his third birth day.’

“You mean…”

‘Yes, the child will die…’ Saria states bluntly.

It is now Salvia’s turn to be shocked.

‘Now I will give you permission to swap places with Dawn, should you choose to at this point, but it would be more beneficial for the three of you if you were to pull Ash aside as you are.’

“I understand. Where is Master Ash now?” Salvia asked.

‘He is… if my predictions are right, off the coast on a local island collecting herbs for his gym battle.’

“Then we must pursue him at once!” Salvia states getting out of her chair.

‘Princess, allow me to finish…’

Salvia returns to her seat and Saria continues.

‘I am getting bad vibes about that island at the moment, so it would be wise to wait for his return.’


‘Despite that, the Salon Maiden is still dealing with aura shock.’


‘Yes. I won't go into details, but I will say this, her emotions are unstable right now so she is quite emotional. For lack of a better term, if she were to encounter another girl that has ties to Ash, I fear she either may lash out and do something rash or injure you or anyone around her. Including herself and/or the children she is bearing.’

“And you think this shock will cease upon their return?”

‘Yes. If I know Ash like I think I do he already has plans in motion to bring her back but is waiting on an item of importance to do so.’

“Will it be here in time?”

‘The item should arrive by Friday and, if everything plays out properly, the return ferry should have them back here by Saturday after noon.’

(Sigh…) “That’s a relief…”

“Yes it is… well I believe we have overstayed our welcome and must be returning to duty…” Luna says, picking herself up out of her seat.

“Thank you, mistress…”

‘No Princess, thank you for telling us. I shall contact Lady Dawn in a moment to relay what she should do.’

“Please don’t tell her about the specifics!” Salvia says louder than she wanted to.

‘I will not, what was said here will remain between us, I will leave all those details for you to explain to them.’

“Thank you, mistress.”

‘You are most welcome.’

‘Oh, and Lady Salvia..’


‘I must warn you prior, as once Ash’s family learns of this, I fear for both you and the child…’

“Are his parents really that bad?”

‘No, but he will almost be treated like a king as knowing his mother. She will be thrilled and shocked to find out that she is a grandmother already’

“Then I can't wait to meet them.”

‘Trust me, it will probably be sooner than you think, if Alex does what I think he will.’

“I take it that is Mr. Ketchum?”

‘Yes. And he was the reason Ash was placed into this situation in the first place.’

“With the untrained aura and all?”

‘Yes, but make no mistake, if Alex had not left, Ash might not have become the person he is today.’

“Then I should be most grateful…”

‘As should I, because I shudder to think what might have happened should Alex have taken responsibility at that time.’

“Be that as it may, you take care, mistress.”

‘Likewise Salvia, and I will be checking up on your son in a few years time.’

“Before you go…”

‘When he starts his training at age three, if I do it he will have a partner with him as I will be the one training him.’


‘Yes, and more than likely I will be able to have him trained at home so that he will be within range of another guardian and/or his father.’


The two depart as Salvia waves goodbye from the office window.

“Princess?” Freesia asks coming into the door.


“I believe young master is hungry…”

(Sigh…) “Alright. Mr. Horus, if you will please step outside…” She replies, motioning the maid inside.

“Of course, my Lady.”

“Come here, my little Kyoya… Let momma feed my hungry little man.” She says as she begins to remove the top of her dress.


‘Luna, before we return, I want to remain here until either Ash returns or you do with Sol.’

“Are you sure?”

‘Yes, I would hate to have another incident that I could have prevented.’

“As you wish, just please be safe”

‘Appreciated. But you as well, young Luna’


Ash and company disembark from the boat when it arrives.


“What’s wrong, Ash?” May asks.

“I just got this really bad vibe...”

“It’s probably something you ate.” Zoey comments.

“I hope so…”

“Alright, let’s split up and ask around to see if we can find out who sells the herbs. We shall meet back here in twenty minutes.” Cilan directs.

Everyone nods and splits up.

After twenty minutes, everyone returns.

“Anybody find out anything?” Ash asks first.

“Well, an older lady working in the fields told me to go find someone named Lewis, as he's the one that takes care of them.” Iris says.

“Well alright, that’s good. Where did she say to find him at?”

“There should be a shack where the fields are located, closer towards the mountains.” Iris concludes.

“Good then, let’s start there.”

Ash and company make there way up and come across Lewis in the midst of the herb fields.

“So I take it you guys are here about the herbs?” Lewis asks.

“Yes. We were wondering where we would be able to get some, and that led us to you.” Zoey comments.

“Well I hate to burst your bubble, but there are none…”

“What?!” everyone replies.

“Furthermore, the grass Pokémon that inhabit this island haven’t been in the best of health lately…”

“That’s not good.” Dawn comments.

“No it isn’t. Please, follow me to my cabin and we can talk more.”

The group follows Lewis to his cabin, and after everyone settles in, they watch as Anabel caresses the injured Lilligant.

“Are you sure there are no revival herbs left?” Ash asks.

“I do have one, but…” Lewis says, getting up and moving items around in the bookshelf behind them.

“It’s a small one isn’t it…” Anabel says, dejectedly catching in on the mood.


Lewis pulls it out and explains to everyone about the legend.

“Alright guys, how about we go to the monument and see if Landorus will show?” Ash says, trying to lighten everyone up.

“That’s a good idea!” Iris agrees.

“Anabel, you coming?”

She doesn’t respond, but continues to sooth Lilligant.

Petilil, Gallade, Ralts, Z, and Espeon all emerge from their Pokéball’s and sit down next to her.

“I think she’ll be fine Ash, she just needs some time…” Dawn says placing a hand on Ash’s back

The group arrives at the obelisk and begin to try and summon Landorus.

Tornadus shows up and starts attacking everyone.

“Girls!” Ash shouts

“Already on it Ash!” Zoey comments

The remaining sisters and Cilan begin whipping out their Pokémon to do battle with Tornadus.

“Ash while they take care of him, we need to go check on the obelisk!” Lewis says aloud

“Right! Girls we will be back, Cilan and Iris you two come with me.” Ash says looking at each respective group.


The four of them make haste to Tornadus’ obelisk on the left side of the island.

When they arrive to their horror the keystone is missing.

“Guys I have a bad feeling about this…” Cilan states

“Me too…” Iris agrees

“We need to check the other obelisk on the island.” Lewis says

“Right, where is it?” Ash asks

“Other side of the island….”

“Well I guess we had better start moving…”

Suddenly Thunderous intercepts them on route to the other obelisk…

“This shouldn’t be happening…”

“Well based on information I have gathered, I can only draw the conclusion that thunderous’ keystone has been destroyed as well… “

“Right, and that was one of the only ways to stop them…”

“What’s the other?”

“Summon Landorus…”


“We don’t have a choice, it’s our only option.” Ash shouts back.

“Well then, let’s get back!” Lewis states.

“Grace, Akane I need your help, let’s go!”

The two Pokémon emerge and await Ash’s orders.

“Alright I need you two on point, we have two legendary Pokémon on a bit of a rampage and we need your help deflecting their attacks.”

‘Right!’ the two girls acknowledge.

“Alright lets…”

“Oh shit. Ash, get down!!!” Cilan shouts at the last moment, cutting Ash off.

An attack comes barreling towards Ash and at the last second a Pokémon appears to have protected him from the attack.


‘Master, get up!’ Akane shouts

“Who is that?” Ash asks to no one in particular


“Is that?”



“Wait, don’t I know you from…” Ash thinks but loses his train of thought

“Ash, no time reminisce, move!” Iris shouts

Ash gets up and moves out of range while Flygon appears to hold back the legendary Pokémon.

“I wonder…”

“Ash did you know that Pokémon?”

“I think so but, I’m not sure…”

“Well we shall find out soon enough cause here he comes!”

Flygon swoops by and Akane leaps onto his back.

After a few minutes Akane speaks.

‘Master he does know you.’

“What really? From where?”

‘By the sounds of things it had something to do with Jirachi…’

“Wait Jirachi? You’re that Flygon?!”


“What are you doing all the way out here?”

‘He says, he is here to find you!’

“But why?”

‘He wants to join you!’

Ash looks at Flygon in the eye.

“Alright Flygon, normally I’d say welcome aboard but that will have to wait until we solve this little issue.”

He nods.

“Akane go find the girls at the center of the island and lend them your support, we will be there shortly.”

‘Alright master.’

“Flygon go with her.”


Moments later Ash, Cilan, Iris, and Lewis all arrive back at the center of the island and the two legendries start duking it out between another.



“Ash, got a message from Driftviel!”

“Lemme guess, it arrived?”

“Yes I had them go ahead and fly it over here and it should arrive by the time the ferry leaves.”

“Good, let’s hope we have this taken care of by then…”

“Girls I think it would help if one of you dressed up as the maiden so we can properly do the ritual.”

“They why don’t we all do it?”

“Unfortunately, I only have one outfit…but personally I think Iris fits the part out almost perfectly”

“Alright Iris, go with Lewis and get dressed we will hold things here until you two return.”


She gets dressed and walks up to the obelisk.

“Alright let’s restart the ritual to summon Landorus!”

After several minutes, a bright pillar of light engulfs the center of the island and as it disappears Landorus is seen hovering just above them.


Meanwhile during the turns of events Anabel is still lying beside Lilligant with her Pokémon cuddling up around her.

A flash of lighting forces Ralts into his momma’s lap.

“Everything is all right Ralts, daddy will take care of us.” Anabel says as she starts to pet the young Pokémon placing a hand on her slightly swollen abdomen.


The three legends can be seen trading off attack numerous times, neither of them giving an inch.

Suddenly beams of light shoot down from the sky and trap all three of them within beamed cages.

“Oh no not this again….”

“That’s right twerps, and we are here to take these three legendary Pokémon and there is nothing you can do about it. Tata!” Jessie shouts from the helicopter above them.

“Oh no you don’t! Girls back me up!”


Everyone releases all of their strongest Pokémon and start to launch barrages of attacks and the three capture cubes.

A buildup of smog appears over the area blocking their view of the cubes , but after a bit it clears only to reveal that all three are still intact and undamaged.


“Oh well you tried twerps, now we are gonna take our prizes and leave.” James shouts

“Grr!! No you will not!! Flygon hyper beam, Pikachu thunder bolt, Akane aura sphere, Roggenrola Flash cannon! But this time target the chopper!!”

“What?!” everyone shouts at Ash in astonishment

“Doctor get us outta here!” Meowth says

“It gonna be rough but consider….”

Several explosions are heard outside the chopper and it begins to loose altitude.

“We’ve lost the cargo routers, we have to drop the cages otherwise we are finished!”

“Fine drop them and get us outta here…”

“You may have won this time twerp, but we will be back…”

The three legendries continue to fight and it looks like Landorus has taken too much of a beating.

“Oh no, it looks like Landorus is on his last bit of health!”

“I think I know what we can do! Ash can you get me back to my cabin?”

“I can do better, what is it and where is it?”



“Come down here!”

“Cilan hand me Pansage’s Pokeball!”


“Pansage, you know where it is?”


“Good, return!”

Ash hands her a Pokéball and has her tie it to her staff.

“Now get on Flygon and find the cabin just south of here throw it as hard as you can!”


Akane throws the staff with all she has towards the cabin and it lands just outside the front door.

The Pokéball opens and out comes Pansage.

He flies in through the door, and grabs the requested item. He talks to Gallade and explains the situation.

Gallade teleports him back to the center of the island with the leftover revival herb and they get it to Landorus in the nick of time.

Landorus calms the other two down and the three work together to restore the islands soil, and its supply of revival herbs. Soon the Pokémon are getting better and roaming the island again.

Landorus takes it other two legends away with it, and Ash and company begin to head back to port with a bag full of revival herbs.

“Thank you everyone, your help is much appreciated.” Lewis says shaking Ash’s hand

“Not a problem… thanks for letting Anabel take a nap in your cabin…”


“Alright Flygon, thanks for all your help, and are you sure you wanna come with me?” Ash asks looking at the dragon Pokémon


“Well alright then, welcome aboard!”

Flygon disappears inside the Pokéball Ash throws and it clicks without a struggle.


Ash and company return to the ship and prepare to depart. Anabel wakes up a short time later and is seen looking over the ocean.

“Anabel?” Ash says as he approaches her looking over the bow of the ship.


“Well I know it’s a bit early but I thought we could celebrate early…” he continues revealing a container he had behind his back.

“What do you mean Ash?”

“Your birthday.” Ash replies tilting the container to show the cake to Anabel.

“Oh Ash….”

Anabel leaps into his arms with a smile Ash hasn’t seen for weeks. The other sisters approach and join in on the hug.

“So Ash what did you get me?”


“You didn’t get me anything?”

“Not exactly…”

“Well then, where is it?”

Suddenly a package drops from above them, a Pidgeot caws a bit before resting on the deck.

“Thanks Pidgeot, you got it here just in time.”


“I know its not wrapped, but happy birthday Ana.”

Anabel rips open the package only to find a sunstone inside.


“It’s a sunstone, Anabel.”

“I know that ya goof, but I don’t need one…”

“Yes you do, one of your Pokémon needs it to evolve.”

“But I don’t…” Anabel begins before an idea pops into her mind

“Figure it out?” Ash states after the brief moment of silence

“You planned this whole thing?!” Anabel shouts at the grinning trainer.

“Well all of it except for the whole J attacks us part, but yeah…”

“Oh Ash…”

The two kiss deeply and stare at the sunset.

“Well, I’d hate to keep her waiting, you wanna do the honors?”

“I’d love to…”

“Petilil! Come on out sweetie!” Anabel says tossing a Pokéball onto the deck.

Said Pokémon emerges from the cabin and floats over to Anabel.

“Guess what Petilil?” Ash asks looking at her with a smile


“Look what just came in.” Anabel says revealing the stone from behind her back

Anabel holds the stone in front of her, and Petilil looks shocked before floating over to Ash in complete tears.

She gives him a kiss and floats over to Anabel and touches the stone. A white glow surrounds her and she begins to grow.


“Congratulations Lilligant you finally made your dream come true!”

“Yeah, brr…. Can we go inside Ash it just got cold all of a sudden…” Anabel says shivering a bit.

“Sure, come on Lilligant.”


As the three return to their cabin, Lilligant taps Ash on the shoulder causing him to turn around.

“What’s up Lilligant?”


She leaps onto Ash tossing him to the floor and Lilligant begins shower him with love.

Anabel starts to giggle and eventually it leads to her laughing so hard she almost can’t breathe. She collapses to the floor still laughing and soon enough Ash and Lilligant are laughing as well.


Ash and company arrive back in Driftviel and return to the Pokémon center.

As they are walking in the door, a familiar face is standing there waiting for them.

“Salvia?” Ash states in complete shock

“Hello again Master Ash…”

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to talk to you…”

Anabel catching on almost jumps in between them when Saria stops her.

“Mistress?” Anabel asks looking down at the Pokémon in front of her.

‘This is Ash’s problem, he has to deal with the consequences.’

“Wait you mean…”

‘Just look for yourself.’

Anabel looks young Salvia over, and see something she doesn’t recognize.

“I’m sorry mistress I feel like there is something there but yet it’s not.” Anabel says looking back down at Saria

‘Well then just look up, hear what she has to say and try not to freak out.’


“Master Ash, girls, how about we take a seat and discuss some things.”


Salvia leads them over into a lounging area and everybody takes a seat.

“Now that everyone is comfortable, I wish to formally introduce myself to those of you who don’t know. I am Princess Salvia, daughter of the late King Charles III, and heir to the throne of Unova.” Salvia says with a deep curtsey.

Everyone’s jaws drop, and stare at the young princess with envy.

“Well then, I guess we should introduce ourselves as well then….”

“That won’t be necessary Ms. Zoey, I have done my research on all of you.”

“Wait… what?”

“First, there is Ash from Pallet Town of the Kanto region, Salon Maiden Anabel from the Johto Region, Dawn from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region, May from Petalburg City of the lovely Hoenn reiogn, Angie from Solaceon town of the Sinnoh region, Zoey of Snowpoint city also of the Sinnoh region, Iris of the Dragons Village in Opelucid city right here in Unova, and Cilan of the gym leader trio in Striaton city also here in Unova.”

“Wow, you’ve been studying hard princess…”

“Well it comes with being in royalty…”

“So what brings you down here princess?” Dawn asks trying to get back on topic

“Well it would be because of Master Ash.”

“You mean…”

“I spoke with Mistress Saria and Miss Luna several days back just after you left for Milos island, and know of the little harem you guys have going on.”

“What are you saying princess?” Anabel ask with a touch of fear in her voice.

“Freesia, please bring in the young master.”

“Of course…”

Moments later she returns with a child in her arms.

“Everyone I would like you to meet my son, Kyoya.”

“Your son!”

“Yes, and he was sired by Master Ash.”


“Princess are you certain…”Ash asks with worry filling his voice.

“Yes Ash, even Mistress Saria is able to concur with me, he is indeed our child.”


“Ash! How could you!”

“Anabel, girls you have to believe me I didn’t expect for any of this to happen.”

“Well Ash if you have sex with a young lady that is during her time of the month, you had better expect there to be consequences.”

“Besides when did…”

“It was during the Arrowroot Contest.”

“You mean the one where you and I switched places for the day?”

“Yes Lady Dawn, that is exactly the one.”

“So give us the juicy details!” Zoey says

“Right… well it was just before the appeal portion had begun, and I guess I was feeling a lot of pressure on me at the time…”

“Ash saw my distress, and offered to give me some confidence to help me through it all.”

The sisters’ jaws hit the floor.

“And you just went along with it?”

“I knew he would do me no harm, and something stirred within me to go ahead and see what he would do. And well…”

“What did he do?”

“Since I was one of the last participants, he took me to one of the restrooms on the far side of the building…”

“Ash, I cant believe you did that!”

“I’m sorry Anabel… girls…”

“And here I thought you loved me…” Anabel said dejectedly

“I do and I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you or any of the girls, I love all of you…”

“Oh Ash…”

“There is one more thing Ash…”


“My father wishes to see you.”

“Your fathe….”(gulp…)

“That’s right Ash, you better get ready to face the music for your actions.” May comments


“No its nothing like that, I talked it over with him. He understood and is willing to allow it to pass if Ash will not only meet up with him but also to make us formally husband and wife.”

“You know that is going to be a challenge right?”

“Because of only just finding out on the whole aura guardian thing, I sent word back home that night and I’m hoping I should….”

(Knock, knock)

“Be getting word back…”


“Ash would you please answer that?”


Ash gets up to answer the door and takes the note out of the Pokémon’s pouch.

“Here you go princess…”

Salvia scans the document before reading aloud

To my dearest daughter:

I am pleased to find out that you have found the young man whom is the sire to my wondrous grandson. Please have him escorted to the palace at the earliest convenience, so that I may speak to him personally. Also if you so wish you may travel with the young guardian if your heart so desires, and I am terribly sorry that it turned out this way for Kyoya, but I'll see to it that everything will be okay for him when it comes...should it come to that.

Sincerely your loving father,

King Charles III

“Princess that’s nice and all, but you don’t have any Pokémon…”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yeah cause all you had was Togekiss the last time we saw you and I still have her.”

“Well then I guess I shall have to go fetch my other Pokéball’s.”


“Yes, I am a princess you know Lady Dawn, and I had to have some way to train Togekiss to be as strong as she is.”

“Oh right, but what about the baby?”

“Oh, Kyoya will be joining me.”

“But princess you cant take care of a baby on the road like we are…”

“Especially when we are being hunted by…”

“Team rocket, yes I know. “

“Then you know…”

“Actually to be honest, I’ve been taking care of him since day one, besides Freesia here has been taking care of me since my mother died so…”

“But princess he is your son you can’t just…”

“I know but…”

“Then why…”

“During our meeting Saria was telling me that based on the reasoning behind aura and children was very complicated, but there was one thing that must be handled immediately.”


“When Ash and I made love, we never did anything properly so if I don’t solidify myself by Kyoya’s next birthday…”

‘He will die.’ Saria finishes.


There you have it, now the next chapter is almost finished look forward to it in the coming days.

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