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Empathic Adventure 2: Unovan Destiny by eclipse2025


Chapter 72; Chargestone Cave and A Source of Unexpected Help

Empathic Adventures II: Unovan Destiny

Original Author: SSJ04Mewtwo

Maintaining Author: Eclipse2025

Current beta reader: Naito Writer (but still looking for additional help)

Chapter 72; Chargestone Cave and A Source of Unexpected Help


The next morning; Kyoya, Freesia, and Horus the head butler, stood just outside the Pokémon Center to be taken back to the palace.

“Are you sure you will be alright my princess?” Freesia asked holding Kyoya in her arms

“Yes Freesia, you just worry about Kyoya, we will be along to the palace within the next few months.” Salvia says rubbing Kyoya’s little head.

“Alright, please don’t hesitate to send word with Master Cross whenever you are able, I’m sure your father will be thrilled to hear what you have been doing.”

“I will Freesia, thank you.” Salvia replied removing her hand from Kyoya’s face

“Mama…” Kyoya says reaching out to his mother

“Oh sweetie, mama will see you in a few months okay?”

He nods hesitantly with a glum look on his face

“So how are you three getting back?” Ash asks trying to change the subject

“Same way we got here Master Ash, teleport.” Horus explains

“But there aren’t any Unovan Pokémon that can learn teleport!” Ash says louder than he wanted to.

“Fear not Master Ash, we come prepared. And just so you know one Pokémon can but its only through breeding.” Freesia explains directing her attention to the young trainer

“Oh….” Ash replies as Salvia places a hand on his shoulder

“Madam Freesia if I may…” Horus asks with some wariness in his voice wanting to get moving.

“Oh thank you, please do.”

Horus pulls a great ball off of his belt and releases the Pokémon from inside.

“Gardevoir” the Pokémon says emerging gracefully from her Pokéball.

A shorter than normal Gardevoir appears, but instead of a red, white, and green colored body I was merely just red and white

“Hey, there is something different about that Gardevoir, but I can’t quite put my finger on it….” Ash says a pure look of curiosity set on his face.

“That’s a very unique Pokémon you have there, but I thought oddly colored Pokémon of the Ralts evolutionary line were blue, red and white. This one is clearly not in the slightest even close to that.” Dawn says looking the newest Pokémon over.

“You are right Ms. Dawn, this particular breed of Gardevoir has been with the family since Unova was first spreading its roots.” Horus explained

“Is she really that old?” May asked.

“No, normal Gardevoir life spans usually last too that of an average human, this line of breed lives twice that age, in fact young Flower here, was born about the same time as Mistress Salvia, so these two grew up together and have a unique bond between them.” Freesia replies looking at Gardevoir before looking back at Dawn

“Is there anything special about their blood line other than the longer lives?” Angie asks.

“Other than the longer lives, the fact they mate for life, and they have only two children, usually together as twins otherwise no, none at all…” Freesia continues.


“So she has a brother then?” Zoey asks

“Actually no her twin was another beautiful young lady, but remains with Salvia’s father” Horus replies


“Well Master Ash we must be off.”

“Take care Miss Freesia, Mr. Horus, Ms. Flower, and you be good Kyoya”

The three elders give a short bow while Kyoya stretches out his arms towards his father like he wanted a hug.

“Alright, Kyoya one more hug, but then you gotta go see grandma and grandpa, okay?” Ash says hugging the child once more

Kyoya looks down in disappointment again until Ash lifts his face and looks him in the eyes.

“Hey, there’s no need to be down. Mommy and Daddy will see you in a few months, so you have lots of fun with grandma and grandpa alright?”

Ash takes Kyoya for a bit and holds him close.

“Tell you what, if you be a good boy and have lots of fun with grandma and grandpa, then daddy will get you a Pokémon to play with.” Ash says looking Kyoya with a loving gaze

The two release there grasp and Kyoya looks into his fathers eyes for any hint of deception.

Tears well up in his eyes and Kyoya looks up at Pikachu still holding onto Ash’s shoulder, he points to Pikachu and looks up at his father.

“Pikachu is that the Pokémon you want?” Ash asks looking down at his son

Kyoya shakes his head.

“Alright then which…”

“I think I can help out Ash, do you have your Pokédex on you?” Salvia asks Placing a hand on his shoulder

“Yep, never go anywhere without it.”

“May I?”


Ash pulls it out and hands it to Salvia.

She scrolls through until she finds what she was looking for.

“Ah here it is, do you remember this Pokémon Kyoya?”

She holds the screen in front of the toddlers face.

His eyes light up like a Christmas tree and he nods his head vigorously.

“I knew it.”

“What do you mean Salvia?” Anabel asks looking at Ash and Salvia

“See Kyoya was born at home and when he was about 6 months old, he got into the garden. We spent hours looking for him, and just before dinner one of the maids found him playing with a Pokémon deep in the garden.”

“Really? What Pokémon was it?” May asks curiously

“A Raichu.”

Everyone’s eyes go wide

“After that day we could never find that Raichu ever again in the garden and Kyoya was heartbroken.”

“Well then Kyoya I’ll make sure to find you that Raichu then.”

The child looks up at his father once again.

“It’s a promise.”

“Thank you Da da.” Kyoya replies as Ash hands him back to Freesia

Everyone’s heart just stops.

“Did he…”

“Yes I do believe he did.”

‘Congratulations Ash, I do believe you have done what most would call impossible at this stage.’ Saria says approaches the group.

“What would that be Mistress?”

‘Kyoya’s speech just now proves that the bond between you and Salvia has been solidified and Kyoya’s life is no longer in danger.’ She explains

‘Why do you say that Mistress?’

“Pardon us, but I do believe we are needed back at the palace, if you will excuse us.” Horus explains before another explanation kept them present any more than they already were.

“Please do.”

The four disappear and Saria continues with her explanation.

‘When a child is sired to a user, the indicator that the bond is established is usually the child’s first or second word is of thanks to one of the parents.’ Saria continues

“So what you’re saying is that, if Ash had died like before then Kyoya not only would have died very early, but he would have been mute?” Zoey asks placing a hand on her chin.

‘Not exactly, see the infants brain would not have enough energy to promote growth so just before his brain would cease to function, thus killing him, he would enter a degrading state, up to the point of not even being able to remember what he had done moments before, to even his own mother’s face.’

“You mean… “

‘Yes, the child would normally die of brain damage, or something related to brain function.’

Everyone goes wide eyed.

‘But since this is no longer the case every thing is fine.’

Everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

‘Alright Ash, get on with your journey so we all can move on with our lives.’ Saria says with a hint of anger in her voice.

(sigh…) “Thank you…” Ash says as he envelopes her in a hug.

‘Ash what have I told you about doing that?’ Saria says trying to push him off

“I don’t care, Mistress no one has ever done this much for me before and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Ash says wholeheartedly still hugging his teacher

‘Alright Ash. Enough, now get going!’ she says finally pushing him off of her.

“Before we go there is one more thing I need to ask Mistress.” Ash asks before Saria heads back into the center.


“I was going over the laws set up by the council this morning and there is one that I think we should be fine with.” Ash begins to explain as he ponders the list of rules.

‘And what might that be?’

“Rule Five: Only direct orders from Lord Arceus himself is able to override any orders given by the council.” Ash replies after a bit of thought.

‘And why would that be?’

“Well, in the past, while I was traveling through Sinnoh, I helped out Lord Arceus with a problem that…” Ash explains before Saria stops him.

‘Ash don’t be stupid there is absolutely nothing…’

“No it’s true!” Dawn says louder than she expected to.

‘Miss Dawn, and what proof do you have to back up this theory?’ Saria asks looking at the young girl with provocation.

“See based on what I can remember, we where on our way to Alamos Town and somehow a fight broke out between Dialga, Palkia and Darkrai. Which later on awoke Arceus, when he came back to recover some kind of jewel he had given to a human in the past, but it was fake. So Dialga with the help of a nice woman named Sheena, we traveled back in time to right the wrong, and return the real jewel to Arceus in the past.”

“And Ash where did you almost die in this little adventure?” Zoey asks

“Well technically I didn’t so much die, but more like being erased from existence…” Ash says with reluctance.

“What?!” Saria and some of the sisters shout.

“See when we went back we had originally thought Damos, the one Arceus had given the jewel to, was going to betray him only to find out that it was Marcus the actual culprit. So Marcus ended up trapping Arceus because Sheena assumed that Damos was the one that would betray Arceus. And when it came time to return the jewel to him, Marcus showed his true colors and began to trap Arceus in something that looked like cement. And as he slowly died within it, we break through Marcus’ force of controlled Pokémon.”

“And in his defense, even in his defeat that no matter what would happen to him, Arceus would die and we would be taken along with him. And being true to the letter, Pikachu just vanishes, as do I but rather slowly. Damos then uses some of his power to restore some of Arcues’ life force to allow him to reabsorb the elemental plates and completely recover, and in turn so do we.”

“So you’re saying you… would have been erased from… time completely?” Zoey asks again with hesitation and fear filling her voice and thoughts

“As if I had never existed…” Ash replied confirming what he had already said.

‘Ash how do I know you’re not making this up?’ Saria asks looking crossly at Ash.

“Make this up?! What reason would I have to make any of this up?” Ash retorts

‘He speaks the truth Mistress.’ A voice said filling everyone’s minds

‘Is that…’ Saria says before nearly fainting from the shock

“A Luxray?” Angie asks.

‘I am but a humble messenger for Lord Arceus himself, Master Ash, Mistress Saria.’ The Luxray replies before them.

‘Milord.’ Saria replies dropping to one knee

‘Please rise Mistress, this is not the time for formalities.’ Luxray says standing firmly before them.


‘All Young Ash has spoken is truth, I owe him my life, and when the time comes this council will be removed.’ He continues not allowing Saria to get into too much detail

‘Removed Milord?’

‘I believe it to be time to remove the council from there high chairs and let the guardians of aura do as they believe is right.’ He explains briefly

‘But Milord!’ Saria shouts trying to convince him not to do anything rash that would alter what she had set in motion.

‘Fear not, as nothing will come to pass until Young Master Hayate has been freed from his reigns.’

“Reigns Milord?” Ash asked not following all that had been said.

‘Yes Ash, but that explanation will have to wait, any more delay in this journey will not end well, and Mistress…’ Luxray replies trying to keep things on a need to know basis and then directing his question at Saria.

‘Yes, Milord?’

‘You have done well; please keep doing just as you always have.’

‘Yes, thank you Milord!’ She replies rather unexpectedly and nearly envelopes the Luxray in a hug.

‘Farewell, and Ash I shall see you soon!’ the Luxray finishes before turning and disappearing into the nearby forest.

“Umm…. Mistress may I be so bold as to ask, what the hell happened?” Ash asks still rather dumbfounded.

‘That was a messenger of Lord Arceus himself, he sends Pokémon all through out the world watching it as time goes by, and when the need should arise he can speak through them, but as he said all will be explained in due time, now get going!’ Saria explains briefly before nearly rushing the trainer off.

Just as they set out Ash loses consciousness, and falls to the ground.

“Oh no Ash!” Salvia shouts in worry

“Saria!” Zoey directs to the Mienshao returning to the Pokémon center.

‘Its alright child he is having another vision and should awaken shortly.’ She replies looking back at the group before walking in the doors.


Ash opens his eyes to the sound of Salvia’s voice.

“Salvia?” he asks wearily.

“Yes my love?”

“Where are we?”

She laughs slightly.

“You must have really hit your head there, we are in Pallet town, the home father built for us, you where working with your Pokémon and was hit in the head by some debris from two of the sparring Pokémon.” She says with a bit of relief in her voice

“Are they all alright?”

“Of course…”

“No I mean the girls…” Ash replies shaking his head.

“Of course darling why would you ask that?”

“Just curious is all…”

“Wow Ash you must have really hit your head harder than you thought, every one is fine just as they where yesterday. All seven of us are just fine along with all fourteen of the kids.” Salvia explains moving from her seat beside the bed to the beside Ash on the bed where he was resting

“That’s good, wait… fourteen?!” Ash sighs in relief before the last part finally clicked in his brain.

“Don’t tell me you have forgotten…”


“What's the last thing you remember?” Salvia asks trying to figure out what might have become of her husband.

“You had just joined us in Unova and Kyoya had left to stay with your parents.” Ash explained

“Well why don’t… (grumble) I will talk a bit more about it after we get you something to eat mister.” Salvia says with a giggle upon hearing Ash’s stomach growl.

“That sounds wonderful.” Ash agrees

The two step downstairs to the living room where the kids are playing with the Pokémon, while the girls watch over them from the dining room while they where drinking tea.

“Anabel?” Salvia says aloud trying to get her attention

“Yes Salvia, oh Ash!” Anabel says looking up to see Salvia walking down the stair with Ash walking alongside her.

“Are you feeling alright?” Anabel asks as she stands in front of the two trying to give Salvia a hand with helping Ash into the living room.

“He has a bit of amnesia but otherwise…” Salvia tries to explain before Anabel gives her a stern look and she stops talking.

“I'm alright Anabel just need a bit of time to regain my bearings.” Ash says trying to break the foul mood now filling the air.

“Ash you gave us quite a scare!” May says walking in from the backyard and taking a seat at the table

“As Dawn would say no need to worry…” Ash says before nearly losing consciousness again.

“Ash!” the three girls shout

“May, go grab Amu and Ami, we are going to need their help.” Anabel says looking at the brunette

“I'm on it!” she replies rising from the table

Anabel leads Ash to the sofa and the kids sit quietly as Ash takes a seat.

The three girls come in a few moments later, and Amu starts healing Ash utilizing her aura.

“So you got the healing down Ms. Amu?” Ash asks out of pure curiosity

She looks at Salvia still sitting next to Ash with a look of bewilderment.

“He’s got amnesia, I think he hit his head a little too hard…” she explains

“Well his aura seems to be unhampered with…. And his brain activity appears to be normal, I don’t see how he could have…” Amu says but stops herself as she remembers something from her reading in the past.

“What?” Anabel asks knowing that look on her face.

“Its nothing, nothing I can confirm as of yet…” she replies trying to allow what was going on run its course.


“Just answer any questions he may ask, but try to keep it as simple as possible don’t get into to many details. And above as else no sex, until this passes.” She explains to the girls while Ash still sits on the sofa looking dreary.

The girls blush at the statement, but nod.

“Alright, he should be fine otherwise. But don’t let him out of your sight.” She emphasizes

“Alright… Ash, how about something to eat?” Anabel asks thanking Amu as she left through the back door

“Sounds good Anabel.”

“Oh and Misty had her second kid a few days back.” Anabel says trying to keep Ash conscious.

“Another one? Did that bastard Hayate take advantage of her again?” Ash replies anger beginning to fill his voice.

“So I'm a bastard Ash? What crawled in your bed and died last night? I figured the bad blood between us was history by now… Even after all the help we have given each other through the years, has that meant nothing to you?” Hayate says coming in.

“You! Get out!” Ash shouts getting up from his spot on the couch and nearly slugging Hayate.

“Ash! Hayate isn’t being controlled anymore!” Anabel says holding him back and setting him back down where he sat.

“Controlled?!” Ash shouts back in pure confusion

“Yes controlled, remember? You where the one to save him.” Anabel explains trying to jog some if not any of his memory back.

(sigh…)” I'm sorry I just can’t remember anything….” Ash says looking down dejectedly.

“It’s alright Ash…” Anabel sympathizes

“Can’t remember? Does he have amnesia?” Hayate asks looking up at Anabel with utmost concern.

“Apparently so, but Amu said there was nothing that should be causing it.”

“Well then I guess there really is nothing we can do. Sakura?” Hayate says before summoning the maid he has had since his parents died.

“Yes Master?” she asks appearing from behind him like a ninja.

“Please go fetch Misty and the children if you please, and fill her in on Ash’s status, so there will be less confusion when she comes in.” Hayate orders.

“Of course.” She replies with a bow.

Sakura returns a moment later with Misty, Amy, and her new son William.

“So he can’t remember anything huh?” Misty asks with Amy at her side and William in her arms.


“Well then maybe I’ll just have to knock it back…” Misty says getting ready to pull out her mallet

“Misty stop!” Anabel shouts trying to avoid not only making it worse but traumatizing the kids around them

“Knocking him senseless won’t do any good.” Hayate comments placing an arm around her.


“I think I know so considering how many times you’ve hit me with it.” Hayate says with empathy.


“Well it’s good to see you haven’t changed any Misty…” Ash says without thinking.

“Oh and why’s that Ash?” Misty queries not following the sudden question from Ash.

“Your still as hot headed as ever…” Ash comments before getting slugged by and even bigger mallet given to her by Sakura.

Before Ash could finish the sentence, the hammer came down and Ash is on the floor unconscious again.


“Well I’d hate to admit it, but he deserved that.” Hayate comments looking down on Ash lying on the floor with his eyes in swirls.

Ash’s vision fades until he awakens on the ground where he passed out with Salvia mere inches from his face.

“Guys?” Ash says very wearily


“Sweet Arceus Ash, you scared us!” Anabel exclaims hugging him.

“What happened?” Ash queries trying to get up.

“You passed out, and then unexpectedly you nearly stopped breathing…” Iris explained helping Ash rise back to his feet.


“Salvia knew CPR so she started trying to get you to breathe again.” May said trying to calm her racing heart.

“Well… that was unexpected…” Ash stated blatantly

“We almost called Mistress over to figure out why…” Zoey said rising from her knees

“It was…” Ash begun before Saria voice filled their minds

‘Another vision Ash?’ Saria queried.

“That’s what it felt like…” Ash replied dusting himself off

‘But you had your current mindset and knowledge, am I right?’

“Yes but…” Ash replied placing a hand on Zoey for a bit of support so he could catch his breath and regain his bearings.

‘And in the vision the loved ones that you lived with thought you had amnesia?’

“Yes and…”

‘Say no more Ash, that type of vision will only happen once in a user’s lifetime, and shows that you have now gained a new level of understanding on your level of aura.’ Saria explained.


‘That particular encounter was not just a vision; it has been known that what happens in that vision most of the time will be what comes to pass later on in your life.’


‘Yes, but there is one thing I must say.’ She warns with a tone Ash knew all to well


‘Whatever happened in that ‘look into your future’ as the council likes to call it, you are not under any circumstances to reveal anything that happened or say who was there, to anyone until it happens.’ Saria explains to him using the best tone to ensure the boy kept it to himself.

“What? But why?”

‘Because it was almost done at one point in time in the past and the guardian had to be silenced by Arceus himself.’

“ mean?” Ash says falling back to the ground

‘Yes, Arceus had to end his life.’

“But why?”

‘Because it might alter the flow of time as we know it. And considering what you have already been through during your journey, you should know better than anyone what changing the past does to the present.’ Saria explains and Akane appears from her Pokéball feeling the tension rising from the situation.

Ash nods, and Akane helps him up.

Ash thanks Saria dusts himself off, and the group continues on.


Ash and company depart from Driftviel and make their way for route six.

“Well Chargestone cave is just ahead.” Cilan explains

“That’s good, but why is it called that?”

“Simple, the stones and boulders that make up the cave are charged with electricity.”

“Sounds like something our electric Pokémon would like, ain’t that right Pikachu?”

Ash and company look back at Pikachu only to notice that he looks like he’s had the life taken right out of him.

“No!” Ash yells as Pikachu falls over to its side.

He picks his friend up to notice a Joltik is latched onto his back syphoning the electricity from his body.

Ash tries to pull it off and then Dewott emerges to help only for the two of them to get shocked.

The girls pull out their Pokéball’s with their electric type Pokémon to try and help only to notice more Joltik latched onto them syphoning the electricity.

As all the electric Pokémon are released, they are all suffering from a lack of electricity in their bodies.


‘Ash!’ A voice says filling everyone’s minds


A pink blur whoosh’s past them blowing all the Joltik away.

The blur returns and materializes beside Ash, startling him in the process.

“Sweet Arceus! Latias you scared me!” Ash says before realizing just you was it that had just helped him.

The Eon Pokémon giggles at Ash’s misfortune and floats up to him with a smile on her face.

The trainer continues to stare in pure shock at who is hovering before him.

She gives him a lick on the nose, before rubbing her head against his chest to prove to him that he was real.

“Latias… you’re really here…” Ash replies in relief and begins to stroke her head and neck absentmindedly

She nods with a smile on her face.

Ash breathes a sigh of relief before petting her head again.

“Alright since you’re here we need your help.”

She nods and envelopes everyone’s Pokémon in a psychic glow.

“Alright guys lets get to the Pokémon center.”

The group arrives at the center and Nurse Joy attends to the Pokémon.

“So how did you find us Latias?” Ash asks looking her over to see how much she had changed over the years.

‘Easy silly, I asked Lady Ho-oh when she passed by Altomare.’ She replied with her telepathy filling everyone’s minds

“Whoa?! You talk?” Ash replied dumbfounded with this new found information

‘Telepathically at least.’ She replied with a warm smile.

“Why didn’t you say so when we were there?” Ash asked with a bit of worry filling his body language

‘Because I couldn’t at that time, I only learned to do so after brother died…’ she replied with hesitation and worry.

“Oh Latias…” Ash replies pulling her into a hug to try and remove that sorrow from her heart.

‘It’s alright Ash… ‘

“Speaking of which, since you’re here then who is watching over your brother?” Ash asks as Latias is released from the hug.

‘My cousins, I think you saw them when you left.’

“I knew it! And here I thought I had gone crazy… so what brings you here Latias?”

‘I wanted to come with you Ash…’ she replies trying to find the right words to say without expressing to much feeling.


‘And to answer you little question yes it was me who gave you that kiss before you left Altomare.’

Ash is left speechless

‘And Ash…’


‘At first I wanted to come with you, because I thought I really loved you…’

“Loved me?” Ash asked in surprise

She nods


‘But… since I figured it wouldn’t work out I just decided that just being with you would be the next best thing.’ She replied with sorrow filling her voice.

“But Latias…”

‘Please Ash…’

“Well, I can’t have you just floating around with us; otherwise it would just cause problems left and right.” Ash replies seeing her face light up as he said it.

She flies over and hugs the wind out of him.

‘Oh, I have that all taken care of.’ She replied releasing him from the hug and looking at him and then Anabel.

“You mean you’ll just change your form to look like Bianca again right?” Ash queried.

‘Normally I’d say yes, but in actuality I have come up with my own human form now.’

“Really?” Ash asked shocked.

‘Yep! Bianca and I worked on it just before I left.’ She replied with a large smile on her face.

“Oh really, well could you put it on, cause I would hate to cause an incident with anyone that may be watching.” Zoey piped in trying to break the conversation seeing where it would be headed.

Latias nods before grabbing Anabel and pulling her into the nearby ladies bathroom

“Alright everyone your Pokémon are just fine now.” Nurse Joy says coming in with all the Pokémon on a stretcher allowing them to hop off and return to their trainers.

Just then Bianca flies into the center, but a psychic glow moves Ash to the side just before she could run into him.

And while Nurse Joy took care of her Xtransciever, Latias and Anabel emerged from the ladies room.

Latias was wearing some dark brown loafers, a white skirt that came down to just above her knees, a Black blouse with a white tie, and a small pair of specs perched at the end of her nose. Her face was very similar to Bianca’s except she had yellow eyes, and long white hair with her 'wings’ siting on top of her head. A necklace with a blue triangle lie right in-between a pair of B cup breasts, and a black beret rests atop her head.

‘Well Ash, how do I look?’ Latias asks looking at Ash

“You look absolutely beautiful…” Ash answers almost at a loss for words gazing upon her new delicate human form

She leaps into his arms and the two share a brief moment.

“We worked out some specifics Ash, and Saria agrees, we shall call her Tia while she remains in her human form, and she fully understands what is going on between us. She is only being allowed to stay to assist me and the sisters with our pregnancies when they arise. Also Arceus has granted her usage of her psychic powers while in this form.” Anabel explains as Ash sets her down.

“Wow… but what about someone catching her?” Ash asks placing a hand on her head.

“Arceus has placed a small fraction of your aura around her so that they would have to defeat you in a full battle, to even be able to attempt in capturing her.” Anabel answers moving forward and planting a kiss on Ash’s lips

“Wow… and Tia thanks for helping me out earlier.” Ash says giving the young girl a hug.

Anabel looks at her and Ash completely unaware of what had happened. Dawn seeing her confusion points her towards the new guest in their presence.

She releases a breath she didn’t know she had been holding, and pats Tia on the shoulder.

“Alright, I think we should find out why the Joltik and probably the Galvantula are acting this way.” Zoey says at last

Just then the power goes out in the Pokémon center and Bianca’s call to Professor Juniper gets cut off.

“Well that answers that question, let’s follow them and figure out the reason behind this.” Anabel responds and points out the window

The gang follows after the Galvantula only to have Pikachu and Bianca’s Minccino, taken by the Galvantula. Ash and Bianca pursue only to be cut off by an electric spider web.

Iris and Excadrill help cut through all the webs erected to slow them down.

Ash and Bianca get in a hurry, end up running down the side of a cliff.

Tia being quicker than everyone else, leaps down after and holds the two of them in a psychic hold before hitting the bottom.

“Nice catch Tia, but now we are separated from the girls.” Ash praises before looking around in confusion.

‘Not to worry Ash, I told Anabel to find another way around and we will continue pursuit.’ Tia replies placing her hand on his shoulder

“Thanks Tia.”

“Ash just who are you talking to?” Bianca asked wondering who else was there.

“Oh right… Bianca Tia here is mute, but can speak via telepathy.” Ash explained wrapping his arm around her and placing his hand on her shoulder.

“Oh…” Bianca replied dejectedly.

“Now let’s get after those Galvantula.” Ash said with a bit of vigor in his voice.


The three continue to locate the Pokémon using Tia’s psychic abilities meanwhile Cilan and the sisters meet up with Professor Juniper.

It appears that Team Rocket was indeed the cause of the Joltik and Galvantula’s reason for leaving the cave.

The Galvantula utilize Pikachu and Minccino to charge up the Joltik.

One of the stronger Galvantula comes back and leads the others back to the cave, along with Ash and Bianca.

“Yamask, Woobat let’s go!” Jessie and James shouted trying to defend their hard earned work.

“Dwebble, Pikachu lets show ‘em who boss!” Cilan and Ash shouted back

After stopping the rig with dig from Excadrill, the Galvantula and Joltik attack it with various electric attacks and force it to float high into the air.

After it falls releasing the contents that Team Rocket had dug up, Team Rocket fight back keeping the four Pokémon pinned.

Pikachu takes down Yamask with thunder.

But Dwebble nearly gets thrown back by Woobat’s gust, he starts to crawl forward under the intense wind before starting to emit a blue and white glow.

“Is that?” Iris asked looking at the glow that had appeared around Dwebble

“It is! Evolution time has begun!” Cilan responded happily

Dwebble evolves into Crustle and starts to charge up a rock wrecker to defeat Woobat.

“Samurott, Serperior! Hyper beam!!” Two voices shout interrupting the battle

Two new face’s enter the fray and stop Team Rocket cold.

“What?!” Jessie shouts trying to figure out who had interrupted their plans

“Is that?” Professor Juniper queries looking over at the trainers

“Hilda, Hilbert! Nice timing!” Bianca shouts

“That’s what we do best, what the hell is going on here professor?!” Hilda asks running over to the professor to assess what was going on

“Well lets just say these three are up to no good again.” Ash answers for her.

“Well I guess we will have to deal with them now shall we?” Hilda says giving Hilbert a look he knew all too well.

“Oh course, after you Hilda.” Hilbert replied

“Why thank you Hilbert, Serperior use Grass pledge!” she shouts at her Pokémon standing behind her.

A massive column of leaves erupts from the ground onto the field, while Hilbert and Samurott move into position.

“So you are going to bury us in leaves? Well I’m so scared that I'm going to wet myself... HA!” James shouts sarcastically.

“Oh we’re not done yet, right Hilbert?” Hilda replies looking his way and winking at him.

“No we are most certainly not, Samurott Water Pledge!” Hilbert shouts knowing exactly what she had planned.

Another column erupts from the ground only its water this time.

The entire filed soaks up into a nasty looking swamp

“And the purpose burying us in leaves then soaking us to the bone?” Meowth shouts in frustration.

“Easy, so that the Pokémon can take their proper revenge on those that chased them from their home.” Hilda explained.

“Oh really?!” Jessie replied hysterically

“Yeah, and now Eelektross come on out and use thunder to lead the Galvantula and Joltik back to their home!” Hilbert shouts releasing a new Pokémon into the fray

A Leech looking Pokémon appears out of the Pokéball and applies a new level of shock treatment to Team Rocket.

The truck carrying the rocks explodes from the shock causing a cloud of dust to coat the field.

As the cloud settles, Team Rocket takes off via jetpack with a small portion of rocks.

Ash and company decide not to pursue them due to other various factors, they along with the Galvantula help bring all the rocks that Team Rocket had mined back into the cave.

“Hilda, Hilbert thanks for your help.” Professor Juniper says approaching them.

“No problem professor, besides we where in the area anyway so we wanted to see what brought you all the way out here.” Hilda replied waving the thanks off.

“So…” Ash asked still trying to figure out who the two new faces where.

“Oh where are my manners everyone this is Hilbert and Hilda two trainers that started their journey’s last year here in the Unova region.” Juniper explained.

The two both respectively at Ash and company and start inspecting their respective Pokémon.

“So would you two like to see the trade evolution?” Bianca asks excitedly

“We would love to professor.” Hilda replies after receiving a nod from Hilbert know that she would be behind it.

“Well let’s lend these Pokémon a hand to get settled back in and then we can head for base camp.” Juniper said

After they appear to have finished, they all head for the center of the cave where Professor Juniper had set up base camp.

“Hey Ash!” Juniper asked after they arrived at the center of Chargestone cave.

“Yes Professor?”

“My records show you caught a Krokorok recently, would you mind if I borrowed him for a few days?” she asked

“Sure, but what for?” Ash asked holding a hand to his chin.

“Well it’s just that none of my trainers have caught one yet and since you’re the first and since I have yet to get any data on him, I’d appreciate if you allowed me to look him over for a little while.” She explained

Both Hilbert and Hilda scratch the back of their heads mareepishly.

“I sent Krookodile over six months ago professor!” Hilbert shouted

“His evolved form, I needed Krokorok to study watch changes between the two besides their size and coloration.” Juniper replied

“Well I'm sure he won’t mind, and it will only be for a few days…” Ash said pulling the Pokéball from his belt

“Great thanks Ash.”

Ash hands her his Pokéball, just before getting a dizzy spell.

“Ash, are you alright?” Juniper asks with concern for the boy

“Ugh… I don’t really know… why is everything spinning….” Ash says as he moves close to a large boulder sticking out of the ground.

Ash starts to wobble until his hands find a rock and he collapses to the ground.

“Ash!” Anabel shouts in worry.

Tia and Anabel look him over

‘Anabel he is having another vision I guess, as his brainwaves are becoming similar to what they would be when you dream.’ Tia explains not taking her eyes off of Ash

“Thanks Tia, don’t worry Professor, he’ll be fine, the trek over here must have taken more out of him so he’s just gonna rest for a bit.” Anabel says releasing a breath she didn’t she now she was holding.

“Lemme guess his aura?” Juniper says almost knowingly

“Yeah but…” Dawn asks before Juniper answers her question.

“Don’t worry Professor Oak told me some of the basic detail just after you guys left. I understand.” Juniper explains


“Well why don’t you girls take a break while I whip up some lunch.” Cilan says trying to break the tension that had built up suddenly.

“Thanks Cilan…”




“Who is…”


“Oh it’s Tia!”


‘I'm nearby Tia, just head towards the river nearby and walk along the bank until I say.’

‘No need to Ash, I'm already here.’

“Oh good…”

‘Why are you all the way out here?’

“Just wanted a little quiet time.”

‘Away from all the ruckus at the house with all the parents wanting to see their grandkids?’


‘Well unfortunately, we need to go back…’

“I figured, if they have you looking out for me…”

‘Did you need a hand getting up?’

“Yeah as it appears, my legs have fallen asleep.”

‘Here lemme help…’ Tia says as she envelops Ash in a blue glow.


‘No problem love…oops…’

“It’s alright Tia, just try to remember not to say it in front of the grandparents.”

‘Okay…’ she replies dejectedly

“I know it’s hard, but I would hate for anything to happen to you should our forbidden love become known.”

‘But I'm tired of hiding it from the others…’

“To be honest Tia, I'm pretty sure they already know.”


“Tia when you are always around me or the kids, and also considering that you said so yourself when we met up in Unova, it’s kinda hard not to see it.”



‘Can we kiss for real this time?’ she asks stopping and looking him in the eyes

“You may wanna put me down first.”

‘Can you walk?’

“Yeah I think my circulation has returned.”

Tia approaches Ash and the two lock lips for a brief moment.

“Now Tia, you know the main reason why I can’t take you right?” Ash explains

‘Is it because I'm a Pokémon?’ Tia asks knowing the answer

“Well that and also you can’t bear a humans children…” Ash replies

‘But why should that matter?’

“Tia we’ve been over this…”

‘Oh… right the aura bond…’

“Exactly… if you cant bear the kids the bond won’t be there…”

‘That is not entirely true Ash…’ A familiar voice pipes in from nowhere.

“Milord!” Ash says as Luxray approaches the two.

‘Yes Ash, and your theory is only partially true…’ he explains


‘See in the past, relationships like this happened quite often and sometimes in even rarer circumstances a child was sired to the couple.’ Luxray explains

“Really? What stopped it?” Ash asked in pure curiosity

‘Your societies view on the offspring that would be sired into the world.’ Luxray stated bluntly


‘See the first human Pokémon child was sired to a human male and a Lucario female, the second was to an Aura guardian male and Mienshao female.’

‘Both children where born and almost the exact same moment.’


‘Yes, but this happened in two separate regions at the time, but once it was discovered that the child was abnormal, the villages were angered and slaughtered the two couples , both children dies at the exact same moment.’

“What does that have to do with anything?” Ash asked trying to figure out what that piece of info had to do with the reason Pokémon’s and humans couldn’t mate.

‘The two entered my domain at the exact same time, and were almost torn apart because of the human blood and the Pokémon blood that coursed through their veins. If they had remained there any longer the universe would have been ripped in half just as they would have been.’

“So you mean in your domain, it nearly ceased their existence?”

‘Precisely. I had to literally toss them out, and into a separate dimension before it tore the fabric of space-time, and thus destroying all that I had put together.’

“So to prevent it from happening again you did something to every other Pokémon born into this world to never be able to bear the child of a human, right?”

‘You have become most wise My Chosen One…’

“Isn’t their anything you can do?”

‘There is Ash, but it would be a one-time thing…’

“Name it!”

‘Either I can change you and your descendants into Pokémon, or I can turn Lady Latias here into a full human just as she is now, but never again will she be able to become a Pokémon ever again.’

“Isn’t there anything else you can do?”

‘I'm sorry Ash, but no. If I allowed it to go as it is now, and allowed her body to sire you a child, when it died I would not have the power to remove it as not only its aura would have become far stronger than I can even bear, but also since it would have legendary ties, he or she would be impossibly strong and would cause the destruction of the very universe.’ Luxray explained rather calmly

“Even with training?”

‘I cannot say young Ash, but I cannot take the risk of the infinite number of lives that would hang in the balance because of it.’

“I understand Milord, well Tia, since you would be the one to go through with this, I’ll leave the decision to you…”

‘I need some time Ash… Milord…’ she replies the feeling of utter sorrow falling over her.

‘That is alright my child I shall be around this area sometime next month. I shall give you ‘til then to make your decision.’

‘Thank you…father…’ Tia replies bowing to Luxray.

‘I shall take my leave you two…’

“Goodbye Milord…”

‘Bye…daddy…’ Tia says as the Luxray disappears into the depths of the forest.

“Tia, are you alright?” Ash asks placing a comforting hand on her head.

‘Yeah…I’ll be fine I just need some time to think…’ Tia says trying to keep herself from crying.

“Alright, just don’t worry about it to much, I’ll think of something…”

‘Thanks Ash…’ she says as he envelopes her in a hug.

“Ash?!” a knowing voice calls from the edge of the forest.

“Oh that’s Anabel. She must have thought you got lost, lets head back.”



Ash slowly wakes up to a pair of arms wrapped around his head.

“Tia?” Ash asks curiously look up to the owner of the arms that had wrapped around her.


“I'm sorry did I scare you?”

‘No… I'm fine…’ she says trying to hold back her tears that threatened to fall from her eyes.


‘What is it Ash?’ Tia asked looking down on Ash

“Did you do what I think you did?” Ash asked already knowing exactly what she had done.

‘If you’re implying that I looked into your dream…’

Ash gives her a look of disapproval

‘Yes…yes I did…’

“Tia, there is nothing to worry about if that’s what you wanna do, okay…” Ash replies wiping the tears from her eyes

‘Okay… but what about?’ Tia asked before Ash silences her with a finger

“You just leave that to me, I think I have a way to solve all our problems. I just need to make a phone call.” Ash says giving her a his look of determination.

‘Okay, Ash….’

“Zoey!” Ash shouts after getting back up and jogging up to where the sisters were seated waiting on Cilan to finish Lunch

“Ah Ash you’re awake!”

“Yeah, hey do you have my dad’s number?” he asked getting to the table.

“Yeah, why?”

“May I burrow your Pokétch?”



Ash makes a call to his father while Professor Juniper and Bianca get setup for their experiment.



“Yeah, hey do you have a minute?”

“Yeah what's up?”

“Have you finished reviewing the content in that letter from Orion and Ai?”

“Just about, why do you ask?”

“Well I need a favor…”


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