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Empathic Adventure 2: Unovan Destiny by eclipse2025


Chapter 71: Live from the Driftviel gym!

Empathic Adventures II: Unovan Destiny

Original Author: SSJ04Mewtwo

Maintaining Author: Eclipse2025

Current beta reader: Naito Writer (but need more help!!)


Chapter 71: Live from the Driftviel gym!

“There is one more thing Ash…” Salvia announces


“My father wishes to see you.”

“Your father….”(gulp…)

“That’s right Ash, you better get ready to face the music for your actions.” May comments


“No its nothing like that, I talked it over with him. He understood and is willing to allow it to pass if Ash will not only meet up with him but also to make us formally husband and wife.” She continues as she thinks about what her father might say several times.

“You know that is going to be a challenge right?”

“Because of only just finding out on the whole aura guardian thing, I sent word back home that night and I’m hoping I should….”

(Knock, knock)

“Be getting word back…”


“Ash would you please answer that?”


Ash gets up to answer the door and takes the note out of the Pokémon’s pouch.

“Here you go princess…”

Salvia scans the document before reading aloud

To my dearest daughter:

I am pleased to find out that you have found the young man whom is the sire to my wondrous grandson. Please have him escorted to the palace at the earliest convenience, so that I may speak to him personally. Also if you so wish you may travel with the young guardian if your heart so desires, and I am terribly sorry that it turned out this way for Kyoya, but I'll see to it that everything will be okay for him when it comes...should it come to that.

Sincerely your loving father,

King Charles III

“Princess that’s nice and all, but you don’t have any Pokémon…” Dawn comments

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yeah cause all you had was Togekiss the last time we saw you and I still have her.”

“Well then I guess I shall have to go fetch my other Pokéball’s.”


“Yes, I am a princess you know Lady Dawn, and I had to have some way to train Togekiss to be as strong as she is.”

“Oh right, but what about the baby?”

“Oh, Kyoya will be joining me.”

“But princess you cant take care of a baby on the road like we are…”

“Especially when we are being hunted by…”

“Team Rocket, yes I know. “

“Then you know…”

“Actually to be honest, I’ve been taking care of him since day one, besides Freesia here has been taking care of me since my mother died so…”

“But princess, he is your son you can’t just…”

“I know but…”

“Then why?”

“During our meeting Saria was telling me that based on the reasoning behind aura and children was very complicated, but there was one thing that must be handled immediately.”


“When Ash and I made love, we never did anything properly so if I don’t solidify myself by Kyoya’s next birthday…”

‘He will die.’ Saria finishes.

“What? Mistress are you certain?”

‘Yes Ash, since you did the dirty deed and sired her a son, the aura bond is present within her, but since you didn’t take her properly in the first place the bond is unstable.’

“What will I have to do?”

‘It’s simple really…’

“Well what is it?”

‘Ash you really are a dense human aren’t you…’

“I'm sorry if I still don’t understand?!”

‘Ash, normally when one has to make claim on a girl what does he do?’ Saria asks

“Well dating her, kissing after it reaches that point…and then taking her hand in marriage right?” Ash answers after a moment of thought.

‘Right, and then when a guardian makes claim on a girl what does he have to do?’

“Sire her a child….”

‘Right, and since she has been away from you for so long since that first encounter her body did not receive that daily dose of aura from you.’

“Or the attention, or the kissing, or anything else you do with us!” May replies.

“Hehehe…” Ash replies rubbing the back of his head

“So really all I have to do is reestablish the bond?”



The princess taking a bit of initiative moves from her spot and sits down on Ash’s lap.

“Relax Master Ash…”

She leans in and kisses him deeply.

After a moment the two break for air leaving the girls behind him albeit a bit jealous, but happy.

“Mistress I have a question.” Angie asks

‘What is it child?’

“For example, remember after the incident earlier that left Anabel in shock and Ash asleep for several days?”

‘Right and in that timeline Ash was dead?’

“Yes, well why didn’t Orion and Ai die as well?”

‘Because for one Anabel had plenty of Ash’s aura within her, and second the bond was maintained innumerous times before that even happened.’

“Right… “

‘And my guess is that time lines version of Salvia must have lost her son, and the bond would have disappeared, not only the loss of Ash, but that of her son later on would have driven her insane…’

Salvia looks at Saria with astonishment.

“So what are you saying mistress?”

‘Princess a short time ago, Pokémon Hunter J captured Ash and Anabel and attempted to take their lives but due to the future versions of their children, which Anabel is currently carrying, interfered and saved both of their lives.’

“So what you’re saying is…”

‘Yes child, if Ash had died like it was before, then you would have lost Kyoya before he reached age three and you would have probably been driven insane by the loss.’

Akane suddenly emerges from her Pokéball and decides to fill in some details.

‘Master Ash.’


‘All the detail’s mother has stated are indeed true.’

“But… (gasp) who?”

‘I am all that remains of the Akane from the time line in which you were killed.’


‘You need not worry your Akane is still here with me I am just borrowing her body for this particular reason.’

“So what happened?”

‘Now I can’t go into explicit detail, but I can confirm all that mother says.’

“How do you know this?”

‘As after Ash died, after some training, I went to live with Riolu in his kingdom. After a while we both evolved. And I was sent to help Princess Salvia’s Palace.’

‘And, I saw young Kyoya many a time before he passed just after his second birthday, the princess was grieved for many days after that. Then several days later through her information networks she found out that Ash had died and nearly dies of the shock, she was bed ridden for months, another more less potent form of aura shock.’

‘She doesn’t speak, and barely eats enough to keep herself alive, she slips into depression at the revelation of miss Anabels pregnancy, and nearly kills herself.’


‘And I remained with her until her body could take no more injury and she passed away at a young age. And since her father was far too old to have another child, his kingdom was passed onto his brother, and the kingdom fell into disarray. Years later Unova is in complete hysteria, the league no longer exists, the Pokémon are dying, and the residents just start to move away to other regions. Unova becomes abandoned. And we come to find out later it was being used to destroy the planet.’


‘I'm sorry but I cannot say more. I have already said more than needed to be. And Master Ash…’


F. Akane taps him on the head with the staff.

‘Remember no more irrational decisions.’

“Okay…” Ash says holding up his hands in defense.

‘Good, Akane, my work is done I am releasing control…’

(sigh…) ‘I feel better…’

“Akane did you hear any of that?”

‘Yes, but having her last bit of aura within me caused me to feel all the emotional distress she had felt day in and day out.’

“I'm sorry Akane…”

‘No Master, it’s alright… both of us are just glad that you are still here now, and none of that will happen.’

“At least we hope so…”

‘Don’t jinx us young one.’


“Does the princess have a room she is staying in?”

“Yes I do Master Ash, but I'm afraid it’s not big enough to hold all eight of us...”

‘Yes and Ash, all things considered you two are gonna have some catching up to do.’


“Mistress before I forget how could you tell Kyoya is my son?”

‘Well Ash, for now I’ll give the basic version, later on I’ll give u the training and the advanced version.’


‘Since day one of your training, I have been studying your aura and you subconsciously have studied mine and every other user you have come into contact with.’


‘And every user and his mates once bonded have one as well.’

“So all my girls have an aura signature?”

‘Yes Ash. When a child is sired they gain one as well, the frequency from the father and the wavelength from the other.’

“Okay. “

‘And no two signatures are the same, but only in select cases of twins, but its very rare.’

“So in young Master Kyoya’s case he has your frequency, but Salvia’s wavelength.”

“Right, well that’s basic enough…”

‘Good, as advanced is almost like a leap of faith with aura.’

Ash cringes a bit at this insight.

‘Well its late, and you young-ins need rest I want everyone in bed in the next hour.’


“That includes you to Ash.”


‘And if you are up late tomorrow, so help me I will restart your training and take away your sex time again!’

Ash cringes even more so and almost leaps out of the room.

“Alright girls its bedtime…” Anabel states clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention



“Can I speak to you?”


The two stand next to one another ‘til the sisters are out of sight.

“I was wondering if you would join me and Ash tonight…”

“Um... well are you sure… “

“Yes Freesia has agreed to take care of young Kyoya tonight for me so I can get reacquainted with Master Ash…”

“Really, so you really don’t mind the whole sharing Ash thing?”

“Not really, but I have a feeling it won’t be all that bad…”

“Trust me I was scared at first but in the end it wasn’t all that bad…besides it makes things a lot more fun…”

“Oh Dawn, you dirty thing you…”

“Now, if you don’t mind I picked up a little something for you while we were out.” Dawn says pulling a paper bag from backpack.


“This way you can really blend in with the rest of us.”

“Thank you Dawn.”

“No problem, plus I also got you some, ‘Ash clothes’ to try on…”

“Ash clothes?”

“Yes, ‘Ash clothes’.” Dawn says with a wink

“Alright then I’ll give it a try.”

“Sure, now follow me we have to get changed.”


“Yes, ‘changed’.” Dawn continues pulling Salvia along with her to the bathroom

“Oh right…”


“Yes Dawn”

“Salvia has offered some double time between her me and Ash tonight so I’ll be with her for the night.”

“Alright Dawn, just try not to scream too loud now…”

“I’ll keep that in mind”

The two ‘twins’ disappear into the bathroom and get into the ‘Ash clothes’ or lingerie, and place their normal attire into the paper bag.

“Dawn… are you sure he will like this? It’s a bit… I don’t know, revealing…” Salvia says rather quietly

“It’s perfectly fine, besides the last time I wore that for Ash, well let’s just say it made things a whole lot more intimate for the three of us.”


“Oh right, May was there as well and she was wearing some as well”

Salvia blushes at the comment and the two return to Salvia’s room.

Meanwhile Ash had walked Freesia to the room to which she and Kyoya where staying in and he helped her put his son to sleep.

“Thank you Master Ash.”

“See you tomorrow Miss Freesia.”

Ash departs down the corridor, and arrives at Salvia’s room door.

He knocks before walking in to find both her and Dawn lying on the bed in lingerie, both looking at him very seductively.

“Um Dawn, Salvia?”

Both girls pull themselves from the bed showing off all of their assets and slowly close the door behind Ash.

The two girls walk him over and Dawn taps Salvia.

“Just follow my lead alright?” Dawn whispers

She nods, and Dawn lays Ash on the bed.

“Someone has been working too hard today…”

“Um…” Ash replies at a loss for words

Dawn silences him with a kiss

The two break apart and Salvia is lying next to Ash caressing his body as they snuggled on the bed, pushing her ‘assets’ against his arm.

“Looks like Master Ash will need a bit of relaxation for all his hard training…”


Salvia leans in for a kiss and Dawn removes herself from on top of Ash. She moves down, pulls off his shoes, pants and boxers to expose his limp member, and begins to stroke it to life.

Salvia’s kiss is interrupted as Ash moans at all the attention Dawn is giving him.

“Princess you gotta try this.” Dawn seductively says encouraging her new ‘sister’ to work on pleasuring their man.


“I know you’ll like it trust me.”


Salvia hesitantly moves down and takes Ash’s member into her mouth.

Ash begins to buck his hips, until Salvia gets the message to start stroking him and bobbing her head.

Her mouth starts moving at a slow but steady pace, and after a few minutes it begins to increase as Ash’s member grows inside her mouth.

Meanwhile Dawn has moved on top of Ash again and began to make out with him using her tongue to dance with his.

After a few minutes Salvia removes her mouth from the stiffened organ, but continues to stroke it with her free hand. Still a bit embarrassed at what she was doing she takes notice that her other hand has found its way into her panties and started to stimulate the now flushed area between her thighs.

“Oh Ash… “

Dawn removes herself and helps Salvia onto Ash, removing the lingerie as well. She takes him in one stroke, and envy’s Dawn at the wondrous feelings now flooding her mind.

Ash picks her up and lie’s her on her back still leaving his hardened member deep within her.

“Oh Ash…”

“Salvia, you ready?”

“Please take me now…”

Ash leans in and kisses her deeply and slowly begins to deeply penetrate the princess, she wraps her arms around his neck as his member had begun to grow bigger inside of her.

As he fully sheathes himself in her womb, he slowly pulls back out and begins to thrust slowly building up the pace.



Ash picks up the pace, and Salvia wraps her legs around him.

“Ash I’m…”

“Salvia just hold off a bit, I’m almost…”


“Salvia, I’m cumming!”

“Ash please together!”

“Ah!” (grunt) “Ah….”

As Ash deposits a large load of semen deep inside the Princess, her legs vice his body against hers to prevent any from leaking out.

“Oh my, Ash… it’s so warm…”


“See I told you it would help.” Dawn comments as she stares at the content look plastered upon Salvia’s face.

“Thank you Dawn…”

“You’re welcome now I believe Ash owes me a deposit as well.”

“Just a…*pant… moment… *pant… Dawn…”

Salvia continues to lie still in orgasmic bliss as Ash pulls out from deep within her. Her body shivers as the hot piece of man meat leaves her womb, allowing his deposit to leak from her body

“Alright Dawn, time to make up for some lost time.”

Dawn gets down on all fours on top of Salvia and presents herself to Ash in her most seductive manner.

Ash pulls himself up and places both hands on her ass.


Ash rubs his hand on her now soaking thighs, and begins to lick in between her legs.

“Ah… Ash stop teasing me and just stick it in already!”

Him needing no further motivation moves his member to her opening and plunges it deep inside her.

Dawn’s mind then enters post orgasmic bliss and her body moves forward placing her boobs just over Salvia’s mouth

Ash pulls out slowly only to shove it right back inside.

“Ah Ash… it feels so good….”

‘He has filled me up all over again… I… he has filled me will so much happiness…Thank you Dawn….’ Salvia thinks as she lies still looking at Ash and Dawn making love on top of her.

After a few moments Salvia has recovered and began to suck on Dawn’s breast while he continues to fuck Dawn doggie style.

“Ah! Salvia! There’s no milk in their yet!”

“I beg to differ” Salvia says releasing her mouth from Dawn’s breasts and squeezing the nipple just enough to show that Dawn was indeed producing milk.

Dawn stares at Salvia while Ash still continues to thrust at a steady pace.

“But…but… I thought…”

“When a woman’s body is preparing for new life, sometimes they start producing early.”

“But…I’m not pregnant…”

“Then I guess we will have ‘ta change that…gah… won’t we Dawn” Ash says while trying to keep his focus.

A hard thrust brings Dawn out of her mini trance.

“Ash… please!”

(grunt…) “Cumming Dawn!”


Dawn’s walls squeeze the organ inside her causing Ash to release another load deep within the young coordinator causing the front half of her body to collapse to the side of Salvia.

Ash slowly pulls out and Salvia lays him down onto the pillows of the bed.

“Master Ash must be exhausted… here allow me to quench your thirst…”

Salvia sits up on the pillows and pulls Ash’s face to her breasts.

She moves his mouth onto her nipple and he looks up at her questioningly.

“Eat up my love, my body is yours to do with as you please…”

Taking the incentive Ash begins to nurse from her motherly C cup breasts.

Dawn sits up and looks at the two, she places a weary hand on her own B cup boobs and compares them to that of Salvia.

“Come here Dawn…”

She pushes the thought into the back of her mind and crawls over. Salvia guides her to her other nipple to nurse as well.

“If we are gonna have fun you two need your strength.”

“Besides they grew when I had Kyoya…” she whispers to Dawn

Dawn nods, and lies down next to Salvia and places the princesses other nipple into her mouth to nurse from it as well.

After a few minutes Ash stops and removes himself from her.

“Thank you for the meal but I think you need my milk more than I need yours…”

Ash sits up to reveal that once again he is as stiff as a board.

He moves down while Salvia lies on top of Dawn, while she continues to nurse from Salvia’s breasts.

Ash places his stiff member at her entrance and teases her by sticking the head slightly inside her.

“Ash…. Please….”

Taking no further incentive he plunges deep inside Salvia and begins to fuck her harder than he was doing Dawn.

“Oh Ash! Ah!”

He stops for a moment, places one arm underneath a leg and lifts it up to the other side his head. Now that he is doing her from the side he is penetrating areas Salvia had never known where there.

Meanwhile Dawn is still nursing, but Ash decides not to leave her out and caress Dawns own breasts.

Such an action causes the young girl to moan releasing her mouth from Salvia’s breasts causing some of the milk within to dribble down onto Dawn’s body.

“Oh my, Dawn…. Please don’t stop it feels so good!”

Dawn still wanting more places her arms around the princess and pulls the girl forward so that she can continue to nurse without interruption from Ash.

Ash decides to then hold Salvias leg in place and fuck her harder. So he wraps both arms around her leg and starts to thrust harder.

“Ash please, I’m going to…”

“I’m almost… ah I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

“Please inside Ash! Cum inside me Ash! Sire me another child!!!!” Salvia shouts in ecstasy.

(grunt) “Ah!”

He lets out a stream of fluid, that to the princess, feels like heaven. The stream continues to flow even after for what seemed like a minute of ecstasy.

Salvia cums as well, and not only does her lower thighs coat Ash’s member in her juices, but her breasts spurt out milk as well, all over and into Dawn.

The flow of semen into the princess finally ceases, and Ash nearly collapses on top of them.

Ash releases her leg and she falls to the side of Dawn still holding Ash inside her womb.

‘I have even more love inside me now, I'm sure to get pregnant again…’ Salvia thinks

Ash falls in between the two girls, but he is facing Salvia. Dawn falls asleep almost instantly due to her full stomach. Ash tries to pull himself out of princess only to be locked inside her.

“Na-ah Master Ash, you won’t be leaving me anytime tonight.”

“But….”Ash tries to respond but Salvia silences him with a finger

“Here please drink until you fall asleep.”

He leans in and gives Salvia a kiss and then leans down and finds a comfortable spot to start nursing again until he falls asleep.

As Salvia suddenly feels a soft gentle breath on her breasts, she sees Ash had indeed fallen into slumber.

“Master Ash… thank you… now we can have a child properly this time…”

Suddenly a weak grunt is heard from Ash, but he doesn’t awaken. Salvia curiously waits until she feels a pulse inside her and finds another load deposit itself within her.

“Master Ash… thank you…” Salvia says quietly before bringing Ash forward into her breasts before falling asleep


The next morning Salvia awakens to find Ash gone, but Dawn still asleep next to her.

Salvia sits up and the activities from the night prior flood her mind. She blushes and places a gentle hand on her abdomen and begins to rub it a hope that last night would prove fruitful.

“Soon another young Master or mistress will be growing in here…”

Dawn starts to stir and turns to look at Salvia, but still in her deep sleep.

“And perhaps a Young one well grow here as well…” Salvia continues as she rubs Dawn’s naked stomach.

Salvia still feeling weary from the night before, lies back down and cuddles up next to Dawn allowing the young coordinators soft breasts to lull her back into a deep sleep.


Several hours later Dawn stirs from her slumber to find Salvia resting on top of her using her boobs as a pillow.

“Princess its time to wake up…” Dawn says soothingly with a smile

The Unovan Princess slowly rises from slumber as a familiar voice continues to softly draw her from her peaceful sleep.

“Five more minutes please… it’s too early…”

“Well then I guess you will miss Ash training without a shirt on…”

That statement pulls her up immediately.

“What? Where?”


“He’s outside silly…”


“Besides you need to get dressed before going outside.”


Dawn hands her a bag and she walks into the attached bathroom and steps into the shower. Last nights encounter had left her feeling a bit sluggish but generally very happy.

She steps out and pulls the clothing from the bag.


“Yes just a moment…”

Before giving it a second thought she quickly slips into the outfit Dawn had gotten for her and steps out.

“Oh Salvia… you look…”

“I look strange don’t I…”

“No the exact opposite you look very pretty…”

Salvia is now wearing a solid black school-girl uniform with a white tie and a skirt that drops down below the knees.

Salvia blushes and nods.

“Thank you Dawn…”

“You’re welcome, besides since I remembered that you don’t like too much showing, I got this and thought of you.”

“Thanks …”



“I need to ask you something…”


“What cup size are you?”

“Um… princess…”

“I'm just curious Lady Dawn I didn’t mean to offend…”

“Oh well I would guess I'm around a B cup?”

“Well then my prediction was right.”


“Yeah, see I became a B cup when I had Kyoya now I'm almost a C cup now….”

“Oh really…”

“Yeah and it looks like you’ve grown a bit too.”

Dawn looks down at her boobs and gropes them a bit.


As Dawn looks up and removes her hands Salvia is gone, but a second later she feels someone groping her boobs.

“Gah?! Salvia! What are….ah…..” Dawn moans

“My, my Dawn if I hadn’t known any better I would have to say you have gotten bigger.”

“Salvia… please…” she continues to moan as Salvia continues to grope them

“Alright Dawn…” Salvia says as she releases Dawn.

“Why did you do that?”


“Oh no you’re not a pervert like Zoey is?!”

“Excuse me?! A pervert?! I am a proper lady, and I would never do anything out of context.”

Dawn lets out a sigh as she enters the bathroom.

(knock, knock)


“Princess Salvia, may I come in?”

“Of course, is Kyoya hungry?”

“Yes, and he wants his momma.”

“Alright then please enter.”

“Thank you Milady.”


“Yes?” she says coming out of the bathroom

“Would you like to watch me feed Kyoya?”


“I mean no offence by it, I’m just curious…”

“Oh… well I would like that…”

“Perfect, Freesia please prepare us some breakfast if you please.”

“Of course, it would be my honor Milady.”

“Thank you.”

Dawn takes a seat next to Salvia and holds little Kyoya as Salvia unbuttons her top.

Salvia removes her bra and takes Kyoya into her arms.

She holds his mouth up to her breasts until young Kyoya begins to suckle.

“Wow… he really must be hungry…” Dawn comments as she watches the young boy eat and enjoy his breakfast.

“Yeah he will usually take about fifteen minutes to feed.” Salvia comments as Kyoya moves his hands to grasp the boob he is sucking from.

“He must really eat a lot then doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, although he tends to only feed from one side, he just won’t feed if I feed him from the other.”

(knock, knock)

“Who’s there?”

“Salvia? Dawn? Its May, can I come in?”

“Come on in May, just close the door on your way in.”

“Sure…”May says as she enters and takes a seat on the other side of Salvia.

“Wow…. He’s really hungry…”

“Well he won’t be eating like this for much longer so I’m thinking he’s trying to get all he can, while he can.”

“Oh… have you already started feeding him baby food?”

“For lunch yes, but for breakfast and dinner he has milk. But in about a week he will be on nothing but baby food.”

“So are you two hungry?”

“Yes May, but Freesia should be fetching our food now, by the time she returns Kyoya should be done.”

“Oh….well then maybe next time…”

(knock, knock)


“Milady breakfast is ready, may I come in?”

“Certainly, please do.”

“Freesia walks in with a food tray, and removes Kyoya from her grasp.”

“Thank you Freesia, Please allow me a few moments for breakfast, and I will take him for the day.”

“As you wish Milady.”

She steps back out while patting the young Master until a burp graces the four ladies ears at the door way.

“Please excuse me Milady, I shall return in about a half hour.”

“That is fine thank you Freesia”

Freesia closes the door on her way out, and Dawn and May return their attention to the princess who is redressing herself.

“So Lady Dawn, Lady May shall we partake?”

“Yes, I believe we shall Lady Salvia.”

The three girls eat the tray dry, and Freesia returns with the baby in hand.

“Salvia allows Dawn to hold him, while Salvia cleans herself up.”

“Shall we ladies?”

“Yes princess I do believe we shall.”


The three girls and the young Master step outside the Pokémon center a walk around back to see, low and behold, Ash shirtless training with Saria.

‘Ash! You have been slacking off again haven’t you?!’

“No, I haven’t… I thought you told me to take it easy until the end of the month!”

‘That was until I realized that you where battling legendries on some island off the coast!’

“How was I supposed to know that there were going to be not one but three legendries there?”

‘If you would have opened your eyes and looked maybe, you would have seen them before you even got to the island!’

“They were supposed to be sealed within obelisks!”

‘No excuse! Now double-time it, you have a lot of training to make up!’

“This is because of Salvia and Kyoya isn’t it?”

‘No it isn’t, this is because of you making half assed decisions when you shouldn’t be!’

(sigh…) “So why should you care about what decisions I make?”

‘Because I have to deal with the repercussions!’

“I didn’t ask you to baby sit me ya know!”

‘I shouldn’t have to, but since you have been slacking off apparently I do need to.’


‘What?! Oh princess I'm sorry did I scare you?’

“No it’s just I don’t want the two of you fighting because of something that happened such a long time ago…”

‘Princess normally I would back down but since this directly involves you, I'm afraid I must protest this decision.’

“But why, neither of us have a problem nor does my father, so what…”

‘Princess, please come with me and allow me to explain. Dawn go fetch the other sisters and tell them to meet us in the dining area. Ash you keep training until I come get you, if you are caught doing anything else sparks will fly and your head will roll.’

(sigh…) “Yes mistress…”

Dawn heads inside first with Kyoya still in her arms while mistress Saria, May and Salvia head inside after her.

Within a few minutes all seven girls are together and seated. Saria then deciding it was time stands up.

Anabel removes Kyoya from Dawn’s hands as he had begun to start pulling on her hair.

“Alright girls settle down, now the reason behind me bringing the seven of you together is for one simple purpose.”

“It’s because of…”

‘May please do not interrupt, now please sit back down and do not comment or speak unless either I say or I finish. Is that understood?’

The girls nod and Saria continues.

‘Alright, now the reason is because of Ash’s decision making recently. Right now as you are the seven of you are in grave danger. Not because of Team Rocket or Ash, but from the council and what they decide to do when Ash is brought in for trial when we take Hayate down.’

‘Now I know exactly what you are thinking… what are they gonna do? Why would they do this?’

‘To answer that I have to put the ground rules down. Now these are not the rules I have put into place but those that the council themselves have. These rules where put into place entirely for guardians protection from themselves, for civilian protection, and aura mates protection. Now I had Sol research and list all ten rules that they have put into place.’

‘Now most of these rules they let slide because of how society has changed so those few I will list first.’

Saria places a folder at the center of the table and the girls pull from it.

--Rule one: Guardians are forbidden from interfering with society and their dealings unless the council dictates that the situation calls for it because it threatens the very existence of the guardians.

‘This was removed because every one of the dealings the guardians had to take care of, ended up having to remove a threat or future threat directly influenced the existence of the guardians themselves.’

--Rule two: Guardians may not participate in league battles or tournaments, this rule applies even to regions unrecognized by the official leagues of the world.

‘This rule was removed because it weakened the guardians overall strength, so it was removed.’

--Rule three: All guardians are limited to four mates and one child for each mate.

--addendum: if user is last of blood line or Ranked Class S, restriction is raised to a max of five mates and two children per mate and if both apply then six mates and four children per mate.

--Rule four: if user defects from or refuses to follow council orders, they are to be labeled as a threat to the council and brought in to be either retrained or executed.

--addendum: If user is Class S and no other users of that level exist then other measures that the council shall decide upon trial.

--Rule Five: only direct orders from Lord Arceus himself is able to override any orders given by the council.

‘This rule has never been used but is still in place, the reason behind it was because Lord Arceus himself created the guardians so deemed it he would be the head, and the council couldn’t say or do anything about it.’

--Rule Six: Pokémon and human relationships as well as same sex mate relationships are forbidden.

--addendum: if guardian is caught the both user and ‘mate’ will be executed at the councils discretion.

--addendum: if Pokémon human relationship has produced offspring, all parties are to be executed on site

--addendum to addendum: if any other party is found out to know any information pertaining to the following rule, they will share punishment as accused

--Rule Seven: interacting with technology or making use of technology is forbidden

‘This rule was removed as over time Pokéball’s where considered technology so they had to remove it’

--Rule Eight: if a Child is sired into Royal family, user will be restricted to hometown and mate will undergo memory alteration, child will be taken and placed under governing of council.

‘This is still in place, but is not entirely enforced, as royal families tend to protect their kin and has led to many confrontations.’

--Rule Nine: Fleeing of council custody for any reason will result in severe punishment

--Rule Ten: Use of Aura abilities for personal gain is not allowed. Any guardian caught doing so will be stripped of abilities and restricted to hometown.

‘So as you girls can see Ash is in pretty deep… now not as deep as Hayate but if the council does what I think will happen… lets just say things wont end well for the eight of you.’

The only sound that can be heard from around the table is Little Kyoya’s baby talk.

‘Now girls, I have laid the groundwork down, you may now ask questions and comment on what I have said.’

“What about Anabel and her unborn kids? They existed in the future timeline…”

‘That is true but you must remember Ash died and when a guardian dies his mates are freed from guardian rule whether one of them was with him or twenty…’

“But it’s not…”

‘It’s an unspoken rule, if they placed it on then guardians would fake their deaths, and basically free their mates from the rule.’

“What of me and Kyoya?”

‘Since you still maintain ties with your father and Unova, well the lineage should be fine. But don’t count on the safety of you and your son outside your palace walls.’

“So you mean…”

‘Yes, as soon as we depart from here I suggest your maid and butler take him back to the palace until everyone arrives.’

“What of Hayate?”

‘Well since he has broken excessive amounts of the cardinal rules, the best sentence he will get is allowing him to live but away from misty and his unborn child. The worst would be execution or exile.’

“How would they exile him?”

‘Strip him of all he has, personal belongings and his powers, he would be forced to start again. Plus all would be forbidden from helping him.’

“So it basically would be a death sentence either way.”

‘Yes, but the latter is more painful as they would almost prevent him from dying of starvation or malnourishment. ‘

“So he would be forced to live his days a wanderer?”

‘Yes, able to watch the world change around him, but be unable to do anything about it.’

“That’s terrible!”

‘Yes it is, but right now some things need to be said here and now. If so much as one more girl bond herself or find herself bonded to Ash for any reason. Then all of you will be placed into grave danger, even more so than you are all now. The council is only allowing it to continue for now because no other Level S user exists in the world, and because he is also the only child on the Ketchum line, they are trying to get Ash to produce as many powerful users as possible.’


‘But even they have limitations, so I say all of this because I love and care about you girls, you are like my own family. So just do me this one task. Keep Ash on the down low and do not allow another young lady to attach to him. Otherwise I cannot protect you from the ruling of the council in any shape or form.’

The girls look at one another before looking back at Saria and nodding.

‘Thank you girls… now to deal with more pressing matters!‘ Saria says swiftly turning her head to look at Ash looking in the Pokémon center window.

‘Ash there had better be training going on out here, otherwise…’

Ash runs in and envelopes her in a big hug.

‘Ash what are you doing?! Get back to your training!’

“Thank you…”


“Thank you mistress for all that you do for me…”

‘Ash… alright… alright… now stop crying on me and look at me.’

Ash does so and looks her in the eyes.

‘Now I wouldn’t be doing all of this if I didn’t care. Now because of recent events you may take a break for the time being but I want you back on regular training regimen first thing Monday morning!’

“Yes mistress…”

‘Now go take a shower and get some breakfast.’

Ash nods and walks towards the bathrooms.

‘And Ash...’


‘If you want to know any good piece of information about all this…’


‘Your little journey last night has given new life to the girls so I suggest you prepare to take on Scott’s offer to being a frontier brain.’ Saria whispers into his ear

Ash nods again continues to the washroom.

After a couple of hours Ash has breakfast, then finds Salvia to spend some time with her and his new son. He also gets some training in with his Pokémon and contacts Mr. C.

“Oh Ash is that you?”

“Yes it is, I need some things from you.”

“Sure, but before you send me any Pokémon, call Professor Oak, he told me there was something important he needed to relay to you so I suggest you call him right away.”


Ash does as he’s told and contacts Oak. It turns out in spite of recent events Ash has another limiter removed allowing him to hold more Pokémon as well as Anabel. Ash now being able to hold up to ten Pokémon while Anabel can hold up to eight.

Ash thanks him and calls everyone over to relay the information.

“Alright guys how about we get this stuff over to Clay?”

“No need to Ash I did that for you this morning while you were training.”

“Thanks Anabel…”

“Sure... Clay says that whenever you’re ready to battle he will accept.”

“Well then lets… oh right I forgot one more thing!”

“What's that Ash?”

“We forgot to introduce everyone to Salvia!”

“Wow Ash you are right, and speaking of which we need to know what Pokémon she has as well.”

“Well lets go out back and make a quick round of introductions.”

Ash and company walks into the back on the centers training grounds and releases their multitudes of Pokémon.

“Alright, everyone this is prince… oops I mean Salvia, she will be joining us on our journey.”

The princess does a polite curtsey and greets the Pokémon before her.

“Alright Ash… everyone, here are my Pokémon!”

Salvia pulls six Pokéball’s from her person and tosses them into the air.

Out reveals an oddly colored Snivy, a mature looking Dewott, a calm Cinccino, a playful oddly colored Lopunny, a bossy looking Honchkrow, and a tired looking Flareon.

“Wow you have six Pokémon! And from multiple regions as well. I must say I am surprised…”

“Yes this flavor is definitely something my palette has yet to experience.”

“Thank you… I went through a lot of trails with them but they are my best friends including that of my cute adorable Togekiss.”

Togekiss flies over and gives her a hug before greeting her old friends.

“Alright guys welcome to the team, or should I say welcome to the family. Now I've got a gym battle to win!”


Ash and company enters the gym and finds Clay downstairs in the mines already waiting for him to arrive.

“Well now, there you are Ash, I was wondering if you were ever gonna show.”

“Yeah I kinda lost track of time, but now I'm ready to earn my fifth badge!”

“Good, follow me.”

The group heads further down until they enter a battle arena hidden for what felt like several miles below the earth’s surface.

“Alright, this match will be a three on three Pokémon battle between Clay the gym leader and Ash Ketchum of Pallet town. Only the challenger may make substitutions.”

“The two nod and Clay sets out his first Pokémon.”

“Krokorok on the field!”

“Alright Oshawott let’s go!”

The two Pokémon stand mid field almost staring each other down.

“Alright Krokorok use Dig!”

“Oshawott, use Aqua Jet!”

Krokorok disappears underground and Oshawott smashes into a wall on the opposite side of the field.

“Krokorok come out and use Sandstorm!”

A furious sandstorm whips up blinding Oshawott, causing his next few attacks to miss, and Krokorok to land a few more hits throwing him to the ground.



A bright white light surrounds the sea otter, and he grows in size.



“Dewott, Dew.”

“Alright, Dewott!”

“Dewott the Discipline Pokémon, Strict training is how it learns its flowing double-scalchop technique. Scalchop techniques can differ from one Dewott to another. It will never neglect maintaining its scalchops. And as a result of strict training, each Dewott learns different forms for using its scalchops.”

“Well that won’t give you much of an edge if you cant see, Krokorok use Bite!”

“Dewott deflect it with Water Gun and move into your counter shield!”

“Counter what?!”

Dewott intercepts Krokorok mid-flight removes the sandstorm by tossing its Water Gun all around it, and then whips out his double scalchops, and gets a double critical hit on Krokorok.

“Krokorok is unable to battle Dewott wins!”

“Alright you did it Dewott!”

Dewott runs over and give both Ash and Pikachu a high five.

“Hmmm… very impressive, now how about this! Palpitoad on the field!”

“Well that Palpitoad definitely look like it means business…”

“Yeah, I don’t think Ash’s Palpitoad could even compare to Clays…”

“A very harsh flavor for Ash to contend with…”

“Palpitoad Hydro Pump!”

“Dewott, Water Pulse!”

Both attacks collide but Hydro Pump triumphs and throws Dewott back into the wall.


He gets back up and returns by scoring a double critical with Razor Shell.

“Palpitoad Rock Smash!”

“Water Pulse!”

Dewott charges up the attack, but Palpitoad gets a hit in causing it to explode Dewott knocked out for the count.

“Dewott is unable to battle, Palpitoad wins!”

‘Thanks Dewott, you did great.’

“Now for my next Pokémon… “

Suddenly Flygon pops out, starling Ash.



“You wanna battle?”


“Well alright then…”

Ash pulls out his Pokédex and scans Flygon.

“Well alright then, Flygon use Sand Tomb!”

“Heh, useless…”

“And follow it up with Incinerate!”


“Well Ash has done what he does best.”

Sand Tomb entraps Palpitoad, and then hitting it with Incinerate causes the attack to freeze over.

“What's happening to Palpitoad?”

“The sand is becoming so hot that it is becoming glass! What a flavorful strategy!”

“Palpitoad use Hydro Pump!”

“Not if I can help it Draco Meteor!”

Flygon holds his head high and launches the orb filled with draconic energy. It explodes in mid air throwing small meteorites all over the field.

As the dust clears Palpitoad emerges and launches a deadly Hydro Pump, throwing Flygon back.

“Flygon you okay?”


“Now use Earth Power and combine it with your Stone Edge!”

“Palpitoad use Hydro Pump!”

Two rings appear around Flygon, and he throws a wave of power into the ground below with his tail.

The ground beneath Palpitoad erupts and Flygon launches the Stone Edge. The sharpened stones impact Palpitoad until the eruption of energy dies down. Palpitoad is seen on the ground knocked out.

“Palpitoad is unable to battle Flygon wins!”

“Grr… I guess ima half to use my strongest Pokémon to defeat you… Excadrill on the field!”

“Flygon can you continue?”


“Well alright then, Stone Edge!”

“Rapid Spin!”

Every attack Flygon throws at Excadrill is deflected and he is quickly defeated by a Horn Drill.

“Well you did well Flygon, return!”

“So who’s your last Pokémon?”

“Roggenrola, Let’s go!”

“Ha! This will be a piece of cake, Excadrill Drill Run!”

Excadrill gets off multiple direct hit on Roggenrola and attempts to knock him out with Horn Drill.

The attack stop and Roggenrola just stands idly.


Another bright glow engulfs the next of Ash’s Pokémon.

“Oh no not again! Excadrill get outta there now!”

“Well I’ll be damned, two evolutions in one battle, now lets check for new moves…”

Ash whips out his Pokédex and scans his newly evolved Pokémon.

“Great, now Boldore use Earthquake!”

Since Excadrill used Dig to evade Boldore, Earthquake forced it to surface looking pretty tired.

“Now get him with Rock Blast!”

“Excadrill use Drill Run one more time!”

Excadrill gets in close with drill run and the two lock into combat.

“Rock Smash!”

“You two Excadrill, use Rock Smash!”

The two hit each other but Boldore triumphs and knocks Excadrill out.

Excadrill is unable to battle Boldore wins, the victor is Ash Ketchum!

“Alright guys!”

Clay awards Ash his fifth badge and they all head back to the Pokémon center.

“Well Master Ash I must say I am deeply impressed.”

“Thank you Salvia.”


“Yes Freesia?”

“We didn’t see you or the baby so we almost feared the worst!”

“Oh…. Please forgive me Freesia…”

“No princess it’s my fault…”

“As Dawn would say, no need to worry, everyone is just fine, please take the remainder of the afternoon off and relax.”

“Thank you Princess…”

“Ash would you join me in kids playroom down the hall?”

“Sure lemme just drop off my Pokémon with Nurse Joy…”



“Can we come?”

“Well I don’t see why not…”

While Ash drops off Dewott, Flygon, and Boldore with Nurse joy the sisters follow Salvia and let out some of their Pokémon for him to play with.

Ash comes in a moment later and Pikachu joins them.

“Alright, so Master Ash…”

“Salvia please, you can leave that whole Master thing off, it just feels awkward…”

“Alright… Ash so when do we leave?”

“What about Kyoya? He can’t come with us…”

“I understand that, and I don’t plan for him to remain with us, as he is going to spend time with my mother and father…”

“But doesn’t he need his mama?”

“Yes, but my parents have yet to spend time with him and now is a perfect to do so…”

“Speaking of parents Ash, have you bothered to tell yours that they are now officially grandparents?”


Unfortunately Ash disappeared from the room, and was flying down the hall to the video phones to make some calls.

(sigh…) “I swear his head would fall off if it weren’t already glued to his neck!”

The sisters sweat drop at Anabels comment and redirect there attention to playing with young Kyoya.

After twenty agonizing minutes Ash returns and is looking pale.

“So Ash I take it your mother was rather ecstatic about finding out?”

Ash nods and point to several lumps on his head.

“Where did you get those?”

“Dad used his aura to tell Akane to whack me upside the head about a good thirty times before I finally got her to stop.”

“So when do I get to meet Mrs. Ketchum?” Salvia asks coming up to Ash

“Oh my he’s so cute!!”

(sigh…) “Right now…”

Alex and Delia appear in the doorway, and start to flounder over there new grandson.

“Well Ash we cant say we didn’t warn you…”


“Ash.” Alex says with a stern voice

“Yes dad?”

“Despite your foolishness…”

Ash prepares for another thrashing and cringes as much as he can.

“Congratulations son.”

Ash looks up, and sees both his mother and father smiling.

“I'm so happy…”

“But mom, Anabel is having twins as well…”

A knock at the door is heard, but it’s answered before Ash can stop himself.

“This means my baby is growing up…”



“Yes Salvia?”

“I have more good news for you.”

“What is it?”

“My father has agreed to, after a meeting with you when we arrive at the palace, he has agreed to not only build us a home but also have it built in Pallet town!”


“Yes, but nothing will be set in stone until he sees you in person.”

“Salvia, thanks…”

Ash gives her a big hug and kiss.

“Alright everyone I say we celebrate! Not only to Ash’s victory but also, to new beginnings!” Alex says aloud

Delia hands Kyoya to Alex and flies out of the room.

She returns half an hour later and flies through the kitchen cooking up a storm with enough food to feed everyone in the center.

Within the hour, everyone has a plate and is eating up a storm.

“Thank you Mrs. Ketchum that was most delicious.” Salvia comments after wiping her mouth

“You’re welcome sweetie, I'm glad you liked it.”

Everyone finishes up and heads for bed, meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. Ketchum head back to Kanto with the help of Alex’s Gardevoir

“Your parents seem very nice Ash.”

“Thanks Salvia I look forward to meeting yours as well.”

The group falls asleep and enjoys the pleasant dreams 'til the new day.


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Now I'm still working on how he will actually catch them but overall by the end of Unova, he will have them all. Mainly due to the right half being mixed so he will catch most of them there. Also I still need help in writing the summaries otherwise they wont be put in due to the fact that its causing so much writers block. So if u want to help, get a hold of me somehow and let me know. I will give credit for your hard work. Also THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL series is now posted, goto my deviantart page. Under the same user name listed here. Or just look for the link on my profile. (Google searching helps too…). And read it if you have not done so. Thanks for continuing to follow me, now that my rant is over, I am going to take a nap.

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