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Castelia Daycare Services! by Vulpsis


Story Notes:

This will be a small series I plan to update every once in a while. The setting will be about a corrupt daycare that will ensure their success at any costs, expanding their business through any means...

Withered Fire

Joey's Gallade was sleeping inside his pokeball that laid in Juniper's lab atop a tray of Joey's other Pokemon. while he rested he began to have that dream about Gardevoir when she was Kirlia again... He dreamed of Kirlia and him inside that dark ominous room. She was bound and gagged right against his body but he couldn't move a muscle. He struggled and cried as she begged to get off of him, as she pleaded him not to deflower her innocence as gleaming eyes off in the shadows watched. Every time he wiggled or moved he brought her great pain while giving himself great pleasure and overtime she grew corrupted. She grew worse. Her eyes gleamed like those in the shadows before human hands reached out from the darkness that hid their figures and dragged her eye only to have her body replaced by the first pair of gleaming eyes.

At first she was as dark as the shadows and moved like liquid against his bounded body. The dark surreal substance seemed to corrode and corrupt it with its presence and filling his thoughts with naughty intentions. But as a psychic he grew resistant to this mental anguish and tried his best to take control into the situation, see more than what the nightmare restricted him to. As the days turned to weeks the inky presence gained features, colors and distinguishable sounds. The smooth drag of fabric, the sharp feeling of a claw. And the icy fur of a dark type... and after concentration and unlocking the inner memories of his mind he broke through the barriers that the amnesia put him through and he finally saw this presence for what it was.

That damn Sneasel from Castelia Daycare Services... he remembered it all now!

Then he finally woke up from his nightmare not with the sweat of fear, but with an indignant smile. He was going to get his revenge...

Bordeaux drove in the backseat with her master as he chattered away on the phone. Bordeaux is a Braixen, one imported from the fine region of Kalos and given as a gift to this man. He isn't just any man though, he's a star! He's a television actor that recently made it into a large Pokestar movie! And ever since he appeared in that soap opera movie under the character name Dalton he's been getting spammed with calls. Bordeaux would watch from around the corner back at home and see him occasionally yelling into his cellphone. She thought that the things they wanted him to appear in must have been so idiotic that he was furious that they bothered his time. It wasn't always like that though; sometimes he would weep while on a call too which just goes to show what kind of movies he was bound to show in! If the script or something was powerful enough to make him weep then it must be good!

Today was strange though; lots of strangers had packed up his stuff and her stuff too. He had bought her many outfits and costumes that were now packed and stored away but she was left with her witch outfit that he got her for Halloween just last week. It had a simple black and white color design with a white apron up front and yellow buttons that adorned the front. She also wore a tall pointy black hat that had sleeves cut into the rim of the hat so her ears could slip through them. She loved the outfit since it made her feel like a powerful little witch. She was fiddling with her stick in the back as she looked out the window towards the large buildings that reached for the sky and saw the masses of people traveling through its streets and sidewalks. She imagined casting powerful spells and wowing people with her abilities when she was in this outfit and she was itching to play around and try out some incantations she saw from a movie about witches and wizards. After a while she started to get a little bored and didn't notice that they were in the slums of Castelia now. She wondered if they were moving which made sense due to the people packing up both hers and his stuff and this was furthest she has been from home. Across the ocean and into the hustle and bustle of Castelia, her trainer must have gotten a movie deal here, she couldn't wait to see her new home!

"Driver stop here..." Her trainer said in a rather cold tone. Braixen looked over at his side as he got out of the limbo they drove in and gestured Bordeaux towards him.

"C'mon Bordeaux, let's go"

"Braaa!" She yipped happily and hopped out of the car. When she looked around though she was rather confused. They were in a dirty garbage infested alleyway! He clicked his tongue to call for her attention as he opened a door to some shady and dirty looking building. Were they going directly to the movie set? When they stepped into the building she grew even more confused. They were inside a fancy waiting room with empty fancy furniture and clean red carpet. He walked directly up to a rather young and attractive receptionist who was momentarily distracted with the monitor until she looked up and beamed at her master.

"Oh! It's you! Dylan right? From that one movie?" Her trainer nodded as he flashed a small smile, Bordeaux couldn't help but smile too. Now that he was getting more famous she would inevitably become popular too!

"I was told to expect you... oh is this your little critter?" she asked as she got up to look down at Bordeaux. She hid behind her master's leg and turned her head to look up at her, her paws holding onto him as he looked down and sighed.

"Yeah, sorry about the outfit. I tried to get her to take it off but she's rather attached to it... so is um Kenji around?"

"Yes sir, I'll call him right down. In the mean time could you deposit your Braixen into her pokeball?" Bordeaux looked up at her trainer with watery eyes. She was never put into her pokeball, and she didn't want to start now! He looked down at her with a sorrowful gaze and pulled it out of his shirt pocket.
"I'm sorry sweetie..."

Bordeaux felt her being go transparent as she was changed from data to matter through a beam of red light. When she felt her body become solid again she opened her eyes and saw who called her out, a Sneasel wearing a rather gaudy looking maid outfit. Bordeaux didn't bother to try and hide her disgust.

"Ew, what are you wearing?" She asked in a rather condescending tone. Sneasel laughed and lifted the ends of her black skirt with white frills underneath.

"It's our work outfit; I think it looks rather nice." Bordeaux sneered and turned her head away. She was shy around humans but with Pokemon it was a different matter for her.

"I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing..."

"Heh and you would rather wear that ridiculous outfit?" Bordeaux tilted her witchling hat towards the Sneasel.

"It's a lot more fashionable then that slutty looking outfit... anyways what am I doing here? Where's my master?" Sneasel gave her a rather unnerving smile when she asked.

"Don't worry, you'll see your real master soon enough... rest up for now. You'll be busy later" She then closed the door behind her leaving Bordeaux in the room by herself. She only scoffed and looked around the room.

"What a creep... and why did she say it like that?"

Sneasel took the elevator back down to the basement where Bobby was examining Braixen through a surveillance system that scrutinized every Pokemon in the entire daycare.

"You're going to take care of her... right?" Dylan asked Kenji as he accepted a stack of Pokemon cash from the owner of the Daycare.

"Of course, all we're going to do is breed her with Pokemon that have superior genes. She'll be kept in that room with occasional walks throughout the day. Nothing to worry about... as you can see we don't abuse our Pokemon." Dylan pocketed the cash and sighed. He didn't want to sell her but ever since his movie flop he couldn't get anymore acting gigs. He had to sell his stuff and move somewhere cheap in the slums of Castelia where he would probably get a blue collar job... if only he knew just how terrible of an idea it was to make a soap opera go movie...

"Alright... please take care of her... I'll see myself out."

"No you won't, you'll be escorted out by Zephyr here." Kenji told Dylan in a rather menacing tone. Kenji was obviously from Japanese descent and was a chubby wealthy man, one who held extreme power from his business. "You obviously know that the trafficking of Pokemon is looked down upon, so it would be wise to take an alternate exit through the back where a ride is waiting for you. Zephy could you?" Sneasel nodded and reached up a claw to Dylan's hand. Dylan nodded since he didn't want to argue against Kenji and was led through the back and into a garage that doubled as a mechanic shop. He couldn't help but feel like a criminal leaving this way... but he essentially was for selling Bordeaux to a place like THAT...

When Zephyr returned to Bobby's lab he passed her a box which caused her head to tilt in confusion.

"It's a present, I saw how that Braixen was acting towards you so I thought you would like to personally treat our new resident" Bobby said with a mischievous smile as the lights from all the computer screens glinted off his glasses and hid his eyes. Sneasel lifted the lid aside and saw what was inside. She couldn't help but grin at the little gift when she realized what he meant.

"I knew you'd love it you naughty maid you. Go on, I'll prep the fox for you on your way up." Zephyr nodded and left towards the elevator. On her way up she opened the gift and took a big whiff inside. A nostalgic smile formed on her lips when she recognized the scent.

"Oh Bobby... sometimes I wonder who spoils who more~"

Bordeaux Sat on the edge of the bed as she rocked her legs distractedly. What was taking her master so long? Why hasn't anyone come in yet? She figured she was in a type of daycare but this place was different. The walls were thick and prevented any noise escaping the room and the only window seemed to be made of some kind of glass that could withstand a lot of pressure. It was almost as if they were trying to hide her...

Then she heard it. The hissing sound of gas being spewed from the faucets up above. She looked up at the thin blue gas and thought the sprinkler system was messing up. But as soon as she breathed it in she recognized the sleepy spores' scent as it assaulted her nostrils and entered her system.

"Wh-what is... happening to me...?" She got as she tried to fight the dizzying sensation of falling while batting her eyes to try and stay awake. As she fell onto her knees the Braixen saw the door open. A couple of Weavile wearing protective face masks entered the room with a low stretcher. As she felt her weightless body be lifted onto the bed she saw the same Sneasel from earlier smiling at her with her claws at her hips, a smug smile of victory on her face...

When she woke up the first thing she felt was confusion. She wasn't sure if she was still dreaming since all she saw was darkness surrounding her. She tried to move her arms or legs but they were tied up. She tried to look down to see what was restraining her but she couldn't see! Bordeaux tried to call out her master's name but her mouth was being forcibly opened as some type of spherical object gagged her and turned her potential shouts for help into quiet pathetic indecipherable muffled noises. The panicking sensation took over her body as she wiggled and squirmed against her restraints so she could know what was going on.

"Ah you're finally awake... good!" She turned in the direction of that icy cold tone but still saw nothing. She tried to speak but the gag in her mouth made her question turn into muffled whimpers. She then heard the snap of a fabric ripping and saw the Sneasel again right in front of her face, her piercing red eyes having that same superior gaze from before.

"Mrf ffuu!" Bordeaux cried, trying to shout "it's you!". Zephyr laughed and dragged a claw across the fox's soft white furry neck and underneath her chin.
"Poor little obnoxious fox, sold be her trainer to be my new little Slut" Zephyr teased while emphasizing that last word. Bordeaux's eyes widened at that statement as she tried to shout "what" at Zephyr but the gag continued to impede her speech.

"Yes darling... your trainer flopped on the movies and was forced to sell everything he owned... including you!" Bordeaux's eyes began to leak with tears as she was hit with this Earth shattering news. She tried to shake her head, hoping that all of this was just an elaborate ruse for a movie and that he would come in to save the day.

"Yes he did my little vixen~. Now you're going to be our egg maker, and guess who's going to be giving you an egg?" Sneasel asked as she suddenly grabbed the Braixen by the sides and stood her up. Bordeaux stood only a couple inches higher than Zephyr and yet she felt so much smaller and weaker against the ice type. She wanted to badly to burn her up right now but her mouth was gagged and her paws were restrained so she couldn't grab her stick. When confronted with that question Bordeaux merely shook her head repeatedly time and time again but Zephyr held her head still with her sharp claws.

"It's me~" Before Braixen could even wonder how another female can mate with her she merely looked down in horror as Zephyr lifted her skirt to reveal a translucent strap on with a thick creamy liquid sloshing around inside. She tried to run away but the restraints on her legs merely made her fell on her stomach before Zephyr snapped off the tight black band that held them together. She then quickly held onto her sides as she moved and rubbed the dildo across her bushy yellow tail and against her dark black fur. Zephyr had to move up the skirt of Bordeaux's witch outfit to better find her sweet spot.

"Hehe, such a cute outfit you're wearing~ I wish I could just slash it all into bits of garbage as punishment for earlier... but it turns out our customers like your look and so I've been ordered not to ruin your outfit..." Bordeaux whimpered as she felt the thick shaft rub against her groin and ruffled through her sensitive fur before poking against her slit. As soon as she felt that a claw grabbed around her neck and pulled her back, Sneasel looking absolutely mad with power as she smiled at Bordeaux's misfortune.

"Don't you feel lucky!?" She spat into her ears before thrusting her cum filled dildo straight into Bordeaux.

She yelped out loud in pain as she tried to move forward and away from the Sneasel; but Zephyr held her close. Zephyr laughed as a dark colored liquid spilled onto the ground, the proof of Bordeaux's innocence now spilling away. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She shut her eyes and cried hoping this was all just a terrible nightmare. She never wanted her purity to be taken like this. She had always hoped to meet a dashing Delphox one day but before her thoughts could continue she cried out as she felt the pull and rough push of the strap on inside of her. Zephyr still held her by the head and pulled her closer which caused her back to arch from having her rear raised as well.

"Don't rest up, those berries you ate should be coming into effect any second now... soon you'll be begging for me to peg you like this again and again..." She whispered into Bordeaux's fluffy ears before pounding into her again. Bordeaux cried as she felt that thick shaft awaken her virgin nerves and cause a wave of pain to spread throughout her body time and time again.

The empty room echoed the sounds of their bodies meeting again and again. Zephyr finally let go of her grip around Bordeaux's head and let her fall onto the ground. Both her claws now held her by the sides just outside of her outfit as she banged against her raised up rear time and time again. The motions had caused Bordeaux's witchling hat slip past her perky ears and onto the cold dark floor. Her bushy tail drooped across Zephyr's shoulder as she grinned down at her prey, the small feminine Sneasel dominating the vixen with new gift. Eventually Bordeaux's pain began to dull and to her dismay brought a rather tingly sensation. Her gloomy cries were gradually becoming small quiet moans as her insides began to feel rather... wet from the constant thrusting she was being subjected to. She didn't want to believe her body but what that bitch of a Sneasel said was right. She closed her eyes in shame as she began to rock back against the movements, something that Zephyr noticed right away.

"Oh you're liking it now... aren't you? You little slut..." Bordeaux shook her head against the floor and gave a muffled response. She didn't want to accept it, she would rather deny it and take this shame to the grave but then Zephyr turned her body around and loomed over her, not once ceasing the constant thrusting of her strap on into Bordeaux.

"Don't lie to me you little witch! You love it and you know it..." She teased as she picked up the pace.

"Oh and did I forget to mention? My toy you're enjoying so much has some nice little functions inside... I'm sure you'll enjoy them..." As she said that Zephyr brought a claw back and activated a rather small switch to the side of the strap on. As soon as Bordeaux heard the click she inhaled through her nostrils in surprise of what she felt. Inside the damn cock was humming and vibrating. The buzzing feeling tickled her tight little insides and brought out more fluids from her pussy. Bordeaux's body raised as she tried to move away or cross her legs or something! She couldn't handle the sudden influx of overwhelming pleasure. She felt it as if she needed to pee but through her pussy instead. It raised up higher than that, she couldn't hold herself back as her body went through a series of spasms while her lady hole began to spew out her vaginal fluids all over Zephyr's groin and toy. Zephyr did nothing but laugh out loud as she stopped and deactivated the vibration as Bordeaux fell onto her back, eyes wide as she occasionally twitched.

"You little whore! You loved it didn't you! Hahahahaha! look at you, you didn't even survive ten seconds and you came all over the place!" Bordeaux's eyes relaxed finally as her mind finally was able to decipher Zephyr's words. She gave a muffled response which caused Zephyr to jokingly hold a claw over her ear.

"What was that? I can't hear you?" She then reached over, confident of what her response was as she unhooked the mouth gag she had placed on the fox.

"P-Please... do that again..." The smile on Zephyr's face could not possibly be wider.

"Oh? But thought you didn't like it? You were shaking your head in refusal just a minute ago... what happened?"
"I... I liked it... please... don't make me beg..." Zephyr laughed as Bordeaux's face flared up from shame and embarrassment.

"Fine... I won't make you beg... but I won't let you get off so easily either! Here..." Zephyr turned around and plugged the Braixen's stick from her bushy tail and brought it around to her. Bordeaux was confused as Zephyr offered it to her. After all, her arms were still bound, what could she possibly...

"Suck on it..." Bordeaux's eyes widened in disbelief from the order.

"Wh-what?!" Zephyr shook it a bit before bringing it closer to her lips.

"I said suck on it or I won't give you any more pleasure!" Bordeaux's eyes began to well up with tears again. Damn it, she could have burned the Sneasel up by now. She was an ice type and her mouth was free so she could easily attack and run away... she could...

Her body had betrayed her. Bordeaux leaned forward and parted her lips as she took in the twig. Zephyr smiled and chuckled triumphantly as she slid the stick in and out of her mouth, her hips slowly moving at the same pace.

"That's a good girl... she likes treating her masters... doesn't she?" Bordeaux wasn't sure what she meant by "masters" but she nodded all the same hoping it would bring her the reward she so desperately wanted. She whimpered in bliss as she felt that fake cock slip in and out of her lady parts, the dildo caressing those once virgin walls and bringing her insides a tingly pleasure that nothing else could mimic.

"Does she like sucking on her own wood?~" Zephyr teased on, the twig being crammed further into Bordeaux's mouth as she began to pick up the pace.

"mhmmm..." she moaned as she closed her eyes and took in the blissful pleasure of being used. She still felt her cheeks flare up from the embarrassment of being shamed like this but at this point it was too late to turn back...

"Good... now master is going to fuck your brains out and give you your egg!"

As soon as Zephyr finished her statement she brought back the twig and in one swift motion she flipped Bordeaux once again onto her belly. Bordeaux groaned out in pain but then quickly yipped in surprise as she felt the warm slick stick slowly enter her tail hole.

"W-what are you doing!?"
"You're a toy now! You have to be ready to be used in every single part and love it!" Zephyr snapped back as she activated the switch. Once Bordeaux felt the vibration from within her muscles quickly gave out and her upper half laid against floor as she raised her rear higher, her fluffy tail moving out of the way for easier access. Zephyr laughed out loud as she pulled the stick in and out of her tail hole, her hips thrusting into the fox's pussy as well as the sounds of the humming dildo and shlicking liquids combined and filled the room with Bordeaux's heated aroma. Bordeaux cried out in bliss and pleasure as she felt both her holes be assaulted by the dominant Sneasel, the massaging vibration caused her nerves to shiver and spasm as she felt her pussy clamp around the strap on making Zephyr put in more effort to thrust in and out.

"Hehe you're getting so tight now that I'm having trouble keeping up... good you can milk our clients with your high priced pussy in no time... I think we're almost done here..."

"No... don't..." Bordeaux begged when she heard those last words but Sneasel only laughed and stroked the back of her furry head.

"Hehe don't worry... we'll play again when its time for you to have a new egg... here let me fuck you so good that you'll never forget who took your virginity..." Bordeaux heard the clicking sound of a switch again and was unable to give a proper response as the vibration intensify. She could barely hold her rear up as her body was assaulted by the blissful tremors of the cock deep inside her pussy. Zephyr couldn't even pull back anymore from how suddenly her slit clamped around the pleasurable device as she drowned in yet another climax.

"Hehehe... so easily corrupted you noobies are... now time for your fertilization." Zephyr activated another switch and held the strap on still to make sure Bordeaux received it all. The spunk that was held inside her toy now shot and exploded straight into Bordeaux's womb, her lips curling into a smile as the creamy liquid shot into her. The seed had grown warm from being inside the fire type's pussy for so long but it was still potent, and because the fox was induced into a heat Zephyr had no doubts that she now held that proud Luxray's seed and thus was now pregnant with their child...

When Zephyr finally pulled out she detached the strap on and reached for a phone inside her apron. Bordeaux panted on the floor with a rather ecstatic smile on her face as her pussy dribbled with a mixture of semen and her love juices. Zephyr merely dialed a number and hung up after the second ring. Immediately the dark room became lit and Bordeaux saw that a camera had been recording their session this entire time.

"The old men had been watching you sweetie... and now they want their turn." Bordeaux said nothing as Zephyr reattached the mouth gag and the band that held her legs close together as Weavile came into the room with a stretcher again.

"Be careful with her... she's expecting~"

Gallade had escaped his Pokeball from Juniper's lab. Joey didn't care about him, he kept him and Gardevoir in the PC since the daycare visit and he was now sure that their early adventures meant nothing to him now since he quit being a trainer. He had saw a car drive a rather innocent looking man away from the Daycare. He focused and tuned into the man's mind. He saw a innocent looking Braixen being taken by those people and saw the basement. They had passed by the room where he and Gardevoir who was a Kirlia at the time was forced into. He couldn't just charge into the daycare... no along the way there were security. He saw a safe passage inside Dylan's mind but before he could read those thoughts Dylan moved just out of range. He had to follow him... he had to go inside and destroy the evil within and free all the Pokemon... he could only hope they were able to be saved... He hoped they didn't turn out like Gardevoir. He sighed as he began to remember the times back at the lab... the reason why he set out to deliver justice...

"Where are you going handsome?~" Gardevoir teased as she held him by the arm.

"Say... don't you want to make another egg Gallade?" Gallade had to toss out those perverted thoughts out of his head

"Gardevoir... quit it. You can't even have another egg anymore..."

"I know... they had me spayed like a house pet... but still... I want to feel your masculine body pumping into my..." Gallade pushed her away and turned his back against her. When they first came back all they did was mate time after time. Gardevoir's lust was insatiable and once upon a time so was his... but now his righteous mind had recovered... but hers...

"Gardevoir please... restrain yourself! I don't know what had gotten into us but now is the time we stopped!" Gardevoir only pouted as she looked away towards the other Pokemon...

"Fine if you won't..."

When Gallade finally regained his memories that were locked away from the Hypno's hypnosis he had set out that night to travel to the center. He materialized from the pokeball storage unit only to hear the transferring sound of another. He hoped it wasn't who he thought but the feminine voice defeated those hopes.

"Take me with you..."

"No... I can't take you the way you are."
"I want revenge too!" Gardevoir snapped. She had picked up on his mind's thought process and knew exactly where he was going and why.

"I... I can't. I can still feel your... desires seeping from your body..." Gardevoir pouted as she placed her arms on her hips before she dematerialized back into the pokeball... and that was the end of that...

Back in the present Gallade had teleported behind homes and kept a close eye on the car. He could have easily picked up the info he needed but he wanted to hear it from the guy's mouth. He wasn't a criminal but he was pretending to be just for cash and Gallade was going to teach him a lesson... As his mind went through possible scenarios he had hoped deep inside that Gardevoir would recover now that she knew too... and that could actually be mates not for lust... but for love.
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