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Castelia Daycare Services! by Vulpsis


Story Notes:

This will be a small series I plan to update every once in a while. The setting will be about a corrupt daycare that will ensure their success at any costs, expanding their business through any means...

Failed Fertilization

When Gallade left the lab Gardevoir followed close behind. She was quick and light on her feet and careful to keep a calm mind so that he wouldn't be able to detect her presence. Doing that was rather tough since his overwhelming feelings of indignant rage poured from his body and seethed into her mind like a poisonous gas. He was angry, he wanted revenge. He wanted to take down the daycare by himself. When they finally reached the big city Gardevoir stayed in the forest as Gallade trailed a vehicle that left from the daycare. Apparently the passenger in that car had just sold his Pokemon off and Gallade was going to pay him a visit to teach him a lesson...

When his presence finally faded away Gardevoir collapsed against a tree. Ever since that night her body had been craving for the same attention that she had received in that night long ago. She didn't know why back when she was a Kirlia since their memories were forcibly repressed but now that she knew she was suffering a dilemma. She wanted to help Gallade, she looked up to him like a bigger brother. But she didn't want the daycare to close down... and Gallade hadn't been giving her the attention she so desperately sought since the Professor and her helpers saw to it that she get fixed since they had produced so many eggs... She looked towards the large building that hid the depraved activities then looked towards the direction at which Gallade had left. What was she to do...?

"Here toss her in the room as her baby's daddy..." Zephyr ordered the other Weavile as she scooped up the fresh egg from the floor. The men were finally finished with her and left her stinking like a cum dumpster. Bordeaux the Braixen hovered with a blank stare in her eyes, her body wrapped and held by rope that slowly became untied as the Weavile workers did as instructed. Zephyr made her way to the elevator and went down a floor to Billy's lab to deliver the product. When the doors slid open she saw that he had a Riolu sitting on his desk looking rather confused. He turned around, his eyeglasses were shining from the dim glow of the machines before he pushed them up with a finger.

"Ah Zephyr, just in time. I might have one more playmate with you tonight if you think you can handle it." She tilted her head and raised the egg up with a single open claw. Billy put down a syringe as he plucked the egg and placed it atop a tray that housed various odd colored eggs of different sizes.

"hehe yes well done... Fennekins fetch a fine price out here since they're all the way from Kalos... anyways what do you say Zephy? We need a new batch of elite Lucario eggs and we only have one possible match at the moment." Zephyr looked up at the Riolu with a raised eye while the Riolu looked down at her in a rather confused and scared manner. Then she looked back at Billy and shrugged. Billy knew exactly what she meant and raised a finger.

"Aha! I know what you're trying to say! Riolu are incapable of producing eggs! But what I have here..." He made his way back to his desk and picked up the syringe. He then carefully raised one of Riolu's arms and injected the little pup with the unknown substance.

"This... If my theories are correct then with this hormone I might be able to speed up the biological process in baby Pokemon without them needing to evolve... in other words we might be able to fertilize any Pokemon without worrying about age!" Riolu squeaked a bit when she was injected and rubbed her arm, her round red eyes looking quite sad as she looked up at Billy then back to Zephyr who happened to have a wicked grin on her face.

"So what do you say? I already fed her a while ago so the heat will be coming in soon... Plus I know how much you love breaking into the noobies." Zephyr looked up at Billy and nodded.

His orders were very clear. She had the whole night planned for this poor pup. the Riolu followed her close behind and clung to her maid outfit as they rode the elevator back to the black room.
"What's going on? Why do you all want me to have an egg so badly?"

"Because sweety we just need more Lucario to give to people..." Zephyr replied feigning and innocent tone.

"Well how does it work?"

"You'll see sweetie... by the way you already know but I'm Zephyr... and you are?"

"Arcadia..." The Riolu replied with a shy smile. "Will it hurt?"

"A little at first... but you'll learn to love it~" The doors opened up and Arcadia was met with the blinding lights of the floor. She looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary. A flat steel table and some ropes dangling and lying around the floor. In fact she began to get a little worried, this place looked like a lair where a monster would come out from the shadows and gobble her up!

"Wh-what's going on?" Arcadia asked as she held onto the frills of Zephyr's outfit. She patted her head once as she smiled down at her, the way she stared only frightened her some more.

"You already know darling! You're going to give us an egg!" Zephyr reached down into the pocket of her apron and pulled out a couple of round steel circles held by a single chain...

Before Arcadia can even flee Zephyr managed to grab her by the arm and slap on one end of the handcuffs. She the pulled back by the chain and forced both her arms against her back, slapping the other end of the cold steel and throwing Arcadia onto the ground. Arcadia cried as she looked back, her round red eyes tearing up as she tried to stand up and run away despite being handcuffed but Zephyr jumped and bucked her legs around the young jackal's back, pinning her down as she took out her favorite toy...

"I know you're scared... and this is going to hurt a lot at first but trust me sweetie you'll learn to love it... you'll be our number one egg making machine~" Zephyr teased before getting off and flipping the Riolu onto her back.

"But first since you're so young... I have to get you prepared~" Arcadia tried to lean forward to see what Zephyr was going to do but then Zephyr's claw pushed her nosy head back against the ground before spreading her hind legs far, her flat long paws raised high in the air as Zephyr passed her nose across her virgin fur and took in the scent.

"A-AAH! Stop that! It... It feels weird! I don't like it!" Arcadia shrieked as her legs wiggled in the air, Zephyr's claws still holding them high up.

"I can't sweetie, it's my job to get you prepared!" She then passed her slender and warm tongue up across the Riolu's virgin lips which prompted the young jackal to give out a surprised gasp. Zephyr kept a firm grip on those legs as she sat on her knees, her head hunched forward as that initial lick was followed with several more, each brush was excruciatingly slow and thorough as she dabbled her warm viscous saliva across her still developing nerves and swelling clit. Arcadia's breathing was picking up as she panted and continued to struggle, her body rocking left to right as she tried to squirm away from all these funny feelings. The way Zephyr was licking her, it felt like she was tickling her but in such a weird way. Not a way that made you laugh, no the way her spit rubbed against her somehow made it feel like she needed to pee, but she didn't. Arcadia couldn't find the right words to describe this experience but she knew she didn't like it. Something about this wasn't right.

After a while Arcadia's tired body laid against the ground as Zephyr no longer held her legs up. Now her arms held her by her slender hips, Arcadia occasionally squeaking as the Sneasel's tongue went beyond simple licks and further explored her tight warm insides. The way her hole squeezed around her tongue made Zephyr think of how much the males will love her when they get their chance... her lips wrapped around her virgin hole and noisily slurped up the Riolu's fluids that were beginning to develop fast. (The aphrodisiac must kicking in...) Zephyr thought to herself as Arcadia's moans reveberated in the room.

"Please... stop... I need to..." Arcadia struggled to say as her shaking picked up once more. She was feeling a weird rising sensation, her whole body was heating up. It felt like a flame between her legs and Zephyr's tongue wasn't enough to put it out. Despite that she felt that urgent sensation like she needed to pee... except she didn't need to! It was different... it was stronger... and Zephyr's tongue was drawing it out. She couldn't do it here... she was a good Pokemon! She couldn't hold back... she...

Zephyr pulled back and covered her face with a claw when Arcadia's little body spasmed all over the place, a surprising amount of her lady juices squirting out and bathing the Sneasel in her scent as she let out a drawn out moan of bliss before laying still, her body occasionally twitching as half lidded eyes looked up at Zephyr, the Jackal's tongue lolling out as she caught her breath. Zephyr only laughed as this happened and brought up one of her many sharp nails to lick up whatever fluid trailed down.

"I thought you said you didn't like it? Naughty little Riolu~ You should be ready for now~" Zephry got up and took out something else from her apron. The strap on from earlier... cleaned and refueled for another round. Arcadia looked over and raised her head slightly in a weak manner.

"What... what is that?" She asked in between her exhausted breathing

"This is what's going inside of you so you can make us an egg!" She then strapped on the clear plastic dildo with the thick creamy seed injected inside and gripped it by the shaft as she teased the tip between Arcadia's moist legs. Arcadia cried out as she continued to struggle uselessly against the ground.

"No I don't want to make eggs! I don't want it to hurt!" She cried out, her arms uselessly bounded together and making her feel weak, useless and vulnerable. Zephyr only chuckled before she leaned over, the tip of the dildo ruffling against the thin wet fur that veiled her young virgin hole.

"Oh but you do! You just don't know it yet! Don't worry since you're young I'll be gentle... for this first time..." Zephyr chuckled before struggling to fit the thick plastic toy inside the small never stopped struggling. She bared her teeth as she rocked back and forth, her paws trying to kick Zephyr away before she finally snapped and flipped the Riolu back onto her stomach, an open claw slamming down and spanking her round rear causing her to shout out in pain.

"You... Behave... You... Little... Bitch!" Zephyr snapped as each word was followed by the loud sound of her hand smacking against the poor little pup's rear end, her blue fur showing a tint of red before Zephyr finally stopped to catch her breath, Arcadia doing nothing more than sobbing as she laid still, too tired and defeated to do anything more. Zephyr's lips widened to a smirk when she saw just how humiliated and obedient Arcadia was now and firmly gripped the shaft once more.

"Good girl... " She whispered before squeezing and forcing the toy to spread her walls apart, the phallic object slowly slid in aided by Arcadia's still moist insides. Zephyr still struggled as Arcadia let out a quiet prolonged cry of pain as she felt her undeveloped body be penetrated. Her rear was forced up in the air as her hind legs dangled upwards, Zephyr's maid outfit matting and forcing her lower half up as she tried to push the strap on further and further inside. She wasn't even an inch in when she felt the thin barrier of Arcadia's innocence get in the way. When the tip prodded against it Arcadia's body jolted upwards involuntarily only for her to let out a high pitch squeak when Zephyr spanked her rear again.
"Stay still!" She ordered as she leaned forward, the same claw reaching around her neck and pulling her head back. "This is going to hurt a lot... I'm sorry sweetie but don't worry... this will only happen once..."

"No... p-please..."

"Yes Arcadia... You will bare an egg tonight!" Zephyr then pulled back softly only to rock her body against Arcadia's, her body figuratively shattering into glass as the painful ripping of her virginity surged throughout her body and caused her upper half to raise as well as the dildo acted as support to keep her suspended in the air. Zephyr's laughs of merciless joy filled her ears as she struggled to take in even the lightest of breath, Arcadia couldn't handle this. Her mind was being torn into shards and just when she thought it couldn't get worse Zephyr stood up, Riolu's light and small frame sliding further down the strap on as gravity aided the object further inside her young tight walls, her nerves flaring up in response as they got more than what they craved. Zephyr then bucked upwards, the sound of Arcadia's fluids gushing and lubing up the phallic object filled the room as Zephyr's arms held the Riolu up in a hug.

"So light and so small, I love this feeling!" Zephyr taunted as Arcadia's painful cries died down to pathetic whimpers. "I love using Pokemon like you! I used to help bigger Pokemon do small critters like you but ever since I got this new toy, I felt a new sense of satisfaction in my work!" Zephyr bucked up again, her hips rocking back and forth as Arcadia's small body did nothing but slide down due to gravity. Her ears flopped in the air with each hump, her scent filled the room as the toy satisfied that flaming urge her nerves so desired despite the severe pain that satisfaction brought. "I love being the one in power, being the one in control! I'll fuck you until there's nothing else on your mind but being stuffed with my warm cum!" Zephyr laughed again as she pressed a button on the side of the strap on, the phallic object now giving off a low hum inside Arcadia which caused her body to tingle and buzz from the foreign sensation...

"A-Ahh... please no... This feeling..." Arcadia stuttered as her fluids began gushing out.

"Hehe such a wet and nasty Riolu! You can't deny your body's cravings Arcadia!" She teased as she continued to thrust in and out of the fighting type. Riolu's tiny body couldn't handle this sensory overload and before she could even process the realization her tiny body succumbed to another powerful orgasm, her love juices coming out like a fountain as the dildo was forced out from the force of her stream.

Zephyr's laughing was starting to get into her subconcious. Her face was bright red as she struggled to catch her breath once more. When she felt the buzzing of that phallic object go inside once more Arcadia was going to protest but by now she didn't feel no pain. Only that strange funny sensation that she couldn't understand. She didn't know if she wanted it or not, but her body did. Her body wasn't like this before tonight... she could tell that something about this place was changing her. Zephyr's claws brushed along her blue cheek and pulled her face so that they were staring eye to eye.

:"Remember who brought you into this world of satisfaction and lust little one... you'll meet no other who can give you more..." She then leaned down and kissed the Riolu, Arcadia's eyes opening wide upon the action but closing as she felt the vibration intensify. Her poor little body quivered as her little tongue was dwarfed by the Sneasel's as it slid past her lips and tasted every inch of her tasty mouth. Zephy pushed up once and pressed the final button, the warm and potent seed spilling right into her young womb and filling it beyond capacity...

She finally let Arcadia's body sag onto the ground, her poor light frame over used for her first time as Zephyr wiped her lips with the back of her hand and was catching her breath too.

"Hehe... you're holding an egg now... how do you feel?"

"I...I..." Suddenly a noise broke their little conversation, a loud static noise echoed across the empty room before Billy's voice boomed from an unseen speaker.

"Zephyr... this is Billy. I have some bad news. I can see through the scanners that she's not in fact carrying a baby." Zephyr looked up in the direction of one of the hidden cameras, she worked here so long and saw the many footage that she knew exactly where to look. She raised her arms exasperatedly, flicking the plastic dildo to show off its emptiness.

"Yes yes I know... but usually when subjected to the supplements the clients tend to be fertilized right away... but I'm watching and I'm seeing nothing being developed inside of her. Perhaps the formula is a failure... or perhaps the seed is bad. I'm not sure... but I know a way that will make us sure... fast." Zephyr raised an eye inquiringly until she heard the elevator doors open. She looked over her shoulder and saw a couple of Weavile lifting a rather awkward device. It looked like a steel seat with many buttons on the side. The tip had a leathery cushion and to her delight... a phallic tube with an opening in tip.

"Strap the Riolu to this device and try out various vials to see if it's either the seed or if she's still incapable of carrying. Be careful though and don't be too sudden." Billy said, his tone changing from a scientific point of view to a rather mischievous and naughty tone.

"Too much and you might drive that poor Riolu insane from sensory overload. That is all." Then the room fell silent once more...

The two Weavile presented a few different samples from their aprons which Zephyr quickly put away in hers before she turned and looked over at the Riolu. She was still panting, her eyes filled in with nothing more than lust as she realized what was going on now. She began to wonder what was occurring to her mind, just a little while ago she had wanted to do nothing more than run but now she was scared... and strangest of all wanting. Yearning. She was willing to do whatever Zephyr said. Zephyr waved off the two assistants who immediately bowed and turned back towards the elevator. She then helped Arcadia up to her feet, the exhausted jackal doing nothing more but leaning against Zephyr as her muscles gave up on her.

"Exhausted are we? It's too early to rest... the night is still young after all!"

"Yes... Zephyr..." Arcadia whimpered.

"No... call me master."

"Y-Yes... master..." A smiled curled onto her lips, the overwhelming sense of superiority filled Zephyr with delight.

"Good girl..."

Arcadia sat atop of the machine as Zephyr helped her up. The handcuffs were taken off now that Zephyr had trained her to be an obedient slave like all the others. Her paws pressed against the leathery cushion, her tiny body barely took up half the intended space as her small frame slid around the shockingly cold steel rod.

"A-Ahhh... i-it's cold..." Arcadia complained as she jumped back up in shock only to be met with a painful spank against her rear.

"Quiet and sit down Arcadia! It won't be cold for long!" Arcadia whimpered as she sat back down, her body shivering as the cold steel pipe rubbed along her yearning walls.

"Y-yes master."

"Good girl... now sit patiently as I try to figure this machine out..." Zephyr took out a single vial that contained a good amount of seed in it. She looked around and saw two slots side by side, one empty vial was already in place but the second slot was empty. Putting two to two together Zephyr installed the filled vial and was happy to hear the glass click into place. Now there was the matter of starting the machine up... which wasn't difficult at all since the button was big, red and had the word start printed on it. Without warning Arcadia she pressed the button and stepped back to watch, the steel machine coming to live as it rumble and shook in place. Arcadia gave out a surprised shriek as she felt the metal rod suddenly begin pumping in and out of her, the smooth steel texture began to swirl and rumble as she felt the warm cum move into her womb and somehow stay there. Her body shivered as she felt the rod let out a push of air which kept a single drop from spilling for several moments... only for the rod to suddenly suck in all the fluids. It was a strange and wonderful feeling, her insides quivered and wrapped around the contraption in delight as she gave out delighted moans.

"Y-yes... yes!" Zephyr smiled at Arcadia's sudden enthusiasm and watched as the two vials alternatively fill up and empty, the seed entering Arcadia's body only for it to leave again, the rod pistoning in and out of the young Riolu and giving her pleasure that no other can give.

Finally after several minutes the machine cooled to a stop... only for a loud negative buzzer noise to fill the room. Riolu let out a satisfied sigh, the seat below was bathed in her fluids as she began to grind against the cylindrical steel rod. Zephyr was a bit confused at the noise. She walked around and saw that the other side had a mini screen. A red X can be seen on it as the message "Fertilization Failed" underneath it. She tapped the screen to see if it would say anything else but then remembered she had other vials at her disposal. She walked around again and took out the filled vial, the other soiled vial disappearing into the machine and being replaced by a new clean and empty once.

"Very thorough Billy... your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me..." Zephyr muttered when she tossed the vial aside and popped in a new one.

"Wait master... I think I need to re-" Before she can finish her statement Zephyr pressed the red button again and the machine came to life once more. Arcadia couldn't do nothing but squeal as she felt the steel rod swirling and humming, blowing and sucking, pulling and thrusting. Her poor small body couldn't ejaculate anymore fluid and with each subsequent orgasm she hit her walls merely squeezed around the wet steel rod and attempted to suck it in further, her womb being filled and emptied again as the rod doubled as both a blower and a vacuum cleaner. The thick warm creamy seed was always filling her womb and coating her walls before the rod somehow sucked back in every drop to refill one vial only to empty it and pour the seed back in the other vial. Zephyr couldn't help but feel rather envious of Arcadia at the moment, her little body bobbed up and down and vibrated with the pistoning rod as her ears flapped up and down. Her eyes clamped shut as she did nothing but let loose her cries of bliss and pleasure that echoed throughout the empty room. Her body sagged when the machine stopped once more, only for the familiar negative buzzing noise filled the room. Zephyr frowned from frustration as she ejected the vial and quickly fished out another one.

"N-nooo... w-waittt..." She slammed the button again. The rod continued its thorough movements. Swirly smooth steel rubbed those craving nerves. The vibration satisfied her female G-spot. The piston movements sated her primal urges. The blowing tickled past her pussy and nerves that would otherwise never be reached. The sucking drew out her orgasm and prolonged the pleasurable experience to the point of heavenly pain. Her mind was melting. She couldn't process another word. She was no longer riding the machine, rather the machine was riding and using her now. The buzzer sounded once more. Fertilization failed. The clicking sound filled Arcadia's ears and even though she wanted to protest she could do nothing more but see Zephyr's frustrated face as she brought out yet another vial. Click! It's in place. Hum goes the machine. And repeat the entire process again and again until Arcadia finally blacked out...

When Arcadia woke up she heard the sounds of two Pokemon grunting and moaning. Her lids opened slowly as every inch of her body ached in a dull pain. She was in a rather nice and comfty room, like the one she was staying in until they brought her down, down below the depths of morality and into the pits of depravity. In the corner she saw the sources of the sounds. There was a Luxray... and he was pounding into a rather small and dainty looking Braixen.

"More... more... more..." The fox begged as the Luxray hunched over raised rear, his orbs flapping against her dark furred rear as the sound of his cock filling her up filled the room. Thap thap thap was all that Arcadia understood. As she got up the Braixen gave out a loud squeal of delight and slumped down, her face looking lifeless and yet satisfied as the Luxray pulled back his cum covered barbed cock, Bordeaux's once tight lips left gaping from his sheer size as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness. The Luxray prodded her once and gave a disappointed sigh...

"I'm still in need... hmmm?" He turned and glared over at Arcadia... who couldn't help but smile

"Please... my turn?"

Back down in the lab Zephyr watched as Billy examined his formula.

"This should have worked... well hypothetically. Maybe in time she'll be well developed... only way to be sure is to keep trying. That Luxray should keep her occupied..." Billy mumbled before sighing and standing up from his desk.

"Ah well... perfection takes practice. Zephyr this is the last job for you I swear. Can you go clean up the room? I don't want it to stink when I go walk through that place." Zephyr stared at him in disbelief and pointed towards the elevator, trying to ask why not just order the Weavile.

"It's late and they're already off. I know it's not a job you normally do but it would mean a lot to me. I'll make it up to you soon I promise, I have lots of new toys that will need testing in the future." Zephyr crossed her arms and glared up at him frustratedly before sighing and nodding.

"Thanks, that means a lot to me..." Zephyr waved him off with a claw as she headed towards the elevator.

When the doors closed nothing but the sounds of miscellaneous machines could be heard in the room for a while until a slender shadow appeared behind Billy.

"She didn't see you... that's good. So you're saying you can help us further achieve our goal?"

"That's right... with my help you won't have to rely on those weak supplements... And with this formula any possible exceptions will no longer apply..."

"We're doing fine using them though... is it really worth kicking Zephyr off?"

"How much do they cost? Don't you think your boss would be happy and give you that raise you so sought after after this? Besides... I have plenty of ways to thank you..."

"Yes... that tip will help us out a lot... but still she's been with me ever since she was hatched... I..."

"You're not getting attached are you?" Billy shook his head in denial which caused this unknown stranger to smile. It knew what to say to provoke whatever response it wanted... humans, Pokemon, there were no exceptions.

"Never! If you can prove yourself tonight then you have the job... but you will need some ways to help you out for tonight..."

"Hurry up with the prep... He will be coming soon... and when he does I will break down his and her mind down to mere fragments of what they used to be..."
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