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Academy Affairs by Drass


Story Notes:

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Mark finally gets the response from the Academy in regards to his additional partner application; though the new he receives isn't what he'd hoped for he still sets out to ensure Clara can be his partner.

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

A Challenge Before Us

I woke up to the sound of Clara giggling out loud and the familiar shape of Flare's muzzle pressing insistently at my thigh. "Alright I'm up." I grumbled as I sat up, though when I opened my eyes I saw Flare was really sniffing intently at the come stain peeking through the blankets rather than trying to wake me up. I froze, not sure how Flare was going to take the news he was no doubt figuring out right now. I looked to Clara to try and gauge what she was thinking but she was just smiling as she watched Flare sniff the mess. Eventually Flare stopped sniffing and looked up at me, then Clara, then back at me before finally giving a low woof and giving Clara a heavy lick on her cheek.

Clara giggled and turned to me. "You didn't need to worry Master," she said, "Flare isn't like humans that usually get jealous of sharing mates. He told me he used to have a lot of mates when you left him in the daycare before."

I blinked, staring at Clara in amazement. "Flare told you all that?" I asked, barely believing it as I looked to the massive dog sitting and panting happily in front of me.

Clara nodded. "We talk a lot."

I stared at Clara, not sure what to think of it all but at least feeling relieved that Flare was accepting of Clara and I. The sound of my cell phone ringing snapped me back to reality and I quickly hopped out of bed and snatched it off my dresser. "Hello?" I asked after flipping open the little silver device.

"Ah, Mark." The voice of my counselor answered. "Glad to hear you're awake on time for once."

I blushed, despite only hearing her through the phone. Mrs. Feld was assigned to be my personal counselor after I got approved to evolve Flare into an Arcanine, and she knew just how to poke at my faults; though she was never overly cruel about it. It was her job to guide me in training unusual pokemon for the department. "Sorry Ma'am." I stammered out. "Are you calling about my application for a second partner?" I asked, trying to sound professional.

"Yes, actually." She said. "but first I wanted to ask just what possessed you to try to take on that much extra work."

"Well," I started, looking down at Clara who was watching me with intense curiosity. "Let's just say she kind of found me and I felt we'd make a good team together."

An aggravated sigh echoed from the other end of the phone. "Mark, I don't have time for this. Having a partner outside the standards is enough work and you're barely keeping afloat with just that, but a second partner? And another nonstandard one at that?" she asked, sounding exasperated. "I know another Growlithe would have been redundant but you could have picked something like a spinarak, at least then we could get in touch with another department that uses them as a standard!"

I cringed. "Does this mean you're rejecting the application?" I asked nervously

"No." She answered resolutely. "Mark, as much as I criticize you, you have to realize that if I didn't think you had high potential I wouldn't have approved evolving your Growlithe in the first place."

"So then?" I asked, not sure what she was getting at.

"Mark, I'm not going to approve you right away." She said. "You're nowhere near responsible enough now, and from what I gather you haven't had a chance to train your new pokemon. So here's my offer: you have two weeks to train yourself and your pokemon, after which you'll have two tests. The'll be two very difficult field tests to check your ability to work with this Kirlia, and to check how you handle using two partners at once. You're going to have to take the work seriously if you want to have a shot at pulling this off. Though you could always pull your application and avoid the hassle if you want."

I grinned despite myself "No, I'll take your challenge Ma'am."

There was a pause on the other end, and though I couldn't see her, I knew she was smiling. "I'll get to work designing your field tests then. You better not disappoint me Mark, I expect your effort to match your ambition this time."

"I won't let you down." I assured her.

"Good." She responded right before hanging up on me.

I stared at my phone for a while, marveling at how Mrs. Feld could get to such a high position in the force with manners like that.

"so that's how a phone works." Clara spoke up, looking at the phone with wonder.

I couldn't help but chuckle, she was just like a little kid with how much she had to learn about human life. "yeah, and the woman at the other end had some good news for us." I said.

"What is it?" Clara asked excitedly. Flare was looking at me expectantly as well.

I explained the situation to Clara, who was unsure at first but after seeing the confidence I had in her quickly turned around and was feeling up to the challenge. Afterwards I prepared everyone's breakfast, letting Clara get a first taste of her new food. Thankfully she really liked it, and after we finished Flare and I said our goodbyes to Clara, as she still couldn't attend classes with me yet. We agreed to pick her up after classes and start training as soon as we could. Clara bid us farewell with a smile, seeming to take being left behind better than before.

Classes went slowly, it didn't help that I was itching to get back and start training with Clara. Flare seemed especially energetic during our PE class, running twice his usual laps around the field and making me set up twice as many attack dummies as usual for him to practice his close combat attack on. Afterward Flare was so exhausted that I had to put him back in his pokeball in order to get him off the field, much to the amusement of our coach. "I don't know what got into him today," coach commented, "but I hope it sticks."

Afterward, I headed to the cafeteria to get some lunch and hopefully chat with Sarah. Thankfully, she had barely started eating when I walked in. I brought her up to speed on what had happened since the beach: Clara getting her name, applying to make her my partner, and the challenge from Mrs. Feld in order to make that happen.

Sarah almost jumped out of her seat when she heard about the two week training period. "You're gonna need my help Mark." She said adamantly.

I blinked and stared at her, then her partner Spinarak sitting next to her. "I'm sorry," I started, "I know you know a lot more about training than me but Clara and spinarak don't exactly make good sparring partners, besides my Uncle told me to only have her go against specific pokemon for a while to improve her strongest abilities."

Sarah slammed her hands down on the table, scaring her partner bad enough to send him scuttling in circles. Though the way she was grinning showed she wasn't really mad. "That's exactly why you need my help."

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Your uncle is right, there's a special kind of training called effort value training, and usually it's only used by top competitive trainers who are very experienced." She said. "My family is mostly Ace trainers, I'm the odd girl out for wanting to be an officer. Whatever pokemon you need to have Clara spar against, I can borrow from one of my siblings or preferably my parents; though I might not need to. I have more pokemon than just Spinarak here you know; He's just the one I use as my partner."

I stared at her, trying to process everything she had just hit me with.

Seeing I was dazed, Sarah continued, "Look, just pick Clara up after you're done with classes and meet me at the beach. I'll be a little late because I'll have to do some research and make a trip to the pokemon center."

Seeing no reason to refuse such a generous offer I quickly agreed. We chatted about our families the rest of lunch hour before going our separate ways; me to my last lecture, and her to her apartment across town. My last class went somewhat faster than the previous, though the last five minutes seemed to last forever. I all but ran out the door after the bell rang, and jogged the whole way back home.

I opened the door to my apartment to the smell of citrus, and after a moment of confusion, I saw Clara hard at work cleaning the small kitchen. As stared I realized that this was the last thing she was cleaning, as the rest of the apartment had already been tidied up.

Sensing me, Clara turned around and smiled at me. "Welcome home Master, are you ready to start training?" she asked cheerfully.

I smiled back and explained Sarah's plan to her. She seemed unsure at the prospect of fighting other pokemon, but admitted she knew it would come to that and didn't have any real arguments against it. Locking the apartment behind us, we set out to the beach. Flare let himself out of his pokeball just as we were going past the officer academy, letting out a long yawn as he stretched his legs. He must have had one heck of a power nap in there. Clara brought Flare up to speed silently with her psychic powers, imparting the knowledge instantly with a blue flash of her eyes. Flare barked happily and prompted Clara to ride on his back the rest of the walk.

We arrived at the beach ahead of time, and I decided to try out one of my old training methods to pass the time. I quickly climbed my way up one of the many palm trees lining the edge of the beach and pulled down a few green coconuts. Clara looked at me, curious as to what I was planning. Flare was wagging his tail eagerly, knowing exactly what I had planned.

I picked up one of the coconuts and held it high. "Me and Flare used to do this back when he was a Growlithe to practice his flame thrower attack." I said. To demonstrate my point I wound up to pitch the coconut, Flare being in sync with me was already sprinting for the far side of the beach and had put some distance between us by the time I flung the coconut at him as hard as I could. The coconut only made it halfway to flare before being incinerated by the intense flame he spewed from his mouth. All that remained when Flare let up on the flame was a trickle of ash gently falling to the sand.

Clara jumped up and down clapping at the impressive display, but froze up at the realization that I'd be pitching the heavy fruit at her next.

Seeing her worry I spoke up. "don't worry, I won't throw it nearly that hard and I won't pitch it directly at you." I took a few steps back, holding up the coconut. "To start out, I'm just going to toss the coconut to you, and you're gonna try to catch it with your telekinesis."

Clara nodded, understanding as she took a more ready pose, spreading her stance and putting her arms out in front of her. Seeing she was ready I lobbed the coconut high, aiming for it to fall a few feet in front of her. As it made its descent Clara twitched her arms, though instead of stopping the coconut she merely slowed its descent before it hit the sand. I reassured her and told her to try again as I lobbed another. We kept up this pattern until about the sixth or seventh attempt she managed to stop it in midair. I applauded her and Flare barked happily, running around excitedly.

We kept practicing until Sarah showed up, wearing a completely different outfit than her officer uniform. She was wearing a simple tanktop with a pokeball necklace, a single strap backpack, and cargo shorts; on her belt were six shiny pokeballs all lined up in easy reach. "Why did you opt for being an officer rather than a trainer? You certainly look the part." I asked her.

She chuckled "Because I wanted to help people. Besides, I'm still technically a fully licensed trainer so I can take on the league if I ever get bored with the officer thing" she joked.

Clara smiled and waved at Sarah from her spot on the beach, where she was currently attempting to psychically juggle some coconuts with little success. She let them fall from the air as she quickly ran up to us. Clara happily greeted Sarah and asked how she was and after the pleasantries we got down to business. I had to explain which of her abilities I was referring to when I would yell things like "Psychic", "Psybeam", "Dream Eater", or "Hypnosis", but once I explained the human names for them she caught on and we assumed our positions opposite each other on the beach. I have to admit, the determined look in Sarah's eyes as she carefully picked her first pokemon was quite intimidating and left me with no doubt that she knew what she was doing.

"Go, Esper!" She yelled, flinging a pokeball as it expanded. The bright flash as the ball hit the sand revealed a purple fox with a spilt tail appearing on the beach. Sarah deftly caught the pokeball on the rebound as the pokemon stretched and took a battle pose.

"That's an Espeon isn't it?" I asked, amazed she had such a rare pokemon.

Sarah looked surprised "Yeah, how did you know that?" she asked.

I chuckled "I spent so much time with my uncle growing up I could probably open up my own business breeding if I had the resources." I turned to Clara at my side, who looked nervous. "Don't worry, we're all friends here. No one's gonna really hurt you." I reassured her.

"O-okay..." She responded, trying to relax. "I'm ready"

"alright, go Clara!" I shouted, Clara dashed out to meet Esper on the sand.

"Ready?" Sarah asked as Esper fidgeted in place, eager to get started.

"Yup!" I shouted back, Clara took a ready stance.

"Esper, use Psychic!" Sara shouted, sending the purple fox dashing forward before halting a few feet from Clara and picking her up with telekinesis. Clara squealed and flailed in the air.

"Clara, try to hit her with a psybeam!" I shouted. Clara pivoted as best she could in the air and brought her hands to her forehead before unleashing a bolt of rainbow lightning from between them, hitting Esper in her flank, causing the fox to yelp and jump back, letting Clara plop back down to the sand. Clara landed on her butt, but quickly regained her feet, looking more confidant now that she knew she could land a decent hit on her opponent.

"good shot Clara!" Sarah called before ordering her next attack "Esper, use Hidden power!"

Esper let out a low growl as orbs of light appeared all around her, glowing a faint orange. Suddenly she let out a yip as the orbs all launched from place and flew towards Clara.

"Clara, use Psychic to deflect them!" I shouted.

Clara crouched down as the orbs drew close and let out a psychic pulse just before they hit. About half the balls flew off and faded, however she missed the rest with the puls and they crashed into her, knocking her back into the sand.

"Clara, you all right?" I shouted. To my surprise I heard Clara start laughing as she picked herself up and took a fighting stance again, looking determined as she wiped sand off her cheek.

Sarah grinned from across the beach "She's got the hang of it now" She shouted "guess I can stop holding back now"

Clara let out an enthused battle cry at the challenge, grinning as she stared down her sparring partner.

"Esper, time to get serious!" Sarah called, eliciting a yip from the fox. "Hit her with Signal beam!"

The fox leapt back before launching a rainbow beam of light from the gem on it's forehead, hitting Clara square in the chest before either of us could react. Clara flew a few feet back from the ipact hitting the sand hard and letting out a small moan as she lay dazed in the sand.

I ran to Clara's side as fast as I could. "Clara, you okay?" I asked, worried.

"Y-yes" Clara responded, gritting her teeth as she slowly picked herself up, brushing the sand from her skirt as she panted and took a shaky battle stance.

"You want to keep going? It's fine if you want to call it a day now." I asked her

She shook her head. "Master, we can do this."

"You sure?" I asked her.

She smiled up at me weakly. "Remember last night master?" she asked "We can use dreams to beat her" she said.

I blushed, remembering our intimacy the night before, but nodded as I understood her plan.

"You gonna keep going?" Sarah asked as Esper patiently licked it's paws.

"Yeah, don't go easy on us either" I called, returning to my original spot.

"Alright, Esper use Calm Mind!" Sarah called. The fox responded by crouching down and closing its eyes as it focused, a blue aura slowly surrounding it.

I grinned, seeing the opening we needed so early was some insane luck "Clara, you know what to do!" I shouted

Clara leapt forward, drawing close to the fox before flinging her arms forward and sending out a special psychic pulse. It landed a direct hit on Esper, causing the fox the fall over to her side, snoring heavily.

"What!?" Sarah shouted, caught off guard.

"Now finish the match with Dream Eater!" I shouted.

Clara and Esper both began glowing with a purple aura as Clara sapped the fox's energy slowly but surely.

"Esper!" Sarah called out, but the fox didn't respond, she only lay there growling in her sleep as her dreams slowly turned sour.

"Yeah!" I shouted, amazed we managed to pull it off.

Sarah growled to herself before pulling a pokeball from her belt and unleashing a red beam at her pokemon "Esper, return!" she called. As her pokemon disappeared. She stared down at her pokeball for a long time before looking up at Clara. "That was amazing, Clara. Really" She said, smiling.

Clara smiled back. "Thank you, Sarah, though you'll probably win next time though" She said, blushing.

"Don't count yourself out yet." Sarah said, Pulling another pokeball from her belt. She flung the new pokeball as she called out "Go, Marry!"

A flash revealed what appeared to be a pink sheep standing upright as Sarah again caught the pokeball on the rebound. Clara leapt back to our half of the makeshift arena to give the new challenger space.

"That's got to be a Flaafy..." I mumbled to myself "Clara, you good for another match?" I asked her, worried that she was still hurting from getting hit by that signal beam attack.

She chuckled "I got my energy back from Esper, Master. I'm more than Good!"

"Alright, let's go then!" I shouted, feeling psyched up for the battle.

"Marry, use thunderbolt!" Sarah shouted. The sheep responded by suddenly glowing as a long bolt of electricity surged from it to Clara, connecting almost instantly. Clara cried out as the powerful shock hit her, collapsing to one knee as it let up.

"Clara, use psybeam to put some distance between you two!" I called out frantically. Clara brought her hands to her head , but right as she was about to let the attack loose Sarah called out to Marry to dodge and get in close for a thunder wave. Marry deftly sidestepped the beam's path as Clara let it fly, and rushed up to her as it's fur began glowing with a massive electric charge. The sheep unleashed the sharge in a shockwave shape as it drew close, hitting causing Clara to cry out and collapse as all her muscles went limp.

"Yeah!" Sarah shouted out victoriously; though her celebration was cut short as a blue flash from Clara's eyes caused Marry to collapse limp as well. "What!?" Sarah yelled unbelievingly.

"Clara, are you okay?" I called out.

"I can't move" She replied calmly "but I made it so Marry can't either. I guess we both lose?" she asked, unsure what to make of the stalemate.

Sarah, held her forehead laughing to herself. "It's called a draw Clara, no one wins or loses this time." She said. "You're just full of surprises by the way, I have to commend that"

"Thank you" Clara said, blushing despite her paralysis. "What do we do now?" she asked.

I spoke as I walked to her, noticing the sun was getting low in the sky. "Well now we have to make a trip to the pokemon center to fix the paralysis, which means I'm gonna have to carry you there."

Sarah withdrew her pokemon after thanking it for its good work and jogged to meet me in the middle of the beach. After a short congratulatory speech, we headed to the bus stop to hitch a ride across town to the pokemon center. Clara expressed excitement for riding in a bus for the first time as she lay limp in my arms. I had to put Flare in his pokeball in order to get on the bus, and once on I sat Clara in my lap so she could see out the window. She could at least move her eyes to look around at the scenery that passed by. She grew oddly quiet the longer she sat in my lap and I noticed she was blushing again, I wondered what was up, but decided not to ask her what was wrong quite yet.

The bus ride was short, and so was the line at the pokemon center. Before long we were in to see the nurse, who was oddly cheerful for someone who spent their days patching up beat up pokemon. She gave Clara a short physical examination as she left Sarah's pokeballs in the odd machine to heal them. After her cursory examination she said she didn't have anything to fix paralysis unless she was in a pokeball, and I embarrassingly admitted that Clara didn't have one. The nurse looked at me stunned, then back at Clara.

"You mean you found her like this?" she asked confused.

"No, she's my pokemon. She just doesn't have a pokeball." I explained.

"And she listens to you?" the nurse asked unbelieveingly.

Clara spoke up psychically to try to quell her "Miss Nurse, Mark is my Master and partner. I don't need a little ball to tell me to listen to him."

The nurse went quiet for a while before speaking. "well, as this is a rare case I'm not sure how to go about fixing the paralysis, though since it did come from an electric based attack the effects should wear off by tomorrow morning, I'm sorry I can't do better than that."

We thanked the nurse for her time as Sarah clipped each of her pokeballs back onto her belt. Outside the pokemon center, we said our goodbyes and agreed to meet at the same place and same time tomorrow for more training. It was getting dark as we got on separate busses to head back to our respective apartments, and I let Clara sit on my lap again on the ride home. Again I noticed her blushing and being oddly quiet throughout the ride. Once we got to our stop I carried Clara the rest of the way home and once inside our apartment I asked her what was wrong.

"M-master...." She started, but trailed off.

I carried her to the bedroom and propped her up on the bed against a pillow so she was sitting comfortably. "It's okay, you can tell me." I said, smiling as I carefully set Flare's pokeball down on his bed.

"I really liked sitting in your lap..." She said quietly "being that close to you made me feel so warm"

I smiled and leaned down to hug her, causing her to blush. "Would you like to sit on my lap again?" I asked.

"Y-yes please" she said. After some minor tweaks we were both sitting comfortably on the bed: me propped up against the pillows, and her leaning against my chest. "Thank you master" she said shyly. We sat together quietly for a long time, and the warmth of her body was so comfortable that I started to drift off to sleep until Clara spoke up again, this time urgently. "I'm sorry master" she was blushing deeply, and it took me a moment to realize why. It turns out that her eyes weren't the only thing not paralyzed, as she was pitching a small tent in her skirt.

I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her to try and comfort her. "Its okay Clara, you don't need to be ashamed of it."

"B-but it's ugly and also rude for me to get horny from thinking about you!" she stammered out, blushing deeper.

"You got like this thinking about me?" I asked, staring at the bulge in her skirt.

"I-I'm sorry Master..." She whimpered.

"It's perfectly fine to think about me like that Clara" I said as I held her tight for a while, but sensing it wasn't enough to prove my point I let my hand slip down her belly to the bulge.

"P-please don't Master, It's ugly..." She whimpered, judging from the way it was twitching she probably had other thoughts. It then occurred to me that I had yet to get a clear view of her mismatched genetalia.

I backed my hand up to her chest again "Come on now Clara, it can't be that bad. Please let me see?"

"B-but..." she trailed off

"I promise I won't laugh or anything like that," I said, "I really want to see"

She was quiet for a long time before finally speaking "O-okay..."

I kissed her neck as I slowly slid my hand back down to her bulge, giving it a few gently squeazes before parting her skirt to fully reveal it. It was a pink, smooth shaft, tapered at the tip which was drizzling a steady stream of pre. It was slightly longer than my middle finger and an inch thick at the base. I could see Clara's cheeks were blooming bright red, but she didn't tell me to stop. Slowly, I took her member in my hand and started caressing it, my hand quickly getting slick with all the pre. I started stroking her slowly, causing even more pre to escape. I could hear her breath growing ragged despite the paralysis and moved my hand faster, gradually picking up speed until I was jerking her off at a decent pace. Her breath grew heavier and heavier, and from the weak thrusting of her hips I could tell the paralysis was starting to wear off as well. I reached down below her shaft with my free hand and found a relatively small sack there, and I began gently fondling her testes as I continued to stroke her. Before long the paralysis had worn off enough for me hear her moaning as her hip movements increased. She weakly moved her hand to her mouth and bit her knuckle, trying to stifle the embarrassing noise with little success. All off a sudden her moaning rose to a peak as she weakly shuddered and started squirting small globs of cum all over my hand and her chest. I slowed down and gently let go of her member as she sunk into the afterglow, staring at the streaks of spunk on my hand. I went to wipe it off on the sheets, but she weakly grabbed my wrist and bought my hand to her mouth where she started diligently licking it clean. I blushed at the display, but let her finish, which she did with a contented sigh.

"Thank you Master" She said weakly, then tentatively added "I can feel you're hard now too..."

I blushed realizing she was right. "It's fine, Clara, it'll go down before long" I said, trying to sound reassuring.

Clara shook her head "No, I want to help you"

"You sure you're feeling well enough?" I asked, trying not to let horniness get in the way of my better judgment.

Clara simply smiled and crawled off me and down between my legs, where she quickly managed to unbuckle my belt and pull my pants down partway. I blushed and scooted back a bit so she could fully remove my pants, and was surprised when she stole my boxers as well, seeing her smile at my fully naked lower half I figured I might as well lose my shirt and pulled it off as well. In the brief moment when I had my shirt above my head I felt some invisible force grab my arms and move them behind my back where my shirt suddenly pulled tight around them. I tugged at the makeshift restraints and found them too tight to break. For some reason being unable to stop Clara from doing whatever she wanted to me made me all the more horny, adding even more blood to my already throbbing erection. Clara smiled as she took my shaft in her hand, sending a shiver up my spine as she started slowly stroking it up and down. She rubbed the tip with her other hand, occasionally pausing to lean down and lick the pre from it. Before long she had me panting and twitching my hips with her slow teasing, and seeing my desperation, she grinned and slowly took the tip of my member in her mouth. She sucked on me gently continuing to tease me closer and closer until I saw her wipe her hand on her chest, collecting some of her leftover seed, and before I could figure out what she was up to I felt her rubbing it across my asshole. I moaned an twitched my hips more, but she refused to take any more of me in her mouth, instead using her slippery spunk as lube as she started slipping her thin fingers in and out of me.

"Master likes things back here doesn't he?" she asked, already knowing the answer. I nodded weakly and felt her smile around my cock. She let a bit more of me slide into her mouth as she fingered my ass faster, eventually finding my prostate, and once she did she never let up on it. She worked my spot with unnatural skill as she gently sucked on my member. I laid there panting and moaning, unable to do anything but enjoy it as she serviced me. She started fingering me faster and faster, working my spot as hard as she could until I couldn't take it anymore. Sensing I was close, she took as much of my shaft into her mouth as she could as I started cumming. She caught every last drop, not letting any spill as I unloaded into her mouth. I panted hard as my orgasm came to an end and Clara carefully rose off my member. She opened her mouth to let me see her mouth full of my cum before swallowing all of it in one big gulp. I breathed heavily, feeling exhausted as Clara climbed onto my chest and kissed me deeply on the lips before laying there and wrapping her arms around my neck. We laid there for a while until our body heat wasn't enough to keep the cold of night off of us, after which Clara released my arms and we crawled under the sheets together. Both of us quickly fell asleep there, content in each other's arms.
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