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Story Notes:

There will be several dark/sickening moments to come in later Chapters. Rest assured, things will balance out by the ending.

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Author's Chapter Notes:

A flashback from Gardevoir sheds some light on a rather unpleasant experience, followed by a shocking twist from an unexpected source...

Current roster; Gardevoir(f), Blaziken(f), Absol(f), Mightyena(f).

Starting Anew

The afternoon sun shone over the eastern half of the Hoenn Region where Route 121 and Route 120 merged, casting refreshing warmth across the land, bathing the trees and grass with photosynthetic energy. If one were to veer along the southern edge of Route 121 they would find a partially hidden pathway and after a 15-minute stroll arrive at a recently opened Pokémon Breeding Center--named “Ditto Breeders”. The building itself wasn’t hard to get to, but some Trainers avoided the area because of the Pokémon that had flocked there, a few actually serving as guardians to the establishment. These Guardian Pokémon were ridiculously strong when compared to the local Pokémon, and they had been known to stalk anyone walking down the path, and would attack unless they either turned back to the main Route or had a special pass. Some Trainers have tried to get by without the pass, but were not prepared for the even stronger Guardians. A few of the lucky Trainers had inquired as to why there was such a security force; turns out that the owners have the only two Ditto in all of Hoenn, and the resulting offspring had very unique characteristics that some Trainers and even thieves wanted for their own selfish reasons.

Right now, an unaware Trainer--alone with his Swellow--had gone down that very path. He had unintentionally snuck past the first Guardian, only to run into the second Guardian, a gruff-looking Septile, that was not only able to take down the flyer, but had done so while taking very little damage. As the Trainer sank to his knees in defeat, the Septile gave him a small pile of berries then pointed back to the main road while shaking his head then jumped up and vanished in the overhead foliage. The Trainer looked up after him in disbelief then hung his head as he recalled his fainted Pokémon while gathering the berries and started to go back.

As he reached Route 121, a very young-looking female Trainer was making her way towards him, a Blaziken by her side. She looked to be maybe in her pre-teens; her flawless skin, short dark-brown hair, and what seemed to be still budding 30B-cup breasts contributed to her younger appearance, whereas her glimmering hazel-green eyes and shapely curves made her more mature appearing. Yet despite that, she stood a mere 4’2”--two feet shorter than her Blaziken. Though taller still than the Septile by a foot, the fully evolved starter looked up--or down technically--with the upmost respect. The girl’s clothing consisted of a simple dark-green short-sleeved t-shirt under an unzipped hooded light-green vest, her denim cargo shorts ending just past her knees, the pockets on her thighs carrying small items while her gray messenger bag held the larger items.

“Hey wait! I wouldn’t go that way!” he called out as he watched her go past him and into the forested path he just came from. “They’re some crazy strong Pokémon down that way. My Swellow just got beaten into a near-pulp in no time--despite having the type advantage!”

“Oh that’s okay; I’ll be fine. I’m being expected down there anyways,” she calmly said, her voice being that of a mature young lady. She pulling out a pink medallion and showed it to him, “If you have one of these they won’t bother you--in fact, they’ll even help you reach the end.”

“Oh, they’ll help you if you have one of those? What’s down there? Can you take me with you?” he pleaded, eyes lit up.

“Sorry, it’s invite only, and I can’t tell you. But, should you ever find out and get invited then the secrecy will be worth it. I gotta go now. Bye!” she said and waved as she turned to leave, jumping a little as she nearly ran face-to-face with the Septile. It gave the other Trainer a quick glare--who continued making his way to the nearest PokéCenter--then regarded the girl. “Oh! I’m just making my way back,” she explained as she held out the medallion, the Septile taking a moment to look at it, then stepped back and extended an arm out and bowed in a gentlemanly manner as he offered his paw out to her. “No thanks. I appreciate the offer but I’ll take the long way and walk.”

“Septile sep,” he chirped as he nodded his understanding and once again hopped away into the overhead cover of leaves, remaining motionless as he blended in with his element and kept his silent vigil.

“Well let’s get going. They’re expecting us soon,” the girl said to her companion and the two walked on. As they walked down the path before them, they discussed and mapped out where they would be going after they reached their destination, Ditto Breeders. After showing her pass to the two remaining Guardians that they came across, both Trainer and Pokémon were able to arrive untouched. Once they stepped into the building, they were greeted by the owners and then led into the one of the many rooms. They stopped at one and were permitted to enter, where the Trainer smiled as she walked over to the occupied bed, where another one of her Pokémon was, face buried in a book.

‘Abigail, please do NOT let me have to deal with that ever again...’ the figure on the bed, a Gardevoir, said through her re-established telepathic link with the girl. ‘You would not believe what happened.’ Even though her face was hidden from view by the book, her tone made it clear something had occurred that she would never want to happen again.

“You wanna talk about it, Kervona?” Abigail inquired as she sat down on the bed, already having a worried expression as she addressed her reading Gardevoir. Her concern and compassion was always a welcoming feeling to the Embrace Pokémon, and Abigail knew it. Her love was strong for all of her Pokémon, and she often spoiled them because of it, but only to a respectable degree; and the Pokémon never took advantage of her love and generosity.

Kervona sighed and lowered her book, her ruby eyes gleaming behind a pair of WiseGlasses, ‘May as well tell you everything. Bring out the others, so I won’t have to explain again,’ she tucked in a bookmark and slipped the glasses off, setting them down on the nightstand as Abigail called out the final two members of her traveling companions, a Mightyena and Absol. Both Dark-Type canines gave each other a brief and affectionate glance as they shook of the small daze brought on from being confined to their Pokéballs for most of the day.

“Where are we now?” the Absol, nicknamed Miyuki, asked as she looked around the room.

“Ugh, smells like sex around here...” commented the Mightyena, known as Shensi, to the others as she started to breathe from her mouth to avoid breathing in the scent further.

“We’re back at that breeding place,” Mirabar the Blaziken spoke up from the corner, leaning against the wall with her arms folded across her chest. She always seemed off to everyone, but given her being a Fire-/Fighting-Type she did not need to justify her tough exterior--they all knew she had a caring heart under those crimson feathers of hers.

“That’s right. And Kervona was gonna tell us how it went,” Abigail spoke up as she stood up then sat on the floor with the others, forming a half-circle with Abigail next to Kervona, Mirabar next to her, then Shensi followed by Miyuki. Turning to face the Gardevoir she added, “That is, if you still wanna.”

Just before Gardevoir opened her mouth to speak one of the owners knocked and made an inquiry concerning the extra voices, to which Abigail explained that with the Gardevoir’s help the others learned how to speak English. Satisfied with the swift and honest reply, the co-owner closed the door as he left, going to tend to the other clients.  The Gardevoir took a calming breath as a blue flare from her eyes encased everyone in the room with a telepathic field, allowing them to share the memory the Kervona was recalling--as much as she wished she could forget it.

 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

 “Just leave everything to us. Come back in a few hours and everything will be taken care of,” one of the owners of Ditto Breeders called out as he and his co-owner waved, Abigail’s Gardevoir next to the humans and a pair of Ditto at their feet. Once they all headed in, Kervona cut off the telepathic bridge between her and Abigail’s minds--so as to spare her supposed innocence--while being led through a few hallways and to the room that was to become hers for the not only the next few hours, but the rest of the day as well.

The accommodations were pleasant enough, and she quickly settled in, adding her few items from a small bag she had been wearing to the decorum. Satisfied that this would be a pleasant stay, she stepped into the bathroom to freshen up and shower. When she got out and had dried herself off there was a knock on her door, almost as if on cue. She took a deep breath to calm herself and gazed at her reflection in the full-length mirror and smiled sweetly as she gave herself a good once over. She was satisfied with how her body had developed, and she knew she could have any male--and female--she ever wanted, even though she didn’t put out. The knock sounded again, snapping her out of her thoughts and causing her to lose a quiet growl, knowing that the one knocking was there for only one reason; which was why she was here in the first place.

“I’m coming,” she nearly shouted through the door as she approached, already somewhat apprehensive about what was to transpire. She could sense the knocker’s single-mindedness as she drew closer, and it made her more reluctant to go through with it. She put on a brave face and feigned a pleasant smile as she allowed the visitor in, blinking and blushing mildly as she was greeted not by one of the Ditto as she expected; but a strikingly handsome Gallade, his crimson eyes staring right into her ruby-colored orbs. Even though the image before her was that of a Gallade, the Gardevoir knew for a fact and could sense that the being before her was a Ditto in the form of the male equivalent of her species.

“I take it you like this form? Not that it matters much to me; I can change into whatever you want,” he said as he gave her a once over, her mild blushing being a small sign of how she liked his current form. “May I come in then? Or are you the type that prefers a more ‘rough-n-tough’ approach?” he asked semi-playfully, accenting the question by getting into a mock fighting stance.

The Gardevoir merely shock her head and opened the door more as she took a step back to allow him in. “No, you can come in. Can I get you anything? Or did you just wanna get started?” she asked as he walked in, closing the door after him and going over to the bed and sitting.

“Nah; let’s just get started then, uh... You got a name? Or should we just go with--”

“Kervona,” she cut him off, already moving to a more comfortable position on the bed as he nodded and walked over and climbed onto the bed with her, laying himself next to her and giving her cheek a small peck.

“A lovely name for a lovely lady,” he complimented, already working her over with his flattery, going solely on pure instinct tainted with misguided experience. Next he started to nibble along her neck while rubbing along her upper arm with one hand while the other held him up. He trailed small love-nibbles along her neck and collarbone, using her quieted whimpers and gentle coos as indicators of where he needed to tease.

Kervona was almost beside herself with what was happening, but needed to focus on the goal and not the means, so she placed herself into a mildly restrictive trance, blocking any and all remaining resistance in her psyche. She would have preferred to get to know him first, but seeing as this would be a one-time thing, it was pushed to the back of her mind. For now, she would have to be focusing on forcing her body to accept the mild pleasure from the nibbles he was delivering to her soft spots. She had to guide him some, but he knew what he was doing for the most part. When his hand moved from her arm to her chest she was glad she had restricted her body’s natural resistance; for he had begun to rub over her breasts, then climbed on top of her while trailing nibbles and kisses down her chest as he pulled her gown down to expose her nipples, teasing them with his tongue as they hardened for him.

The Ditto lightly sucked on her left nipple while his right hand toyed with her free breast, using his unoccupied hand to rub along her legs while pulling her gown off the rest of the way, getting some assistance from her. Once her flawlessly white skin was free from her natural clothing he lightly rubbed along her inner thighs as he pulled away from her chest, lowering his head towards her crotch and using his fingers to pull her lower lips apart he gave her a teasing lick and rubbed her labia while breathing in her scent, spurring his arousal as he breathed in more of her own. His cock was fully exposed and he let her know that, guiding one of her hands to it so she could stroke him to make him nice and hard for the act they were warming up to. However, he had other plans for the time being; he stood up from the bed and moved her head closer to his erection, Kervona getting the hint and opened her mouth, seeing no harm in prolonging the foreplay--as much as she wished it could end sooner and that he wouldn’t leave her now growing arousal unattended.

She couldn’t help but notice how she was having little trouble fitting his entire length into her mouth. Then it dawned on her; even though he had the body of a Gallade, he didn’t have the natural length of one! The Ditto had left his cock unaltered with the transformation and now she was suckling on it! She couldn’t believe her luck, for now it felt like she was toying around with a piece of candy, making her blush at the thought. Regardless, she pushed that aside and hoped he could make up this shortcoming when the time came as she doubled the pressure of her sucking as he started to thrust lightly, getting a taste of his cock and extremely salty precum, making her gag inwardly. She was still waiting for him to at least return the favor and orally please her, but soon it became apparent that he wasn’t going to anytime soon, so she reached under herself and teased her slit with her fingers, causing her to moan lightly as she touched and teased her own special spots.

Ditto mistook this as permission to go harder, so he sped up his thrusting for a few moments while he reached over and started to fondle her breasts again, becoming heedless of her growing need and focusing on his own--just like he always did whenever he was ‘working’ with the females that came to the center. Deciding he prolonged the main event long enough, he pulled out of her mouth, ignoring her light coughing, and climbed on top of her again, lining himself up with her entrance. Without the courtesy of making her aware of his intentions he just plowed his way into her, sinking all 2.5 inches of his unaltered penis into her vagina, rewarded with a pleasant squeeze and a mild gasp from her.

Kervona looked at him with a veiled glare as he began to pound away at her inner walls. She was only lubricated enough for a finger or two--or even a paw--so that her partner could stimulate her more to produce more vaginal lubrication. But with his current actions, she just wasn’t wet enough and it was hurting her slightly. At best she could force herself to grin and bear it, using a fraction of her psychic abilities to force him to slow down--without him knowing--while she used another small fraction of her powers to trick her body into a higher state of arousal to provide more lubrication then allowed him to resume his fast-paced thrusting. She was feigning pleasure for him, now that she realized the Ditto was more selfish than she though previously, vocalizing fake moans and rhythmically grinding against him, doing her best to get him to blow his load inside her and get this ridiculous excuse of a mating session over with. For extra measure, she used her powers to apply a tighter squeeze to his cock since he was too small for her to naturally satisfy him, and she was both glad and mortified she did so.

“There we go! Nice and tight!” he groaned out as he went as deep as he could, his hips slapping against hers as he pushed on, getting close to his peak faster now thanks to her efforts. Within a minute of his hard, fast thrusting coupled with her psychic squeezing he pressed himself against her as his cock throbbed and pumped a surprisingly copious amount of the barrowed Gardevoir/Gallade semen into her womb, panting with satisfaction. Once he had recovered from his climax he pulled out and gave her a soft peck on the cheek. “Thanks for the good time. Now, I must bid you farewell; good day madam,” he said as he went to the door and left, leaving her alone and unsatisfied.

“FINALLY!” she exclaimed once she felt his presence fade from her psychic perception. She would have gotten up to go take a shower, but wanted to make certain she conceived, so she stayed on the bed, propping her hips up so none of the Ditto’s semen could escape, taking the time to unblock her senses and return to her natural state of mind. After a few minutes in that awkward pose she lowered her legs and sat up on the bed, then gave a small stretch before she went into the bathroom to freshen up some, mind perfectly clear; and with her body practically un-aroused it was easy for her to get into her normal self. After sprucing up she sat back on the bed and dug out her favorite book and started reading it, summoning her WiseGlasses from her bag and slipping them on, the green frames complimenting her perfectly.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

“And that is basically it,” the Gardevoir said as she ended the vision and brought everyone back to the present, turning away from everyone to let what they had all seen through her eyes sink in before addressing them again. “Not the most desirable set of circumstances--as far as planned breeding goes--but then again we both got what we wanted; easy mating for him, and a child for me.” She smirked as she sensed a certain buildup of mild anger coming from her left and remarked, “No Shensi. There’s no need for you to do anything about his poor behavior; he acted with gentlemanly manners before and after the matter.” The Mightyena scoffed while looking away, growling under her breath. “But don’t worry; he won’t be getting off that easily when we leave.”

That was enough to satisfy the protective she-wolf, nodding slightly before laying up against the Absol next to her affectionately, “At least I know this one does a decent job when our time comes...” she gave of a knowing wink while Miyuki blushed and hid her face, nudging the other canine off her playfully, the two entering a round of rolling and giggling.

“Come on you two, knock it off! We gotta keep this room looking decent!” Abigail sternly called out, planting her palm on her head as neither dark-type seemed to hear her. “Mirabar, would you mind?” The feathered Pokémon smirked and stood up, stomping over to the rough-housing females and grabbed both by the scruff of their necks and with little difficulty pulled them apart and held them up, getting both canines to pout and whine, the Absol getting set down first. “Thanks Mirabar. Now come on, let’s help Kervona pack up and get going.” With Abigail back in charge they all helped the hopeful mother pack up her few things and they all exited, stopping by the front desk.

“We thank you for your business. Now, that’ll be P100,000--”

“HOLD IT!” Kervona interjected, cutting off the clerk for a moment, “As much as I needed this service, I do have a complaint about one of the employees.” She gave the clerk a moment to brace herself before continuing, “As gentlemanly as he was before and after our session, he had next to no idea how to properly please a girl. I was nowhere near satisfied by his performance, and I can guess that several other females that have come and gone from here felt the same way, but were either incapable of speaking their mind or didn’t want to admit it. That’s all. ‘He’ had good manners, but was a lousy performer.” Kervona ended her little tirade with a spin as she walked to the door, waiting with the others while Abigail paid.

“I’m sorry about her, she gets a little moody sometimes, and I--”

“No need to apologize Miss; she had a point. Some of our guests have had that issue with him before. Your total for the service will be P80,000.” The surprise discount left Abigail speechless and Kervona felt a small twinge of regret for her words, she turned and was about to apologize but the clerk stopped her, “Don’t worry about it. Although this is what we do, we feel that the expectant mother needs to be satisfied fully, so take this as a gift from us to you.” She ended with a bow as she handed Abigail her change and a receipt, followed by a gift certificate for supplies and another for a spa treatment. “We hope you will all visit again!” she called out as they all left, sitting back at her desk and going over paperwork.

Back out on the road, Abigail and her entourage were greeted by a Shiftry, who gestured with her fan-like leafy hand to the pathway as a sign of safe passage. Abigail nodded and recalled everyone back into their Pokéballs then hopped on the waiting Shiftry’s back, holding onto it tightly as it hopped up and then dashed from branch to branch with ease. After just a few minutes, Abigail was back on solid ground and with a wave the white-haired Pokémon was gone with a puff of wind and scattering of leaves. Abigail called out her team once more and they all headed eastward towards Lilycove City, where the PokéCenter had a room all set up for them. After checking in, they all got dinner at a fancy restaurant by the Contest Center then Abigail got a ferry ticket for the next day aboard the S.S. Tidal before they went back to the PokéCenter and went to sleep. With Miyuki and Shensi snuggled up together by the door, Mirabar stretched out on the pullout bed next to the window, and Kervona taking the bed with Abigail, everyone slept easily.

The next morning Mirabar woke up first--as always--and with arms stretched over her head yawned widely, the partial crow she almost squawked out earning a pillow tossed at her head as the others started to stir. “HEY! You guys know I can’t help that! Not my fault I wake up at dawn every morning,” she protested as she got off the pullout and proceeded to make it look more presentable for the cleaning crew while everyone else started with their morning rituals. Abigail was first to shower, getting undressed in the room while carrying her clothes in her arms.

“Abigail sweetie,” Kervona called through the bathroom door, tapping it with a knuckle lightly, “I know you see us all as family, but could you please stop getting undressed in front of us? It is quite un-lady like!” Kervona’s parental scolding earned a brief acknowledgment from the human and before stepping away she tossed in teasingly, “And don’t you dare use up all of the hot-water missy!” Everyone burst into a brief fit of giggles and chuckles, even Abigail. A few minutes later and she was out, walking out with the only towel she used wrapped around her head to help dry her hair, Kervona face-faulting from seeing the nude girl again. She was about to protest but Mirabar was already on it, playfully cracking another towel at her bare rear, Abigail yelping and dashing back into the bathroom to dress. “Thanks for that. But did you have to do it that way?”

“I didn’t have to, but it was just too fun to pass up,” the cheeky starter giggled as she sat on the couch, talons behind her head triumphantly. Everyone else just rolled their eyes and finished packing up just as Abigail walked out of the bathroom again, this time fully clothed.

After a quick breakfast they all packed up and made their way to the lobby to pay off the room and then they all went out to the ferry port, getting in the small line just as the captain started letting people on, although Abigail was halted until everyone was safely inside their Pokéballs. No one complained as most of them preferred to conserve energy by staying inside the suspended animation state while inside the ball. Once the last of the passengers were on board, the ferry cast off, set for Slateport City to the southwest. The trip lasted just a little over two hours, the waterways forcing the speedy ship to pass by Sootopolis City inside the inactive volcano as it headed southeast some to link up with Route 129, then sped west past the foreboding Sky Pillar, slowing down to get past the floating Pacifidlog Town safely then going all out down the rest of the aquatic Routes until docking at Slateport City.

The first stop was the PokéMart to get some supplies, then over to the PokéCenter to reserve a room for the night and call ahead to a clinic in Mauville City and make an appointment for Kervona. Once the important stuff was taken of Abigail allowed everyone to go do whatever they wanted for next hour, agreeing to meet back at the PokéCenter for lunch. Abigail made use of that time to special order a surprise present and a power-lunch for everyone, only having to wait a few minutes for the others to arrive, Kervona carrying her own bags and Mirabar with a few admirers following her from a safe distance. Miyuki and Shensi were the last to arrive, both dark-type canines looking radiant and quite relaxed, tails waging as they sat next to each other. Once they all ate up, everyone made their decisions as to who would be inside their balls and who would be out; Kervona and Mirabar electing to walk along with Abigail as she went north on Route 110. After that they went to the PokéCenter to drop off everything that wasn’t needed for the evening and attended the Contest, then had dinner at a sea-side diner then went to bed early, planning to get up early the next day.

After waking up just as the sun broke over the horizon and having a quick breakfast, both Miyuki and Shensi went into their balls while Abigail, Kervona, and Mirabar walked downstairs and outside, heading to the northern entrance to Slateport City and onto Route 110. By the time the sun was well into the clear sky, accompanied by a few clouds, the girls had made it about half way along the winding path under the Cycling Road, having popped into the Trick House for some puzzling fun. Once the challenge was completed they sat down for lunch and were on their way again, but a dull thump ahead gave them pause, as several bird Pokémon had vacated the area in panic after the ground-shaking sound reached them. The trio looked at each other then ran ahead to investigate, coming to a screeching halt when they heard what sounding like a little girl crying out for her mother, and a minute later a small green haired Pokémon came running and jumped on Kervona.

“Mommy! You gotta help me,” the shaken Kirlia cried out, burying her face in Kervona’s belly, leaving everyone dumbfounded for the moment.  “Oh Mommy! It was so scary!” she balled as she clung to the confused mother-to-be. What she said next gave all three adults a start, “I was playing with Mister-Flygon-Man, but then a bully came by and tried to steal me, but Flygon saved me, but now he’s stuck under a tree! You gotta help him Mommy!”

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    Reviewer: guisniperman
    Date:Jul 20 2013 Chapter:Starting Anew
    That was good.
    Author's Response:

    I know I should be grateful to have a review and rating finally, but perhaps you could elaborate some? I'm always open to criticism and praise--so long as it's not downright nasty and intolerable.
    Reviewer: anger_incarnate
    Date:Aug 12 2013 Chapter:Starting Anew
    Well, if I really want something to say this story needs, it's certainly character development. While the summary does cover them to the extent of "She's this, She's that, She's a gentle giant, She's a Gardevoir," that just doesn't cover it enough. While I'm certain that it's a staple of many introductions to give a somewhat detailed back-story who are protagonists are (usually a Preface in actual books, if I'm not mistaken), this step is usually taken less seriously for a sequel. Development can certainly be handled in increments later since we can be left far more intrigued when "the big reveal" takes place, but these portions just feel a tad short for my tastes. That'll be addressed later though, so it's a fleeting complaint to inevitably be fixed.

    On a comical whim/observation, why is the paragraph after the flash-back also centered? Certainly not something to count off for, but just a visual query.

    General grammar appears to be fine, not that I'm usually a nazi on the hunt for such to begin with regardless.
    Author's Response:
    Thank you for your input. Nice to see some life after the relaunch. And to address your concerns/observations:
    Plenty of character development will occur in later chapters, with a surprise twist or two after --------- and -------- happens to ------- then after --------- goes and -----------.
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    As for the text alignment... A simple uploading/editing error.
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    I agree with what Anger has said, but other than that, I'm enjoying this very much! Keep at it!
    Author's Response:
    Thank you for your input. I'm doing what i can to hasten some character's development, although a few are being drawn-out on purpose.