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A Gardevoir with heavy maternal instincts and a dark past; a terrifying yet sisterly Blaziken; a territorial and lesbian Mightyena; an Absol with wicked charm; and a shy male Flygon.

What do these four Pokémon have in common? They make up the--sometimes dysfunctional--'family' of Veteran Trainer Abigail Thompson.

Follow along as they go on to explore their homeland of Hoenn while trying to keep each other sane, with a dark cloud hovering over the Gardevoir.

Story Notes:

There will be several dark/sickening moments to come in later Chapters. Rest assured, things will balance out by the ending.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

  1. Starting Anew (4909 words) [Reviews: 3]

    A flashback from Gardevoir sheds some light on a rather unpleasant experience, followed by a shocking twist from an unexpected source...

    Current roster; Gardevoir(f), Blaziken(f), Absol(f), Mightyena(f).

  2. Deliverance Unto Safety (5541 words)

    Helping Pokémon in need, then a glimpse into things to come.

    Updated roster; Gardevoir(f), Blaziken(f), Absol(f), Mightyena(f), Flygon(m).

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    Reviewer: guisniperman
    Date:Jul 20 2013 Chapter:Starting Anew
    That was good.
    Author's Response:

    I know I should be grateful to have a review and rating finally, but perhaps you could elaborate some? I'm always open to criticism and praise--so long as it's not downright nasty and intolerable.
    Reviewer: anger_incarnate
    Date:Aug 12 2013 Chapter:Starting Anew
    Well, if I really want something to say this story needs, it's certainly character development. While the summary does cover them to the extent of "She's this, She's that, She's a gentle giant, She's a Gardevoir," that just doesn't cover it enough. While I'm certain that it's a staple of many introductions to give a somewhat detailed back-story who are protagonists are (usually a Preface in actual books, if I'm not mistaken), this step is usually taken less seriously for a sequel. Development can certainly be handled in increments later since we can be left far more intrigued when "the big reveal" takes place, but these portions just feel a tad short for my tastes. That'll be addressed later though, so it's a fleeting complaint to inevitably be fixed.

    On a comical whim/observation, why is the paragraph after the flash-back also centered? Certainly not something to count off for, but just a visual query.

    General grammar appears to be fine, not that I'm usually a nazi on the hunt for such to begin with regardless.
    Author's Response:
    Thank you for your input. Nice to see some life after the relaunch. And to address your concerns/observations:
    Plenty of character development will occur in later chapters, with a surprise twist or two after --------- and -------- happens to ------- then after --------- goes and -----------.
    So just read on for more!
    [and a side note, Burning Desires ties in with this]

    As for the text alignment... A simple uploading/editing error.
    Don't mess with me, and you may walk away alive.
    Reviewer: Liranaux
    Date:Sep 2 2013 Chapter:Starting Anew
    I agree with what Anger has said, but other than that, I'm enjoying this very much! Keep at it!
    Author's Response:
    Thank you for your input. I'm doing what i can to hasten some character's development, although a few are being drawn-out on purpose.