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Deliverance by Captain_Dragonuv


Story Notes:

There will be several dark/sickening moments to come in later Chapters. Rest assured, things will balance out by the ending.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Helping Pokémon in need, then a glimpse into things to come.

Updated roster; Gardevoir(f), Blaziken(f), Absol(f), Mightyena(f), Flygon(m).

Deliverance Unto Safety

“Uh, sweetie, I’m not you mother...” Kervona said softly, holding the frightened girl as she attempted to sooth her. She felt the pre-evolution of herself grow stiff for a moment then relaxes. She knelt down and set the blushing Pokémon down and while looking at her eye-to-eye she added, “Could you tell me what happened? But a little slower this time, okay? Start with your name--if you have one other than Kirlia.”


The Kirlia sniffed and rubbed her eyes then after taking a calming breath retold her rambled story. “Sorry Miss Gardevoir Lady...” she looked down at the ground while shuffling her left foot behind her right but continued, “My name is Kyra, and I was playing with a friend--a big friendly Flygon--and at some point this mean human came up and tried to catch me, but Flygon fought him off for me. He won easily because he’s so strong, but during the fight a tree got partly broken and it started to fall. It was headed for me but Flygon pushed me out of the way. I don’t know if he’s okay or not... The wind and dust that kicked up when the tree hit the ground blew me back. So I ran away, trying to find my mommy so she can help.” The young Kirlia was in tears again and the Gardevoir picked her up and held her close.


“I’m so sorry sweetie. Do you know where you live?” she asked, stroking the shaking child’s face soothingly, her motherly instincts already kicking in.


“Uh-huh. My house is north of Mauville City,” she answered while pointing down the bridge that held the Cycling Road over the grassy walkway--in the opposite direction of Mauville.


Abigail chimed in at this little mistake, “Kyra, that way goes to Slateport City; Mauville is the other way.” The Kirlia blushed and hid her face with her hands. “We were heading to Mauville ourselves, so we’ll help you find your mommy. And help the Flygon out if we can.”


“Okay,” she sniffled and wiped away her tears and once back on her feet broke into a brisk jog while the others followed her, hoping that the Flygon wasn’t hurt. Their prayers were answered when they heard a high-pitched roar followed by the sight a bluish flames shooting off in a random direction in the sky past the next tree line. They ran faster at the sight, going against instinct to flee from what could be trouble, and they all stopped and stared at what they saw.


A large tree was blocking the entire road, with a Flygon stuck under it, pinned to the ground by its left wing and tail. Blood was oozing out from a few holes in the membrane of his wing from where branches had pierced, a large one still imbedded inside the largest tear, made worse whenever the dragon tried to pull free. From what could be seen of his tail, it seemed to be caught close to end, the fan-like fins nowhere in sight. Kyra attempted to get closer to check on her friend, ignoring the warning growls. She was suddenly pulled back by a psychic force just before the Flygon roared and sent a jet of flames at her.


“Don’t get any closer! He’s gotten extremely dangerous because he’s hurt,” Kervona explained, holding Kyra back as she protested. “Sweetie, listen to me; he’s frightened, injured, and because he’s rare in these parts and can’t get away, he’s gotten territorial. He’ll attack anyone that gets too close to him until he’s either free, too tired to fight, or worse--dead. So please, stay here with Abigail.” She waited for Abigail to take Kirlia before she carefully stepped closer, using Psychic to seize a large flat rock and hold it in front of her. She too go a warning growl, but holding the rock in front of her like a shield, she took another step and calmly called out from behind it, “Flygon, I mean you no harm. I came to assist--” a jet of flames cut her off, the rock protecting her from the heat until it faded with the end of the attack. Thinking quickly she tried again, this time looking over to him, but was horrified to see that his wing was ripped more, and he was trying to dig his way free, only making it worse. “Please, try to understand! We’re here to help! Please, stop moving or you’ll bleed out!”


The Flygon stopped his struggling for a moment and looked at its wing, then back at the rock the Gardevoir was hiding behind, seeing her head slowly emerging from the side. The dragon stared at her worried expression for a moment then summoned up his strength and with a pained roar lurched to the right forcefully, ripping his wing wide open as the branch tore through completely. During its shriek of immense pain, an equally large jet of fire was released, unfortunately aimed right at Abigail and the others, the group cowering together as they huddled up while crying out. Luckily, Gardevoir saw what was going to happen as soon as the Flygon looked at her and with a push of her psychic hold shoved the rock in front of her friends, shielding them from the fire just in time. While she was protecting them Kervona lashed out with a mild Psychic attack, curling the flames away from Abigail and the others, switching over to HealPulse to help dull the Flygon’s pain, the flames lessening as Flygon’s injury healed slightly.


Suddenly, seeming from nowhere Mirabar lunged, wrists ignited as she sounded a battle cry, charging right for the already injured dragon before anyone could stop her. Immediately Flygon shot a venomous glare at the charging Pokémon, but stopped as he got a good look at her, cheeks flushing just a tiny bit. She ignited her legs as she jumped, readying a kicking attack midair, and just when it seemed like she was about to strike the still suffering Pokémon down, she delivered a shockingly powerful kick to the thick tree, rotating it enough to partially lift it off of Flygon’s tail. While the tree was slowly rolling from that fiery-kick from her right leg alone, Mirabar rotated her body counter-clockwise while cocking her left leg, snapping it downwards when she half-completed the rotation, rotating it more and further charring the already cracked bark. As the tree’s rotation slowed, Mirabar reoriented her footing and with expert timing she pushed off, entering a backwards somersault then quickly fired off another burning DoubleKick, repeating the back-flip then rushing up to the log and held it back by using Strength, the muscles in her arms bunching up, face distorted from the effort. As powerful as she was, she did have her limits. “Get out of the way while you can!” she growled out through gritted teeth, looking down and seeing the expression plastered on the now oddly still Flygon. He was looking up at her with what seemed to be...admiration? This caused the Blaziken to blush slightly--hidden by her red feathers--and she almost lost her grip, but with effort refocused on her attention to keeping the tree from crushing them both, straining from the effort.


With the Flygon practically frozen by indecision, Abigail had little choice but to enter the fray, but before she even took a step she was shoved back by an unseen force, a bluish glow around her Gardevoir’s outstretched hand. “Stay with Kyra,” she calmly instructed, “I’ll go help Mirabar.” Kervona concentrated then launched a powerful Psychic at the log, rolling it further back, Mirabar quickly picking up the slack by once more attacking with DoubleKick attacks while her teammate backed her up with more Psychic blasts. With the combined effort they were able to roll the log safely off the road, opening it up once more and freeing Flygon. Both Kervona and Mirabar were panting and sweating from the task, but flashed a smile to each other then looked over at the dragon, who had now passed out. “Abigail! We got to get him to Mauville’s PokéCenter--fast!” Abigail ran up to see how bad it was, and nearly threw up from the bloody mess. “You’re going to have to catch him if you want to save him. I can’t move him myself.”


“But...I don’t want to--” Abigail started but stopped as Flygon’s eyes shot open and with no warning flapped and thrashed his way into the air, screeching loudly as pain shot through his body and mind. He bathed the area under him with fire to help get him higher, causing everyone to dive for cover as the heat shriveled up the grass and charred the dirt beneath. The heat helped keep the Flygon airborne, but only for a few moments before he came crashing back down, lashing out with renewed valor and ferocity. Kyra clung to Abigail while casting Protect over them, the green bubble keeping them safe as long as the young Pokémon concentrated. Abigail took her two remaining Pokéballs from her belt and tossed them out, releasing the dark-type duo. “Go help Kervona and Mirabar! We need to save that Flygon from himself!” Both canines nodded and ran into the fray, Shensi opening up with Snarl while Miyuki followed up with Assurance, the combo weakening Flygon considerably while leaving him open to a secondary attack from Kervona, who lobbed an EnergyBall--although with some regret. Mirabar meanwhile stood near Abigail and Kyra, adding more protection from the dragon’s fiery attacks.


The battle didn’t take long, the already badly hurt Flygon tiring out and about to faint. Shensi had managed to avoid getting seriously hurt, whereas Miyuki was now sporting a few stripes along her side from a melee she dove into, Flygon landing a critical strike with DragonClaw. Kervona kept her distance and used her long-range attacks to provide support, while Mirabar countered his wildly aimed Flamethrower with her own when needed. In a last ditch effort to flee Flygon used Dig and borrowed deep underground, easily avoiding the whip-like wind from Miyuki’s RazorWind, Mirabar jumping over and sending a Flamethrower into the tunnel to flush him out, the dessert-dweller bursting from the ground and spraying everyone with dirt. He only had time to look down at everyone before passing out midair and plummeting, Mirabar being the only one to try to catch him. Taking a mighty leap she was able to take hold of his battered body and land easily on the soft ground--being the quickest and strongest had its perks--and looked over at Kervona for any help. She nodded and without speaking used HealPulse on everyone to give them a field recovery.


Kyra’s focus wavered and she fell over, Abigail catching her and letting her sit then dusted herself off and dug through her bag, finding a Pokéball. After enlarging it she took careful steps to the fallen dragon and spoke softly, “I’m so sorry, but I have to do this; there’s no other way...” She then touched ball against Flygon’s neck, his body glowing red before being sucked inside, the ball clicking without any nerve-wrecking wobbles. She scooped the ball up then shrunk it back down then clipped it to her belt for safekeeping as she addressed everyone, “Let’s get going. We gotta hurry. Kyra, is Mauville far from here?” She recalled everyone else except for Kervona as the Kirlia answered.


“No,” the younger Pokémon replied, standing up and wiping the dirt from her body, “and my house is just past the city.” Everyone nodded and with Kervona taking the Kirlia’s hand in her own they all walked north at a steady pace, arriving at the city gate within ten minutes of hurried walking. Once there, the little one took the lead, “Come on; the PokéCenter is just around the corner!” she called out and broke into a run, the others running after her and into the red-roofed building. The nurse on duty was about to sound off the customary greeting, but Kyra cut her off before the nurse got the first word out. “No time Miss Joy; my friend needs help!”


“Kyra--what’s going on?” Joy asked as she stood and rushed up to the Kirlia. Abigail handed the Pokéball over as Kyra explained quickly, Joy pressing the Pokéballs button to enlarge it the cast it over to a stretcher, gasping loudly when she saw the damage and how pale the Flygon looked. “We have to hurry! Kyra, I want you to stay here until I come back.” The Kirlia nodded as she walked over to the waiting area along with the others while Joy and two assisting Chansey ran the stretcher into the operating room, the light over the door illuminating with a single soft tone.




An hour later, the nurse came out to give everyone a status update. When she stepped out she saw only a napping Kyra, a meditating Gardevoir, a human girl playing some handheld game, and pacing Blaziken. “Excuse me,” she softly called out, the human looking up from her game after pausing it and the Blaziken snapping to attention, “Just wanted to let you know that the Flygon you brought in is finally stable. We’ve stopped the bleeding and have successfully repaired his wing; but with several internal injuries and a few broken bones he will have to be grounded for at least a week when we finish.”

“Thank you Nurse Joy,” the girl spoke softly, hoping to not wake Kyra. She was about to start her game again but blinked and introduced herself, “Oh, my name is Abigail, and this is Mirabar,” she gestured to the Blaziken then the Gardevoir “and Kervona.”


“Kervona? I thought that was Kyra’s mother, Hope?” the nurse replied, slightly confused. Abigail was quick to explain, starting from Kervona’s pregnancy and progressing to the present. The Nurse blushed bashfully from her mix up, yet smiled good-naturedly as she replied, “I see now. Well since you’re here, we can set up an appointment with a clinic over in Verdanturf Town for your Gardevoir if you’d like.”

“That would be splendid,” Kervona spoke up, who had ended her meditation during Abigail’s narration. Nurse Joy smiled and nodded, leading her to the front desk and having the Pokémon give her the necessary information to be forwarded to the PokéCenter in the town west of Mauville, seeing as the Gardevoir wouldn’t need her Trainer to do it for her. After everything was set up and Joy went back into the operating room Kyra woke up and yawned loudly. “Hey Kyra. Have a good nap?” The Kirlia nodded and asked what she missed. “Nurse Joy just told us that Flygon will be fine. He just needs a little more fixing up and plenty of rest.”


“Okay,” Kyra replied as she stepped up and hugged Kervona lightly, “and thank you for helping me.” She stepped back and looked towards the sealed operating room doors thoughtfully. Suddenly her head spun around and she looked outside through the windows by the front doors, eyes faintly glowing blue for a moment. “My mom’s calling me! Do you want to meet her?”


“I guess I could walk with you--just to be safe,” Kervona reasoned out as she took Kyra’s hand and walked out, the Kirlia leading them until they came across another Gardevoir, who appeared to be a bit heavier than the average for their species. She waved over to them and Kyra ran up to her, jumping in her arms happily. “You must be Hope; Nurse Joy told me about you.”


The other Gardevoir nodded and set her child down and extended her hand out, Kervona shaking it while both psychic-types wove a fraction of their power to the other, a sign of kinship among the Embrace Pokémon species. “That’s right. I’m sorry if Kyra caused you any trouble; she can be a handful sometimes. Nurse Joy told me what happened. I hope he makes a full recovery. He’s a good friend to us all.”


“Oh it’s no trouble at all. In fact, while we were helping out Flygon she was able to hold up the longest lasting Protect I’ve ever seen. You should be very proud of her. A lot of potential yet to be realized; and so young too!”


“Oh I bet. That’s one thing about her that still baffles me. She evolved early, and because of that she has unbridled power and capabilities that most psychic-types envy. Oop!” she placed a hand over her stomach and smiled softly, “Looks like someone’s excited to meet their big sister!” She giggled and smiled down at Kyra, who placed her head against her mother’s stomach as well.


“If you don’t mind me asking, how much longer until...?” she let the question finish itself, feeling slightly bashful about the subject herself.


“About a month. And if you don’t mind me asking, what about you?”


Kervona blushed and rubbed her head bashfully, “I just started up, so quite a while. I just hope this one makes it...”

“What do you...?” Hope stopped herself from asking and looked down at her daughter for a second then with her free hand tapped the side of her head with a finger, seeking permission for telepathy. Kervona nodded and with both hands she placed them on Hope’s head, both Gardevoir mothers closing their eyes as they shared a secret exchange. After five minutes, Hope was weeping and once they ended the mental link, she wiped her tears. “I’m so sorry. You poor dear. I’ll pray to the Almighty for your sake.”


“What is it Mommy?” Kyra piped up, wondering what had just upset her mother so much.


“It’s a grown-up matter sweetie. If Kervona feels like telling you she will, but for now just leave it.” She looked up and with a soft smile stepped closer and placed a friendly kiss on Kervona’s cheek. “If you ever need anything, feel free to contact me and visit me. We live over in Upper Mauville. Can’t miss it. Come on Kyra; Daddy’s waiting for us. Good luck to you.”


“Good luck to you as well. I’ll stop by sometime. And thanks.” Kervona smiled as she made her unspoken promise.


“Okay Miss Kervona Lady! I love you! Bye-bye!” Kyra giggled out as she walked away, holding her mother’s hand, leaving Kervona lightly blushing from the child-like farewell before she turned and headed back to the PokéCenter.




Kervona arrived just as Nurse Joy entered the lobby, carrying a Pokéball and smiling. “Miss Abigail; your Flygon has made a full recovery. But as I said earlier, he must not fly for a week.”

“Thanks, but I don’t own him. I hate thinking that Trainers are to lord over the Pokémon they catch, so I leave it up to them if they want to stay and travel with me.”


“My apologies. I love to see Trainers that think like you make a stand. But nevertheless, here you go. Would you like to name him, since he’ll be traveling with you now?”


“Oh...” Abigail had to think for a moment, but unable to think of anything she faced the nurse and asked for a moment. She then called out Mirabar then released the Flygon, both Pokémon looking around then they leapt back from each other, Mirabar shifting into a fighting stance while Flygon looked around more, wondering where he was. “Flygon, it’s okay. You’re safe now,”


Abigail spoke softly to avoid alarming the dragon. “My name is Abigail, and I had to catch you so we could save your life.”

Though puzzled, the Flygon remained calm and lowered his head towards Abigail as I sign of thanks. He then looked over to the nurse and bowed to her as well, then turned over to Mirabar and promptly looked away, cheeks slightly red, seen only by both Abigail and Kervona--who smiled knowingly and flushed a little herself. Once he composed himself, Flygon looked back to Abigail and pointed to the ball in her hand, chirping out in his native tongue, “Wryyr?”


“He wants to know if you’re going to keep him imprisoned,” Mirabar translated, paraphrasing his more direct speech pattern.


“I have no intention of that. I am willing to let you go, or if you wish you can travel with me and my friends.” Flygon’s expression changed from quizzical to understanding, and he pointed a claw at her and nodded. “Great. But you can’t fly for a week while you’re wing is healing up. Nurse’s orders. So if you wish, you can either walk, or travel in your ball. Up to you.”


The Flygon took a moment to consider her words, and then chirped out a reply; which Mirabar translated, “He said that he’ll come along. But I can’t figure out how to pronounce his name though. Best I can do is Jinoculaxx--something like that. But he said you can change it if you want.”


Abigail looked at the Flygon, struggling to figure out how to pronounce his name but then she had an idea, “I know I won’t be able to call you by your full name, so would you like it if I called you Jinn then?” The Flygon smiled and nodded, then bashfully ran up and hugged her while murring out gently.


“He says that will be great, and thanks,” Mirabar smiled as she translated, then came up and gave him a gentle pat on the back. “Well, time for a little stroll. I’m sure my ‘fans’ are missing me now! Tootles!” She waved as she left, getting swarmed by a near-screaming boys and girls.


Both Abigail and Kervona rolled their eyes at her as she was chased away, Abigail turning to register for a room for the rest of the day as well as that night then handed her remaining Pokéballs to Joy, Kervona pulling hers away and returning into it herself. After the quick recovery Abigail released everyone out again and allowed them to do as they wished, the canines taking a moment to formally introduce themselves to their new teammate before heading out, Abigail and Jinn taking a quick walk around the city. During their exploration they came across Kyra and Hope again, both psychic-types wishing the best for Jinn and Abigail, Kyra feeling slightly sad at seeing her long-time friend leaving the area--but reassured that he’d come and visit when he could. Once back in the more central part of the city Jinn parted ways with Abigail, going where Mirabar had last been seen. Left on her own now, Abigail wandered around and got lunch, meeting up with the seemingly perpetually-laughing Watson for a brief period, then went back to the PokéCenter.


Back in the room, Abigail set her stuff down and jumped onto the bed, pulling out her 3DS and starting it up. Before the game got to the main screen there was a knock at the door. Abigail got up to see who was there, and smiled when she was greeted by the Nurse. After a brief update on everyone’s current check-up results, Joy told Abigail that Kervona was positive for pregnancy, and gave her a brochure for her to look at for a Rehabilitation Spa nearby for Jinn. Lastly the Nurse handed her a simple brown package, Abigail hiding a blush when she saw where it was from--although thankfully the Nurse said nothing on the matter and went back to the front desk. The younger trainer went back into the room and tore the package up, smiling gleefully at what it contained, then set up with a few preparations for the others once they returned.




Late into the afternoon everyone had returned to the Center, Miyuki literally dragging a still-growling Shensi by the scruff of her neck, the she-wolf severely ticked off for who-knows what, although Kervona was able to quickly guess why and refrained herself from laughing as she commented, “Boy trouble Shensi? Or did Miyuki not want to play anymore?”

“Oh don’t act so smug!” the canine said bitterly, rolling away from her lover once the other canine finally let her go. “Not my fault that those pesky males can’t resist her looks and scent...”


“I cannot help that either,” Miyuki chimed in as she settled herself next to the Mightyena, licking her muzzle affectionately. “Besides, if you didn’t scare them off all the time, then perhaps one day you will know the satisfaction of that which I cannot provide.”


Shensi groaned as her head sunk lower, “Oh how can I stay mad at you?” The two dark-types started to nuzzle and lick each other lightly as they had made up. They always had moments like these, so no one thought to comment, regardless of what Miyuki had eluded to--since this had be the cause of several of these occurrences.


“Well,” Abigail beamed as she entered the room, wearing just a pair of pajama shorts and a sleeveless tank top, “I got a surprise for us girls; and you two especially!” Everyone turned their attention to the human, Jinn looking extremely lost and confused. “Oh, sorry Jinn, but I’ll have to put you in your ball for the night. I’ll explain later, but right now all you need to know is that this is a girl’s night in.”


Mirabar rolled her eyes and pulled Jinn to the side, draping an arm over his shoulders as she half-whispered into his ear, the dragon suddenly going bright red and practically diving for the red returning beam. “That takes care of him. So what do you have in mind for us tonight? Another round of kiss-and-tell from them? Or are we inviting some boys in?”


Abigail had to take a moment to stop giggling and laughing at what the Blaziken just said then pulled out a simple black rectangular box. “Something like that but it’ll be just us. Ladies, I present to you a gift; from me for us all to use when the need arises!” She opened the box and everyone’s jaws dropped, eyes wide as all four Pokémon were rendered speechless. Inside the box was a doubled-ended, fleshy-pink dildo, one end reaching 6 inches in length with an inch-and-a-half in thickness, ending with a two inch wide knot, the smooth and rounded tapered tip having a small hole in it--textured to make it fully anatomically correct for the average male Pokémon, while combining some of certain species’ best features. After a sharp U-shaped bend, the other half ended with a bulb of some sort, the shaft functioning as an extension of the bulb. In the middle, there was a small knob, indicating that it vibrated, and there was a bottle filled with a whitish fluid of some kind, and a small compartment held a specially designed strap/harness for quadruped Pokémon.


“Abigail...” Kervona was at a loss for words, but the projected feeling was enough for the human to pick up on--as well as everyone else.


“I don’t know whether to kiss you, or KISS you!” Mirabar crooned, already thinking of the possibilities.


Both Miyuki and Shensi were drooling as they stared, snapping out of their stupor when Abigail closed the box. They shook their heads to clear it and within seconds both were sitting next to each other right next to Abigail, tails wagging in sync with each other as they gave the Trainer pleading sad-faces. Abigail giggled and petted them both, unaware of Mirabar sneaking behind them and opening the box up again, pulling out the bottle.


Turning it over, the fully evolved starter asked Abigail while a claw idly toyed with the top, “Hey, what’s this stuff for?” Abigail explained it was faux semen to serve as lubricant and simulate the full experience, since the toy was specially designed for lesbian couples. Everyone had gotten excited from the explanation, the lesbian canines more so than any of the group. So excited, that the other Pokémon were starting to smell their scents, and before anyone could stop them, they lunged towards Mirabar in a frenzy to get to the toy first, Mirabar blocking them in a near teasing manner. As the three playfully fought over who got to try it out first, both Kervona and Abigail were laughing both with and at the quarreling trio. But with a not-so-playful growl both canines pounced, knocking the fire-type down and inadvertently causing her to squeeze the opened bottle, squirting a large amount of the sticky lubricant out--splashing onto Kervona’s face.


Everyone froze.


They looked at the now scowling Gardevoir as she stood, wiping some of the stuff from her face and eyes. After a few seconds of staring down at the three Pokémon, Kervona smiled softly and used Psychic to pull them all apart and placing each one in a separate corner and softly declared, “I will be taking a shower. While I’m in there, I want you,” she paused as she pointed at Mirabar menacingly, “to let these two have their own fun.” Both Miyuki and Shensi looked at each other with a smile and thanked the mother-to-be before playfully sticking out their tongues at the fighter. “And you two, take a moment to learn how to use it so you don’t make such a mess!” with the last remark she walked off into the adjacent bathroom and started up the shower, the door closing with a slight bang. They all waited until they heard the shower door close before moving again, Abigail going over to demonstrate how to use the toy and assisting the canine lovers with fitting it.




Kervona gave herself a few moments to recompose herself, although she didn’t really need to. She was only messing with their heads about being ticked off from being squirted with fake semen. In fact she was slightly aroused from it; but she wanted to keep that a secret from the others. Concentrating for a brief moment, the Gardevoir ‘shed’ her gown and looked at her body in the mirror, admiring her appearance vainly with a smile while starting the shower with the flick of her wrist. Stepping in, she first focused on washing her hair and face clean of the now sticky goo, the water cascading down her elegant white skin as it carried the ‘evidence’ of an imaginary male’s sperm away. She started to hum to herself as she allowed the water to soak her head-to-toe, embracing the steamy warmth as she absentmindedly rubbed her body, exploring her gentle curves and caressing her soft spots, causing her to coo softly.


She rubbed over her lower abdomen in deep thought about what was to come if things progressed smoothly. Using her psychokinetic abilities, she summoned up a washrag and body soap, psychically giving her body a good cleaning while she tended to her green hair manually. Once she was completely covered with soapy suds she once more allowed her hands to roam her body, eyes closing as her powers creating a barrier behind her that prevented the water from rinsing her off at the moment. Soon she was starting to find herself getting progressively playful with herself, her hands cupping her own breasts and softly squeezing, coaxing a soft sigh from her as she toyed with her feminine assets, dissipating the barrier and rinsing off completely, once more softly humming a happy tune that reflected her mood.


She was so lost in the moment; she had left the water running as she opened the shower door. But as she reached out for a towel, she opened her eyes and froze. Floating right in her view were a pair of green eyes, both solid and shaped like sideways crescents, the larger left eye having a small spiral for a pupil while the other had nothing, both eyes were connected at the corner, where nothing else was visible--even in the cloud of steam that filled the room. Trembling, Kervona stepped back slowly, the disembodied eyes floating closer and closer, until they surged forward, the Gardevoir shrieking loudly and falling back into the shower, where she curled up in a fetal position on the shower floor, the water now raining down on her as she whimpered and sobbed, suddenly fearful.




Abigail was busying herself by playing with her wet, bare right breast while Shensi sucked on her left nipple while thrusting their new dildo deep into Miyuki--who had her muzzle pressed against Abigail’s pussy, lapping madly as her lover pounded her own vagina relentlessly. Mirabar was sprawled out on the couch, enjoying the show immensely while teasing her clit with a talon. Everyone was lost to each other’s sexual bliss, each female on the brink of orgasm.


Then they heard a very loud shriek followed by what sounded like someone falling over; originating from the bathroom. Everyone froze and stared at each other, worried about what was going on in there. But in the quiet of the room, Abigail heard soft sobbing and immediately took action, barging into the bathroom and went to Kervona’s aid, turning the water off before holding the Pokémon’s nude form against her own. Kervona clung tightly to Abigail, crying into her shoulder as she allowed the human to hold her in her most vulnerable state, perplexing everyone.


In between Kervona’s sobbing, all they could make out were two words; “Not again.”

Chapter End Notes:

Well, how's that for a sudden twist?

And I know a good number of you will be disappointed by the lack of a good orgy, but for timing reasons I cut it. Rest assured, I will be making that it's own story when I get the time to make it. More reviews MAY speed that along.

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