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Reach for the Stars by Liranaux


Story Notes:

Well, here's my very first story! To be honest, I'm quite excited to be doing this. I was motivated to start writing after reading both Luca, by Felix, and Mina, by Crystal Serebii. I hope you'll enjoy, and leave suggestions!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are property of their rightful owners. The plot and characters are of my own creation. I'm not associated with the creators, producers, or owners of any media franchise in any way, and I am not expecting any profit to be made whatsoever. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

'Ello once again! I finally finished the first chapter (about time!) and am happy with how it turned out. Please, leave your thoughts and opinions! They help! A lot!

New Friends!

It's been 9 years since I've first met Star. She has evolved into a Kirlia a few months ago, and we couldn't be any happier. I've also decided to pursue the life of a Pokemon Trainer. Star was a little hesitant at first, but I told her that if she didn't want to battle, she didn't have to. We've collected a few badges, and after we collected our third badge, I noticed that Star seems to be way more powerful than normal Kirlia... On the road, she'll ask me if we can set up camp early so she can meditate and hone her powers. Of course, I always oblige. How can I say no to my best friend? When she enters her meditative state, her head ornaments glow a faint white, and they'll change to shades of blue, red, green, or whatever color you can imagine. I'm not sure if the colors represent her feelings or her levels of concentration, but I've never had the courage to ask. The last time I tried that, she broke her concentration and nearly knocked me out with an over-powered Psychic attack! She immediatley ran over to me, asking if I was okay, and I then decided to have some fun. "Ah... Is t-that you, Star? Y-your attack was... *cough* Quite powerful. I-I'm not sure if I... I-if I..." I lolled my head to it's side, slowly shutting my eyes while exhaling. The little Kirlia began to pound on my chest, which hurt a lot more than I thought it would, but I then felt tears fall on my face and Star burying her face in my neck. I began to giggle slightly, but thankfully Star didn't hear me, so I still had the element of suprise on my side. I twitched my hand, which brought her attention away from my head. I proceeded to quickly wrap her in my arms with a suprise hug! "Raaaaaawr! I got you!" I exclaimed with pent up happiness. "Waaaaah! Jason! Why would you do something like that? I thought that I killed you! Meanie!" She was extremely happy to know that I was alive, but tears started to well up in her eyes as she buried her head in my neck, crying. "I don't know what I would've done if you really did die... I really thought you were gone..." I began to see that my prank was extremely wrong, and I began to comfort the Kirlia. "Don't worry... I'm still here, aren't I? I'll always be here for you, Star... I'll never leave you alone." Her sobs got a bit quieter, and she looked me in the eye. "Y-you promise? You'll never leave me alone, right Jason?" She said with a little hope in her voice. "I promise. Now, let's get going."

That was a few months ago. I've rarely left Star's side and she rarely left mine. She happily walks right next to me, without a care in the world. "Jason? Do you think we could set up camp? Its getting dark, and I'd like to meditate, please." She looked at me with a smile. Her smile was just like my mother's; it could brighten the darkest of days. "Of course we can, dear. Let's hunt for a nice spot." Star took the lead and we searched for a few minutes, until we came across a beautiful clearing. There was a lake by the cliff, with water gushing down it's face. The simple beauty of the place made me feel a sense of nostalgia, and I'm sure Star felt it, too. "Wanna help me set up camp? I could use a hand." I took my bag off of my shoulders, and she unzipped it and pulled out our food, sleeping bags, and a fire starter. I pulled out the tent and got to work setting it up. After a few minutes of aggrivating setup, I finally finished my task, and Star darted inside to roll out our sleeping bags. I decided to peek inside, and I saw the Kirlia dragging her bag closer to mine. I couldn't help but to giggle, and she heard me, turned to face me, and blushed pretty deeply. "I-it's gonna be a c-cold night, so I thought t-that if I was closer to y-you, I'd be warmer..." She trailed off as I walked inside and began to roll up her sleeping bag. She hit me with a confused glare. "Well, if you think you're gonna be cold, why don't you sleep with me in my bag tonight?" Her blush deepened even more, as she nodded happily and left the tent. I didn't know why she was blushing THAT deeply, but I just ignored it and stepped out to see that Star had already started the fire and began cooking my dinner. She always cooked for me first, even when I tell her that she doesn't have to. She looked at me and smiled, and told me to take a seat. She was cooking my favorite meal, a simple Magikarp fillet served with a side of Chesto juice. As she was cooking my food, I pulled out my berry pots to pick a few fresh Pecha berries for the Kirlia. I always made sure to have Pecha seeds on me at all times, so I could keep her favorite food coming. As soon as she finished cooking my food, I had finished planting new seeds and handed her 4 Pecha berries. She taken them excitedly, and began devouring them as I rummaged for my eating utensils. "Why don't you just eat it with your hands, Jason?" She asked with a mouth full of berry. "Well, I've been raised to eat my food with a fork and knife. If you want, I can show you how." I found my spare set of silverware and handed it to Star. "Alright, since you don't have fingers, you might want to use your telekinesis to use these. Okay, you use the fork to hold your food in place, and then use the knife to cut it." Star began to cut her berries, and made no mistakes, despite this being the first time she had ever used human silverware. "Did I do it right, Jason?" She looked at me with a broad smile. "Yes! You did it perfectly! Now, you take your fork and use it to bring the food to your mouth." I watched intently as Star brought the floating fork to her mouth. "Wow, this is way more fun than eating with my hands! Thank you for showing me how to use your... What is it called?" I laughed, and Star began to blush once again. "It's called silverware. I don't know why, because this is obviously not silver." Star finished her meal way before I did, and she handed the silverware back. I finally finished my meal and washed the dishes, then called for my Kirlia. "Star! Time to clean up!" I heard what sounded like a gasp coming from the tent. I probably snapped her out of her meditative state on accident, because she came out of the tent with an aggrivated look on her face. "Can you grab our stuff from the bag?" I asked, with Star already taking care of it. "Here's your shampoo and soap, Jason. Who's going first tonight?" Star seemed mighty dirty after all of the battles we had earlier in the day. Star has really taken a liking to battling in the past few months, getting into more battles than we really need to. "Why don't you go first? After all, you do all the battling here, not me!" She nodded as she headed off to the lake to clean herself up, while I made my way to some nearby brush, well out of Star's sight. I wanted her to go first because I wanted to admire my Kirlia's beauty. As she entered the water, I had crouched low and watched her bathe intently. She looked like a goddess, stealing my breath at the mere sight of her. I couldn't help but to take out my now fully erect member and stroke it. She started off by cleaning her head ornaments. She has always told me that they were very vital to her, because she channels her energy through them. As she washed lower, I picked up the pace as she rubbed her still growing breasts. She finally reahed her feminine region, and after watching for a short while, I noticed that she began masturbating, as well. She moaned at the same time that I did, and I closed my eyes in pleasure. All was well, until...

"Jason? What are you doing?" I heard Star ask. I quickly opened my eyes to see her standing right over me with a confused look. I had also noticed that I had released a little bit of pre. "O-oh! Star! I-I w-w-was just... Relieving myself. A-are you finished cleaning? Because I would really like to clean up, now." I said as I quickly got up and pulled my pants up. "Suuuuure, Jason. I'll just go back to the tent, then." She said, as she winked and walked away, grinning. I felt my face turn as red as a cheri berry, and I took my turn in the lake. I made sure to clean myself thoroughly to try and wash all of the embarassment away. It still felt like Star was watching me, laughing at my little scene in the brush. I finished up and got dressed then returned to the tent, where my little Star was sitting on my sleeping bag, waiting for me. "All ready for bed? You said it was going to be cold, right?" I was trying to keep her mind off of what she had seen. "Yep. Now, get in the bag, human!" I was shocked at her statement, but she then began to laugh. "I've always wanted to say that! Don't take it the wrong way, Jason. Just trying to have fun." I laughed at her joke, despite being only slightly offended. I climbed into the bag first, then the Kirlia squeezed in, making herself comfortable in my warm embrace. We giggled at the fact that we were both sleeping in the same sleeping bag, like a married couple, when Star decided to ask a question. "Jason, about what happened in the bushes... Were you getting off... To me? Because I rememer you saying that human-pokemon relationships were considered wrong in your culture, anmmmph-" I had cut her short by locking her in a passionate kiss. We held that kiss for a good four minutes before I decided to break it to explain why I had done that. "Star... What I told you was true, but there are humans out there that are in 'those' relationships with other pokemon. You don't see them kissing and such out in public, because it is seen as wrong. To tell you the truth, Star... I love you. I love you with all of my heart." Star's mouth was agape at what I had just said. "If you feel the same way about me, it's absolutley fine. I don't feel that such a thing is wrong, and that pokemon should be treated the same way as humans. If you love me, please, tell me." Star was still at a loss for words. It took her a full three minutes to utter her next sentence. "Jason, I... I l-love you, too. I've loved you ever since the day you found me, all those years ago. You told me that it was wrong for a pokemon like me to love a human like you in 'that' way, but..." I cut her off once again. "It's perfectly fine for us to be in a relationship like that, as long as we keep it private... A secret. Is that okay?" My pokemon smiled greatly, as she replied with a cheerful "YES!" We hugged each other and kissed once again, not letting go until we fell asleep.

I woke up first that morning. Star was still holding me, so I couldn't move much without waking her up. She seemed so content laying here in the bag, as if she never wanted to let go. I laid there wide awake for a good thirty minutes before she finally woke up. "Well, good morning, sleepy head. Did you sleep well?" She yawned and looked me in the eye. "Of course I did. It was nice and warm. So cozy... Can we lay here all day? It's nice here." She half-mumbled, still trying to wake up. "Sorry, sweetie, but we have to get going. We're closing in on the desert, and I'd like to get through it as quick as we can. I can't stand all of that sand..." I grumbled as I said my last sentence. "Alright, alright. Let's get going, then." Star climbed out of the sleeping bag and began to gather some of our stuff. I laid there for a few more minutes, until I recieved a fake menacing glare from the little Kirlia that made me get off of my lazy bum and get working. I stuffed my sleeping bag back into my pack and began to disassemble the tent while Star hunted for breakfast. "Oh, Jaaaaaaaasooooon! C'mere!" She called out. She didn't seem to be too far off, so I decided to go see what she wanted. What she found amazed me quite a bit. It was a cave, and it was full of Nuggets and Star Pieces embedded in the walls! "Woah... Star, do you know what you just found? This could make us rich! Can you use your abilities to remove as many of these as you can?" I pointed to the Star Pieces, and Star immediatley began to use her powers to extract at least six pieces at once. While she was handling those, I began to pull as many Nuggets out of the walls as I could. By the time we finished, we had put 23 Star Pieces and 11 Nuggets into my pack. "Wow, Star... What a great find! We'll be financially set for a long time! I'm pretty sure we'd have enough to support mom, too!" The psychic type jumped around with glee and I was giddy with excitement, myself. "Hey, Jason... Do you think that I can keep one of these Star Pieces? I want something to remember this moment." I couldn't say no, we had plenty of things to sell. "Sure. Which one do you want?" She looked at all of the pieces, and she grabbed a piece that didn't shine red, but shone a bluish-purple. "What about this one? I really like this one." The piece that she had chosen seemed to give off a feint glow, and as I handed it to her, it's glow became brighter, as if it was linked to her somehow. "W-woah, what's going on?!" She dropped the Star Piece to the ground. "What's wrong? What happened?" I picked up the gem to keep it nice and clean. "I felt a strange warmth inside of me as soon as I touched the thing. It felt wierd, but it felt pleasent at the same time... Can you hold onto it for me?" I obliged, and put it in a pocket of my pack where I kept all of the special and sentimental things we found during our travels. This item, though, seemed to be of extreme value to Star. We walked back to the camp and just as we sat down, we realized that Star had forgotten to find food. We laughed at the minor mistake, then we both hunted for food. I had found a plethora of Oran berries, and Star had found a decent amount of Cheri berries. We met at the site once again, and we both chowed down. Star had asked if she could use my spare set of silverware to eat again, so I gave her the same knife and fork from last night while I ate with my bare hands. She had lots of fun playing around with the utensils and I just watched, smiling at the sight of her having fun. It made me feel warm inside, and I then began to wonder if this is how Star felt when she picked up the unique Star Piece. I pushed that thought aside and finished my fruity breakfast. Star had finished her meal shortly after I did, and handed the silverware back to me. "You should learn to wash your dishes when you're done. Here, let me show you." I walked her over to the lake and pulled a small bottle of dish soap out of my pack. "Alright, can you get the fork and knife wet for me? Thanks. Now, let's get some soap on these. Okay, now put it under the water and wipe it clean. Make sure to get all of the messy spots, too." Star did exactly as I had told her, and took the now clean silverware out of the water. "Is this good enough, Jason? I made sure to get all of those messy spots you mentioned." Her eating utensils were absolutley spotless, as if they were just bought. "You did a great job, Star! Those look brand new! Put them in the bag with my silverware and we'll hit the road, okay?" She nodded and put the stuff in my bag. We double checked everything, and got back on the trail.

We walked for a few hours until we came across the desert. That accursed sand began to get into my teeth and my clothes and everything became very uncomfortable. Star was shielding her eyes from the dusty winds, too. I made sure to pack a pair of goggles to help me see if a sandstorm rolled in. I felt really bad for Star, because there were no goggles for pokemon when I was shopping for the trip. "Hey Star, you can wear these goggles if you want. They'll keep the sand out of your eyes. I don't have any spares, but I'll be fine." The Kirlia took the goggles and tried to figure out how to put them on. She eventually figured it out, and I couldn't help but laugh at how silly she looked with a pair of goggles on. She looked at me with a frown, and it made me stop laughing immediatley. After that was over, we began our trek through the sandy wasteland. The winds were not that strong, but I still had a little trouble seeing. Star was looking around at all of the rocks and their different shapes, sizes and colors. This continued for twenty minutes, until we heard what sounded like a shriek. "Star, we should go check this out. Can you take the lead? I can't see to well." Star nodded, and headed off in the direction of the shriek. Her head ornaments began to glow once again, as she was trying to find the source of the distress call. We eventually came across what looked like two men holding down a winged pokemon. "Hey! You two, stop that right now! You are hurting that poor pokemon!" Star used her telepathy to give me some information. 'Jason, that pokemon is a Flygon. I think we're in for a fight, too...' The two men looked our way, and let the Flygon go. It laid there, as if it were hurt badly. "Get lost, kid! Don't mess with us or you'll regret it!" I stood there staring the first man down. "That's it! No one messes with Team Sabre and gets away with it!" Team Sabre started off as a small time gang, nine years ago. They would go around, stealing people's pokemon, leaving an "S" on a wall where they commited the crime. They gained more members over the years, and eventually became a big time crime organization. I can't stand them and their horrible crimes, so Star and I tend to engage them when we can. The first Sabre grunt tossed out a Timburr, and the second one released a Flareon. They both looked upset and reluctant to do anything, but their masters forced them to attack me. Star then stepped out from behind me and summoned a green shield of light that absorbed a Low Kick and Will-O-Wisp attacks. "Star, make sure to incapacitate the Pokemon. They don't want to do this, so just use Hypnosis on them, and then we'll get the grunts." Star nodded, and cast two Hypnosis attacks that lulled both the Timburr and Flareon to sleep. "C'mon, you worthless pieces of shit! WAKE UP!" The second grunt yelled. Their anger left them wide open to attack, so I ran up and socked the second grunt right in the face. Star had cast a Psybeam which collided with the first grunt, rendering him unconsious. I fought the second Sabre member furiously, knocking him out faster than I normally would. After the fight was over, I took their pokeballs and broke them, releasing the two sleeping Pokemon and then released the rest of their Pokemon. I laid the broken pokeballs in front of the two sleepy heads so they could wake up to freedom.

I knelt down next to the wounded Flygon. "Star, can you check to see if he's okay internally?" I asked. Star nodded and closed her eyes as she used what I assumed to be x-ray vision. "He's got some minor internal bleeding and a few broken bones." Star said in a glum tone. I looked over at the battered and bruised Sabre grunts. I felt the rage building inside as I looked away quickly. "We have to get him to a Pokecenter right now. Can you help me carry him?" Star nodded once again as she used her telekinesis to help me carry the large Flygon. We eventually got out of the desert, so I helped Star take the ridiculous looking goggles off of her head. Walking down the trail, we recieved a lot of attention from other trainers and people asking if we needed help carrying the wounded Pokemon. We declined all of their offers, because we thought we were up to the task. Some trainers insisted on following us to the next town, just in case we couldn't do it. After a very tiring walk, we finally entered the Pokecenter. Nurse Joy immediatley ran to us to help carry the Flygon into the back so she and Chansey could begin the healing process. "Okay. Now, how did this happen?" Nurse Joy had to ask. "Well, we were walking through the desert and we came across two Team Sabre grunts beating up this poor Flygon. So, my Kirlia and I decided to take action and fought them off. We couldn't leave him there, so we carried him all the way here." Nurse Joy was suprised to hear me tell about how we beat up a couple of Sabre's punks, but still told me that we had to leave the room so she could begin working. Star and I sat in the waiting room with some of the trainers that decided to follow us. I was suprised to see that not a lot of them had left, and that they were as concerned as I was about a wounded Pokemon. "So, is he gonna be okay?" One of them asked. I shrugged, and a few of them put their heads down. I couldn't say that he was, Joy never said so, but I still had faith in her. She always came through, no matter how dire the situation was. The sun began to set, and all but two of the trainers had left. They told me that they wanted to stay here until the Flygon was all fixed up, and it warmed my heart. So, we all rented rooms for the night, and said our goodbyes and laid down in our beds. "Jason... Are you sure that he's gonna be okay?" Star asked me in a low tone. "I don't know, sweetie, but I do know that Nurse Joy will try her hardest to make sure that he'll be fine. Now come on and lay down, it's been a long day." Star walked up to the bed slowly and climbed under the covers. "I sure hope that he'll be okay." Star said quietly as she drifted away. "I do too. I love you." I replied. "I love you, too..." Star said as she fell asleep. I did the same a few seconds later. I had another nightmare...

Star and I were running. What were we running from? I didn't know. All I heard was shouting, footsteps and attacks coming from Pokemon behind us. We couldn't see much of our surroundings. All I knew is that we were in some sort of forest, and it was very dark. "Get him! The boss wants him dead! GET HIM!" Star was panting very hard, as was I. She eventually stumbled and fell over, and I came to an immediate halt. I knelt down next to her like I did the Flygon a little while ago. "Jason... Stand back... Get away!" I stood up, hesitant to move from her side. She hit me with a Psywave to knock me back. "STAR! NO!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. Star began to glow a very bright white, and she was giving off a lot of psychic energy. I came to the conclusion that she had decided to use Luster Purge with the last bit of energy she had left. I took cover behind a fallen tree trunk as the people chasing us reached Star. There was no noise. There was only an extremely bright flash of white light and very powerful waves of psychic energy that destroyed anything that wasn't behind some form of cover. I felt the trunk I was behind beginning to move, and the trees around me began to lose their bark. The entire event was catastrophic. As soon as it ended, I ran to where Star was laying on the ground. All that could be found was a bright white scorch mark on the ground where the Kirlia once was...

'Wake up, sleepy head! C'mon, we gotta go check on the Flygon!" I couldn't make out who was trying to wake me up. "Ughh... W-what? W-who..." I muttered sleepily. "You forgot who I am? I am your best friend! I am the little green and white thing that follows you everywhere! You saved me! It's me!" The voice said loudly. As I finally woke up, I looked at Star and I smiled. "Oh, honey, I had the worst dream! It was horrible..." I said as she came to my side. "Hm. Mind telling me what happened in that dream of yours?" I nodded and told her everything that had happened. "Oh... I really hope that wasn't some kind of premonition. That'd be awful!" Star exclaimed. I got out of bed and realized that I had slept in my clothes that night. I was covered in sweat, too. "Jeez... I need a shower. Are you waiting for me? Because I wanna clean up." Star nodded and took a seat at the edge of the bed. "Go ahead. You smell horrible, anyways." She said with a grin. I stuck my tongue out at her in a childish way as I entered the bathroom. After a nice, warm shower, I re-entered the bedroom to see Star fidgeting anxiously and impatiently. "Hurry up, Jason! We gotta check on the Flygon downstairs!" Star said quickly. "Alright, alright! Don't look then." I said as I begun to dress myself. Star opened the door and ran down stairs as I had finished dressing. "Star, slow down! I haven't even left the room yet!" I called. She didn't hear me anyway, so I just walked my way to the desk. Star was waiting for me, hopping up and down. "Good morning, sir. I suppose you are here to check in on the Flygon you brought in yesterday?" Joy had asked. "Yes ma'am. How's he doing?" Joy smiled. "He'll be fine. He is in his room, resting. You can go check in on him if you want." Star shouted with glee. "Wow, you sure are happy to meet this Pokemon. Lets go, shall we?" I picked the Kirlia up and carried her to the Flygon's room. She tried her hardest to fight her way out of my arms, but I wouldn't let her go. We entered the Pokemon's room and his eyes met mine. "Thank you, stranger. I didn't expect to make it out of there alive." He said. "Well, I could never leave a Pokemon to a fate as horrible as that." The Flygon was suprised to hear me reply. "Wait. You can understand me? You don't need your Kirlia there to translate and use telepathy to communicate?" I shook my head. "Nope. How can you tell that we're not doing that now?" The Flygon laughed. "I can't feel the energy flowing from her. Besides, your reply would've come after a slight delay. Anyways, thank you once more for saving my life. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would like to accompany you and your companion there on you adventure. I feel that this is a suitable way to repay you." I was shocked at his request. "Wait... You don't want to return to your home? Why not?" The Flygon didn't respond. We sat in silence for a few seconds. "Well? Can I join you?" Flygon asked once again. "I suppose, if that is what you want." Flygon got up. "Thank you, thank you! You won't regret it! Wait... Why aren't you taking out a Pokeball? I thought you wanted me to aid you?" Flygon hit me with a questioned look. "Well, I don't like capturing Pokemon. Because of that, I don't carry any Pokeballs on me. I always let the Pokemon make it's own decisions. I think it's wrong for us humans to force you into captivity." Flygon laughed once again. "Do you even know how Pokeballs work? They bind a Pokemon to a human. The human can help bring out the Pokemon's full potential, thus letting it grow stronger and bigger, faster. It also shortens the time between evolutionary stages." Flygon made me feel quite stupid. "So, why don't you go buy one? They're not that expensive, from what I've learned." I sighed, and reluctantly nodded and left the Pokecenter to go buy a Pokeball. I entered the store and the clerk greeted me with a smile. I looked at the shelf that was stocked with Pokeballs to find a decent one. I was suprised to see the wide variety of Pokeballs to suit any situation. I grabbed the standard red and white Pokeball and brought it to the counter. "Is that it? That'll be 200." I handed the polite clerk the money, and forgot that I had the Star Pieces and Nuggets. "You buy Nuggets and Star Pieces, right?" I asked. "Why, yes, we do! Do you happen to have any?" The clerk asked me. I smiled and dumped all of the Nuggets and Star Pieces onto the counter. The cerk's mouth dropped open and I laughed. "Wow! That's a lot of money coming your way!" I smiled as the clerk handed me the money for all of the precious minerals. "Thanks!" I siad happily. The clerk waved goodbye and I made my way back to the Pokecenter, Pokeball in hand. It felt odd to carry a Pokeball for the first time, especially since I didn't really like them. Still, it's what the Flygon wants. I entered his room to see Star laughing and playing with the Flygon. For the first day after an operation, the Flygon seems to be as healthy as possible. "Hey, I got you your Pokeball. I don't suppose you have a name?" I said as I entered the room. "Oh, right! I forgot to tell you my name! So sorry. My name is Zoren." Zoren smiled much like Star was. "Well Zoren, I guess it's time for me to capture you... Are you sure you want this?" Zoren nodded. "You know you can release a Pokemon, right? Just thought you'd like to know. Well, let's get it on, hm?" Zoren said as he stood up. I readied the Pokeball, and Zoren impatiently pressed the little round button on the ball and as it opened, he was sucked right in. The ball snapped shut, and it moved once. I assumed that it was a signal from Zoren to let him back out, so I pressed the button once more. He came out with a flash of red, and he sighed happily. "Thank you, Jason. I hope that I'll prove to be useful during your adventures. Now, should we get going? I'd like to get outside so I can stretch out my wings." Star nudged my leg to get me moving, and I complied with her order. The three of us walked outside, and we gazed at Zoren's large wingspan. He was facing the rising sun, so the his shadow was cast over us, only letting us see his silhouette. The sight almost brought a tear to my eye, and I'm sure Star was awestruck too. It looked like a scene from a movie, but Zoren soon finished his stretch and turned to face us. "Do you mind if I take to the skies time to time? I like the view from up above." Zoren asked. "I don't mind. Do what you want, I won't stop you." Zoren smiled and was about to take off, until Star had interrupted him. "You can fly if you want, as long as you'll let me fly on your back every now and then!" Zoren giggled and turned to face my tiny Kirlia. "Sure. As long as you don't try to distract me while I'm flying. If you did, the outcome would probably be pretty horrid." Zoren said positively. Star nodded and climbed on his back, and they took off for a morning flight. I decided to relax that morning and took a seat on a bench close by.

After about ten minutes of listening to the Chatot and Tailow, one of the trainers that had rented a room the night before had come out and taken a seat next to me. "Hey, do you know that the Flygon is not in it's room? Do you happen to know where it is?" The trainer asked, a bit panicked. I just smiled and held up Zoren's Pokeball. "Oh, you caught him? Nice! What'd you name him?" I looked up to the skies to catch a slight glimpse of Zoren and Star enjoying a nice flight. "I named him Zoren. Speaking of names, what's yours? Mine's Jason." I said as I returned my gaze to the trainer. "My name is Morris. Nice to meet you, Jason! Are you heading out of town today? If you are, I'd like to have someone to converse with on the road. It gets kinda quiet out there." Morris smiled. He seemed like a nice enough guy, so I didn't see a reason to not have him around for a while. "Why not? I get kinda bored out there, too. Do you have any plans? Because I plan to keep going after I hit the next town." I had lied about being bored on the road, because I can't tell him about my ability. He'd probably either freak out or call me a liar. "Well, I have family that lives in the next town that I had planned on visiting. After that, I was just gonna head on home. Hey, why don't you release Zoren so I can see how he's doing?" I just laughed and looked up to the skies. Morris did the same, probably trying to find what I was looking at. We both found what looked like a black dot with wings, and it was coming closer quickly. Morris stood up while I just sat calmly. The black dot with wings landed in front of Morris and spread it's wings in an intimidative way. "Zoren, relax. This is Morris, he's a friend." Zoren folded his wings behind his back and Star climbed down his back and returned to my side. "Oh, Jason, flying is so much fun! You should try it with Zoren some time! As we went up, Zoren told me that it would get cold and that my head would feel funny..." Star kept going on and on, so I picked her up to cut her off and to hold her to me tightly. "Well, I'm glad that you had fun, Star. I'm sure Zoren will let me go flying with him someday. Now, I'd like you to meet Morris. He is gonna be traveling with us for the next few days until we reach the next town. Is that okay with you guys?" Zoren and Star both nodded and smiled. "Jason, would you mind if I asked you to battle me? I'd like to see what your Pokemon can do." Star gasped with excitement while Zoren's smile grew larger. "I'll take that as a yes, then." Morris reached for his belt and grabbed a Pokeball. He tossed it and out came a Jolteon. "Alright Inu, we're gonna see what this trainer and his Pokemon are made of. Are you ready for this?" The Jolteon looked at Zoren and Star, then back to Morris. "Yes, master." To Morris' ears, it was a yelp of approval, but he still understood. "Okay! Jason, you ready?" I nodded and motioned for Zoren to ready himself. He hunched over in a battle stance and flashed his wings to strike fear in the Jolteon. It must've worked, because Inu backed up a little bit. "Alright Inu, use Thinder Wave!" The Jolteon's fur cracked and cackled with electricity as he sent out a few waves. Zoren waited until the last minute to jump up high and flap his wings once to create a Twister, avoiding the Thunder Wave attack. The Twister threw the Jolteon off balance, opening him up for a Dragon Claw attack. I just stood there, watching in amazement as Zoren took the whole situation into his own hands. Morris was shocked too, because I wasn't giving any orders. The Dragon Claw struck Inu's flank, taking some fur off, but not wounding the Pokemon. Inu tried to stand up, but couldn't. He slumped onto his good side, out of breath. "Inu, are you alright?" Morris said, concerned for his Pokemon's health. "Y-yes, master... I'm fine..." inu replied, trying to stand back up, just to fall back over. "Inu, you're hurt. I got you." Morris said as he picked up the exhausted Jolteon. "Take a rest on the bench, okay?" Inu nodded as Morris set him down on the bench I was sitting on earlier. He then reached for another Pokeball and he released a Weavile. "Okay Fali, this Flygon took down Inu. Do you think you can try to take him down?" Morris asked, trying to pep up the Weavile. "Yes, master!" Feli responded, yet again sounding like a yip of approval to Morris. She got into her battle pose while Zoren just stood there, hunched over like before. "Fali, Ice Shard!" The Weavile's claws began to glow a bright blue color, and she swung them, releasing several shards of ice towards Zoren. As they got closer, Zoren vanished! I began to look around, trying to find him, but he was nowhere to be found. All of a sudden, Fali was hit by something. I then knew that Zoren was using Extreme Speed! After hitting Fali a few more times, Zoren came to a halt in front of me, opening his maw to charge a Dragonbreath attack. Fali was already quite weak from the Extreme Speed attack, so Zoren figured that the not very effective Dragon type attack would just knock her out. Zoren was right. The Dragonbreath attack hit Fali right on her chest, knocking her over, and knocking her out. 'Fali! Are you okay?!" The Weavile laid there, breathing steadily. He returned her to the Pokeball, and set it down next to the now sleeping Inu. He reached for one last Pokeball and released an Absol. "Okay... Abby, time to shine. Are you ready to finish this?" Abby stood there valiantly. "Yes master!" She replied. Just as Zoren began to hunch over once more, Star had butted in. "I wanna fight, too! Let me handle this!" Zoren walked behind me, letting little Star take control. Abby just stood there, staring at my Kirlia. "Abby, Night Slash!" The Absol darted towards Star, who then used Teleport to disappear and reappear behind Abby. She then readied a Psybeam attack, and just as Abby had turned around to face Star, she had fired right at her left flank. The attack took Abby right off her feet, knocking her over. The Absol staggered trying to get back up, so Star decided to finish the fight with a weak Psywave attack. The wave of pink and purple energy collided with her right flank this time, knocking Abby out cold. "Abby, no! No, no no!" He returned her to the Pokeball and set it on the bench next to the other Pokemon. He then took a seat next to his three companions and buried his face in his palms. "I can't believe it... I lost..." Morris said in a somber tone. "My Pokemon are hurt, and it's all my fault..." I knelt down in front of Morris. "Don't worry, Morris. They tried their hardest, and they just happened to lose. It's perfectly fine. It's not your fault. Now, why don't you get your friends to the Pokecenter and get them all fixed up." Morris looked me in the eye and stood up to return Inu to his ball. "No, why don't you carry him? He doesn't seem to be hurt as bad as the other two. Besides, Jolteon aren't that heavy." Morris nodded and returned Fali and Abby to his belt, then picked up Inu to carry him to the Pokecenter down the street. Once he entered, the celebration began. "Wow, Zoren, you are amazing! You didn't need my assistance at all! And Star, handling that Absol yourself was amazing, too! And the cool thing is that you guys will only get stronger!" Star was jumping for joy while Zoren was doing his own little victory dance. As Morris returned, I noticed that Inu was in his ball. "Are they gonna be fine?" I asked. "Yeah, they just need to rest a little now. Should we get going?" I looked up to notice that the sun had risen considerably since our battle had started. "Yeah. Star, Zoren, lead the way!" My two companions led us to the town's exit, and they then returned to my side to enjoy the walk. After a few minutes of silence, Morris decided to speak. "Jason, I gotta ask. Why don't you put your Pokemon in their balls?" I had prepared an answer for this question. "Well, don't you think that Pokemon would like to enjoy the fresh air and walk a little bit?" Morris considered this, and grabbed all three of his Pokeballs. "Alright guys, time to enjoy yourselves!" He tossed the three Pokeballs into the air and all three Pokemon landed, enetring battle poses. "Woah, woah, woah! There's no battle going on! I just want you guys to get some fresh air and to have a nice walk with us!" Fali, Inu and Abby seemed a bit confused, but they relaxed and walked side by side. By then, we were taking up most of the trail. I had noticed that Morris' Pokemon were really enjoying themselves. Feli had decided to try and ride Abby like a Pontya, and Inu was laughing at the sight. Their shenanigans continued for quite a while, and the sun had began to set. "Wanna set up camp, Morris? It's getting late." He looked up, and nodded in approval. We looked for a spot off of the trail like always. Zoren had taken to the skies, while Star hunted on her own. We heard Zoren screech not to far from where I was standing, and found a nice secluded spot in the woods. I had begun to set up my tent while Morris set up his. Zoren had taken it upon himself to start the fire, while Star looked for food. "Wow, you guys make a great team! You're almost done!" Morris said as he had finished setting up his tent. I had finished making mine, and as I exited, Star came back with a bunch of Oran berries while Zoren was using Ember to start the fire. We sat around the fire silently that night. "Well, I'm beat. Ready to sleep, guys?" I had asked my Pokemon. They yawned in unison, and Star crawled into the tent while Zoren curled up next to the tent, using his body heat to keep warm. "Good night, Morris. See you in the morning." He waved, and I retreated to my tent. Star was waiting for me in our sleeping bag. I stuffed my way in and got settled in nicely. "Jason... Have you caught me yet?" Star asked reluctantly. "Well, no. You never asked to be captured..." I trailed off. I had never told her about Pokeballs and how they worked because of my lack of knowledge. If a trainer were to toss a Pokeball and it happened to be near Star, they could catch her if they wanted. "Why, do you want to be captured? You'd be my Pokemon forever, and you would grow faster, like Zoren said." Star was excited to hear that she'd be mine forever if I caught her, and she made up her mind. "Yes, Jason. I want you to catch me." Star said firmly. I knew that her mind was made. "Alright then. Your wish is my command." I said as I kissed her on the forehead. "I love you, sweetie." I said. "I love you, too, Jason." She said sweetly as she fell asleep. I sighed happily. Star would be mine forever. I couldn't think of anything better.

Chapter End Notes:

Aaaand there it is! I hope you enjoyed, and please stay tuned for the next chapter!

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Aug 6 2013 Chapter:New Friends!
    Still going strong. A few spelling errors this time. Another Text Wall. And battle/move mistakes.

    Just so you know for future chapters:
    Psychic-Type moves have no effect on Dark-Types, unless MiracleEye is used
    Electric-Type moves have no effect on Ground-Types, including ThunderWave

    And both Star and Zoren are using moves they cannot learn at all.

    Keep it up, and perhaps you should get a beta-reader
    Reviewer: anger_incarnate
    Date:Aug 12 2013 Chapter:New Friends!
    While Dragunov does cover the standard problems this chapter does demonstrate with types and moves, I find a somewhat bigger problem (though not nearly as bad as I've seen others do) is that the text is a tad clumped together, especially in moments of conversation where it just looks better separated. It's not that you don't make it difficult to follow who's speaking, but it's somewhat common practice to do it that way.

    Story-wise, I feel some aspect that the cave situation could provide wasn't used, granted the foreshadowing with the (let's be honest here) "evolution" Star bit did add something to it besides monetary. Perhaps it's just my take on it, but a vast treasure like you're describing sounds like it should have a guard...
    Just an easy plot twist to add in the story for another time perhaps.