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A Charmander wakes up in the woods with no memory of his past, his identity, or even his name. The only thing he has to guide him are flashes of memory, a haunting, sorrowful young voice, and a world that is as stumped about his existence as he is.

Luckily, a Rescue Team offers to help him find out who he is, provided they can spare the time, what with the world trying to come to an end.

Story Notes:

This is a Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team fic. I was inspired after playing the new games, then looking back on the old. I saw my opportunity, and my muse refused to allow me to pass it up.As for the world, this does take place in the same setting as my other two stories; Machinations of a Trainer and Sinnoh Academy. As for whether or not the stories intertwine, I'll leave you to judge that for yourself!A special thanks, and with it co-authorship, goes out to Pokegirl, who was kind enough to edit and prof all of it, adding in creative touches when she thought they'd fit and I'd agree with them.This story may be based of the game, but you may see elements from various anime pop up. This is because anime also inspired me in this piece. You'll see hard action and drama, but I'll have comedy and wacky hijinks that animes tend to have when the main characters aren't busting skulls.It'll also become an adult story in the future, but at the moment, I need to set the board and lay out all my pieces.So please, enjoy the game!

  1. Nightmare (9274 words)

  2. The Esteemed Leader (4059 words)

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