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Her Biggest Fan by zephyr_paws


Story Notes:

Yep, this was meant to just be a light little story and my first attempt at writing F/F, but, of course, it turned into something deep and emotional. There's not a bunch of plotless F/F sex in here -- the primary focus is on their relationship together. That should make it feel even better, hehe.

Chapter 2: A Lesson in Love

Her Biggest Fan

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WARNING: This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and sex between two female Pokemon. Yeah, you heard me, two females. If homosexual sex between female Pokemon makes you shudder, or if you're a damn pubescent youngin' under 18 years old (or whatever the legal age is in your locale) trying to explore his (or maybe her) sexual curiosities towards lesbians, go away and go do something else that you shouldn't be doing, like downloading MP3s.

Chapter 2

A Lesson in Love

By the time Elly returned to Jeff's room, Atra was already inside of her Poke Ball for the night. The next morning, after Jeff released all of his Pokemon, Atra quickly ran off before Elly was able to say so much as a word to her.

"She sure's in a hurry," remarked Ignis, smirking cockily.

"Oui oui, la petite Weavile is, indeed! Oh, la petite Plusle, did you scare poor Atra? Ohoho!" added Effloresca, taking delight in teasing Atra behind her back.

"Shut up! Just shut up!" shouted Elly. Listening to the two Pokemon pick on Atra like that made her angry, particularly after she'd potentially ruined Atra's one shot at happiness by her own impulses.

"Oooooh, the little pipsqueak actually cares about her or something?" Ignis pointed one of his talons down at the small Plusle and laughed. "Ahaha!"

"Ohoho! No one would care about la petite Plusle if she were not of an unusual color, non?" said Effloresca, pointing one of her flowery arms at Elly.

"Yeah, you really think a squirt like you would be on Jeff's team? The only reason you're even here is because of your special colors. Other than that, you're worthless." Ignis smirked again, clearly taking delight at insulting his new teammate.

"Shut up! Shut up, both of you! Just shut up!" Elly began crying over the insults of the mean Blaziken and Roserade. She wiped a tear off her eye and then hastily ran out the door and onto the deck of the ship.

"Ahaha!" "Ohoho!" laughed both Ignis and Effloresca in unison.


"Atty! Atty!! Where are you, Atty?! Please, I just wanna talk to 'ya! Atttttyyyy!!" Elly was exploring the ship in search of Atra. She wasn't in her usual spot like Elly expected her to be.

"Atty... Wah! Why'd I have to do that yesterday?! I should have actually thought about it! I just became friends with her and, there I go, just jumping in and kissing her!"

A few nearby Pokemon gave her some odd looks as she realized she just openly exclaimed that to the world rather than just thinking it. Keeping her thoughts to herself wasn't exactly a strong suit of hers.

She paid it no mind, though, and continued where she left off. "Atty... I knew from the moment I met you... there was something about you. That sleek, smooth black fur. Those lithe legs. Those sharp claws! Eeek! And... even your eyes... Waah!"

The thought of being in love with Atra really wasn't too hard of a pill for Elly to swallow. She paid no consideration to the social norm, in pretty much any circumstance, so being in love with another female was no big deal to her as long as she knew she was in love. Not that she had that much time to think it through, but Elly was quick to accept the fact she was attracted to Atra, for both her looks and her personality.

What she felt worst about was hurting Atra's feelings. She didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable or pressured, but had no power to resist herself from kissing the beautiful Weavile. She was her idol, after all -- the one Pokemon she admired more than any other. It was hard enough for her to hold back telling her what she really thought of her for as long as she did.

The feeling of their embrace replayed through the Plusle's mind. The comforting, warm feeling of their bodies against one another was too pleasant of a memory to pass up. The kiss that shortly followed felt more like a dream than a reality, but she knew she did it. And it felt so good...

"Oh, Atty..." said Elly with a sigh. She missed her friend. She missed her idol. She missed... Atra.


After searching the ship for a bit longer, Elly found herself back at a familiar side of the ship. She was where she was last night, Atra wasn't anywhere nearby. Elly thought for sure that Atra would be there, staring out into the ocean as usual, but she wasn't.

Elly sat down on the wooden deck and gazed out at the ocean between the railings. It just didn't seem the same without Atra there. Even though yesterday was really the first day Atra opened up to her, it felt like she was an irreplaceable part of the Plusle's body.

Perhaps she was taking Atra way too seriously. Sure, she had it all figured out. Last night, she kissed her and admitted she loved her. "Was that too much? I dunno if I should have done that... I guess now that I think of it, it was pretty stupid. She's still new to opening up and I was so attracted to her that I couldn't give her space and acted silly!"

She rubbed her forehead with her paw. "She is a girl, too. It... it doesn't matter to me at all -- in fact, I think I like her more because she's a girl -- but... Atty might not be as open to the idea. Wah! Why did I have to do that yesterday?! I'm so stupid! How could I have ever thought that she'd ever care about me back?!"

Elly sighed. Her doubts were definitely worrying her and causing her to deeply regret her premature confession yesterday. "Do I really love her? ...Yeah! If I could, I'd spend the rest of my life with her! She's amazing, and beautiful, and strong, and even kinda funny!"

"Actually, she's even sexy... oooowwaah!" the Plusle continued. "Haha, she is! Those smooth legs... her silky fur... g-gah! A-Atra! I really am attracted to girls, aren't I?! Hahaha!" Elly fell onto her back and began laughing. She often found herself thinking about other females in more of a sexual way and wasn't entirely sure about it until now. Atra really helped confirm in her mind that other females are way more attractive to her than cocky, thoughtless males. It wasn't normal, true, but she didn't care. She didn't really want to have kids or anything anyway.

Her laughter shortly ceased, being replaced with only a few sighs. "Atty... I wish you could just think the same about me. I wish you could see that I think you deserve to be loved after everything you've gone through. I'm sure you didn't even tell me the half of it! You probably got a million stories that'd make anyone cry just hearing them! Aww... Atty... If I were that Zangoose you told me about, I woulda held you, and hugged you, and kissed you so you knew that I loved you back."

Elly closed her eyes and gave one final large sigh. "Ha... Of course, I feel more like you, instead; rejected, crushed, and ignored." She just continued to lay there with her eyes closed, thinking as much about Atra as she could. Though she was sad that Atra didn't feel the same for her, it was to be expected, so she simply accepted it and smiled. Even if she could just be a good friend, she'd be happy.

However, Elly soon heard the sound of sniveling mixed in with a few light sobs. It sounded familiar. "A-Atty?" she asked, opening her eyes and listening with her ears. "Atty, are you there?" She turned her head to her left and then her right, though not bothering to get up from on her back just to see.

The sobbing began picking up, as did the sniveling. It was too much for her to simply wait around for; if it was Atra, she needed to see her and talk to her. "Atty?" said Elly as she got up and looked around more, surveying her surroundings. Still no sign of Atra.

"Attttyyy?!" Elly called out, looking around the side of the ship, peeking behind the corner, and even looking inside of a nearby pipe. No sign of her. Something did catch her eye, though, after examining the pipe: there was a door to a cabin room on the ship that seemed to be open just a crack. She didn't know what was in that door, but figured it'd be worth a shot investigating. After all, she was running out of places to look!

Elly slowly pushed the door back. "Atty, are you-" Sitting down on the other side of the door was the Weavile that Elly was looking so desperately for. She had both of her claws up to her face and was crying into them. "Atty!" Elly ran forward and jumped into Atra's lap, then hugged her as she continued to cry into her claws.

"El-ly... I-I-I'm s-s-or-ry..." cried out Atra, tearing her claws away from her face and reaching her arms behind Elly, sharing her hug.

"What's wrong, Atty?" asked Elly to the crying Weavile.

"M-me..." she answered. "I-I trea-ea-ted you so b-bad... and all you d-did was... ..." Atra was unable to finish her sentence before her tears overwhelmed her.

"There, there, Atty. Calm down, it's alright. I'm the one who should be apologizing!"


"Yeah, you know, for kissing you! I shouldn't have done that or said what I said yesterday!" Elly blushed a little bit, again being reminded of that awkward moment last night.

"N-no! Elly, no!" Atra hugged Elly really close, squeezing her to the point of nearly being choked.

"Waah! Tight! Unf! Heeeyyy, Atty, come on! Stop the tear factory up there so you can talk straight, okay? It's okay to cry and let it all out, but whatever it is I'm sure will be alright now!"


Atra and Elly remained in yet another embrace for the next few minutes, neither saying a word to each other but clearly enjoying one another's company. Atra's tears eventually lifted and she was able to talk and think a lot clearer than just moments before.

"Hey, now what's up, Atty? Why were you hiding in here?" asked Elly.

Atra carefully moved her arms apart from Elly, lifted her up off of her, then stood up. She walked over to the door and shut it. "I... I'm not really hiding."

"Then why did you just shut the door?" added Elly.

"I just don't want any of Jeff's Pokemon to see us talking. Okay?"

Elly was considering asking why, though seeing first-hand just how some of Jeff's other Pokemon acted, she probably knew why anyway. "Okay."

"Elly... I'm... I'm sorry. About yesterday."

Elly looked up at Atra intently. "Sorry? Wait, I'm the one that should be sorry! For kissing you out of the blue like that! I don't know what came over me!"

Atra rolled her eyes down, though she wasn't looking at the Plusle; she was just staring at the ground out of embarrassment. "It... it's okay. I shouldn't have gotten so upset and angry about it. Especially since... err..."

"Since what? Atty?" Elly looked highly curious about what she was going to say.

The Weavile sighed. She was trying to be as careful as possible when speaking, as not to create any unnecessary excitement or confusion. "Since... you must have meant it."

"I... I did! I meant everything I said and did last night! But I'm really sorry I didn't think about how you'd react to me kissing you and then saying I love you!"

Once again, Atra sighed, though this time with a definite smirk on her face. "I don't really know what to say. I guess... I forgive you."

"Thanks, Atty. I promise it'll never happen again! If... if you don't want it to, that is," said Elly in a surprisingly shy tone.

Atra looked really perplexed by what Elly said. She was ultimately giving her the choice to have Elly stop her antics or to... perhaps kiss her again. "It... it'd better not happen again!" snapped Atra, accidentally getting a bit more defensive than she had hoped. It intimidated Elly a bit.

"It... it won't," answered Elly, though sounding pretty disappointed. Oh well, she knew she had to respect Atra's wishes.

All of a sudden, Atra smacked her face with her claw. "No! Elly. I- I'm sorry. I- I'm just too used to hiding my emotions that I don't know what to say or how to say it." She regretted saying that last part.

"W-wha? How to say what?" asked Elly. Now she was really getting curious.

Atra sighed, then hung her head low. "I swear, if you ever tell any of Jeff's Pokemon this, I'll kill y-... I- I'm sorry. I just... it didn't hit me at first, but after you kissed me last night, said all that stuff, and then I ran off, I couldn't stop beating myself up over how poorly I handled the situation."

"You didn't handle it poorly, Atty! I did! I'm the one who let my attractions get the better of me!"

Once again, Atra sighed, this time clenching her claws. "See... you can be so honest. You never hide what you're feeling, do you?"

Elly tilted her head. "Why would I do that?"

"Heh. I'm all too used to hiding my feelings and just shutting up so I don't have to deal with other Pokemon and their miserable problems, like how I was really cold to you at first."

"Atty! Can't you just get on to what you were trying to say in the first place? I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but we don't need to relive the past! I'm totally over that! You're still the most awesomest Pokemon in the world! Just spit it out already! I swear, you can tell me anything, Atty!"

"Fine, fine." Atra crossed her arms. "Last night, after I ran away from you, I realized that I was no different than Leto..." She let out a brief sigh. "You cared about me, kissed me, even said you loved me... and I treated you exactly the same way Leto treated me."

"It's okay, Atty! I don't mind!"

"Say that now... but live with it day after day and you turn into me: cold and uncaring. I... Elly, I'm sorry; I was spying on you this morning." Atra nervously looked off to her side, feeling bad about what she had done both last night and this morning.

"It's okay! I just wish I would have found you sooner, because I missed you!" She smiled up at Atra.

It amazed Atra just how little vengeance the small Plusle appeared to possess. It didn't seem like there was a single vengeful bone in her body. What she herself would have felt so betrayed and upset over, Elly seemed completely unaffected by -- completely disregarding it, in fact.

"You aren't mad? You aren't mad that I heard everything that you said? Everything about... about me?" Atra actually blushed slightly after remembering some of the things that Elly said about her.

"No! I'm not mad at all! Hey, I just wanna know why you wanted to spy on me rather than just talk to me face-to-face?"

Atra shifted her eyes to her side again. "I... I just wanted to see what you'd say about me, if you said anything at all."

"Well? I meant every word I said! Even about you being sexy, haha! What did you think?" Elly was smiling and laughing, as well as blushing red a bit.

"I... I think the thing that really touched me the most was what you said about Leto... about how, if you were him, you would have hugged me, kissed me, and loved me in return rather than throw me to the side and ignore me like he did. Like... like I did to you."

"Aww, it's okay, Atty! It's different! I mean, we're both girls and all, and Leto was a jerk!"

"But Elly... you're... you're the only Pokemon that's ever cared about me. I was so mean to you at first, because I thought you were just some obnoxious pest that wouldn't leave me alone. But you kept it up... and it confused me, because I've never been admired by anyone before. Even Jeff thinks I'm only 'his second best' and 'will never be as good as his first.' "

"You'll always be my first best! I mean it!" Elly gave a wide grin up at the Weavile.

"Elly, uh... did you... did you really mean it when you said you love me?" asked Atra in a more serious tone. It was a question that made her nervous asking, particularly because she knew what the answer was. Maybe it was just hearing the answer that made her the most nervous, since she didn't know how to react to such affectionate words.

"Oh, uh, well, to be honest, I might have rushed into it a teency-weency little bit last night, but I thought about it some more this morning -- oh, hey, you probably heard it, huh? Well yeah, anyway, so I thought about it some more this morning and I realized, yeah, I really do! You're the most amazingest Pokemon there is ever, you're strong and powerful, you're funny, and you're also beautiful and hot and really attractive! Way more attractive than any male is! But not just that, I really like you for who you are! Like, your personality and stuff!"

By the end of the Plusle's long-winded speech, Atra heard more than what she could have possibly hoped for from the Plusle; she didn't just care about her, she really loved her. The feelings Elly described closely matched the feelings Atra felt about Leto.

"Thanks..." The idea that Elly really was in love with her, another female, seemed a lot less repulsing when Atra actually heard what she said, right to her face. It was something entirely new for her, being admired and adored; she wasn't sure how to react. She wasn't sure if she should say anything more than a simple thank you, or if she could someday share the feelings the Plusle shared for her.

"What do you think of me, huh? I mean, you can just tell me honestly, it's fine! If I'm annoying for following you around all the time or too weird because I kissed you or something, just say so! I just wanna know, 'ya know?"

Atra looked down at the little Plusle and right at her face. She was smiling up at her. Atra tried to think exactly what she did think of Elly. Even she wasn't entirely sure herself what the Plusle meant to her.

"I... I'm glad that you actually care about me. I never knew how much it'd mean, having someone care about me, and maybe that's just what I wanted all this time..."

"Yeah, but am I annoying?" asked Elly.

Atra shook her head. "A lot less than you were."

"So I'm still annoying?"

The Weavile sighed. "N-no. Err... you're just... you're just you. And that's all I want you to be."

"So 'ya like me as I am, me being me, huh?"


"Do you like me?"

"L-like you?" That question caused Atra to pause a bit. "What do you mean?"

Elly laughed a bit. "I mean as a friend! As someone to talk to! Do you like me for talking to you and stuff?"

"I like talking to you..." answered Atra.

"But me? Do you like me?"

Atra was getting more and more embarrassed by Elly's questions, particularly because she wasn't sure how exactly to answer them. "Well... I don't like anyone else, if that means anything." She smirked a bit.

"So you do like me after all!" She smiled. "Hey, Atty, do you think I'm cute?"

Atra blushed out of her embarrassment. "Err... cute?" She saw the words 'cute' and 'weak' as the same thing and never gave a second thought towards cuter Pokemon. "I don't care about stupid things like that."

"Why did you fall in love with Leto, then, huh? If it wasn't because he was cute, what was it because?"

Elly's questions were breaking that point of annoying and intrusive, but she knew that asking them would be the best way to get Atra to talk, especially since she seemed to have difficulty trying to talk openly about what was on her mind.

However, Atra seemed to take that last question harshly. "It... I... I don't know how to describe it, okay? Just leave me alone."

"You liked him for just who he was, regardless of looks or his behavior?"

"I don't know! Now please, just drop the topic before I drop it for you! I don't want to talk about Leto anymore!" shouted Atra, clenching her claws and clearly looking upset.

"I'm sorry, Atty... I didn't mean to make you mad or anything. I just wanted to hear you talk. I just wanted to let you open up your feelings. I just... I wanted to hear if you liked me back, that's all!"

"If I... like you back? You mean...?"

"Well, yeah! I want to know if you love me, too, or if even someday you think you could! Because if you don't and don't ever think you could, I'm not going to push you or anything, but I know I really love you a lot, Atty, and think that you really want to love someone, too. I just don't know if that someone is me or if you think you'll find another Leto..."

That question caused Atra's heart rate to escalate. She could feel it beating faster than it had been, because Elly made a lot of good points. Atra sat down and leaned up against the bed in the room, staring right at the Plusle and thinking, seriously, if she really could fall in love with her or not.

After all, Elly really was the only Pokemon that cared about her -- the only Pokemon that ever cared about her. Leto didn't even come close to returning her feelings and just snubbed her the same way every other Pokemon did. She was a genuinely good friend and good Pokemon to talk with her and get to the point they were at with each other.

As Atra continued to remain lost in deep thought, something Elly once asked flashed through her mind. 'You'd rather be lonely than happy?' It wasn't the first time she remembered those words, but now, more than ever, they seemed to really mean something. Happiness was a foreign feeling for Atra; it once seemed like only an illusion for the weak, but now loneliness seemed like the only delusion.

The choice was hers: lonely or happy. She knew that the Plusle cared for her unconditionally. She loved her. She really was the only Pokemon that ever cared for her and only now, during such deep thoughts, did that fact really, truly sink in her mind.

"Atty? Atty, 'ya there?" asked Elly, waving her paws in front of Atra and snapping her out of her daze.

"S-sorry. I was just thinking." The Plusle was now just a few inches from Atra.

"Well, didja wanna answer my question, or not, huh?"

Atra clenched her claws again and glanced off to her left, thinking really hard as to what her answer should be. Elly had treated her so nicely and really did care for her, but she didn't know if she was ready to commit to anything, especially since she'd shut her emotions out for so long.

It finally hit Atra. After all the thinking and talking, after all of the annoyances and chattering, after all the threats and fights, Elly was still there for her, right beside her. She knew what she had to do.

Without saying a word, Atra looked back at Elly, smiled at her, then reached her claws forward so she could pick up the Plusle. She did so and pulled Elly in close to her so their faces were just a few inches apart. "Elly..." said Atra as she swallowed all of her fears, closed her eyes, and brought Elly's lips to her own, embracing the Plusle in a kiss.

Elly totally wasn't expecting Atra to do that, so her heart was happily racing at the feeling of her love being shared! Atra didn't actually think she'd have it in her to go through with it, but this time around, unlike last, she was ready for it. She was ready for that show of affection contained in a gentle, delicate kiss. The feeling of her lips touching Elly's was so satisfying it made her heart go aflutter and her stomach knot up in the excitement.

After half a minute or so, Atra released Elly from her lips and pulled her away a few inches, though still kept her eyes closed in a sort of euphoric bliss. "Elly... oh... that... that felt really nice."

"A-Atty! Aww, Atty! You're a really good kisser!" exclaimed Elly, delighted that her crush finally seemed to share her affections.

Atra opened her eyes and saw Elly happily smiling at her. "Thanks. I've never done it before..."

"Well you sure learn fast, mmm! But hey, does that mean you love me?"

"I... I don't know if I do or not. But... I do know now... that I would like it if I did." Atra blushed after admitting that, but she was glad to actually be able to.

"Aww, Atty!" Elly leapt from the Weavile's claws and over to her chest, hugging it and nuzzling it profusely. "I love you, Atty! You really are the most awesomest Pokemon in the whole world!"

"Well, you're the only Pokemon I could ever really call a friend... and, actually, before I met you, I'd shun friendship as something weak, like that they should just fend for themselves. But maybe that was just because I was lonely and actually wanted a friend like you, Elly."

"It's not bad to have friends! Doesn't it feel good knowing that you can talk to me about your problems? That you can hug me and get warm fuzzies from it? That you can even kiss me whenever you'd like to show you care about me?"

Atra smiled and felt a lot more at ease. "Yeah, it does. It does."

Elly looked up at Atra, who warmly looked down at her. "Hey, you know what else you can do to me whenever you want?"

"What's that?" asked Atra.

"You can mate with me whenever you'd like!" exclaimed Elly casually.

It took Atra a few seconds to fully grasp that Elly just said what she thought she said. "Mate with you?!" exclaimed Atra, looking rather shocked.

"Yeah, you know, when two Pokemon love each other -- or just really want to have some fun together, really. I mean, I don't care if you love me or not, because I know I love you and I'd love to mate with you so you can feel good 'cuz of it! Mating does feel pretty good, doesn't it?"

Atra just stared at the Plusle blankly. She didn't know how to respond to a topic like this.

"Doesn't it?" asked Elly again, trying to elicit an answer from Atra.

"I d-don't know... does it?" answered Atra.

"Wait, you mean a strong, awesome Weavile like you hasn't mated before?!" exclaimed Elly in amazement. She couldn't believe that Atra hadn't mated before.

"I... I haven't..." answered Atra in a shy, reserved tone. She didn't want to feel weak for not mating, but there was no point in really hiding it from Elly.

"Not even with some of your battle victims, taking them unwillingly after you've proved your dominance over them?!" The Plusle jumped off of Atra's lap and acted out a few playful jabs, then comically flexed her rather puny muscles.

Surprisingly, the thought of doing that never crossed Atra's mind. She probably would have seemed a lot tougher and gotten a lot stronger if she'd done that, actually. "N-no..."

"Wowee, so I'd really be your first mate, huh? That's so cool! Wah, I can't believe it! Hey wait, you have pleasured yourself, right? I mean, just because you haven't mated doesn't mean you haven't had a bit of fun, huh?"

Atra began blushing a bit and shook her head. She knew about mating and about how it was done, after witnessing Ignis mate with a few Pokemon -- not to mention his incessant bragging about it. But she had never pleasured herself before.

"Wait, so you've never masturbated? Er, you know, played with yourself? Rubbed your ruby? Cleaned the Clamperl? Tickled your Poke Ball? You've never stuck anything in good old faithful down there? Nothing?"

Now Atra's face was practically glowing red out of embarrassment. She was familiar with the concept of masturbation and even watched Effloresca do it on a few occasions, but mocked it as a cheap replacement for procreation, which was the only good she ever saw out of mating.

"I haven't, okay. It just seemed like a waste. Jerks like Ignis only focus on mating and pleasure rather than actually fighting and getting stronger." Atra began getting a bit defensive, trying to defend her lack of sexual curiosity. "Mating should only be for having kids, anyway, and that 'masturbation' crap is just a distraction."

"Hey, no it's not! It feels gooood! You haven't even tried it, so how would you know, huh?" snapped back Elly.

"I don't need to have done it to know it's a bad idea. Rather than wasting time doing things that don't even matter, since nothing good comes out of it, Pokemon need to actually train and focus."

"So your just sitting there, thinking all day was focusing?"

"Yes, it was. Now just leave me alone about that. If you want to masturbate, whatever, it's not like you fight anyway, so who really cares. But it's not a replacement for a mate and it's not going to give you kids, so there's no point."

Elly had just about enough of Atra defending herself. "Shut up!" she yelled. "You don't know anything about sex or mating! Stop thinking you know everything and know exactly how it works and why it's so wrong and all that crap, because you don't! You've never mated before! You've never even felt just how good it feels having some fun with yourself, otherwise you wouldn't be so against it like it was something wrong!

"Atty, there's more to life than strong and weak! There's love and fun, pleasure and enjoyment, friends and mates! You've been shut out from them your whole life! I'm not trying to judge you or anything; I only want to help you! I want to be a good friend to you, Atty -- maybe even a good mate to you someday! But if you really want to be happy, you need to stop thinking that there's only strong and weak out there, because if that's all you base your decisions on, you'll never be happy!

"What's weak is being sad and lonely. What's strong is being happy and loved. What do you want, Atty? Do you really want to be strong? Then just shut up about judging strength only on its face value and loosen up a bit, because when you're happy like me, you don't let silly things like strength consume your life to the point where you don't have fun anymore!"

Atra was nearly brought to tears over Elly's speech. She really had a talent of speaking her mind and making her message clear, regardless of how blunt she may be about it. "Elly... I'm sorry, Elly... you're right. I'm just... so used to seeing things only as weak to make myself feel better... or something. I don't even know why, anymore. I don't even know-"

"Hey, it's okay!" interrupted Elly, walking back over to Atra and holding onto her claw. "You just don't know what it's like. Would you like me to show you?" asked Elly, looking up at her with a seductive look on her face.

"Show me... what it's like? What what's like?" Atra wasn't quite sure what Elly meant by that. It could be any number of things, though she was secretly hoping that it was a certain something.

"What it's like to really have fun," answered Elly, winking at Atra while sticking her tongue out.

"You mean masturbate or mate?" asked Atra, getting a lot more blunt.

"We can start with whatever you'd like, Atty, but I think you should start by checking the turkey!"

"The turkey?" She didn't get it.

"Wah! I mean, oh forget it. I'll show you how to masturbate, okay?" Elly offered to Atra cheerfully.

Atra grumbled. "I know how..."

"I thought you said you never did it before!" said Elly as she tapped one of her feet.

"I didn't, okay; like I said, I just saw that vain Roserade do it and, come on, I know my own body well enough to know how to... masturbate."

"Alright, then, do it. Go on."

"Now?" asked Atra, sounding a bit uncertain about it.

"Yes, now! Come on, don't make me have to do it for you! I mean, I'd be glad to, but it's something you should learn to do yourself!"

Atra stood up and looked down her dark body towards her groin. She didn't really have a great view of her girlhood, since her black fur -- short and smooth as it was -- cloaked the area. However, she knew it was there, obviously.

After a few seconds of thinking, she reached one of her claws down to her slit and rubbed it along her folds. Fortunately, both the claws of Sneasel and Weavile are surprisingly dull unless they're using them in fights or need to sharpen them for some reason. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to use their claws for practical uses, like picking up sticks, scratching itches, and, oh yeah, masturbating.

Even though her claw was lightly sliding between her folds, she felt nothing different, other than a moderate feeling of embarrassment -- both because there was a Plusle watching her touch her most secret regions and because she was producing no results.

She glanced over at Elly briefly, then began trying to slide a claw inside of her vagina. She poked around and rubbed at her pinkish girl flesh until she located the entrance to her vagina. Then, Atra slowly slid her claw inside, only letting a small amount enter her before withdrawing it due to an uncomfortable feeling.

Elly had placed her paws behind her back, trying to make it appear that she was bored and impatient at watching her friend falter. "Having any problems, Atty? I probably would have came by now," said Elly as a taunt, clearly and knowingly exaggerating over that last bit.

"I-I'm just getting used to it, that's all," said Atra in response. Trying to get used to the feeling of putting a claw inside of herself wasn't exactly easy for her, especially since she really wasn't even too aroused at the moment. All it was doing was making her feel uncomfortable.

She slid her claw back inside, bringing it in a bit further than before, but still being limited to a certain point due to the angle. Her paw would only twist so far. Perhaps if she tried sit down on the bed, or maybe even lay down on the floor, she would have better luck.

She climbed up onto the bed in the room and lay down on it to hopefully give her better access into herself, but was still having difficulty sliding it inside. It was uncomfortable and she could only slide a small portion of her claw inside.

After a few more seconds of frustration, she raised her legs up and pulled her hips back, giving her claw more access to the depths of her vagina, though it still felt far from pleasurable. Interesting, yes, but not quite what she was expecting masturbation to be.

"There, see, I'm doing it. Happy?" said Atra in a mildly irritated tone.

Elly hopped up onto the bed with her and chuckled. "You're still doing it wrong, hehe."

The Weavile would have normally found that hard to believe, since she was doing exactly what she thought she should be doing while mating -- inserting a certain something into a certain place of hers -- but, since it clearly wasn't as pleasurable as she had imagined, she considered the possibility that the Plusle was right.

"Well what, then, huh?" Out of frustration, she pulled her claw out of her snatch and just lay flat on the bed. "If that's not right, what is?"

"Here, let me show you," said Elly. She walked alongside Atra's body until she got down to her hips. She carefully stepped between her legs, turned towards her, then looked down. What she saw was Atra's girlhood right beneath her, still stretched out slightly from her earlier clawwork.

"What are you going to do?" asked Atra cautiously. She was feeling a bit uneasy about the Plusle looking at her stuff and nervous about her going any further. That was hers and no one else's, and she made many, such as the likes of the cocky Ignis, well aware of that.

Elly got down on her knees and used her paws to coax Atra's legs apart a bit more, presenting the Weavile's pinkish sex to her. She then slid one of her paws from Atra's leg up to her girlhood, slowly and seductively.

Right when her paw was about to touch Atra's folds, Atra quickly slid back and sat up, accidentally knocking the Plusle down. "Keep your paws off!" she screeched reactively.

"Atty! I'm not going to hurt you! I just want to show you how to really enjoy yourself! You can just tell me when to stop and I will, but I think once you get used to it, you'll really like it a lot!"

"I'm sorry, I know you're not going to hurt me... I just reacted, that's all. Making sure no one took advantage of me was important, especially with stupid Ignis boasting about the size of his dick."

"Aww, it's okay," said Elly. She jumped into the lap of Atra and hugged against her chest. "You're not with Ignis, though; you're with me, your friend, and I'll make sure that you enjoy yourself! I don't want to take advantage of you, Atty! I don't even know if I could!" Elly laughed.

"You got that right, squirt," said Atra with a smirk. She found her friend's joke equally funny.

"Just try not to think so hard about what I'm doing, unless it really turns you on. You need to think of whatever you can that turns you on the most while you're pleasuring yourself, 'cuz that way you get the best orgasm you can get on your own! Just rushing through it just to do it ain't no way of really getting the job done."

"What do you mean 'turns me on?' "

"You know, what arouses you! What gets you wet! Don't you ever find yourself wet after listening to that Ignis guy talk about his penis, or after watching the flower lady rub herself, or thinking about mating with Leto?"

"No," said Atra flatly. She glanced off to her side.

"Wow, you poor Pokemon! This is really gonna be tough, then!"

"Maybe we should just stop..."

"Nuh uh!" exclaimed Elly. "You're not giving up now! I care about you too much to see you just stop when you're on track to feel the greatest you've ever felt! I mean it, you'll feel so awesome you won't believe it!"

Atra shrugged. "You mean it?"

"Yeah! Of course! Please, Atty, just trust me. I'll make sure that you feel amazing, but you have to trust me completely, because I'll be touching your body a lot and I know you don't like it when your body is touched, especially down there."

"It... it's okay. It's just you. I can trust you..." Just admitting that was a huge step for Atra. Her trust was something she never gave to anyone before. She's always doubted the intentions of others and always assumed they were in it for themselves. Elly was different, though; she genuinely cared for her and Atra knew that she wouldn't betray her. Just knowing that was such a relief.

"Thanks, Atty! Oh man, I've always wanted to do this!" she exclaimed.

"Do what?" asked Atra nervously.

"You're about to find out, hehehe!" Elly nuzzled against Atra's chest a bit more, rubbing her face all over it and bopping Atra's head with her big ears. She moved her nuzzling slightly to her left after a bit, rubbing it across Atra's small breast.

Though not as large and robust as a human's, or even certain other Pokemon, female Weavile did possess slight bulges on both sides of their chest in comparison to males, as well as more prominent and sensitive nipples. Pokemon are egg-layers and their young aren't reliant on their mother's milk the same way human infants are, but they are still capable of lactating and feeding their young if they desire it.

Atra was far from familiar with all of the technicalities, though; all she knew was that the Plusle's nuzzling felt even better running across her nipple than it did across the middle of her chest. It was a lot more sensitive than most other parts on her body, and the sensations caused by the Plusle's motions were striking the Weavile's nipple in a captivating way. She wasn't entirely sure if she liked it or not, but she was taken by the focused sensations in her nipple, so she went along with it. Additionally, Elly knew what she was doing, which gave her some sense of comfort.

After a minute or so of nuzzling, Elly eventually stopped and faced the Weavile's breast. She saw her erect nipple peeking out from her jet black fur. It looked so inviting, just poking out like that. She knew that nipples are very sensitive and that giving it just enough special attention would drive Atra wild.

Slowly, Elly leaned in to run her tongue across the supple nub on Atra's breast. Her tongue ran across it once, twice, and then a third time before Atra reacted. "Mmmnn... ohh... wha...?" she moaned, unsure of whether she enjoyed the feeling or not. It felt so different, so sensual, and even rather arousing, though she couldn't recognize the feeling at first.

Earning the response she sought after, Elly continued licking at Atra's nipple. After a dozen or so tender swipes of her tongue, the nub was a lot more firm and erect than it was when she started, allowing her to continue with her plan.

She ran her tongue across it one final time, but stopped after she had ran it over that sensitive nub and lowered her mouth down onto it. The Plusle took Atra's nipple into her mouth and began lightly suckling on it. Doing so pleased the Plusle, causing her to feel both comforted and aroused at the same time. There really was something about taking that little bump into her mouth that drove her senses wild.

Atra began moaning even more. The sensations she felt in her breast changed from new and unusual to exciting and arousing. It made her feel tingly all over her body. "Oooohh..." She placed one of her claws on her free breast while using the other one to rub Elly's back and let her know that she was enjoying it.

Elly stared up at Atra while still suckling her and saw a look of delight on her face. That was exactly the look she was looking for from the Weavile! She knew she was doing her job right and finally breaking the Weavile's tough shell.

As she continued sucking on her nipple, she began feeling more and more aroused, more and more excited and anxious for what she was planning next. The nipple play was just to get Atra fired up, which was something she desperately needed; the real fun, though, would come when Elly got a chance to get down between her legs and work her stuff.

The sensations coursing through Atra's body began intensifying. The little Plusle's suckling really was doing something to her, and she actually enjoyed it, odd as it seemed. The way Elly would suck on it and occasionally take a small break to give it a few sensuous licks really turned her on. She finally had a small grasp of what it felt like to be turned on.

Without any notice, Elly completely halted her suckling and smirked, just hugging up against the Weavile's chest. She was still stroking her own breast for a few seconds afterward until she noticed that the Plusle had stopped.

"E-Elly? Why'd you stop?" asked Atra, sounding quite disappointed.

That was exactly what Elly had hoped for. "Guess you liked that, then, huh?" she asked back.

Atra nodded in response, though still bore a disappointed look on her face.

"Well, then," said Elly, "you're going to absolutely love this! You just have to trust me, alright?"

"What are you going to do...?" asked Atra anxiously.

"Show you how to masturbate! Actually, I already started, sorta! You see, if you just try shoving something in your vagina like you were earlier, you're not gonna have any fun from it and it's not really gonna work. You need to get excited and horny first! You need to really want it!"

Atra looked confused. "Wait, so, err... sucking on my nipple? That was how you're supposed to masturbate?"

"No, no, not directly. That's just something you can do to get into the spirit of it! Like, I could totally of licked you behind the ear, rubbed your cheek, kissed you a bajillion times, or done any number of other things to get you fired up and ready to get down to business."

It was still a foreign concept for Atra to grasp. Though she felt a lot more excited about it than she did before the Plusle began suckling her breast, she couldn't really understand why. It didn't matter, though; she'd try figure that out later. For the time being, she simply wanted her friend to continue.

"You see," said Elly as she got up off of the Weavile and walked back down towards her hips, "males always rush into things. We girls know how to really get the most out of our experiences. To them, masturbation is more of a 'Graaah, pound it in! Yeah I'm so tough, graaah!' kind of thing and then it's done. But they miss out on the other enjoyable parts of mating and affection that really makes for an enjoyable experience."

Hearing Elly's attempt at imitating a male was particular amusing to Atra, causing her to actually giggle for a change. She could definitely hear Ignis saying just the same. "You've got that right about males."

"Enough about them, though! Let's show you how to have some fun! What do 'ya say, Atty?" Elly was already down by the Weavile's legs, though looked back at Atra and smiled at her after speaking.

"Go on... I trust you."

"Yaaaay! Alright then, Atty, just let me know if you want me to stop, though I'd recommend you just try and relax as much as possible. Oh, and if you liked it when I sucked on your nip, try think of that! Think of anything mating- or love-related as possible! I dunno if that'd be Leto or maybe even me, but just something to really get your juices flowing!"

After giving Atra her advice, Elly got down on her knees and picked up where she left off the last time. Actually, she decided to pick up right before where she left off, placing her paw on Atra's leg and slowly, seductively sliding it up along her leg and up to her groin.

As the Plusle's paw made it all the way up Atra's groin area, she teased Atra by rubbing her paw to the side of her folds, tantalizing the anxious Weavile even further. "Hey, you know you can also rub your breasts while I do my stuff. Yep, whatever feels good to 'ya!"

"Alright... uhn, just go on, though," said Atra impatiently. She was overwhelmingly curious as to just how good it would feel, particularly since Elly made it sound like it'd be a lot better than what she just felt. Taking her advice, she placed a claw on one of her breasts and began lightly flicking her nipple while she waited for the Plusle to continue.

Elly gave the spot she was rubbing a few more rubs before ending her teasing and sliding her hand forward towards the upper part of the Weavile's slit. Her paw lightly touched its very tip, sending a brief, uncontrolled shudder through Atra's body.

After pausing for a few seconds to better assess how to continue, Elly ran her paw back across the upper part of Atra's vulva and began stimulating Atra's clitoris.

Ever so gently at first, she slid her paw across it, playing with the sensitive bump as if it were a funny mole on a man's skin, except far more enjoyable. She rubbed it only a dozen or so times over the course of a minute, solely to see how well Atra was taking it.

When Elly looked back at Atra, she saw her head was lying flat against the bed. Her eyes were closed and she was rubbing her breast even more, lightly moaning while doing so. "Mmm... wha... Elly? Why'd you stop?"

"I just wanted to see how 'ya liked it! So, what do 'ya think, Atty?" said Elly with a smile on her face.

"Shut up and get back to work," answered Atra, smirking and giggling a bit as she looked over to the Plusle between her legs. She wanted her intentions to be loud and clear and thought she'd be funny giving the Plusle a more direct order. Atra then lay her head back down and resumed rubbing her breast.

Atra wasn't the only one to pick up where she left off; Elly had an order she needed to follow and quickly got back to the job. Rather than taking it slow like she had been, just to warm Atra up and get her accustomed to it, she started sliding her paw across Atra's clitoris at a steadier pace.

After another minute or so of an increased pace, Elly finally decided that it was time to mix it up. She knew that simply rubbing the thing like it was a magic lamp wouldn't get the job done, oh, no. Instead, she decided to get a lot more intimate with Atra's girlhood.

The Plusle shifted her positions and lay down on her side, resting her back up against Atra's leg, which was arched behind her. She then used the paw she wasn't on to resume her treatment of Atra's clit, though mixing things up by rotating her paw in circles, then moving on to lightly flicking across it, tickling the poor thing, then even massaging the little flaps of skin protecting that sensitive nub.

Elly was all-too familiar with the female body and knew more than anyone just the right buttons to press and just the right way to press them, so to speak. She also knew that, before long, Atra would be getting a bit wet. She could tell not only from first-hand experience, but also because Atra's moaning was picking up.

She used her free paw beneath her body to probe the rest of Atra's girlhood. She brought it up to her slit and then used her digits to spread her furry folds apart, revealing the Weavile's pinkish flesh. With a little bit of stretching in sync with the rub-job she was giving her clitoris, Elly spread the Weavile's mounds apart a bit and allowed her pinkishness to display itself more prominently. Now that she was excited, it'd have little problem staying open due to her obvious arousal.

Speaking of arousal, Elly almost forgot to check the moistness level of her friend! She quickly brought her spare paw down towards the bottom of her slit and slid it around her girlhood. Yep, Atra was definitely wet. Her plan was working!

Elly couldn't resist taking a quick taste of the beautiful Weavile, so she brought her probing paw up to her mouth and licked it lightly, fully able to taste Atra's juices. Boy did they taste fine! She wasn't planning on performing cunnilingus on her just yet, but boy was she tempted to. She wanted more of that sweet, tangy fluid and she wanted it bad!

"Mmnhhn...! Elly... Stop stopping!" shouted Atra back to her Plusle friend. Whoops! Elly was a bit too distracted to realize she'd stopped rubbing Atra's clitoris.

"Ah, sorry!" she shouted back, then quickly resumed her work. However, Elly wanted to take it a step further. Now that she knew Atra was plenty wet, she used that trusty free paw of hers and brought it back down to the Weavile's entrance. Her paw spread it apart and rubbed her flesh for a little bit before she brought a lone digit of hers down to the hole she knew to be Atra's vagina.

"Here it goes!" she exclaimed, not even realizing she said it aloud. With that, Elly slid her finger inside of Atra's vagina, proving instantly to be significantly more effective than when Atra jammed her own claw inside.

"Mnn... naaahhh! Mmmnnn! E-Elly, ohhh...!" screeched Atra, though purely out of desire. She was absolutely entranced by the fantastic feeling she felt. Somehow, that little Plusle was sending her off into a heaven she never knew existed.

As a matter of fact, the sensations Atra were feeling were completely blowing her away. Feelings of intense pleasure -- a whole new feeling for her -- surged through her body at a rapid rate. The way Elly was touching her, exploring a region previously unexplored, was absolutely incredible. Her little friend was doing more than just showing her how to have some fun; she was showing her what she'd been missing out on for way too long!

It was beginning to drive her so wild that she could no longer keep up with stimulating her own breasts. It hardly seemed to matter anymore, since she was enjoying Elly's treatment so much more. Instead, Elly placed her arms to her side and tried the best she could to relax them. Her whole body was randomly tensing up and quivering in response to what Elly was doing.

Elly slowly slid her digit further into the Weavile's wet crevice, giving her inner walls time to adjust to their new guest. She was intent on sticking her finger as far in as it would go, though, in hopes of hitting Atra's hypersensitive g-spot. She hoped she'd be able to find it with enough searching.

While her digit explored Atra's vagina, her other paw was still giving Atra's clitoris a fun time. Her more random motions across it were replaced with more predictable ones as her attention was focused more on her vagina, but it was still plenty stimulating to the Weavile and caused her to tilt her head to the side, pant and moan profusely, and arch both of her legs.

"Mmnnaah! Ah! Uhhnnn, ahn!" screeched Atra almost immediately after Elly felt her digit lightly slide across a bump deep inside of her vagina. That was exactly what the Plusle was looking for: her g-spot. She could only hope that it wouldn't be too much stimulation for her first experience.

Thoughts ran through Elly's mind as she considered whether to stimulate it or not. Sure, she knew that Atra would almost certainly enjoy it if she did stimulate it, but it'd also thin her deck of cards to play against Atra to show her even more. Showing her everything at once would take away from the fun of showing her something new.

She decided to stop aiming for it and just lightly finger-fuck the Weavile's pussy. Besides, she appeared to be enjoying it just enough as is. Elly slowly withdrew her digit from the Weavile's soaked vagina, then proceeded to reinsert it back inside, though bringing it in only about to half as far in as it was previously.

As the next two minutes went by, Elly resumed her erratic rubbing and fondling of Atra's clit while slipping her finger in and out of Atra's vagina at a much, much quicker pace. The additional lubrication that Atra's girlhood provided in response to her pleasure made it all the more easy for the Plusle to carry out her plan to bring her friend to an amazing experience.

Atra was almost completely lost to the pleasure she was feeling. Her mind was fluttering, thinking of nothing but what the Plusle was doing to her and just how much she looked forward to doing it again. Violence, anger, frustration, depression, coldness... those feelings she once possessed vanished while she was in her newfound high and she was only engrossed with the amazing feeling of sexual pleasure coursing through her virgin body.

"Mmmnn, ahhn... oh... uhnn... Elly...! Ah! Uhnn...! I think I... aaahhh... I...! I think something's- uhhhnn... ohhhh...!" moaned Atra. A sharp feeling could be felt between her legs and all throughout her groin. It felt almost like an uncontrollable urge to urinate, except far, far more intense, and far, far more inviting. She wasn't sure what it was, but she sure as hell felt it'd feel absolutely amazing and hoped that she'd be right.

"Don't worry, Atty! That's the good part! Don't hold it back and let it fly, alright?" shouted Elly back to the moaning Weavile, never ceasing her work.

In fact, that was just the sign she needed to wrap things up. After a few more rubs and insertions, Elly suddenly stopped for a few seconds.

"E-Elly?! What the-"

Atra was interrupted and immediately silenced by Elly as she resumed her actions with a passionate fervor, picking up at a pace faster than she'd treated Atra to before. One of her paws blazed across Atra's throbbing clitoris, rubbing it and its surrounding hood feverishly; the other shot two of its digits in and out of the Weavile's vagina like a rocket, pummeling her with intense feelings of sexual bliss.

Elly knew that her orgasm was nearing. She wanted to be able to time what she was planning just right. After just a few more seconds, Elly thrust as much of her paw's digits as she could deep, deep into the Weavile's soaked cavity. As a finishing touch, she generated sparkles of electricity on both her paws, triggering a very mild jolt of electricity that was enough to drive her wild.

Atra released a loud screech in response. Hitting her g-spot like that, in addition to all of the other buildup, was just enough to bring her over the edge. She continued crying out in ecstasy as her entire body tensed up and writhed on the bed. Reactively, Atra arched her back away from the bed, slamming her shoulders and tail down against it and losing total control over her body.

Not more than a few seconds later, a powerful gush of sticky fluid burst from the girlhood of the Weavile, spewing several rounds of the delightful liquid all over Elly's face, soaking the poor Plusle. She wasn't disappointed, though, as the sweet, tangy, almost minty taste of the chilly Weavile drove the little Plusle's senses wild as she happily swallowed up whatever cum she could muster to.

Eventually, the orgasmic rush faded. Atra was left with a euphoric high and a lightness sweeping through her body, coupled with a bit of fatigue and exhaustion; Elly was left with a delightful taste in her mouth as she impatiently cleaned up the rest of Atra's girl juice from the bed and her groin. She was planning on waiting for oral sex until a little bit later, but absolutely could not resist letting her cum go to waste!

"Uhnn... Elly, that was... that was incredi-ble..." said Atra mellowly, eyes closed and panting softly.

Elly licked her chops, sitting up between Atra's legs. "Mm, see? What'd I tell 'ya! Just do some stuff like that when you get the urge and you'll be all set, huh? Although hopefully you won't ever have to do it."

"What...? Why not?"

"Because hopefully you'll always want me to do it for you!" exclaimed Elly with a wide smile, looking over at her friend.

Atra opened her eyes and looked down her body to see Elly and her smile. She gladly returned Elly's smile, smiling back at her and letting her know that she was genuinely happy. She was also considering what Elly just said to her... how she'd give her pleasure like that whenever she wanted. Had it been anyone but Elly, Atra would have doubted their intentions and honor, but Atra knew Elly meant it when she said that.

"Now, I want you to just lay there and enjoy the afterglow for a bit, okay? I'm going to go get myself off, because pheeewwww did that make me horny!" Elly stood up and started walking off of the bed as not to disturb Atra's peaceful high.

"Wait," said Atra. She was contemplating asking if she could try pleasure Elly the way she just pleasured herself, but couldn't quite bring herself to do so. "You... er... thank you, Elly."

"Ah, you're definitely welcome, Atty! Anytime! Just say the words and I'm down!" said Elly cheerfully. The little Plusle hopped off the bed and found a little corner where she could tend to her business.

She began by rubbing on her clit for a few seconds before she heard Atra call over to her. "Elly," she called, "you... you don't have to do that down there..." The Weavile blushed a little bit. "I know you like me... so, if you want... I wouldn't mind if you did that up here with me. Right beside me would be okay by me."

"Really? 'ya sure?" asked Elly as she stopped her rubbing and made her way back to the edge of the bed.

Atra nodded. "Yeah. Come on up."

Elly did so, hopping back up onto the bed and snuggling up beside her. Atra slid her arm underneath the Plusle and reached her claw over to the Plusle's side, then gently pet her.

"Thanks, Atty! You have no idea how much hotter this'll be right next to you, ohhh! You sure 'ya don't mind?" she asked, just making sure it was alright. She didn't want her masturbating to make Atra uncomfortable at all.

"It's fine. If... if you'd like, I can try help..." said Atra shyly. She didn't even know why she spit that out. Perhaps she really was interested in the Plusle. Either that, or maybe she just wanted to help return the favor. Both possibilities were far from the Atra she used to be, though.

"Really, that's fine. We can start off slow. I know you just had quite a work out, especially since that was your first one, so how 'bout you just let me do this one for now and, if 'ya still want to, we can... we can do something together tomorrow! Oh boy, I've never done it with a girl before, but I'm getting so wet just thinking about how hot it'll be! Ohhh, mmmmn!"

With that, Elly closed her eyes, smiled, and began rubbing herself. She was completely familiar with her body and how to rub things just the right way to give herself an intense orgasm most of the time, but now that she had even some of her affection towards 'Atty' returned, not to mention a delicious taste of her idol fresh on her tongue, she knew for sure that she'd be able to have an orgasm that'd be strong enough to send her into a coma! Well, she hoped it'd be just a little bit weaker than that, for safety's sake.

After only a few minutes of rubbing of her clit, not even bothering to try insert a digit into her crevice, Elly was graced with the orgasmic release she'd been bottling up for seemingly forever. Bringing her idol and friend to her very first orgasm was overwhelmingly erotic and arousing to the Plusle and was just what it took to give her an orgasm she wouldn't forget.

Her body tensed up and her girlhood was pulsing with anticipation. Her climax was beginning and she could feel it sweeping through her body like a hot rush of pleasure. "Ahh, yeaahh!! Atty, mmmm!!" screamed Elly as her orgasm fully hit and soaked her lower-region with her own sexual liquids. It felt far more powerful and lasted much longer than any other time she masturbated herself to orgasm. She had Atra to thank for that.

Half a minute later or so, Elly had exhausted her sexual luster and simply remained in Atra's arms, snuggling against her body and forgetting about her soaked snatch altogether.

"Elly..." moaned Atra, "you're really not so bad after all." Atra laughed a little bit, triggering Elly to join her in exhausted chuckles.

"Well, Atty, I'm still your biggest fan and always will be! I love you, Atty... not just for this awesomely fun time together, but because you're such a great Pokemon. And you even got over attacking me and being mean to me! Not that it was that bad, because you were still awesome and stuff, but I'm glad that you're actually letting me talk to you and, for your sake, actually opening up to someone now!"

"Y-yeah..." said Atra softly. "It does feel good to open up to you... though I never thought I would. I guess I thought I was too strong to be weak, but... heh, I was just being too weak to be strong, right?"

"Exactly! That's it!"

Atra smiled. "Thanks, Elly." She sat up and shook her head a bit to recover from her afterglow and snap back to reality. She looked around a bit and remembered that they were, in fact, inside of an unknown room. "We should probably get out of here... Jeff might be wondering where we are."

"Aww... okay." Elly sat up, mimicked Atra by shaking her head, then hopped off of the bed along with Atra. Elly tried to wipe some of the moistness off of her groin while walking towards the door by using her paws, then giving a short lick to clean them. It worked well enough for her in the past.

The two Pokemon stopped in front of the shut door. Atra glanced down at Elly briefly, who smiled up at her, then she proceeded to turn the doorknob and open the door to get back out onto the deck of the ship.

Unlike some of the more luxurious cruise ships in Hoenn, the one Jeff was taking had the doors to the cabin on the outside of the deck rather than in a hall of some sort, so Atra and Elly were both greeted by the view of the ocean from beyond the railing they once shared a conversation at.

Atra and Elly walked over to the railing, both stared out at the sea, then decided to try and track down Jeff. Having been hiding in a room for awhile, Atra didn't want him to think she was stolen or anything. Or that Elly was stolen. Not that she really cared, especially because he'd probably be more heartbroken if his precious Shiny Plusle was missing, but she didn't want to either of them to appear gone for too long.


As Atra and Elly walked along the ship in search of Jeff -- though realistically not expecting to find him since he tends to be too busy socializing while on these cruises, as Atra learned from a past cruise -- they heard a masculine voice call out something.

"Oh, Elly...! Oh, oh, oh, Elly! That's the spot, right there!"

Both Atra and Elly looked at each other in a moment of utter and complete confusion. They simply blinked as they waited to see if they're hear anything else. Neither wanted to acknowledge what they just heard; if it weren't for the fact that they both heard it, they might have assumed it to be just a figure of their imagination. No one appeared to be around in the relatively secluded area of the ship, either.

"Oh, oh, Elly! I don't like males at all, so let's screw!"

They both heard the voice again, though it sounded even closer and far more infuriating than before. It also started to sound familiar...

"You'd better show your face right now before I break things looking for you, including bones," said Atra boldly, holding back her fear and anxiety for the moment.

"The only bones you'll be breaking are yours, 'Atty.' " From behind a crate on the deck appeared the speaker of the voices they heard. It was Ignis! Following him from behind the crate was Effloresca, who, with a bow, revealed herself to the duo.

"Ohoho, it looks like la petite Weavile finally found someone to screw, non? Oho, and to think, it wasn't even a male!"

Atra completely froze. Somehow, they must have seen or heard them while they were in that room. Of any two Pokemon in the world... it had to be Ignis and Effloresca. She felt like she just wanted to crawl under a rock and just die.

"Hey, well if lickin' pussy's what gets 'Atty' off, that's fine... if you're gay and don't care about mating with a strong male. Or, for that matter, mating at all, ahaha!" said Ignis, tormenting Atra with his words.

"You see, ma cherie, your petite Plusle friend will never be able to stuff you with a big dick the way a strapping male like Ignis could. But since you had no chance with males anyway, settling with shrimpy femmes that are one-third your size is all you can do now. Ohoho!"

"Hey, be quiet! I really love Atty and you two clowns need to back off and mind your own business!" exclaimed Elly, who stepped forward and tried to defend Atra from the duo's verbal assaults.

Unfortunately, it didn't work so well. Both Ignis and Effloresca broke out in uncontrollable laughter after hearing Elly stand up for Atra. It looked so funny to them, a little Plusle standing up for the self-proclaimed most dedicated fighter of Jeff's team.

"Ahaha! So she's gotten so soft that she won't even fight her own battles? You crack me up too much, 'Atty!' You too, Elly. I mean, damn, no wonder you two are perfect together: you're both a bunch of pussies! Oh yeah, but that's what you like, I forgot! Ahahaha!!"

Hearing a crude remark like that was just what Atra needed to snap out of her daze and snap out of control as well. Without any notice, she dashed forward at high-speed and stabbed Ignis with her sharp claws. The blow pierced through his down and penetrated a bit of his flesh before knocking him down onto the ground.

That wasn't enough for her, though. Atra quickly jumped onto the Blaziken and began slashing his chest with her sharp claws, staining her claws with some of his blood.

Ignis knocked the furious Weavile off of him with a powerful fiery punch straight to the gut of the Weavile, sending her flying several feet into the air and landing on her stomach. He then got up and started brushing the blood off of his chest. "You just don't get it, do you?" He took a few steps over to her then knelt by her head. "I'm stronger than you," he whispered to her.

"Shut... up!" shouted Atra as she got back up onto her feet and tried to slash at Ignis, leaping forward at him.

He dodged her attack with ease and caught her in his grip, wrestling with her for a bit before completely grappling her and immobilizing her. She couldn't even slash at him in the grip she was in. Her back was against his chest and his arms were clutching her body tightly against his body. She still struggled frantically to try and escape, though.

"Say, now... isn't this cozy? Maybe I should do you a favor and show you what it's like to mate with a real male." The cocky Blaziken boasted, brandishing his erect cock beneath the Weavile he was grappling. He smirked at the thought of showing Atra how it's done. Part of him always wanted to get himself inside of her, though all of his prior attempts failed.

"Try it and I'll kill you!!" yelled Atra, starting to realize the possibility of where the current situation could go... and not liking it one bit.

"Oooh, teach her a thing or two, Ignis!" cheered Effloresca.

"Atty!! Stop! Put her down now!" cried out Elly, who ran over to the Blaziken's feet.

"Back off, squirt. Maybe someday you'll get some of this, too." Ignis kicked Elly out of the way and slowly began lowering the Weavile's body down to his wanting member.

Atra was struggling desperately in an attempt to break free from Ignis' grasp. She was flailing her feet around and trying to kick his knees or even his member while he lowered her, but was having little luck in actually phasing him.

"I'll kill you! I swear I'll kill you!!" Atra's chances of escaping were running out. Ignis, one of Jeff's Pokemon, occasionally her teammate in battle, was going to rape her.

"Atty!!" shouted Elly again as she ran back to the Blaziken, but was intercepted by Effloresca and caught in a similar fashion.

"Ohoho! Going somewhere, la petite Plusle?" The Roserade's flower-like hands trapped the Plusle and prevented her from escaping. Though she didn't provide the same danger level as Ignis did to Atra, it frustrated her because she couldn't try and save her friend.

"No!! Atty!!" she cried out, though to no avail.

Ignis' cock was just a mere inch away from Atra's slit. It appeared to be inevitable and inescapable. "So, Atra... I suppose if you really were straight -- you know, actually liked strong males -- you'd want this from me... wouldn't you?"

"I'd never want anything from you, you sick creep!!" Atra shouted back, swinging her feet around wildly in an attempt to hit him as much as possible.

"So you admit it, then? You're gay? You only like females?"

"No! I'm not!" retorted Atra.

"Well, then, since you're not gay, that means you clearly don't 'love' that Plusle over there, right? That means you clearly 'love' having a strong male like myself deep inside of you, right? Since you don't love that Plusle... go on, Effloresca, why not beat her until she's straight, too."

"Oui, my pleasure!" Effloresca extended sharp spikes from her flowery-hands and pricked the Plusle with multiple sharp stings.

"Ahhh!! Stop!!" exclaimed Elly in pain.

"Leave her alone!!" shouted Atra. She couldn't hold back her tears any longer. She was scared out of her mind that she'd get raped by the Blaziken and even that Elly would die.

Ignis smirked. "Oh, so you love her after all, huh? What happened to that 'I'm not gay' bit you just told me? Changed your mind? Ahaha!"

"Shut up! Just sh-shut up and l-leave her alone!!" exclaimed Atra, who now had tears running down her face.

"You're not the Atra you once were. Look at you, you pussy, crying over something as stupid as a Plusle and mating with the greatest male to bless this planet. You really are gay, you know that? You're weak, you're gay, you're a pussy, you like pussies, and that's it. Why not just admit it?"

"B-because I'm n-not! Just sh-sh-shut up and p-put me d-down!!"

"Oh, I'll put you down, alright... right down onto my cock! Ahaha! That is, unless you really are gay and love that little wimp over there. Then, of course I'll glaaaadly respect your love and let you both go, simple as that."

"You're sick and t-twisted!! I'm n-not g-g-gay!!" shouted Atra out of frustration, fear, and anger. Though, the more Ignis kept pressing it, the more she was considering if she was. All males do is stupid things like what Ignis was doing now. Elly cared for her and really meant it. She even stood up for her and was in pain for trying to save her.

"Well then, since you're not gay, you'll absolutely love this!" exclaimed Ignis as he pressed his cock against Atra's slit. "It's not too late to change your mind, you know. But you always were a stubborn old Weavile anyway... Even if you were gay, who am I to think that you'd admit it? Ah well, might as well show you what you're missing..."

As Ignis began parting Atra's folds with his member, she knew that he was completely serious and actually would rape her unless she spoke up. Though she didn't want to, she knew she had to give in and say what he wanted to hear. "W-wait!!" she exclaimed, catching his attention.

"What is it?" he asked deviously. "Change your mind or something? Just say the words, 'Atty.' "

"I..." His cock was placed right up against her, pressuring her into her decision to submit to the Blaziken's desires. Not his sexual ones, but his psychological ones. Perhaps even more embarrassing to Atra was being psychologically raped and beaten by him rather than physically, but... she just wanted it to stop. She actually wanted to just run back to that room with Elly and stay there forever. She didn't treat her this bad...

"You what? Hmm?" He slid his cock along the pinkish flesh of Atra's girlhood, though not inserting himself into her vagina quite yet.

"I'm gay, alright?! Just put me down!!" It was hard for her to admit it, especially because she wasn't so sure it was a flat-out lie, but she knew she had to or she'd regret it a lot more.

Ignis smirked and tried desperately to hold back his laughter. He began lifting Atra up off of his member. "For that Plusle over there? Do you love that Plusle? Is 'Atty' in love with a female?"

She knew that Elly loved her -- she openly admitted it -- and she knew that it didn't bother Elly that she didn't love her back. But after their experience together... after the things that she showed her... and particularly after the cruel acts of her fellow teammates... she was actually considering if she really did love the Plusle.

"I... I..."

"Maybe this will persuade her, non?" Effloresca sharpened the thorns on her flowers and punctured Elly's body even more, causing her to cry out in pain.

"Elly!! Stop!! Fine, I love her, happy? Happy?! Just let us both go!" exclaimed Atra, struggling wildly to free herself from Ignis' grip.

"Ahaha, that's what I thought! Go on, Effs, let her go." Ignis cocked his head and signaled for his colleague to free Atra's 'lover.' He lifted Atra up higher so he was no longer poking at her with his cock.

Effloresca threw the Plusle forward onto the ground, then laughed. "Ohoho, what a petite weakling! She is perfect for la petite Weavile, non?"

"Perfect, indeed," said Ignis in agreement. After waiting for a few seconds for Elly to get up, he broke his grip on Atra and quickly hurled her straight at the Plusle, causing them both to crash onto the ground in pain and humiliation. "Ahahahahaha!! Have fun, dykes!"

With that, Ignis and Effloresca ran off laughing, leaving Atra and Elly in a pile together.

Atra started getting up to see if Elly was alright. "Elly? Are you okay?" she asked compassionately, putting aside her own psychological wounds for the moment.

"Y-yeah... I can't believe how... mean they are," she remarked, getting up and rubbing her chest. A little bit of blood stained her paws and chest as a result of the Roserade's torment, although it paled in comparison to the wounds she received from Atra. Fortunately, Elly was pretty resilient.

"The more you deal with them, the more you hate them..." She scowled and glared off in the direction they headed.

"Are you alright, Atty?" asked Elly, who began petting Atra's leg.

She glanced down and remained silent. It was a very traumatizing experience for her. She normally would have been able to fend them off, but their antagonizing mocks and taunts distracted her on more of an emotional level than a personal one. They'd already found her new weakness.

After a few more seconds of silence, Atra sat down and held onto her knees. Elly joined her and sat down beside her, scooting up next to her and lightly petting her back to let her know she was there for her.

"You know... if it weren't for you, I'd be all alone right now," said Atra with a sigh. She actually felt grateful that Elly was there to help her cope, since she knew she wouldn't judge her on her 'weak' she seemed against Ignis.

"You never have to be alone, Atty... I'll always be here for you if you want me to be." She pat her friend on the back a few times.


"Hey, Atty?" asked Elly.


"Did you mean what you said?"

"You mean about..."

Elly nodded. "Yeah. Do you... love me?"

Atra relaxed her knees and placed her claws under her chin, staring off a bit. "I... I don't know. I'm just glad that I have you right now..."

"It's alright, you don't need to feel pressured or anything. If I didn't love, um, myself, and I was in your situation, I would have lied about it, too! It's okay!"

"...No, it's not," said Atra in a guilty tone. "It isn't right... it isn't right playing with your feelings like that."

"How would you know, huh? From Leto?"

Atra nodded. "It hurt... being outright rejected like that..."

Elly pet Atra's back a bit more, rubbing her paw in circles along the Weavile's silky black back. "Atty... are you sure you really loved Leto? Or did you just want a mate?"

The Weavile hadn't ever really thought about it. She'd always assumed that she was in love. "I... think I did. But... what do you mean?" She didn't want to automatically go on the defensive, since even she was starting to question what love really was and wanted to hear where the Plusle was going.

"If you really love someone, Atty, you'd want them to be happy above everything else, even your own happiness. Please, be honest: did you ever really think about Leto being happy, or just yourself?"

"I... I probably didn't." It was true; she was more concerned about cheering herself up and thinking that having Leto at a mate would do that. It backfired, though, but she didn't ever ponder his own happiness afterward. "I guess it was just for myself..."

"Well, I love you, but I also understand that you might not and may never love me back. But that's okay, because I know I've helped make you happy! And really, that's what I want for you... that's what makes me happier than anything... knowing that you're finally happy again."

"Heh... happy again?" asked Atra. "That'd imply that I was happy at one time. Before I met you, happiness was just something I saw as weak."

"Now you like being happy, right? Right, Atty?"

Atra looked down at the Plusle and smiled at her. "Yeah... I do."

"That's all I want for you! I just want you to be happy and know that I'll always be here for you," she said, leaning over at resting her head against the Weavile's hips.

"Thanks, Elly..." said Atra. She wrapped one of her arms around Elly and held her close, using her other claw to pet the Plusle's forehead.

The two Pokemon just sat there next to each other for awhile. They eventually got up, hugged one another, then resumed their search for Jeff.


They eventually found Jeff, with two female humans beside him, talking on a cellphone while walking along the deck.

"Yeah, I should be getting there tomorrow evening," he spoke into the phone. "I know. Right." He'd pause between sentences to allow the person on the other end to talk. "Now you said Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Kabutops, right? What about the Articuno? I thought you said you had an Articuno!"

"Should we bother him?" asked Elly.

"No. We just want to make sure he sees us, otherwise he'll worry," answered Atra, tapping her feet impatiently and waiting for the human to finish his phone call.

"Fine, fine," said Jeff. "Take out the Tyranitar -- no, wait, the Dragonite... actually, no, do take out the Tyranitar for the Articuno instead. And add a Hippowdon. They're hard to get around here. Yeah, I know you're from Sinnoh. I know. Right."

"What's he doing?" asked Elly curiously.

"He's using that thing to talk to someone else. It's called a phone and it lets you talk to people that are anywhere in the world. So rather than talking to those human females right next to him, he's spending his time with that." Atra rolled her eyes.

"So he's talking to someone? What about?"

"Who knows. Unless you've got that thing up against your ear, you can only hear half of the conversation."

"Seems kind of rude to me, ignoring those girls! Hey, can I go say hi to those girls so they don't feel lonely?" asked Elly, looking up at the Weavile for her approval.

"Tch, you don't need to ask me to do everything, you know. I don't care. Go ahead and look cute or whatever. I'll just listen in on what he's saying."

"Alright!" exclaimed Elly. She ran over to the feet of the teenage girls and started rubbing her cheek against them.

The girls squealed. "Aww! This Plusle is soooo cute!!" exclaimed one of them.

"Hey, look at those colors! Isn't it Shiny?" said the other.

"You're such a cutie!" exclaimed the first, picking up the Plusle and holding her.

The two girls went crazy over the Plusle. Atra just smirked as she watched them fawn over her. Part of her longed for that kind of attention, but at least she had Elly fawning over her, which was good enough. That alone made her happy.

After all, she knew she just got into one of the biggest fights with Ignis and Effloresca that she'd ever had, but wasn't nearly as flustered or infuriated over it as she would have thought. Elly really did help calm her down. It just didn't seem quite as worth it to fight against them now that she actually had someone that cared about her for more than just her strength.

She smiled, thinking of just how glad she was that she did decide to open up to the little Plusle. It seemed almost like a dream that she was actually able to and that she actually had someone to talk to, and she knew it was hard enough bringing herself to actually do it, but she finally felt at ease with Elly and thought of her as a friend -- the first and only friend she'd ever had.

Friendship no longer seemed like a weakness. Neither did love. Though she wasn't entirely sure what love even was anymore, she did know that she meant the world to Elly and that she really did love her. It felt nice to be loved, even if it wasn't reciprocal and was by another female. Perhaps she could someday grow to feel love towards Elly. As crazy as it seemed to her, she didn't think it'd be out of the question. In fact, she felt it'd only be a matter of time...

"Okay, so let me get this straight: I'll be getting a Dragonite, Hippowdon, Articuno, and Staraptor for my Blastoise and Shiny Plusle. That's a rip and you know it!"

Atra shook her head, snapping back to reality and out of her daydreaming. Did Jeff just say Plusle?

"No, you throw in that Tyranitar and you've got yourself a deal. No, I don't want Kabutops; that's still a rip-off. I can get one way cheaper than that! Okay, throw in one of those Ampharos and the Kabutops and I'll do it. Or the Tyranitar. You'll do the Ampharos and the Kabutops?"

Atra was tapping her foot even more, looking up at her Trainer intently. She knew the way he was talking. He'd done it in her presence before. What worried her was that she heard him say Plusle... "Please... no... not again..."

"Alright, let's try this one more time. Your Dragonite, Hippowdon, Articuno, Staraptor, Ampharos, and Kabutops for my Blastoise and Shiny Plusle. They're rare, come on!"

The Weavile completely froze. He was... he was going to trade Elly! "No... no... please, please, no..."

"Wait, what? You'll do it? Yeah, I'll be there tomorrow! Alright, great, I'll see you then!" Jeff flipped his cellphone shut and placed it back into his pocket, then turned over to see his cohorts fawning over his prized Shiny Plusle. "Okay, girls, business is done. Now where we? A-ah! Elly!"


"What happened to you?" asked Jeff, taking his Plusle from the girls and looking concerned over the cuts across her chest. "Did Atra do this to you? Atra!" Without giving Elly a chance to shake her head, Jeff was already looking at Atra with a look of anger and frustration. "You just don't learn, do you?"

"W-wea? Weaa, weavile! Wea!" Atra looked confused and alarmed at her Trainers accusations. Just great...

"That's it, you've done quite enough," he said in a very disappointed tone. He held Elly, who was wriggling and struggling, against one of his arms while trying to reach down for Atra's Poke Ball.

"Pla! Pla, plusle!"


Without giving either of the two any time to try and explain the situation and prove that they're friends, Jeff returned Atra to her Poke Ball with a beam of red light. "Naughty, Atra," he said, holding the Poke Ball near his mouth before returning it to his belt. "I'm sorry about that, Elly. Maybe I should just keep her in there for the rest of the trip..."

If that happened, Elly would be heartbroken. She couldn't allow that to happen. She absolutely couldn't. "Plaaa!" she cried, shaking her head furiously. "Pla, plusle, pla!"

"Hey, take it easy, already. She's gone, don't worry about it. Now we need to tend to those wounds of yours. Can't have you in bad shape for tomorrow, now, can we?" He grinned. Not giving Elly any more of an opportunity to prove she and Atra were friends, Jeff returned her to her Poke Ball as well, intent on taking her to the Nurse Joy that was on-board for healing.

After Elly was healed, the day came to a close. Jeff decided to keep her inside of her Poke Ball after she was healed, since it was getting late anyway. He rounded up the remainder of his Pokemon and then went to bed.

End of Chapter 2


Chapter End Notes:

Uh oh! That's not good! What will poor Atra and Elly do? They'd better make tomorrow count, that's for sure. ;3

Stay tuned next week for the next chapter in this four-part story! :D (And be sure to let me know what you think!

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