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A psychologists worst nightmare rests within the Harris Institution, her name is Mollie. Its up to Dr. Fredrick Allen to set her straight, only one problem: Hes a wimp.

Human X Nidoqueen

NEW NOTE: Someone did ask me to continue this, I shrugged it off since this story was already complete but now that I've given it more thought I may actually be able to continue it O.o But not too soon, it needs some more planning, ah who am I kidding I make this sht up as I write it.

Story Notes:

Literally came to me in a dream, cept instead of a nidoqueen it was an aggron. But nidoqueen is my favorite so I pulled a switcharoo.If you're a person reading it just for the sex (I know i used to be the same way) then just jump down to the bigass paragraphs near the bottom. But I would advise against it, the story might make you lol a little.

  1. Saving Mollie (8178 words) [Reviews: 1]

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    Reviewer: leafbug
    Date:Oct 17 2013 Chapter:Saving Mollie
    "What was noise?"
    "...The sound of progress, my friend."