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A bit of a late piece, for V-day, but this is also for the Pokemon I Choose you! Contest 2011.

Two amorous trainers leave their pokemon to their own devices. How will a painfully shy typhlosion react to his wily lepardas friend's suggestion of a little game to pass the time? More importantly, where will her "game" lead...

  1. Truth or Dare (14762 words)

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    Reviewer: darktypelust
    Date:Apr 12 2017

    Truly a great read with great passion.

    My only complaint is a fairly obvious one. (r0, r1, etc.)

    I think I speak for many that it would be an amazing idea to republish it with the (') and (") in it's right places.

    Other than that it was beautiful story;)

    Author's Response:

    Thanks for pointing that out! Looks like the formatting got destroyed when the site was reloaded--going to go ahead and fix that. Glad you enjoyed regardless!