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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Chapter 3

Watcher of Arceus

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The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story "Watcher of Arceus".


Chapter 3 :

Thomas woke up slowly in his bed. It was quite a change for him, sleeping in an actual proper bed he could call his own. With more then enough room to adjust himself and get as comfortable as he liked, and even have access to extra pillows and blankets if he so desired.

Having spent the past seven months on the road, either laying out under the stars or in some cave in his sleeping bag, or resting in the bunks of a pokémon center or cheap beds of a basic hotel, having a proper bed to sleep on certainly helped for a good night's rest. Of course, the fact that he had his lucario Rebecca curled up beside him certainly helped him as well.

Not wanting to disturb her, he merely laid there. Gently pulling her closer to his chest and just holding onto her as he looked around his room. Today, the day before he turned eighteen held special meaning to Thomas, and not just because had accepted Rebecca as his mate. He closed his eyes once more, knowing full well what he would see as bits and pieces of memories came to mind, replaying a small tale for him in his head. The memories both his own and his fathers, showing how he came to refer to the Falston Estate as home.


When his father had made arrangements for Andrew and Vivian to adopt the boy that had grown up to be Thomas, the Falstons were still just living in a basic residence, the usual two bedroom apartment, of course the second bedroom was actually their makeshift office at the time.

That was when Thomas's father, calling himself William at the time, had decided that he wanted to get to know the Falstons, knowing that his own time was coming to a close, and that his son would soon be there to take his place.

He had spent a month getting to know the Falstons, before they invited him to stay with them, since he didn't have a place of his own. From there, he had spent the next few months getting to know them better. Making great friends with the two of them, helping to pay their bills and keep the place clean, and making sure that he had made a good choice to raise his son since he knew he never could.

Then, one day, William had just vanished for a month, leaving Andrew and Vivian worried about him, but knowing that he could back. He had left his ninetales with them after all. After nearly a month since he vanished, William had returned with his espeon and something new at his side. An infant, the child that would grow up to be Thomas.

With a bit of influence from Radara, William's story easily passed that he had at one time, had a steady girl friend who he had wished to marry, only to find out certain things about her, and so he had left her. He had claimed that the month that he had vanished, he had discovered that the woman he had been with had given birth to a child, which she readily claimed was his and thus word had come back to him. Claiming that he had wanted to be a part of his child's life, he set out to return to the woman and try to give her a second chance, if she had cleaned herself up.

He went on to explain with Radara's help that the woman had actually gotten worse, not caring for their son, and so he took the only action he could think of at the time, taking his son with him and returning back to them. He still had some cash left over from his own journey, but not that much. He had told them of his plans to settle down, and find a job now. Perhaps he could even start his own gym in the city.

Despite what had happened, they had agreed to help him. Easily buying the story that he had told them and letting him stay with them until he could get on his feet since he always seemed to work so hard around them. Of course, they never knew the truth about what William really was, nor what his son would grow up to be.

A week after William had returned with his son, William just didn't wake up one morning. An autopsy couldn't figure out what had happened when they examined the body, with only guesses as to what happened, the largest theory being that the stress of all that was going on had taken its toll. This however left an infant child behind with no father, and no mother to come running back to get him.

A problem in the form of an old injury had left Vivian with a near impossible chance of having children of her own, and so when William had passed on, the two of them could only see Thomas as a blessing for them. Several problems arose, some from the government trying to identify the mother and return him to her care and trying to identify the child, all the way to problems in the household. Although not a common visitor, Andrew's father Eric did make regular visits, and never trusted or even attempted to like William, or in turn, the child.

It took lots of work, but at last, with some major favors and influence originated from Devon Corp, the Falstons won their battle, and became the official guardians of the child William had left behind. Additionally, they adopted the two pokémon that William had left behind as well, both refusing to leave the infant's side.

From there, they had given Thomas his name since William couldn't decide on one, and never said anything about the mother giving him either. For five more years, Thomas grew up in that small apartment with Andrew and Vivian, who couldn't be more proud of their son, William's espeon and ninetales appearing to be great with the child as well, caring for him alongside the two of them. In that time, Eric Falston still made no attempts to get to know the child. Seeming to always be angry at the boy, but never showing those feelings when Andrew or Vivian were around.

It was around that time, when Thomas was nearly six that Andrew's and Vivian's research at Devon Corp hit a double break through, and both them would end up needing private labs, if only small ones to continue their work at their leisure. That was what lead to the construction of the Falston Estate, paid for by Devon Corp with a few strings attached, like a conference room that was readily available to the Devon Corp higher ups, as well as a few other things on the Falston's part.

Six months after that, Thomas was given the room he was in now. For a child, the room alone was nearly the size of half the apartment that he had been in before, so much room and new things for him to explore, both Radara and Juno extremely shocked with the new home, but still caring for Thomas like they always had.

Things didn't stop there either as the Falstons continued to take great care of Thomas, working hard to turn him into a good boy. The household continued to grow, as Thomas found himself under the care of the staff who maintained the large mansion.

When he had at last turned nine, and went through his first right of passage, the Day of Awakening, Thomas seemed to change, but only in small ways, suddenly deciding that he wanted to become a pokémon trainer, like what they had told of him of his biological father, that he wanted to see the world.


Thomas opened his eyes as the memories of how the Falston's had come to live in the estate vanished from his head. He knew that these memories would surface, and so would many more. It was a part of what his kind were. Far from human, only looking the part, Thomas was a Watcher, just like his father, and all the way down his blood line straight to Arceus herself. One of the chosen, a special breed of creature, the Watchers were unique in nature, immortal creatures who lived on by passing their skills and memories, their feelings and aura, their very way of life from parent to child, living a preset life span before they would reincarnate.

Today, on the day before his eighteenth birthday, and over the next two days as well, Thomas would be going through his second right of passage. The first right of passage for his kind had taken place when he was a mere child, having just turned nine years of age. That was Day of Awakening, when Thomas would explore the question of "who", and learn about who he truly was as his powers began to wake up and the changes to his body began. For this next right of passage, the Day of Remembrance as his kind had called it, a new question was presented. Now that he was older, and aware of what he was and what was hidden within his past, a new question had presented itself. The question of "how."

Thomas sat up, the memories still so fresh in his head, although small and incomplete, but their story was solid and explained the how of things. How had Thomas come to be brought up the Falston's, how had Thomas come to call this place home, and how Thomas had been raised with the values he had. The reasons behind all of the choices weren't clear, and Thomas knew that would not be the case of things. Today was not about the why of things after all.

He looked around his familiar room, more pieces of memories showing up as he looked it over, and what all it held. His very large bed on one wall with a few smaller pokémon beds for his companions in the corners. A small dining and kitchenette like section on the far wall, and other odds and ends taking up the rest of the walls leaving the central part of the floor open.

The Falston's had treated him quite well, sparing no expense when he returned home, always making sure he was well fed and healthy when he stopped by. They always cared for him, even if it took a bit of work to convince them that he was ready for a journey when he come of age for it. Of course, he had a great edge over many other starting trainers, both in the form of the pokémon his father left him, Radara and Juno, and having the memories of his ancestors. He knew how to survive off the land with ease and without any of the modern conveniences that science had come to produce just for trainers in the past forty some years.

He held his head lightly as he recalled so much, the pain of so much information coming back at once a bit rough, but nothing that Thomas wasn't use to. It readily passed as his mind cleared, the memories in his head growing quite clear as though he had just watched bits and pieces of a movie, knowing what they lead up to, even if he didn't know every detail.

The movement on his bed caught his attention as he looked down with a smile. Rebecca slowly looking up at him with her own smile. He still had his doubts about making the right choice, but Radara had made it very clear to him last night after Rebecca had passed out about her views on the matter.

The espeon had gone into a rather vivid explanation of what she would do to him if he broke her heart. Refusing to let him turn down another potential lover and turn into the same miserable man his father had become, no matter how well William tried to hide that fact. Radara could tell deep down that Thomas had grown to approve of her so much over the years since he had started to care for her, and even love her in his own ways, but refusing to let it blossom into something more.

Despite his want of someone to share his life with, he knew that deep down things could easily turn bad, so many things could go wrong. He just prayed that the tasks left to what he was wouldn't bring her harm. Of course, he still had to explain to her just what he was now, he could no longer hide that truth from her if she was to be his mate.

'Morning.' She smiled as she looked up to him giving her usual yawn and stretching some as she sat up and leaned into him. She had promised to take it slow with him when they got home last night, willing to work to make this happen, his aura showing her that he did want her like she wanted him, even if there was doubt within him.

Feeling her lean into him some, it brought a rare comfort to Thomas as he wrapped his arm around her. More memories of past lives surfacing among those he knew and those he remembered today. Presenting him with more doubt, but at the same time, hope that he could make this work. "Rebecca…" Thomas stated soft looking at her. "I… I have something I need to explain to you." He said as he looked around, Juno and Radara still sleeping, Saber, like always, not present as the early bird of the bunch.

Rebecca gives him an odd look, wondering what he means as she sees his aura struggling with something, showing off lots of worry. 'Whatever it is Thomas, I can handle it. Please, don't hide anything from me anymore. I can help you…' She says wrapping her arms around him careful not to dig her chest spike into him. 'I am your mate now, right?'

Thomas smiles some and nods lightly. "That's right… I don't need to hide things from you anymore." He said as he wondered how to tell her the truth, but unable to find the words. After a minute of struggling, she gives a small worried whine, and so he just acts quickly opening his eyes and looking to kitchenette, his eyes giving off a subtle, but definitive pinkish glow.

Rebecca gasps a bit at his eyes, feeling some power about him, looking to the kitchenette herself now, watching a small case of freshly stocked poffins start to float over to them, surrounded by a glow similar to that in Thomas's eyes. 'Thomas… you… you're…' Rebecca stuttered looking at him.

"I'm… not human." Thomas stated as the glass poffin case floated up in front of them, only for there to come a loud knock on the door. Thomas lost his concentration from the sudden noise and the poffin case started to fall to the floor. Thomas jumped forward and off the edge of the bed with a loud crash as he caught the case.

The door quickly opening up to reveal Andrew standing there looking on at the usual sight of Thomas on the floor, blankets wrapped around his feet still and hanging off the bed. "Thomas, what are you doing? Are you alright?" He asked very worried as he looked at Thomas, holding his side once more setting the poffin case down beside him.

"I'm fine." Thomas stated as he slowly sat up looking to Andrew, both Juno and Radara looking at him as well, Rebecca once more at his side, giving a small whine. "We'll talk later okay, when we don't have to worry about anyone catching on." He told her while hugging her back as she helped him up.

Rebecca smiled as she helped him up, even if her curiosity had been peaked and she really wondered what he meant that he wasn't human. He looked to her and pulled her a bit closer as he looked to Andrew, giving him a small nod asking for a minute or two. Andrew of course just smiled and nodded stepping outside the door.

"Look, Rebecca. I'll explain everything when we have time. What I am has nothing to do with how I feel about you okay?" He smiled and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "I just didn't… didn't want you be scared of me and all the things I can do." He explained. "I promise, when we have time today, we can go down the beach, or walk through the gardens, wherever you like and I'll tell you about what I am okay? We just can't let Vivian know the truth about us. When we leave home next time… we're not coming back… and I want her to remember the child she loved." He said as he sighed once more with that truth hanging over him.

She gave a small worried whine, but nodded seeing in his aura that he was telling the truth when a new voice entered their head. 'Do not worry about her Thomas.' Radara's voice sounded in their heads as he looked over to his feline, the psychic cat stretching as she got off her bed. 'I can answer and explain the general idea of things to her while you make the most of your time here. Today they will be unlikely to hold up much of your time, as your birthday party is tomorrow. I suggest you manage your time wisely today as it is never good to let awakened memories linger and build.' She explained as she walked up to them looking to Rebecca, her tail on the shiny lucario's shoulder. 'You have my word, if they do not give him time for you, I will make time for him. You are the best thing to happen to my… partner in many many years. I will not let him sabotage this feeling like his father had done.' She smiled giving a very dark look at Thomas.

Thomas quickly his hands up in defense. "Hey, I'm doing exactly what you said, I'm giving this a chance. I want it to, even knowing what that means." He stated as he got up. "Look, watch over her for me, and if she asks, go ahead and tell her. You'll probably be better at it then me right now." He stated as he moved to get dressed in something cleaner and more appropriate before walking out of the room.

Stepping out of his room was like stepping into another house, his personal room having very few things in the way of decoration, only what he needed for when he was home. The hallway however, was lined with portraits or statuettes of a pokémon every dozen feet or so, with plenty of plants around as well.

Thomas had seen them enough times. Walking through the manner on this day of all days, he knew what they were just passing by them. The Falstons rarely ever changed their décor aside from a few select rooms.

He continued to walk through the halls though, hearing voices down the hall, recognizing them both, one being Andrew's, the other also being male, but much higher, belonging to the head butler that was employed to keep the large estate property clean and presentable. "Why, master Thomas. I'm glad to see you are well." Derek stated, dressed in his usual attire. A formal black jacket over a white dress shirt with matching black pants and shoes. Derek certainly looked and filled the typical look and role of the fancy butler.

"How many times do I have to say its just Thomas. 'Master' doesn't suit me." Thomas said with a small smile as he looked at Derek.

"You will always be Master Thomas while here. I look forward to continuing my job under your name when it comes time for you to take the role of head of the household." Derek smiled before he bowed and moved out leaving Thomas and Andrew alone.

"I really hope he never changes." Andrew smiled as he looked at Thomas. "The rest of the staff have the day off, as well as tomorrow to give you room for your party. Despite that, they still got together and bought you a gift. In their eyes you're still the same quiet trouble free child that grew up before leaving for your journey." Andrew said as he started to walk down another one of the halls, to the main entryway. Hearing his words however didn't bring Thomas much joy, but rather a hard reminder of some of the things he was giving up. He had hoped in some ways that his lack of time spent at home would make things easier and distance himself from his parents and the staff at the mansion who had helped care for Thomas. He had always hoped they would remember him none the less. But hearing things now? He sighed. It seemed that they remembered him a bit too much and would be highly unlikely to just accept his leave.

Still, he played along with things. Trying not to draw much attention to himself and his problems right now. As Thomas followed along however, he was quick to see a brand new statue resting in the center of the room, even visible from the second story balcony over looking the entrance way. "That's new." He stated walking up the railing and looking down on the giant gold and silver statue of Mew.

"Devon Corp had it put in to show off for some clients that are coming over from Battle Corp who have expressed interest in Vivian's work. As it was her personal efforts that sparked their interest, they want to see her lab and work, which means coming here." Andrew explained as he looked over the statue himself.

"The CEO Brakins and Director Kent will be joining the meeting with her as well on Thursday next week. I just hope that she is up for the meeting, with that Wednesday being the P.A.R.C.A. Donation Drive, which we have graciously decided to host this year." Andrew explained. "Speaking of P.A.R.C.A., I still can't believe they've grown so large, if this keeps up they might actually be able to take care of all the abusive trainers, breeders, and coordinators in just a few years within Japan. You may really want to join. I keep hearing small rumors about all that's been done out there. I just know you're responsible for some of the stories." Andrew said as walked down and picked up one of the stray pamphlet for the Pokémon Abuse Rescue and Care Awareness, also known as P.A.R.C.A. for short.

Flipping open the pamphlet, he looked inside, one picture, the current head of P.A.R.C.A. easily stood out to Thomas. Looking at the current leader Luna Sailtu, he couldn't help but see how much she looked like her great-grandfather, the man who had founded P.A.R.C.A. or at least began the efforts that would come to lead to its formation.

Although unintentional, Thomas's own biological grandfather had taken a role in the formation as well, the memories of the event slowly coming forth. Calling himself Light at the time and nearing the end of his cycle, Light had come across Jung Sailtu, a retired and partial failure of a ship captain. Both of them sharing views that pokémon weren't beasts, despite the common claims, and both having personal experience to say otherwise. Light, of course, far more then anyone else. They had talked for a while, before being forced into saving a group of pokémon, who were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying to help save some people from a rockslide. Since then, the Sailtu family had worked hard to try sharing the truth about pokémon, and showing others that they weren't beasts and monsters. At the time, they were shunned, but the Sailtu family refused to give up even after Light left them. That was nearly 160 years ago.

Thomas just had to smile though, knowing that their work had gone so far, having officially become a strong organization just before the first of the 'modern' day trainers started to arise and become common. Their first official act when they were just starting was building the very first Pokémon Center, and now forty years later, Pokémon Centers and P.A.R.C.A. were both well known around the globe.

Thomas's memories were cut short when he felt Andrew put an arm on his shoulder. "You sure you're okay?" He asked. "You've spaced out quite a lot lately." He stated with a slightly worried look.

"I just have a lot on my mind." Thomas smiled back and gave him back the pamphlet. "But you're right. It might be a good idea to join them. I'm still not sure what I want to do, but that could be a good start." He said as Andrew nodded himself.

"I trust that you'll always be able to do the right thing, no matter what problems you face." Andrew smirked as he took the pamphlet and set it down with the other one that was there. He turned and walked off towards the kitchen where he knew Vivian was already hard at work with breakfast, as well as reviewing recipes that could be used for Thomas's party tomorrow.

Thomas followed along through another hall, filled with more statuettes and portraits of pokémon, reflecting the great respect that the Falstons had for pokémon, as well as their ambitions to see pokémon and humans live hand in hand with each other. Andrew's personal dream, as he made well known, was to one day talk with pokémon, but he still constantly worked alongside his wife Vivian who had made multiple small advances in pokémon medical care. Her current project that had drawn so much attention lately was working on a way to accelerate the healing process by an estimated rate of five hundred percent as well as trying to apply a small scale healing effect to pokéballs as well.

While both of them had worked so hard on their projects and earned such things as this mansion in their efforts, they had always cared for Thomas as best they could. Walking into the kitchen at last, Thomas could see his foster mother hard at work. Preparing a large batch of Thomas's favorite pancakes with a full spread of fancy jams and jellies, fruit syrups and berries to top them with. All of which made him smile.

Dressed in her usual home clothing of a floral dress with some simple slippers, the lady a bit older then Andrew, was hard at work mixing up the next batch of batter as the last batch was on the skillet slowly turning a shade of golden brown. "Oh, Thomas." Vivian smiled making sure she didn't spill the batter as she stirred. "Are you alright? You really mustn't keep putting yourself in harms way. I know you care for your pokémon, but sometime its best to let them handle things." She said with a rather concerned and high pitched voice. "I know you don't like putting them in harms way if you don't have to, but that doesn't mean you have to step in all the time too." She sighed as she looked at him, only to quickly smile again. "But that doesn't matter now. You're alright and healthy and you saved Hanna, not to mention how you helped at the beach with those wild gyarados."

"Yes, I'm fine now. Don't worry about it, I just did what I thought I had to." Thomas smiled to reassure her that he was fine.

"I'm glad." She smiled right back relieved that she thought everything was fine. "Today, I've got a full sized breakfast almost ready for you, and then you spend the day resting up. I've got a little bit of work after breakfast, but come tomorrow, its all about you. I've invited the Sigil's, including Sarah since she's home too, and I've also invited Jeffery and his brother. I hope you don't mind, but you and Jeffery were such good friends before you started your journey and I know you've met his brother Daniel a few times. Oh, and our boss Chan will be there too. He even has a job offer for you to consider if you want it, he can tell you more about it tomorrow."

"Mr. Brakins?" Thomas asked a bit confused, not really knowing much at all about the man. "What's the job offer?"

"I don't want to spoil the surprise, and don't ask your father, even he doesn't know what the offer is." Vivian smiled as moved to take the last of the first batch of pancakes off the stove, starting the second batch.

"I see." Thomas stated rather calmly, knowing that in the end he wouldn't take the job anyway, feeling even worse about things that she had gone through the trouble of trying to get him a job.

Vivian didn't give Thomas much of a chance to stay quiet, quickly doing her usual thing of asking questions, always wanting to hear what he had been doing lately. "How have your travels been?" She asked. "Are you still getting looks from the ladies, you never talk about meeting up with anyone."

Thomas cursed himself silently in his head, having completely forgotten that she would have certainly asked about this topic. Thanks to the invention and now common use of electronic mail, or e-mail as it had come to be called in this age, Thomas had managed to keep in contact with the Falstons even when he wasn't home, often sending a short letter back home almost every month to let them know he was doing. They would both of course send him back letters in return. In the past year however, Vivian seemed to have taken an interest in if he was seeing anyone.

Normally, he would merely answer in his usual method that he had not found anyone who he had taken a serious interest in, and he wasn't ready to sit down and come back home yet. Had he come home a week sooner, he could have used the same story and told the truth in it. However, he didn't want to lie her. "No… I'm… not seeing anyone." He stated a bit hesitantly, Andrew knowing why he lied, but not saying anything, hoping that Vivian wouldn't catch on as well.

Vivian did however catch on and gave him a confused and focused look. "Is something wrong Thomas?" She asked. "Did something happen? Are you trying to hide something?" Vivian was worried, but for more reasons then just if Thomas was hiding something, although neither Thomas nor Andrew could tell.

"Its nothing." Thomas stated knowing that she had caught on. "I… there was someone… a while back." He stated softly, having learned to lie when needed to, no matter how much he hated to do it, even more so when he cared for those he was forced to hide the truth from. The fact that he was going to hurt them no matter what he did in the end only made things even worse as he took a deep breath. "It was… complicated. We liked each other a lot, but it just wouldn't have worked out." Thomas explained remembering a girl who was quite eager to join up with him, aside from being scared of Radara, which he of course refused to give up. The memory of the girl made it easy to think up a lie however and he played off of that. "She was scared of psychic types, but I wasn't going to give up Radara. She's done so much for me, helping raise me, I just couldn't bring myself to send her away with a clean conscience. We went our separate ways and I haven't seen her for months." Thomas explained using a tiny bit of his power to try and help the story stick.

Vivian looked him over for a few, as if judging him, but quickly smiled. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pried." She said. "I understand why you couldn't stay with her and leave Radara behind. Its like you two are brother and sister, you take such good care of each other." Vivian smiled, not knowing just how truthful her statement about himself and Radara actually was. Still, the lie appeared to stick and, much to Thomas's thanks, Vivian had dropped the subject as she returned to working on the large breakfast. "Why don't you just relax a while. The doctor still wants you to take it easy after all. That gas is bad enough on pokémon, your lucky the small dose you got didn't leave you stuck in the hospital for a week."

Thomas smiled and nodded. "Yea, that could have been a lot worse." He said thinking more about what might have happened if his secret had gotten out rather then the damage the gas could have caused him. With her going back to work, he moved to look over the rest of the mansion wondering where Saber might have gone, knowing that he would need to talk with the absol at some point as well.

As he left the kitchen, Andrew was quick to follow along, once out of ear shot, turning to Thomas. "I'm sorry about that. I wasn't expecting her to ask such a direct question." Andrew sighed. "It almost seems like she really wants you to get with Sarah lately. I know Sarah speaks highly of you, even though you seem to be leaving her behind lately."

"Its not that I don't like her… its just I'm not so comfortable around so many people. She enjoys large shows and meeting everyone she can. I'm just more comfortable out in the wild, taking the slow road." Thomas explained as he recalled the neighbors who readily accepted them, having an estate of their own right next to the Falston's before they moved in.

The Sigils were a nice bunch, also working with Devon Corp, but more as public relations people rather then scientists. Their daughter, roughly the same age as Thomas himself. Sarah was a very active young girl at the time, always trying to learn about pokémon, wanting to be a coordinator just like the ones she always saw on TV. Although they started off as very good friends, Thomas slowly learned to enjoy the background of things, staying out of sight, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Sarah never once let up on her want to be the center of attention, always looking to earn the spotlight as best she could, going on to become a very skilled coordinator.

In truth, Thomas didn't really hate Sarah, even though he had his problems with her, but he tried to push those thoughts out of his mind. "In any event, I think it might be best if I move out soon or something." He said. "If I'm going to be with Rebecca and not telling Vivian, then I can't really do much here. If what you said is true, I really don't want to upset her that badly." He said as leaned up against a wall. "Say I wanted to purchase a cabin or something, nothing large, but out of the way." Thomas stated looking up to him. "I have plenty of cash for basic things, but I may need a co-signer if I wanted a place of my own."

Andrew just smiled and nodded. "If that's what it takes for you to be happy, then I'll buy you a place myself. I know you, you won't go over board." He said as he patted Thomas lightly on the shoulder. "I think I can trust any decision you make and know for certain that you truly believe it's the right thing to do. You're father told me of a great many things he did, always helping out in the best way he could. When he died that night, me and Vivian could just tell that maybe it was meant to be this way. I'm sorry you never got to know him…" Andrew said, as he looked Thomas over. "But I know for certain he would be proud of you. I can just tell that you're going to grow up destined for something great. And I'll be cheering you on in my own way the whole time. You can move out whenever you want after tomorrow. You'll be a legal adult and I trust you know exactly how to care for yourself, having spent eleven years doing it already. Just don't forget, you'll always be welcome back home." He stated with a large smile before nodding for Thomas to walk off. "Go on, be with her. Explore the gardens or our private beach, somewhere where you have all the time you need today… once you've had breakfast at least. You've got to at least give your mother that much today. She's worked hard on it after all."

Andrew didn't know it, but Thomas could feel more then truth in his words. Perhaps Andrew could be left with hope for Thomas, and he could tell him something of the truth down the road. The small speech still left a large hole in Thomas however. Andrew was the perfect father for Thomas, the best father that Thomas had ever known in any of his lifetimes. Thomas forced a large smile to his face as he nodded. "I know everything will work out in the end, it always does around here doesn't it?" He smiled as Vivian called out the breakfast was ready.

"Go on and eat up. We'll talk about things tomorrow." Andrew stated as he walked off to do some things of his own.

Thomas just nodded as he turned back for the dining room taking a few deep breathes as he truly had to think about what all he was going to do. After a few though, he once again dawned his fake smile, hoping to have one more good talk with his mother before he would leave her, and hoping that she would remember him as he was.


Breakfast had proved rather uneventful, Vivian doing most of the talking, for all of the few minutes that she was able, before being called over by Andrew that Devon Corp was on the phone and had some questions. This left Thomas alone to enjoy his meal, as well as take plenty of extra for his pokémon as he finished and moved up stairs.

Once inside, Rebecca was once again on him, whining a bit as she looked up him, obviously concerned about something. "We'll talk out back on the beach, can you just wait that long?" He asked as he looked to Radara, who quickly moved up to enjoy the pancakes that Thomas had set down for both her and Juno.

'Rebecca seems a bit reluctant to accept my explanation. You may have to show her a few more examples of what you truly are.' Radara stated as he looked over Rebecca, who was obviously at a loss for words.

He patted the lucario's head a few times and scratched her ears some before moving, making sure to go arm in arm with her as they left the mansion and walked out back unnoticed.

"Rebecca, are you okay?" He asked as they reached the large flower gardens out back on their way down the private beach that the Falston's owned.

'Thomas, what was all that non-sense that Radara told me about? She didn't make any sense, about you, herself, about anything…' Rebecca whined as she looked at him, Thomas feeling her look over his aura.

Thomas was at a bit of a loss of words himself as he bit his lip a bit in frustration. "Just ask me anything, we'll start with that." He stated after coming up with a blank.

'What did she mean that you aren't mortal, she kept calling you two twins, children of the Great Mother Arceus. How can that be? You can't really be immortal, we've grown so much together, and this thing about being hunted as a demon, what's that about? Surely none of that's real is it? You're just a human right? With a special mind, like those other humans who can bend spoons and things.' Rebecca's aura voice was mixed, obviously worried and puzzled with her rapid-fire questions.

"Woah woah woah, slow down." Thomas pulled her in close. "Not so fast okay? Let's start with what I am, what both me and Radara really are okay." Thomas said as he continued to hold her close. "I… haven't been entirely truthful with that, but it was for your own safety. Yes, me and Radara are siblings, twins in fact, born side by side, children of Arceus." He stated slowly. "But just because that's the truth doesn't mean it will change anything. It will be hard, I know it will, but I do love you. Nothing will change that. It… it took me a long while to admit it because I was scared okay."

She looked up to him even more confused now as they walked, having never heard him admit to such a thing before. She had seen her trainer take on mons larger than himself, do things that other trainers thought insane, go up against what many thought impossible, and it was always the same with him, wanting to protect others over his own health, and then just walking away.

'Y-you… scared?' She said looking up to him. He just nodded as she looked, deep into his aura and sure enough she could see his fear growing now as the subject was brought up. 'Of wh-what?'

"Of what I am…" Thomas stated rather quickly as he gave a small sigh. "Of what it means to be what I… I am … my blood… my family line is unique." Thomas stuttered unable to find the words best needed for now. "I am immortal, despite what how I look and how we've grown up." Thomas stated just taking a seat on the bench he was next to in the hedge gardens, the furthest reaches of the estate before the cliffs and the beach, but a perfect place to hide none the less.

'But how can that be?' Rebecca said, having known as truth, as fact that she had grown up with him, that he had been a child himself when he found her and rescued her. 'We've grown up so much over the seasons that we've been together. How can you be immortal if you were raised by the Falston's as their child, you can't be as old as Radara says you are? And isn't Arceus male, so many of your human legends tell of his grace, his power, his might to rule?' Rebecca continued to whine, making Thomas feel worse.

Thomas just gave a weak smile as he nodded, her words were true, at least true that they had grown up together. "Immortality… what sets gods above men and mon alike. Only… it's not what it use to mean. The word today, its been perverted, misinterpreted, twisted, changed, mangled even. The so called Fountain of Youth, the Elixir of Immortality, all just myths, legends, hopes and dreams of men and mon that they can live and never die." Thomas stated as he leaned back. "Immortals, the legendary pokémon, Arceus. Those are the immortals, and her chosen children, meant to bridge the gap that had formed between mon and man. No one lives forever, a motto that was first used by the real immortals. And its true, everything dies in time. What gives us immortality isn't everlasting life, its that we do die, but its what we pass on to our kin."

Thomas explained. "In most cases, a child is born and takes genes from both of its parents, and that's what makes him unique. When an immortal has a child however, they pass on so much more. Their memories, the memories of their entire bloodline from first birth to current day are locked away, stored in a special kind of aura of sorts, dormant until needed. This aura dictates what we are, it's our literal life's blood, storing the very essence that makes us immortal. Our power, our looks, our memories… everything is part of that special kind of aura." Thomas explained. "When I turned nine, that aura awoke in me, told me what I truly was, that my life as I knew it was only the start of something so much larger. It's the greatest thing you could ever know, the first pull of knowing your destiny right then and there. At least… it was… in older times." Thomas's voice quickly went quiet with his last words, Rebecca feeling a great depression coming over him. She just watched as she saw him change so quickly before her.

'Thomas… what's really wrong here, what are you really so afraid of?' She asked as she watched his aura change and twist, unable to decide what feeling was truly dominant in his mind, but always seeing a sizable part of his aura showing his fear.

He remained quiet for a few before slowly looking up to her. "Radara told you that she wouldn't let me sabotage this feeling, that I wasn't allowed to forsake another potential lover." Thomas sighed as he looked down. "For the past five generations, my bloodline has… lived in solitude, only doing what he had to do to survive, ignoring everyone else we could. They spent their lifetimes working as hard they could to instill certain habits, learning to ignore the females around or repulse them in small ways…"

Rebecca just looked to him as she leaned into him. 'But… what does that have to do with you? You want this right, you love me don't you? You're father, he's dead, he can't do anything to keep us apart can he? And Andrew, he approves, he wants us to be together…' She whined as she looked at him and his aura, Thomas concentrating rather hard to let her see the large massive layers that were normally hidden away, that special aura he was talking about.

She could only gasp some and back up a bit in shock, seeing his aura grow so immense and large, so diverse and appearing to be formed in many layers, each with their own unique look that set them apart as different creatures.

"I am not the man my father was." Thomas said as he let her look over him. "But they still hold influence over me. Radara's fear of tight spaces, why she hates pokéballs and being unable to accept going too far underground. That was something from long long ago. A few generations ago, her great-great-grandmother was a vaporeon. She had just evolved and was once again learning how to use that kind of body when we were caught in an attack. For two days, she was left stuck buried under a collapsed roof in the middle of a rock slide. Physically, she was fine, but she barely had room to even turn her head, and every day that space she was in got smaller. She's had a fear of small cramped places ever since." Thomas explained, Rebecca able to understand why someone would be scared of small places now, but failing to understand what that had to do with anything. If Radara's great-great-grandmother had been the one to experience that pain, she didn't know how Radara herself would have that fear without knowing that feeling herself, much less how this had anything to do with Thomas right now.

'You're not making any sense.' The lucario whined as she once again moved to hold onto him.

"In the same way that Radara's claustrophobia comes from something that she did not personally experience within the body she knows today, my father and recent bloodline still hold power over me." Thomas stated as he looked to her. "My instincts tell me to shove you away, just leave you here when I take off. My bloodline has spent the past 600 some years hurting those who wanted their love, pushing them away, leaving them behind, just vanishing without a second thought." Thomas stated as he bit his lip looking over her, feeling the pull that was still there, the influence of his recent past lives still having some say in his life, the memories of their actions, their subconscious thoughts still in his head trying to help him survive just like that had done.

'T-Thomas… you… you can't be… really thinking that.' Rebecca stated as she pulled him closer, tears forming in her eyes. 'Y-you said… you'd wo-ork with m-me… t-t-to m-make this hap-pen.'

"I will." Thomas quickly stated pulling her into large hug, letting her cry a bit in his chest. "It… my bloodline… they…" Thomas couldn't find the words he was looking for as he looked at his lucario, so weak and vulnerable in his arms right now. He just let her cry as she held him now. He couldn't help but think how fast things had taken a turn like this. A week ago, he had been perfectly fine, his only concerns were figuring out how to fake his death.

Now though, Radara had forced him into taking action and admitting his feelings for Rebecca, taking her as a lover now, while the Falston's prepared to celebrate a party, doing so much for him, Andrew even accepting his choices, and yet he would still have to leave them, not to mention that he was now going through the Day of Remembrance just to complicate things further.

"Rebecca… I'm sorry for all of this." Thomas finally broke the silence. "I will never leave you, no matter what happens. Its just been so long, the last person that…" Thomas went quiet as the memories of the last real love his bloodline had felt surface, the tragic images of how they had been found one day. A heavy reminder to part of the reason that his recent ancestors had worked so hard to avoid letting anyone get close.

At his words though, Rebecca looked back up to him, seeing such great sadness in his aura, a sadness shared by all the pieces that she could see of it. "I want this… I-I need this…" Thomas stated softly as he looked to her. "Its just so many things could happen. Her… name was Yolanda… and she was the last to share a place in the heart of my bloodline." Thomas stated. "I just don't know if I can… she was taken so brutally from me… I don't know if I could keep going if it happened again…" Thomas stated as he pulled her closer, not caring that he pulled her so close that her chest spike dug into his chest. "I'm not the rest of them, but their memories, I can see and hear them so clearly at times… I just don't want the same thing to happen you. There are people out there, people who want me dead, who have hunted me for over 600 years. They killed Yolanda… and if they catch us, they would do the same to you…"

Feeling him pull her so close, seeing his aura so torn before her, wanting but fearful. His aura told her all that she needed to know for now as the vast number of extra layers slowly faded away, leaving his aura alone for her to see. With just his aura there now, it became much easier to read, but reassured her that he was speaking the truth, no matter how little sense it made.

"I won't leave you…" Thomas said softly as she calmed down, if only a little bit. "I promise… I will never leave you." He said again, just a whisper in her ear as he continued to hold her close.


Time passed quietly as they merely sat there, Rebecca still in Thomas's arms as he held her, neither one finding the words to speak when they had heard something coming closer, Thomas quickly looking over just in time for something to walk around the corner of the hedge maze.

His ninetales was just walking along only to see them as she moved to his side, looking at the two of them, before smiling. "We're fine… I think." Thomas stated softly, the ninetales giving a soft nod.

'Is… is it true? What all Thomas said?' Rebecca asked the ninetales quietly keeping her words from Thomas right now. 'Is… does his kind… really share their memories, the memories of past lives, of what happened to… to Yo-Yola-landa?'

Juno could only look down at the comment. {Yolanda… was before my time, before I joined the one known as Soular, the name given to Thomas by his mother, his true mother Arceus.} Juno explained. {Those were dark times… very dark… I'd rather not betray Thomas's trust for letting me travel with him for the past 600 years. Just know that Yolanda was raped and murdered by the group that hunts him now, that's what he fears so much.} Juno stated as she walked off, leaving Thomas there with Rebecca.

Rebecca could only nod lightly at Juno's words as she walked off, and down the first of the ramps to the private beach that the Falston's owned. 'Thomas…' Rebecca looked to him. 'What… wh-hat happened… to Yol-landa… What… did s-she mean to you… who was she… what happened to make you so scared that you have trouble trying to love me?' She asked as she looked to him, knowing that she was bringing up bad memories, but she had to know what had caused him so much great harm if what he was saying was true.

"I went by a different name back then…" Thomas replied slowly. "A name I use to be proud of, a name that meant something, a name that… that my true mother gave me. That man… he was Soular. It was the last years that he lived before… before the trouble that turned us into targets… he married a young woman, Yolanda, a servant of the emperor at the time… It was with his blessings that Yolanda was allowed to leave… a gift to the children of the god… Arceus… Before it happened… Yolanda was… great, a reminder of what Soular stood for… a source of life… hope… the great calm in trying times. And then… then it happened, and they came... Soular was away, and when he came back… the cabin, it was a mess, only his sister had survived if barely. What happened there, it… it broke him, and Soular was no more. That was the day that he died, that my bloodline died inside." Thomas stated, slowly, taking many long pauses as he went, barely a whisper.

Rebecca could only see a great sadness once more in his aura now as he spoke, feeling bad for putting him through it again, but she got the answer she needed for now. She was still curious, she would still need to know more later, but not now. She did not want to hurt Thomas anymore.

'I… I won't leave you.' She reminded him, holding him close now as she turned his head to make sure he was looking at her. She gave him a deep kiss, as best she could, even if very awkward from their different bodies.

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