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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Chapter 4

Watcher of Arceus

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The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story "Watcher of Arceus".


Chapter 4 :

Thomas awoke up rather late from his usual routine, Rebecca once more sharing bed with him as he just laid there with her. And even from his room that morning, Thomas could hear everything downstairs being put together for his last birthday party that he would have at the estate. He had a general idea of what things would be like today, and with such ideas in his head, he had asked that Rebecca stay out of sight, just for today as he explained things to her in better detail, how he was planning on leaving by weeks end, and planning to never come back either.

The shiny lucario was a bit reluctant to agree, but seeing that he was telling the truth about leaving and that he wanted his foster parents to remember him for the son who they truly believed him to be, she let him have his day as he choose, but in exchange, wanted a day all to herself with him.

He still made sure to spend all his time with her that morning however, staying in his room as his parents had asked to at least keep some things a surprise. During that time, he made sure to keep his head clear, reliving more of the story of his "how" of things, sharing them with Rebecca, answering a few questions of his past, of what he was, and what he could do.

At last however, there was a knock on the door and Thomas knew it was time, Andrew letting him know that the party was ready.

As Thomas walked down into the east wing meeting hall, he was greeted by just what he had expected, a hail of shouts and bright lights, all just for him. Although he didn't object to such things, and often tried to celebrate his birthdays in his own ways when he could, he knew that this party was far more then he was really wanted. On the bright side of things though, there were only a handful of guests. In total, there were only nine people present.

Among the guests were of course his parents, Andrew and Vivian, as well as head of the staff that worked on the estate, Derek, in a much less formal outfit then he usual wore.

In addition, the Sigils were present as well. The Sigils were a nice bunch of people, and owned the estate next door. While Angela and Joseph were a nice couple, the whole reason that they were here today however was merely to watch over their daughter and talk with Andrew and Vivian more then join into the celebration. Sarah had been Thomas's first friend after the large move after all and since the Sigil's worked for Devon Corp as well, it was only natural that they would want to welcome fellow co-workers.

Sarah was a most eager girl, and Thomas was in a way pleased to see that she had grown so well. Although Thomas didn't exactly like traveling with her, she had certain qualities to her, qualities that were rare among people today. Such things as she was never quick to judge others, always looking for the whole story when arguments broke out. Standing there now, Sarah still kept the same thing she always seemed to enjoy wearing, blue pants, blue shirt, blue belt with a custom paintjob blue pokèball. It was easy to tell her favorite color even now as she smiled, holding out her gift for him even now.

Beside the Sigil's were two more guests as well. Although they had grown up quite a bit, Thomas was able to place their names, Jeffery and Daniel, the sons of the Rustboro Ranchers who Thomas had also grown up beside, the only children that were a bit younger then and thus didn't leave on a journey before him. Thomas could easily tell as well that they weren't the same boys he knew in the youth of his current life, the two of them lacking the same carefree looks.

Still, they both had gifts on hand for him and somewhat real smiles, if still partially forced from what Thomas could tell. No doubt the two of them had other things on their minds, Thomas easily able to feel their intent on asking questions later.

The final guest to the party however was the only person that Thomas did not recognize at all, no doubt Mr. Chan Brakins, the CEO of Devon Corp. Out of all the guests present, Chan was the only one who really seemed out of place, wearing the usual clothing of Devon Corp higher ups, a full business suit much like every other major share holder in Devon Corp. Thomas had seen.

"Thomas, hello and happy birthday." Brakins stated as he offered his hand, Thomas slow to take but did so. It was obvious that Brakins had a strong grip, showing it, but not heavily as he gave Thomas a firm shake. "For starters, I'd like to give you this." He stated opening his jacket up and pulling out a silver BW-450 pokèdex, opening it up and starting it up, revealing most of Thomas's information already programmed into the unit. As he pulled it out though, Sarah, Jeffery and Daniel all looked on in a bit of shock and surprise.

"Andrew and Hanna both told me you did a wonderful job dealing with those Magma grunts. Andrew asked about getting you an upgraded pokèdex, and Hanna seemed eager to approve a test model. Call it a thank you for saving one of our best programmers. It's not connected directly to the Trainer Network yet, but you can use the BW-250 link chip to access the network anytime you want to." Brakins explained as he handed Thomas the pokèdex. "Its got most of the features already out built in, plus a few extras, but not quite everything. When the official product comes out, you can get a free chip to bring it up to date free of charge. Call this father's gift to you."

Thomas just looked to Andrew who nodded as Sarah was quick to come up and look it over. "Wow Thomas, you must really be a favorite of the company to get one of those. Fold out side touch screens, functional video phone, built in secure banking chip, this thing really has it all." Sarah smiled.

"And plenty of other features, all explained in the guide program. Easy to work with too thanks to the Porygon Trainer AI Assistant." Brakins stated hitting a small key with an odd icon on it, a small figure appearing on the main screen, the somewhat blocky blue and pink figure appearing to stretch some as a text box came up asking if Thomas needed assistance. "Its still in the experimental phase, but if anything goes wrong, it's an easy fix. Shouldn't be a problem though, that one of the best ones we got working. Some of the scientists are actually starting to call it the first digital pokémon."

Thomas could only nod as he held back his own comments. As far as he was concerned, the creation of a new life was a special thing, not something that human just willed to be. His mother had taken a lot of time to shape the world and all life on it, and instilled the value of life greatly within his kind as something most sacred. Although Brakins did state that it was of a digital nature, it was the way that Brakins had worded it that Thomas couldn't help but feel very much displeased over. "Thanks for the gift, both of you." He smiled regardless at Andrew for getting him signed up for the unit, and Brakins for approving it.

"With that gift out of the way, I've got one more though, this time on behalf of your mother." Brakins stated.

"Two gifts from the CEO of Devon Corp…" Sarah gasped, very much surprised, Daniel and Jeffery obviously not impressed though, looking back to each other with annoyed looks, whispering something about being a favorite of the supposedly best scientists.

"We're looking for a few new faces at Devon Corp. since some of our older trainers are settling down and retiring. While its obvious you aren't a league trainer or coordinator, you would still be surprised how many trainers just plainly pick up a pokémon or two to travel and see the world. Why just in the Hoenn region, there are a couple thousand trainers who just travel, even if it's just in groups with those that do compete." Brakins explained. "And for that reason, we'd like to hire you as one of our sponsored traveling trainers." Brakins handed Thomas a large envelope. "Its not that bad, all the conditions of the job are outlined in easy to read to terms in that envelope for you. Mostly its just a few commercials here, an appearance at the larger tournaments, and a few internet adds showcasing our stock of traveling trainer goods, our tents and cook ware, wilderness survival kits, and other such things any trainer would need in this age to camp out in any weather. The biggest part of it would be all the traveling, maybe showing up at different cities every few months for the major tournaments. Like I said, it's all detailed in that envelope, so look it over when you can. I've got to get going now though, so I'll just hope to see you later." Brakins nodded as he turned to leave.

"Wow… just… just wow." Thomas stated actually a bit speechless. For once in his life, he actually had to really consider the offer if it really was what Brakins described. Sure his face would become a bit better known, but given the environment, he would easily be overshadowed by the real stars of the shows, the sponsored league and coordinator trainers. Plus, he would be getting paid nicely to travel around a lot. It wouldn't have been that hard to keep to himself even as a sponsored trainer. Still, in the end he knew he would have to turn it down. Once more he found himself wishing he were human, to enjoy everything that went along with it.

He returned those thoughts to the back of his head though, where they would hopefully be forgotten, as they should be. Vivian just smiled as she walked up. "Well, I hope you enjoy what we got you. I'll just put that on your bed and you can enjoy your party." Vivian said as she took the envelope and headed for the stairs to leave it there for him.

"Thomas… I am so jealous right now… not only did you get a BW-450, but you even got a sponsorship offer." Sarah smirked as she looked him over looking back down to her gift. "I really don't think I can compete." She said as Thomas just stood there, still very much surprised. Jeffery and Daniel just rolled their eyes though, once again making quiet comments to themselves.

"Derek, I know it's your day off, but could you get the cake." Andrew asked as he turned to Derek, who quickly nodded.

"It would be my pleasure." Derek stated proudly as he left the room only to come back a minute later with a large tray, setting it down on a table. Derek removed the lid as Thomas and everyone looked on, the cake a large basic rectangular style, but it was the picture that had been painted in wonderful detail with a vast array of colored frosting that got Thomas's attention.

The cake had a very well done and carefully painted image of Thomas and his four pokémon there, with Thomas in the middle, sitting down, Radara on his left side and Juno to his right, with both Saber and Rebecca both off to the sides a bit behind them, all five of them having been painted in great detail.

"That is… really well done." Thomas stated, Sarah and her parents agreeing.

"That really is a nice job, who painted it? That work could pass for a proper portrait." Angela smiled as Joseph nodded about it as well.

"We'll just leave you guys be though, its Thomas's party and we don't want to intrude." Joseph added as he looked to Andrew, Angela, and Derek, all of them following him out to do something else.

"Well Thomas… cut the cake and we can finish with your gifts." Sarah smiled, still eager as always as she handed Thomas the knife. He just nodded lightly as he made the first cut, getting himself just a corner slice, and then just cutting along the edge, soon all four of them having a slice.

"And now the rest of us can give you our gifts." Sarah smiled handing Thomas her gift. "Its not much… well… compared to what your parent got you… but I think you'll like it a lot." She smiled as she handed the box she had, Thomas nodding lightly as he took it and opened it up. Although they were small, Thomas had to smile at the four figurines in the box. All four of them were in small glass cubes, one for each of his pokémon, including a shiny lucario to match Rebecca. "They are hand sculpted from a friend of mine in Slateport who's trying to start her own business." Sarah smiled.

"These are very nice, a lot of work into these." Thomas smiled, knowing that these were the kinds of things he enjoyed to keep, inspecting them carefully as he looked them over. "I…I really like them." He smiled knowing that they would eventually find a place among his other possessions that he had hidden away, his own private museum of items from the lives of his bloodline.

"I thought you would." Sarah smiled as she looked to Jeffery and Daniel, who both handed Thomas their gifts, Jeffery have given Thomas a set of twelve premier ultra balls while Daniel had gotten him a standard traveling grooming kit for his pokémon.

Before things could go much further however, there was a loud knock on the door, Thomas a bit curious to see who it was as he turned to watch Derek head for the door in the hallway beside them. It didn't take long before Thomas could clearly hear who was at the door. "Why, Mr. Eric." Derek's voice stated from just down the hall. "I wasn't made aware that you were going to be here today. We weren't expecting you until next week."

"A change in plans, those fools in Johto are moronic slacking idiots with no sense of real hard work." Eric's voice followed along after wards. "Tox, take my briefcase to my room and get some rest. We've got work to do here in the morning and I will not have you slowing me down." He continued, his voice as always firm, deep and as far as Thomas was concerned, that of a slaver the way he commanded and acted in general towards pokemon.

"I'll be expecting a warm meal in the east wing meeting room in an hour, I've got lots of work to review and will be expecting company in a few hours after that." Eric stated.

"You'll have to pardon my words, but that room is already occupied. Thomas returned two days ago and is currently enjoying his birthday party there as we speak." Derek countered. "Additionally, all of the staff have been given two days off, paid leave no less."

"What… oh yes that is right… the boy's birthday is this week isn't it…" Eric stated as he started down the hall looking into the room as he went, only to see the BW-450 on the table along with the other gifts. "I see you've still convinced my son and his wife you worth the high cost of such things." He grunted a bit.

Thomas bit his tongue a bit as he just turned a bit to try and enjoy himself for now, unable to help it though as memories of Eric surfaced in his mind, both from his own life, and those from his father's but the end result was the same, Thomas and Eric would never get along.

"Hey, Thomas never asked for anything." Sarah quickly stated as she looked over Eric and his suit with matching ego. She couldn't help but think on things, noticing how Eric always seemed to be a bit hostile towards Thomas. "He even saved a lead Devon Corp. researcher and ended up in the hospital for his help. I think it's a good thing that Devon Corp. takes the time to help those who do so much for them."

"Then the boy actually did something right for once, I'm impressed. If I had know that sooner, maybe I would have took some time to actually get him something." Eric stated, but Thomas just turned knowing that Eric was lying even without his mind reading abilities.

"Seriously…" Sarah stated rather firmly now. "What is your grudge against Thomas?" She demanded, normally having avoided the subject, for her having to listen to Eric attack Thomas on his birthday was more then enough to finally push her over the edge.

"You want to know what my problem is?" Eric stated, walking into the room and right into Thomas's face, just staring him down, Derek quickly acting to get Andrew and the others. "This runt has no respect for work. He wanders carelessly around Japan without a second thought on money that isn't his doing what? Nothing more then a small self tour. He doesn't work, he doesn't even put any effort into anything." Eric stated firmly looking over to Sarah. "You parents may still support you, but you at least know the effort of training pokémon to compete for a ribbons, a weak sport at best, but you still have dedication to it." He stated before looking over to Jeffery and Daniel.

"And you two, you two know the value of a hard days work. You'll easily become respected breeders, with real jobs and the understanding of what comes with that work." He stated before turning back to Thomas. "But you…" He stated, holding his own tongue in disgust. "You're just taking complete advantage of my son and his wife, spending their money for your convenience, enjoying some pampered life where you are just handed what you want. Sarah says that you ended up in the hospital saving someone. Good, maybe they jump started your brain while you were there and you'll get a real job now."

"The nerve of you… Thomas already has a job offer." Sarah stated rather loudly before Thomas could say anything him, everyone looking at her again.

"Oh, is that so?" Eric stated looking over Thomas once more. "Maybe now he'll learn the value of real work, who'd you impress enough to hire you?"

Thomas just remained quiet though, as if waiting for something. "Let's get something out of the way right now." Thomas stated, setting his plate down before looking Eric right in the eyes. "I don't care what you think of me, but understand this. My life is not your concern. I never come here asking for anything, all I want is just a good roof over my head, some home cooking, a nice bed, and some good company, nothing more. No where on that list are such things as money included."

"And yet here you are enjoying the hard earned profits and leisure that my son and his wife worked and dedicated themselves to earn." Eric countered. "The only reason you're able to continue roaming around Japan like you have been is because you life a sheltered pampered life. You don't commit yourself to anything. You claim to be a trainer, but you're nothing more then a runt whose been hand fed his whole life." Eric half shouted.

"If you think my parents did a lousy job raising me, it's a little late to change that now, not that it was ever your right to raise me in the first place. Andrew and Vivian raised me how they thought was best, and personally, I think they did a great job. I know the value of hard work, and I know what it takes to get things done." Thomas countered, nearly shouting back now, before getting cut off.

"And yet here you are, having been a trainer for eight years with what to show for it?" Eric snapped. "You have a team of four pokémon, two of which you never trained at all, one could be used be to set you up for life if you had any drive and the last one is a walking catastrophe waiting to happen. For eight years you've done nothing more then sit on your ass. You have maybe a dozen badges from across Japan and you don't even compete for ribbons. If you were going to just sit on your ass, you should have stayed in school and at least made some kind of attempt at higher learning for a proper job."

"Thomas, I'm going to be honest." Jeffery stated. "We were going to wait until this party was over before asking, but I think its over now. We didn't come to here to wish you a happy birthday, we came because you wonder around… a lot."

"We wanted to make you an offer. You have two very powerful pokémon, extremely popular ones no less, and one very very rare one that we are interested in making a deal for." Daniel added. "Eevee and vulpix sell like hot cakes at conventions and we still get requests for them year round. If you'd let us breed them for a few seasons, even if they only laid a couple of eggs each season, they'd be worth it, but the real prize you have is your lucario."

Thomas was slow to turn and look at Daniel and Jeffery, just staring at them now as he looked them. "Honestly though, a single egg from her, especially if bred with some of our stock of other shiny pokémon would fetch a lot, a shiny lucario is about as rare as a legend, the females worth more." Daniel continued. "We'd give them proper care and supervision, and you're welcome to visit the ranch at any time. We're willing to give you a cut of the cuts, a very generous cut no less for each egg, even the ones we'd hang on to breed others."

"You should take them up on the offer quick." Eric smirked. "If it wasn't so pointless, I'd get one myself just to show you how to raise a pokémon properly, but at least maybe now you're pokémon will get some use. That lucario's been of breeding age for nearly 2 years, you'd might as well start getting some use out of her since she just seems to copy your lazy life style."

"You keep your mouth shut about I raise my pokémon. They aren't tools, they aren't beasts, and they sure as …" Thomas quickly bit his tongue for just a second. "And they sure aren't slaves. You can take that outdated and disproven way of thinking find someone's throat to shove you-"

Eric moved before anyone else was truly aware of it, hand already raised back to drop Thomas. "I will not be spoken in that tone." He shouted going to swing at Thomas, but Thomas had already moved to counter the hit. Even though he rarely needed to fight himself in this age, the instincts honed from several hundred years of past experience were dulled, but still there. Thomas caught Eric's fist with one hand, grabbed his wrist with his other hand, only to nearly bend Eric's fist upside down, catching Eric's fingers with his palm and quickly started to squeeze.

Everyone around them gasped out in shock, including Andrew, who had just made it to the room to see Eric throwing the punch, Andrew still panting from the run he had to take to reach the party. "Eric… I can break your fingers with ease like this. Don't make me demonstrate." Thomas warned him, Eric going to pull his hand back, only to groan out in pain, Thomas merely applying more pressure to the fingers he was already squeezing down on.

"Thomas, let him go." Andrew panted as he rushed up to them, Thomas quickly doing as he was asked, taking a quick step back as well, letting Andrew get between him and Eric. "Now someone tell me what th-" Andrew started, only to push Eric back. "You threw that first punch, don't even deny it."

"That boy will not disrespect his elders. You should have beaten him a few times instead of pampering him all the time." Eric stated, trying to hold his tone back, but only doing it so well. "That boy has no respect for anything."

"Thomas has respect for a lot of things, including hard work. He just doesn't go and tell stories of every accomplishment he's does to everyone." Andrew stated. "He does a lot more then you know and he's earned every last thing I've ever given him." Andrew continued only to turn to look to Thomas, quickly looking around to see that Thomas wasn't in the room now. "Thomas… Thomas?" Andrew called out, Sarah quickly looking around herself, having failed to notice him walk out while Daniel and Jeffery just sighed.

"Mr. Falston… on the off chance that Thomas decides to let breed his pokémon… could you have him give us a call." Jeffery sighed as he left a card with Andrew, before both of them left.

Andrew looks at the boys as they leave. "Small wonder they turn out like you dad, you were at ranch so much trying to instill your outdated ways of raising kids everything." He sighs, but very quickly continues. "Stop… Do not even open your mouth. It was a small wonder mother even put with you for so long. All this time you have been here trying to tell me and Vivian how to raise our child as if you've had a great track record and knew how to do it."

Eric was quick to react now, ready to stand his ground once more as though he were in a fight. "See here son, I raise you well you…" He starts, but once more finds himself cut off.

"Enough father!" Andrew's raised voice making Sarah jump a bit, Sarah a little startled as she had never seen Andrew ever speak with anything more then a calm tone. She had been yelled at before, her father disapproving of some things she had down in the past, making sure she knew that she had done something wrong in his eyes, but for her to hear Andrew yell was something else entirely, even if it wasn't at her.

"You have never been there for me as I grew up. You were always on your trips being a trainer and being a man as you would tell me. Despite that, mother made sure that I turned out proper, and before you say anything about how you raised me with tough love, the only thing you love is your own ego. Trying to instill your archaic way on my son has been nothing but a headache over the years father. Vivian and I have raised him well. He has just wanted to enjoy life, not be constrained by being his parents child. He just wants to be himself, and we are more then happy to let him. He has never asked for anything beyond our means. Even when he wanted to pamper him, he has refused. Just because we are living a better life then you ever had father you see this as being pampered. Your mad I just didn't turn out like you wanted me to be father and so your ego demands that you fix it with Thomas, but none of us are you."

Eric looks livid as he storms yelling out in anger, barely able to keep from beating things. "Tox get my stuff you worthless pokémon! I am going where I know I can be appreciated for what I am, a respected trainer and business man." Eric shouts out as Tox comes running back with Eric's luggage. "Mark my words son, this boy you raised will be nothing but trouble. He is lazy and his ways-" He words are cut off once more as his lack of attention lead to him bumping into Tox who was right behind him. "You worthless pokémon, watch where you are going!" He shouts and walks off, Tox right behind him.

Sarah merely looks horrified at Eric's treatment of his pokémon and even worse about his true feelings coming out about Thomas. She couldn't help but feel bad all the way around, she was the only one who has shown up actually feeling good for Thomas, thinking that the brothers shouldn't have even come in the first place, having admitted to wanting merely to discuss business then wish Thomas a happy birthday.

It slowly began to dawn on Sarah now why Thomas always traveled alone and why it was easy to make the mistake of thinking he hated others. Living around so many narrowed-minded people would do that to anyone with a great open mind like his. Like him, Sarah had her own goals in life, even if she could never figure out what they were for Thomas, but she always respected others in their views of how they wanted to live. It was better this way. Yet now, she was reminded of the darker side of people in a sense. Eric and his old ways of being a trainer and raising Thomas were prime examples of that. She knew that the man was a cranky old daft, but to act like this at Thomas's party.

Even through all of this, what amazed Sarah the most was the restraint that Thomas had showed throughout the course of it. Thomas had every right to attack Eric in defense of himself. Eric may claim he is an old man, but to brashly attack Thomas as he did. Still, Thomas took him down with the ease of master rank combatant, something that so few trainers ever needed to do, much less put time into learning at all these days. Yes some trainers openly practiced martial arts and other forms of close combat to protect themselves, but to the degree of how easily Thomas just plainly reacted, it unnerved Sarah a little bit.

She looks back to Andrew as he sighs, the door slamming breaking her out of her small trance of sorts. "Well… this day could have better. I'd better go see how he is doing, I don't want this day to end badly for him, he deserves that much. I would also hate for him to leave without saying goodbye to Vivian and me. You might wan to tell your parents and Vivian before they get second hand information about this." Andrew said, Sarah quickly nodding and going to find them.


~a few minutes ago~

Rebecca is holding her knees to her chest as she rocks back and forth on the bed, whining a bit lowly as she was already scolded once by Radara about whining louder.

Radara once more gives her a look that lets her know that she is being too loud again as Radara lays back on the pillow to nap once more. Juno is curled up on the recliner in the fast asleep knowing that this will be one of the few times they will be able to rest here once more. Thomas's home was always a nice place to be at.

It still pains Rebecca a little bit as her mind wonders once more, knowing that they will be on the road again. It wasn't that she hated being on the road, she loved being with her trainer, now mate Thomas, he always had a way of finding the most interesting place after all. Yet this brief sense of comfort and not worrying about being put in a pokeball here or sleeping on the hard ground was always a good thing in her mind, she couldn't help but admit that she enjoyed being pampered by the Falstons.

On the flip side of things however, she was a little miffed at Radara for telling her not to worry about a lack of a gift for Thomas. He rarely cared for them and it wasn't like she could buy him a gift when she had no form of currency to purchase him one. She also couldn't really craft him much either, and while she was getting good at cooking, the arts of baking were a little out of her skill set. All she could do was try and make him happy. Still, it did bug her that she could not get him something. Once more, she wanted to go downstairs under the pretense that it was to see what he was getting and try to get some ideas herself, but Radara knew the real reason, she wanted to be with him.

Rebecca just couldn't understand why Radara was being so mean to her about her wanting to be near Thomas during his birthday. She wanted to celebrate it with him. She was his mate, so it would make sense she would do that. Yet, what still weighed on the lucario's mind was what Thomas had told her. Yes, from her own abilities and Radara telling her with her mind that everything he had told her was true. Yet it still confused her how his so called past lives could influence his life so much. Even Juno had tried to help, trying to beat Radara to an explanation.

Juno was another mother to her, who had helped raise Rebecca ever since she was a riolu. Both of them had raised her as best they could, though Juno was bit more forth coming about things. Juno had told her that she has known Thomas and Radara for a few of their past lives. She knows the emptiness they that both of them have to deal with, the loneliness that comes from the mates and lovers she has had in the past loved, yet none of them could live as long as she could. Juno told Rebecca that is why Thomas is really afraid of, losing a loved one like it has happened in the past.

Yes he could find love again, but the pain of loosing a loved one will linger as the present is merged with his past lives. One of the reasons that Thomas told Rebecca that his past is unwilling to let him find happiness again, because as he was at present, he was not ready to lose another lover as Juno had explained it. Rebecca could understand it when she had explained it like that to her, but it still didn't make sense to her, even less sense when she knew that Juno wasn't telling her something, but she didn't ask or inquire further about it.

Radara could only scoff at that though, saying that Thomas, or rather his past lives were still too stubborn, clinging to one that event that claimed his last lover. Yes it was painful for that happen, but she had had quite the argument about how his past lives let that event shape them far too much, clinging to it like a child clings to a toy. That was part of the reason that she had forced Thomas into the position of telling Rebecca about his feelings for her, and making him reveal himself to a potential mate. At the same time however, she was on Rebecca a bit as well, saying that he would need time and space to make this work, an the she would have to share him as Thomas had a job that he was born into, a job that she could come to understand in time.

Radara had also told Rebecca that she would need to grow up more if she wished to be a worthy mate to Thomas. Rebecca understood this yet it didn't help that she wanted him to be here now. She was going to ask Saber on these thoughts, but the absol had somehow got a hold of a ball of yarn that was suppose to be Radara's toy to play with. He was helplessly tangled up in the yarn. How he had gone about the task was unknown, but it still brought a small smile to Rebecca's face, if only for a short time. Radara told them both to leave the foolish absol to his fate as Saber tried to have Rebecca free him, or even have Juno burn the yarn off him.

Rebecca smiled some more seeing Saber try and fail to free himself. It was then that she felt a sharp spike of hatred from Thomas. It felt like a stab in her heart, she had never felt such strong emotions from him before. Radara easily felt it as well, already on her feet as she finally gets up and moves, just barely moving her head to the side to avoid the door slamming open on it. It opens roughly, barely missing her as Thomas walks in and slams it shut jarring many things in the room, waking Juno once more with a very startled look on her face. Even Saber manages to stand and take a stance himself now, appearing ready for a fight against who ever had upset his master, even though its clear that he has to fight to hold that stance, still very much tangled up.

Most startled of all however is Rebecca, who quickly does a short dive to catch a falling figurine.

'Sou… I mean Thomas, what is the matter with you, why are you so agitated?' Radara looks at Thomas with concern, but backs off from him seeing the rage in his eyes.

"That worthless sorry excuse of a human… I have never heard such filth spew from a fool in my lifetimes. He had the nerve to try and strike me as if I were his child to do as he wanted. Maybe I should have…" He stops himself mid-sentence as he sees Rebecca looking at him on the verge of tears from all the anger she feels from with in him now. He closes his eyes and lets the memories of his past lives spring forth, seeking ways to calm himself, counting down backwards from twenty, seeing himself meditating in the forest, recalling the sounds of the streams and wind and leaves around him now.

He is brought back to reality as he feels Rebecca tight embrace. Slowing himself down, controlling his breath and anger now, he can hear a heartbeat, her heartbeat as all else seems to vanish. He can feel her crying a bit, the connection of her aura trying to relax him as his bond with his mate is powerful, very powerful, something he didn't expect to happen so quickly, not realizing how close they had truly become over the time that he had been with her.

He calms his breathing even more as he feels her trying to take his anger to calm him, as he becomes aware of just truly how powerfully connected they were now. Slowly he regains himself, holding her gently, able to feel her heartbeat slowing a bit, calming herself as he looks down at her, flowers and pine, where she loved to sit, the smell of her kind and her natural home in the wild, the places he would take her even.

It brings him to a peaceful state of mind one more as he start to return the hug instead of just merely holding her now, knowing how much she cares for him, seeing that his anger was the worse thing he could give her, she could feel it all.

"I am sorry Rebecca, I didn't mean to you in such a way. I… I was angry at Eric, he has such things to… I would never do the things he said to you or anyone." Thomas says softly trying to calm her now.

Radara gleams into his mind now that he is calm, seeing the events that took place and an anger of her own grows now. 'That arrogant fool… to say such things and those foolish brothers, as if I would lower myself to be some breeding cattle. I would never have my off spring sold off for someone else gain.' Her voice in their heads still soft, but the snarl behind it still present as well.

(I don't know, I think you would make a good den mother.) Juno smiles mischievously at Radara, quickly using her tails to block a pillow Radara had thrown at her, Radara's jewel glowing as she glares a Juno.

'Get your mind out of the gutter Juno. I will not allow any of us to be used as breeding stock. Especially Rebecca. For Eric to come here on Thomas's special day and try and shove his outdated values down his throat just to make himself feel better because he couldn't raise Thomas as a perfect fool… He deserves a broken finger or two for trying to strike Thomas, he's if very lucky that Thomas restrains himself naturally, that hold could easily have broken his hand and wrist in a dozen places.' Radara growls a little.

Juno merely scoffs at the remarks from Radara. (You're just mad that he said such things and you are not allowed to hurt him like you did that human breeder a few decades ago. You know exactly what I'm taking about, so don't give me that look of shock pinkie.) Juno's smile grows on her muzzle as Radara's gem begins to glow brighter and her eyes narrow.

"Let it go Radara. We are at my parents house, I do not want this to turn into a war zone. Just because you two don't see eye to eye doesn't mean you have to get violent. I think we have worn out our welcome here as it is. I don't want to be here if 'he' is going to be." Thomas starts to break Rebecca's embrace, but she refuses to let him go as she looks up to him, her look wilted and the sadness in her eyes are evident.

"Rebecca… I'm sorry but if we stay here, I would only have to confront him once more and I do not want to end things like this with my parents." He said softly, lightly rubbing her cheek to try and comfort her a bit more.

A voice comes from the door however before Thomas has a chance to say anything else. "I would hate for you to go also son. It is your birthday here after all." Andrew says with a sad smile on his face. "I have had words with my farther he has left feeling that he is not welcome here. Even though he hasn't paid for a thing here, he still likes to pop in from time to time like I owe him something for him helping to get to this point. I got here through hard work try and not turn into him." He walks in and up to Rebecca, lightly scratching her ears, her tail wagging just a bit from the attention, a soft murr of approval from the treatmen, even if she is still very much worried about Thomas.

"I know you said you just want to explore the world and enjoy life. Yet at times, many will see that as being a slacker. Yet you have done many things that have helped everyone around you. I have seen and heard about you doing it. Not all hero's are on the front page. Still… just know that you will always have a home here son. Despite everything that others may think about you, I am proud to have adopted you and even prouder to call you my son." Andrew smiles.

This takes Thomas off guard as he knows now that when the comes to vanish, it will be the hardest thing he has ever done to any of the families he has had to leave behind. Feeling that it was the best thing to do, Rebecca releases Thomas from her hold, letting Thomas move over and give Andrew a hug in return catching him off guard now. Andrew was quick to recover though, and wraps his arms around Thomas, only for a flash to fill the room as the sound of a shutter goes off beside it, the sound of an old camera unmistakable.

Sarah is in the door just smiling checking the picture on her phone. "What a touching moment. Sorry to barge in, but my parents want to go home now. I wanted to stay longer, but I dad is a bit put off from how Eric was acting. I came to stop by and make sure my gifts didn't get lost. The brother's gifts though, I would just sell it off because they aren't worth keep. To show up just waiting to ask about using your pokémon like that… how horrible. Still… if you are staying a while, I want to know when you are leaving so we can travel together for a bit. I'm getting sick of those other male trainers thinking I want to hook up with them because I'm traveling on my own. I really don't need a boy friend right now." She smiles, looking around his room, only to huff a small laugh as she sees Saber.

"Did Radara do this to you?" She laughs as Saber looks toward Radara who is giving him an evil, shaking his head no. She untangles him as he gives her a gentle nuzzle before he moves over to Juno, who makes a comment that gets Saber to blush and lower his head a bit.

"Still having you around would make travel be less boring. Also keep the mongrels from always hitting on me… Well, enjoy the gift Thomas, later." Sarah smiles walking up giving him a small kiss to the cheek before he can say or do anything, leaving without noticing the mean look on Rebecca's face, the lucario's dreadlocks lifting a bit as her aura boils lightly, Thomas moving over and hugging her, keeping her from going after Sarah.

"Please don't…" Thomas says lightly, hugging her a little more, Rebecca coming out of her angry daze and looking up to Thomas with a smile now. Seeing Thomas holding back a jealous lucario, Andrew just smiled, giving a light nod of his head and letting them be, following Sarah out of the room and closing the door.

A light cough comes from Radara as she glares at Rebecca, who's ears wilt at the angry glare from the espeon.

'This is why I didn't want you downstairs dear your emotions are still young and you can't control them yet as your instincts take over and give away your true feelings towards each other. I know you have heard about how humans treat pokemon. It has been the same no matter what century it is. Humans have little regard towards pokemon seeing us as stupid animals. Yet some do see beyond that and see that in a sense that pokemon are equal if not superior to humans. If anything we hold back against humans. Most pokemon just want to be left alone as others see to gain power with humans. It was always meant for pokemon and humans to work side by side to show their true potential. One of the reasons we are paired as we are now. In a sense we are what humans and pokemon can reach when they truly work together, and no Thomas I do not boss you around.' Huffs Radara as she suddenly looks to him.

Thomas just looks away as he covers a slight grin on his face telling other wise.

"She is right Rebecca you are young an you are very possessive toward things." He places finger on her muzzle as to silence her before her thoughts flood out. "Yes you are dear. You just don't want to admit it is all. Do not worry I love you and only you. If anything, Sarah is right in one thing we could use each other as much as I hate to say it. We could use her as cover when we travel. So there are less questions about why you are out all the time. Also why I am not with a female. If it comes time to vanish we can use her as a witness so there are less questions about what happen. I hate to use her like that but I think it would be the best."

Rebecca looks like she is pouting at the idea of the human female being around Thomas. Yes she remembers Sarah when she was a riolu. Yet it seem even then the human would always flirt with Thomas. Now they were mates she would not tolerate such things with her mate.

'And yet you still have these thoughts young one I told you not to think that way of Thomas as if he is property and you do not own him. It is an equal relationship dear.'

Rebecca whines a bit as Thomas smiles as he scratches behind her ear. As she begins to wag her tail happily and murrs.

"Don't worry Rebecca I am yours as you are mine. I will make sure you will always come first in my heart. Still Radara is right you need to stop with your childish behavior. Also Sarah is and always will be a friend. I grew up with her. I know she has had a crush on me yet she has not gotten to idea that I don't like her despite the few times I have ditched her." Thomas shakes his head thinking of how Sarah still tries to travel with him. Yet Sarah is right, as many female trainers tend to travel with someone or with a pokemon out at time usually a canine pokemon who is loyal and will do as their trainer ask. Despite the increase of law enforcement such as the global police and Rangers there are still incidents of girls and males sometimes being raped, by pokemon sometimes. Some humans never change as some pokemon do imitate what humans do in there own way.

Yet it seem to Thomas it would be good for him to travel with Sarah as the cover would be perfect also so she would be safe. It would be best so he could be seen but not seen as much as he tried to hide. With the modern age of technology it was getting harder to hide one self. Those who hunted him in his past lives were getting better in tracking him. If he were alone he would be easier to be spotted. Yet with Sarah he would be just another trainer with his friend traveling.

'I was wondering when you were going to use that brain of yours Thomas. No stop that thought now. I will not take it back your past lives always wanting to be alone even if it was to have a friend. I think it good that you have someone else with you. To have that option to cover for you. When it comes time to vanish. We need someone to cover for us. Also best to have an eyewitness. To what will happens to be our disappearance act.' Radara states in a matter of fact tone in Thomas head.

'I wish you both stop doing that I hate trying to find out what you both are talking about.' Rebecca huffs in Thomas mind.

"Sorry dear but Radara tends not talk at all she believes her thoughts convey what she thinks faster than speech. She is right about that but it tends to wear on others as it tends to give other headaches. Still we have nothing to hide Radara. If Rebecca is to be my mate, she will have to meet our mot... her... you know she will be happy to know that I found someone again." Thomas voice becomes low.

Rebecca looks worried but then notices Saber poking at Thomas's gifts. She sees the ultra balls and a grooming kit.

'Going to get some more pokemon soon Thomas?' She looks at him thinking of new friends as Radara and Juno are older than her so a bit harder to get along with. Saber is about her age but the absol tends to be alone most of the time. As he hates to play around as much as Rebecca likes to.

"No It was a gift from... I rather not talk about it. Still I can get some quick cash for the stuff. I already have a grooming set. Still you should look at Sarah's gift you all might like them."

Rebecca frown s once more at the mention of Sarah and looks at the glass ball then notices how they look. Even the one of her as the color of the lucario matches her fur color. She smiles a bit as the effort to have it done this way. Saber is on the bed next to Rebecca trying to see the ball of him in it as he leans closer to Rebecca to see it.

Radara has hers in front of Saber using her power to have it float in front of him. 'It's nice I guess.'

(Jeez you are a grumpy one. I think they look nice. You have to make sure you give Sarah a gift one day. I assume this will be a gift that you will treasure from this lifetime?) Juno barks a bit. As she has her ball on her tail to balance in front of her.

"Yes. Yet now we have a bit more time to relax. No Radara just a few days so I can slip away one day with out my foster parents wont try to press any more information from me. Also if Eric happens to show up we can just leave like the angry teen I am. Eric's words not mine. Still I want to make sure we have what we need. I want to make sure we have no surprises. To many times we rushed out of where have been and then the knights found us to easy. Also doing that has had the knights hunt and harm those who took care of our past lives. When we do go I want no traces to come back to them."

Rebecca takes Thomas hand as he smiles at her. "Do not worry I can feel that you think I will leave you. I won't dear. Yet when it comes time. I will explain it all so you can understand. Also believe me when I tell you this. I will never do anything to hurt you." He hugs Rebecca gently as she nuzzles him as she is hugged. Knowing his words are true yet what that he was saying about meeting 'her'.


Sarah arrives at home a bit miffed her parents called it early she could have walk home she wanted to talk to Thomas more. Yes he had ditched her a year ago in Kanto. She wasn't mad as others would get she had known Thomas all her life. He was always a bit shy… no, that wasn't the word he spoke when he needed to. He was just not a people person. Then again he was raised by his pokemon as much as he was raised by the Falstons. He was very close to his pokemon. Sarah had heard from many as she had traveled that those who grow up with pokemon tend to be closer to them then humans. It wasn't a bad thing as some pokemon were better to get along with then some others she had known.

Sarah's father was someone she hated not for the petty reasons most teens. No hated how over protective he was of her. Yes her father had told her to give up this foolish dream of being a coordinator. He was always saying that she was not prepared to be out in the real world. He was always hoping she give up this childish dream and go to school and then collage and get a real job. She made money to live off of. Yet her father believed that she was wasting her time with this childish dream.

'As if!' Sarah thought as she fell onto the couch to watch TV. She was home for the off season she would be on the road soon, or soon as Thomas tried to leave. She sighed thinking of the time he ditched her. Now she had others run off on her, Thomas was different. He at least paid the bill and not leave her paying someone else bill. To many of her so called loves loved to do that as they were losers as she found out. Most of the time wasting money trying to buy there way to a title, ribbon, or badge. Yet Thomas was different, he was a real man you could say. Did she love him though, or was it just a crush? Yes he was mature and very good looking but he never seem to be interested in her or any female at that.

For a time she thought he was into males. That was shot down when another coordinator had hit on him and Thomas kindly told him no. She just figure he just was not into love at all. He really just wanted to travel. One thought did float into her head was that he... Was into pokemon... more than one should be. Yet she keep that thought at the back of her head as many saw that as a sin. The church saying that those who would lay with animals were sinners as it was against the word of Arceus.

Sarah believed that if pokemon didn't want the human to abuse them that way they would outright attack their trainer. To make a large arcanine to be submissive boggled her mind at times. As she flicked through the channels. A breaking news report caught her attention.

She sat up on the couch as it report told of three pokemon breaking into a research facility. Yet there were no trainers or others working with them. They said the pokemon ruthlessly ripped through the workers and guards there. It was said there were some survivors. Though it was unclear if they would live through the night due to their injuries.

Sarah gasp thinking who would have their pokemon do such things. Another thought came through her head and it was a scary one. As she heard what type they were. What if these pokémon were doing this on their own. Many saw pokemon as nothing more than animals, no where the intelligence of a human. Yet pokemon held power to destroy. Humans believed that pokemon could be controlled. Yet over the years many pokémon were starting to show how intelligent they were, such as the psychics and lucarios. For them not to be listening to a trainer was scary. How do you stop a pokemon who is stronger than the normal human? Even a trainer would be hard press to stop a pokemon who thought on it's own. It sent a shiver down her spine. As it was a lucario, blaziken, and a machamp who did the damage. As it was said on the news feed that if any one has seen them that they were to call the police or rangers. Even trainers were told not to attempt to capture them or engage the as they were considered too powerful to handle.

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