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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Chapter 5 : Answering the Call

Watcher of Arceus

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"Human Speech" 'Character Thought' {Pokémon Speech}

Co-author: Catsithx Beta-Reader: Ravyn Arcadia

Rating: PG/14 Warnings: Mild Violence / Strong Language

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The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story "Watcher of Arceus".


Chapter 5 : Answering the Call

Thomas sighed a bit; the past three days had been rough as he looked over his room one last time. Many things had been on his mind as he knows this will be the last time he returns home. He couldn't help but wonder if it was really the right thing to do, just up and leave as he planned to with a letter on his dresser explaining his sudden decision. It mentioned about how he had found clues at long last about his birth mother and maybe even some clues about the family of his real father. There was of course just as much about how he would never forget them and praised them for all that they had done for him.

Still, he had to wonder if he really could do it to Andrew and Vivian. They would both be expecting him to accept the offer of a job doing what he clearly enjoyed so much, traveling around Japan as he did anyway. Andrew knew that he would do his own things to help out where ever he went.

Rebecca could feel his doubt and still questioned it even now as she moved to hold him again, knowing that she had a very clear effect on him as she smiled some. 'Thomas… it really is okay… Even if I don't understand it, I'll stay with you…'

He just nodded as he rubbed her ears a bit, watching as Radara cleaned up the last of her things. Her favorite pillow floating along into the closet to be stored away, the one thing that she was really attached to in the house. "Rebecca… I know you …" Thomas started, only for Rebecca to cut him off.

'I'm not staying here Thomas… I know what you're going ask again… I don't care if you think it really is for my safety, I'm going with you. Even if I don't really understand what you are with your strange abilities, or why you say you have to leave. I know who you are and I'm going to stay by your side.' Rebecca says firmly. 'I want to stay with you and I'm not going to leave you.' She continues as she holds him tighter and kisses him as best she could. Trying to show her affection as she learned to, trying to hold his hand again, even if was really awkward for her, and smiling very happily as Thomas took her hand to make it easier for her.

"It really is for your own safety…" Thomas said. "We won't have the chance to lead any kind of real life like this… I'm always moving, always staying on the road, it's part of who I am. I've wandered around all of my lifetimes, even from the first time I took a breath." He stated, giving a small sigh, knowing that while his words were true, the reasons for his constant wandering had changed so very much. It wasn't just because seeing the world or parts of it were in his true nature.

'Thomas, you can stop lying to yourself.' Radara's voice sounded in their heads as she stored her favorite pillow away. 'You're going to admit you want her join us, and accept that I'm not going to let you throw this away. This is the happiest I have known you in many a lifetime and you are going to embrace it.' Radara stated as she looked to them both now.

Thomas just sighed, Radara having made her point clear once again as she leaned back on the bed. "I get it, I get it... I won't ask her to stay again..." Thomas said, holding Rebecca close once more. "I... I just hope you don't mind all the travel." He smiled and kissed her cheek, Rebecca smiling and murring a bit even as she leaned into him. "Let's just... leave before they get back." He sighed again, wondering if it was really good idea to do this to his foster parents as he got up and finished packing his bag. He grabbed Saber and Juno's pokeballs as he moved to get them. "Finish packing up our things I'll get Juno and Saber and then we can leave... and yes I'll let you travel outside your pokeball once we get outside the city." He smiled, Rebecca quickly smiling at the words and finished packing up his bag as he walked out of the room.

Juno was easy to find, lying in her nice sturdy wooden chair that she had claimed as her own when they moved into the mansion. Juno was almost always sleeping in it when given the chance to relax.

She just nodded to Thomas as she saw him coming up. Thomas quickly called her back then went to search for Saber. He found him out back in the garden playing by the pond. "Hey Saber, we're about to leave. Last chance to stay here. This time we won't be coming back for a long long time." He stated. Saber just grined and rushed up to him, nearly tapping the pokeball himself instead of waiting for Thomas to call him back.

He couldn't argue with him, knowing that the absol was always wanting for adventure. Even if he did love the place. He just smiled as he returned the absol to its pokeball and walked back up to his room. Rebecca and Radara had just finished packing his bag, aside from some food. "Ready?" He asked as he grabbed Rebecca's pokeball off the bed now.

'Only if you promise you'll let me out once we leave the city.' Rebecca said, giving him a small kiss as she returned herself to the pokeball for now. Rebecca knew that Radara would make him let her once it was safe.

Thomas just smiled as he held her pokeball, having attached a clip for pokeballs to the inside of his jacket just for her while he put Juno's and Saber's pokeballs in the small side pocket on his back. He moved back over to his closet and pulled out his firebox and emptied it of its contents; all the spare cash he had in it as well as the many pictures he wanted to save that he had taken with the Falstons over the years."Let's go." He said looking to Radara who gave a small nod as she waited for Thomas put on his jacket and travel pack on, before heading out.

On his way out, he left the note in clear view on the table by the front door where all the messages for Andrew and Vivian were left. He gave it one more glance over, wanting to make sure he had worded it right. Going over such things about how he had clues now about his birth mother and wanting to find out about her. He made sure to very clearly spell out how he and loved them and how he thought of them as his real parents. But he needed time to figure out who he was, what he wanted to really do with his life, and maybe even find a place to call his own. All in all it was a lengthy letter giving his foster parents praise and his love. Yet still carefully stating how he just needed some time right now to think. Satisfied, he folded it up and set on it on the table. He even took the time to sign the letter to make sure that there was no doubt that they would look at it and not just skip over it.

He turned to look over the main hall once more before turning and leaving with Radara at his side. "I'll miss this place, but it's for the best." He sighed as he walked out the door, locking it behind him and heading slowly through the grounds to the main road. Radara was able to feel his attachment to the place and understood his sadness.

'They will be fine. They are understanding and I'm sure they will come to accept this.' Radara told him again as they left. 'And I know that that post-dated e-mail that you sent Andrew will tell him all he needs to know about you trying to find a place to call your own with Rebecca.'

"It's... still hard to do this..." He sighed again as he walked up and out the gate, only to hear someone calling out, Thomas turning to see Sarah down the road in her usual blue traveling gear.

'On the bright side, it looks like you have a perfect opportunity to allow Sarah to witness your false death if you so choose. I know you hate to do so, but perhaps it would be for the best.' Radara stated, although the annoyance in her voice over such a thing was clear as well. Thomas himself was far more unamused by the turn of events.

"Sarah... how's it going?" Thomas asked, doing his best to stay polite as he let her catch up.

"Thomas, getting ready to leave already?" She called out as she moved up. "Say, why not take the chance to travel again for a while." She smiled as she moved up. Looking over them both, she kneeled down to give Radara a few gentle scratches along the base of her ears. Radara was still annoyed, but she had to admit that Sarah knew just where to pet her.

"Yeah... you could say I'm getting ready to leave." He said looking to her. "I... I just need to get away from here and this place for a while. It was nice being home, but I just feel more at home out of the city, away from the mess and the drama." He said softly, being truthful, but still hiding many things from her.

"Which way are you going?" Sarah asked as she slowly stood up again. "I've been home for nearly a month, so I can kinda understand wanting to get back on the road again, it just feels so nice being to move around freely. Have you thought more about that job offer? I don't want you to miss an opportunity like that." She smiled, knowing that job was literaterally perfect for someone like Thomas.

"I read the all paper work. Even if I wanted it now, they would wait until the start of the fall season before they would offically hire me. So I have a few months to think about it. It sounds great and all, but I'm not sure if I want all the attention. I prefer a simplier kind of lifestyle." Thomas explained while starting to walk down the road. Sarah walked beside him as he started to head east, not sure why, but heading east without question.

"I guess I can understand that too. You're not saying that because of Mr. Falston though are you?" Sarah asked, having gotten use to referring to Eric Falston as Mister for a few reasons, and not entirely out of respect anymore.

"No. It has nothing to do with him. Let's just say that things are… complicated and I need some time to figure them out for myself before I do anything big that would change my life when I'm not sure I'm entirely ready." He told her. Sarah just nodded a bit.

"You really should lighten up a little. I know it wasnt the best party, but at least I really cared about it. I hope you're really not too worried about what he said though. About how he tried to treat you like some child. We know the truth, and so your parents. So that's what really matters right?" Sarah asked trying to cheer him up. "And they will always think about you for who you really are, not what others think."

Thomas couldn't help but give a real smile at her words. Sarah did have a habit of pointing out the important details. Her smile grew a bit. "Well, it looks like someone is feeling a little better now." She said. "So… where are we going first?"

"I just want to head east for now. Work my way towards Rusturf Tunnel Reserve. Maybe pass by it and see what the place is looking like now with all this new work and efforts to turn it into a home for all the pokemon that were displaced by the drilling before P.A.R.C.A. shut it down for its enviormental harm." He said, his answer quick and unquestioned in his mind, only to realize why he wanted to go. Radara realized it as well… they would be needed soon.

"Yeah, I hear they're doing a lot and plan to make it a big part of their next fundraiser. I can just imagine how the work they put into it will play a part in showing how to properly build new routes for trainers without disturbing the wild pokemon. And actually helping to improve the enviornment for them rather then destroy it. They've been so active lately. It's amazing to see just how well they are spreading through out the region and into other regions too. They really could do tons of good." Sarah smiled walking at his side as he nodded.

"Ever since it started, they've been leading the front for symbosis between man and mon alright. First with the pokemon centers, and then working to deal with abusive trainers and breeders. It was a great victory for them to win such a case to protect the enviorment as well." Thomas nodded. "I hope they keep it up, and start to spread other ideas about the right way to go about being with pokemon."

"Yeah, it really is amazing what can be done when you get the right kind of people together in the right place." She smiled as she continued along with him. "I heard your parents are sponsoring the event themselves even this time." Sarah smiled.

"Yes they are." Thomas said, looking forward and seeing the edge of the city now. "Hey... Listen, I need to get some more rations and supplies before we continue. Mind if we swing by that little pokemart on Old Blaziken Road? They usually have some interesting things in stock being one of the old fashion marts."

"Sure. It could be fun to see all things they have. I don't have much cash on hand though. And last I heard they don't have a network link, preferring to keep things simple. You don't mind if I just transfer you a bit of money and you get me a few things do you. That is of course if you have some extra on hand cash. You know how my dad doesn't like me carrying any actual cash around. Says it deters thieves if the only cash you have is in the Trainer Bank." Sarah said.

"Yea, I can get you a few things." He said, Sarah quickly pulling out her Pokedex, the new Johto Mk. IV that she loved for its design, as usual in blue.

"I see you've updated as well." He said. "But, really you don't owe me a thing. It's not like you plan to go over board is it?" He joked seeing how she had of course stylized her dex for her liking even further. Several pictures of her favorite pokemon in her collection were displayed very vibrantly. The center piece was of course her favorite contest pokemon. Her dragonair that had at least a dozen ribbons to its name now. "And I see that you're getting those high end ribbons too." He stated. Although Thomas wasn't the best of friends with Sarah and really did prefer that she minded her own business most of the time, he had to admit that she was skilled. And beyond that, she did all of that and more by doing her best to be friends with her pokemon. Caring for all of them. Especially the ones she couldn't have travel with her with the utmost respect for what they were.

She just smiled. "I was hoping you would notice." She grinned, having intentionally made sure that her best image in the pokedex was of her dragonair and its ribbons. She always liked impressing Thomas, showing that she could keep up with him in at least a few ways. She did kind of consider herself a rival in a few ways to Thomas, but in the friendly way as she opened up her account and preparred for a transfer. "Come on, show me that new dex you have again." She grinned. "I'm a little eager to see how well it performs. I'm just so jealous that you actually got one. But for helping out someone like that without concern for yourself, you totally deserved it." She said.

He sighed again, pulling out his new pokedex and opened it up, the device booting opening up in seconds showing how powerful it really was. "Well, that was quick. No warm up time." Thomas stated, a quick and clear message stating that it was off the grid and was using a proxy to access the network.

"Wow, even though the BW-450's not programmed for full access to the trainer network, it just powers on through." Sarah said, very clearly impressed as Thomas brought up the Trainer Banking app, already accessing his account and working on a secure link in seconds. "Okay Thomas. I am offically completely jealous." Sarah stated rather bluntly as she transfered almost two thousand pokedollars to him for supplies, his device picking up and giving full notifications seconds before hers did. "When they said secure world wide access, they mean it." Sarah said, her device catching up and sending her the same notifcations after he was all done.

"I think I could get use to this." Thomas said taking the time to actually look it over in full now. Seeing magnetic clips for a belt on the back and going through the tutorial with Sarah to pass the time as they moved for the pokemart.

In just a few minutes both of them were very impressed. A two month battery, shatter proof frame, built in shock converter for in the wild recharges if one had a pokemon with an electric type move, and several dozen other features. "Thomas... try to get me one of those as soon as you can would you?" Sarah laughed a little, partially out of want, partially out of jealously, but still clearly joking with him as they reached pokemart.

"Right away." Thomas said. Radara helped to keep him a little distracted and open minded as he walked into the shop with her.

A short while later they both walked out with fully stuffed travel packs. Even with the compression effects that their bags had that worked in a similar manner to how pokemon fit into pokeballs. If still vastly smaller in comparison.

Still, they had enough food to last for a few weeks easy in addition to all of their other supplies as they started for route 116 again. Sarah of course talking more while Thomas listened. Once they reached the edge of the route, leaving the city boundaries, Thomas reached into his coat. Wondering if it was a good idea now as he grabbed Rebecca's pokeball.

"Hey... Sarah... I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to let Rebecca out for a while. She's been a bit clingy lately and wanting my attention a lot. And... you know how I can't deny her." He said, Sarah just laughing a little.

"No, no really it's fine. It's a great idea actually to let a pokemon or two out for a walk from time to time. And I'm sure, being cramped up in that mansion without anything for her to really do, she would love some exercise." Sarah smirked some, reaching into her coat and pulling out one of her pokeballs, tossing it up and letting her arcanine out. "Besides... If we have our friends out for a bit, were less likely to be bothered by predatory pokemon looking for an easy target, much less novice trainers with an ego. I've had my fair share run with both. It doesn't feel right to take money from new trainers who think they are all that, not when they are so young. And I've lost my fair share of hats this year. This is my fifth one." She said a bit annoyed at the fact that pokemon had run off with so many of her hats.

Her arcanine was more then happy to get out and walk some, stretching a little before moving up and nuzzling Sarah very happily before moving to her side as Thomas let Rebecca out as well. Once she was out, Rebecca quickly latched onto Thomas's arm, only to see they weren't alone.

Before Rebecca could so much as growl though, Radara was already in her head. 'Now now, don't go starting anything.' Radara told her. 'She just wants to travel and I won't let Thomas get involved with anyone else remember.' Her voice echoed in her head. Rebecca still grabbed more tightly onto Thomas's arm and leaned into him heavily.

Thomas just smiled and let her take his arm, just hoping that any one who saw them together now would just assume that she was just attached to him so greatly because she was in heat, but Thomas didn't want to breed her yet.

"Wow... clingy is right." Sarah laughed a little, but didn't push it hard though as she saw Rebecca. "I take it she just wants some praise or something?"

"Something like that." Thomas smiled, patting Rebecca's head some, Rebecca leaning more into his hand as she smiled greatly at the attention. "Just… leave it be for now alright?" He said and she nodded understandly, or rather at least thinking that she did as she walked with him, petting her arcanine as they walked along.


It was a nice walk along Route 116 as Sarah did most of the talking. Understanding that while Thomas would listen to her, he still had a lot on his mind as they rounded one more corner on the route, finally seeing the entrance to the planned entrance to the to Rusturf Tunnel Reserve, a side route in place, one of the older travel paths having been expanded for trainers to use to get around and stay out of the new construction crews.

As they approached, Thomas made his way over to the minor information booth set up for trainers to ask questions about the area as well as be supplies with plenty of other facts about the central part of the region. "Hey, excuse me. Are the caves open for exploration in this area, or are they all locked off for now due to construction?" Thomas asked as he approached, the guide looking up wtih a smile seeing the group.

"Please, go ahead and take your time in the caves. There are only two sections that we ask trainers to stay out of right now, where they are trying to finish the tunnel the right way, making use of the natural caves to make a nice scenic tour path. You can easily tell them by the set of flashing blue and purple lights hanging from the ceiling, and the construction cones. Unlike the previous construction crews, we're happy to say that all of our work is actually benefical and we refuse to disturb any nests we come across." The guide smiled as she reached under the desk and pulled out a map for them. "It was just updated a week ago, and its hardly complete, but we've taken the liberty of installing several lights and markers at the major junctions of the original path through the mountain, as well as installing a small way station for trainers between junctions G and H."

"Thanks for the information." Thomas said, taking the map, and opening it up to look it over as he started to take the side path for now that lead up to the caves. "Oh.. they're even giving away free map chips." He said a little surprised, but scanned the chip with his new pokedex, a newer feature in general rather, so of course his BW-450 had it, and then gave the chip to Sarah to let her install it on her pokedex.

"So Thomas... it looks like there are three paths we could take." Sarah said looking over the physical map as her pokedex loaded up the new data on the chip. "You have a preference?" She asked as Thomas reviewed the map data on his pokedex.

"I kind of what to see the crystal lake down there. Its been a while since I've been that way and I remember how peaceful it was." Thomas told her and brought up the map. He saw that it was already marked on the map, a thumbnail was there ready for him to look at. They also added a few lights along the edge for tourist purposes.

"Hey Thomas... you have any spare glow rods? I don't think my mini glow globes will fit well on the collar I have for Flare." Sarah asked looking through her bag at a table as she put the map away.

"Yeah, I have a few that should nicely on his collar." He said as he set his bag down to get a glow rod for Sarah. Thomas also pulled out a few more to put in his pockets in case they needed them. He handed one to Sarah, before getting a necklace to hang one off of for Rebecca. Then he attached one of the smaller ones onto a tiny padded clip for Radara to put on her tail. With that done, he put one on his belt as Sarah affixed the glow Thomas gave her to Flare's collar. Then hung a few of her tiny glow globes on opposite sides of her belt.

With all of them fixed with glow devices now, they checked their bags once more and then started off inside. "I can't say I've been underground for a while, almost feels like new again." Sarah giggled as she cracked the rod on Flare, Thomas doing the same for the ones on Radara and Rebecca.

As they walked into the caves, the lot of them gave off a bright blue or green glow to highlight their path as they walked. Thomas led the way for now. Using his pokedex as the main map, the device worked wonders as they moved along and they were easily able to find their way.

Just like the walk to the reserve, the walk through the caves was nice and quiet. All of them just listening to the sounds around them. The echo of wild pokemon sounded off in the distance as well as the calming echo of dripping water here and there. It wasn't that long before they found the way station. The cave passage was clearly larger then usual, and on one wall was a large open reinforced door that lead to a lounge. Some trainers were talking with each other inside. There were even a few rooms off to the sides of the large semi-fancy lounge. All were labeled clearly and even a battle field for trainers who wanted to spar a bit was there.

They only stopped there for a few minutes though. Just getting some water before heading back out before anyone could ask for a battle or anything.

From there, the sounds of water echoing got louder as they approached the large underground lake. A few small crystal formations showing up and there slowly growing in size as they followed the path. At last the cave passage opened up to a huge chamber. A massive lake took up most of the chamber with several car sized crystal formations scattered through the room. "Wow... I forgot about the view..." Thomas said, Rebecca gasping some at the sight, having never been there herself.

"Okay... I need to travel with you more often." Sarah said softly, just taking in the sight. Thomas enjoyed it as well knowing that he would be needed. And if this was the place then it would be just in time for something to happen.

As if right on cue, there was a loud echo throughout the chamber on the side. A light of some kind down one of the tunnels that was resting over the lake edge, a clear sign of an attack. "I told you to corner it!" A very angry clearly female voice echoed off in the distance coming from down that same tunnel as the light.

'And I think we found the trouble maker.' Radara said looking towards the tunnel taking a defensive stance as Sarah stepped back behind her arcanine.

"Great... such a nice view ruined by a fight. Don't people have any respect for reserves?" Sarah grumbled as she kept her eye on the tunnel.

"Some people don't care..." Thomas stated as he looked to Radara.

'Can you put her to sleep for this? I didn't expect to get pushed into this so roughly and suddenly.' Thomas spoke in his mind knowing that Radara would pick up on the words. Just as she was turning to face Sarah though, a mew came rushing down the tunnel and over the lake, crying out loudly in a high pitched desperate "MEW!"

"What?! Mew?!" Sarah gasped out, the Mew saw Thomas and rushed towards him. Thomas cursed the bad luck as the mew flew quickly over the lake. A bisharp quickly gave chase and rushed up towards the end of the passage that Mew had just escaped from. Thomas was only able to tell what it was because of the bladed helmet like head which was strangely glowing purple. The same kind of purple produced by glow robs and globes. Thomas only guessing that it had smashed one with its head for some reason or possibly cut it with its sharp edged blades.

The bisharp quickly looked over the area and roared before jumping into a shallow part of the lake where it could walk and then ran along the side of the lake. A few moments later the trainer rushed up from the cave passage behind it.

Although Thomas didn't care at all about the trainer, Sarah couldn't help but feel that the trainer felt familiar somehow. The female quickly used a very high powered flashlight that nearly blinded the group when it was shown in their direction. Thomas moved to intercept Mew now as the trainer called out more clearly. Sarah recognized the voice and appearance as one of the newest major league trainers, Erin Jones. Once the light was out of her eyes, Sarah could easily make out the metal looking jacket and large gauntlet that Erin made to really set herself apart from other trainers. The gauntlet had a massive wrist spike and elbow blade. It looked almost spear like. It carried most of her pokeballs as well as whatever fancy pokedex she had the time. Along with a few other small supplies.

"Hey! Back off you fucking runts. That mew is mine and mine alone." Erin snapped and turned on a pair of shoulder mounted utility lights as she jumped down into the water. She threw out a few more pokeballs from her gauntlet and called forth a pangoro and hariyama to join the fight.

The bisharp was already closing the distance. It was faster then any bisharp that Thomas had seen. He took a battle stance with Radara and Rebecca matching him. Sarah gave chase with her arcanine to help Thomas defend Mew.

"Don't let it get away, MOVE!" Erin shouted as she rushed along the water's edge herself. She was clearly slower and stumbled in the water. The enemy trainer was too determined to let this chance pass her up as she rushed to keep up. Her two larger pokemon able to move somewhat easier in the water. Even if it still slowed them down considerably.

"Sarah, cut off that bisharp. It looks like we're stuck in this mess now." Thomas called out as he moved with Radara. A glow forming around her from her psychic power as Rebecca tried to ready a few aura spheres. She still had a little bit of trouble getting them form properly as Mew continued to rush towards Thomas. Mew reached him very quickly and hid behind his back. Thomas just now noticed that it was holding dearly onto something as it hid.

Thomas didn't have the time to look though. He had to help defend Mew with Radara. Rebecca, Sarah, and Flare were just caught in the middle and forced to help out now. Radara put up a barrier just in time as the enemy trainer called out. "Hyper Beam!" Erin commanded. All of her pokemon stopped where they were and raised their hands to their faces. A bright glow formed before all of them.

"Oh for the love of..." Thomas yelled out in frustration. His eyes glowed brightly as he held his hands in front of him, trying to boost the barrier that Radara put up as Sarah ducked behind a rock.

"Knock that attack away with a fifteen combo!" Sarah shouted out. Her usual method of fighting revolved around contest battles. Thus she turned most of her moves into a dance routine with numerical commands. This method of calling out her attacks and combos to her pokemon allowed her to hide what attack she was calling out.

Flare quickly stopped and dug in his rear legs. He reared his head back to prepare for a quick small flamethrower attack aimed at the bisharp's feet. The bisharp hurried to finish its move and side stepped a bit, only to find out it wasn't the target, the water before it was. The water flash boiled and created a massive burst of steam. The flamethrower attack was quickly replaced by a fire blast attack. One of the five tips of the attack struck the bisharp on its arm as it made its own attack. The hyper beam it had been charging fired off incomplete and in a stray direction.

"Why does everything have to have hyper beam." Thomas shouted out in annoyance as the pangoro and hariyama both got to finish their attacks. The two hyper beams hit hard against the barrier Radara had and that both Thomas and Mew had boosted. With their help the attacks didn't seem to have any effect. Once the smoke cleared, Thomas became aware of the fact that Mew had its tail wrapped around one of his arms and was resting just behind one of his shoulders. "Thanks pal." Thomas smiled as Radara opened the barrier up. The espeon went on the offensive now lifting the hariyama out of the water and throwing it back into a wall. With some serious and clear effort on her apart.

"Why you..." Erin growled. "Rock tomb!" She shouted out. Her pangoro turned and slammed both its fists into a stalamite. The pangoro practically shattered it in one blow as a show of its strength. It grabbed several of the boulders and threw them towards Thomas and his friends. "And bisharp, how dare you let that thing stop you! Hurry up and use metal claw on that pup." Erin shouted as the bisharp recovered while Flare hurried to close the distance.

"Damnit!" Thomas shouted himself. "Rebecca, take Mew and find cover. Keep Mew safe and keep an eye on our flanks." He commanded. Rebecca whined that she was being shut out again, but did what she was told. She knew that one good blow would knock her out of the fight or worse. Still, she did use a force palm to knock a few of the boulders that the pangoro has used for rock tomb aside.

"Hurry up and close that gap, but watch out for all those sharp blades." Sarah called out. "Try and corner it with a fourty-seven spiral." Flare just gave a quick roar of confirmation and doubled his speed towards the bisharp only to roll to the side at the last second to avoided the gleaming claws of the metal claw attack. Flare countered with a fire fang as he bit into one of the bisharp's legs before spinning around as though chasing its own tail while throwing it into the wall. Sarah's dance attacks were a great help here. Not going directly for damage but for style and grace over raw power. She knew that Flare couldn't go head to head with direct attacks against a steel types strong physical defense.

Instead, she opted for the bizarre and speedy indirect strikes. Like a fire fang to try and weaken its legs while making it dizzy. She was trying to keep up with what was going on as she spared a glance over to Thomas who called out Juno his ninetailes. He was trying to convince the mew who had practically attached itself to Thomas to go with Rebecca for cover.

As Juno came out Radara quickly filled her in. Juno appeared and prepared for a full attack. Rebecca only falling in with Juno because she thought that since this was another trainer, if a fierce one, she would follow some semblance of rules between trainers. Juno quickly opened up with her usual barrage of fire balls. Pelting the pangoro with several small to medium attacks as Radara returned the last of the rocks it had thrown back to it. The pangoro had to swat several of them away into the lake to keep from being hit.

"Hariyama, Arm thrust that pillar at them!" Erin called out as she heard her bisharp crashing into the cave wall. Her lights shifted off the pangoro and hariyama, returning them to the dark. The hariyama was still able to complete its attack though. A sudden crash from the lake followed by several pieces of rock flying towards them. The largest pieces just skipped on the water towards them at best while the smaller pieces of rock were knocked away by Radara's barrier. Juno's fire attacks barely lit up the two large fighting types now however, forcing them to stay on the defensive for now.

"Bisharp, I told you to use metal claw, so get on with it already." Erin shouted out as she saw where her bisharp was now. The bisharp only partially slowed by Flare's attack. The arcanine was easily lit up as a target thanks to the glow rod on his collar. However so was the bisharp with its helmet painted with a purple glow so Sarah was easily able to keep an eye on the fight she had going.

"Counter it with a twenty three rush!" Sarah called out. She was more concerned on making sure Flare didn't get hurt than making this a quick win. She watched as the bisharp charged forward aiming for a nasty upwards slash. Its claws left a nasty cut in the stone floor as Flare jumped back to dodge. Flare rushed forward and jumped over the bisharp. He landed just for a second on the wall above the bisharp giving another weak fire blast then jumped down to the side to hit it again. This time away from the water. He rushed up again and tackled it in its back then threw it off into one of the other passages. Flare fired off another burst of flame, more to hide himself than to cause damage. "Great work. Now finish it with a forty-three max!" Sarah cheered out knowing that she just won because the bisharp was foolish enough to keep trying to attack and ended up backed into a place it couldn't possibly avoid Flare's next attack. Flare released a fully powered overheat attack centered right into the tunnel. The bisharp tried to give one last attack only to get hit full force. The arcanine's attack lit up most of the cavern with its fire attack.

The entire entrance to the tunnel started to glow red from Flare's attack before it finally came to an end. Flare was panting hard as the bisharp fell unconscious. It was still glowing hot against the wall a fair distance back from where the attack hit. "Flare, return." Sarah called out and quickly called out her dragonair in its place to let Flare rest. "Come on out, Auria."

Flare's overheat attack gave Radara and Juno more then enough time to lock onto the two remaining fighting types. The hariyama prepared to lift the pangoro and throw it at Thomas and his pokemon. The hariyama was suddenly yanked forward, making him drop the pangoro, as Juno unleashed a fire blast of her own. Being so forcibly dragged forward the hariyama couldn't avoid the attack and took it in full. It was knocked backwards towards the Pangoro and sent both to the other side of the lake. Thomas smirked a bit knowing that he had every advantage right now with the lake too deep for the massive fighting types to cross properly.

Juno didn't let her guard down though. Radara still ready to put up another barrier as Erin's lights returned to the two fighting types, both were floating in the water, unable to stand for now "What? How? What the fucking hell just happened?" Erin screamed out, snarling as she recalled her two fighting types. She looked around for her bisharp but when she saw that it didn't come out of the tunnel that it had been knocked into she knew that it had been knocked out. Her lights quickly following her eyes as she looked over the entire cavern for mew but was unable to see it. "You fucking brats just cost me big. I won't forget this!" She growled with her lights focusing on Thomas. Erin pulled out her pokedex and took a picture of him before rushing along the lake side to get her bisharp. After collecting her fallen pokemon she ran past Sarah and her dragonair trying to find Mew again.

As she looked over the few tunnels, Radara's eyes flashed and made her think that Mew was down the one closest to her, rather then actually hiding behind some rocks next to Thomas. Once Thomas was sure she was out of the way, he moved back a few steps and waited a little longer just to be absolutely certain. Satisfied, he nodded for Rebecca and Mew to come out. Sarah rushed up to them as Rebecca hugged him and the Mew cried out in joy. Mew then hugged Thomas and Rebecca. It wrapped its tail around them and gave them a playful squeeze before releasing them. It tossed something up into air. Both Radara and Thomas quickly looking up at the object as it began to spin and give off a whistle.

"That... its a..." Thomas gasped looking at the massive marquise cut bluish crystal. It was nearly five inches tall and just barely an inch at its widest. It had several small but clear holes in that made small swirling tunnels through the crystal. Both Thomas and Radara were extremely familiar with the spinning crystal as it very slowly started to float down. Rebecca, Juno, Sarah and her dragonair all looked up at it as Sarah and her dragonair approached.

"Mew, meeeew!" The Mew cried out very happily as it flew up the crystal and used its tail bop the bottom of the crystal making it float up and then slowly decend back down. It was almost like a balloon or even a beach ball. {Come on, play with me.} The mew chanted. Unlike most psychic types speaking very vocally instead of telepathically.

"Thomas... is... wow. I've never seen a mew up close..." Sarah said softly as she walked up. Thomas just reached up and used a finger to tap the bottom of the crystal, giving it a gentle lift. It floated back up a bit then fall back towards Radara. Its whistling helped put them into a relaxed state of mind.

'And here I thought that all of these toys were lost long ago…' Radara smiled. Her voice sounding softly to everyone but Sarah as she moved to give the slowly decending crystal a tap with her nose that sent it slowly back towards Mew. Mew was more then happy to bounce it around. Rebecca watched and saw that Thomas was very relaxed.

'What… is that?' Rebecca finally asked, mimicking Thomas's action when it was bounced at her. She gave it a gentle tap that sent it back to Mew again. While Sarah watched, Juno moved to take a seat on a large rock face while her dragonair went to the water to observe.

'It's something from long long ago. A whistling crystal, as we grew to call them in our early years is a toy made by Arceus to help the minds of a developing psychic types learn to use their abilities.' Radara explained, still hiding her voice from Sarah for now. 'It's a special kind of crystal that kinda collects psychic energies to spin and in turn make that whistling sound. While it's floating a gentle tap sends it up into the air only to float down slowly just like it is right now. There was a time when our kind had dozens of these and used them to make music by spinning at them at different speeds. Sometimes having as many as a few dozen of them all going at once.' Radara said smiling a bit as she tapped it again, this time sending it spinning towards Sarah.

Sarah couldn't help but be a little confused at first. She was unsure what to do so she just did what she saw all the others doing. She gave it a small tap upwards and bounced it softly back to Thomas. Mew was clearly overjoyed at all the fun right now. "Is… this some sort of game that mew's play?" Sarah asked feeling quite confused right now. "How … why isn't it scared of us after running from Erin… and why did it run to you Thomas?" She finally asked looking to him as he bounced it lightly to Radara again.

"Mew's psychic right?" Thomas smiled a bit looking to her. "Maybe it knew that I wouldn't try to capture him. I mean, look at him…could you bring yourself to capture such an innocent and carefree creature?" Thomas asked, looking to her as he tapped the crystal again.

"Well… no not really… not now…" She said watching it so happily play with them. Mew floated up toand grabbed the crystal. It went over to Thomas, used it's tail to pull Thomas' hand out. When he opened his hand the the floating happy mew surprisingly gave him the crystal, closed his hand around it and used its tail to push his hand to his chest.

{Take it, take it!} Mew cheered before flying off above the lake. Sarah only heard the pokémon give it usual cry of its name and was unable to understand what it was saying. Mew just flew around looking around for a few moments then flew towards one of the larger crystal formations. It flew high into the crystal formations and vanished. A moment later it flew back down with a few more crystals. All nearly the same size but in different colors. {Here, here, have them, take them.} Mew smiled, giving one to Sarah and Rebecca, then putting one in front of Radara as well. {Thanks for helping, I'm taking these ones home now!} Mew floated and cheered out before suddenly vanishing in a bright flash of light.

"Did… did Mew just… give us a toy or something?" Sarah asked very much confused looking at the large crystal she had in her hand, a brilliant yellow one. Thomas held a blue one in his hand while Radara looked at the green one in front of her. Rebecca received a blue crystal as well but was lighter in tone.

"I think he did." Thomas said, very much surprised to see so many of the once favorite pastime of the watchers. Seeing so many of the favored toy of the watchers all in one place when he thought they had all been lost. He just continued to hold his whistling crystal, smiling as he moved over and patted Radara's head before giving some praise to Juno and Rebecca as well. "You all did great, thanks for the help. You did great too Sarah. Keeping that bisharp under control the whole time even though they only evolve once they've either been really well trained or learned late in their lives out in the wild. Eitherway, a bisharp is a very strong pokémon."

"T-thanks Thomas." Sarah smiled, Rebecca wanted to growl at Sarah again, but she was stopped once more by Radara.

'Let her enjoy some words of encouragement too Rebecca.' Radara said softly into Rebecca's mind. 'Protecting one of our legendary siblings was supposed to be something that me and Thomas should have done alone. We honestly needed her help today to make such quick work of that trainer.'

'But… but she's blushing… she's trying to steal Thomas…' Rebecca said looking to Radara as she grabbed Thomas's arm and held on. Thomas returned the action by rubbing her ears and her chin.

"You did a great job helping to keep Mew safe like that. I just know that a trainer like her would've made Mew miserable, sold him, or worse." Thomas smiled. Rebecca murred a bit as she nuzzled his side, unable to not show her want and appriciation for the praise Thomas was giving her. She almost forgot that Sarah was right there having been given a compliment by Thomas just a few seconds ago. "I think Mew's safe now. It felt like it said it was going back home. Why don't we find our way out of these caves and get some distance from that trainer before she comes back realizing she lost Mew. She's bound to be angry and might want a rematch." Thomas said, Sarah nodding quickly.

"Yea… let's go before she turns back up. I just hope we don't bump into her on the way out." Sarah said, looking at the crystal she had again. She took off her backpack to store her crystal and noticed Thomas doing the same with the ones given to him, Radara and Rebecca. It's not everyday you get a gift from the legendary Mew.

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