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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Chapter 6 : Memories of Ancient Times

Watcher of Arceus

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The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story "Watcher of Arceus".


Chapter 6: Memories of Ancient Times

As much as Thomas would have loved to stay in the caves and just look over the view of the crystals in the water and how much it reminded him of simpler times, it was clearly best to stay on the move and get out before anyone could question him or anything else.

Still, he held the whistling crystal that Mew had given him rather tightly. Almost hypnotized by it even as he walked he still held onto Rebecca. Radara was smiling greatly at the events that had transpired.

Still, it wasn't all perfect. The attack on Mew by Erin was a show of how nice things could be ruined, but Radara tried not to dwell on it. One good thing for them though it all was that Sarah seemed to be just as hypnotized by the whistling crystal that Mew had given her almost as much as Thomas was.

Sarah just constantly looked it over and over. The strange yellow crystal was a perfectly cut marquise gemstone like item unlike anything she had ever seen. Even with the strange spiraling holes that were in it, it just looked so natural. Sarah couldn't deny that they just belonged there.

Despite their distractions however, they made quick work getting through the rest of the Rusturf Tunnel Reserve. Exiting the caves they arrived in Verdanturf City. The small quiet city looked like a nice place to stay. The sun had already set a while ago since the trip from Rustboro to Verdanturf an easy nine or ten hour hike on the best of days if one took the paths beside the mountain. Having been called to action within the mountain, it was nearing midnight.

All of them were tired as they moved through the town. Sarah and Thomas removed the glow rods from their pokemon and deposited them in a nearby recycling tin specifically for glow rods and globes as they entered the Pokemon Center to get a room for the night. All of them exhausted from the long hike and unwanted battle.


Like always, Thomas was the first to wake up. Just resting in the bed for a while before getting up and stretching. He couldn't help but wonder if he should still go through with faking his death or just let his foster parents think that he got side tracked wandering around the world.

He pulled out Rebecca's pokeball and just looked it over. He knew his lover was inside but he couldn't give her the affection she deserved with Sarah right there in the other bed in the room.

Thomas sat up and wondered how he could distract Sarah for a while. In truth he really wanted to make a special stop just slightly north of Mauville City. He hoped that he could easily distract Sarah while he visited one of the ancient Watcher Sanctuaries. This particular one is the only one he really visited anymore. It's where he stored away many of his treasures that he didn't want to lose over the recent lifetimes. The memories of which only now are beginning to wake up to him. Still, he couldn't help but wonder if it was really right to continue to visit the place after so long and with how much has happened in his lives in the years since the sanctuaries were initially created.

Lost in his thoughts as he was, he didn't hear Sarah getting up until she called out to him. Wondering if he was really up or if he had sat up and fell back asleep leaning against the head board.

"Huh?" He stated sitting up entirely now looking to her, Sarah just smirking a bit.

"It's unlike you to be so out of it and unobservant." She teased. "You're sure your okay?"

"Yeah... still just thinking about things." He said as he looked to her. "Sarah... I need to head to Mauville City. I wanted to head to that crystal lake and just sit there for a few hours. Maybe spend the night there to calm down and try to relax in preparation for what I have to do in Mauville. I... well... Sarah part of why I'm so distracted is because I've learned a few things over the past few days. I found some clues about my biological parents." He told her.

"What... really?" Sarah asked, very much surprised to hear that. She always knew that Thomas was adopted, Andrew and Vivian never hiding that fact from Thomas.

Thomas just nodded as he looked to her hoping his lie would pass, although technically there was some partial truth to his words. "I need to head to Mauville and do some research to find out where to look next. Apparently my parents didn't realize my biological father had some letters from someone there and I just hope that I can track them down. Maybe even learn some things about him. I can't deny that my adoptive parents did a great job raising me... but..."

Sarah nodded and wondered how it could feel for Thomas to not know much, if anything, about his real parents. She knew how much he loved Andrew and Vivian, but they couldn't really tell him much about his birth father. "I understand. They spoke highly of William but they never really got to become more then simple friends with him. And they couldn't really tell you as much as they would like about him either."

"Thanks Sarah." Thomas said getting up off the bed now. "Lets get ready and we'll head out to Mauville." He stated and moved to get his things together and went to take a shower. Sarah sorted through her things and got ready for a shower herself. After they both washed up and got a warm meal, they set off for the short trek along Route 117.


It was an easy trip to Mauville; much shorter than the trek from Rustboro to Verdanturf. Sarah could easily see how distracted Thomas was, letting him have some quiet time as she stayed with him along the hike. A little while later they finally neared Mauville. There were several signs advertising the new Super PokePlaza built by the city's Gym Leader Wattson.

"Hey Thomas... I think I'm going to check out this new plaza." Sarah told him as they approached the city, having heard a few things about this new kind of PokePlaza. Seeing the billboards for it piqued her curiosity even more. "When you get done with your search, just come find me." She said and Thomas nodded in response.

"I'll give you a call when I've finished looking around." He said as she called out Flare once again to stick by her side. The directions on the billboard made it easy for her to find the plaza as she left Thomas.

Thomas took a deep breath to collect himself as he started to head north. Radara looked to him as she followed along. 'Thomas... are you really prepared for this?' Radara's voice asked. 'It will be your first time in this mind to enter your museum. Are you truly prepared for the rush of memories that will surely arise from stepping foot into the sanctuary?' Radara was worried that in his current mindset he may not be entirely ready for all the memories that rested their destination.

"I... I need to do it sooner or later... and... maybe it will help some of the questions that Rebecca has for me." He sighed moving along slowly and staying on the outer edges of town. He made his way north he eventually turned away from the city. Thomas took one of the older roads out of town heading northwest towards the edge of the rocky hill that separated the Winstrate family farm from Mauville City. Radara couldn't deny that there was some truth to his words but knew that this trip was as much for him as it was for anything.

He moved along one of the old roads for a while, trying to stay out of the way as he walked. After an hour he turned off into the forest. Slowly the memories of this path returned. He recalled more and more as he traveled the path long forgotten by the rest of the world.

Finally, he reached the edge of the rocky hill moving slowly along its side before looking over the wall beside him. He took a second to look around and helped Radara to sense if any other minds were around. Once they knew that they were alone, aside from a few wild pokemon, Thomas reached out and pressed his hand to the rocky wall. Both Thomas's and Radara's eyes started to glow softly as the wall opened up. The stone cracked apart and shifting into the walls of a small tunnel. A few crystals lit up and showed a very large passageway that led up. Thomas followed along the passage with Radara at his side and stopped at the entrance to a massive chamber.

As they entered the chamber though the ceiling started to light up revealing a large crystalline roof. Light shined around the cave as more crystals lit up in various colors highlighting the large cave. As the crystals glowed, more and more things were revealed. A large spring made up the center of the cavern with various small berry plants around the spring. It didn't take much longer before the real reason that Thomas had chosen to come to this strange unnatural cave started to appear.

As the light spread around the cavern different kinds of chests, various cabinets, a few fancy tables, and even some pedestals were revealed. On or in every single piece of furniture was a memento of a previous life. There had to be several hundred items that he or his past lives collected that made an impression on each one.

He had to close his eyes and take several deep breaths. Thomas leaned back carefully against the wall as new memories or pieces of memories awoke in his mind. His mind was still young in his current life, still partially mortal and not fully developed just yet.

'Are you alright?' Radara asked after a few moments. She felt his mind begin to calm down as she moved slowly around the outer wall. The light finally reached the wall and revealed berry bushes growing right out of the walls. Feeling a bit hungry she tried to find one that would suit her tastes.

"I'm... I'm good." Thomas said after a few moments. His mind becoming clear again as he sorted out the memories awakened by some of the items. Moving around and looking at the various items more slowly now, he came up to a large fancy stone table right beside the spring. Several items displayed on it made him take a few more deep breaths to adapt to the new memories.

He carefully looked over the table holding the same gear that he had for generations. Most importantly on that list of things was his sword. Out of all the things present, countless trinkets, preserved pictures and strong memories, the blade resting before him on the table called out to him the most.

The blade had a deep shade of cyan mixed with a brilliant sky blue and was akin to a katana. Unlike a normal katana, this blade was straight rather then curved. It measured exactly thirty-two inches long and edged just on one side. The other end lightly rounded but clearly blunt. A rounded tip that started on the edged side of the blade slowly curled all the way around the tip into three small barbs somewhat resembling a saw. An inch long round replica of the symbol of his true mother, the mother who gave birth to his first life, the golden half rings of Arceus made a up the guard of the weapon. It was a brilliant golden set of half rings with a large golden X holding the half rings together. A large perfectly round gem held in place in the center of the hilt with the insides cut to make it look like an eye that stared gently back to him tied the blade to the hilt. The only normal thing about the blade was a simple leather and vine based cover to the grip of the sword. Finally, to finish the blade, the pummel matched the guard just without the gem.

Just looking over the weapon, Thomas knew that it was as much a part of him as his electric and psychic abilities. Thomas could easily name every measurement of the blade, every curve and flat edge. The only thing that ever changed was the leather and vine based grip cover that was replaced whenever it wore out.

Radara could tell that he was transfixed on the blade and she knew that it was part of him. She remembered when the blade had first been made. An ancient clan of metalsmiths worked alongside the legendaries themselves. Moltres, Entei, and the other fire types heated the forges while Suicune led the work in purifying and blessing the water to cool and clean the blade. Registeel and other steels types worked the metal alongside the master smiths. Even Arceus helped by blessing the blade herself.

It was a great gift to her children and another way to identify them in ancient times. It was a sign of honor and respect for the children that had done so much more then what she had intended for them to do. As she watched Thomas look on she could feel a piece of his memory taking over. The memory showed the start of what it meant to be a child of Arceus. A Watcher.

She took another step and telepathically reached into his jacket, pulled out Rebecca's pokeball, released the lucario within. Thomas was oblivious to the action as he had his eyes closed and a hand resting on the guard. So many memories about what it meant to him and to the watchers filled his mind.

Rebecca hated being locked inside her pokeball away from Thomas. She was about to yell at him for not letting her out sooner but stopped once she saw his aura mixed with so many others. 'This place is over whelming so you must give him a few minutes. I thought he was ready but his mind was unprepared for so many memories. He is too distracted and, without being able to train his mind, he is still too mortal to handle it all. In a year or two... maybe three this shall no longer be an issue for him. But for now let him live his past as he is able.' Radara explained to the confused lucario.

'As we told you before, we are children of our true mother; the goddess Arceus. She gave birth to us and we are immortal. The word has been perverted by greed. Immortality is not the ability to live forever even if it is the gift of endless life. We accomplish this through what many refer to as reincarnation now. When our time is nearing its end we have a small time in which we will have a child. That child will be the host of our new life. Our minds and memories live on through our bloodline. We pass on and a new life is born.' Radara explained and moved over to a large bookcase, gently pulling Rebecca along to it.

There were several books on the shelves but almost none of them were in the common written dialect that Rebecca had come to see everyday. Many of them appeared to be written in different languages all together. Scattered all over the bookshelf though were various pictures and paintings. The newest ones were clearly taken in color with antique cameras. The older pictures however lacked color. Even older then the black and white photos were paintings. A vast number of them spread throughout the books, all in various styles and with different kinds of materials.

Of all the various paintings and pictures though, there was one very common thing about them. Thomas looked just like he does now before her but in different styles of clothing. Some of them were very strange to look at but all were clearly Thomas. In addition to this, one of the various forms of eevee was beside each version of Thomas. Most of them were espeons, umbreons, and glaceons but there were a few images that showed Thomas alongside a leafeon, vaporeon, or jolteon. There was even a single image of Thomas standing beside a flareon. 'How... how can Thomas be in all of them?' Rebecca asked so very confused looking over images.

'I have stood beside the one you call Thomas for over two thousand years. He is my brother and will always be my brother. I am unique among my kind; one of the very few with more then one option for evolution and I have tried most of them. Clearly there are forms that I prefer over others, but I have tried living as all of the forms I can evolve into over my life times. These are the images of just a few of my lifetimes beside my brother. As you can see though he has not changed…at least not in his personal looks anyway. The many auras that you feel inside Thomas now are the people you see in the images. He has had many names but there is one that he has forsaken…the name that our mother gave him when she gave us life. Do not ask for it for he is not ready to hear that name for now. But rest assured that he is indeed Thomas and as conflicted as he is, he wants to love you.' Radara explained

Rebecca just nodded. The evidence to the crazy story that Radara had told her was building with each picture and painting she saw. She was unable to deny the strange things around them as Thomas finally looked back up, looked around, only to see Rebecca.

"S-sorry... I should have let you out sooner." He sighed a bit. "I just... have so much on my mind right now." He sighed. Rebecca rushed up to him and leaned into him once she saw that his aura was his own for the most part once more. As she leaned against him though, she slowly looked around.

'Thomas... what is this place?' Rebecca asked and looked over the table. Seeing the other weapons and trinkets on the table her eyes focused on the most ornate item there, Thomas' blade.

"I guess you could call it an ancient rest stop." Thomas stated. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "It was a place that my kind used to call home. Though it doesn't seem like a home to me anymore these days. More of a tomb I guess. I just came here to gather some things to help my mind recall things more easily." He told her.

'What... what are all these things? And why do you have those weapons here?' Rebecca asked.

"It's... it's my way of remembering things. Everyone collects things. I guess being what I am, I collect memories. It helps me remember the better days when there were more of my kind. More watchers, more kindness... more acceptance." Thomas said, just holding her. "These weapons… they are just one more of the great gifts of my kind. They were forged long ago, blessed by the legendaries to show our status as… a medium I guess. A sign so show that we were the links between the various species. Each one was made unique for all of us. My blade was more for a show of status and utility then fighting." Thomas explained, reaching over and picking it up.

"I've spent close to 900 years with that sword by side. I just feel... more whole with it in my reach. When I first had it in my hands it was a sign of respect. It was a way to prove my blood without question or needing to show off. It was a... well a form of ID. Every Watcher had one and people could tell who we were just be seeing the various weapons." He stated, starting to repeat himself now but unsure what to say.

'It looks very beautiful. I can see why people would respect it. It almost looks like a metal form of aura.' Rebecca said softly.

"It was created through many various techniques. Many legendaries and powerful pokemon helped create this and various other weapons that my kind used. No other human aside from that clan could make a weapon that could be considered its equal. Each one has received the blessing of our mother."

Thomas stopped for a second as he looks away. The memories flood back of when he first received the weapon. He feels the moment of pride as his former self is before Arceus receiving the gift, if only a little bit of the pride he felt back then. Her words are lost to him, long since blocked from his mind as Arceus gave the blade its final blessings as it was presented to him. Thomas long ago felt that he had no right to hear them.

Instead, another voice comes up starts to echo in his mind in place of his true mother's words. 'How long will you run from what you are? You are not to blame for what has happened.' In his mind he closes his eyes but when he opens them all he sees are his brothers and sisters slaughtered with their companions by the knights. Nearby a familiar presence is clearly felt, but its distant and faded. Though it was clear he couldn't picture the speaker. 'We could have ruled them all. We were, after all, the chosen of her. Funny no one ever rejected who they were expect you. Yet she favored you the most.'

Something else is said outside the words that rang in Thomas's ears. But it's even more distant, muffled, and not entirely there. Then he heard his name being called out snapping him from the sudden trance.


He blinks his eyes as he comes back to reality. "Uh Radara I uh... I..." He can barely put the words together as he tries to recall what he saw. He hears the voice saying they will talk again, but it was so distant and almost felt like it wasn't there. He couldn't even be sure what he had heard.

'Thomas you were talking then stopped it seem you were lost in your memories. Strange I have never felt you cut off from me like that before.' Radara said while Rebecca was whimpering and holding his hands tightly in her paws. It was strange for the lucario. She had felt Thomas's aura so clearly and then it was almost entirely gone as though he wasn't there.

Thomas pushed his thoughts aside as to bury them. He hated the voices of his past always wanting to control how the new body was to go. It was one of the many reasons why Radara told him to let the pain go. Let the mistakes of his past go. He cannot change what has happened, nor was it fault. It was something he still, even after so long, hadn't come to terms with. 'You can only learn form your mistakes and move forward. Fool.'

Despite being a sister to him she was more like a mother to him at times as well. The foolish side, or as she called it, the stupidity of his recent past selves refusing to let things go, was changing him for the worse. His past lives never wanted to change, which led to many bouts of depression. It was one of the reasons why she always pushed for him to take a mate. Someone he could talk with, someone he could rely on as a lover, some one who wasn't just his sister or acted as his mother at times.

He looks back to Rebecca and smiled a bit once more pulling her close. Her ears perk up as she feels his feelings and aura change to show his love and affection once more. Something she pines for more than anything.

It was one of the ways for a lucario to evolve, through the bond that she felt with him. Something she wanted more than anything to have with him. Rebecca wanted that bond to be stronger with him being her mate. She didn't understand the human way of thinking that a human and a pokemon could not be together, but in truth, she didn't care anyway.

Thomas took a deep breath to calm himself as he recalls the relaxing techniques from his past lives. Trying to control his breathing and letting his mind reach out and grab the whistling crystals that Mew had given them. His bag opened and the crystals lifted into the air. As they began to spin around, the gentle song they created helped to quickly calm their troubled mind.

"I am fine you two. It's just… to many memories at once. To many voices of the past wanting me to do what they did." With his words he could feel Radara's deathly glare once more in his direction. "Don't worry I will ignore them... pinky" He gives off a slight smile as he can feel the bloodlust from Radara. He knew she hated that name because she always took an espeon as her form. In truth it was kind of nice to make such a joke, and it helped both Radara and Rebecca relax a little more as well.

'We will talk later' Radara said only to him. Her voice clearly held a rarely used venomous tone but it was still lighter then most times she used it.

"I guess we'd better stock up on a few things while I'm here. I don't want to be without a means of quick cash if we ever need to go off grid." He said softly moving over to a chest on the side of the chamber. It opened to reveal several bags of rare gems, a few gold nuggets, along with some pearls and other fancy jewelry.

'Quick cash? I thought you had a bank account for money?' Rebecca asked quizzically. Having grown up in a high end, if laid back estate, she had learned the basics of money and several terms regarding such things as well.

"Everything can be tracked by someone's electronic footprint. In your case paw print." Thomas said as he gently poked her paws, making her giggle a little bit. "Humans are ingenious creatures, but not all of the time is that genius a good thing. No. It will be easier when the time comes for me to not use my bank account. I'm just lucky that the world still uses actual currency right now and not everything is digital. Needing a credit card or similar thing to make purchases with. As conveinent for me as it would be to use such things, it's better if I don't." He explained.

Rebecca holds his hand in her paw. 'As long as I am with you I am happy I do not care about the rest.'

Thomas smiled as Radara looks at both and sighs. 'Just mate her already so it is out of your system. She wants it, I can tell. That smell is completely obvious.' Radara's words quickly make Thomas and Rebecca both blush hard. Rebecca even looked away shyly from the sudden and very abrupt suggestion. 'That is for the pinky comment earlier… fool.' Radara just grins a little.

He always hated that she had the last word with him, often at the worst of times.

"Would you stop that? I will mate her only when the time is right!" Thomas half shouted. Rebecca was torn at the words feeling happy that he was so caring with her. Deep down she almost wanted him to just take and mate her like she would have been taken in the wild. "It's not that I don't love you Rebecca. I have to be wary of the views of society. Like me they've changed so much...if just differently." He places his finger on her maw to stop any protests.

"I know you don't care but I do. If someone found out they could make wild and false accusations about how I forced you to mate with me. About how you can't truly understand what consent means and that it was nothing but abuse and greed on my part. Look, we're just traveling with Sarah for a little while longer. I know you constantly glare at her and I've ignored it. She doesn't know the truth about us and just thinks you're being overly protective. But you need to be careful too. If someone found out, they could try to tear us apart." Thomas says, just holding her close again as Rebecca nods knowing he is right.

"Don't worry, we just need Sarah for a little while longer. When the time comes, we need her to be a witness and tell everyone we are gone so no one will look for us. I hate to leave her with the duty to tell the ones who love us we are gone, but we need a friend to do just that. Better someone we know then a stranger telling the story." Thomas said knowing that it was going to hurt them all, but he couldn't feel right no matter what he did. At least by faking his death, he could protect them all from those who hunt him.


~In another region ~

Various trainers have gathered into a large warehouse in the middle of nowhere. The various remains of different crime organizations and groups, all either disbanded or put in their place by the increasing number of league level pokemon trainers and coordinators. All of them having received a direct invitation to come, many of them older men, some younger ones, but the youngest one who was still there only appeared to be in their mid twenties.

"Why are we here for anyway?" One of the oldest men asked, having grown bored and tired of the silence.

"I heard some new group is being made and I heard money up front was being offered. So here I am, fucking broke looking for some cash." Another says.

Before any more things could be muttered though, all of them are startled by a booming voice that appeared from nowhere and seemed to be literally everywhere around all of them. Strangely, the voice seemed to lack a physical presence, instead being in their heads. 'Yes money makes one do what you want. You humans are so easy to move.'

Immediately many begin to look around for the new voice but none could find the source as a lucario enters the far door near the exit. 'In the crates you fools are sitting on... you will find several briefcases. Each one has your new uniform, a supply of starting cash, and your instructions. Accept these tasks and the money will be yours. Complete them and you will be greatly rewarded. Fail... and the consequences will be dire. We do not fool around here and those bosses who merely yelled at your or may have tossed you around just a bit will be considered mere child's play. Those of you with weak stomachs can leave now if you do not wish to stay. The lucario will give you an envelope as you leave detailing what you will do. Say anything about this and we will silence you permanently. We made sure your... invitations... found you, we can just as easily find you again if you mention one word of us to anyone.' The voice commands. Many quickly getting scared able to feel the truth in the words that echoed over them.

Many were shaken to their core, some running quickly to the door by the lucario who merely handed them the envelope and sneered as they left in a hurry.

Those who stayed however opened up the crates and looked over the briefcases. The contents surprised many of them, a simple uniform with no letter, just a white shirt and black slacks with a cap, a large sum of money, a set of burner phones, and finally a few more envelopes.

'As I said, your instructions are inside. Your goals are stated very clearly and simply in each. Inside you will also find a picture of a unique individual. The boy, all of his pokemon and other traveling companions at his direct side are to be left alone. He is not to be touched. Anyone else... well accidents happen. If he should leave his traveling companions behind, then they too are fair game. He will come to interfere with you at some point but remember... his protection comes first. This will be the only time that you will be given a second chance to complete any objectives that you are given. Do not fail. Unless he comes to interfere there will be no second chance.' The voice boomed once again over them. Many looked over their instructions and tried to memorize the face in the image.

'Go and cause as much chaos as possible. We are attempting to make sure that this boy meets with a certain select group. You will not interfere with this meeting either. We need them to meet and let things happen how they will. You will all be rewarded when this task is done. Now go.' The voice stated as many start looking around again as they leave, a few others got dressed in their new uniforms before leaving as well.

Once the warehouse was empty, an alakazam comes out of its hiding place. Floating down from a large makeshift room built into the rafters acting as its own private retreat in the warehouse. On the ground, the lucario starts to walk over as a blaziken finally lights up its wrists to provide some better lighting as it joins the others. With the addition of machoke and a houndoom, they all gathered together.

{Are you sure this is wise... to use humans?} The blaziken asks looking over the others.

{I hate to agree with the fire chicken, but he is right. We can do most of this ourselves.} The machoke states, stretching a bit now that it didn't have to remain hidden, eager for some exercise.

'No, he cannot know of any of us just yet. He must be lead to them... they will keep him out of our fur for now.' The alakazam states as he looks around and sighs. 'Except with her... she will of course fuck things up if she meets with him.'

'I could kill her, no mess.' The lucario states as he sits down on a crate, the houndoom jumping up beside him, happily resting its head on the lucario's lap.

'No, we are to leave her alone. She is on his orders. I will ask him if he can make sure she is out of our fur, but we are not to kill her... yet... For now the chaos these humans will cause will allow us to do his work in private. He has already started his own with the boy and will keep him busy until the others arrive to take his place and force him to run.' The alakazam said and teleported them all out of the warehouse.


Thomas smiled as he walks beside Rebecca, the sun had already set when they finally started back for Mauville City. Thomas's sword was hidden away in the umbrella slot of his traveling pack with a large cloth keeping it hidden. Though he added several other items to his bag, he did leave a few things behind. The glass cubes that held the images of his current team were placed proudly on display with some of his other most cherished items.

As they reached the edge of Mauville City, Rebecca knew that she had to be returned to her pokeball, though not without a kiss as she hugged him before being put away for now. Thomas sighed a bit as he looked down to Radara who was still glaring at him. She was making sure he knew that she wouldn't give up the task of making sure that him and Rebecca became a proper couple.

"I know, I know..." He said again as he put Rebecca's pokeball on the clip inside his jacket. He pulled out his pokedex, opened the phone app, and dialed Sarah.

"Hey Sarah... sorry it took so long. I didn't find out as much as I wanted, but I think I have a few ideas where I need to go next after I... After I put together and make sense of what little I found out today. Have you found a place to stay yet? Or were you just waiting for me before finding a place..." Thomas asked as he got connected with Sarah. "Really... that new pokeplaza has a pokemon hotel? It sounds a little higher end and crowded to what I prefer but if you want to stay there, I guess we can... Just... get a set of twin rooms, or one with separate bedrooms. I think I'm in for a long night..." He stated as he started to walk into the city.

It didn't take him long to find the pokeplaza, Thomas was impressed with the building. Several city blocks all contained in a single large structure lit up so that even in the middle of the night, it may as well have been day around it. A pair of small monorails built into the walls that allowed for easy movement around the large place. Once more it was proof of human accomplishments, Thomas unable to deny their talents, but wished that they were spent doing other things at times.

If it wasn't for the sheer amount of people though, Thomas might have found the place relaxing. The place was filled with various kinds of music. Some of them were very old styles of music that he had enjoyed many a time in his past lives. There were several small gardens, various kinds of water art, a few artificial water falls and fountains throughout the place as well. He wondered around to take it all in before asking for directions at one of the information kiosks. He was happy that he had at least been on the right track inside the place when he finally met up with Sarah.

"Hey Thomas." Sarah smiled, offering him a large warm cup of tea. There was even a small jug of juice and a bowl for Radara at one of the small tables in the main lobby of the hotel. The place was higher end then Thomas cared for, but in truth, some times it felt nice to enjoy some of these fancy rest stops on his journey.

"Thanks." Thomas said smiling a bit as he took a seat. Sarah reached into her bag and pulling out a keycard for Thomas.

"We got some of the better trainer rooms on the third floor. I thought that after looking around so hard today you might enjoy a better bed to sleep on." Sarah smiled as she leaned back and sipped at her own drink. "And don't' worry about paying me back, call it my treat." Sarah smiled.

"T-thanks..." Thomas said, Sarah once again proving to be a very good friend in spite of their differences.

"If you don't mind me asking... did you find anything?" Sarah asked, her words slow and making it clear to him that it was a choice. She didn't want to press the subject if Thomas didn't want to talk about it.

"I found a few things, nothing major though." Thomas said. "Just a few names scattered through out Japan, a few in Kanto and Jhoto, some in Sinnoh, the orange islands even, and a few other places." Thomas said as he took the chance to rest. "It's just... a lot to take in."

"I understand." Sarah smiled. "I hope you find the answers you're looking for though."

"I know I will, it might just take some time." Thomas said. "I'm ready for bed. Though if you don't mind... could you just let me sleep in tomorrow? I doubt I'm actually going to get some real sleep for a while." He said as he stood up, Sarah nodded.

"Hey... if you want to sleep in for once, who am I to argue." Sarah laughed a little and got up with him. "I'll show you to our rooms." She said, leading the way to the elevator, and then showing him to their rooms, right across from the hall from each other.

"I'll see you in the morning." Thomas smiled as he went to insert the keycard into the door. The card fell from has hand as he cried out and stumbled against the wall. He grabbed his head as both he and Radara felt their heads pound heavily.

"THOMAS!" Sarah screamed out as Thomas fell.

Thomas's didn't hear though, instead a few clear powerful images storming his mind, an island of some kind, a massive castle like structure that was burning and collapsing. The image shifted a few times, showing different angles and Thomas knew that he had to go there. But it all just felt so wrong, so different from the normal call. This thing that was happening was several times more intense as though it was more then just his life, Radara was seeing and feeling the same thing.

The images slowly flashed out. Showing him where to find this island, constantly zooming out until he could see almost the entirety of the Kanto region, but still able to tell right where this island was.

Once he finally knew for sure where this island was, his mind calmed along with Radara's as he looked to her. "You okay?" He asked holding his head, panting hard as she slowly got back to her feet.

'That... what the hell was that...' Radara whined, her voice strained, but slowly returning to her natural telepathic voice.

"Thomas are you alright? What the hell just happened?" Sarah quickly asked, kneeling over him. She helped him to up and onto the couch in his room.

"You know how Radara helped raised me?" Thomas stated looking to her. "I've got a major link, a powerful connection to her. Some psychic type was just playing a horrible prank, and being as close to Radara as I am, its stupid joke crashed into my head as well." Thomas quickly stated.

"A prank... that was a prank?" Sarah asked, not believing a word.

"Some psychic type must have felt her and wanted to spook her, and flooded her mind with several stupid haunted house like images. It was just rough to suddenly have it forced into your head." Thomas explained. "I've been with Radara since I was born, so of course I can see and hear things that she needs me to, or in some cases... get forced into looking at." Thomas explained.

"I... see..." Sarah stated, recalling how some trainers do build major bonds with their powerful psychic types, and looking at Radara, she knew just how powerful Radara was. Or at least thought she knew. In any case, the more she thought about it and the more she recalled stories about how some psychic types could literally talk with their trainers, she eventually accepted the story. "It wasn't that bad was it? You're going to be fine right?" She asked very concerned right now. She was not even aware that Radara made her a bit more agreeable to accepting their story. "You don't need to go the hospital do you?"

"I'll be fine..." He stated leaning back on the couch, trying to make sense of what just happened, only to hear something tapping very hard on the window. Thomas and Sarah looked over to see a large honchkrow forcibly tapping the window. Thomas was still a bit too dazed to see the large red and golden feather in the honchkrow's beak not clicking as it tapped hard in the window.

"Okay... this day just keeps getting weirder..." Sarah stated, only to scream out when the honchkrow was clearly tired of waiting. Its beak glowed and then it suddenly lunged forward, breaking the entire window and flying up to Thomas. It dropped the feather in his lap before flying off. Sarah tried going for a pokeball on her belt as she jumped back but didn't have time to call out any of her pokemon before the honchkrow flew off leaving them alone again. Thomas looked down at the feather that was dropped on his lap and immediately recognized who it belonged to.

It had been several generations since he had been summoned like this. The feather easily identifiable as one of his oldest siblings, the great phoenix Ho-oh has sent him a direct summons.

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