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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Chapter 7 : An Ancient Summons

Watcher of Arceus

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The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story "Watcher of Arceus".


Chapter 7 : An Ancient Summons

There were many reasons that the Elders of the Immortal Children would summon a Watcher to them. More often than not, it was for something small, or small in the grand scheme of things, but still something of importance or actually needing a watcher to be there. Sometimes though, there was no other way. Of all the Elders to be summoned by however, to receive the red and golden feather was by far the rarest of summons, the great phoenix Ho-oh often the last to summon anyone.

Still, being the last of his kind, it would now always fall to him and his sister, only the two of them to meet the Elders, even if had been well over fifty, maybe even sixty years since a summons of any kind had taken place. While all the watchers could feel the call of a summons in some way, it was the first time in generations that Thomas himself had been summoned like this. Thomas had always been far better at just arriving on the usual time clock to help save a legendary brother or sister, or merely stopping by to say hello and talk for a while. There was always someone better suited to the needs of the reasons for the summon before, but with no one else to answer that call, it was a very clear direct command for him now.

And now, it was up to him and his twin sister to figure out what happened, what had caused such a powerful calling to their minds. They would be stuck dealing with these mysteries... after dealing with the current guest over them.

"Just what is going on lately... It's like the world is out to make me ask questions, to make us all just question everything." Sarah sighed some looking over the damaged window, barely able to see the honchkrow that had just delivered an unknown message to Thomas right in front of her. She quickly moved over and grabbed the phone as Thomas just kept staring at the feather for a few, before realizing what Sarah was doing.

"Hello, Front Desk? Yeah, this is Sarah Sigil, I rented rooms 314 and 315 for myself and Thomas Felstone. I know this sounds weird, but some oversized honchkrow just attacked us... yes attacked us, broke through the window and then took off. No, I don't know if it had a trainer or what it was doing, but it tapped hard on the window a few times, before its beak glowed and it used a move on it, it might have been peck, or drill beak, I didn't too much of a look and I've never really trained bird pokemon that much. Yes, we can wait here for someone to come up and look. Alright, we'll be here." Sarah stated as she had a quick conversation on the phone, Radara's eyes flashing as Sarah turned back towards them, making her quickly forget the feather that Thomas had now hidden away in his bag.

"You sure you're okay Thomas? I know you've had it rough, you're still breathing hard." Sarah said looking him over, Thomas still panting a bit. Although he was still in a bit of shock and very much confused, it was for a completely separate set of reasons then he had told Sarah, or even wanted to tell her.

"I'll be fine." He said. "Its... it's just been a long few days, things adding up too quickly." He said, Sarah quickly nodding.

"First Eric at your party, then finding out about biological parents, only to save a mew and then find more questions, only to be attacked when we are supposed to be safe. I'd be worrying myself like mad if all that happened to me. You're stronger then I am, but let's... really we need a break already..." Sarah sighed, moving over and taking a seat on a chair next to him, Radara jumping up beside Thomas on the couch he was sitting on.

"We'll be fine." Thomas reassured her as he gently rubbed Radara's ears, trying to help ease her mind a bit as well, knowing that both would very likely have little rest over the next few days.

Before they could continue further though, there was a knock at the door, and then it opened up. "Hello? Mr. Felstone and Ms. Sigil? I'm part of the staff... and I see what you mean about the broken window." The man stated, before walking up and looking over the window remains, easily able to see that they had been attacked from the outside and thrown inward. He pulled out a small device off his wrist, checking a few things, among them Sarah's and Thomas's pokemon just to make sure that neither of them had a flying pokemon, as well as checking the security footage from the nearby cameras that had captured the last hours of footage, working backwards to quickly see the honchkrow. "I can get you a different room to match this one, but I'll still need to check a few things." The man stated as he turned back to them with a smile and lead them out of the room down the hall to another room.

Once the man confirmed it was empty, he smiled and turned back to Thomas. "I'll just swap keys for you and whoever wants to take this room can rest here, no extra charge." The man smiled as he took Thomas's key and gave him one for the room, before leaving. "I'll see what else I can do for you as well, but I need to fully figure out what happened first. You can ask for me at any time in the morning, I'm Joel Minston. If I'm not here for whatever reason, I'll leave a set of notes explaining what to do for when you check you." He smiled, and then let them be, the service there very quick and easily professional as Sarah smiled a bit.

"Thank you." She said as he started to walk off, the man giving her a nice nod before leaving down the hall. "At least that simple." She smiled, Thomas just nodding lightly as he moved into the room and took a seat, Radara quickly moving into his lap.

"You sure you'll be okay?" Sarah asked again after a few, tired of the silence as she kept her eyes on the windows for now.

"I'll... I'll be fine." He replied before slowly getting up and moving towards the bedroom, only to look down at Radara, nodding lightly and then looking back to Sarah. "I'm sorry, but I can't have you following me this time..." He sighed, Sarah about to ask a question, only to be caught full on by Radara's glowing eyes.

"Its been nice traveling for the last few days, but I'm going to follow up on that lead in the orange islands." Thomas smiled some. "Good luck to you in your contests. May you get a few more ribbons in the Hoenn Cups this year." Thomas smiled.

Sarah of course oblivious to the actions that Radara had just taken only giving a small sigh. "If... If you're sure you really don't need me, I could always compete next year. Besides, it's a short hop to Kanto or Johto if you find a few answers quick." Sarah replied, feeling the urge to really get back into contests again, believing that was why she had set out again in the first place.

"I'm sure." Thomas said, faking a nice smile and then turning back towards his room, only to stop and face her one more time. "I'll be sure to keep you updated though. I'll send some e-mails as I hop from island to island. Good night." He said going back to his room, and closing the door, leaving Sarah to sigh again as she left.

While there were some parts of her that wanted to follow Thomas some more, she just couldn't help but feel the real major urge to get back into some contests again this year. It was rare that she felt to intent on it, but something just made her to compete right now as got a nice grin on her face. "He'll be fine... and I just know I've got a chance at the master ranks this year." Sarah smirked before heading back to her room.


Thomas woke up very early the next morning, getting packed up in full and seeing himself out as he quickly returned his room key. Mr. Joel had caught him as he was checking out and while he couldn't offer too much, Thomas still had a nice hundred pokedollar voucher for his next stay in the next year, plenty of time if Thomas wanted to take the offer, just tucking it away in his bag for now.

His new goal was to quickly rush to the south towards Slateport City. There just to the north of the city along the coastline was another sanctuary, but one hidden away along the cliffs at the water's edge, a large cave that allowed any flying pokemon to take easy cover with ease that couldn't be reached by those who were uninvited. Thomas of course would have granted the temporary ability to walk on water to reach along with Radara as they got close, the water itself would form a path for them gain entry.

All they had to get there now as Thomas quickly moved to finish getting a few early morning supplies to refill what had already been used, before quickly moving for the shuttle system that rode on the bottom of the bike path between Mauville and Slateport. What may have been a multi-day walk, or day long ride on the path should he have wanted to rent a bike would be covered in just about an hour on the speedy shuttle.

While the shuttle had been designed as a quick passage for trainers who preferred sea travel over air travel to quickly reach the heart of the Hoenn region, it would be exceptionally convenient now as Thomas took a spot at the shuttle station waiting for it to open up. While the shuttle didn't run at night, there were still many trips during the day, almost as early as first light.

In the meantime, while waiting for the shuttle to start up and get ready for its frst trip of the day, Thomas would have more than enough time to think on things, namely this strange summons, and a powerful calling.

He pulled his hood down to cover his eyes for a few, before closing them and when he opened them again, he could once again look upon the world around him. Normally such a powerful psychic ability would not show up until much later into his life, but with him being directly called upon so harshly and so quickly, he could manage a few things he shouldn't be able to. Having already seen the images of the land he needed to go certainly helped greatly, as he pulled out his pokedex and looked over the maps of the Orange Islands.

The island that he needed to go to was apparently called New Island. According to the pokedex, it was just south east of Cinnabar Island, and was supposedly untouched by human settlements. Of course, the castle burning in the images calling him forth told him otherwise, but for now Thomas just wanted to get a feel for the place he would be going.

While technically it was south of Johto, or more so south of Johto than Kanto, the islands around and directions were easier to receive from the Kanto regional view that he had been given. If he would need to go on his own, then his first stop would have to be towards Cinnabar Island.

While Kamquat would be easier to access by air, the swim was shorter from Cinnabar, which also brought up the issue that Thomas couldn't exactly walk on water on his own, nor could he openly swim that far. His pokemon were also ill suited to long trips, which would mean that he may have to ask for help should his elder brothers and sisters not accompany him.

Of course, that was as much a debate now as anything else as Thomas's mind shifted topics again. He had been directly summoned, that would mean that they would help him. The last time that Ho-oh had made a direct summons though, it was because she was injured. Not from the foolishness of humans, but her own arrogance, although she refused to admit it. She was once again young and choose to fly through a great storm to prove her own abilities, wanting to help with something that Thomas could not fully remember, only remember that while he had not been the one summoned, it was his sister Gali.

Did this summons mean that Ho-oh was hurt again, but still knew something directly? Or perhaps … perhaps... Thomas shuddered a bit. 'We will fly there if we must Thomas.' Radara's voice sounded in his head, Thomas quickly petting her for a few, before looking up and seeing that the shuttle was just about to start opening and accepting people, a sign lighting up reminding trainers that only one small pokemon per trainer on the shuttle.

"Doesn't mean I have to like it." Thomas shuddered a bit again, but getting up and moving to quickly take the first slot on the shuttle, a quick swipe of his pokedex past the scanner getting him a ticket with ease, another easy feature of the device that he liked right now.

'Whether you like to fly or not, if the great phoenix chooses to assist us will not drop you. And she may be the fastest of all our siblings to take us, as she is one of the oldest once more.' Radara reminded him as she moved back into his lap once he sat down.

"Doesn't make it any less... unnerving." Thomas replied.

'I understand your fear of heights, but if offered, we will accept.' Radara stated very firmly now as she rested on him, Thomas just rubbing a hand along her back. 'If nothing else, at least take note that I am as concerned with whole thing as you are. That calling was unnatural. It shouldn't have been like that. We should have just felt a pull to the island, been drawn to it like we would have been in the Rusturf Tunnels.'

"I'll say this much... I'm not sure I want to have a second go at feeling that. But this is the role our ancenstors choose to take, and we grew into it." Thomas sighed. "I just hope that this has nothing to do with them..."

'They don't exactly seem like the kind of people to build a castle on a island. I'm thinking that someone with an ego the size of that island built that strange metal castle. For as much harm as they can cause, they still want to be closer to people, they still do some good and at least their charities are honest. I really can't see the knights doing this of all things.' Radara said just as confused over the castle as Thomas as he continued to look over his pokedex and tried to get some information.

"Let's hope your right." Thomas said as he began reading up on the Orange Islands in full, seeing how things had changed since he had last been there in his previous life.


A quiet ride was all that Thomas could ask for on the speedy shuttle to Slateport, or at least to the end of the bike path. Waiting for everyone else to get off first, and then disembarking himself, he looked around for a few, looking towards the coast some or at at least as much as he could see from the elevated shuttle station, before walking down the ramps to the ground level, trying to avoid as many looks as he could.

He could feel Rebecca's pokeball shaking again as it did twice on the ride over, but Thomas at least wanted to make sure that they were out of the way before explaining things to his lucario, hating himself for not letting her out sooner, but it couldn't be helped. He would need to apologize for not letting her out back at the hotel, hoping that some quick snacks would deter the brunt of her anger for now, even if he would accept it all for his mistake.

Getting some snacks from the station before leaving, he made a clean pass to the east now towards the coast, taking a small path before cutting off and into the trees heading straight for the sanctuary he felt was nearby, the one that he was being called to.

Giving one last look around to make sure he was alone aside from Radara, he opened up his pack and pulled out the shaking pokeball, letting his lucario free once more. 'Thomas!' Rebecca almost half screamed, only to be hugged fully by him.

"I'm sorry, I'll explain later." He said giving her a full hug, the lucario still annoyed about not letting be out sooner, but hugging him back, quickly smiling some as Thomas let her go slowly, reaching back and pulling something from his pack, the red and golden feather still glowing a bit. "Do you know who owns this feather?" He asked, Rebecca gasping a bit.

'Is that... doesn't that belong... where did you get such a thing? I thought that to take such a feather was to be cursed?' Rebecca asked a bit startled, her anger having given way to more questions again, just happy that Thomas had hugged her and gave an honest apology right away to her.

"To take a feather would bring the ire of the great pheonix yes, but this one was given. She has summoned me directly, and we are on the way to see her now. I suppose this may be the greatest proof to you of what I am. But please, when we get there, you have to let me talk with them, don't interupt. Something is very wrong, and I don't know what." Thomas explained as he took her hand and started to move with her towards the coast now.

"You remember how I guided us to save Mew? How we just so happened to be in the right place at the right time to help defend Mew against that trainer?" He asked walking along with her now. "Well, while I was getting ready to get in the room that Sarah got me for the hotel in Mauville, a vision of sorts was forced upon me. We're going to the Orange Islands, the one called New Island. But first, we must see why my eldest sister has asked to see me personally." Thomas explained, understanding the annoyed tightened grip when he mentioned Sarah, but didn't even speak out against it for now.

"This place we go to now, it's different then the sanctuary I took you to before was a very simple place. One that I could call my own and my own alone. But this one we head to now, is very different. It was meant to be more home to those with wings and those who lived in water." Thomas explained. "When we get there please just stay with Juno and don't interupt anything that happens. If I was summoned then I cannot say for certain what this means." He sighed some, giving her another big hug as they walked. "Would you like something to eat? Maybe a mango-berry mini-pie?" He asked with a slight smile.

'You're bribing me... and it's working...' Rebecca said, nuzzling his cheek some and nodding, Thomas smiling a bit more at how easily Rebecca was tamed for now, stopping and giving her not one, but two of the snack size berry filled pies, Rebecca smiled some as she took the treats, snacking lightly and slowly to savor them for now.

"You'll forgive me until this is over then?" Thomas asked hopeful that he could avoid her wraith for a little while.

'Maybe...' She smiled some, still eating slowly while she held him, enjoying a nice quiet walk with her lover to the coast.

It didn't take long to reach it before at last they were on a beach, if very stony one. Thomas just kept walking along to the edge of the water though, looking around, Rebecca trusting him as Radara lead the way, before at last they was no more beach at all, only the water crashing in little waves over the side of the rocky cliffs.

'Are you sure that this is the place?' Rebecca asked still following him along as she looked over the place, only seeing a large opening fair way up the cliffside. 'Do all cliffs hide a home for the legendries?'

"We favor cliffs for they can hide large caves that are hard to get to. Caves were natural shelter and could be hidden easily when they were made." Thomas explained.

'Then how we get up th-there-re?' Rebecca asked, only to gasp out, and pointing at Radara who was now walking on the water, the water going calm and forming a small path that the espeon was now walking up the cliff side along to reach the opening to the cave.

"I promise you that it is safe." Thomas smiled, taking a step onto the water with her, the water as soft and gentle as it always had been, giving way to Rebecca's paws at first, but before her paw pads would even be submerged, the water stopped her paws from going deeper, acting like a soft carpet path that held her up.

The lucario was still nervous about moving over the water though, holding onto Thomas a bit more but Thomas smiled happily and lead her along, following the espeon up the cliff until at last they were at the cave and walked in slowly.

At first the cave merely looks and feels like any other, it was dark and damp, and even a bit musty. If not for the water that had let them walk to the cave, there seemed nothing off about it at first glance, but as they started to enter, a powerful feeling began to rise the lucario, something that her a bit fearful, like she should run, almost as though her body was even screaming at her to leave this place.

Before she could act on those feelings however, there was a new feeling, Thomas had taken her paw and once he did, it felt like all that power that was against her just left, leaving her free of the burden of fear, Thomas giving her peace and clarity once more.

"I promise, nothing will happen." Thomas smiles as they continue to walk, the cave getting very dark very quickly now however, Rebecca having lost sight of Radara now as they continued. She was just about try using her aura senses when like before in the other cave, a soft light had sparked and was giving way showing the large tunnel of the tunnel enough to move around without getting hurt.

Once more Radara's voice enters their heads, but something about it seems different, as though the espeon is content and at peace. 'We are here I guess. I can sense them now waiting for us. It seems they were hiding their presence until they knew we were here. Strange how they do that. Also, I must apologize Rebecca. I forgot to block them from you. They tend to look at more than just the minds of those who come with us at times. I wonder who was curious this time. They usually wait until we get there to take such peeks.' Radara explains, her tone still gentle and feminine, but in a way, it had seemed to lose the edge of power that it often held behind it.

"Look, don't worry. I am here with you Rebecca." Thomas smiles and gives her one more hug as they continue along, Rebecca seeing a large chamber up ahead, the cave opening greatly. "Just do as I say. Do not speak to them for now. I have to assume that I was directly called for a reason and we have much to discuss about this strange forceful vision that washed over me and my sister. Although it feels strange to be summoned like this, we are here now, so let's just get this done." Thomas says as they near the large chamber.

As they exit the tunnel however, Rebecca can feel as though they had walked through strange barrier, a power washing over her for a few, as she looked back at the tunnel, only for several lights to start catching her eye in full. The sanctuary, much like the one that Thomas had taken her to before was lined with many crystals all of which were now reflecting light back and forth between them, the entire growing brighter as though it were once again day inside the chamber. Looking over the crystals though, the crystals all appeared uniform, and entirely hand carved, showing no signs that they had been naturally formed at all.

Thomas could just only smile as she felt some of the doubt his new mate was sharing with him with her aura while she clung a bit hard onto him, something just feeling off to her. "Welcome to one the great halls of my kind. While still smaller then some, this was once a place of great activity for the legendries, for all of my brothers and sisters no matter their form. In the old days, we would have parties of sorts here, meetings and collective talks, we would be honored for what we are, to be blessed and part of the line of Arcues's direct blood descendants. In halls like this, we could talk with each other with ease, almost like an early video phone. Only a few of my elder brothers and sisters, the legendries could be in more than one place at once, and a few them are to stay in slumber, only able to talk and move in their dreams. Lugia is always in the waters of the oceans and really never leaves the waters, Groundon and Kyorge are in deep slumber almost all the time anymore, Celibi can talk to us through time even in these chambers." Thomas explained slowly, slowly pointing out to a special crystal with of the siblings he named, a good look at the crystal matching the colors of the pokemon he had mentioned, even having a mark inside them that just felt proper and belonging to each of the pokemon. "This is how we talked in older days when we could not be there in person." Thomas smiled some knowing that part of the power that Rebecca felt was coming from them as he went to reach back into his pack to call out Juno to keep an eye on his mate.

Before he could however, a deep voice booms out over there from above, Thomas, Radara, and Rebeca all looking up to a large ledge above them where one of the crystals had come to life, dark blues like fire spilling from the crystal and rushing over the walls into the air and then taking shape before yelling out. "Of course, a watcher would know this as it is for them that we have made such gifts. But who is this that does not know of the gifts of the gods?" The voice stated, almost like a teacher, and yet somewhat caring at first before turning sour and demanding, the image of the Dragon of Time taking form in full now, Dialga, or its image now resting over them.

Thomas and Radara just look on while Rebecca begins to whine a bit, holding onto Thomas harder as another one of the crystal's glow brightly, a dominant shade of bright, fiery and lively, almost scary pink sparks and comes to life in the cavern now as a new creature, this one even larger and bipedal appearing and coming forth out of the walls now.

"Leave the child be Dialga. She must be someone close to our Watcher. Strange as in recent incarnations he is rarely with anyone but his pokemon or his sister. And just how is Juno, Radara? I do so wish to play of chess with her once more. She is such a great one to play with. Unlike someone who keeps taking their bad move." The large white and pink bipedal shifts looking over all of them present, the new voice changing tone consistently, at times scolding and angry, but then shifting into caring but curious, before at last almost raging with its final comment as the Dragon of Space, Palkia turns from Thomas and Rebecca to Dialga.

"I do not cheat Palkia!" Dialga turns from facing Thomas and Rebecca to facing the image of Palkia now.

For all their words however, all spoken clear as day and in full context to be understood properly, their lips never moved, even if their images appeared to be there in full. Their words were heard as though all around them, not quiet in their heads, but as though coming from all the crystals in the room in unison, but without echoes or a chorus, just a single strong voice.

The next voice to scream out to get their attention though was clearly entirely real and came from a physical creature, not part of this strange power that allowed the images to speak. "Silence FOOL!" The voice boomed, a giant bird dropping from a opening in the cave, landing before, the giant dwarfing everyone else present at the moment, the Great Phoenix Ho-oh now there in the flesh, her gold and red colors filling the chamber to light it all in full herself as she landed, wings spread in full only long enough to land, but more than enough for Rebecca to cry out, grabbing hard onto Thomas, whimpering out fear, having never expected to be before any of the legendries, the power they radiated far to much for her to handle right now.

Although the great bird did not move her beak, her voice came out strong as though she herself was a speaker. "Time is short, you know this as well as anyone Dialga, for Time is not infinite, but very finite." Ho-oh glares at the images of the two dragons, both bowing their heads, and giving nod to her words, allowing the phoenix to say her piece without interruption.

"It is good to see you once more Watcher Soular, Watcher Radara. I have need of your assistance once more, perhaps more so now then I may ever have need of your assistance again. I am more than old enough to have my powers, but the World Mother Arcues believes that this is unwise. She rests for now, but we cannot. Our mother would ask that you talk with this new life." Ho-oh started looking back over Thomas who shrinks back some from the name, turning long enough to make sure that the others were paying attention as well only to see both Palkia and Dialga intently staring down and all over Rebecca.

"What are you two fools doing?" She asked, turning in full to face the Dragons of Time and Space.

"She... is a lucario?" Palkia asks as though it was a school child.

"She is my mate, but yes a lucario." Thomas replies slowly.

Upon hearing this, Palkia quickly turns and points to Dialga, even giving a laugh. "Ha, I told you he would find a lover once more." Palkia states as though overly proud of a bet of all things. Despite this though, it is getting to be too much for Rebecca as she holds onto Thomas even more, even reaching back for his pack some, trying to show that wanted to hide, to be back in her pokeball, having never known such fear of power until now. She hardly even noticed that Ho-oh had turned away, moving into the back and pressing her larger feathered head against a softly glowing crystal that did not seem to come to life in full.

"Brothers... do we not have other things to disc-" Thomas started trying to change the subject and get them to think of something other than his mate hoping that would help quell the fear she is feeling, only for them both to face him.

"Hush little watcher, we aren't going to eat her. No, I think Kyorge would try. That gluttonous bastard is always hungry. Groudon at least killed his food first, rather than eat it alive." Palkia continues now, entirely as though this was all common place, but that sheer feel of standard conversation and making such remarks as though they were nothing only result in just about making Rebecca faint.

"Why don't you hush you fool. You are scaring the child. I wish to know what she has that catches the watcher's eye. You see dear, our younger brother here is someone who swore off companionship to serve us with all his worth, even having forsaken his birth name. And yet, he now opens his heart to you, a lucario. Should he desire such, he can have his choice of anyone, of any species, being human or pokemon means little to him. Yet, for now he has chosen you." Dialga states, the image quickly dropping down so that the dragons face is right there. Despite just being an image however, the sheer power of the image is enough to make Rebecca step back as though it were all real.

"Well speak child! We are busy, we have things to do. Speak!" Palkia demands from scared silence, the dragon almost growling at the lucario. Rebecca still stays silent however, partially out of fear, but also remembering Thomas's words that she was supposed to stay quiet.

"Eh, such a weakling. I thought better of you watcher, to pick such a mongrel for a mate. One who cannot even speak, does she bark for you on command? Well watcher, did you pick her for breeding purposes..." Palkia starts, only for his image to be disrupted, almost like millions of tiny beads falling to the floor to fade away before a new image forms.

'Do not speak of my mate in such ways! Thomas is NOT like that! Do not speak of him so ill.' A new voice barks out, Rebecca's voice this time, her had still having a bit of aura on it as she grabs Thomas a bit more, uncaring that she screwed up now, but she could no longer just stand there.

Palkia just smiles as he looked over her. "She has spirit, this one. I like her." Palkia smirks as his image reforms in full without issue, as though nothing had happened.

Dialga just rolls his eyes. "You would I am sorry dear about all of this time, MY Brother tends to want to see what mates of our youngest siblings are made of. There are those in the past who have tried to woo their way into the life of watcher for their own prestige and power that came for being mated to such. Watchers were treated as kings or high priests, even as though people of great power in the olden days to many cultures whether they asked for such glory or not. While we would normally allow them to make their own mistakes, we would still intervene sometimes for the interests of seeing our brothers and sisters to not suffer long. Love can blind people, and for us, those memories can stay with us for lifetimes."

Palkia just nods lightly with Dialga's words. "It is our prerogative to vent some of the mates that a watcher may desire for ill purposes. Yet you see different as we have watched you. We were going to probe you, but the watcher's twin, little pinky," Palkia starts a quick hiss coming from Radara now. "Didn't want us to take such liberties. Seems like she likes you a great deal. That is rare for a watcher's twin to like the lover of their twin so well. It is not unheard of for the twins to be at great disagreement over the lovers of their own choosing, or to even accept them as much family as any of us, but for one to... protect the lover of another so well. You must be special, I can see this now. Now only would you take many things from him, verbal or physical, but you would defend him if you knew it was wrong for whatever was being done. She has my approval."

"As she does mine." Dialga quickly added. "You may mate her when you wish watcher. Also, I think some of our other brothers and sisters would lover to be part of the ritual when it is time."

Thomas just quickly looks up in surprise, Rebecca blushing hard as she still held tightly onto Thomas so very confused, but not any less fearful or now also embarrassed. "Just like that!?" Thomas asks.

"Of course, watcher. We never minded that you would spend years getting to know another before asking for blessing. But this one is special. You may have cast love long ago, but today, you have it once more." Dialga just laughed some, smiling at Thomas.

Before they could continue however, another pair of lights start to come to life from other crystals. One of them sparks and gives off a gentle hiss of electricity before what looks like a storm cloud erupts for it, taking form for Raikou. The other starts to boil as fire jumps from the crystal swirling around sprouting legs, a head and a tail, the fires fading into smoke revealing Entei, two of the elemental canines of Johto now there with them, but the crystal of the third remains quiet.

Before Thomas could ask about it however, a gentle nose and cheek rub his cheek from behind, Suicune there behind him in the flesh, slowly moving past him now to join the others in the sanctuary.

"I see Ho-oh was able to get ahold of you watcher." Raikou says, his voice the softest and gentlest of all present for now, talking in a quiet and calm voice as his image just moves to sit there in the air, resting out of the way.

"We are not your messenger service Ho-oh. We have other duties you do know that right?" Entei sounds in very clear contrast to Raikou entirely made of nothing but anger, if barely not lashing out.

Suicune just sighs a little as she drops her head moving to sit between them, before looking to her direct brother. "Raikou and Celibi are right. Like Thomas, perhaps it is best that you find a mate yourself. Even a mere body to help keep your den may do wonders for your anger." Suicune says, the first truly soft and gentle voice of the bunch. Where Raikou was clearly calm, it was just as though he was more bored, uncaring, but there was just something about Suicune's voice that seemed it was almost personal. "Watcher, how are you doing? I just heard that you have found someone at last." She says slowly looking to Rebecca.

"She looks well for you. Though why have you not seen me for the last hundred years my dear? Yes, I know you come when we summon, yet you never come on your own to see me anymore. I miss our time alone." Suicune continues, her tone never changing, if showing some want of him Thomas's company.

Radara just grins from the corner, smiling very contently as Rebecca looks back and forth between Thomas and Suicune, now also somewhat jealous wondering if Thomas had slept with Suicune at some point as well, still not fully understanding that he is her alone this life time, or even understanding that he had lifetimes to live still.

Suicune just smiles some more at Rebecca, but merely closes her eyes and gently shakes her head. "Dear, it is not what you think. Please do not think ill of me and I shall explain if you desire."

Raikou just looks at Suicune, and then to Thomas, before giving an evil grin. "No, he has slept with her a lot. They were very close, lucario. Close as lovers would be."

Suicune only breaks her calm and quite action for a few, snarling at Raikou. "Hust you fool. Do not fill the child with such lies." She snarled a bit, before looking back to Rebecca and Thomas. "Dear, we were close as mother and child. For a few of his reincarnations, I served as his mother, as the one to raise him. Some of us help raise our younger siblings when there is great need, perhaps the family they ask to help raise their new life is no longer suitable, or maybe they were attacked when they were too young to defend themselves properly. I always did love being close to the one you call Thomas now, no matter his age or changes. I have raised him as my own more than once, and now I will always be as though a second mother to him. Tis just a shame that I could not have helped raised you some now. I hope that I have done nothing wrong to make you avoid Johto this life?" Suicune explains, finally giving a slightly worried look to Thomas, who just drops his head in shame a bit, knowing that he maybe he should have gone to visit some of his siblings sooner than now.

Raikou just laughs a bit again. "Yeah, some did get close to use, espically some of their twin siblings."

Entei just shakes his head before glaring at Raikou. "You were the one laying with both male and female siblings, lighting rod. Do not lump us all with your experiences."

"Don't call me that, fire mutt." Raikou grumbles back, looking a little depressed for some reason.

Before anyone could ask or respond however, Ho-oh had quickly turned back to the group and gave a loud cry to silence them all, Rebecca once again holding tightly onto Thomas. "Enough. We will time for thinking of the past when the watcher will fulfill the original task his kind were given life for." At once everyone looks intently to Ho-oh, Thomas most of all, leaving only Rebecca the only one not paying full attention, if still out fear.

"Watcher, it has been many generations since such a thing was to be asked, but The World Mother has decreed that you are to be chosen in her stead for this task. The calling, we all felt it, not one of us was left unaffected by the images of the problem at New Island." Ho-oh started.

"A new life has been sparked, and soon it will awake in full. The metal castle will burn soon, and I will not arrive in time to help save, nor let any of you save the fools who have brought this upon themselves. Life is a sacred gift to be treasures, not to made merely because you can. Perhaps after this new creature has calmed down, we will learn from it." Ho-oh continued.

"Suicune, I thank you greatly for coming here. I would ask that the watcher ride with you to this land. While I could fly far more easily with him, the watcher still flails far too much to be a safe passenger. You really should get over that fear Watcher. Many of your brothers could fly, it should not bother you so." Ho-oh stated glaring at Thomas now, just looked away some, Ho-oh shaking her head.

"In any event, it has been generations since a watcher has been needed like this. The World Mother leaves you in charge of talking with this new life. It will be aggressive, and it may not listen at first, it knows so little of its place. Out mother feels that I would not give it a chance to defend its existence, and perhaps I may not. She would have you talk with it, to help teach it that now that it is alive, it must be given the same chance at life as all others regardless of how it was given life. And more importantly, that it cannot openly attack others without need. We know little of this creature right now, only having seen the destruction that will take upon the island, the metal castle will burn and fall." Ho-oh explained.

"Soular, are you prepared for this. It has been many generations since you have acted to make peace between tribes of any kind. You will have our support in this matter, but if it leaves me choice, I will not allow it to live, no more than I would allow the humans who think that life is their right." Ho-oh stated looking over him, seeing him shy back a bit more, only to quickly regain himself and look up to the Great Phoenix.

"It would appear that I have no choice. Therefore myself and Radara were given birth in the first place, to show peace between species and cultures. It shall be a new experience for me now, but I trust my bloodline will guide my hand. Radara, I will need your help on this, are you ready?" Thomas asked, knowing that it wasn't a choice, this was what his kind did before they as a group took up a vow to watch over their elder brothers and sisters when were weakened in the great war.

'This is far from what I would have expected, but... then again I do not know what it is that I expected at all. To play peacekeeper may be our greatest purpose, if not our chosen path, but it would be fitting to have a chance to return to our ways. No matter the outcome, we would not be honoring our mother and the gifts she sent us if we did not try.' Radara stated, getting up and moving to Thomas's side. 'The last time that a new life came into the world such as this, it was our own kind that saw light for the first time. I feel that now that this life has come forth, we at least owe it the chance to see the world as it is, not whatever it may first thing.'

"Then we shall set out shortly. We should arrive at the island in a day at the most. Take what little time you have for now to prepare. And the rest of you, leave the topic of the Watcher's mate alone. We should not be distracted at this time." Ho-oh stated. "Entei and Raikou, I called you two here for a reason. Review the sanctuaries in Johto. The World Mother would see this new life given a chance. It will need a home away from others to itself to give it time to think and learn. Make sure there is some place free of all others. It will be easy to merely head north from this island into Johto if it is agreeable." Ho-oh states now turning her attention away from Thomas, Radara, and Rebecca.

Already a discussion is brewing between, but it is short lived as Ho-oh quickly barks out an order and the others all begin to vanish one at time until all the images had faded, leaving just those there in person. "I will be waiting, prepare quickly." Ho-oh starts, only to stop and turn back to Thomas. "I know we ask much from you watcher. Yet if there was another way, I would seek it. Our mother says that for this, you are out best hope." Ho-oh states as she leaves now, with a flap of her wings, quickly flying back up through the opening she had entered in, leaving Suicune as the only remaining legendary still in the sanctuary.

"My little brother, come here. I wish to speak with you Soular." Suicune smiles as she looks over Thomas once more, Thomas silencing entirely at the name and looking away once more.

"I am sorry little one. I know you hated that name after what happened to your last mate. Yet you cannot hold on to those memories and sorrow forever. I can see with this lucario, this is different, this may once be a first love. Radara I assume, you helped push him to this decision?" Suicune asked moving up close and lightly nuzzling Thomas a bit more, even moving her ribbons to his chest in a caring manner.

Radara merely nods. 'I grew tired of his cold stance and now refuse to listen to another miserable brother. He will open up or I will beat him. If he denies his feelings again, I will not be held accountable for my actions.' Radara's voice sounds once more, but stronger here, if still in the same tone as before.

"More like threaten with." Thomas sighs, Radara just glaring at him. Rebecca just still stands there, still confused, but much more confident now and no so fearful with only one legendary pokemon before her, one who appears peaceful and nice at least.

"Go ahead dear. I will not bite. I am not here to judge you. Soular has always been the cautious type among us, and if he had his way once more, you would perhaps not have met so many of us at once for many years yet." Suicune smiled, a ribbon moving over and resting on her shoulder, earning a small smile from the lucario.

'Why are you all so interested in what Thomas is doing and who he is mated to?' She asks after a few, finally getting the courage to speak freely once more.

"Well dear, Thomas as you call him, is the last of his kind. I assume he has told you much already. I would tell you more, but I will leave such decisions to his judgement. What I will share is this. Thomas is a Watcher. The last one born of the same womb in the World Mother Arcues that gave birth to myself and all of my brothers and sisters. Long ago, to be a watcher, they were meant to bring peace to the differences between species, mostly humans and others, but really between all kinds. They choose the name and role of Watcher to help us in the end though, even if it was not why they were born." Suicune explained.

"To help them better understand problems and to help everyone around them, they were given two great gifts over all others. First, like us, they will a thousand lives, a thousand different ways. As the world changes, so to do the things within, and by growing up again and again in the changing world, we are more ready and able to help protect and when needed influence it. The second greatest gift is that of our tongues so to speak. We can all understand any voice we hear should we pay attention. This allows our youngest siblings to help as much as they can, but it also allowed them to get close to anyone they desire. Many of their kind have taken on all kinds of mates, no matter the changes between them." Suicune smiled, before turning back to Thomas.

"Thomas here though, he has always been a … what is the right word... ah yes, a hermit. While he likes to be known enough to have friends and lovers, he more often prefers solitude. Much more so in recent years after the death of his last true lover. I will not explain that story to you, for it is his to tell when he is ready, but know this. You are perhaps the most important thing to him in the world right now, of all the lives he has lived. You will change him, and for the better. I give you my blessing, may you both bring each other happiness." Suicune's smile grew as she rubbed Rebecca's and Thomas's shoulders with her ribbons.

Rebecca just blushes hard at this. 'I did nothing. I just confessed my feelings I had for so long but was didn't know what they were. I'm just happy that he responded to them. I don't know what I would have done if he didn't.'

'I would have kicked his ass, both metaphorically, and quite literally.' Radara chimes in, rather proudly.

"Hush you... I would have responded in time. Just... had to get around to it." Thomas states almost glaring back at his sister.

Radara just laughs while speaking again. 'Before Lugia gets a virgin for his ritual again? Maybe before the Mighty Luxrays win a cup?' She smiles as Thomas's partial glare moved into a full glare now.

"You two have not changed at all since I have last seen you. I wish you two would get along a bit more after all this time." Suicune partially smiles, but still sighs some shaking her head a bit.

"She started it." Thomas stated.

'He is thick skulled and stubborn.' Radara counters, both ready to start a fight between each other.

Suicune just laughs though, her ribbons moving to pat them both on the head. "This is what you have to deal with my little lucario. They come only as a package deal. In time, they grew out of this, and you will help them both be far more joyous and cheerful over time. For now, though, let us end this petty tantrum between you two. We have a purpose today, one long since last called up for you two to accomplish. Radara, do you still fear pokeballs, or would you ask to ride along the back of Ho-oh while I ferry Thomas to the island of the metal castle?"

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