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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Chapter 8 : A New Life

Watcher of Arceus

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Co-author: Catsithx Beta-Reader: Ravyn Arcadia

Rating: PG/14 Warnings: Violence / Strong Language

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The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story "Watcher of Arceus".


Chapter 8 : A New Life

Thomas held gently onto Suicune as she ran over the water, rushing towards The Orange Islands, the ride wonderfully gentle even for it speed. Thomas was already very thankful for the help he was given, and perhaps more thankful that he didn't have to fly at all now thanks to his elder brothers and sisters helping.

Although Radara was not directly with him and it felt just a bit weird not having her so close, he could still see where she was above him, the espeon riding upon Ho-oh as she flew towards their destination.

While they had clearly been seen, and word would spread by the few who had seen them, they didn't care, nor did they have time to stop. They were in a rush to reach the place they would need to be and already as they drew closer, Thomas could feel the calling of being needed grow more and more within him. While they were still clearly moving quickly however, it was also very clear that their chosen pace was also one of restraint. The two legendaries ferrying the watchers across the water were only going as fast as they could without tiring themselves in the slightest, they could very well need their strength later.

Although it did take most of the day to move from Hoenn to the Orange Islands, Thomas couldn't argue about the ride as they began to approach New Island at last, alreadying seeing smoke rising from the island as they found a beach that they could use to scale the island, Suicune slowing down a bit as they reached the island at last and started up the beach, Ho-oh landing near them, carefuly leaning her head back and picking up Radara, setting her down gently on the beach near Thomas.

"Watcher, there are two sanctuaries here on the Orange Islands as the humans have named them. One is on a deserted island to the east of what the humans call Pummelo and Millsweet Island. You may yet feel at home there, for the storms were called to forge this sanctuary. The other is on the island named Mandarin Island South. It is hidden deep in the mountain, but I trust you will feel its pull and now how to find it." Ho-oh explained, her voice still powerful over them, but different now. She was one of the few legendaries who did not need the help of the forged crystals to speak any tongue she desired, even if her voice had a bird like caw echoing over it. She could even bestow to open speech to others of her choosing as well just by being around them.

"If you cannot stand to stay here if things are to be war torn, then run, and do not stand in my way. I will hold off my anger for this new life for as long as I can, but if it cannot learn that we are to share this world, I will not be as tolerant as I would be with others. This life is new yes, and it is young. But if it will not show a desire to learn and to share this world, to get along with others at least enough to be peaceful, then I will do what I need to. Time is not with us right now." Ho-oh just looked over the island a little as she finished her words, plenty of smoke rising that would surely by now had to be noticed by at least one or more of the other islands.

"You are right sister, this life is new. I will time however to try to teach it. No child no matter how powerful or gifted can be prepared to understand the world in mere days." Thomas started only to hear a explosion go off in the distance, no doubt something from within the castle. "We should take it slow from here, give it some space, show we are not allied to whatever has angered it now."

Suicune just nodded as she moved slowly with Thomas now, Radara leading the way a bit, Ho-oh merely walking along slowly behind them, taking just a few larger steps at time before giving the others a few to stay ahead of her as they scaled up the beach, shadows quickly hiding the beach as the beach that they landed on was hidden between the cliffs at the base of the island.

Although it was a bit of a walk, eventually they began see light again in full as they reached the top of the island, they quickly looked around over the grass covered island, quickly seeing more smoke in the distance, as well as the remains of the metal castle now.

All at once the feeling of need and purpose to be on the island was eased as Thomas and Radara slowly looked over the island. A new powerful feeling of uncertainty however replaced the old feeling as they looked over the place. Walking beside Suicune and Ho-oh though, it was easy to see that this same feeling was shared with them.

"This... this just feels... so wrong..." Thomas stated at last breaking the silence as they moved along. "What... what did they do here."

"I know what you mean." Ho-oh stated as she moved along as well with them, the group of them slowly approaching the castle now as they watched one last blast collaspe one more section of the castle. "Let us wait here for this new life to calm."

"Yeah, that could be best." Thomas said, Radara just taking a seat on a bit of grass off to the side.

'This new life has sensed us.' Radara said. 'I would not approach and allow him to come to us, but be careful. I have not sensed this power in many ages. The humans have no idea what they have given life to.'

"Thier arrogance seems to know no bounds these days." Ho-oh stated as waited now, Thomas just sighing and shaking his head, the thoughts of man creating new life again running through his head, but this time he knew that the creators had paid the price with their lives.

'Ho-oh, would you lend me some power to help protect our minds?' Radara asked, Ho-oh nodding a bit and glowing some, Radara glowing some as well, her eyes and the gem in her head slowly getting a bit brighter. 'I will do what I can, but for now we must wait.'

"I guess we have no choice..." Thomas stated moving over to take a seat, merely pulling out his pokedex to see what else it could do while waiting now.


It didn't take that long for the sounds of combat to die down, the fires still strong and having spread a small ways, but nothing seriously strong enough to spread far from the metal castle, even if the explosions did cause some chunks to fall or even fly off from the castle. Things seemed to calm down some before all off them felt a strong power collecting.

"Get away from the castle!" Ho-oh screamed out, quickly flying back, Radara and Thomas teleporting a ways off under Radara's power while Suicune was easily able to sprint back with ease.

No sooner had they moved, the entire structure began to slowly glow blue and twist, this new life clearly intent on destroying the whole structure. The structure began to groan and begin to twist around, the walls and supports all beginning to strain more and more, before there was a loud crash of broken metal and falling debris. In just a simple moment, the entire structure that had been standing was quickly twisted around from the inside by a powerful force as though a tornado wanted to eat the building.

Finally when the rubble had been laid to the ground, the last bits of metal that had been toppled towards the center of the ruined mess were pushed aside, leaving just a single figure still standing, at first covered in a bright blue bubble.

With the castle now gone, the figure slowly lets its shield disperse showing its form at last. The large creature was clearly bi-pedal, standing on two large legs, almost human like, but with some feline like features, mostly white and purple in color. It almost looked like a large off color mew, if verly clearly more human and having a set of natural plates over its body that Thomas could almost describe as armor of a kind.

Before any of them could make a move however, something else teleported near the ruins of the castle now and getting everyone to look on, Mew of all pokemon there with a large ancient chest there, letting the chest set in the grass as Mew cried out happily, not even caring for the destroyed castle, just grabbed a few toys from the chest, more whistling crystals and even other things.

"MEW!" Ho-oh screamed out landing between Mew and the new life. "Did you know of this?"

Mew finally stopped for a few, just looking over Ho-oh and the others, just kind of floating there, slowing turning upside down if still facing Ho-oh for the most part.

{But... brother is here. New brother, brother all my own and not yours...} Mew said very much confused now as it just continued to float there, still upside down for the most part, but still slowly turning a bit more.

"There... is a … resemblance of sorts..." Thomas stated looking back and forth between this new life and Mew.

Mew just quickly righted himself, nodding his head rapidly for a few. {Taken from eyebrows of grandfather, new life is brother now. Many strange brown clad men show up in ancient home of grandfather's home, take eyebrow and leave. I watched them, I watched.} Mew explained a bit, still so much like a child, but at least showing some forms of intelligence and brains.

"You were there when these humans found the grave of your grandfather?" Ho-oh bellowed out.

{Grandfather sleeps there long time, he not seem to mind. I wish he would play with me like he play with my father, but I leave him sleep peacefully.} Mew stated once again upside down at he looked confused at the others.

'The essence of innocence, so pure and untainted, an eternally young and cheerful mind.' There words quietly sounded in all of their heads, a mix of Radara's words and another, Radara clearly helping Suicune speak softly with them now.

"You... you keep Mew here for a few, I'm going to try talking with this new life." Thomas stated as he moved around slowly looking back at the figure which seemed to still be waiting there, just staring at them, judging them and their words.

Radara just slowly moved along with Thomas. 'I still need your help Ho-oh, to protect our minds. Please do not get too mad with Mew, he is and will always be a child.' Radara stated, this time entirely her own words as she walked over with Thomas, Suicune just moving over to sit with Ho-oh and Mew now.

As Thomas moved closer though, he became the target of full attention for this strange new life as it watched him intently now, Thomas always moving slowly as he approached. "May I speak with you?" Thomas called out as he continued to slowly apprached. "I can sense a great mind about you, consciousness, power. More if you would give me the chance, but I leave the choice to you." He called out, the figure letting him closer for now, but Thomas stopped when he was about 20 feet away now.

'Who are you? Are you like these fools who think of me as a weapon?' A strong firm voice broke into Thomas's head now, Thomas swaying a bit from the power that was forced him, but trying to hold his ground for now.

"I go by Thomas Falston in this age. While I look human, I am not. This is Radara, my sister. We are twins, given form by our mother, several generations ago. Although times have changed, we remain." Thomas said. "I have no desire to see us fight, and I would not probe your mind. Is it wrong of me to ask the same in return?"

The power in Thomas's head remained for a few, before dying down, still very clearly there, but not so agressively now. 'Speak then. Why should I spare you?' The voice continued.

"Do you have a name?" Thomas asked now. "Something that we may address you by properly."

'The fools who created me only saw me as a tool, and yet they refer to me as Mewtwo. I was supposed to be their weapon, their servant. I will be neither for the arrogance of humans.' The voice stated, some anger clearly present now, but still willing to talk.

"May I call you Mewtwo?" Thomas asked, merely shifting enough to take a seat on a twisted piece of metal that had a spot large enough to sit on.

'If you so desire.' The voice continued, Mewtwo just still looking on over Thomas and Radara, a few glances spared to look back at Ho-oh, Mew, and Suicune who seemed to having something of an argument now.

"I won't pity these humans Mewtwo. They thought themselves above others for some reason. My mother, she created many things, even the humans. She graced them all with different minds and intelligence, and she had hoped that every life she created and hoped to bless would rejoice and respect life. For the most part, humans and many pokemon do, but humans are among the smartest. Sometimes they make mistakes, and today they have paid for it. I'm not here to seek vengence for this act of violence." Thomas started. "We may have done the same, my brothers and sisters. Life is cherished, not given without care. We would that you stay your hand though now, that you might choose to talk for a while before killing so quickly again. All life, even yours deserves a chance."

'I have seen the minds of humans. They would enslave all pokemon to their will. Am I to bow down to you as they would make all others bow down to them.' The voice demanded.

"No. I just look human remember. My mother had special plans for me. She asked that I help show how humans and pokemon could live in peace with each other. And I have helped do that over many generations. Like I'm trying to help do now. The humans of his metal castle... I said I won't pity them. They gave a wrongful birth to you, and you are right to be angry with them. I did not interfere with you when you woke and choose to act." Thomas continued. "I merely ask now that you would take up words for a while over trying to hurt others."

Mewtwo stood there now, still looking over them all slowly, still trying to probe their minds, but a new sound was gathering strength over the island, in the distance a helicopter slowly advancing on the island, everyone turning to face it.

'And yet more of them approach.' Mewtwo stated looking over the incoming aircraft now before looking back to Thomas. 'This one coming. He too would demand my servitude, believing me property to be used at his discretion because I cannot think for myself.'

"Part of the reason that you are here and given life away from others is because others would have different opinions than the one coming here." Thomas stated, finally able to make out the large red "R" on the side of the air craft as it continued to approach. "Not all humans are the same. They are not a hive mind, and only a few can even enter the minds of others to even properly and fully understand the thoughts and emotions of others." He slowly moved with Radara towards the edge of the island, to where there was a very clear spot for the air craft to land.

"You think that the entire world is against you. Allow me to show you that there are at least a few who would fight to defend you." He stated reaching to his belt and calling forth Juno, the ninetales quickly coming out, looking around, only to take on a combat stance, growling and preparing to fight.

"Juno, we have a new life to offer help to." Thomas called out. "You would help us of your own desires?" He asked, Juno not backing down, just moving beside Radara as she watched the aircraft land, Thomas slowly drawing his blade, but leaving it concealed in a fine black cloth for now.

As the aircraft finally set down fully, a small group of four Rocket Members stepped out of the helicopter all dressed in their usual black outfits, before someone else stepped out. Dressed in a fine black suit with no identifying red letter on his suit, just a very high sense of style and power about him.

At first, the well dressed man just looked on over the large metal structure that was in ruins, before slowly his gaze turned towards Mewtwo, just seeming to stare him down for a few. With the air craft now powered down and silent, the only sounds came from the occasional caw of Ho-oh arguing with Mew while Suicune seemed to just stay neutral for now though.

It was enough noise for the new man to look over them however, before at last turning to face Thomas, Radara, and Juno. Taking only a few steps forward, the man allowed the Team Rocket Members to stay at his sides just behind him. Walking forward for a few, he only stopped when Juno fired off a small fire ball at him, scorching the ground not even a few feet from him.

"So, you attack my island, and then have the nerve to attack me. I'm going to assume that you already know who it is you have attacked?" The man finally asked, his voice firm and strong as he still stood there, unphased by the warning shot.

"Not really, but I can take a few guesses." Thomas spoke up at last. "You've done some horrible things here this day, and I'm guessing that this is the newest one on a long list of things you should probably be arrested and tried for, but you'll likely just buy your way out of any trouble."

"Surrender your legendary pokemon to me and give me back what's mine and I promise I'll make this quick." The man stated, slightly annoyed by Thomas's uncaring approach to even fear him, but quickly smiled some none the less as he spoke.

"They don't belong to me. They don't belong to anyone. And neither does this new life you have created." Thomas countered quickly, still not backing down.

"Take care of him." The man stated still only slightly annoyed, but with his words, his four rocket members quickly advanced, running past the man and grabbing their belts.

Radara wasn't having any of that though, her eyes flashing as she rapidly took the pokeballs from them. Two of the four never even had a chance to call out a single pokemon as their pokeballs were torn from their belts.

Of the four grunts, only two managed to call out any pokemon, a pair of arboks and a raticate were called forth, the raticate almost instantly runnig as Juno howled out, its cry echoing loudly all over the island sounding her war cry knowing that they were outnumbed and trying to scare off as many foes to start with. She also didn't hold back for as soon as she howled out, she pelted both arboks and even the grunts themselves with weakened but repeated fire blasts.

The first arbok easily took the entire first hit, but resulting sparks and patches of fire still made it back to the grunts behind them, followed up by another small pelting of weakened set of ember shots trying to cover a board range of targets to weaken them all for Radara.

Although the arboks only suffered some damage, the grunts were yelling out as they were burned by the attack. Radara quickly followed up with a rapid strike though, her eyes glowing as both arboks were suddenly lifted up and forced to stretch out entirely before just being tossed to the sides.

With Radara's eyes still glowing and a fire still glowing in Juno's mouth, the grunts all quickly rushed back to the helicopter. The man in the suit quickly just grumbled though, and immediately called out his pokemon. A rhydon, golem, and nidoking all showing up quickly now as the man stepped forward. "Useless grunts." The man grumbled stepping forward now as his pokemon all stood at the ready. "I see you have no care for harming others however. You will clearly do whatever it takes to steal my creation."

"I told you, this new life doesn't belong to you... or anyone." Thomas repeated firmly.

"You can give up the righteous act. The only people who would know of this island would be foolish rivals or greedy politicians. I have reports of Ho-oh having been seen flying straight here before the alarms were triggered. You were seen coming straight here, and therefore you had every intention of stealing what is mine." He stated still moving forward slowly.

Thomas just slowly moved up himself as well, Radara and Juno parting a bit but staying beside Thomas he moved forward himself eventually moving within just feet of the man, looking up just a bit to stare him in the eyes, Radara and Juno at Thomas's side.

"Since you clearly have no idea who I am, allow me explain why you have made a large mistake coming here." The man stated staring down Thomas now. "I am Giovanni, The Strongest Trainer in all of Japan, and Leader of Team Rocket."

"Leave now, and I'll let you walk away unharmed." Thomas replied seeming not to care about Giovanni's words. Instead his eyes flashed a bit, trying to dominate the man's mind knowing that this wouldn't end well or quickly unless he could make Giovanni escape.

"So that's how you figured out how to find this island." Giovanni just stated watching Thomas's eyes. "But you can't even do a thing to me can you. What makes you think you can control my creation when you can't even command me to do something, much less control your own pokemon. My creation can defeat all other pokemon there are, and you cant even control a few meager legendaries. Look at them bickering, like spoiled children, with no understanding of who is really in control. How do you even hope to contain Mewtwo if you cannot even keep those three under control."

"I told you... I don't control them. I don't own them, or any pokemon. And you won't have them or this new life to control either." Thomas stated as Giovanni just shook his head a bit.

"Just keep pretending that you're saving them all you like, I know the truth. No self-righteous fool would risk coming here, but even despite these set backs, you've given me something to work on. I'll enjoy figuring out how to control you like would try to control others with that fancy mind of yours." He stated, and with only a slight hand motion, he attacked.

Having barely moved a finger, but a direct action none the least to his pokemon, his nidoking right at his side immediately acting at once. Going for Thomas himself rather then Juno who was in front of him, Giovanni had trained his personal pokemon to do whatever was needed to win, much like he would do himself.

The nidoking never had chance to connect however, a massive jet of water blasting forth from the side throwing the nidoking back several dozen feet, as well as making everyone else take a few steps back. In a quick blur of movement, Suicune now stood between both sides, her own power radiating as she snarled some at Giovanni, before her voice sounded in their heads, aided by Ho-oh's presence alone. 'You will not hurt my son!' Suicune snapped out, much to the surprise of all, but both Juno and Radara quickly took this as the sign to act now.

Barely phased though, Giovanni just moved back as his own mons moved forward to counter as Thomas's pokemon struck first.

Juno quickly unleashed a full scale fire blast attack this time, right at the feet of the Rhydon, before jumping up, her tails spreading out as she jumped up, her tails glowing an iron tail attack now intending on hitting hard and as many times as she could before she would let the rhydon counter.

As for Radara, the ground seemed to be against Giovanni's golem as it found itself forced onto its back and sent twisting around by the espeon's psychic attack. Having grabbed the golem and forcing it onto its back while shifting the dirt under its feet, Radara quickly began to spin the large rock pokemon like a top forcing it to stay on its back for now as she focused heavily on just keeping it under control while also trying to force her control over all of Giovanni's pokemon. It would be impossible for her really stop all of them, but just by making them sluggish and having to work harder to move, they wouldn't be able to make precise movements that would hopefully give them an much needed edge.

Suicune quickly rushed forward herself though and tackled Giovanni, baring fangs as she pinned him down, before snapping them in his face to make her point. With her threat very shown protecting Thomas, she jumped Giovanni before rushing the nidoking once more, and wasted no time attacking. In a harsh blast of cold and sudden snow, Suicune had used a point blank blizzard attack, the legendary power she held bolstering it heavily as it instantly froze a large amount of the ground around them, and pelted the nidoking with snow.

Of course, the nidoking however wasn't going to just take that attack and lashed out. Although Radara was hindering it, the nidoking still managed a strong earth power attack, the ground under it bursting forth with power as Suicune jumped up and away from the attack even though the nidoking felt part of it.

The attack was enough to force the nidoking back up onto its feet where it quickly rushed the new foe it was facing, adjust straight from the first attack to a second one, using sand storm as it roared out, the island quickly getting covered in a rush of swirling sands.

Giovanni just quickly put on a set of goggles and heavy cloth face mask though, his goggles already highlighting his pokemon for him having easily prepared for such things. Taking just a second to adjust them though, he just barely made out Thomas in time to side step the attack as Thomas tried to catch him with the blunt end of his blade and then take another step back.

Looking up, he could see his rhydon quickly stomping down on Juno though, or at least trying to. The rhydon never let up even as it missed. Although Juno was at a bit of a disadvantage being unable to directly see, hundreds of years of experience would still let her hide in the sand and keep track of the large foe she was facing.

Feeling that it was hindered though, the rhydon turned to where it had last seen Radara and charged forward, only for the golem to be tossed at it. The rhydon easily caught its fellow mon however, and even worse, took hold hard of its hand while the golem used defense curl, leaving only its arm out, making it a very massive club.

Although Radara tried to rip the golem from the rhydon's hands, their combined grip and the sandstorm's interference was too much for Radara to counter though, only for the sands to slowly get flooded, a storm brewing over the island, but with rain now as Suicune roared out.

This unintentionally gave the rhydon a perfect target though, with the golem already above its head, slamming its now defensively ready partner down like a club towards Juno who was running up, her mouth already filled with fire. Juno let loose her fire blast attack, aiming to try and disorient the rhydon now instead of fully attack it quickly rolling to the side.

Radara quickly turned to striking at the ground though during the attack, using psychic to shift the ground under the rhydon, turning it and making it lose its balance as the rhydon slammed the ground hard with the golem. The strike was more then enough to leave a noticeable crater even though it was a very clear miss, but the rhydon wasn't done, throwing the golem back into the air, but not at either of two pokemon facing it.

Instead, once in the air, the golem uncurled itself, diving down on Suicune giving glow itself, before launching rocks down with rock blast. Forced to divert attention, Radara moved to protect Suicune, but in doing so left herself wide open, the rhydon charging the espeon with its horns.

Juno quickly moved to counter with the rhydon charging down towards Radara, rushing forward much faster then the rhydon, before twisting around, a fan of iron tails striking the rhydon's left leg multiple times before twisting backwards and jumping up, Juno's last few tails striking one of his horns knocking the charging rhydon off balance.

They rhydon quickly keep its charge though as it started to topple at last though, between the now muddy terrain and Juno's attack, who was now on its back before blasting it once more with a fire blast, knowing that she had to hit the larger pokemon hard.

It proved its durability though as it quickly recovered and tried to roll over, swinging its fist at Juno who was once more forced to jump back. With the beast right here in front of Radara though, the espeon grabbed its head and lifted it back and slamming it back down onto a large sheet of metal from the lab that mewtwo had destroyed, but even this wasn't enough to slow down the overly trained rhydon.

Thomas still kept up his actions though as he rushed through the rain now at Giovanni, who had now dawned a set of thick padded gloves to take on Thomas himself, avoiding another swing from Thomas, but it was clear to Giovanni that Thomas wasn't someone to be underestimated now.

Ducking back, slamming a fist into Thomas's side, he tried to take force Thomas onto the defense now. His actions only made Thomas reveal another of his abilities as Thomas rolled away, before charging back in, his fist sparking as he tried to hit Giovanni, who quickly moved back himself.

"So, there is still more to you. Suicune called you her son, I'm sure putting you into a cage and experimenting on you will give me lots of information to study." He stated. "I will take my creation back, and perhaps I shall be able to further improve it with your assistance."

His words only seemed to edge Suicune on further however, still watching over Thomas, but keeping the nidoking under control as she jumped over its horn drill, before landing and blasting it with another hydropump knocking it back into the dirt. 'I would like to see you try to cage my son. A man like you should be caged himself.' Suicune's voice rang out once more in Giovanni's head as she prepared to now freeze the soaking wet nidoking, only for someone to act first.

The rhydon, golem, and nidoking were suddenly jerked upward into the air, each one with their limbs twisting and starting to bend at awkard angles. 'So, I am nothing but a puppet to your will?' A powerful voice rang out now, the rain suddenly stopping, or appearing to stop. The storm clouds were still being forced apart slowly, but a massive barrier had formed above them to stop the rain quickly.

Mewtwo's eyes were glowing, one hand stretched out before him only to throw his arm to the side, Giovanni's three pokemon suddenly just tossed from the island off into the ocean. Giovanni could only watch, before Mewtwo turned his gaze towards him.

Suddenly jerked up into the air himself, and feeling his arms being pulled to the sides as he was restrained. Thomas just stopped himself, looking on, and then looking back to Mewtwo. Even Radara and Juno was looking on towards Mewtwo. Suicune however was moving slowly towards Goivanni however.

Mewtwo approached the two now however, just holding Giovanni in place. 'You called this human your son... you joined a fight to save him... why?' Mewtwo asked, looking towards Suicune now. 'You are powerful, I can sense this. Yet you come to the aid of another.'

Suicune just snarled a bit more at Giovanni, but slowly backed down, slowly turning to face Mewtwo. She slowly stands down a bit, or at least appears to grow calmer now. 'Do you understand what you are truly are? You are so young, and yet you have already began to learn. Sadly, you think the world is nothing but pain because have only learned from a small group who think that they would own everything. They are only a small piece of the world however and should not be used to judge them all. There is so much more to this world, and you have much that you could offer it yourself.' Suicune explained moving slowly over to Thomas once more, her ribbons rubbing Juno and Radara's heads as she nuzzled Thomas a bit.

'Offer? Why do I have to offer this world anything? It has created me as a toy, a tool for the use of slavers thinking that they can control me and make me do anything they please. If anything, this world offers me nothing but pain and emptiness.' Mewtwo counters. 'And you still have no answered my questio...' He goes to continue, only for Mew to finally fly up in his face, several toys floating behind him.

"Mew meeeeeeeew!" Mew yells out rather excitedly, Mewtwo only annoyed a bit at first, a shift of his hand and Giovanni was just throw back much like his pokemon well over the side of the island quickly vanishing from view. [Play brother. Play with me!] Mew contintues, a large stuffed tedursa in his hands now, being pushed towards Mewtwo.

'What... is this?' Mewtwo starts, only for Ho-oh to rush up now and grab Mew by the scruff of his neck, holding him tightly in her beak.

[What, hey. Hey, heeeeyyy, let me go big fire birdy!] Mew states struggling a bit, but Ho-oh is holding him firmly in her beak.

Thomas just struggles to hide a smile, Suicune shaking her head a bit while Juno and Radara are just as easily amused at the small scene.

"Mew, you are several decades old, older even then most humans and other pokemon. Stop acting like such a child." Ho-oh's voice now sounds, not even caring about Mew's struggles.

[Sooooo?] Mew cries out, its toys finally dropping to the ground, Radara catching them rather then let them get muddy though.

Finally Thomas speaks up, moving closer once more as he sheathes his sword. "They call you Mewtwo. This is Mew, the pokemon that they clearly named you after." Thomas said, moving over and rubbing Mew behind his ears a bit.

"Don't encourage his behavoir." Ho-oh states, possibly even glaring a bit Thomas who just smiled some.

"He may as well be the essence of innocense. We can't change what makes him a child, no more then can change what powers are ours to hold and use." Thomas said looking up to Ho-oh while Radara took the toys back to the chest that Mew had teleported to the island with.

"Mew, you said that humans had taken something from your grandfather, his eye brow right?" Thomas asked and Mew nodded, no longer struggling.

"Mewtwo, this would make Mew your brother. You do have family, and we are the family of Mew, which means that we are your family as well. I said before I won't defend these humans here. But these humans hardly represent the entire world. Humans are among the most unique of those creatures living on this world, and no two are same. Everyone can think differently, and view each other differently. Most are rather content to let pokemon do their own things and would only care about other pokemon if they were attacked first." Thomas explained.

"I won't claim that there are not others like those on this island, but they number so few in comparison to the rest of the humans. I can show you all sides of humans and how they think, and I can show you how some pokemon would even think the same as the humans and believe themselves better, enough so to even take action against others. I know this, because I've been there to stop it dozens of times. There is no need however to kill them without cause. If they attack you, by all means defend yourself if you feel you must. If you wish to lead a life without them, I can show you places where they don't go and even avoid. You don't need to interact with them if you don't want to, but please don't start a war against them." Thomas said, moving back over and rubbing Suicune.

'You asked me why I would defend this one who looks human.' Suicune said looking back to Mewtwo, moving up slowly to him, just standing before him, and then turning to look back at Thomas, just in time for Radara to move back to his side. 'I call him my son, and I will always call him as this, in this lifetime, and the next, and the many after that. I have raised him as my own more then once, in different times. And when he needs a mother again, I will be there to help and raise him once more.'

Suicune just slowly moved back face Mewtwo once more. 'We care not for how others look, our family has little need for such things as simple looking like each. We know who we are, who our family is, and we accept them all. We could even accept you, if you would let us. None of us knew of your presence until a few days ago, when you were waking up. And yet, we all felt the pull to come here, to help a brother in need. And here we are.' Suicune said, taking a risk and moving up close to Mewtwo, closing her eyes and gently resting her head against his chest lightly.

"If you ever need help, then we would feel it. That alone is enough for us to consider you one of our family. Just please give us a chance. Give me a chance to show you that not all humans are bad." Thomas stated. "Like any species, there is good and bad among them. You can't judge them all by just one meeting."

Mewtwo just looked on, seeing so many various pokemon around, along with one who looked human. Thier minds still blocked to him to some degree, but he could still feel the truth in their words, they were not lying to him. 'And if I decide I want nothing to do with the humans, but they chase me.'

"Then defend yourself. We will all know if you are in trouble and someone will always come to your aid if you need the assistance. We ask that you don't kill the humans if you have a choice, but we also understand that some of them will not give you that chance. We only ask that you don't go to war with them. Don't attack them first and the humans won't come seeking revenge. We also know of many places that the humans avoid. Some of them are even avoided because the places make them feel very univited, and they are overwhelmed with feelings of dread to keep them away. You need only be invited in and you would never need to worry about them." Thomas explained.

'Very well... I shall give you a chance here. If you can prove to me that not all the humans will seek to hurt me, then I may consider not wiping them out for their arrogance.' Mewtwo stated after a few.

'Thomas... I would like to join you in your journey to show the lives of humans to Mewtwo. He deserves to see life as it should be and I would like to help.' Suicune stated, Juno and Radara just giving each other a small glance from Suicune's words, but were distracted by Thomas.

Thomas quickly lost himself as he turned to quickly, slipping in the mud though, barely able recover and stopping himself from staight up falling over, even if he was still on one knee and using a hand to keep himself somewhat up right.

Suicune just moved over slowly, standing over Thomas now and helping him up a bit. 'Thomas, are you alright?' She asked, only to hear Ho-oh call out.

"You fool, get back here." Ho-oh cried out, a large caw in her voice as everyone turned, Mew had gotten free and was now pushing a massive clear shiny sky blue singing crystal to Mewtwo's chest.

[Play with me.] Mew cheered again, Mewtwo just looking on confused, before reaching up before grabbing Mew's head after a few with his actual hand, rather annoyed even.

'And what is this... thing?' Mewtwo asked.

"Your... brother, in a sense I suppose. The pokemon you were based around I think." Thomas stated, recovering, just answering the question to try and collect himself again.

'Why does it bother me?' He asked, rather annoyed, Mew just looking over them, still in Mewtwo's hands.

[Why doesn't brother want to play?] Mew asked just as confused now, but not struggling for now, until Ho-oh leaned down, glaring hard at Mew. [Brother, help me!] Mew cried out, only for mewtwo to just hold him there.

'Is this yours?' Mewtwo asked looking over Ho-oh. Although Ho-oh was still a bit on edge, she still just reached around his hand and then carefully, but even more firmly grabbed Mew again, who started to struggle a bit, but less now. His struggles died down quickly though as he accepted defeat for the moment with a loud whine.

'So... you intend to show me how I am wrong about humans... and why such a reason exists protect offer assistance to others?' Mewtwo asked turning back to Thomas.

'And I shall help show you why I wish to protect my son.' Suicune smiled, leaning back over to nuzzle Thomas, who was about stumbling again.

"Hey... hold on." Thomas stated. "You're serious?"

Suicune just smiled and nodded, while both Juno and Radara looked to each other again, before Radara spoke up. 'If I may sister, how exactly do you plan to travel with us. Thomas walks among the humans freely, but one such as your self would attract a lot of attention. I can help to hide Mewtwo from their eyes, allow him to see them as they are without interference, but I cannot hide you both.' Radara explained.

'We will manage. And I desire to spend time with Thomas. Since he will be busy, then I shall choose to accompany him on this task. I trust my son very well and know that he shall release from these pokeballs anytime I desire.' Suicne smiled.

"Now hold on, I'm not sure that is any kind of idea itself." Thomas stated. "The humans track what pokemon are caught. Its not the best thing they've done, but they still get some good out of it, like tracking how many of what pokemon get caught in a region and then putting a stop to over catching. But... if I..." Thomas quickly started shaking his head, only for Suicune to press one of her ribbons to his nose and lips.

'I'm coming with you. You can catch me and keep from being caught by others, or you can save me when poachers show up.' Suicune smiled, leaning up and licking his cheek a little, before nuzzling him. 'I don't think I'll get any time with you otherwise. And I want to get to know you again. And your new lover.' She said, Juno just shaking her head with with a large smile.

Juno said with a sly grin.

'Ho-oh, take Mew with you and head back to Johto. This new life needs time to learn, and seems willing to learn. I think you no longer need to be so aggressive. Allow Thomas to do what he what was born to do, a task even greater then the role he choose to help do later on his vast life.' Suicune smiled looking back to Ho-oh.

Ho-oh just kept looking on though, before at last nodding. "I will leave this task to our youngest brother then. But know that if things do not go well.." Ho-oh stated, only for Thomas to speak up.

"I can manage this. Let me do this as I will, as our mother trusted me to do." Thomas said as Ho-oh went silent for a few. "But... please Suicune consider..." Thomas started again, only to be silenced with a ribbon once more.

'I'm coming with you my son. You have room for myself and Mewtwo to join you without issue, and I know that you figure out a way to protect us.' Suicune smiled, only for Mewtwo to speak up.

'You would have me submit myself to be captured by this human?' Mewtwo quickly demanded.

'I trust that we can easily break out of the humans silly creation if we tried. I also trust that Thomas would not endanger us by allowing us to be taken within a pokeball. Further more, I trust Thomas will release at any time, we need only tell him.' Suicune stated.

'They do have a few advantages however. We can only be bound to one pokeball at any given time. So if we are part of Thomas's team, we cannot be captured by anyone else. If they try, we would be freed from any other pokeballs in mere seconds, no worse for wear then when they attempted to capture us. More so, we can travel freely at his side without issue. If you wish to see the humans as they are truly, as varied and vast as the waters around, then Thomas could more easily give you this chance.' Suicune continued as Radara and Juno moved closer, just in time for Ho-oh to spread her wings, before taking off, Mew still strugglingly lightly in her beak.

With a hard flap of her wings, the phoenix took off leaving Thomas and the others, quickly taking to the skies before heading north. With that, Suicune just looked back to Thomas, nudging his side lightly, and just nuzzling him happily. 'So Thomas, are you ready? I know there are ways to hide when someone has caught a pokemon. Surely you can do that too.' Suicune smiled at him although her voice was different now. It was softer, lighter in a way and yet still just as familiar if in a different way. While Thomas knew that Radara was helping sharing Suicune's thoughts now, Thomas still just dropping his head.

'She's made up her mind, we might as well put forth some effort here.' Radara stated lightly. 'Perhaps our father could help. I feel like we can truly trust him and you wanted a reason to vanish. We could use this as the reason why we need to hide for a while. It wouldn't hurt him if he knew what we were doing and it would stop him from looking for us.'

"Yeah... that might work, but I don't know if he can do that." Thomas stated, leaning back and slowly leaning back before taking a seat on a near by rock. Suicune just followed him and took a seat herself, her head on his lap.

Thomas just thought it over for a few, before nodding though and pulling out his pokedex. While it was still getting a weak signal once again showing its worth and value, Thomas didn't think it would make a proper call. "We'll have to head to Hamlin Island for a proper signal, or maybe Cinnabar Island though."

'I can ferry you to another island.' Suicune smiled some as she rested beside Thomas, before turning her head towards Mewtwo. 'I have seen you floating when you removed yourself from the wreckage of the metal castle, but can you fly?' She asked.

'I can fly as I desire.' Mewtwo stated.

'If you would stick close to my side, I can easily guide us to a deserted part of Hamlin Island. There, Thomas can arrange for us to be protected in his care.' Suicune smiled.

'And you are sure that they will not come after me?' Mewtwo asked.

"Some always will, but you still can't judge all humans by the same actions. There are good humans and bad humans, and lots of humans just trying to get by and live a life that they desire. It takes a group of humans to change human ways, but they've been doing that since they were first born. There are times of war, and times of peace. There are times when they hate each other, and times when band together to help people they have never even heard of before. But pokemon are the same. Tribes and different species can love and hate just the same, and take advantage of the weak, or band together and help everyone around them. Humans have just learned to live every where, so they are common." Thomas explained rubbing Suicune's ears lightly, getting a nice murr from her.

"I said already that I won't defend the bad ones, but I will show you that there are more good ones than bad ones. It might just take a while because the bad ones have no choice but to group up with each other or the good ones wouldn't let them stay bad. Will you give me the chance to prove my words?" He asked.

Mewtwo just remained silent for a few, before nodding some. 'Very well... I will give you this chance.'

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