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This story was inspired by the "Mango Vines" comic by tierafoxglove Now this story does not involve said Mango Vines but a little something I called: "Midnight Crown". Thanks for the inspiration. =D

Summary: An-Yan and Kylen, the "Ninebreon Brothers", venture to a large fruit orchard similar to 'Lane Packing" in Fort Valley GA. They find that there is not normal part to the "garden" than they let on about.

Story/Plants is © aynblackfox
An-Yan and Kylen Rosewood © aynblackfox
Copy/Paste from FA Post - November 17th, 2010 05:06 PM

Warning: This story contains, bondage to a degree, tentacles and "suggested incest" between two Umbreon brothers one of which is male-herm.

Wait....there is not gender tag for dual-sexed characters? DOH!

  1. Chapter 1 (7842 words)

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