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Victini's Love by kolofox


Chapter 14

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokemon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

Storm before the Calm

Roaring wind and crashing waves thundered around the teen's ears as his powerful arms propelled him through the storm racked seas. Behind him, his Vaporeon powered through the rough water while a girl held fast to the harness she wore.

"We're nearing one of the Whirlpools!" a Suicune howled from atop the waves, "Swim towards me!"

Arthur and Aqua both corrected their course towards the legendary Pokemon, but as they neared Aurora a huge shadow casted over the pair.

"Rogue Wave!" she roared. The massive wall of water crashed into the trio; Nicole felt her hand slip free of the harness, but before the chaotic current could carry her away a powerful arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her to the surface.

"Nicole! Are you alright?" she heard.

"Ye... yes!" the changed Pokemon gasped. Her response invoked a trill whistle from her mate as he held head above the churning water.

"Come on Nicole! You can still swim!" Arthur commanded as the Suicune howled in response to the whistle.

"I don't see the Vaporeon!" Aurora yelled.

"She must still be under! Take Nicole, get her to the Islands!"

"What! You're not coming with!?" the changed Victini balked.

"Aqua's not strong enough to fight the whirlpool I must go help her!" the trainer yelled, "I'll meet you at the Islands!"

Nicole was about protest when her mate quickly kissed her just before diving down.

"Hurry and grab my mane, these seas are too rough for me!" the Suicune urged.

Deep below the surface Aqua struggled in the chaotic currents as she neared the massive funnel of the Whirlpool, and despite all her struggling she couldn't fight the pull of the vortex. Arthur fought the same currents as he neared the writhing Vaporeon hoping to pull her towards the surface where they could at least stand a chance against the rough seas. The water type was just about to give up hope when a powerful hand grasped her harness.

"Vapo?" she turned to see the smiling face of her trainer. He began kicking against the current to pull them both away from the whirlpool but his efforts were in vain as the vortex pulled them ever closer to the. Arthur scanned the water for a way to escape their fate when his gaze was drawn to the base of the whirlpool where it emptied into a sharp undersea cliff. He tapped the Vaporion's side and pointed to the base of the maelstrom; she nodded before she flicked her tail towards the cliff.

The trainer kept kicking to stabilize the water type as Aqua propelled the pair into the hole where the whirlpool funneled into, but as the tunnel stretched deeper into the cliff Arthur's lungs burned with the need for fresh air. Sensing her trainer's need the Vaporeon twisted around to grip the teen's shoulders with her paws as her powerful tail pushed them faster towards the tunnels end, but the shoot kept twisting and turning until it ended in a dead end.

"Vapo!? Vaporeon!" Aqua cried as she smashed into the bolder in an effort to move it. Arthur suddenly pulled the water type back to place his glowing hand against the cold surface of the rock and loosed his entire aura in a force palm. The bolder cracked as it was sent rocketing into a small hollow of calm water; sensing the changed in current spurred the water type to push for the surface of the stilled pool. She stole a quick glance back down where she saw a second hole draining away the water the original brought in. A quick shudder brought her attention back to the struggling teen where his breath failed him; she quickly launched for the surface holding tightly to the unconscious trainer.

Her hopes fell as she neared the shore of the pool; blood oozed from Arthur's hand and he did not take breath.

"Vapo?" Aqua cooed once they were on the rocky shore, but when she moved to listen to his heart he coughed up a lung full of water.

"ugh..." Arthur groaned as he slowly sat up, "That hurt."

"Vaporeon..." the water type sighed in relief.

"Where are we?" he started before wincing from the pain in his hand.

"Ow..." the teen sighed as he regarded his bloody hand, "well it doesn't look as bad as it feels; how are you Aqua?"

"Vapo," she cringed when the trainer touched the twisted harness.

"You got some pretty nasty bruising no doubt from being tossed around in that tunnel, but fortunately nothing broken," he observed as he cut away the bindings, "I only have a few basic potions with me but they should help dull the pain."

"Vaporeon..." Aqua sighed as the teen set to work soothing the deep purple marks left by the journey through the water way.

"Athur!" Nicole cried out to the frothy sea.

"Nicole relax, I saw how strong of a swimmer he is, and he had Aqua who was also no slouch to swimming," Aurora soothed.

"I can also sense his life force, though I cannot pinpoint where he is I know that he is alive and well," the Mismagious added, "However this beach is no shelter from this storm, we must make refuge with in the cave,"

"Don't worry I know those caves, it connects all the islands together," the Suicune placated, "So we're bound to run into Arthur eventually."

"O...okay, fortunately Indigo knows teleport so once we find Arthur we'll be able to escape without having to brave the storm again," the changed Pokemon added.

"Heh well while were searching for him do you mind me asking you how the Glaceon lose his leg?" Aurora asked.

"Jack? A Hydreigon bit it off, why?"

"Really? I thought he made that up," the Suicune mused, "regardless I find him to be... attractive, I was hoping to get some more insight into him..."

"He's... well very loyal... as a friend, but whimsical in bed," Nicole sighed, "however as of late I haven't seen him flirt with any of the other Pokemon I know he's into; Ninetails and Flarions are his favorites, but it's almost like losing his leg tempered him somewhat."

"Is he any good in bed?"

"How would I know!? I've only ever been with Arthur," the girl balked.

"Well how is he?"

"he's... he's, that is none of your business," she blushed.

"Thanks Namiko that feel's much better," Arthur sighed as the Riolu finished using her Pulse heal on his hand. His other Pokemon watched from afar as he wrapped his hand in gauze.

"No problem master," the little fighting type smiled.

"I wish you wouldn't call me master,"

"But you are my master, because you're teaching me aura," she hugged.

"Ow..." the trainer cringed, "I guess I got knocked around in that tunnel as well."


"No it's okay, just a few bruises, I've honestly had worse," Arthur placated as he returned the hug, "Now I am too weak to use aura sight..."

"Oh aura sight is easy," Namiko smiled just before she closed her eyes, "gah!!!"

"What's wrong!"

"Something big..." she pointed to the far wall where water spilled in from some deep source. Arthur closed his eyes to use his own aura sight, but all he could see was a massive silver aura emanating from behind the water fall. He quickly abandoned his sight when he felt the onset of fatigue strike him, "Everyone get behind me,"

"Now don't be alarmed, I mean you no harm," a voice boomed from behind the wall of water; a great white bird emerged from behind the curtain of water, "I am Lugia, and this is my sanctum."

Arthur remained silent as the bird alighted before the teen.

"Come now lad speak up, what brings you here?" the legendary asked. The trainer felt a small pressure press against his mind for brief moment, "Ah I see that you are not only trained in
aura but in will as well."

"How long have you been watching me?" he finally asked.

"Since your arrival, but my question still stands,"

"I seek Ho-oh,"

"What would make you think that he is here?" Lugia laughed, "he is a bird of Fire, and this... this is a sea cave, you will not find him here I am afraid."

"I have been told that you might have something that will aid me in calling him... a rainbow wing," Arthur explained.

"Ah and who if I may ask told you this?"

"A Suicune, named Aurora,"

"I see, she is so much like her mother... if a bit worldly,"

"What do you mean?"

"We all have our vices, hers is a want for carnal pleasures,"

"So she's like a female Jack," the trainer chuckled.

"Glace!" the ice type protested.

"Heh, sorry Jack I couldn't help it," Arthur laughed, pulling the three legged Glaceon into a hug.

"Hm, that jocularity will serve you well," the legendary mused before its expression darkened, "Why do you seek Ho-oh?"

"I seek his counsel... and I..." he started.

"You've lost someone..."

"... yes, a friend..."

"Know this... all those touched by Ho-oh's power are forever changed, but it is up to him whether to grant it or not," Lugia sighed, "you've heard correctly I do possess a rainbow wing,"

The trainer waited in silence as the water bird turned back to the waterfall to retrieve a single feather that glittered like the rainbow. As Arthur reached for the feather Lugia pulled back, "I want you to promise me that you will not attempt to harm nor capture Ho-oh."

"I promise," he vowed. The great bird lowered its hand-like wing granting the teen with the shimmering feather.

"Thank you," Arthur bowed, "heh all I need now is direction on how to get to the north island."

"Directions won't be necessary," Lugia smiled as he gestured to the cave's entrance where a red haired girl entered followed by a Mismagius and a Suicune.


"Arthur!" she cried; running to catch her mate in a hug.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Aura barked.

"Tampering with my earpiece," Dimitri replied nonchalantly as he tinkered with the tiny device, "I'm hoping to listen in on the general communications of Team Plasma, maybe garner anything usefull."

"Well I have your food here for you; provided you have a secret for me," The Lucario sighed.

"You're a bitch," he muttered.

"That isn't a secret!" she growled.

"Fine... let me think here... shortly before I left, I heard tale of an expedition heading out for the Relic castle,"

"How does that help me?"

"Ghetsis is still looking for the locations of the Light and Dark stones, but this recent expedition was aimed at locating the chamber that Arthur and Nicole fell into,"

"We knew he would look Dimitri, That doesn't help us,"

"Uh..." the Man tried; raising his hands in frustration, "damn it... I told you about N right?"

As he dropped his arms back onto the table the tiny earpiece crackled to life.

"... gation is almost complete, the Light stone is confirmed to be in the relic castle but we are still trying to find reference to the Dark stone," it crackled.

"What of the operation at Wellspring?" another voice asked.

"We just finished exhuming the Lucario's body; it will be delivered to the castle within the week..."

Aura stood with in the tiny shack trembling with shock.

"No..." she breathed.

"Good, master Ghetsis will be pleased, if that trainer with the Victini thinks he can just cross us he has another thing coming."

"YOU BASTARD!" the Lucario screamed; her wrath turned to the silvered haired man, "WHERE! Where are they taking him?!"

"V... Victory road... there's an old castle underneath the mountain, Ghetsis has been retrofitting it with technology... labs and such..." he stammered as the fighting type held him aloft, "t... the castle is too heavily guarded... you would never be able to get in let alone escape with a body..."

"They said Captain's body will arrive at the castle with in the week, they're at Wellspring cave, we are at Nimbassa, now if they head take the path through the Black City they will pass right in front of the forest," Aura spoke with a cold intensity.

"First that shipment is going to be guarded by the triad, second what if they take the path to Driftveil City," Dimitri warned.

"We'll make them take the path to the Black City, all we have to do is raise the Driftveil draw bridge for a day,"

"Okay and how are you going to do that..."

"My apologies Miss Aura, but we can insure the bridge is up or at least appear up to the shipment, we'll make sure they pass by Lostlorn forest," A Zoroark spoke from outside the shack.

"Thank you Takae, and your fine, go speak to Pako I'll need a few Zoroarks to back me up on this,"

"I'm coming with you, I know the Triad and I know their poisons; I can create antitoxins to safe guard you." Dimitri asked

"How? You have no supplies," the Lucario huffed.

"Heh, three days' worth of supplies..." he paused to pry up a few boards, "I have enough dried pecha berries here to make an antidote just in case one of us gets stuck by one of the triad."

"You've been saving your rations?"

"Of course, in case I had ran out of useable secrets,"

"I see, I'll have to tighten your belt," Aura mused.

"I can't belive you found the Rainbow wing!?" Nanako balked as she regarded the shimmering feather.

"It wasn't easy but we did manage it, all I need now is the clear bell." Arthur nodded.

"Very well..." the Kimono girl bowed. She left only for a few moments, and when she returned she held a large polished brass bell, "All I ask is once you have concluded your business with our lord; you return the bell and the wing."

"I understand, you cannot risk these items falling into the wrong hands," the teen nodded as he accepted the bell.

"Before you go however I must ask, how long is your stay here in Jhoto?"

"Helen?" Arthur turned to his mate's protector

"We can remain here for another month before we must move onto Sinnoh." The ghost answered.

"I see, as compensation for retrieving the wing, I wish to impart some knowledge of aura," Nanako offered.

"What can you teach me?" the teen asked.

"Your aura is shallow yet intense, we can teach you greater control, how to expand your aura, and most importantly precision,"

"That would seem helpful but I've expanded my aura as much as I could, and I'm practicing control every day,"

"Oh and what of the burns on your hand?"

"A moment of desperation nothing more,"

"What do you mean 'desperation'?" Nicole asked.

"A bolder was in the way I had to move it, let us just leave it at that okay," Arthur placated.

"No what do you mean desperation!?"

"Aqua and I couldn't fight the current we had to go down into the base of the whirlpool, a bolder block the way and..."

"Vapoeron," the water type added.

"Your harness got caught?" the girl's expression lightened.

"Vapo," she nodded.

"I see, you better be more careful next time," the changed Victini warned with her fist.

"Yes dear..." Arthur sighed.

Aura waited couched in the overgrowth next to the road; her eyes closed as she scanned the passing cars, searching for the residual aura of her mate's body.

"I think I see the truck," Dimitri observed.

"Shall I stop traffic?" A Zoroark asked.

"Yes," She growled; opening her eyes to the white van that held Captain's remains.

Yikes haven't had to write one this short in a while, but as you can all tell something big is going down next chapter sooooo... see you next time
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