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Victini's Love by kolofox


Chapter 13

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokemon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

Live and Let Love

A dark-haired trainer hurried to the Pokemon Center with a red-haired girl and her Mismagious following close behind, and with an urgent hand he hammered on the closed door to the center.

"I'm sorry but we are closed till morning," a tired nurse answered, "unless it's an emergency..."

"Ma'am I'm Arthur Kiles I was the one who called," he explained.

"Hmf, you wasted your time; it's the off season if you haven't noticed, and there are hardly any trainers out on the road," Nurse Joy huffed, "Now why did you need this lev... holy shit she has wings..."

"Now do you see why I asked for privacy," Arthur remarked as he pulled the coat from his mate's shoulders.

"I've heard of the legendary clause but I've never seen it go into effect, what is she?"

"A... a Victini... and it's a long story to as why she looks like this,"

"What's wrong?" the nurse asked as she led the trio into the center. Helen hovered close to her charge's ear for a moment before departing for the restroom.

"Her estrus is too early, and I want to make sure it isn't anything serious,"

"When is her usual estrus?"

"It usually starts around the fifth of November and again around April, but right now she's about a month early,"

"And have you given her any contraceptives?"

"I usually take her to get a hormone shot to end it early," the teen nodded.

"I see, and one last question is she sexually active?"

"I... I am, Arthur is my mate," Nicole squeaked.

"I see, luckily I am one of the few Nurses that won't report your kind of relationship,"

"Even then I do have Diplomatic immunity," the trainer sighed.

"What are you talking about?" the changed Victini asked.

"Johto and Kanto both passed laws the ban Pokemon/human relationships,"

"No to mention that those laws also severely restrict Pokemon rights," the woman added, "fortunately I and a few other nurses are currently lobbying for Pokemon rights."

"That's good, anyway politics aside I am still worried about Nicole."

"Ah yes; now because she is sexually mature and active I'm going to do some basic blood work and a pap smear, I do have a theory in mind but the tests will confirm it," the Nurse explained.

"What's a pap smear?" the Victini asked, "I've heard Aura complain about getting them but she never told me about it beyond that."

"A pap smear is a collection of the cells from the cervical opening, it's an early warning test done for uterine cancer," she explained, "usually it's wise to schedule annual exams after reaching full maturity,"

"Okay... is it painful?"

"Not usually," Helen added as she returned, "I have spoken to my lord and he has informed me that, regardless of her form she is still a Victini, but because she is still a Pokemon she may have come in contact with an oval charm."

"That plays a part in my theory, any effect brought on by an oval charm will show up in the blood work," Nurse Joy added, "Now then have you come in contact with any small pink stones in the past week?"

"There were quite a few breeders getting on the ship back in Virbank City, perhaps one of them had an oval charm," the trainer observed.

"Then I wouldn't be surprised if all the sexually active Pokemon on that ship are pregnant now," the woman huffed.

"Oh dear... then I will need a pregnancy test for a Cincinno," Nicole sighed

"Oh no," Arthur chuckled, "well it wouldn't be the first time,"

"Okay first it will take me a little bit to process the pap smear but your blood work has come back... what is going on is what many breeders call a false heat as you may noticed the lack of blood," the Nurse explained, "It's nothing serious, and you haven't ovulated yet,"

"What about the cramps, and..." Nicole blushed, "being horny all the time,"

"The increase in Libido is a normal reaction from the oval charm as are the cramps, now it you had kept mating without protection it would have resulted in ovulation and pregnancy,"

"Okay so we just steer clear of breeders and we should be fine," Arthur added.

"Actually the oval charm was only part of it; some Pokemon who have infrequent estruses will start adjusting their own cycles to increase the chance at producing offspring. This is more commonly observed in migratory fire and poison types. You are one of those Pokemon Nicole."

"You mean I would have gotten pregnant without the oval charm?" the Victini asked.

"Yes but that would have taken a lot longer, the oval charm simply sped it up. You were with a viable and fertile mate, and your body responded in kind; I am guessing that Victini's are very rare and as such every met must yield offspring," the Nurse theorized, "But given the fact that you two are not looking to have a child yet I am going to prescribe a mild contraceptive to help alleviate some of these symptoms, but once your true heat starts you are going to need something a lot stronger than this."

"Okay," the changed Pokemon nodded, "Oh and what of Joy's test?"

"Heh too early to tell, but the oval charm did have an effect on her," she chuckled

"Nicole, aura is a lot more sensitive than a test," Arthur sighed.

"Oh... and what did you see?"

"She's going to have to sit on the sidelines for a few weeks,"

"I will admit that wasn't the most comfortable feeling in the world," the Nicole grumbled as she followed her mate to a small ornate theater.

"She did try to warm it up," the trainer laughed.

"I know, and I will say this; she was very gentle," she shrugged before stepping through the sliding door; held open by her love. The teen heard a sharp gasp after Nicole entered and when he entered he surveyed a shattered tea set and a dark haired beauty dressed in a kimono.

"Oh... oh my...," she gasped, "you... you've been touched by Ho-oh!"

"Hey now let's not get too hasty here," Arthur tried, but the girl quickly dashed from the lobby.

"Child of Ho-oh! Child of Ho-oh here in the theater!" they heard as doors and shrieks sounded throughout the building. Soon four kimono clad girls gushed over the Nicole as she held tightly to her mate, but the clamor quickly fell quiet when a fifth Geisha entered.

"Ladies she is not a child of Ho-oh, and I doubt she has even met our lord. The power you see in her is that of a weakened Victini, while born from Ho-oh's power, centuries have marked their power as their own," she explained, "Welcome... miss?"

"Nicole," the changed Pokemon smiled, accepting the hand offered by the beautiful woman.

"And you must be her guardian?"

"Uh yes, Arthur Kiles ma'am, former champion of Unova," the trainer nodded shaking the geisha's hand as well, "How did you know?"

"You are not the only one trained in aura young man, but we practice honing our senses and perfecting the art of movement, after all this is a dance theater,"

"I see, but alas you know our names but we do not know yours,"

"I am Nanoko, and these are my sisters, Sayo, Zuki, Kuni, and Miki," the eldest introduced, "Now what bring you two to the Kimono Dance theater?"

"I seek an audience with your lord Ho-oh," Arthur answered.

"Then you seek the Clear bell then,"

"I do, but I do not seek to capture him, merely ask for wisdom,"

"And a means to resurrect someone you have lost," Nanoko sighed, "That is business left to our lord, but I am afraid that your search may be in vain. You see our lord hasn't been seen since Ethan conversed with him over ten years ago, and after he defeated Red atop Mount Silver he vanished never to be seen or heard from again. You see Ethan had the Rainbow wing when he vanished and I know not of where you can find another one."

"Is there no other way to summon him?" the trainer asked.

"The only other way is to find Suicune; she was the closest to our lord, and if you wish to pursue this quest, then start at the burnt tower,"

"Tell me his end game," Aura asked; her lithe form leaning against a nearby tree that jutted into the small clearing.

"Who's endgame?" Dimitri sighed.

"You know who's, your master Ghetsis," the steel type growled.

"He is not my master remember, I got kicked out,"

"Regardless, what are his objectives?"

"Control the world," the disgraced ninja shrugged.

"How, why, and what does it have to do with Nicole,"

"First of all she is simply an object of great power, an opportunity so to speak. Second I know not why he wants to control the world, perhaps he lost someone or something, or simply a scheme of a power mad trainer, and third he hopes that his son is the hero of Ideals and will be able to revive and control Zekrom the dragon of Ideals," Dimitri explained.

"Use a legendary Pokemon to control the world, force everyone to conform to his Ideal world."

"Basicly," he shrugged, "Now can I get my provisions?"

"hm, you really think you can fool aura sense with lies... foolish... you can go another week without food," the Lucario huffed with a shake of her head.

"Wait!" the ninja gulped, "He needs her return Kyurem to his true glory, once Zekrom and Reshiram have been revived he intends to steal her power to fully resurrect the true dragon of kings, with power enough to challenge Arceus himself."

"She would turn hu... she would be severely weakened then," Aura corrected.

"No it would consume her body as well as her power," Dimitri remarked.

"Food is in the hut," she growled before she vanished.

"Thank you... bitch," he chuckled before touching his hand to his hidden radio, "I have a secret to tell you..."

"DAMN IT!" Aura screamed; smashing her fist into a nearby tree causing a huge crack to sunder the huge oak.

"How can I be so STUPID!" she punctuated with another punch

"Mama?" cooed a small Riolu, "are you okay?"

The enraged Lucario continued to smash the tree until it fell in a splintered heap, where she fell to her knees and cried

"No sweetie I'm not alright... I have done something terrible." She wept, "I told him, I told him what happened to Nicole, they know now... I put Arthur and Nicole in danger because I didn't kill him..."

"It's okay mama, Arthur won't be mad; he'll understand," Dart soothed.

"I know he'll understand, it's just he's in more danger now because of me,"

"Just go back and tell him not to tell make him promise," Morgen added. Aura looked to her daughter eyes wide with revelation.

"Go back to the manor; mama's going to head this off before that man tells his friends,"

"I've already told you I'm not telling you until you lift that death mark of my head!" Aura heard from the clearing.

"Good he hasn't told them yet," she whispered to herself

"Dimitri, care to explain to me who you are talking to!" the Lucario roared as she stormed into the clearing.

"Aura!" the ninja shrieked, "I... I can explain!"

"Start talking NOW!"

"They have a death mark against me because I refused Hara-kiri, if... if I deliver them useful information they would leave me alone," he cowered under the frightful glare of the fighting type.

"Do you think they would honestly leave you alone after all you have told me?" Aura growled; lifting the man by his tattered shirt. Despite her smaller size Dimitri felt the raw power course through the solid limbs of the Lucario as her crimson eyes bore into him.

"They would honor their word," he tried but to no avail as he felt himself thrown across the clearing.

"You are nothing more to them than an inconvenience that may turn into an opportunity, and the second they have your throat in reach they will not hesitate to tear it out regardless of what you have done to placate them," the Pokemon advanced.

"Honor, is core to their belief... before Ghetsis took over, theft... murder... I just followed orders, too blind to see that the true triad followed his orders even against our founding beliefs."

"You are a dead man either way unless you can keep your usefulness to me," Aura growled, "and all I see right now is a sniveling coward, show an ounce of courage and give me that radio,"

Dimitri gulped before the towering Lucario before he reached into his mouth to rip free a false tooth which hid a transmitter, "here..."

"Smash it!"

The man hesitated only for a moment, but a final glare from the steel type spurred him to slam the fragile tooth against a nearby rock.

"Good, you will stay here until I can think of what to do with you, and if you ever think to contact them again..." Aura paused to place her paw against a nearby oak. Dimitri watch the Lucario simply flexed her arm against the tree and a sharp crack echoed through the clearing, and when she lowered her arm he saw the deep impression left by her paw.

"I will not hesitate to kill you,"

Arthur sat in the heart of the ruined brass tower; eyes closed in concentration as he scanned the surrounding area with his aura sight.

"Well do see anything?" He heard not far from where he sat.

"No, Nicole nothing, Suicune must not be here or he is hiding," the teen replied as he abandoned his aura regard his mate with a tired look.

"I'm going to stop for today, don't want to pass out again from aura exhaustion," Arthur yawned, "by the way you very sexy like that,"

"Oh, and what if I just...did this?" she smiled as she unbuttoned her shirt; exposing her creamy white chest and leaving only a black lace bra to protect her modesty.

"Heh you're wearing the sexy one," he mused.

"Well this bra isn't going to undo itself," Nicole teased. The trainer smiled at his love as he made his way over to the camp they stayed at, and swept the changed Victini off her feet.

"Are you all hot and bothered," he smirked as he laid her down next to the small fire. Arthur carefully undid the knot that held the coat around his mate's waist and pulled off her jeans.

"Hey now don't go leaving me the only one without any clothes on," she huffed, before she began pulling at his own pants and shirt.

"But I see that someone is ready," Nicole smirked; noting the tent in Arthur's trunks, "but, I might need some... encouragement,"

"Say no more my love," he cooed as he traced his hand over her smooth flat stomach and down to her panties, "Second time's the charm..."

"Don't tease,"

"Perish the thought," Arthur smiled before he leaned in to kiss his mate while his hand slipped into her panties. Nicole gasped when she felt her soft flower caressed by the teen's hand.

"You're already soaking wet," he remarked.

"And whose fault is that, getting me all hot for those smooth abs, strong shoulders, powerful arms..." she sighed tracing her fingers over the teen's athletic form.

"That tickles," the trainer chuckled as he moved down to slip off the panties; reveling her dripping sex. He returned to his discarded coat to retrieve a small foil packet as he tugged his trunks down to release his hardened member, and with careful hands he opened the condom and applied it to his length.

"Are you ready?" he asked teasingly.

"Oh shut up and fuck me already," she snapped; wrapping her legs around his waist.

"I don't know if I should, with that foul mouth of yours I think I should just..." he started before Nicole suddenly rolled; catching him off guard and leaving him flat on his back. The look she gave him made his heart skip a beat as she settled down onto his member, "I said don't tease."

"But teasing gets you so hot," Arthur whined, "and besides I am far from helpless on my back."

The Victini squeaked in surprised when the teen suddenly thrusted up.

"That's not fair..." she moaned before she fell forward onto her mate's chest, bracing for the coming orgasm that was building in her loins. The trainer paused when he felt the Victini bite his shoulder as her sex clinched down on his member; her juices readily flowing around his length

"Ha... ha... that wasn't fair..." she panted as she recovered from the afterglow of her orgasm.

"How about you take it at your pace," Arthur offered stroking her arms, "all though it did hurt when you bit me,"

"Good..." Nicole breathed as she regarded the red bite mark that adorned his chest, "but now it's my turn to make you cum,"

"Do your worst," he smirked

"I'll bite you again," she threatened, "and I'll draw blood this time."

"Yeah if you want me to go soft," the teen warned as he sat up to give attention to her breasts that were still trapped by the lace bra. Nicole huffed as her mate undid her bra with one hand and with the other he reached down to give her ass a playful squeeze, "or if you keep sitting there I'll think your one orgasm is enough."

The Victini shoved the trainer back from her own chest; her smoldering glare returning to still the teen, "Don't tease a psychic type Arthur."

"Uh-oh," he gulped as her eyes briefly glowed purple, he could feel his body tingle with a bizarre sensation, but that didn't even compare to the sensation he felt from his member. Nicole moaned as she bounced atop his length; her power doubling the pleasure she felt while the trainer felt his own orgasm quickly approaching. She finally cried out with her second orgasm while her mate grunted from his release.

"My, my, that was quite the show," a blue furred Pokemon smirked as it casually walked into the camp. Nicole shrieked as she tried to pull her unbuttoned shirt down to cover her crotch, while Arthur simply pulled his coat to cover both himself and his mate.

"Glaceon..." Jack apologized

"Greetings, I am Aurora, and I hear that you were looking for me," the Suicune introduced before the pair.

"Jack, keep her busy while Nicole and I get decent," the trainer sighed.

"Take your time, I am patient," the legendary beast smirked.

"Report," Ghetsis grumbled.

"Report? I am not one of your cronies Ghetsis, and any information I give you will come at a price," came the reply from the other side of the phone.

"Name your price then." He growled.

"One million pokedollars,"

"Fine, provided your information is useful, now speak!" the man barked.

"Well it pertains to the trainer you are looking for, what's his name... ah yes Arthur Kiles, I might know where he is and what he is doing."

"You better keep talking or I will send my triad to coax that tongue of yours." Ghetsis threatened.

"Whoa easy now, I defiantly don't want a visit from your puppet ninjas, Arthur is in Johto and he is seeking Ho-oh, although I don't know why."

"I see, and was there a girl with him?"

"Yes, red hair and blue eyes, she seemed to be his girlfriend,"

"So that's what happened to her..." the man murmered.


"Oh yes, thank you for your services."

"Wait what about..." the voice protested before the line was silenced by the team leader.

"Gorm, return to Wellspring cave and recover the remains of the Lucario," he announced over a simple radio.

"Yes my lord Ghetsis," came a reply.

"If you intend to resurrect your dear Lucario you're going to have to come to me," the man chuckled; he remained in his ornate office musing over the day's victories when the door to the office suddenly flew open.

"Sir! We managed to excavate the room Arthur and his Victini fell into!" the Grunt panted.


"It's a huge mirror, it's almost like a shrine of some sort, and we might have found clues about the location about the two dragon stones!"

"Take me there,"

"So the Rainbow wing is in the Whirl Islands," Arthur remarked as he looked out across the sea.

"Yes under Lugia's guard," the Suicune added

"So across those choppy waves, into unpredictable currents and possible bad weather," Nicole gulped before a flash of light drew her gaze to her mate, where he fitted a simple swimming harness to his Vaporeon's small frame.

"Don't worry, Aqua is a strong swimmer she'll make sure you'll be alright," he explained.

"What about you?"

"I'll be fine; I'm a stronger swimmer than Aqua, no offence,"

"Vapo," the water type chuckled.

"And I am stronger yet, if either of you two get into trouble I shall be close." Aurora added, "And we must get going now, for I feel a powerful storm rolling in."

"Then let's get going," Arthur nodded.

Well sorry about the delay but chapter thirteen is finally done, had some difficult parts I had to work through, thanks for hanging in there.

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