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Victini's Love by kolofox


Chapter 17

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokemon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.
Day after Yesterday

Alone atop Mount Silver a Suicune wept upon a pile of soft snow where she and a Glaceon enjoyed each other's company many nights ago.

"Aurora, what ails you my child?" A great golden bird asked.

"Ah my lord, what, what brings you here?" she sniffled.

"An errand from my lord. It seems that there are powerful forces gathering at the birth place of the world."

"What does that have to do with me?" the water type asked.

"I need you to run to Mount Coronet and offer my presence there," Ho-oh explained.

"What's going on at Mount Coronet?"

"Something that has caught the attention of our lord Arceus, beyond that I cannot say."

"So all I have to do is show up or something?"

"In a matter of speaking," the golden bird nodded. "Just follow what you feel is right."

"Alright," Aurora agreed.

"You must hurry however, for time is short."

"How are you feeling my love?" Arthur asked as he helped his mate off the gang plank.

"We are never trying it on a boat again," she groaned.

"Agreed, and we'll be flying home," he shuddered.

"Good, and when we do get home, you are going to settle down."

"Aw but..."

"Arthur, I've had enough scares these past few months to..." Nicole was cut short when her mate kissed her.

"I'll think on it okay? But we have to finish this," the teen paused to produce a tiny glass phial filled with a living fire, "for Aura."

"What about Kids? What if you get hurt or worse?" the changed Victini choked. "What if..."

"Let me set something up so we can live in comfort. I can open a school or apply to become a professor."

"And a family?"

"Of course Nicole, if you want we can try for a kid."

"Not yet, I'm not on my heat. Give me some time."

"I must pass on a warning before you two start going at it like wild Bunnary. The route to Mount Coronet's summit is treacherous, and if you are with child it will be far more dangerous," Helen advised.

"I'm no expert, but now that I think about it Mount Silver was pretty difficult. Maybe we should wait until we're at home." Arthur added.

"But..." Nicole started.

"Look, if you do get pregnant and something happens that causes you to miscarry, you might not be able to get pregnant ever again," The Mismagious warned. The Victini was about to retort when the ghost continued. "It's why I can't get pregnant."

"I... I..." she tried as tears started to leak from her blue eyes when her mate pulled her into a close hug.

"Nicole I love you, and I want a family with you, but now isn't the time to be rash," he cooed wiping her tears away. "Besides we already got a pregnant mother-to-be. Joy's litter is due any day now."

The remark brought a small smile to the changed Pokemon's face.

"I suppose a little practice wouldn't hurt," Nicole relented, granting her mate with a soft kiss. "Now can we get of this cold ass pier and get to the center?"

"Ha ha, yeah it's cold. Hey Helen how long do we have?" Arthur asked as he led the small group off the pier.

"Ten days before we have to be at..." she started when a sudden tremor thundered through the small port town.

"What the hell was that?" the teen exclaimed.

"I'd wager we'll find out at the pokecenter," Nicole observed as a steady throng of trainers massed toward its doors.

"We join you now from outside of Lake Valor where Team Galactic has reportedly set off some sort of bomb which drained the lake of all water," the reporter spoke.

"Why would they do that?" a Trainer asked.

"Should we do something?" another spoke.

"I've tangled with them a couple of times, but I lost my starter to one of their grunts," A naysayer interjected.

"I would be best qualified to take them on," Arthur muttered.

"This doesn't concern us, the events that are unfolding have a conclusion," Helen whispered.

"Attention everyone!" an authoritative voice cut into the rabble. "In light of recent events we are placing a travel restriction to insure everyone's safety."

A collective groan sounded throughout the crowded center as the trainers turned to the woman that stood in the entrance. Arthur waited for the inevitable questions from the concerned trainers to die down before approaching the woman.

"Excuse me, how long will this restriction be in place?" he asked.

"As I've said this restriction will be in place for as long as necessary," she huffed, annoyed at the repeated question.

"You and I both know that this is an investigation, you're looking for anyone with ties to this team galactic," the Unovian whispered. "All I ask is that my record be kept secret."

"Why," the official asked suspiciously.

"There are unfavorable parties abroad that are looking for me, hence my being here."

"I see , may I inquire who you are so I may conclude this as quickly as possible?" the woman sighed as she led the Teen and his small accompaniment to a secluded room.

"My name is Arthur Kiles, and I am the Former Champion of Unova."

"May I see your trainer card?"

"Yes," he nodded handing his license over.

"I see, thank you," the Official nodded handing back Arthur's card. "I will admit, it wouldn't hurt to have someone of your skill to help with this situation."

"Tempted as I may be, this is something I cannot involve myself in," the trainer declined while gesturing to the red haired girl that accompanied him. "I am fixing to retire and my team isn't at its strongest right now."

"I understand, Arceus be with you."

"Min, Minccino!" a young baby Pokemon cried.

"Sh, sh don't cry. Arthur! Where's that bottle!?" The Victini yelled as she cradled the crying normal type.

"Here you go my dear, and please don't yell, you're scaring the her," he cajoled, passing a bottle of formula while he held two tiny Pokemon. Nicole took the bottle from her mate and offered it to the Minccino.

"Oh sweet Arceus that's better," she sighed as the tiny Pokemon suckled greedily from the bottle's nipple.

"Okay I admit I'm not quite ready for having one myself," the girl chuckled. "But they are cute once they quiet down."

"Agreed, though I think mom's going to get Indigo a vasectomy," Arthur sighed.

"What's that?"

"Um...he'll get sterilized. Besides, Joy's not going to be able to keep having litters like this."

"Aw so no more..."

"I think she's full Nicole." The trainer observed as he gestured to the squirming Pokemon.

"Oh!" she gasped pulling the bottle away. "Sorry little one."

"Go ahead and hand her back to her mother, I got these two asleep." He cooed. The changed Victini gently handed over the baby Mincinno back to Joy and proceeded to flop onto the bed.

"Why was Lily's kid so much more..." she paused.

"Quieter?" Arthur finished. "Lily's a Gardevoir and very maternal."

"Cin," Joy huffed.

"Not saying you aren't, but Lily cheats a bit with her telepathy," the teen placated.

A soft knock sounded at the door before the nurse let herself in.

"Ah and how is the new litter doing?" she greeted with a smile.

"Just finished feeding them," Arthur replied.

"Ah good, their blood work should be back by the end of the week," The Nurse beamed.

"That's good," he nodded before he remembered a small detail. "Oh any news on the travel restrictions?"

"They've just been lifted a few hours ago,"

"Excellent, my girlfriend and I wanted to go up to Mount Coronet for a date."

"Not the most traditional date site but it is refreshing to see such a young couple with a sense of adventure," She nodded. "Well, the young ones look healthy so I'll take my leave."

"Oh, before I go I should suggest that you pick up some flares. Blizzards are frequent on the route to the mountain base," the Nurse turned.

"I'll do that, thank you," the trainer smiled.

Arthur waited for the nurse to leave before turning to the Mismagious.

"Can we make it in four days?" he asked.

"We must, the portal to the reverse world will not remain open for long," Helen explained.

"Could we make a quick detour to Lake Acuity?" Nicole asked.

"Why?" her ghostly Guardian asked.

"Uxie is the being of knowledge. She might have knowledge on how to turn Arthur into a Victini," the changed Pokemon enlightened.

"Can we afford it Helen?"

"It's on the way but we cannot tarry for long," the Ghost huffed.

"Understood, we will leave in the morning," Arthur concluded.

"Brr, it's colder than our trip through the Moor of Icirrus," Nicole shivered.

"Yeah it's pretty cold, and judging by those clouds I'd daresay it's going to snow," Arthur observed.

"The weather report said there is a chance of a blizzard later this evening." Helen added. "So I suggest we keep the visit to Uxie as short as possible."

"Glaceon," Jack nodded.

"Agreed, a cave is better than a tent," Arthur sighed. "But if we wait out the blizzard in Acuity cave, we'll set out as soon as it dies down."

The Group neared the entrance to the lake but a sense of unease soon fell upon the party.

"Something doesn't feel right, where are the other Pokemon?" the trainer observed as he climbed the short rocky wall that protected the lake. "Oh, by Arceus's golden mane what happened here..."

"What are you... whoa..." Nicole balked as she crested over the cliff. Before the dumbfounded group the vast lake stretched out entirely frozen with an unnatural ice.

"How is this possible?" the Mismagious gasped. "Something is indeed wrong."

"You think?" Arthur and his mate said in unison.

"No something spiritual, something evil. We should move on."

"Is it something like rouge Cofagrigious?" Nicole turned.

"Perhaps, and if it is this close to Snowport, people are in danger," The teen assessed.

"And Uxie is in there, she may be in trouble."

"Yeah, Jack you're on point. Nicole, your hand doesn't leave my shoulder," Arthur commanded. "Helen..."

"You can't be serious?!" the Mismagious hissed.

"Helen, something like this cannot be ignored, whatever this is we have to deal with it," the trainer growled. "Now you watch our backs."

The Ghost fell silent as the party slowly entered the cave at the center of the lake while the tripod Glaceon led the way. Thick columns of ice decorated the cave but there was no sign of Uxie.

"Arthur, there are things in the ice," Nicole gulped. True enough when the trainer gave a closer look to the columns of ice, the frozen gaze of a terrified trainer stared back.

"Froslass, this is a trophy room," he assessed.

"Are there any that are still alive?" the Victini asked. Arthur closed his eyes and extended his aura sense, but the action was fruitless as the only aura he could see belonged to his mate and Pokemon.

"No, nothing. This Froslass is both fast and gluttonous," he sighed. "I think I see her in the lower tunnels."

"Namiko..." Nicole started.

" too young. Jack knows shadow ball and is immune to sheer cold." The trainer interrupted.

"What are you going to do to this Froslass?" Helen asked.

"If she backs down and permits capture, then I'll turn her over to the Sinnoh government. If not, then she'll fight to the death."

"So her life is forfeit either way," the ghost growled. Arthur spun on the Mismagious with fury clear upon his face; he counted aloud the number of pillars that dotted the large cavern.

"I guarantee that one has a trainer that is less than ten years of age," the trainer finished. Nicole quickly interjected herself between the two, forming a pink shield to hold her guardian at bay. She firmly planted her other hand on her mate's chest.

"Please! We're getting antsy with such a dark presence hanging over us, we'll settle this later," The changed Victini pleaded.

"You're right Nicole," Arthur nodded as he relaxed.

"Nicole, please refrain from using your powers. I know that your strength is slowly returning, but you are still too weak to be effective in a battle," Helen sighed as she too relaxed. "And Arthur I'm not advocating her, I believe she should face Giratina for this."

"Fros-a-lass, Fros-a-lass," sang a chilling voice. "Froslass."

"She's here," the Mismagious announced.

"Oh, a Taboo! Speaking English in the midst of humans," the Ice type spoke joyfully in near flawless English.

"I am a servant of Giratina, it is permitted," Helen retorted.

"Hm... I grow weary of you already, but I find your human company to be most intriguing," the owner of the voice sighed. Arthur felt an immeasurable chill course though him as the ghost fazed through his chest.

"Oh what is this tiny little trinket," the Froslass mused as she held a vial of living fire.

"Hey!" the trainer yelled.

"Ah ah ah, one mustn't yell at one's host," she turned. "I think you need some time to chill."

The trainer jumped to the side to avoid the wave of pure cold launched from the ice type's hand. Where the attack struck, blooms of razor sharp ice sprouted, cutting him off from the rest of the party.

"Abomasnow, deal with the others," the Froslass commanded. "I'll deal with the... invigorating boy."

Arthur instinctively touched his hand to the quick release on his belt but to his surprise thick ice held the pokeballs shut.

"So we don't have any uninvited guests," she smiled cruelly while a shadow ball formed in her hand. The trainer exercised his reflexes yet again as he dodged the volleys of shadow balls that the Froslass launched at him. He caught a glimpse of a tunnel leading farther back into the cave, seeing his chance to escape the ghost.

"Such a fascinating collection you have," Arthur panted. The Froslass turned to the pillars with a smile.

"They are lovely, soon you will join... what?" she balked as she watched the trainer dive for a tunnel, "Ho ho! Such a naughty boy! You want to see my private collection."

Nicole watched helplessly as the ghost gave pursuit to her mate, but her own problems came to light as a pair of lumbering Abomasnows entered the cave.

"This is bad kid," Jack spoke.

"May, Indigo," she summoned.

"Nicole, have Indigo use sunny day. It'll keep them from summoning up hail." Indigo didn't need the order as he formed a ball of brilliant light and tossed it into the ceiling of the cave. Helen quickly assaulted one of the snowy giants with a blast of intense fire, while the Smeargle and Mienshao attacked the other.

"May, distract him! Indigo flamethrower!" The Victini ordered. The Mismagious quickly fell one of the Abomasnow, but despite the weakness and boosted fire moves Indigo struggled to harm the second ice type.

"Indigo fire blast!" Nicole pleaded, but her command came too late as the giant lunged though the fire and snatched the Smeargle in a crushing grip.

"Helen! Get Indigo out of there!" the Mienshao yelled as she jumped onto the back of the final Abamasnow. She wrapped her whips around the head of the giant and pulled with all her strength. The Mismagious managed to phase the normal type free of the grip, but the damage had been done as blood gurgled from his lips. Seeing her friend and teammate clear of the ice-type's grasp, May twisted her grip. A sickening crack echoed through the frozen cave.

"This is going to hurt Indigo," Helen grimaced as she phased her hand into the Smeargle's crushed chest. Nicole's stomach turned as another bone snapping pop sounded through the cave as Indigo's ribs were set back into place.

"Now this is going hurt," she gulped as a purple aura surrounded the pair. Helen screamed as she felt the same pain the Smeargle felt.

"There... his lungs are healed." The Mismagious coughed.

"But your lungs," Nicole started.

"I am fine," Helen wheezed. "But your mate is in trouble."

"Indigo, can you teleport us to Arthur?" she asked.

"I, I can Miss Nicole, just give me a moment to concentrate," the Smeargle gasped.

Arthur ducked and weaved down the narrow tunnel as he tried to use his aura to thaw out one of his pokeballs.

"Run! Run my sweet little morsel!" the Froslass jeered, her attacks driving the teen into a larger room decorated with frozen statues of trainers.

"Oh god," he paled as he skidded across the slick ice.

"Oh, they're just a few of my favorites from my old lair," the ghost chimed.

"I'm not joining them," Arthur declared as he snapped a pokeball from his belt.

"Release whoever is in that ball and watch me shatter them," the Froslass growled, her jovial nature lost to the threat. The trainer reached into a pocket of his large white coat and pulled out a long red cylinder with a small button at one end.

"Oh, a trick?" she smiled.

"No, it's a road flare." Arthur glared as he smashed the button against his leg and chucked the lit flare at the Froslass's face.

"Ah hot!" the ice type shrieked as the flare briefly blinded her with its intense red light. Seeing his chance the trainer released the Pokemon contained within the ball. The Zoroark roared as he was released, which spurred a reflexive ice beam from the ghost. The blow caught the dark type in face knocking him out in one hit.

"Lupen!" Arthur gasped as he caught the dark type. He quickly ducked behind a statue and cracked open a revive to wake him back up. Blood and ice clung to his face as the trainer quickly sprayed a hyper potion on the wound.

"Look at me! How many fingers am I holding up?" he asked while the Froslass still recovered from the flare.

"Yeah I can see, son-of-a-bitch that hurt." The Zoroark groaned as he clutched his right eye.

"I smell a revive you naughty boy," the ice type sang. "I'll make sure I spear it in the heart."

"Use your illusions, I'll draw her fire and you hit her, everything you got straight to her head," Arthur whispered.

"Alright," Lupen gulped as he wiped his left eye of the melted ice that trickled from his fur. The teen leapt from the cover confident in his Zoroark's illusion to keep him safe. Ice beams struck around him as he ran but as he tried to turn his footing gave way on the slick ice just as an ice beam exploded in a bloom of ice. An icy spike dug into his leg breaking the illusion placed on him.

"Ah there you are," the Froslass glared. "Right there's a good spot for you."

"Now Lupen!" Arthur yelled as he watched the ghost readied several large spears of ice. Time slowed to a crawl as the attack rocketed towards the ghost, but to the horror of both trainer and Pokemon the ball of boiling dark energy never found its mark as it whizzed in front of the Froslass's face.

"Aiming for me?" she turned, "I'll deal with you later."

Nicole appeared in the middle of the room with Helen, Jack and Indigo who she quickly returned. The changed Victini saw the Froslass about to deliver a fatal blow to her mate and instinctively dug her cleats in and ran to place herself between the ghost and trainer; she formed a bright pink shield.

"Nicole no!" he yelled, but the shield held as the spears of ice smashed into the barrier.

"I got you," she turned with a smile, but the protect faulted with the final spear. Arthur watched with terror as the smile melted from Nicole's face, replaced instead with pained shock as she fell back.

"Nicole!" Arthur screamed as she landed upon his prone form. Tears leaked from her eyes as her gloved hands clutched the icy spear that protruded from her chest.

"Oh god! Stay with me Nicole!" her mate pleaded.

"Ho, ho ho ho! Now this does make for a better pose!" the Froslass jeered.

"You dare defy our lord and harm one marked by his protection!?" Helen roared.

"He is your lord, not mine."

"He is the lord of all ghost, now face his wrath!" the Mismagious declared as she created a portal directly to the distortion world. Great golden tipped claws formed from the portal as she pulled the now terrified ice type into the distortion world.

"M-Master Arthur I-I'm sorry if I hadn't missed..." Lupen cried once the portal closed.

"Kid chip out Namiko's ball," Jack instructed as he created an orb of energy, his words only understood by Lupen. "She's still a Pokemon so this has to work."

The Glaceon merged the wish into the Victini's injured body. The warm energy did little to heal the wound in Nicole's chest as Arthur carefully removed the icicle.

"Got it," the Zoroark gasped as Namiko's ball popped free into his paws. He shakily released the Lucario hoping her pulse heal could help save the changed Pokemon.

"Oh no, what happened?" the fighting type balked.

"Namiko now's not the time for questions, just help," Jack pleaded.

"A-alright," she nodded. Namiko lit her paw with a pink aura and began pouring her energy into the wound.

"This-this isn't working! She's slipping!" Arthur wept.

"Wait, Yoshi's mask has a Jirachi wish!" Lupen recalled.

"You're right!" the trainer looked up to the Zoroark. He reached into his coat and produced the golden mask etched from the wish maker's power. Helen returned from the distortion world with the aid of a new portal. She carried with her the vial of living fire taken by the Froslass.

"Remember Arthur, wishes are volatile. Just remember to have a goal in mind," the Mismagious heard the Glaceon instruct while the Zoroark translated.

"I wish for her body to be restored," Arthur spoke as he pressed the mask to the open hole in Nicole's chest.

"No you fool! Her body isn't her natural form!" Helen screamed.

"What!?" the trainer balked, but he soon realized what the ghost had said as Nicole's form began to shrink back into the form of a Victini.

"No! No, Nicole wake up!" he cried as he tried to shake the Victini awake. "Please wake up."

Okay so um yeah see you all next chapter

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    Reviewer: jireh
    Date:May 11 2015 Chapter:Chapter 17
    Right now, that theme of family only gets so tense up until the end of this chapter. And the fact that wishes are so volatile, I think this might make things even more disastrous as a normal victini. Just maybe, this victini is not so immortal anymore.

    All Nicole wanted was to be Arthur's wife and start a family. That is really sweet. But so far, your story is the only Victini and Human romance story that stands out for me due to the fact that the relationships built overtime in your stories almost feel like ever changing. I hope this story gets completed in some way.
    Author's Response:
    Actually Nicole was never Immortal, by her own admission in chapter 3 just simply long lived which would add to the drama concerning the fact that Arthur is human and a human's life is a flash in the pan in contrast (unless your Ash then you stay perpetually ten forever)

    Also don't worry the ending will be appropriate to the story but it isn't for a while yet.