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Victini's Love by kolofox


Author's Chapter Notes:

lets just say things are heating up for our favorite former champion.

Chapter 5

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that may also include Lemons. I do not own Pokémon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read.

Fire and Ice cream

“Okay guys, looks like it’s still light out, but since it’s still light out lets go get some Ice cream,” the teen said to his team as they neared the end of the three mile long bridge.

“Ice cream, Ice cream, I want ice cream!” the Chatot screamed hopping about excitedly.

“Oh no, no sugar for you little bird,” the Lucario scolded folding her arms

“Aww,” he pouted landing forlornly on Arthur’s head

“Now, now Aura he can have an ice cream cone,” Arthur replied petting the small bird that sat upon his head.

“Yay!” Pete beamed as he set about to fly around his trainer’s head, and earning a nasty glare from the Lucario.

~ What about getting you a new coat, I thought that we would pick that up as soon as we got here, though I won’t mind a Pecha cone, ~ Arthur heard within his head knowing it was from his Victini.

“You guys come first,” Arthur replied sternly, “plus I’m pretty sure the clothing store is closed by now. So am I to assume the usual for everyone?”

There was a uniform agreement from the team save for the Chatot, who was confused by the prospect of the ‘usual’ flavor.

“Don’t worry Pete you can come with to pick your favorite flavor, but just to be sure with everyone else; Jack gets a mint cone, Link gets a Lime cone, Aura gets a Bulk cone, and Nicole you get to come with to help me carry six cones of ice cream,” the trainer supplied.

“I’ll help Link to the Pokecenter,” Aura added, hoisting the seventy pound weasel onto her back with ease.

“Alright I’ll meet you there, and could you also reserve a room for us as well.” He finished as he went in the direction of their favorite Ice cream parlor with Nicole and Pete in tow.

“Now then Jack, Link what were you two talking to Nicole about?” the Lucario asked the two Pokémon.

“Uh… nothing,” Jack replied.

“Just… uh… about our new team member, Pete,” Link added hastily as he clung tightly to Aura neck.

“Right because talking about the Chatot warrants blushing,”

“Ah well I um… might have told a dirty joke,” the Glaceon nervously explained.

“Oh is that all, do share,”

“What! No, hell no it’s not for present company,” Jack replied gesturing to some of the younger Pokémon they passed by.

“Now Jack since when has young Pokémon ever stopped you from telling one of your famously lewd jokes,” the Lucario jibed, “Which means you don’t have a dirty joke in mind. What caused Nicole to blush I wonder.”

“Aura it was a private conversation, so quit trying to ferret out what was said,” the Floatzel snapped

“Oh you didn’t,” she balked, “Do you want her to get hurt?”

“No, but she deserves to find love just like everyone else,” Link retorted

“Plus there’s more than one way to have sex, but you’re too much of a prude to realize that,” Jack finished, “Captain came to me begging for ways to better please you in bed, since you wouldn’t let him broaden his horizons.”

“Excuse me,” Aura spun on the Glaceon nearly throwing the Floatzel from her back, “How dare you, How DARE you drag Captain into this.”

“WE gave her advice, advice that you yourself enjoyed,” Jack continued matching her intense glare with one of his own, “you shouldn’t inter…”

“ahem, before we come to blows, let me remind you two that there is more to love than just sex,” Link interrupted, “as far as I’m concerned they’re already a couple.”

“And let’s add in the fact of how many Victini’s have you seen, I have never seen another save for Nicole,” the Glaceon retorted as they neared the center, “Now what’s done is done, so can we wait for some ice cream.”

“Ugh, Fine,” she huffed setting the Floatzel down in one of the lobby chairs, “but they better not try anything while I’m present.”

Three waited for Arthur to return with the sweet confections in silence after Aura signed for a double room. The Trainer soon returned burdened with four large cones of Ice cream with a Victini carrying two; idly licking at a conspicuously pink one.

“For some reason I figured you would be sensible enough to get him a small cone,” the Lucario said to the teen as Nicole set the large green ice cream cone before the ecstatic Chatot.

“Don’t worry its sugar free ice cream and sunflower seeds,” he replied as he watched the tiny bird dig into the frozen confection, “plus any sugar high that results from this would result in a bigger sugar crash.”

“You have a point,” she sighed taking the almost black cone from her trainer with a weak smile, “At least you got my favorite flavor,”

“What kind of trainer would I be if I forgot my Pokémon’s favorite flavor was Bulk berries,” the teen defended as he passed out the remaining cones leaving him with his vanilla cone, “Alright guys once your done and or full go get checked out by the nurse, I’m going to call home, let everyone know that we made it to Castilia.”

All the Pokémon agreed before continuing to enjoy their deserts before diner. Arthur excused himself from the group with his cone, and headed to the video booth. He punched in a familiar number into the dial and waited for the call to connect.

The video’s screen snapped from static to reveal a portly man, “Hello? Ah, Arthur my boy, how are you doing?”

“Hey George, is my mom available?” the teen asked coolly.

“You know I wish you would call me dad,”

“Not a chance old man, but you do have my respect,”

“Gee thanks son, you know you were a pain in the
ass when I met you mother just as you are a pain my ass now,”

“Yeah and I’ll remain a pain in your ass until I move into a place of my own,”

“Not for a few years, but your taking that damn ghost with you,”

“Hey leave Yoshi alone he’s a wonderful guard thing, but with all respect I would like to see my mom, see how she’s doing,”

“I’m here son,” a woman in her mid-thirty’s replied as she entered the view of the video screen, “I see that you are in Castilia, judging by the large ice cream cone in your hand.”

“As sharp as ever mom,” Arthur replied with a massive grin, “how’s everyone doing?”

“Oh their doing fine; Lily’s doing a fine job taking care of Dart and Morgan, Yoshi’s worried as ever but he’s helping with corralling the rambunctious Riolus, and your sister is due back any day now she’s already got her fifth gym badge, but she taking a break for the holidays,”

“That’s good to hear, how’s Cloud doing,”

“He’s been depressed, but we harvested the last of his garden to cheer him up,”

The teen laughed, “I bet you’re sick of squash by now. Well I should only be a week out so I’ll be able to see you guys soon, but I’ll have to restock on supplies,”

“Isn’t tomorrow yours and Nicole’s anniversary; are you going to do something special for her like you always do,”

“Of course mom, I’ll set out for Desert Resort the day after tomorrow.”

“Oh I wish you wouldn’t travel that route on foot, especially when your team is not at its strongest,” She worried

“Don’t worry mom I’ll stay out of Relic Castle, but if the sandstorm does force me to take refuge in there, Yang will there to me keep safe,” the trainer placated

“I know,” she replied forlornly before noticing the bandage on her son’s hand, “What happened to your hand kiddo?”

“hm, oh this it’s just a burn I got from handling some hot ash from the fire pit this morning, it’s no big deal,” he lied, “anyway it sounds like my team’s done with they’re checkup, see you at home.”

“Okay son love you bye,”

“Love you to mom, bye,” and with that Arthur ended the call turning to his team who gathered behind him.

~ Thank you Arthur, ~ the Victini said giving her trainer a hug.

“No problem,” he replied returning the gesture, “So what’s the news.”

~ Link’s got his stiches removed, and the nurse said we could start his hydrotherapy at any time, ~ she replied sounding hopeful.

“That’s great,” the trainer beamed looking at his Floatzel who was now seated in one of the center’s wheel chairs, “are you up to it Link?”

The Floatzel nodded vigorously causing the wheel chair to shake, “Well let’s go make an appointment then,”

“There’s no need to make an appointment,” the Nurse informed from behind the reception desk, “We already have a booth set aside for him,”

“Well Link shall we go,” Arthur asked moving toward the Floatzel’s side.

“Floatzel, Float, zel, zel,” he replied shaking his head briefly.

~ He said that we should go have fun while he goes though therapy, ~ Nicole translated

“Oh… you sure,” the trainer asked. Link nodded before blushing, sneaking a glance over to the Audino that was making her way over to them, “Ah I see you’ve been sweet on her ever since you first met her. Just keep it clean; I don’t want any little Audinos on my doorstep okay.”

“Don’t worry sir I know how to prevent myself from getting pregnant,” the Audino replied in near perfect English completely unfazed by the boy’s remark. Link flushed an even deeper red as the Audino took him though one of the back doors.

“Well uh… okay then.” Arthur blushed at the brazen attitude of the Audino, “Uh guys are you up to visiting the pool if it’s still open.”

“Y…yes our pool remains open until eleven,” the Nurse replied just as shocked at her Audino attitude, “A... and don’t worry about your Floatzel, once he’s done with his ‘ahem’ therapy we’ll feed him and help him to your room.”

“Well guys we have a few hours want to go get something for dinner and afterwards we can go a swim,” he asked his team. They all agreed as they followed the trainer down to the concession window to order dinner,

“Now remember we all have to wait thirty minutes before we can just dive in okay.”

“Says the person who almost drowned in Undella bay after downing an entire hero sandwich,” Aura remarked dryly as she picked at her fish and chips, still full from the ice cream.

“Well then I speak from experience,” Arthur replied, “by the way this burger is amazing, I can’t remember the last time I had a good cheese burger.”

~ Well you have been living off of wild berries and trail mix for the past month, ~ the Victini reminded as she nibbled at a small carton of fries, “how are the seeds Pete?”

The tiny Chatot chirped weakly as he pecked at the small dish of seed set out before him; his head was starting to droop from his overly full belly. The teen gave Nicole a perplexed look as she spoke in her native tongue almost as if he could understand her for a brief moment.

“I think he’s about to crash,” the trainer added returning to finish his burger, “I’m going to go relax in the sauna for a little bit while I digest,”

Arthur excused himself from his friends and headed for the changing room his swim trunks in hand.

“Uh hey Jack if you want you could finish my fries I’m still full from the ice cream,” Nicole asked the Glaceon before floating after her trainer.

“Uh yeah… sure,” he replied looking at his unfinished meal and then to the Victini’s nearly untouched fries, “I think I need a to-go box,”

Nicole tailed her trainer into the sauna after he changed into his trunks, “Okay I can do this,”

She entered the steam filled room, and found it to be practically deserted with only Arthur and herself occupying it. The Victini turned instinctively turned invisible when she saw her trainer reclining on one of the wooden benches, his toned physique wet from the steam. The sight of her trainer’s glistening form made her quiver with anticipation as she slowly made herself visible.

~ Uh hey Arthur, ~ she squeaked out as she sat next to him.

“Oh hey Nicole what’s up,” he asked startled, “shouldn’t you be on the girl’s side.”

~ I wanted to see if… how your shoulder is doing, ~she asked nervously wringing her hands.

“Oh its fine, you shouldn’t worry about me,”

~ Arthur please, I know it was bothering you when we reached the center, ~

“Okay, it just a little stiff from the run,” he huffed, “it just needs to loosen up, one of the reasons I’m in here,”

~ You know I… could give it a massage if you like, ~

“Alright Nicole you can massage it,” Arthur sighed and gave a gentle smile before rolling over on the bench giving the Victini access to the injured shoulder. She gently floated over, and alighted on his back giving gentle pressure to the visible knots that lined his right shoulder blade. Nicole could see the slight depression left by the brace he wore making a faint figure eight in his skin, but she diligently worked her small hand over them until they were no longer visible. Arthur felt the small digits of his Victini work loose the knotted muscle giving him great relief, but as she worked he couldn’t help but feel a small measure of discomfort from his loins.

“Damn it,” he thought to himself as he tried to force his thoughts from his current predicament.

~ Okay I’ve work out as much out as I could, ~ She said floating up off of her trainer and landing before him. Arthur opened his eyes and pushed himself up right testing his shoulder, “hm that felt pretty good thank you.”

Nicole got a sly smile as she glanced at Arthur’s growing predicament, ~ Now it’s my turn, ~

“Wha… but your so…”

~ So what, small; just be gentle okay, and pay attention. I’ll let you know if you’re being too… rough ~ she said turning around and floating back; landing on his crossed legs.

“O…okay um where should I start,” he asked nervously, fearful she might discover what his blue trunks hid.

~ Start with my ears, they’re very sensitive so be gentle, ~

“A…alright,” the trainer gulped as he gently took each of her ears in his hands rubbing them gently from the base to their very tip. The action nearly made Nicole swoon as she felt her heart hammer in her chest, and causing her toes to curl with every sensation from her ears alone. As Arthur continued his ministrations he felt the tiny fairy heat up adding to the already warm atmosphere, but he persevered reveling in the sounds the little Victini made.

~ Mm… that’s too good, move down please… shoulders next, ~ Nicole murmured lying forward. Arthur silently shifted forward to better service the prone Victini; moving his hand lazly down to her shoulders, and bracing himself with the other.

“I never knew your ears were so sensitive,” he stated, “or that rubbing them would illicit that kind of effect,”

~ Give it some time and you’ll find something that’s even more sensitive, ~ she dreamily responded.

“What do you mean by that?” Arthur asked almost lost to the heat of the room.

~ Nothing, keep going, ~ the Victini corrected. the teen nodded as he continued his gentle treatment of her tiny shoulders; occasionally he would trace her spine with a light stroke of his finger, earning a long purr and slight shiver from her tiny form. His head swam in a stupor as the ambient temperature continued to increase, “Nicole it’s so warm I… I can’t think straight,”

~ Keep going, your… you’re doing a good job… lower please, ~ she cooed

“Keep talking it… it helps me focus,” Arthur panted as he worked his hand lower over the small of her back and wings.

~Mm… alright what’s on your mind? ~ She asked feeling the teens hand gently work one of her wings.

“What’s your favorite color?” He asked already knowing the answer.

~… blue, ~ she replied turning over to peer up at him with her brilliant azure orbs, ~ it matches my eyes, ~

“You do have lovely eyes,” he replied leaning closer, captivated by her gaze.

~ I know, but you stopped, continued please, ~ she urged stretching before her trainer.

“But what could I rub without offending you,”

The Victini gave an annoyed huff, pulling the teens hand to her stomach, ~ my belly. ~

The trainer nodded with a soft smile rubbing the soft fur of the Victini’s tummy, “I had thought this was demeaning to you.”

~ Arthur I need to tell you something, ~ she purred ignoring the comment.

“What is it that you need to tell me,” he asked leaning closer drawn in once again by her gaze.

~ Actions speak louder than words, ~ she replied softly pulling her trainer closer, until she could place her tiny hands on his head.

“I… I love you,” she breathed before pressing her lips to Arthur’s,

“Lucario used ICE WATER! It’s Super Effective!” Aura shouted.

‘Insert evil laugh here’ nuff said.
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