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if I say anything spoilers will abound.

Chapter 6

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that may also include Lemons. I do not own Pokémon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read.

Out of the fire and into the pan

“HOLY SHIT!” the trainer howled as a torrent of ice cold water splashed into him, “Aura what the Fuck!”

The Lucario stood there with an empty bucket in hand glaring at him and the Victini still in a suggestive position,

“opps I guess I slipped with this bucket of ice water I happened to be carrying, I guess I have to go get another for nurse joy.” She smirked sarcastically making her exit from the sauna, “oh and I would advise against doing that in the sauna,”

Arthur straighten himself quickly holding the Victini at arm’s length, “uh I was just giving her a massage,”

“I see so you were just giving her a tongue massage then,” she added folding her arms.

“Uh wait a second, Nicole um why did you kiss me?” the trainer asked the Victini still held at arm’s length

~err, um… why not? ~ She mareepishly responded as she tried to wiggle out of the teen’s grasp ~ you seem to need it, ~

The trainer stared blankly caught off guard by the her comment, “Uh… okay, but a kiss on the lips carries a deeper meaning okay,”

~ Okay, ~ she replied meekly, ~ I’m sorry, ~

“It’s alright, I kind of enjoyed it,” he admitted, “now Aura would you mind telling me exactly why you doused Nicole and I with ice water,”

“I tripped,” she stated flatly, “but I seem to have misplaced my bucket, where could it be?”

“In the pool… the deep end of the pool,” remarked the three legged Glaceon that sat outside of the sauna.


“Yes?” he asked innocently.

“Either you go fetch the bucket, or I’ll shove an aura sphere up your ass,”

“Oh I’m very sorry, but I can’t swim very well with three legs.” He replied smiling.

“Fine I’ll go get a bigger bucket,” she huffed.

“I don’t think that is needed,” Arthur placated turning to the Lucario, “besides how many times did you kiss Captain in front of me,”

Aura blushed, “okay I admit I’m a little guilty of PDA but it’s perfectly acceptable for two Lucarios to kiss in public, but a trainer and his Victini?”

“Granted we’re a little mismatched, but to counter that how many times have you seen trainers kiss their Zoroark, or Lucarios.”

~Or Gardevoirs,~ Nicole added

“Even then it’s a rare occurrence,” Aura bit back, “and they have some semblance of commonality.”

“I’m not trying to advocate those people, but please stop trying to condemn Nicole for a harmless little peck,” the trainer defended, “besides what if I told you my father was a Smeargle,”

The Lucario blanched at the thought, “I… I think I’m going to be sick,”

“Joking, I’m joking,” Arthur laughed, “besides if I was half Smeargle I think I would have more artistic ability.”

“That is Not funny,”

He laughed heartedly, “You worry too much Aura, besides do you think dousing a person with ice water is funny.”

“I suppose not,” Aura sighed as she sat down next to her trainer, “I’m sorry for the ice water.”

“It’s alright I forgive you,” Arthur soothed pulling the Pokémon into a strong hug, “you are my starter, and possibly the strongest Lucario I have ever
met, that Sinnoh Champion what’s her name can suck it.”

“Hey aren’t you forgetting about someone,” the Victini protested, floating up between the trainer and Lucario to join them in the hug.

“We won’t forget about the omnipotent fairy with abandonment issues,” Aura laughed pulling the Victini into the hug.

“Aura… how are you doing,” the trainer asked after a little while. The Pokémon pushed out of the joint embrace, “Arthur I… I miss him, I… I’m doing alright.”

“Aura please I’m not stupid, now would you please tell me the truth,”

The Lucario choked under the gaze of her trainer, “I’m sorry… I… I can’t,”

The trainer watched his Lucario break down fully, “Aura… I… I understand, if you want I can call Lily down and she can teleport you home,”

“No… no, I… I’ll stay… I’ll stay with you through Desert Resort,” she finished, “I’m sorry, I know you mean well, but I need a little time to myself once we’re home.”

Arthur smiled meekly; reaching over to place a comforting hand on her shoulder, “you’ll get through this, I believe in you.”

“I’ll try,” the Lucario sniffed, accepting the touch from the trainer, “it’s your strength that reminds me of him, it’s why she loves you.”

“I know… wait what,”

“Nicole, he may think he can take on the world but he can’t, watch out for him,” she continued directing her attention to the paling Victini, “Now enough of this somber mood okay tomorrow is your day with him but try not to get into his pants right off the bat.”

“heh I guess the skitty’s out of the bag,” the tiny fairy giggled nervously disregarding the Lucario’s comment

“So that’s why you kissed me,” Arthur interjected slyly

~yes,~ she squeaked out

“Actions speak louder than words,” He recounted, still holding her in embrace, “I think we should try that kiss again.”

~ You’re not mad? ~

“Why would I be mad? As I said I did enjoy it,” the teen leaned in closer to the blushing Victini, “it’s an honor to be loved by you, and I’m more than happy to return that love.”

“Oh shut up and kiss me already,” she snapped tackling him in a passionate kiss

“Arthur your showing,” Aura remarked dryly

“Opps,” he managed to gasp out, before fixing his shorts, “sorry, might want to wait until we have less of an audience Nicole.”

“Yeah I don’t want to give Jack any free shows,” she replied letting her trainer up, “and I’ll keep it under wraps in the room for you Aura.”

The Glaceon gave a bark of indignation from outside of the sauna. The three of them laughed at the obvious embarrassment of the ice type before falling into an awkward silence.

“Nicole why is it that I can understand you without you using telepathy?” the trainer asked after a while.

“Lily explained it once to me; generally telepathy is easier for a psychic type to use, but when said psychic type develops a close enough bond with their trainer they gain a kind of… synergy,” the Victini explained, ~ I mean I can still communicate with you through telepathy if a conversation needs to be private but right now it’s not needed. ~

“Well that explains that, but I think I like your voice better, it’s so pretty,” he gushed, “unfortunately I can’t stay in here much longer, I feel like a poached egg,”

Arthur rose from the bench and exited the sauna; leaving the two Pokémon behind, “I’m going to go cool off in the pool,”

“I’ll join you in a bit,” the Victini replied.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” the Lucario remarked before Nicole could retreat from the sauna.

“I do; but without you there, Link’s paralysis, and Jack’s injury it’s going to be a lot tougher to keep him safe,”

“You could always pressure him into settling down, or to build a new team,” Aura offered.

“Heh I wouldn’t mind making a few new friends,”

“I can see it now, nothing but male Pokémon you approve of,” she joked.

“Hey I’m not that bad, I would want a few girls around to chat with, but only after I’ve gotten Arthur…”

“You’re not alone just yet, and he may want to wait until after he has far better privacy, I mean he is pretty shy even around you. I think that was the first time he actually relaxed that much around us,”

“I think I might have had a hand in that, but now I’m curious about tomorrow,”

“He’ll probably take you out on a date,”

“Perhaps, but where there are so many romantic places he could take me,”

“I think that’s supposed to be a surprise,”

“Oh fine,” the Victini huffed, “I’m going to join Arthur you coming with?”

“Nah I going to stay here for a little bit; the sauna’s actually feeling really good,” Aura answered leaning back into the wall.

“Okay but you may want to hop over to the girl’s side, but it would be pretty funny if a boy suddenly walked in on you,”

“Right, don’t want to embarrassed the poor boys who walk in on a wet female Lucario,” she replied, earning a giggle from the Victini, “though I could imagine how embarrassing it would be to walk in on you two whilst in the middle of your… exertions,”

The grouped soon had to retreat from the pool on the account of it closing for the night, but Arthur did manage to retrieve the bucket from the deep end at the behest of the nurse; before she chased them all up to their room.

“I will permit cuddling and kissing tonight, but if I hear a single noise vindictive of anything more than that I will start pelting the both of you with aura spheres,” the Lucario warned as she retrieved a bottle of shampoo from Arthur’s bag.

“Here that Arthur we can…” the Victini started before getting plucked from the air by her wings and dragged into the bathroom, “hey Aura what’s the big idea,”

“I’m simply enforcing the no sex rule you and I will bath together and Arthur and Jack will bath after us,” the Pokémon replied, “besides you don’t want your fur to mat from all that chlorine,”

“Great I get to take a cold shower with mister frosty,” Arthur grumbled as he watched the two female Pokémon enter the bathroom; the Glaceon looked to his trainer forlornly and whimpered an apology, “it’s alright Jack, five years of taking cold showers I’ve gotten used to it,”

Arthur’s wait was interrupted by a gentle knock on the room’s main door, “sir, Link is here; he’s finished with his therapy for today,”

“Alright you can enter, I’m decent,” the teen replied solemnly

“I would if I could sir, but I do not have a key,”

“Okay I’m coming,” Arthur got up from the bed and opened the door, revealing a wheelchair bound Floatzel and an Audino tending to him.

“Hello sir I’m sure you recognize me but my name is Isis, and if you won’t mind can I please travel with you; with Link in such a condition it will be difficult for him to visit Castelia on a regular basis,” the Audino spoke in near perfect English

“I understand, you want to settle down with Link, but is Nurse Joy okay with it?” the trainer asked.

“She is, she knows of my relationship with Link and feels it would be best if he had a personal…” she paused looking for the right word.

“I’m glad Link is in good hands, he has been my friend for almost six years,” he supplied knowing the Audino was growing frustrated, “it’s not going to be the same without you buddy, but I’m sure you’re going to be very happy with Isis.”

The Floatzel nodded weakly; a few tears falling from his eyes. The pink Pokémon cooed softly comforting her mate before wheeling him into the room.

“Here is my pokeball,” Isis held out a pink and tan heal ball for the trainer, “and before you ask yes I can battle,”

“Okay, is there any questions you have for me,” Arthur asked placing the ball into his bag.

“Link already told me what happened, and that you’ve not been open about it,”

“No I have not, because I have to be strong for my team,”

“That’s not very healthy; you have to open up to someone,”

“Look I’ve made a mistake, it cost me almost my entire team. Link’s paralyzed, Aura’s grieving, and Captain’s… dead,” Arthur snapped. His outburst let lose all of his emotions he bottled up and he wept, “it’s my fault he’s… he’s dead… it should’ve been me under that rock slide,”

“You can’t change that, but you can move on,” the Audino comforted, “I’ve lost my sister to a careless mistake, I know what you’re going through but you can move on.”

“How… how did you lose your sister?”

“We were young and she paid for a prank I caused. We were both beaten up pretty badly by a Scrafty, but she… she wouldn’t stop her pulse heal. By the time Nurse Joy arrived she was so weak… she passed on before Nurse Joy could help, but she made me hold on long enough for me to get caught in that heal ball.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” the trainer lamented

“Zeeel,” Link cried offering a comforting paw for the Audino.

“Thank you Link, after I recovered Nurse Joy allowed me to work in the pokecenter, and from there I taught myself to speak English so I could better help the nurse.”

“I see,” the trainer nodded. It wasn’t too rare an occurrence for a Pokémon to teach itself English if it saw a great enough need, “it most have been difficult for you to share that thank you,”

“You’re welcome sir,”

“Arthur, please call me Arthur, I’m not one for formalities,”

“Very well then… Arthur,”

“Arthur I’m tired,” called the Victini wrapped in a hand towel as she floated out of the bathroom.

“I can see that, Nicole before we turn in this is Isis she will be traveling with us to Nimbassa,” the teen introduced, gesturing toward the Audino.

“Hi Isis,” she yawned as she floated over to her trainer to give him a quick peck on the cheek

“Your still wet Nicole,” Aura called from the bathroom

“I’ll take care of it,” the Victini answered before she handed the hand towel to Arthur. The little fairy concentrated for a minute raising her body temperature to evaporate the water that still soaked her fur.

“You two seem very close, how long have you’ve been together?” the Audino asked.

“Since today,”

“For about eight years,” the teen corrected, “we’ve been traveling together for eight years, but only recently have we gone beyond… friendship,”

“I see, I do have some experience in your kind of… relationship, if you have any questions please feel free to ask,” Isis supplied.

“I don’t think we should get too much into that right now,” the trainer yawned, “right now let’s turn in for the night,”

The Glaceon barked in protest gesturing toward the bathroom, “Right sorry Jack; we’ll turn in after we get cleaned up,”

Arthur hastily washed himself and the tripod Eevee-evolution to spare himself from the fridgid water that the Glaceon enjoyed.

“You know I’m thankful I have a fire type to warm me up from these ice cold showers I have to take with you, else I might have died from hypothermia,” he remarked dryly as he exited the bathroom with the much shinier Glaceon.

“I’m hurt Arthur,” sounded the very disdained voice of the Victini, “am I just a source of warmth to you,”

“Of course not Nicole,” the teen replied as he pulled the covers from the bed; revealing the Vicitni underneath. He leaned in to kiss the petit fairy only to be stopped by a strong telekinetic barrier.

“Then what am I to you,” she asked coyly.

“You are my friend, my love, and you are taking up the entire bed,” Arthur smirked, “and I’m freezing out here,”

“Good now give your love a kiss as payment into this nice warm and cozy bed,” the fairy teased
The teen felt the barrier recede; he obediently complied with the Victini’s wish, granting her with a passionate kiss upon her lips.

“Mm… the tithe is sufficient; you may enter my knight,” she toyed wrapping her arms around her trainer’s neck. Arthur gently lifted the Victini and slid into the bed with her still clinging to his neck, “I’m surprised you remember that game, oh great and powerful mage.”

“Shush, mage beats knight,” she murmured into his chest before drifting off to sleep.

“Heh… today’s been an eventful day,” Arthur remarked quietly, before he too drifted off to sleep.


The trainer woke to a gentle buzz from his Xtransceiver; he answered the annoying device ignoring the bright sunlight that streamed into the room, “Hello?”

“Hello, this is the Pokémon league services; I’m calling to inform you that your Floatzel has been approved for retirement on account of injuries, your current team number has been updated to 5 plus 1. Thank you and have a nice day.” The call ended abruptly leaving the room in silence. Arthur looked around in the room to see that the call hadn’t awoken any of his team. He felt his chest looking for the familiar weight from the night before; Nicole had shifted from her perch on his chest to the crook of his arm. The teen would have been content to return to sleep except his bladder made it known that it was full. He carefully extricated himself from the bed and Victini; depositing her in the middle of the sheets still very much asleep. After Arthur relieved himself he retrieved a piece of parchment and scribbled a quick note detailing where he was.

“Isis,” he said gently waking the Audino, “I need your help for a little bit,”

“Sure…,” she yawned

“Shh… Nicole’s still asleep, follow me,” he interrupted leading the pink Pokémon from the room, “Now where would you take Link to, to go on a date?”

“hm… let me think. You could take her to the Founders Park, but you would have to get permission from the gym leader Burgh first,” the Audino explained

“Wait I thought Founders Park was always accessible,”

“A small colony of Eevees sprouted up over the years, and Burgh wants them to build up their numbers before he allows large numbers of trainers in there.”

“Well lets go get going I think I know what I want to do for tonight,”

“Are we going to wake the others?” Isis asked as she followed the trainer out of the center

“There’s no need to, I left a note explaining what I’m up to, and who all is with me.”

“Won’t that cause problems with Nicole? I mean you really don’t know me aside from my relationship with Link,”

“I don’t think so, but I do need your opinion on a few things. You see I’m trying to surprise her with a few gifts, and don’t worry I’m not completely alone with you; I have Pete’s ball here,” Arthur explained pulling the Chatot’s ball from his belt and released the bird. Pete yawned for a brief moment and perched upon the teen’s shoulder still groggy from the ice cream the night before.
Nicole woke to an empty bed, “Arthur?”

“He’s out for the moment buying supplies and the ilk,” Aura answered, “here he left a note.”

The Victini took the note and read it,
Dear Nicole
I am out getting supplies for the trip through Desert Resort. Don’t worry about me I have Isis and Pete with me. Just sit tight and wait I’m bringing back lunch with me.
Love Arthur

“He’s… forgotten about me,” she started to dart about the room worrying her hands, “or… or he’s not genuinely in love with me, or...”

“I highly doubt that Nicole,” the Lucario replied, “he’s probably using the supply thing as a cover and he need Isis’s help for something,”

“Not the best choice of words Aura,” Jack added quickly, “Nicole, he also has Pete with him. I believe him to be setting up a surprise for you.”

The Victini calmed down from her fretting, “Thank you Jack; I’m sorry it’s just that...”

“Nicole, you need to trust him, and relax okay,” the Floatzel soothed, “what you have now with him is very young but, jealousy and mistrust will destroy it.”

“You’re too good at that Link,” Aura remarked.

“I trust Isis for a reason,” he answered. The petit fairy finally calmed down the rest of the way and rested on the bed, “I… I’m sorry and, you’re… you’re right, I’m fretting over…”

“Hey guys I’m back,” the trainer announced as he entered the room, “sorry I had to leave the food down in the lobby but the nurse didn’t want any food in the rooms.”

“Arthur!” Nicole cried hugging the teen upsetting the still snoozing Chatot on his shoulder.

“Hello Nicole, I was only gone for a little bit,” he chuckled

“You made me worry,” she snapped throwing her tiny fist into his chest.

“I’m sorry I made you worry, but I needed to set things up for tonight, Nicole would you do me the honor of going out on a date with me,”

The Victini was about to respond, but she was cut short by a loud grumble from her trainer’s stomach, “sounds like you skipped breakfast,”

“Eh… yeah unfortunately we all kind of slept in, so I bet everyone is pretty hungry,” he laughed in response

“Starving actually,” Aura answered, “so don’t be too offended if I excuse myself to get something to eat.”

The Lucario squeezed past her trainer and headed for the lobby with the other Pokémon in tow.

“What do you say Nicole, shall we go eat?” Arthur cheerily chimed.

“I’m sorry but when you vanished I kind of lost my appetite,” she relied meekly

“Now Nicole you have to eat something soon, else you’re going to crash before our date tonight,” he cooed, pulling her gaze to meet his, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” the Victini smiled as she lunged to embrace him in a kiss. Arthur quickly returned the kiss with equal passion pushing her back towards the bed; the two broke the embrace in need of air. Nicole had the look of pure bliss, while the teen smiled back lovingly, “have I ever told you that you are a great kisser,”

“No you haven’t,” Arthur shrugged, “but you can tell me later. Come on lets go get some food before Aura eats it all.”

“But… but,” she stammered staring at him with a hurt expression, “you… you got me all worked up,”
The teen chuckled rising from the bed, “Sorry but I don’t function very well on an empty stomach,”

“A pitiful excuse to tell a horny Victini,” she huffed,
“but I’m starting to get my appetite back,”

“It’s a terrible burden to have a stomach but we all have to tend to it,” he sighed

“Fine, but you can’t ignore your obligation for getting me all worked up,”

“My obligation?” the trainer asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes it’s your job to… tend to my needs, oh loyal knight,”

“Well let’s tend to your need for food,” he continued not missing her meaning, “maybe tonight we might be able to… indulge in more intimate activities, but until then let us go down and eat.”

“Fine but you are not escaping me tonight,” the Victini answered rising from the bed

The two made their way down to the lobby where they saw the others still enjoying the sandwiches Arthur had brought back.

“So what is it you intend to do for Nicole tonight?” Aura asked

“Well I was planning on taking her up to Founders Park for an evening picnic,”

“Oh so your taking me to a public place to prevent me from doing anything lewd,” Nicole remarked dryly

“Now don’t go get your wings in a knot, Founders Park’s been barred from general public in light of a small population of Eevees sprouting up,” Arthur countered

“I see so this perfectly innocent picnic has the potential for becoming a sexual adventure,” the Lucario replied bluntly, “why me.”

“What’s that?” the Chatot asked.

“Uh… I’ll tell you when you’re older kid,” the trainer added nervously, “anyway um what do you guys want for dinner while Nicole and I are out.”

“Ice Cream!” Pete shrieked zipping about the lobby and forgetting about his earlier question.

“Sorry kid but that was a treat, we can’t have that every day,”

“Aww,” the bird pouted

“Glaceon?” Jack offered

“What do you mean by ‘other human foods’?” he asked


“No!” came a unified cry of disapproval causing the Glaceon to cackle.

“What is ‘pizza’?” Pete asked again confused.

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