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The rise of Greed has begun and it has given towards the rise of a corrupt organization named Rebirth. Corruption now infests these once peaceful lands and the enslavement of the ones we called friends has begun its mighty course. People will pay for the mistakes they have made; whether it be through Reconciliation, or the cold steel of a blade. Rated M for Violence, Harsh Language.

Story Notes:

Rated R for the moment. May change to XXX.

  1. Prologue (889 words)

    This is a medieval-type story.

    I do not own Pokemon.

  2. Chapter 1 (1654 words)

    I don't own Pokemon.

  3. Chapter 2 (2802 words)

    I do not own Pokemon.

  4. Chapter 3 (1286 words)

    Once again, I don't own Pokemon.

  5. Chapter 4 (3890 words)

    This one's a bit longer than the others.

    I don't own Pokemon.

  6. Chapter 5 (4030 words)

    I do not own Pokemon

  7. Chapter 6 (3133 words)

    I don't own Pokemon

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