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Wings of Justice by zoroark_the_aroused


Story Notes:

So... disclaimers: The owners of all materials and phrases that are used are their owner's property; it's just been suited to serve in a slight off-shoot parody. If you don't know how the traditional means to disclaimers work (ie pokemon = Game Freak, Nintendo), then clearly you may be too young.., too unobservant, or too focus on finding legal errors to even be here.

Other then that, enjoy.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the first of three sections. I have broken them into three on purpose for reason of not knowing how the uploader will display it. Enjoy~

01 Guil-ty or not guil-ty, that is the true question.

Case #1047

Destruction of private property -> 1 count
Assault -> 4 counts
Trespassing -> (waivered)
Murder -> 1 count.

Eduardo Zenithal; owner of Burgundy Mansion

Scene of Crime:
Inside the primary suite of Burgundy Mansion/Dendemille Town, Kalos

Ash Ketchem; Pallet Town, Kanto

Weapon of Choice:
Pikachu (small Electric-Typed mouse Pokemon)

Potential Accomplice(s):
Serena; Vaniville Town, Kalos (previously Pallet Town, Kanto)

Jacob Dewley; Steward of Burgundy Mansion
Franklin Hulbert; Head of Security for Burgundy Mansion
Jeffrey Bell (hospitalized); Security Guard for Burgundy Mansion
Henry Tucker; Custodian for Burgundy Mansion

Ash was invited into the estate by Mr. Zenithal; there, they were to discuss topics about regional Pokemon tournaments. The suspect excused himself to the bathroom prior to the death; when he returned, his Pikachu was on Mr. Zenithal’s lap with blood on its maw. About that time, Mr. Hulbert entered the room on the pretense of hearing a crackle of electricity from inside the room and observing the lights within the structure flicker from a power flux.

The Pikachu discharged a shock unto Hulbert.., incapacitating him temporarily, causing the suspect to quote-unquote ‘panic upon transpiring events’. Regardless, the suspect fled on foot towards the outside of the compound. Mr. Bell was previously radioed in before Hulbert was rendered unconscious to head towards the victim’s location as means of back-up. Bell requested Mr. Tucker to accompany him due to inexperience and in part of ‘strength in numbers’.

When the suspect reached the second floor of the estate, he was cut-off by both Bell and Tucker. Tucker was the first of the two to be attacked, being stunned by an electric shock. As he fell to his knees, Tucker claimed to see Bell being tackled backwards by the Pokemon.., only to stumble upon and fall over the balcony. Coincidentally, paramedics did locate Bell maimed under the same balcony that Tucker has labeled.

Last was Mr. Dewley, seeing the suspect dash by him and out the front door; though not before tackling into him, toppling Dewley into one of the ground floor’s display cases. With forensic piecing together clips from the security cameras located all throughout the mansion, along with any/all evidence that was gathered.., the entire scenario does point to the Pikachu killing Mr. Zenithal, and in accordance to Pokemon League International’s ‘Rules of Conduct’ section 3 line seven clearly states “any actions: whether it be harmful, destructive, obscene, or otherwise deemed improper; such actions are to be consequential unto the owning Trainer or current overseer at the time.”

(Judge) “Henceforth, Ash Ketchem: you are being accused of… with evidence declaring you guilty to… Murder, Assault, Destruction of Property. With these accusations against you, the hereby law of this land of Kalos declares that you shall serve (39) years to life for what has transpired; in addition of being null towards participation in any future Pokemon League challenges, disavowed of all current registry within the Hall’s records, and permanent suspension of having a Trainer’s license. Until proven otherwise, you will be incarcerated within the Lumiose City Jail for one week as toward your upcoming trial which will delegate the true fate of your punishment.”

(Judge) Serena: Since you were seen in the last clip of footage assisting the accused away from the scene of the crime, you are to be assigned one police deputy to keep tabs about your daily business. You are forbidden from leaving the city or your escort. You will also be attending the trial in joint connection. If your innocence is not proven and he is condemned, you WILL be charged with assisting a felon in his escape.”

(Judge) Until that day, the court’s rule is in full effect. You are dismissed!”

Serena, not wanting her friend to succumb to a ghastly fate (and not wanting to be dragged into this no matter what), she left the Jaune Plaza Courthouse and headed over to the Café Kizuna on Hibernal Avenue, looking for some form of drink to help soothe her rattled nerves. *Maybe if I can pull my thought together, I’ll think of something to… to….. egh.* Finally realizing the futility of conniving a means of rescue, the lass decides to postpone her planning until later.

(Serena) *What I don’t get is ‘why’ Pikachu even bit the rich guy to begin with… Humans aren’t even tasty to Pokemon…., are we?*

Shuddering at the morbid notion, she glances down at the laminated order sheet… browsing over the many selections. *Let’s see: there’s honey and milk oolong tea, meh… Maple syrup with peppermint tonic, hmm… oh~ they have mango and olive smoothe. …..yeah right, yuk! I guess I’ll go with cocoanut pineapple pina-colada~*

After making her selection and drifting off into thought again, time slips on by.

(Waiter) Miss, miss….. Your drink is ready.

(Serena) *…too bad there’s no television on. Don’t they have those…*

(Waiter) “…..miss?”

(Serena) *…I wonder how mom’s doing.., she’d flip if she…..*

Giving up on getting her attention, the server just shrugs off the dismissal and continues his route as she continues to zone out towards her surroundings. Almost an hour drifts by, still with no response from the lass. Even towards her new visitor; the stout and homely thug, who looms all around her… ogling the build she has, gets disregarded by her. Feeling awkward from lack of response and a bit unwanted, the crook simply mumbles and growls to himself, dusts off his cigar and waddles off towards the back of the restaurant.

(Serena) *sigh* “…..ah, my drink’s here~ Thank you so… …oh.”

Feeling a bit sheepish for her imprudent display of inattentiveness, she chants a short prayer of thankfulness to the ambiguous tablesman who brought the beverage before taking a big sip from it.

(Serena) “….mmm~ So… so….. erk! Hngh!!”

Being so lost in thought, she failed to notice that her disgruntled admirer.., in his soured rage, dabbed the ashes of his smoke into her drink. As the hapless lass finds her way towards a toilet to alleviate her stomach from the abnormality of her beverage, the adjacent stall is jettisoned of its occupant.

Serena wipes a smudge of splash-back from her dainty cheek as she continues leaving her head hung over the bowl.

(???) “Hey, are you alright in there? You sound like you’re in the up-most of distress!”

Serena’s skin abruptly crawls. A guy, in the ladies room, how appalling!

(???) “Are you in need off assistance? For you see I have some med…”

(Serena) “You cheeky creep, get out of here!!!”

Upon hearing the reply, the man bluntly retorts…

(???) “…how can this be, a young woman happens herself to enter into the male’s lavatory and yet ‘I’ am the intruder? How uncouth!

(Serena) “I said, get out, PERVERT!!!”

The man flings back upon Serena kicking on the stall’s door, forcing it to swing out and slam into the guy’s face, knocking him out cold.

(Serena) “…..great, just my luck…”

After an hour passes, the man begins to regain consciousness, he finds himself seated at one of the café’s tables. The officer, who has only been observing the events that have passed amidst their stay here has decided to ease off being so lax and takes to lecturing the unlucky gal.

(???) “This place… it is the restaurant still, yes?”

(Deputy) “It is… And I was just giving this girl some ‘fine points’ as to why her behavior earlier was improper.”

(Serena) “………”

(???) “Oh, go easy on her, officer. Clearly she has been having a horrible day. I can se it in her eyes, yes. I can also hear it on her breath. She has been stressed by a traumatic event that pertains to a dear friend.., a loved one, perhaps… Though she wishes to remain strong, the plot of the day’s passing time haunts her with more misery. Well, if the is anything I can assist with, anything at all….. then I, Nusoki Bulona, prosecutor extraordinaire, soldier of fortune towards love and justice, shall be your ‘modeste appuyant’! (humble servant)”

(Deputy) Wait, I’ve heard that name before! …but from where..?

(Nusoki) “Indeed you have. For I am my master’s sixth best disciple! *…because he ranked us by when we joined him not by our rank, that old fart.* *ahem* It is by his training… *mainly self-training, since he was a horrible teacher* …I have excelled in the ways of persecution; winning cases and trials, left and right, to become among the top five best… *four-star* …attorney of all time!!! *…for this region.*”

(Serena) “Cool…..~” *L.O.L. this guy’s a total ham…*

(Deputy) Well, that explains everything! So, you wish to defend her friend in court?!?”

(Nusoki) “…de …defend?”

(Deputy) “Yes, I did say ‘defend’.”

(Nusoki) Oh, dear, dear… Young man, I said I’m a prose…”

(Deputy) “That you are the great Nusoki, slave of love and justice! THE GREATEST ATTORNEY IN ALL OF HISTORY~~~!!!!!”

(Nusoki) “*Urk* Indeed I am…”

(Deputy) “…surely you’re not declining a case just because you’re getting cold feet.., that’d be just silly!”

(Nusoki) Err, no. That’s not it at all! *…it’s just I use to mock all the poor saps that were on the defending side while I swept them aside with my constant victories. To join the losing side, after all this time would be just so…*

(Deputy) …..Mr. Nusoki..?

(Nusoki) *…humiliating* Very well. I swore an oath to bring a subtle uplift into the lass’s gloomy day, and so I shall!

(Serena) …eh, tha… thank you. *Oh jeez, this will go swell…*

(Deputy) “Sir, may I allow her to be safe in your handling while I am away?”

(Nusoki) “Why certainly. A fan of Nusoki is always…”

(Deputy) Oh, thank you. Heh, wait until the boys back at the station here who’s taking care of defending this case~”

(Nusoki) “Erk! Wait, wait!!!”

The attorney bluntly calls out to stop the officer from spreading the ego-shredding news, but it was too late… the ecstatic fan-boy was long gone from the café.

(Nusoki) *sigh* “Such a peppy overseer you had… Well, let us not waste any more time here.

Serena, not too convinced this guy is of legitable use, she questioned his actual authority.

(Serena) So, ‘mister’ Nusoki, during the wait for trial, I am quarantined in Lumiose City. With that in mind.., what should be done first?

(Nusoki) Hmm… I feel we should go to the scene of the crime!

(Serena) *Oh brother, this guy’s a nut…*

With Serena actually betting her hope on the slim chance that this guy’s skills will pull Ash from a time of living in the ‘slammer’, things seem to be getting a bit dire just recently. Only time will tell us if this wily man can save the poor lad…..

#To be continued:

Chapter End Notes:

:One down, two more to upload. Let see if there's no *hiccup* in the processing. (Which if there is, it'll be due to me messing up. -_-)

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