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So Ash is in hot water over an event that he's not responcible for, ...and now he's in the slammer.

With too much evidence showing showing he had influence in the death of a baron inside Kalos, he must get help or realize that his journey my be brought to a permanant closing.

...will Serena pull through and find a winner for Ash's case? Let's have a look-see.

(The M/M is in referral to verbal events in the section chapter and a a smidget of the end, so non-homophiliacs... please don't be scared off.....)

Admins, if anything is out of place, let me know so I may learn from it. This IS my first ever time loading a fic online.., please, be gentle. ;)

Story Notes:

So... disclaimers: The owners of all materials and phrases that are used are their owner's property; it's just been suited to serve in a slight off-shoot parody. If you don't know how the traditional means to disclaimers work (ie pokemon = Game Freak, Nintendo), then clearly you may be too young.., too unobservant, or too focus on finding legal errors to even be here.

Other then that, enjoy.

  1. 01 Guil-ty or not guil-ty, that is the true question. (1725 words)

    This is the first of three sections. I have broken them into three on purpose for reason of not knowing how the uploader will display it. Enjoy~

  2. 02 Digging up Evidence (2482 words)

    Second one, coming right up~

  3. 03 The Verdict (4155 words)

    The laaast one~ Huzzah, the end is in sight!

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